Thendral Thursday 5th May 2011 - TA gets a job!!!! (Page 2)

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shubba

its too confusing as in who is the stalker...both J and the AP's dter seems to be and not to be the one...too confusing...just with these things its very quick to come into a conclusion...Confused

Joseph can't be as he was not there when TA's bank collegue came to inform him about the job offer, Joseph won't know unless TA tells him about the new job he got. But Charu wants to know everything about his job as well. 

This girl might be the stalker. Why should his collegue come in her presence in TT's house. It looks like the guy is still loving his wife and was searching for her everywhere. He will change soon like Thulasi told and his wife would be happy to live with him again and would be grateful to TT. Like Tanu told yesterday, she will change in the future, that is why TA bought her new dresses as well so that girl witnesses their kind helping nature and would not want to destroy their life. In this case, Charu bought her self-appu. Evil Smile

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
Thank you Sandz for the nice update..!!

TA getting job.DancingParty..!! But yeah as you all said we cant believe till he joins..!! But this stalker's matter is getting more confused day by day..!!! Joseph is trying to meet TA everyday and asks about the financial matters itself..!! This APD is at home and giving different expressions which is more confusing..!!
How come APD's hubby came to know that she is in TA's house..???

And T&T were looking nice..!! Thulasi in that Pink Chudidar was so cute..!!

GW and Lav Enna voru class, lessons..Thangamudile...!! GW and Lav will soon get their aapu's...!! Waiting to see that..!!

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Nice update with apt side comments (that we viewers wud have had in mind while watching the episode!)
Well, I cannot believe how Lav's character has been so much degraded. With a mom always there to even corrupt a good person, Lav stooping to this level is no wonder though! All the advise that GW gave Lav was not even required as she is already a smaller GW and is all  ready to torture her in-laws!  When GW was advising Lav, she did not pause for a moment to think how she behaves with her DILs. For a wretched woman like her, her DIL's are just gems! Only if she had gotten a DIL like Lav!
As for Lav, she is greed and selfishness personified! She has already started throwing tantrums at her foolish, dumbheaded, and useless hubby. She has completely forgotten her roots and w/o even a slightest concern for her chinna mamanar who is hospitalized, needs a grand reception! Her character has been stripped of even the basic humaneness. Any other girl in her shoes would not even think about a reception / enjoying while everyone in her home is in a sad state of mind. Also, this lady thinks that cooking for her own family is a burden esp when someone is sick! Doesn't Nit feel that he should let her know her place in the house and where she is coming from? Nit has become a slave to Lav! Oru kurangatti kayile irukkira kurangattum aadaraan! How can he even think of having a party w/o informing his parents? He is neither being a good son nor a husband! Any other man wud have slapped Lav for her tantrums and advised her abt the situation even if his wife is stupid. I expected Nit to be acting more responsibly and sensibly in his parents' house. But he is going to realize soon abt his selfish queen! Lav's in-laws are so decent and however worse Lav may be, they will not stoop down to gw's level. Even when her MIL's scolding seems justified at times (like when lav was running the mixer when periappa is on int call), this queen gets angry!!  Hmmm... if Lav (and her mom) coming from such background cud be having so much ego, thimir and arrogance, I would want Lav's MIL to be way higher than her and torture Lav to the max!
GW already had plans to be with her arumai Lav and is just giving a build-up drama. I'm waiting for the moment when things r going to be the other way round with Lav coming back to GW!
Hurray, TA has been offered a job! We will wait till he accepts that!
Not sure if APD is the stalker as she is already in a lot of mess! But the way she looked /behaved when her drunkard hubby came doesn't seem right! Also T shud be careful with a third person (unknown) in her house when TA is away. (however hard the situation in which APD might be, the decision taken by T/TA to have her in their house doesn't seem very correct with both of them already in a lot of problems! they cud have advised her, strengthened her, informed his father (thru Anand) and dropped her at Women's care center/ in her relatives' place. As already advised by TA to Deepa, interfering in other's family may not always prove good.)
In the last part, I lost my patience seeing Lav's arrogant behavior! I would have slapped her and smashed her face if she were before me! seems like someone or the other needs to be a psycho in their house. Cannot believe her when she literally refused with her silence when her in-laws were requesting them to go to a reception.
I'm hoping with lots of optimism that Nit's parents are going to be in the same Hotel where Nit and lav are going and waiting to see the events then!!

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Thanks for the updateSmile. This selfish queen lav should burnt in the hell.Smile GW once told thuls that she taught lav ellam kudumpathu sullivum kathu ...kuduthu... irruken inthu Thana madam. Kudumpathai pirikirathil UN ponnu unakku mela.
Thai ettadi painthal kutty pathinaru adi payum.
Is this advice should a mom give to her daughter?.OMG it happens in so many houses why this married girls listen to their mom. This clearly shows such an advice will ruin their own daughter's life. When will this selfish moms will thirunthufy?Angry
It is very clear that lav is going to suffer a lot in her in-law's family like thuls after seeing the part 1. I think the mil is going to teach her a tough lesson which may also separate her from nit.
Moreover nit mom is not as strong as GW. Nit mom eppadi kudupathai kettugirathu marumagalai kodumaipathur athunu GW training edugalam.
Amma lav inniku nee marumagal nalaigu nee mamiyar thanAngry. Lav brought up in dump now after seeing this money she is flying in air like illavarasi.   Though nit is the only child his mom is not even possessive or tried to separate lav from her son.  The worst thing in today's epi was lav glare at her father in law.DeadAngry
But this altapu sundari enjoying rich life which she doesn't not even deserve. She does not even respect or care her mamiyar as aperson soon nit itself is going to disown her.
Coming to TA kumaran part time job   erpadu senjutare? TA is going to get the job soon.   After watching today's epi'omg the look on AP'S daughter when she lifted her face. Something is going to happen to thuls when she is aloneShocked with that girl  or to confuse us the dir is introducing new charactera ConfusedConfusedand moreover soon loan sharks going to come and torture thuls.Confused

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I suspect the finance company is illegal company.

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Thank you for the update. thoroughly enjoyed the side comments. At last TA got a job even though he did not find it. It fell on our super heroe's lap. that is how famous he is !!Wink. But I have a nasty feeling that it is a scam and set up to trap him. Charu mentioned to GW that TA will suffr a bit. May be both APD and the the man who offered the job are stalkers. What else do you expect from AP's daughter.She is another low life. Appan gunam appadiye uricchi vacchirukku.
As some one mentioned Kutti 8 adi payarathu. Both mother and daughter should be barbaqued alive. High time Periappa threw both Nit and Lav out of his house. This may happen soon. Kumaran sir ! instead of constantly giving trouble to Thul, give some to the current villains like Lav and GW.
Let Psycho become very fat in UK. When she lands back  in India she should look so ugly with double chin that even GW screams. We dont need to hurt her any more. In fact Lav should get so  fat  that Nit would want to escape from her. That will be best punishment.

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Thanks for the update!   So the great game of backstabbing, deceit, one upmanship has begun.

Star of the day is SK. Grr' two parts of SK, one part of TA & T. The happy go lucky girl who was match making for TA& T has transformed into this selfish, uncaring, aggressive greedy me myself person is sad. SK was selfish before, but she proved today that she is worthy successor of GW.  SK has started her mind games, she is behaving like a jerk with Nit and he is falling in line. Slowly as GW said, she is going to turn Nit against his mom. The way she was looking at her MIL suggests that there is going to be more slugfest between the two from her on with each trying for one-upmanship over other.

Again story is going to drag, darn it; - SK and T storyboard is going to be tale of two women have few things in common -> eloped marriage, jobless husbands, MIL etc.  Her Royal Highness (HRH) SK wants enjoy pleasures of riches while T will be fighting in the trenches to save TA, SK & T tracks are going to be contrasted for few weeks irritating viewers to the core.

Mole Tracker: So the guessing game of the "Who is the Mole" seems to over as looks like it is AP's D and her hubby - more or less , back stabbing to make some quick buck.  Good news - mole is not part of the TA & T core circle. 

For few mins one thought our old TA magic is back as the unthinkable dream is going to become a reality - TA getting employed, sadly it is going remain a dream. TA's behavior was kind of lame, he picks up a fight with a drunkard... instead of patience he was impulsive.

TA is going to get entangled in the AP daughter- hubby fake fight mess as his trip will be stalled as psycho will remote control her plans to ensure TA doesn't get employed until the money matter blows up.

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Thanks Priya for the update.

When TA is away gone to Madurai, is the drunkard husband of APD going to come to Thulasi's home and do something bad? What is the lot of the two women staying all alone for a night?

Again they are showing the contrast between Thulasi and Laavanya. Laavanya telling her mom, 'My MIL will need me during the last days of her life.' Even today aren't they seeing her true colors as she is going to party, when her chitappa-in-law is ill and her parents-in-law are distressed? Couldn't they guess she is too selfish to be depended on? Her mom showed she is the no: 1 hypocrite. The interesting point is the hero of this story has such a bad mom. Hope Nitish wakes up soon and realizes he has to be curt on his irresponsible wife. Probably as Theiva said, Nitish will realize what his wife has done to him only when he is taken to the grave and then will be rescued by TA and Thulasi. He could see that Lav behaves in a childish way but why is he not acting on that?

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