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AR FF Love Is Just a Click Away-Ch8 Pg74 15/07 (Page 22)

Mojo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 July 2011 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
heya both of you!!! i just  went across your ff and trust me it's srsli AWEOSMEEE!!!! such a good and great update...loved it loads man that was so good!!! <3 <3...i have never read such a story that's a completely different concept and yayyy/ timing is perfect now i won't have to wait for the udate!!!

but actually that is really very cute and poor Ridzi...she made such a big blunder she must have been so damn embarrassed...but Armaan is no less in leg-pullingLOL...and that's so nice that they both are friends now!!!

love the nicknames they have given to each other miss.attitude and MR.HOT...hehe...that's fun!!! and Ridhima's dream was so adorable...i mean she already started dreaming about Armaan!!

well great ff...keep the gr8 cont soon plz do pm...will send you both a request :)

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sweetdiksha Newbie

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Posted: 03 August 2011 at 3:29am | IP Logged
hey awsum concept...plz add me in ur pm list!!!

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..Ashi.. Goldie

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Posted: 03 August 2011 at 7:29am | IP Logged
OMKaJen!!! i didnt visit for sometime and im getting so many requests for the update...

dear readers, thanks a lot for all the love...
as for the throught with half the part..and the whole part will be up by the weekend..sorry for the delay though
and all those who want pms..plz make it a point to add me to ur buddy we do the pm work from my account

and KSG says...Keep The Love Flowing... ;)

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-RabiaKSGKaJen- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 8:35am | IP Logged

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 2:44am | IP Logged
                                  Chapter 4

 Riddhima rushed as fast as could down the staircase,skipping two steps at a reaching the dining table she hurriedly grabbed an apple and as she
 was ready to make a move towards the main door..she was pulled back by her

 Asma- Riddhima!! Ruk !! first have your breakfast and then only i shall allow
 you to leave..

 Riddhima- Ammi !!please lemme getting extremely late for the
 college..please Ammi!!!!!(she was literally begging)
Asma- no you sit at the table and getting your will faint one
 day ..thanks to your diet..(she pulled riddhima and made her sit at the table
 forcibly )
Riddhima-(making a disappointed face) Ammi...Suno...

 Asma went inside the kitchen and came back to see Riddhima running towards
 the door in a jet escape the breakfast..
Asma-Riddhima wait..have your food beta!!

 Riddhima- Baad main le main canteen hai..bye Ammi..sorry love
 you...(and she rushed off at a lightening speed)
Riddhima Khan reached the college exactly before the gate closes and was
 finally relieved ..she had made her driver drive at a speed of hundered..poor
 him..Riddhima gave him the ride of his life..Mr.Khan had specifically
 provided riddhima with a comparatively aged driver so that she wouldn't risk
 her life as she was a speed freak..but she being Ms.Attitude Khan have had
 her way here as well...
And for all those wondering why she was late...well what happens when a girl
 who is obsessed with Love stories sits almost all night just to read how and
 when did the couple had a happy ending?answer- she doesn't sleeps well..and
 thanks to the Mr.Prince-charming dreams..she wakes up late and gets even more
 delayed when she cant decide what to wear to the college..

On the other hand..Armaan Mallik was busy having fun with his gang in the
 bowling alley..

 The guy's life was a carnival..good looks..great persona..excellent IQ
 level...a rich background..and to top it all for the girls..he has a one
 man woman..and never dated anyone ever since he was waiting for his
 Lady Love..Armaan had his fair share of crushes and once when he actually
 thought that he loved a girl..the girl turned out to be a real
 plans changed and the guy was very much happy being single..and was ready to
 mingle..ONLY and ONLY when the Cupid Struck really hard .
Now coming back to the scenario in the Alley...
 Armaan carefully went ahead with the ball in his hand keeping his eyes set on
 the pins...and very tactfully released the ball to score a 10 which he
 successfully did too..and with that last throw..he had won't the game against
 his competitor and best friend Rahul Garewal and in Armaan's vocab "Rauuul"

 Rahul- Saale!! Tu har cheez main itna acha kyu hai bey? Kabhi toh hume jeetne
 diya kar..its the third time im losing to u consecutively..(he said smacking
 Armaan's arm)
Armaan- well..what shall i say...just cant help it you know..this comes
 naturally to me Boy(he showed off his cocky grin and patted his own back)

 Rahul- chal bey..stop praising yourself now

 Armaan- oh hoo...jab sab meri taareefo ke pul baandho tohkoi prob nahi
 ..main apni todhi taareef kya kardu..mirchi lag jaati hai

 Rahul- ok ok..times up..but seriously yaar..thank god tu mere saath yaha aa
gaya..agar college chale gaye hote toh main toh marr hi gaya hota..assignment
 toh kiya nahi tha..waat lag jaati..that lecturer would have kicked my ass..
Armaan- yeah u Should Be thankful to me..i came here with though..i had did
 my work..

Rahul- wait..what did u say..? u did the assignment? Bloody hell...why the
heck do u have to do your work always on time..anyways at-least you
didn't submit...that's better ..we will be punished together..haha

Armaan- correction my boy..only you...(giving a victorious smile)
Rahul- huh..what did ya mean? 

Armaan- what can i mean here buddy?
Rahul- F**king submitted it? How when ?
Armaan- smarty pants..when u called me begging to bunk the college..i had
 reached it i went it..handed over my project to You're "ass kicking
 lecturer" and made an excuse that i have to go for some important work and i
 was granted a leave ( grinning)

 Rahul- you!!!!! How can they allow you huh?
Armaan- MY're forgetting charms just don't work on
 young girls..they work extremely well on older women as well..unlike others
who slog behind..i shall training to all u guys in such matters..I'M
 AN EXPERT..(he walked away with glory while Rahul kept gawking at him with
 his mouth open)

Riddhima and her friends were finally getting a break after three back
to back classes and the gang was heading towards the canteen to have
some refreshments..

Sanaya- Allah..kitna padhna padta hai yaar..aisa lagta hai..zindagi
main aur kuch kaam hi nahi bacha
hai..notes..lectures..assignments..tutions..project..and cherry on the
cake..EXAMS!!! kab khatam hoga ye torture?

Sana- haan yaar..its so irritating..i dont even remember how was my
life when i hadn't started schooling..(making a weirdo face on her lame

Rida- kabhi kabhi toh Dil karta hai..unn sab saalo ko pakadd ke maaru
jinhone ye padhai banayi..abey kisne kaha hai itna intelligent hone ke
liye..khud toh naam karke chale gaye..aur hume marne ke liye chod

Riddhima who was shaving a good time hearing her girlfriends complain
nonstop finally spoke..

Riddhima- well iss sab ka toh kuch nahi kar sakte..and honestly i
donno why are you guys complaining..i mean Sanaya complaining is fair
enough..coz she really studies hard..but you both are always
busy with boys..and facebook to be tum log kyu itne
pareshaan ho?

Rida- woh kya hai na madam ji..hum fb karte hai..uske addict hai..toh
jab dinn ke taeis ghante (23hrs) hum fb pe bitate hai..toh uske baad
workload aur badh jata hai naa (she winks)

Riddhima- ughh..u both are impossible..even i joined it..Because know
why..but i don't feel addicted to it..

Sana- baby!! When you will actually get to explore it more..and when
you will finally make "friends" there..then u will know what we are
talking of..

Riddhima- fine fine..cut it now..

The very moment the intercom beeped "all students are requested to
assemble in the auditorium in 5 minutes ..thank you"
All four- lo!! Ab toh bhooke pet hi guzaara karna padega...

In the auditorium...
The crowd was settled and the person finally came to the podium to
start the session...

Speaker- dear students..i welcome you all to this brief meeting and
when i say brief..well i mean it too..i know you all wont like me
going on and on with my speech let me introduce myself..I'm
Mr.Arslaan Aslam and I'm the Chairperson of "Special Children"'s trust
which is an NGO for the orphan children..we in this organization
pledge to devote our lives to those children who don't have a
family..we have been working towards this noble cause since the last
10 years and this year we are specially organizing a special donation
campaign to raise funds for these children..its basically to give them
better education and help them lead a better life...
See kids..i don't say that we need moolah from you all..but just a little
donation rather i would say..contribution for their better future..I'm
sure you all spend quite some money going out with your friends..and
if u all cut down even one session of yours for this noble cause..i
don't think it will make a big difference in your lives..we will be
accepting old clothes..books and all those items which you all would
like to give you all can submit them by Monday...thank you..

And he stepped back..

All this while when all the students were busy sympathizing with those
children or were planning how much to contribute or what to donate..

Riddhima was lost in her own world oblivious to the whole world around
her...she couldn't clearly think

Before her friends could question her on her lost behavior..she just
excused herself and headed back home..

Reaching home she just locked herself in her room and just laid down
on her bed staring into the space...

In the evening her Facebook status said "I have come to realize more
and more that the greatest disease and the greatest suffering is to be
unwanted, unloved, uncared for, to be shunned by everybody, to be just
nobody..and I'm glad that, that phase of my life is over..."

Pheww..finally the part is done..sorry for such a long delay..
now all my lovely readers out there..plz go ahead and leave lovely comments for us so that we can update faster next time..LOL

and yeah im sorry if the part was a bore..coz we needed to take the plot this part had noting to do wid AR as a couple :)
pms later

Ashi and Afia

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Itni jaldi uodate mill gaya?
I thought hume updte milega hi nahi... :/
Yayy!! :D I'm first!
Now for the FF:
The status!
I have this strong feeling that Armaan will comment on it!
Ryt guys?
Anyway i'll wait for the next part! (If that comes soon..!)
And lol...poor Raool! :P
Armaan is a champion! Can't help it!
Better luck next time Raool! :P
Now guys to better UPDATE SOON!

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Awesome :) x

Sorry, I'm a little busy! :)


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