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AR FF Love Is Just a Click Away-Ch8 Pg74 15/07 (Page 15)

-Deepshikhaa- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Masst updates ashi and afia =) Just LOOVEDDD IITTT!
Please cont soon! and thnx for the PM!!

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..Ashi.. Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
our Dear Readers,
we r sooo sorry for being so late in giving u all an update...but we both have a lil busy lately and are not getting time to write the part...
we promise to come back wid an isntallament really soon ..maybe in a week or so...

once again *kaan pakad ke sorry* LOL

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Surbhi_rox Goldie

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged
nice part..big enough to cover d race part..but i expected u to proceed wid AR story..guess it will take time...
update soon..
thnx fr d pm

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mijanur IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
i am waiting for your update.pleas do it soon.

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-Afia- Senior Member

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Hey Guys We Know That You All Are Waiting For Us To Update But The Thing Is That We're Kinda  Busy and Not In Good Shape Ouch
Ashi Is Not Feeling Well From a Couple Of Days and Me Well I'm Busy I've Got Alot Of Things To Do These Days and In The End We Just Don't Get Time To Talk To Each Other Then How Can We Update Please Bear With Us Its Just a Matter Of Few Days I Promise We'll Update ASAP and This Time It Will Be a Long One Big smile

Take Care
Love Ashi and Afia Heart

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shaaz_91 Goldie

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 9:29am | IP Logged
guyz dats okay...take ur tym
take care

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..Ashi.. Goldie

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 8:02am | IP Logged
                                                                    Part 3

"Riddhima…I Love You…I Always Did..I Am Sorry For Never Admitting To It…Will You Be Mine…Forever?" The Guy Said With All The Love In His Eyes…And Riddhima Could Only Stare In His Deep Eyes Which Had Ocean Of Love IN Them For Her…She Could Not See The Face Of The Guy…He Wore A Mask..And Only His Eyes Were Visible…She Wanted To See The Face Behind Those Hazel Eyes..She Was Craving For It…

Riddhima Was Losing Her Senses In His Arms And She Could Not Understand What To Answer Him…Slowly They Came Even More Closer And They Were Leaning In For A Kiss When Riddhima Came Back From Her DreamLand …

"I Cant Help But Fall For You..But Atleast Show Me..Who Are You?" She Whispered…

"If I Let You See Me..Will Yoou Be Mine Forever?" He Asked Politely..

"Yes..I Will..Forever And Ever"

He Started Taking Off His Mask Slowly And Her Heart Was Beating Very Fast..Finally The Moment She Waited For Was Here…And Then…

~~~~~~~~~~~~Hey, hey, you, you, I don't like your girlfriend
No way, no way, I think you need a new one
Hey, hey, you, you, I could be your girlfriend~~~~~~~~~


Riddhima's Alarm Rang At Its Top Most Volume Jerking Off Her Sleep And Bringing Her Back From Her Dreamland…She Put The Alarm Off And Cursed Herself For Forgetting To The Alarm Time Late..It Was Weekend and She Was Up..For God Knows What..

She Sat Up Resting At The Bedpost And Sighed..Rubbing Her Eyes..Her Hair Were a Total Mess Which Made Her Look Even More Adorable…She Stretched Her Arms Wide And Yawned Again..She Had Barely Slept Because She Was Busy All Night Reading Her Novel ..And When She Got some Sleep And That To with Such a Beautiful Dream…Her Idiot Alarm Ruined Everything..DREAM!!!!

She Opened Her Eyes Wide And She Could Not Think Staright…She Saw Herself With A Guy..Very Handsome One For Sure..And They Were Going To Kiss And He Had Proposed Her..And When He Was Going To Reveal His Face..Damn!!!!

She Smacked Her Head For Seeing Such Extra Romantic Dreams… "Sab Mills And Boons Ka Asar Hai..Tch"

But Then She Was Blushing …She Was Wth Some Dream Guy…Well all Girls Dream About Their Guys..So No Big Deal…But She Still Regretted Not Seeing His Face.."Hayye I So Wish …Bas Uska Chehra Dikh Gaya Hota..Allah..Please Agli Baar Jab Main Sou..Please Mujhe Uss Dream Ka Full Version Dikhana..With The Guy's Face..TeeHee" She Winked Looking Upwards Talking With His Allah..

She Finally Got Up From Her Bed…Throwing Away The Sheets ..Went In The Kitchen To Make Herself  A Cup Of Coffee And Went To Her Balcony Witnessing The Beautiful Morning…IT Was Raining The Whole Night And The Nature Looked Simply Mesmerizing With The Sound Of Rain Drops…Smell Of The Soil…

She Was Cuddled Up IN Her Bamboo Swing When Her CellPhone Rang…

"Hello..Haan Mom"

"Riddhima Beta…who Maine Tumhe Ye Bataane Ke Liye Call Kiya Ki Tumhare Dad Aur Mujhe Urgently Beech Raat Ko Hi Nikalna Padha Saood Bhai Ke Ghar Kyunki Unki Tabiyat Zara Bigad Gayi Hai…Toh Hum Aaj Wahi Rehenge..Tum apna Khayal Rakhna..Theek Hai Beta?"

"Ohh…Accha..Theek Hai Mom..I Will Take Care..Bye Mom.."

She Kept Down The Call.

"Uff…Weekend Akele…Umm…Not Bad..I Can Spend Time Myself For A Change..And Will Discover More About Facebook…"

Her eyes Widened And She Got Up Instantly…"oh Shoot..That Guy…Kya Naam Hai Uska…Armaan!! yAh..Usne Add Kiya Hoga Ya Nahi.."

"ok I Shall Get Ready And Check IT Out…She Finished Her Coffee..Got Ready..Had Her Breakfast And Did All The Necessary House Chores And Sat Down With Her Laptop With All The anticipation To See If That Good Looking DP Guy Had Added Her Or No…

It Was Almost 11am When She Got Free From All The House Work And Hurriedly Ran Upto To Her Room To Switch On Her Computer Dearest..For Some Very Unknown Reason The Very Thought Of This Guy Excited Riddhima…IT Was Something New She Was Feeling Though Did Her Best To Ignore It.

Finally Barging Into The Room She Plopped On The Chair And Switched It On…To Her Nervousness She Was Actually Fumbling And Shivering..She Couldnt Get Her Email ID And Password Correct For Some Three Times When She Finally Stopped And Took A Deep Breath…Man..This New Mysterious Kind Of Feeling Was Seriously Getting On Her Nervous..

"Riddhima!!! Control..Why Are You Being So Nervous??? Its Just A Frigging Facebook Account…Uff"

She Smacked Her Head And Finally Typed Everything Slowly And With Extra Concentration And Got It Right…"YAY!! Finally..What An Achievement Riddhima !" She Chuckled.

She Was Eagerly Waiting For The Home Page To Load But To Her Misfortune Net Was Acting Gay …"WOW!! Great Ab Iss Idiot KO Bhi Abhi hi Slow Chalna Hai…GRRR!!!"

After What Seemed Like Ages..The FB Home Page Finally Opened…

She Could See That There Was A New Msg. In Her Inbox But What Caught Her Attention Was That The Guy Had Yet Not Accepted Her Friend Request.Her Face Fell …Dissappointment Was Clear On Her Face..

Helplessly She Clicked On The Inbox Icon Where What She Saw Got Her Mouth Fall Open.There Was A Msg From HIM!!!! Her Heart Raced The Moment She Saw It..Riddhima Did A Small Jig In Her Seat And Hurriedly Click Open The Msg. And Oh Boy!!! What She Was Got Her Mouth Fall Open Yet Again But Even Wider And Longer And Eyes Seemed To Pop Out .."What Did He Address Me As????"

She Couldn't Gather What She Had Just Seen And Lost In Her Own Shock She Failed To Noticed That Her Cell Phone Was Ringing Continously..It Was Sana…She Finally Picked Up The Call To Get Deaf With Her Friend's Screams And Shouts…

Sana Kept On Screaming On Her For Not Picking Up The Call And Riddhima Couldn't Pay Any attention To it..Obviously She Was Having something Much More Eye Catching In Front Of Her..

"Riddhima!!!!! Will You Speak Ya Tune Maun Wrat Rakha Hai Yaar???"

Riddhima Finally Started Talking To Sana and At The Same Time She Simultaneously Started To Type The Reply To Armaan..

"Hey Armaan…Actually I Recently Joined Facebook…And Came Through Your Profile And I Found You.."

She Was Busy Typing While Chatting With Sana When She Committed A Big Blunder..

"Tune Uss New Hero Ko Dekha From Always Kabhi Kabhi…The Guy With Curly Hair..Hayye He Is Sooo Cute Naa? " Sana Went On.."And The Other Guy ..He Is Such A Stud …Riddhima I Wanna Watch That Film…Indian Heroes Kitne Hot Hote Hai…SIGH"

Yeah I Know…"Indian Heroes Are Hot.." Riddhima Said This To Sana When She mistakenly Typed "HOT" In The Reply To Armaan As Well …MISTAKE!!!! BIG MISTAKE!!!!

The Msg. Then Read



"Hey Armaan…Actually I Recently Joined Facebook…And Came Through Your Profile And I Found You..HOT!!!"

Riddhima Still Didn't Notice Her Blunder And Hit The Send Button …

"Acha Sana..I Need To Keep Down The Phone..I Shall Catch Up With You Later Ok? Yeah Bye.."

Riddhima Cut The Call And When Her Eyes Fell On The Bunder Of The Millenium…Well..Now What To Do???

Riddhima Couldn't Believe Her Eyes What Did She Just Write To Him…She Was Sweating Profusely And Was Eating Her Teeth In Embarrassment And Scared To Know What Will Happen Next…

She Started Dialling Sana's Cell .."Hey Sana..Haan I Need Your Help..How Do We Undo The Msg We Have Sent To Anyone On FB??? Tell Fast…Shit!!! We Cant…Huh..No Nothing..Just Like That…Naa Im Fine..Yeah See You Later..Bye"

She Held Her Head And Now Her Fate Was In The Hands Of The Recipient Of That Msg.

She Wondered What Will He Think Of Her..She Sounded Like A Complete Despo In The Msg.

Mean While In The Other Corner Of The World..Mr.Perfectionist Was Was Trying His Level Best To Complete The Pending Assignment Of College That He Had To Submit The Very Next Day…

"OH God!!! Why The Hell Did I Go For That Race…Shit I Havent Even Completed This Yet And Im Feeling Sleepy…But Naa..IT Was Hell Lot Of Fun…Their Faces..Muahahah…IT Will Be Fun To See Them In The Campus Again.." Armaan Chuckled To Himself ..

He Was On The Verge On Completing The Assingment….Some Three Topics Must Have Been Left When His Cell Phone Rang With An FB Msg. Notification…

He Picked Up The Cell To Check It And What He Saw Simply Amazed Him..He Sheepingly Smiled Seeing The Msg.

"Ohh So One More Chick Finds Me Hot Huh.." He Smirked…His Mind Exhausted With Studies Became Devilish Suddenly…He Thought Of Having A Break And Doing Some Fun With This Gal..His Sleepiness Vanished In A Second…

"So..Miss…Khan..You Find Me Hot..Well..What Can I Say Now..Everyone Does..HAHAHA..I Think I Shall Add My Latest Admirer..LOL"

Armaan was the least affected seeing it..he always knew that the very glimpse of him had an effect on women and Riddhima sending him such a msg. was nothing new for him..many girls threw themselves on him and where he enjoyed the whole attention..he simply didn't give a damn to it..he knew very well that none of these girls actually cared or had affection for the guy he was from inside…well it's a materialistic world..all people watch out is looks……but little did he knew that Riddhima was actually different..

Where Armaan got back to his assignment after replying to the message…the nightmare had only started for Riddhima…she still sat with Facebook on when she got Armaan's reply..

She jumped at his reply and was shocked out of her wits when she saw it…she immediately made a perception about him that he was no less than all those guys who look good..but just possess brawn and not brain and definitely no character…

She was almost agitated by the kind of reply she had got…and forgot the main motive of her befriending him and replied

"Look Mr. "HOT" …that was a mistake..i was talking to a friend and by mistake I wrote it...and you so don't look hot..i just befriended you coz I found your profile decent ..but I guess I was wrong..anyways don't add me"


" this girl has attitude too…well she surely interests me…first she adds me…then calls me hot..then states it as a mistake and now asks me not to add her…hmmm….ab toh baat karni hi padegi…anyways im bored of studying..and assignment is almost done…lets have some fun…muahahha"Armaan said rubbing his chin and giving his best dimples…

He accepted her friend request and was thrilled to find her online…


Riddhima was simply pissed off with the guy and was logging off when she saw that Armaan had accepted her friend request and in less than a moment…his msg. popped up in the chat box..

Armaan "Hello Miss Attitude..You Find Me Hot..Isnt It..LOL"

By now Riddhima was seriously irritated and was firm on teaching this git a lesson..

Riddhima "well I guess ur blind for sure…didn't u get my msg. I said it was a mistake"

Armaan "well im surely not blind….and definitely very intelligent…what am I to think when you add me in your friends list when your new to fb..u don't know me..and then msg me saying am hot..actually forget it..gals can never accept the truth.."

Riddhima " excuse me..i said the truth…the problem is with u..u guys simply cant tolerate your defeat…your male ego kicks in u see"

Armaan "Male Ego my foot…pehle toh add karo…uske baad aisi behki behki baate likho..aur fir chillao…gal u need a doc!! Who toh shukar manao u added me..kissi aur ko add karke ye bakwaas likh rahi hoti naa toh pata chalta"

Riddhima " add kar liya hai toh kaunsa bohot bada ahsaan kar dia haan? Itna hai guroor hai khud pet oh maaro delete…kisse farak padta hai "

Armaan "u wanna by deleted by such a handsome guy…really now?"

Riddhima "I wont mind deleting you too…shall I ?"

Armaan " ok ok cut the crap…I guess we have fought a lot and I came here to have some fun and not a war…am anyways tired coz of studying"

Riddhima " oh ur tired…and what about my acchi khaasi morning which is getting ruined by you huh?"

Armaan "ok ma'am …I think we can fight later too..waise bhi now we are friends…"

Riddhima "excuse me..when did we become friends?"

Armaan " well jus check your profile is having a statement saying 'Armaan Mallik and you and now friends ;) "

Riddhima "very funny"

Armaan "LOL ok seriously can be friends now ?"

Riddhima " we don't know each other"

Armaan "toh jaan jayenge and for intro…hey am Armaan..from California..doing mechanical engineering..3rd year"

Riddhima "haan ok…m Riddhima…Lahore..B.Com..3rd year.."

Armaan " Maam..friends?"

Riddhima "hmm…I think so"

Armaan " what a thanda reaction chick"

Riddhima "my reaction will turn into a boiling one ..dont u dare use such words on me"

Armaan "OHHHkkk…I wont..sorry.."

Riddhima "Ohhk then..friends :D"

Armaan "cool then…so what are u doing?"

Riddhima "nothing alone at chilling..enjoying my Sunday"

Armaan "aahhh haan…alone huh ;)"

Riddhima "Armaan!!!!!!!!"

Armaan " arey yaar…thode boyish mazak toh sehne padenge tumhe yaar…what can you expect out of a USA guy…aren't am being too good with u already? Koi aur hota toh? U don't know what bas***ds u will find on toh still shareef u see"

Riddhima " good joke…Mr.Shareef"

Armaan " you know we can be good partners"

Riddhima "what?"

Armaan " like in fights…theyr fun with you…haha wassay?"

Riddhima "whatever..ur nuts :P "

Armaan "thanks for the compliment "

Riddhima "huh..anyways was nice talking to u..but I need to go…have some work to do..and its late there I guess…see you later..hmm?"

Armaan "haan its late and I have college too tomorrow…and my assignment is left too…see u then…good actually have a good day.."

Riddhima " yeah thanks and u have a good sleep..see u soon ..bye"

Armaan " naa rey….not bye…kabhi alvida naa kehna…kyuki alvida kehne se fir milne ki umeed khatam ho jaati hai..u see…I know u must be like all girls who love SRk and his ghatiya films"

Riddhima " an SRK fan..and dare u say anything against him..i love him..more than anything…ur jus nothing in front of him :P"

Armaan "ahaaan..woh nahi hota toh mera chance hota naa ? ;)"

Riddhima "shutup Armaan…go now..take care :P"

Armaan "LOL..u too…see ya ;)"


 "banda itna bhi bura nahi hai" Riddhima  thought blushing

"interesting girl..dost doost khelne main maza ayega" Armaan thought grinning


so the part is done..and we are extremely sorry for delaying it so much...
and now since we tried to update such a long part...we demand for long comments too Tongue

and plz be a lil original with comments..( my partner has threatened me to say this..haha)

Ashi and Afia

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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 8:03am | IP Logged
hey gals...awesome part ClapClapStar...loved it so so much...hahaha ridz said armaan hot...yaar yey toh fb pr bhi ladne lage...nw armaan n ridz frnd...waiting next part eagerly...thanks for pm...plz cntinue soon

Edited by shilpI007 - 22 June 2011 at 8:50pm

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