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maaneet FF... Matterz of heartz... note on pg 93 (Page 69)

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
update soon...

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Originally posted by preethia

loved the update...
feel bad for yash but we cant c geet with anyone else other than our maan right...
so just give yash a cute bubbly gal...
did brij hurt geet again...
waiting for the next...
pl cont soon

yash will have love story of his soon...Big smile

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Originally posted by maaneetsangel

awesome ... superb ... loved it ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

continue soon ...

omg !!!!!!! what happened to geet .. 'm sure now she will tell everything to maan about her past ...

Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up

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waiting Day Dreaming

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Hello guyz...HugHug whatz up??????? hope u all are great... tnx 4 ur comments and patience...Big smile Guyz so sorry for late update please dont gift me shoes, eggs and e.t.c.Embarrassed Guyz i am getting married in coming week that's why me was busy in shopping and e.t.c...Big smileEmbarrassedBlushing will try to update soon b4 wedding but if i cant plz forgive me and i promise i wil give you extra large update after my wedding...Big smile Guyz comment and hit the like button... silent readerz turn off ur silent mode... Guyz enjoy the update and pray for me...HugHug

Part 17

Geet was still on the couch in Maan's room at beach house for about two hours. She didn't have energy to move an inch she don't know how she reached beach house with this much pain.

Mary freaked out when she saw Geet in this condition she helped Geet and took her to the Maan's room. She wanted to clean her but Geet stopped her because she wanted Maan to see her pain. Because Maan words when he proposed her circled her mind "I want you to promise me some thing that you will tell me everything, that you will let me have your pain" He wanted to be part of her pain and he can't until he see her condition.

Maan eyes traveled Geet from head to toe. She was covered in blood which had almost dried. Her forehead, her cheeks, her lower lip was all cover in blood. There were marks of fingers over her cheeks as if someone had slapped her really hard. There was trail of blood over her neck, shoulder, chest, and legs. Her bare feet were still bleeding.

Monster in his chest yell in pain as it see Geet covered in blood. Maan felt like screaming at the top of his voice there was so much pain he was feeling that he don't know how to express or react.

He walked near Geet and pain was evident on their faces. Geet was feeling hurt seeing Maan in pain that she forgot her own physical pain.

"Mary! Bring first aid box and fresh clothes for Geet!" ordered Maan with tone filled pain as he sat beside Geet on couch.

Mary handover the first aid box which was resting on the table. Maan opened the box and took out antiseptic and cotton swab. He soaked cotton with antiseptic and slowly try to clean blood off her forehead. The moment cotton touched her skin her body trembled with pain and she held Maan shoulder to hold her from screaming. Tears rolled out of her eyes even through she tried her best to stop them. She knew she was causing pain to Maan with her wounded condition and she just doesn't want to add more pain to him. She can bear all the pain just to save him from all the pain around him her pain was nothing in front of his pain.

"I am sorry Chanda!" he said to her as tears filled her eyes.

She smiled lightly and whispered as she don't have courage to speak out loud "I am fine!"

He will argue with her later right now he had to take care of her. He cleaned her face slowly with antiseptic and she kept on holding his shoulder for support.

After he cleaned her face he looked at Mary and said to her "Change her dress and clean her I will be waiting outside"

Maan was about to move away from his place but Geet held his arm and asked him through eyes to do task himself. Maan looked at Mary who was walking towards Maan and Geet.

"Mary! Close the door I will take care of Geet myself!" he told her. Mary nodded and left the room closing door behind her.

Maan hands moved to her buttons of shirt. He closed his eyes and prepared to see worst. He opened his eyes and slowly opened her each button. He slowly took off her shirt but shirt didn't came off instead he heard her scream. Tears rolled out of her eyes as she can't hold scream any longer and she knew she was causing great pain to Maan and that thought hurt her more than her wonds. Her hands firmly clutched his shoulder.

He looked at reason for her scream and when he saw it he held his scream inside his mouth with great difficultly. Her shirt was stick to her wound along with dry blood.

Maan and monster in his chest cry in pain seeing his Chanda in this horrible condition.

He then with extra care took off her shirt. Her upper body was covered with marks all over some old and some fresh. He threw blood soaked shirt away. He then opened her pants button and took it off and threw it away too. Her lower body was telling same story.

Maan carried Geet to bathroom and put her under the shower and opened it. He cleaned all the blood of her body and cleaned her face. As his hand moved over her body the pain in her body sooth a bit. He was burning with pain as his hand move over her marks. His heart was aching and he felt like he was on fire. He then turned off the lights and gave Geet another pair of underwears.

Geet took off her panties as her body cry with pain and put on the dry one then she took off her bra with great difficulty and try to put on fresh dry bra but can't as her arms were sore and it was hard for her to reach bra's hook. Maan waited for few second but when he saw that her struggle is not proving useful he took hook of bra in his hands and strap it. The moment his finger touch her skin she felt tiny bit of peace.

Maan carried her back to room and put her in bed he was about to get painkiller for her when she held his arm.

"I will be back in second, I need to get painkiller for you Chanda!" he told her with affection.

"I don't need medicine Maan, I just need you!" said Geet with great effort.

Maan turned off the light and only source of light in the room was lamp. He sat beside her and kissed the mark over her forehead. He then moved lower to her cheeks, then her lips. He then left kisses over her upper body after that his lips kissed her lower body. He kissed her each and every part of body that was assaulted. He kissed her old and new marks, he kissed her wounds and her black, blue and purple marks. He didn't kiss her because of love, lust or desire; he kissed her because he wanted to take her pain away.

His kisses worked the place where his lips touched her skin the pain in that part numbs. It looked like that his lips took pain away with them. After he thought that she is little peaceful he was about to move away when she held his arm again and whispered in pain "Maan! Please sleep with me!"

Without another word he gathered her in his strong arms and covered them with comforter. He turned off the light and slowly stroked her hairs. His body beside her body was like pain killer. All her body screams were muted the moment his warmed surrounded her. His soft touch calmed her after few minutes she fell asleep.

He was dying to know what happen to her but he told his curiositic heart and monster in his chest to wait till she is ready to speak. Her comfort is very important to him. Everything can wait till she is ready to open up. He kissed his moon in his arm and waiting to deal with the person who cast this eclipse over his Chanda.

He tried to sleep but every time he shut his eyes Geet covered in his blood flashed in his mind and he open his eyes with pain.

"Your days are numbered! Run as far as you can because the moment I got you no one can save you from me" he told that person. After while with help of Geet soothing fragrance he fell asleep.

 Maan woke up and looked at his Chanda sleeping peacefully in his arms. He looked at her horrible marks and once again engulfed by rage. Monster in his chest howled with pain and anger. He thought of waking Geet since she hadn't eaten single grain since yesterday and he had to gave her painkiller as well since she had refuse to take last night.

"Chanda! Wake up!" he whispered in her ears. She moved in her sleep but due to pain frown appeared over her lovely pink lips which were wounded at the bottom too.

"Geet Chanda! Please wake up!" he said again with too much love filled voice and this time she slowly opened her eyes.

She smiled at him and he smiled back and said "Come on lazy bones wake up! You have breakfast to catch"

Maan helped her sit but she rested her head on Maan bare chest instead of bed back. Maan encircle her naked waist and kissed lightly at left shoulder.

She waited for few minutes and felt his warmth around her which give her courage to open up to her Maan.

Maan waited for her to say something before he moved away and bring medicine to put on her fresh wounds. He was about to move away since she remained quiet for some time but she held him and sighed than pour her painful story to him.

"My name is Geet Handa!" she told him her full name again and this time it rings bell in his head and then he remembered.

"He was thirteen years old when he went to Handa mansion with his father.  It was large and beautiful house filled with flowers, pools and army of servants. The interior of the house was mind blowing in short Maan loved that house he wished to make similar house for himself. He remembered walking through the hall towards the drawing room when he heard those pure bell like laughters. He was so curious to see the face of person who was laughing but his father pulled him to drawing room for his business meeting and he never got chance to meet her.

Those laughters hunt him in dreams till today. That was the reason he always feel her laugher was familiar because she is the owner of those beautiful enchanted laughters but she laugh so less. Maan promised to bring her laughter back at all cost.

He focused on her heart wrenching story as she for the first time opened up to him. "I had an elder brother named Brij Handa. He was elder and spoiled and he never cared about our parents. He was caught many times doing wrong things but dad ignored him but then he was caught in drugs dealing it was last nail in coffin and that was the time dad disowned him he changed his will and all things all dad possession was given to me. Than after two years mom and dad died I was sixteen than. Brij came and I though he came for our parents and me but I was wrong he came to get his part from will but to his surprise he was not mention in will at all. He got angry and filed case in court for my custody as I was living with Yash and his family then. They fight a lot for my custody but Brij won the case as he is my brothers and he cleared all charges against him somehow and court didn't find any reason to send me to Kappor's as my brother was there however Handa Empire was given to Kapoor's Yash's family to take care until I was ready to take care of it because Yash father had few shares in the business.

I came here with Brij I thought my brother really loves me and that was why he was fighting over my custody but he proved me wrong because he had other motives. He got excess to all money and my father will through me. Even the payment which court had asked Handa Empire to send me for my expenses was received and used by Brij I didn't get single penny. First few months Brij was very nice to me and when court people come to see me he pretend that he cares a lot about me and because of his nice attitude I told them that I was happy with him. Then once court people are stratified with their work I was left at the mercy of Brij. Then one day Brij asked me to sign document for him so he could sell my dad's car. When I refused to sign he beat me so bad that I couldn't able to move for three days. At the end he got that document signed by me. Since then things were painful Brij wanted to sale one thing or other that belong to me and wanted my signature whenever I refuse I end up beaten by him. Than he got married to Dolly I thought may be she was nice girl who knock some sense into my brother head but I was proven wrong again she was pure evil. Curella looks tame in front of her.

She encourages Brij more in crimes and making my life living hell. They invite their criminal friend over house and Brij and Dolly just kept me there because I was their source of finance they don't care about me they won't even mind if one of their criminal friend rape me I was saving myself from all the monsters. My brother who was suppose to be my protector was offering me to his criminal boss as his mistress thank god that Yash's family came to my rescue and they came there to take me back but Brij and Dolly put on the show and said they will take care of me but that was only for few weeks and then they are back to their original selves. Even through they drop the plan of gifting me to their boss but my life did never get better.

They wanted to sale one thing or other and wanted my sign and when I refuse I got beaten so badly even sometimes Dolly used to beat me up and my brother always said that I deserve it. They saled everything except my house and then they wanted to sale that too but I refused and somehow I was saved by their boss that night and I ran out of house with large bottle of wine and that night you found me.

Then you invited me for the party and that day when I was about to walk out of the house Brij and Dolly said that they wanted to talk. They wanted money and I don't have since they took my pay the moment I receive. They don't know about my part time job at caf because I wanted to collect money for my collage fees.

I told them that I don't have any money and the Dolly opened her mouth she said that I should make boyfriend and took money from him that was when I lost my temper and I said that my name was not Dolly and then my brother got angry hearing the truth and he beat me because I didn't gave him money and didn't apologized to his wife. He beat me till he was tired of beating me and then both of them left for their some party.

Dolly must have arranged money for them. She had probably rocked the bed of one of her so called boyfriend and took money from him and my shameless brother wouldn't have any problem. Anyway that kept their mouth shut for while. I went to Delhi to see Yash so he could keep house out of Brij's hand and he promised that he will do whatever he could to save my house but Yesterday morning I received Dolly's call she lied that my brother had an accident than I took flight back. When I reached home Brij was all okay and they wanted me either sign the paper or go to their room where there boss is waiting for me. Then door opened and their boss Lucky Khan came out he came near me and touched my face I pushed him away. My brother looked at him and said that Geet will be with you in moment I am sure you will love her company. I looked at my brother with disgust but than I thought the person who let his wife sleep with others won't have problem if his sister share bed with his boss. Lucky Khan looked at me and said I will be waiting for you I am sure you look more pretty without clothes and he went into Brij's room. I refused to sign papers and entertain their boss. Then Dolly burned my hand with her cigarette and asked me to sign but I refused again. My brother took his belt out of his pant and her started to beat me he banged my head against the wall he slapped me he kicked me he hit me with his belt somehow I ran away from there because I cant let anyone touch me after you touched me and somehow I reached beach house because I am tired Maan I can't take that anymore, I can't fight with Brij and Dolly anymore. I wanted to see you since you wanted me to share my pain with you"

Maan looked at her with pain filled in his large brown eyes. She kissed his eyes as she can't see pain in them.

He remained silent for while and then asked "Do you trust me Geet?"

"More than myself!" she told him and kissed his lips.

Plan started to form in his head and he said with angry firm tone "I will take care of Brij myself! And I promise you Chanda he will never touch you again!"

To B continue...Wink

Guyz longer update need long comments... hope u like the way maan handle Geet...

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Amazing update Soma...I was kind of prepared for the worse...thank God they only assaulted her by hitting her and she ran away...
It was a prt full of pain but at the same heart also found solace in the fact that she is safe in Maan's arm...
i think the best thing to happen was that she ran and went to beach house
I am sure Maan will ensure that Brij doesn't lay a hand on her now...I am really excited for the next parts now as they will be positive
I also loved the way Maan took care of and caring for her her time to speak up
all in all...fantastic update
Most important bit now dear -
Congratulations on your wedding best wishes are with you for your new journey...May god bless you...

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rahmona_pakswe IF-Sizzlerz

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What a heartwrenching update yet the part with Maan taking care of Geet was utterly beautiful. I had feared the absolute worst but it didn't turn out that way thankfully.
Geet has been fighting for so long and that too alone. Finally she will let Maan to support and help her with the fight against Brij and Dolly. Those nasty people better watch out because Maan is on the way and he is not happy.
Dear Soma, congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. God bless you and and your husband. May both of you have a wonderful life together and that you always remain happy.
Don't think about updating your FFs. Please concentrate on your wedding. I don't mind waiting for the next update.

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