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maaneet FF... Matterz of heartz... note on pg 93 (Page 56)

somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 6:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ritzy09

that was so romantic...i seriously hope Maan finds about Brij soon and these two do a proper confession

u r getting ur confession dear...Big smile

somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 6:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tishuu

Oh woweee i love.this FF too. Its soo awesome...i hate cruella...hope she dies soon...i think maan shud hire a private detective to find out the happenings in geets life...n then use his charms as he did with the fone to get geets life on track n be happy. I feel sorry for yash...poor then...maaneet rock...n ooo i dnt knw if u sed by mistake bt. in an update u sed maan sensed as if geets laugh reminded him of if he knew sum1 as tht...cud it b tht maaneet knw each other from before?...keep gna go read ur other FFs nw :D

May b Maaneet know each other b4 or mayb just Maan...Big smile
somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 6:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lil.mizz.smexii

cont soon
sorry it will take me a while to comment since school has started and i'm busy due that
most probably i shall read updates on Friday nights, and the weekends
thanks for the pm

do it whenever possible... but don't forget because ur words means alot to me...Big smile
somakazmi Goldie

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Originally posted by $ara_$hachi

aweDay Dreaming ... this is sooo cute

i was about to ask you why Maan is calling her 'chanda' but you clarified in the part itself ... gosh, he is so concerned for her ... beside, yash & his family part everything was damn cute ... specially those parts where they were talking & sleeping over phone ... yash is guessing right, Maan is surely more than friends who can bring smile on her face at any time & from any where ... i thought she will call him 'rainbow" but "my Maan" is also sweet to hear ... you didn't mentioned his chest monster for the first time honey bunch ... btw, i know she can't ask Maan's help as she know as soon as Maan will come to know about that brij, he will say goodbye to to the world as Maan singh Khurana is not a a nice gut to be enemy withLOL

do cont soon & do PM me

me didnt forgot monster in chest at all it was just story was from Geet's point of view... Embarrassed
somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
updating guyz...Wink

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kooliio IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb update!
Pls cont.soon!
somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 6:51pm | IP Logged
Hello my all lovely readerz...Hug hope life is good...Big smile here is update... enjoy it and comment... dont forget 2 press like button... silent readerz plz turn off ur silent mode n comment... ur feedback n suggestions are important 2 me so plz comment about story and characters... Gurti get well soon...Big smile enjoy reading...Wink

Part 15

Maan woke up and heard Geet soft snores at the other end of phone. She is still sleeping Maan thought and smiled.

"Geet Chanda!" said Maan.

"Maan!" she said and he could hear smile in her voice. Hearing her voice monster in his chest smile freely and Maan felt at top of world.

"Good morning Maan!" she greeted him in sleepy lazy tone.

"Good morning to you too and after hearing your voice I am sure I will have a great day" Maan assured her.

She smiled after hearing his words he really make her feel special. They talk about few minutes and then started their day.

Geet took bath and had little breakfast and left for her work before Yash could join them, she had to finish her work in these four days so she could spend next three days with Maan. She will finish her task as soon as possible so she could spend three days in Maan arms free of her pain, her life and just be with him and enjoy his attention.

While on the other side Maan took bath and came down for breakfast with his dadi ma. He was expecting his Mom and Dad out of house busy with their professional lives but to his surprise they were present at dinning table with Dadi ma.

Maan smiled lightly and greeted everybody then joined for breakfast.

"Dadi ma! I will be leaving for meeting today will return back with in two to three days" Maan informed his dadi ma.

"Just be careful sweet heart! and have a save journey" wished dadi ma with smile.

"Maan cancel your meeting you can't go today!" ordered his father Prem Khurana.

Maan looked at him with questioning eyes but his father just kept his eyes on the plate.

"May I know why?" asked Maan controlling his anger. Monster in his chest roared with disapproval.

Prem raised his eyes and looked at Maan for moment and said in firm voice "Because I said so"

"Dad this meeting is important and I want to know if there is good reason to delay the meeting" said Maan taking sip from his coffee.

Prem looked at Maan and said "I don't like to answer children since you are forcing me I will tell you cancel the meeting because today is Sameera's birthday and I want you to make this day special for her since the girl like you very much, and it is very important for us to keep her happy for our next merger with her father's empire"

Maan looked at his father with mixed painful and angry expression. His dadi ma's words circled his mind "Maan! I don't want you to sacrifice for anyone anymore, I want you to be selfish, I want you to fight for your happiness, Maan, I don't want you to hold back, I want you to chase your happiness and dreams, catch them and live them, will you this for me?" after dadi ma's words only one word circle his mind "Selfish!"

"Yes he had to be selfish for himself, he had to be selfish for Geet, he had to be selfish so they could have life together" and this thought give him courage and for the first time he spoke in front of his father.

"Dad I don't think this is good enough reason to delay the meeting" said Maan in polite respected tone.

His father looked at him with rage burning his eyes and stood up and almost yelled at Maan "Mr. Maan Singh Khurana! I am not asking you I am telling you that you are going to delay the meeting and join us all at Sameera's birthday"

Maan felt like walls are closing in and monster in his chest roar with suffocation but it was time to break walls around him and that's what Maan did.

He looked at his father for moment and stood up then said "Dad this meeting is important to me, and this Sameera girl she is not important to me and I don't waste my time over things which hold no importance in my life"

After saying his words he felt as if some huge weight is lifted off him. The walls around him broke and monster in his chest sing with joy as it feel the fresh breeze of freedom around it.   

After saying what he wanted his father to know for long time he walked towards his room to get ready to see his Geet after few hours.

Maan can still hear his father screams behind him as he close the door but he can't go to party and give wrong hope to girl who is seeing dreams of her life with him. It is better if she knows his intentions now then later. It will save her from heartbreak.

There was light knock on the door and Maan said "Come in!"

Door opened and his mother with huge smile stepped in and closed the door behind her.

Maan looked at his mother and without thinking much said "Mom! If you are here with proposal for Naintara, then I am sorry to tell you that I am not interested and I don't want to be part of your and dad's ego fight"

The terrible pain appeared over his mother face which he had seen for the first time in his life and he didn't like the fact that he was the reason for his mother pain.

He walked towards her and took her hands in his and said "I am sorry! I never mean to hurt you, its just that I am so tired and fad up of your and dad fight over me!"

"I am sorry too Maan! I never realize that our fights have such a bad impact over you! But it was never ego fight Maan, I was afraid to lose you that's why I always fight with your dad everyday even today" Said Mrs. Jiya Khurana.

"I don't understand your point Mom!" said Maan.

"Listen to me May be than you will be able to understand my pain" said his mom and guide him to bed.

Once they sat on bed her mother took his hands in her own and pour her pain out to him "Maan your grand pa want me to marry your father for business merger and that what he did he force his decision over me and your father, your father loves someone else and he just married me to keep his father mouth shut, your father never came to me, he even spend our first night of wedding with his girlfriend and I kept on waiting, when I found out about his affair I asked your grandparents to let me go but they didn't listen even my own parents expect your dadi ma, Maan she was most kind lady I ever met and she always stood beside me but I was not consider as woman I was consider as business deal and no one thought about my feelings to keep myself busy and distracted I join the party so I could forget my pain. Than your grand pa wished for heir for the family from me and that was first time your father came to me and after you were born I thought thing will be better for me but that turn out to be more worst, I thought after your birth he would change for his son but that never happened then I decided to leave your father but he took you away from me and threw me out of the house I spend whole night out of house under rain, I return back only for you and your dadi ma, I don't want to lose you that why some times I fight with your father so I could steal some time with you, I never meant to force my decision on you, I am sorry Maan but I never wanted you to suffer because of our fights!"

"Why didn't you ever told me all this before? And dad, is he still loves that woman?" asked Maan with disgust oozing out of his voice.

"I don't want you to be part of our dark life and yes your father still lives with her when he is not at home, Maan if he had left her and if he had felt sorry for his actions I would have forgiven him long time ago but he don't regret it he is fine with his life and he goes to that woman and proudly accept this" answered his mother with pain.

"I am sorry mom, you have to bear so much for me, I am sorry mom but from this moment onwards I will take care of you I will not let dad hurt you anymore, I am once again sorry for saying those harsh words few minutes ago" Maan apologized.

Jiya Khurana smiled for the first time after many years while tears were still flowing from her eyes she took her son in her arms and cried her heart out.

Maan didn't stopped his mother for once he let her cry so she could empty that pain that she had bear in her heart for so many years.

After she calmed down she smiled and asked "Why don't you want to marry Naintara or Sameera? I am sure they both are nice girls"

Maan looked at her mother and honestly answered her "I don't want them to be another Jiya Khurana, Mom"

His mother understood his point at once and asked him "Who is the lucky girl?"

"Her name is Geet but I am the one lucky to have her!" he told her with smile.

"When will I get to meet my daughter in law?" she asked him with happiness filled voice.

"Soon, she is out of city!" Maan answered her.

His mom just smiled with excitement, at that moment there was knock at the door.

"Come in!"Said Maan and his dadi ma stepped in with smile.

  He came near Maan and hand over tiny jewelry box to him and said "You will need this. Thanks for listening to me Maan!" she said with smile.

After his Dadi ma and mom left the room Maan opened the jewelry box and saw beautiful ring in it. The beautiful diamond was sparkling over the ring!" he smiled and put the ring in his brief case and got ready to see his Chanda.

It was nearly eight o clock and Geet didn't wasted single moment, she focused on her work so she could wrap it up as soon as possible. She send him message after every three or four hours so he don't worry too much about her.

After finishing all the sizes and style of major family members Geet greeted them and said she will return back tomorrow for the rest of people.

As soon as she entered inside Yash house, Yash started his lecture "Geet! What is this do you have any idea how much worried I was, I mean we all were, is this time to return home, and you were not picking up your call even"

Geet put her hands over her ears so Yash could shut up. After he stopped his lecture seeing her reaction Geet said "Yash I was busy, I know guys cared about me a lot but there is lots of work that I need to finish and return back, someone is waiting for me there too, now I am very hungry and I need to eat and then go to bed because I had very tough day!"

Yash smiled at her but he didn't liked the part "I need to finish and return back, someone is waiting for me there too!" he was sure she was talking about her snoring partner but he put the thought away as she said she was hungry so that become his main concern.

After dinner she skipped desert and wished everyone good night and went to her room and changed into her silk pajamas and settled into her bed. She wanted to talk to Maan before his flight to Dubai. She dialed his number and as always he rejected her call and called back.

"Hello Maan!" she said with dull tone.

"Hello Geet! Are you Okay?" he asked her.    

"Yes Maan! I am Okay just little tired!" she told him.

Geet went back to kitchen and filled the bowl of ice cream for herself as she had missed the desert.

She was eating in the bed while talking to him.

He was telling him about his day and asking about her.

It had been almost fifteen minutes since they were talk when all of sudden Maan said "You looking really sexy in black shirt!

"Thanks Maan!" she said as her cheeks turned red with his selection of word but then it hit her mind how dose Maan know I am wearing black shirt.

"Maan! How do you know I am wearing black shirt?" she asked him with curiosity.

"If you put down your ice cream bowl and come to window you might get your answer!" replied Maan.

The bowl of ice cream almost slipped out of her hands but she some how manage the bowl she put it on side table and ran to window almost losing her balance and hitting the floor.

"Geet be careful!"Advice Maan with some many emotions filled his voice.

"You can't be here!"Said Geet as she reached the window.

When she saw his handsome face she can't believe her eyes that's why she asked him "Maan are you really here!"

"Yes!" he replied her.

Geet ran out of room putting on her jacket over her pajamas. On her way out she coiled with Yash.

Yash held her from shoulders and asked her "Where are you going at this time?"

Geet gave him the first excuse that pop in her mind "I am going out for walk!" she replied and ran away.

Yash knew she was lying but who the hell is this person who drives her nuts. He went to window and his heart jumped in his throat looking at Geet.

Geet ran out of the gate and jumped into Maan's arms. Her happiness had no bound and she doesn't know how to express it so she just enjoyed his arms.

Maan held her in his arms he and the monster in his chest was calm as sea for while.

"Chanda! I missed you!" confessed Maan.

"Maan! I missed you more!" she told him.

"That is not possible!" said Maan with cute smile.

Before Geet could say more Maan said "Let's go for walk!" and took her hand in his and started walking. They walked to park near by. They walked holding hands under moonlight while talking.

"Maan! thanks for such a lovely surprise!" Geet said with sweet smile.

"Don't thank me yet, there is one more surprise for you!" informed Maan.

"What?" asked Geet with curiosity burning inside her.

They were standing at small bridge over pound which has lots of lotus flowers floating over it.

Maan sat on his knee and held her hands in his own and proposed "Geet! I know I hadn't confessed my love yet but I want to tell you that, I loved you from the moment I saw you first time at beach totally unconscious, I loved you and I can't live without you and I will confess once again back home with candles and romantic setting but I don't want to take chances by waiting till then, I want to marry you, will you marry me?"

She looked at with so much love and all unnamed emotions that were surfacing in her heart.

She smiled along with tears slipping from her eyes. She sat in front of him and took his face in her hands and kissed him slowly for the first time. She kissed him even through she was not much expert at kissing yet she don't know how else to answer his proposal.

Geet started the kiss but Maan took the lead and kissed her slowly with passion. Geet hands moved slowly from his face into his hairs and Maan held her back pressing her closer to him. He lightly sucked her lips and as she opened her mouth he deepen the kiss.

Their tongues have passionate battle and once they required to breath they ended the kiss.

Geet was catching her breath when Maan gave her next surprise as he took the beautiful diamond ring out of his pocket.

He took her hand and slipped the ring on her finger tying her to him.

"It's beautiful!" Geet whispered to him and he smiled.

"Not more beautiful than you!" he assured her.

He looked in her eyes and said "I am glad I was the one who found on the beach that night, Geet you are mine only mine and I promise you I will take care of you till the last breath I have in my body but I want you to promise me some thing that you will tell me everything, that you will let me have your pain"

Geet smiled through tears and said "I promise!"

He kissed her tears away and she smiled. Geet stood up and she had shock over her face.

"What happened Geet?" asked Maan.

"Maan! you proposed me while I was in pajamas with my hairs looking like birds nest, is this the best moment you found to propose me, I mean you could wait or asked me to get dress!" said Geet making faces.

Maan took her in his arms and said "Chanda! I told you, you were looking sexy and for me this is the best moment of my life"

"Mine too!" she breath her words in his neck and wished that time stood still forever.

2 B continue...Wink

it's a longer update guyz me need longer comments...Big smile

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awesome update dear loved it so finally they confessed their feelings

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