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maaneet FF... Matterz of heartz... note on pg 93 (Page 46)

somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 27 August 2011 at 5:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by $ara_$hachi

read another one ... only one left now
loved the way you update all the FFs at one time
but hate you when you left us on cliffAngryLOL

awesome, love this cute couple ... specially when you mention the monster in his chest ... loved it ... and as i said i am still running out of words so plz don't misunderstand my little comments as a way of loosing my interest in your updates

do update soon & Do PM me

itz hard 2 write whole story in one go...Embarrassed

somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 27 August 2011 at 5:04pm | IP Logged
updating guyz...Big smile
somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 27 August 2011 at 5:21pm | IP Logged
Hello again guyzHug... whatz up... guyz i know u love to read my updates n i try to update as soon as possible but the problems is that me working on five ff and it hard 2 update everydayEmbarrassed...because i want to give u best updatesSmile... so be patientEmbarrassed... give feedback abt characters, story... ur suggestion r always welcome... leave commets and press like button... silent readerz plz cum out of ur silent mode and write... enjoyWink...

Part 13

Her cheeks were painted in deep shade of red through out the flight as her first kiss played in her mind again and again. She doesn't know how she had held herself back from running into his arms at the airport. Even now her heart was yelling at her to take flight back to Delhi airport and went back to Maan. But her brain reminded her of her task at hand.

Yash Kapoor came to airport to receive one of the most important person in his life. It's almost four year since last he saw her beautiful face. They remain connected through phone but Geet is not much of phone person. She had to go away after the Handa's died in car accident. Court had selected Brij her elder brother as her guardian. Yash parents tried best to won custody of Geet but fate has other plans for Geet.

Geet custody was given to Brij but due to 20 percent partnership Handa Empire was given to Yash parents to take care until Geet is ready. Handa empire was fully created with the hard and smart work of Rahul Handa and his Mrs. Piya Handa. After few years in many project Rahul joined Raj Kapoor. After Rahul's death Raj took over the business as per court orders now Kapoor family is waiting for Geet to come and take off the responsibility of Handa empire from their shoulders. Yash was waiting for half an hour but princess still hadn't come out. He was about to call her when he saw her walking towards him with smile on her face.

He was ready to open his arms and hold her in his hug but to his surprise she had offered her hand. He took her hand and shook it while hiding disappointed expression behind fake smile. He took luggage trolley from her and pushed it out of airport.

Geet was very quite which is not like Geet at all but Yash didn't force her into talk. Once they are seated in car Geet put her legs on the seat and hugged her knee and connected call to Maan. Maan as always rejected her call then called her back.

"I have reached Delhi!" Geet said and Yash saw hint of blush on her cheeks.

As soon as he her voice he felt little peace and monster in his chest lay for a while. "How are you Geet?" he asked her.


They talked for few minutes and Maan once again advice her to take proper meals and take care of herself. "Hurry back Geet and I am missing you!" he told her hiding pain from her.

"I will be back soon and I am missing you too!" she told him and they put the phone down.

"Who were you talking to?" Yash asked her hiding jealously.

"A friend!" Geet answered but didn't give more description so Yash changed the topic.

"You have a pretty cell phone!" he pointed out with smile.

"I know I won it in some lucky draw!" she told him.

"Did you win that tiny little doll too? It's very cute!" he complimented.

"No! My friend gifted it to me!" she told him and deep red shade once again appear over her cheeks.

Yash words took her back in memory world and this beautiful memory played in her mind.




She was waiting for him in caf but he came twenty minutes late so Geet had put the fake anger over her face. She was waiting for him in the corner of caf. He came to her with huge smile but she pushed him away and pointed at wall clock.

"If you know why I am late you will hug me instead of pushing me away!" he assured her.

"Ok only one chance!" she told him.

He put his hand in the pocket and opened his hand in front of her. On his hand cute little doll with red scarf around her neck with tiny glasses was resting.

"Is this for me?" she asked him.

"No! This for your cell phone, you are grown up girl, don't tell me you still play will tiny dollies?" he asked her with hint of mischief in his eyes.

She hugged him just like he had predicted and said "It is really cute!"

"I know it reminded me of you that why I bought it for you!" he told her.

"Geet I really love to hold you in my arms but right now I am hungry can we just go tonight and you are giving me treat remember!"

She hit him on chest playfully and they both left the caf.




The memory brought red shade over her face which Yash didn't like much. "She is blushing but these blush is for someone else not for you!" he thought and sadness took over his face but Geet was too busy blushing that she didn't notice.

"I hope you are hungry, Mom made all your favorite dishes!" said Yash to get her attention back towards him.

She smiled but than said "I need favor from you Yash, I first want to got to my home!"

He looked at her and said "Yes!" how he could ever say no to her. He turned his car other way and drive towards her home.

He stopped car in front of one of the most beautiful and big house in Delhi which was now empty of people and happiness.

Geet got out of car and slowly walked towards her home she opened large black gates with forces and walked inside. When she saw the condition of her home tears could stop flowing from her eyes. She looked at dried garden and images of garden few years back flashed in her mind. Garden full of life, flowers and butterflies. Little Geet running behind her mom to catch her. She slowly walked towards the huge swimming pool and more tears rolled out of her eyes. She looked at dry swimming pool and image of her dad teaching her how to swim pop in her mind. She saw empty chairs and images of her parents having their evening tea and breakfast flashed in her mind. She slowly walked inside the house and each part reminded her of her past. Her mom cooking in kitchen, her parents fighting over remote because her father wanted to watch news and her mom didn't wanted to miss her saas bahu series. Little Geet waking her sleeping parents in morning with irritating loud toy Trumpet, Geet parents putting her in bed while fighting over which story to tell her tonight.

Geet sat on the floor of her bed room recollecting many memories. She picked dust cover her family picture which only has Geet and her parents. She hugged the picture and cried her heart out. She looked up at merciless sky and asked "Why baba ji? Why you took my parents away and gave me this horrible life? Why you kept me alive? But no answer came to her.

Her thoughts were interrupted as her cell phone started to ring. She looked at her phone Maan's number was flashing. If she didn't picked up Maan will seen roaming Delhi streets after few hours but if she picked up he will hear her thick sad voice and again he will be seen roaming Delhi streets.

"What to do now?"

Her mind replied only one option pick up the phone. She cleared her throat and controlled her voice and focus on speaking very little.

Before she could even say hello he asked her "Geet are you alright? My heart is feeling really very restless?"


"Where are you now?" he asked her.

"On the way!" she replied in her normal voice.

"Let me know when you reach Yash's place" he said to her.


"Are you really Ok?" he asked her with concern coated voice.

"Haan baba I am fine!" she assured him in her cheerful voice. It was completely the magic of his voice that she answered in cheerful tone plus she can't see him in pain.

"Ok Geet! Take care and Chanda inform me when you reach Yash home!" he said and ended the call.

Maan was feeling so restless for while that he couldn't held himself from calling her, he don't know why he was feeling that Geet is not well but her voice put restless monster and him at little peace. He was so much feeling better but still he wanted to go to her and new plan formed in his mind.

Yash was so curious to know about this friend of Geet who had so much effect on her. He was walking silently behind her like shadow and seeing her going through emotional roller coaster but she didn't even notice him. And simple phone call and she is cheerful again. Which spell had this friend of her put on her? He was totally confused by Geet at the moment. He though he was the only one who knows Geet well but look like things have changed.

Geet looked up again and smiled it looked like Baba ji has answered why he took something out of her life he just want to gift her something better but yes price was too high but then again Maan is priceless.

She smiled and walk to Yash and said "I guess aunty will be waiting for us lets go!"

2 B continue...Wink

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Aww loved it :)

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amazing update so yash likes geet but geet loves maan so yash should not come in maaneet's way

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super duper update

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kooliio IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing update!
Yash loves geet??
Aww I feel bad for him!
But hope he will understand...
That geet loves maan...!
Cant wait for the next part!
Please continue soon!

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