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maaneet FF... Matterz of heartz... note on pg 93 (Page 41)

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wating plz long update

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Originally posted by somakazmi

updating 2night guyz...
going 2 bed's 3:15 am here...SleepySleepySleepySleepySleepy
wud read ur udate 2mrw...Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
wiil be reading n comment on it for surely...Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
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hello every 1...Hug i know u all r waiting 4 updatez... but my lappy got sick, some software problemDead... anywayz me missed if and you all alot... tnx 4 waiting... once again tnx 4 all the lovely comments and likes... now enjoy this update and give honest feedback and press like button... silent readerz plz come out of ur silent mode... guyz will try 2 update next part soon but u have 2 wait me have paper on Monday... wish me luck and me will hopefully update soon... sorry 4 yak yakEmbarrassed... enjoy... Big smile

Part 12

Geet woke up next morning and took bath and got ready for new day. She talked to Maan while walking to work.

"How was your night?" he asked her.

"Nice! Yours?" she asked.

"Nice! By the way will I be seeing you tonight?" asked Maan.

"Off course!" she replied him.

"How's grandma?" asked Geet.

"Perfect! She was missing you!" Maan told her.

"Tell her I miss her too and I will see her as soon as I get little time!" she asked him.


"Ok Maan! I have reached at the shop I will talk to you later!" said Geet as she stepped inside the decorate shop.

"Sure! See you in the evening!"  Maan said and ended the call.

Geet was continuously working since morning but she took coffee break at 11 and she was busy gossiping with Pinky when her cell phone rang.

She attended the call and person at the other end asked "Is this Geet Handa?"

"Yes!" replied Geet in confuse tone.

"Congratulations! Miss Geet you had won i phone four" said the person.

"Are you sure?" she asked him.

"Yes! You won lucky draw for our most special customer" replied the person.

"Madam you will receive sms in few seconds in which address is mention, please collect you prize from there! Thank you it was nice talking to you" said the person and cut the call.

As soon as the call was cut, she received sms of address. She was confused how she won this cell phone, and she didn't remember entering for any lucky draw may be this company selected lucky draw. She pulled Pinky with her to collect her prize as soon as she reached the cell phone shop she introduced herself and next moment they hand over the prize.

"Is there any requirements to fill?" asked Geet.

"No ma'am all is taken care of!" said the sale woman.

Geet wished good day and left the shop she told Pinky to go back at shop and she will see her soon when Pinky left her she went to one person to share her happiness that matter to her most.

As soon as Geet collected her new cell phone the sale lady informed Maan now he was waiting to see her reaction.

He was discussing design for new project when he heard knock on the door, his anger touched the sky because he clearly told Pari that he should be disturbed in between the meeting he was about to scream when door opened and smiling face of Geet peeked through the gap of opened door.

"Do you mind if I join you guys?" she asked in soft tone that melted his all unnecessary anger.

"I will see you in while!" said Maan to all employees and they left Maan's office one by one.

Once all the employees left Geet closed the door behind her and ran to Maan and hugged him.

"Maan you know I won a cell phone and not just any cell it's i phone four!" she showed him once she broke the hug.

"It's beautiful!" he said to her hiding the triumph smile.

"Today's dinner treat from my side!" she invited him.

"Really now I am looking forward to our evening!" he said to her with sexy smile and her heart stopped beating.

"What do want for dinner?" she asked him to change the topic.

"Juicy Geet!" he murmured in her ear in low sexy voice which increased her heartbeat.

"Vampire Maan! I am impressed!" she joked with wide smile to hide her inner desire which woke in her due to his whisper.

"I will see to in evening then Vicky must be waiting for me!" she said to Maan and left the room.

Maan smiled at Geet after she left and patted himself on shoulder for making Geet happy.

Her smile has some magic it make Maan feel alive and he could do anything to keep that smile on her face.




Today its one month since they met each other on beach and today they can't live without each other. They wake up to each other voice and sleep while talking to each other, there was not single day that went without seeing each other and even on weekend Geet somehow manage to meet Maan. After each second their relationship grows more and their love, their care and their understanding reach another level. Along with love their desire to feel each other, desire to be with each other, desire to love each other limitless increase it seem that they can't keep their hand off each other. They do anything to be with each other and one day on weekend Geet sneak out through her window to see Maan. Geet use all authority over Maan and Khurana Construction and Maan loved it he like that there is someone who have guts to stand up to him. His parents force their choices on him but he accepts that because of respect and love he hold for them but she is first person other than his family who can make him dance to her tunes and he love it because this little stranger became his life and his reason to breath. For Geet their relationship is like air she lives in the moment Maan disappear she knew she will die. Even through they are madly in love with each other yet they had not confessed or gave any name to their relation. Even their relationship was unnamed yet depth of relation was immeasurable.

Today Geet was working over orders again when Vicky called meeting. Geet entered his office with notepad and pen in her hand. Vicky waited for all member to gather once everyone was in his office he said "Guys we got one big contract from Arora's in Delhi they are one of the most rich family, their daughter wedding is coming and wanted us to design dresses for all occasions from bride to all family members, now who is willing to do this job?"

Before anyone could say anything Geet said "I will!"

She was ready to beg for this job if she had to this was her only chance to keep save one of the most precious thing from past and she will whatever it take to keep it from Brij and Dolly's hand.

Maan was in the middle of meeting with board of directors when there was gentle knock on the door and after few seconds door opened and Pari stepped inside the room.

Maan got angry he told her he didn't wanted to be disturbed.

"Sir! There is lady waiting for you in your office and she said that if you didn't reach your office in next two minutes she will be here!" whispered Pari.

Sweet smile touched his lips and he knew who has guts to threaten Maan singh Khurana.

He excused the board of directors and went towards his office. When he entered inside the office his mouth dropped at seeing suit case beside Geet.

"Geet! what is this? Are you going somewhere?" he asked with his heart sinking inside his chest.

"Yes! Just for a week!" Geet replied with tiny smile at face.

"Where and why?" he asked her.

"Delhi for office work!" she told him half truth.

"Is there is no other way?" he asked her with little hope.

She shook her head.

"But how will I live without seeing you?" he asked her.

"I will try to return as soon as possible!" she assured him by taking his face in her hands.

"I am coming with you!" he said to her.

"You can't Maan! You have to go Dubai tonight!" she reminded him.

"I will come there tomorrow!" he told her.

"Maan you are busy for next four days remember!"

He looked at her and said "I am was flying out of country each day but still I planned my work in such a way that I meet you at night but you are even taking that away from me!" said Maan with long face.

"Maan! I will return as soon as possible and then I will spend few days with you, you can take few days off!" she try to cheer him.

"Promise!" he asked.

"I will try to complete my work with in four days one way or other and next three days are all yours!" she promised.

"I wish these four days just disappear from calendar and I don't have to wait" she smiled at him.

"Now I better get going otherwise I will miss the flight!" she said to him.

"Come let me drop you that way I can spend sometime with you!" he said to her and called office boy and Pari.

He order Pari to cancel the meeting and asked Office boy to put luggage in the car.

They got in the backseat of the car and driver took over the wheels. Maan ask driver to put the partition between them so they could have some privacy.

As soon as driver started driving Maan started advising Geet "Geet! don't talk to any stranger on the flight, take your meals on time, if there is any problem promise me you will inform me first no matter what it is, stay in touch and Geet if I don't get your sms after every hour then I will book next flight to Delhi"

"Every hour! Maan I am there on work not on vacation!" said Geet.

"Ok two!"


"Ok three!"


"Ok Four hours and don't say Maan again otherwise it will be back to one!" said Maan.

"Ok Maan!" she agreed.

"If you don't content me after every four hours trust me, I will book next flight to Delhi and don't take this as joke!"

She smiled at him "I am lucky to have you Maan!"

"No Geet! I am lucky to have you!" corrected Maan.

"Where are you going to stay?" he asked with concern.

"Vicky had arranged room at hotel for me but I will stay at Yash's place!" she informed.

"Who is Yash?" asked Maan and monster in his chest roar with jealousy.

"He is family friend" she answered.

"Who else lives with him?" he questioned her controlling all the horrible thoughts.

"His parents and younger sister" she informed him.

He just gave her light smile.

They reached airport by then and both of their mouth went dry and they couldn't able to say goodbye.

Geet gathered all the courage and hugged him "Miss me!" she breath in his neck and was about to leave the car when he held her hand and pulled her towards him.

He held her face carefully in his hands like she is made of glass and looked at her lips and then slowly placed his lips over her.

He slowly moved his lips over her to express his pain, his helplessness, his hunger to taste her and his desire to be with her. It was Geet first kiss and she don't know how to respond yet she wasn't able to stop herself to kiss back. She closed her eyes and she moved her inexperience lips over his just to secure this memory forever in her mind.

He kissed her until till they needed oxygen and monster in his chest roar with little satisfaction. Once kiss ended they looked into each other eyes. They wanted to see each other reaction and only emotions they see was love, passion, desire to feel each other again.

"I won't be able to miss you, because there won't be single second I could forget you!" he whispered and she felt his breath over her lips and want to kiss him again but time was running out she has flight to catch.

"Hurry back!" he said as he pulled her into tight hug.

"I will be back before you start missing me!" she assured him and felt his tough body under her soft hands.

He lightly kissed her neck and let her go. They got out of the car and Maan took her luggage out and they slowly walked towards the departure gate holding hands.

Maan put her luggage on the trolley and she hugged him again "I will miss you!" she told him.

"Sms me after every four hours or elseā€¦."

"You will book first flight to Delhi!" she completed his sentence.

"Inform me when you reach Delhi!" he told her and she nodded her head.

He smiled at her and try to let go of her hand but couldn't. She slowly started to walk away and took her hand out of his with great difficulty. She smiled one last time before disappearing in the group of travelers.

He sighed and went back into his car and wishing that these torturous painful days ahead will vanish from his life but he knew he was wishing for impossible.

2 B continue...Wink

me know guyz want maan to know about geet's past but there is still time so plz be patient... he will know but not so soon...

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amazing it

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awesome update loved it

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Amazing update!

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Gotta adore this story :-)

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