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maaneet FF... Matterz of heartz... note on pg 93 (Page 36)

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sky_86

more than us readers maan needs to know her reality and rescue her forever and for good..wowwwthis is sooo SmileSmilemuch more amazing than i have ever read anything previously thank u sooo much for starting this awesome FF.please pm new at this one just found it 2 days ago...please dont let maan have any misunderstanding abt her that she is with him only for money,,she needs to bare out her life to him or else he will thnk she is a cheap girl who only wants his money..and i dont want tat to happen in this beautiful amazing love story..this is my adult version of cindrella ClapSmileall thanks to u

maan will know abt her but not that soon and me assure you Maan wont have any misunderstanding
about Geet...Big smile

somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by allibr

awesome update
loved it
when will maan come to know the truth about geet
continue soon

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 4:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ritzy09

wonderful update...i just hope Maan puts her out of her misery soon...

hopefully soon... he will get her out of hell...Smile
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Originally posted by khwaishfan

Hi dear...thanks 4 da pn n wonderful update. Maan n Geet love each other! When will dey confess. Maan super angry as he knows Geet was lying! He knows someone has hit her! Loved the convo betwwen Maan n his grandma. So he is going 2 b selfish for his love...hope he succeeds. Update soon

they will confess soon... sure u will see selfish maan...Tongue
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Originally posted by $ara_$hachi

don't left us on cliff. Do update soon.

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hello all lovely peopleHug... happi friendship day 2 allHug... thank u every one for loving updates... guyz enjoy readingWink... give lots of commentsBig smile... your feedback and suggestion are always welcomeEmbarrassed... hit the like button and silent reader plz come out of your silent modeTongue... enjoy!!!!!!!!!Wink

Part 11

Maan was busy whole day but there wasn't a single second of a day when he didn't miss Geet. He was dying to see her and wishing day to get over soon. While on the other hand Geet was busy working on all the orders. She was making sure each dress reach right owner. She works at Vicky's Clothes for all. It was one of leading manufacturer of on order ready made dress for all occasions. Business party to weddings to engagement party to farewell party to birthday they cater all customer. Mostly rich and high ups are Vicky's customer. Vicky is the nicest boss any one could have. He gave Geet long leaves when she can't able to come; he helped her in all tight spots. In short Vicky is one of the nicenest person on earth.

She was working on orders and cursing everything in her sight the clock for moving slow, time for passing at snail pace actually after while she agreed that it is passing slower than snail, she was accusing sun for just wasting too much time and moon for being lazy.

At last darkness start spreading at the sky and she greeted goodbye to Vicky and Pinky her friend and coworker. After that she ran towards the caf u me and coffee.

She was waiting table while looking at watch after every second. She handed coffee to old customer who is at caf every night, he order coffee and talk to everyone in caf one by one. He solves everyone's problem, give advice to dying souls, shows guidance to broken hearts he is light for everyone. Geet always thought of him as angel in disguise and because of his helping nature Geet respect him a lot.

"Here's your coffee Mr. Rayan, just the way you like" she said with smile.

"Thank you dear! By the way where were you, I am seeing you almost after a week?" he asked with concern smile.

"Just got stuck some where!" replied Geet with sad smile.

"Be patient dear! Thing will be fine soon, don't lose your hope, have faith in God your bad days will be over soon!" he advice her even through he has no idea about her dark life. She smiled as she saw her Greek god walking inside the caf. She thought that may be some rays of light entered in her life after long time.

Maan drive through crowed street and parked in front of caf u me and coffee.

He doesn't like crowed places much that was the main reason he avoided this part of city which is full of life even at three in the morning. He like peaceful quite environment but for Geet he is ready to walk through this hell.

Maan walked inside the caf and saw Geet serving coffee to old man who was smiling at her. Maan saw her face lit with smile when she saw him and due to this simple action monster in his chest roar with satisfaction.

She came to Maan with holding tray to her chest. She greeted him with wide smile and because of her smile all day tiredness vanished into thin air.

Maan smile at her and greeted her back. She took his hand and pulled him towards old guy.

"Maan this Mr. Rayan our regular customer and Mr. Rayan this is Maan one of the closet person to me!" she introduced them to each other.

Both men shook hands with each other with formal smile.

"So Maan do you want to stay here or go somewhere else?" asked Geet but answer the question herself seeing Maan expression which he was trying to control "On the other thought let's go some where else!"

After announcing her decision with smile she asked Maan to wait with Mr. Rayan and ran inside the room on which only for employees was written.

Maan sat beside Mr. Rayan while waiting for Geet. He was checking out the place where Geet spend her time just like her the area was full of life. His action was interrupted by Mr. Rayan words "Son! I don't know anything about Geet's life but I know that she has gone through many bad phase of life at such a young age, please don't hurt her and take care of her!"

Maan looked at Mr. Rayan and said sincerely "I promise you that I will take all pain out of her life but give me some time and I promise to take care of her!"

Before both men can exchange more words Geet came back.

"Let's go Maan!" said Geet taking Maan hand with authority which he loved. They both said goodnight to Mr. Rayan and walked out of caf when Maan asked "Do you have dinner?"

"No! you?" she asked.

"No!" he replied.

"Come on! I will take you somewhere special" he said opening door for her.

She sat and waited for him to settle inside his seat. "Where are we going?" she asked him as he hit accelerator.

"You will like it!" was the only answer he gave.

They talk about their day with each other, their problems, their solution and extra. With this they got to know about each other a little more.

Maan took Geet to very old part of city which was very quite and peaceful. They stopped at very small shop and Maan opened door for Geet. "This is small place but food here is really good, I am sure you will love it!" said Maan.

Geet entered inside the shop, from inside it was decorated very beautifully as compare to outside. It was decorated as village room with cot and tables. There were lanterns on the wall which were adding light and beauty to place. 

"Hello Maan Baba!" greeted the old man with wrinkled face.

Maan smiled and greeted him with light hug.

When he saw Geet he bowed lightly with respect and greeted "Hello bahu rani!"

Geet greeted with smile and waited for Maan to correct him but he didn't and old man walked away saying "Take a seat Maan Baba!"

Maan guided Geet to the end of shop once they took their seats Geet asked "Why didn't you correct him?"

Maan smiled and said "Because he is from village and he have old ways of thinking that why!"

"How do you know this place?" Geet wondered.

"This man is from my grandma's village and my grandma loved food from this place that's how I knew about this place I often visit this place when I want to eat something tradition or take away food for my grandma" explained Maan.

The old man returned back with large two glass of lassi and placed it on table and asked "Maan Baba what do you want to order?"

"The same!" replied Maan with smile.

"Sarson Da Saag and Makki di Roti" repeated the old man with smile.

Maan nodded his head. The old man asked Geet "Do you want anything bahu rani?"

"I am fine with Sarson Da Saag and Makki di Roti!" said Geet with smile.

While the old man was prepare the food for them first Maan give her more information about the place "this place is full of people in evening that it is hard to even breath here but around ten o clock it is very peaceful!" then he gave her some information about his family background "My grandpa and grandma used to live in village but for better life they came to city and grandpa started his business, they both struggle a lot and gave my dad very best life after grandpa's death dad took over business and now he want me to take over his responsibility" he ended with sad smile.

Geet smiled and asked him about his school life and told about him about her school life and crushes but she didn't said a word about her family and Maan guessed that her family hold some dark secrets but he didn't force her to say anything.

Geet so much wanted to tell him about her happiness about her pain about her dreams but she is afraid that her hell life might burn Maan and that is what she can't bear.

The old man return with their food and they eat food while going about casual talks. Geet loved the food it was truly delicious.

After they finished the food Geet said "The food was absolutely out of world!"

Maan smiled and said "I know you will love it that why I brought you here!"

The old man pack special parcel for grandma and hand it to Maan "Maan Baba this for Savitri devi! Please give my regards to her!"

Maan thanked and paid the old man and they left.

While on their way back Maan saw Geet struggling with her nearly dead cell phone he didn't anything about it to her but kept the thought save in his head to think about it later.

He drop Geet at the corner of street like yesterday and wished her goodnight by giving her kiss at forehead.

Geet wished him goodnight with shy smile and left him after light hug.

"I will see you tomorrow!" she said and walked away. Maan looked at her till she was engulfed by the darkness.

The entire way back home only thing that circled his mind was how to give Geet cell phone. He didn't want to gift it to her just without any occasion and he just cant hand her it might offend her and as much as he knew her she will not accept it so he need a brilliant idea to give her phone in such a way that it didn't offend her at all. When he reached home he went straight to his grandma's room.

His grandma who was a big fan of Amir Khan was watching Ghajini. He hand over parcel to his grandma and called Nakul to serve her.

He talked to his grandma for while and asked about his parents and found out that his mom is busy with her important party business while his dad is at Mr. Roy's home.

He was telling his grandma about Geet while watching movie and thanks to movie he come up with brilliant plan to give Geet cell phone. Now he is eagerly waiting to see her reaction and happiness.

Geet entered her house and thank babaji that Brij and dolly were not home. She went to her room and locked the door. She greeted Furry with smile and Furry meowed and jumped at her. Geet took her cat in her arms and stroke her fur. "How was your day?" she asked her.

Furry meowed sadly and Geet smiled lightly. She put the cat down and said "You missed me and you are hungry!"

She took two bowls out in one she put cat food and in other she pour milk for her. She put it in front of her and said "enjoy your dinner Furry!"

Then Geet change into her pajamas and settled in her squeaky bed then put her thinking cap on.

She have to meet Maan tomorrow which mean he might offer dinner or drink if she says no for one day its ok but everyday if she says no it will hurt him and if she says yes every time he offer something then it might give him wrong impression that may be she is with him because he is rich and all. She doesn't have enough money to pay everything thanks to Brij and Dolly. If her parents were alive may be things would have been different but what to do now? She thought again and again but no proper solution came to her mind. At last she thought that she will pay tomorrow if they had something but when future come she will find a way to tackle this problem as well. After her decision she closed her eyes and with Maan image in her head and smile on her lips she welcomed sleep.

2 B continue...Wink

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That was sooo sweet :DD
such beautiful stories you write<3
cont soon!
thanks for the pm!

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