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maaneet FF... Matterz of heartz... note on pg 93 (Page 22)

chsweety22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 7:22am | IP Logged
amazing update..loved it
thanks for pm

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soni4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
lovly updte
hope he finds geet cont soon x

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Nazmaa Goldie

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 6:13pm | IP Logged
i really love this ff
please pm me x

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puth IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
just caught up with your FF...its awesome dear...

haha maan is sandwiched between his mom and dad earlier and now naintara and sameera took their posts...
why did geet miss the party?????

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
poor geet she couldn't finish her
atleast she got maan
but wonder why she couldn't
come to the party
maan really into geet
sam after maan uff & his parent
doesn't care about him at all
just they want to secure their merger
i hope maan find her
brilliant both parts
love the flaw of the story
sorry for late comment
ty 4 pm

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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
thanks 4 da wonderful update

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somakazmi Goldie

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 6:35pm | IP Logged
Hello lovely peoplez... hope you are enjoying... guyz after reading plz leave comment amd give feedback abt story and characters... dont forget to press like button and silent reader
plz come out of ur silent mode... enjoy reading...
Part 8

Geet was walking out of gorgeous building when pair of hands stopped her. Without looking at the person she knew it was none other than Maan singh khurana who stopped her.

But she didn't have courage to face him. How will she answer his questions. She didn't want him to be part of her bitter life yet she can't able stay away from him. The moment she looked better the first thing she did was to see Maan. She saw him today in the morning when he entered in the office from afar. She told her heart to stay away from him but somehow her heart managed to win in argument with her brain and she thought of saying sorry to him.

He didn't wait for her answer or respond he just held her hand and pulled her inside the building. She didn't say a word and let him guide. She didn't care where he is taking her as long as he is with her nothing else matter. Didn't she inflict enough torture on herself for whole week; she stayed away from the person who mattered to her most in her life with in such a little time. It's time for her to become little selfish for while. What harm will it do if she has few moment of life with him.

They passed by the Pari's cabin when Maan ordered her "I am little busy, I don't want to meet anyone or attend any call"

Before she could reply Maan had closed the door.

Once the door was closed Maan said to Geet "you have lots of explanation to give!"

She remained silence and kept looking at his face, she wanted to see him as much as she could before cruel fate took this chance away.

"Geet where have you been?" he asked her.

Once he asked her question she realized that she has some serious explanation to do.

"Around!" she gave him incomplete reply and wished he didn't ask her anything but she wasn't that lucky.

"Around! Why were you not at the party? Why your cell phone was off? Do you have any idea how worried I was? I was searching for you like mad person! I didn't even know where you live! I don't even have any idea weather you were alive or dead! Do you have any idea what I have gone through?" he was so shocked by her causal answer that he said everything he held in his chest for past last week. The monster inside him felt little better after whole week. It was little at peace after seeing her all fine in front of his eyes, and he was feeling more good after saying what he kept inside him for so long.

Geet eyes were filled with tears after seeing so much concern for her from Maan. She felt happy and scared at same time. Happy because there is still someone in the world who cared about her who think she is human being with feelings. Sad because this concern could even take his life away, her brother and sister in law are not nice people.

Seeing so much concern for her she couldn't stop herself from giving him answer even through she lied but she only knew one thing that she had to erase pain she had given him.

"I got stuck some where!" she said holding her tears back.

"Where?" asked Maan.

"I fell from the stairs?" she said avoiding his eyes.

"How did you fell from stairs? Were you drinking again?" he asked her with more concern pooling in his eyes.

"I never touched the drink since the day you asked me not drink again!" she told him honestly this time looking into his eyes.

"Then how didn't you fell from stairs?" he asked her.

"I slipped!" she lied to him avoiding his eyes.

Before he asked her more question and she created web of lies she change the topic.

She picked the spoon from coffee tray that was present on Maan's table and took some portion of cake and said to Maan "I know you like chocolate cake! Mary told me"

She feed him and he ate the cake without any complains he know she is hiding something from him but it is best to remain quite for now. It was most delicious cake he had ever tasted.

"Where did you get this cake from?" he asked her.

"I made it myself!" Geet replied with smile.

"Where did you learn to make such a tasty cake?" he asked her.

"My mom taught me!" she replied back with pain filled voice.

But once again smile appeared over her lips and she changed the topic.

"Since you like the cake, so did you forgive me?" she asked with hope in her voice.

Maan looked at her innocent face and smiled but he was not going to let walk her away from him now he got her back.

"No! Your sorry is not accepted that is why I have decided to punish you?"

"What's my punishment?" she asked in confused tone.

He smiled and said "Since you missed my party, you will accompany me to other party this evening!"

"Party!" she said as her eyes got big as the size of plate.

"Yes Party!" he assured her.

Thousand thoughts came running to her mind. Where will I get dress for myself at this hour? How will I get ready on this time? How will I look at the party? Before she could say anything to him her cell phone started ringing. She took it out of her pocket and Maan notice that her cell phone is in really bad condition. Her cell phone was all dressed up in tape and it clearly look like second hand badly damage set.

She excused and attended the call and told the person on other side that she will talk to her later.

As she disconnected the call her cell phone slipped from her hand and hit the floor. She bend to pick up the phone and her all open hairs moved towards her right shoulder and that was when he saw few days old long purple mark over her left shoulder. His breath stopped and his heart was beating with speed of rocket. Monster in his chest roared with rage.

As he touched her mark she realized he had seen the horrible mark over her body. She had tried to hide it guess she didn't do good job. Thank god her rest of body was covered otherwise she don't know how will she handle the situation.

"What happened to you?" he asked her in thunderous voice.

"I told you na! I slipped and fell from stairs!" she replied him avoiding his eyes.

He knew she was lying to him but he can't force truth out of her mouth at this moment but he will wait for the right moment to ask again.

She put the cell phone back inside her pocket and said "I better get going! Maan sms me the time and venue of the party, I will be there!"

Maan held Geet form her waist. That send shiver down her spine, he came close to her then whispered in her ears "I am not taking any chances again!"

"How will I get ready?" she asked him.

"You will see!" he replied back.

They walked out of Maan's office and went towards the parking lot. Once they reached near brand new sports car Maan opened the door for Geet. She slide inside the car and fasten the seat belt. Once Maan got behind the wheels they moved towards their destination.

Geet felt good inside the car, it leather seat reminded her of her father's sports car. She always wanted sports car for her eighteenth but that dreams was snatched away from her before she could even see it. She drained the sad thoughts of her mind and asked Maan "Where are we going?"

"My house!" he replied with sweet smile.

"Why?" she asked him with confused tone.

"Because I want you to meet someone special!" he answered her.

"What? I can't meet anyone in this condition!" she said pointing at herself. She was dressed in faded jeans and pink cotton shirt.

Maan smiled and assured her "You look perfectly fine beside she will love you no matter how you look!"

After fifteen minutes they reached big beautiful house and as Maan parked the car their door was open by servant.

Maan guided Geet inside and asked one of servant where is everyone "Sir is away for meeting, Ma'am had left for her party meeting and Grandma is in her room.

Maan thanked god that his parent were away otherwise he have to give them some explanation which he was not in mood as he was very happy today.

Geet was nervous as she doesn't know who she is going to meet. She has now idea who the person was and how to behave in front of her.

Maan opened the door for Geet and they stepped inside the room. Geet saw an old lady sitting on bed enjoying saas bahu series. She had tied her hairs in tight bun. She was wearing white sari and when she saw them entering he face lit with smile.

Maan hugged his grandma and introduce Geet to her. Geet was about to touch her feet with respect but grandma took Geet in her arms.

After so many days Geet received the glimpse of mother love and she was so happy that she can't put her emotions in words.

After introduction Maan excused and went out of room leaving behind his grandma and Geet.

Grandma liked Geet the moment she stepped inside the room because there is some unnamed positive energy around her. The moment she entered the room it filled with life.

After few minutes when Maan return back in the room he saw that Geet and grandma are talking to each other like old friends.

They were so engrossed in their talks that they didn't notice his presence and completely ignored him.

Maan saw Geet had won his grandma like him.

After one hour servant came and told Maan that some people are waiting for him and Maan left once again leaving Geet and grandma alone. Few minutes later Maan came and interrupted Grandma who was telling Geet Maan's childhood stories.

"Grandma! I am going to take Geet away for while!" said Maan and asked Geet to follow him.

He took Geet to large room and said "This is where you will find everything you need to get ready for party."

Geet entered inside the room and Maan walked away closing the door. There were several people there who are waiting of Geet's order.

It is nearly seven in the evening when Geet was ready for the party. She looked at her reflection last time before stepping outside the room.

She was looking different. She decided to wear something that covers her whole body and none of her horrible marks are revealed. She was wearing white gown with full sleeves. The gown was covered with allover pearl work, she was wearing white heels. She was not wearing much jewelry other than ring on one hand and large silver earrings.

She smiled at her reflection and walked out of room. Maan was waiting for Geet in living room when he saw he climbing downstairs he was shocked. He was asking his brain again and again weather he is dreaming or all this is real. How something so beautiful could be real. If he call her goddess of beauty that would be understatement. He thinks there isn't any word in the world with could explain her beauty.

Monster in his chest was roaring with strange emotions that neither Maan nor monster can name it. Maan walked towards her and asked "Are you real?"

Before she could ask anything about his confuse question grandma interrupted


"You guys are looking beautiful!" she said and kissed both on forehead.

Geet and Maan said goodbye to grandma and left for the party. All the time in the car Geet secretly kept looking at Maan. He was looking so handsome and Geet could believe that he is with her. She has seen many guys in black suit but Maan was looking out of world.

Maan stopped the car in front of beautiful hotel. They got out and Maan hand his keys to one of guard to park the car.

He offered her his arm and she held it. Tonight she really felt like Cinderella, only difference is that her prince is walking beside her.

She was capturing every moment from every angle. She is enjoying everything before it is stanched away from her.

As they entered they were surrounded by different people. Maan is introducing her to everyone as his special friend.

After introduction Maan steal Geet away from everyone and they went to dance floor.

He held her in his arms and their body started moving with the music. After each step the distance between them reduced. She was enjoying his attention and touch. But at the same time her body is aching with pain. He has held her firmly in his arms and because of the horrible marks all over her body as he touched unconsciously horrible marks screamed with pain. Still she had beautiful smile over her lips because she didn't want Maan to know about them. She saw his reaction when he just saw one mark if he found out about other marks it will be not very pleasant.

As music came to end she rested her head over his chest all wished this moment last forever but wishes always don't come true and after few seconds she heard two voices. She opened her eyes and saw two women were looking at her with murderous expression.

"I heard you don't dance!" they both asked at same time.

"I only dance when I have good partner to accompany me!" Maan shot back at Naintara and Sam.

He then guided Geet away from dance floor.

"Who are they?" Geet asked Maan.

"No one important!" replied Maan.

"Maan! I should get going, I am getting late!" said Geet nearly nine o clock. Maan nodded and they left the party.

Maan dropped Geet at the corner of street as Geet said it wont be safe for her if someone saw her with him.

"Thanks Maan! This is one of the best night of my life!" said Geet before getting out of car.

Maan smiled and said "this is first night in collection of my best night!"

They smiled at each other and greeted goodnight.

Maan got out of car and saw Geet walking away in dark street. Geet stopped and turned back once to see him. She saw him standing by the car with breath taking smile. She doesn't know what force her but she ran towards him and hugged him. He hugged her back. Once they are out of hug Maan kissed her forehead and said "You stay in touch with me otherwise I will come here and carry you away with me"

She smiled and said "I will be in touch with you!"

With her final words she walked away from him, waking new heartache in both hearts.

They don't know what relation they have but they both are sure that they can't leave without each other.

2 b continue... Big smile

Guyz dont b impatient you will get the glimpse of Geet bitter life in next part hopefully...Embarrassed

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amazing update..loved it

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