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I was going to do a VERY looong post but decided otherwiseTongueWink.  Here are a fewTongue of my comments.WinkLOL

Chandu and Tunna are concerned about the future of the Dhaba but Krishna's brain has shut down since Prats is mad at him.  This is what happens when you give your power away Baba. Loving your wife doesn't mean she calls all the shots and every time she tells you "jump" you only ask "how high". It's time for you to grow a spine and get in touch with your intuitive side and believe in yourself again. If Prats is indifferent then you really have cause for concern. But she's angry which means it's time to have a conversation and hash out the issues that affect your marriage.

Krishna's kopadia still on fire "Life is hell at home and at work, there's no place to think".  Well that was bound to happen sooner or later. He never did handle Prats's silence well, her cold shoulder only irritates him more. Time to put on his thinking cap and try something new.

Prats is across town in MMGJ for another lesson about the greatness of principles that Prof. forgot to drill into her. Shouldn't Prats be talking to Krishna and sorting things out between them rather than show up at maike to talk to Papa about Adarsh's stay at jail. Look how patiently she listens to her Papa's baashans. When Krishna wants to talk she neither has the inclination nor the time to listen to or talk to him.

It's time for Krishna to take matters into his own hands and stop hanging on to her every word. Enough already Krishna, you have already lost your self-confidence, street smart and intuitive traits, what more do you want to trade in for her attention? Love doesn't demand of another what Prats demands of Krishna at every step.

Arusi advocates for Adarsh but neither Shamu and Prats are willing to get off their high horses and budge from their superior principles.Shamu is firmly seated on his high horse "If we get him out now he will do it again, so he is better off getting punished for his actions, we won't bail him out, I will not stand by a criminal be it someone else or my own son".  Why the partiality Shamu? If Adarsh must rot in prison for his actions, how come you are housing a felon named Arusi in your home, she's yet to do the time for the crime of bigamy she embraced with her eyes wide open much the same way Adarsh started taking bribes?".  Oy vey, Shamu!  Aren't you the one who talked your son Adarsh into letting Jai Mathur off the hook and explained away your magnanimity as giving the young lad a second chance in life when Prats challenged it?  Arusi is yet to pay for her criminal past, she reminds her father of his teachings'. to hate the sin and not the sinner.

Komal challenges Shamu reminding him Adarsh is his son. This lights a fire under Prats and she jumps to her feet to depend dearest Papa "Dad loves all his children the same but he can never compromise with is principles on the basis of love." Should be put this one to the test Prats? Even a palm tree sways in the wind to save itself from breaking. "Adarsh chose this path and if we get him out so easily then he will never repent for his sins". Yeah right! Everyone who hasn't buried their head in a book long enough is a dud. The Saxes have read other people's thoughts in print but never took time to reflect and think for themselves.

Hey Prats! Do we really need to remind you of your double standards when you called your sisters's criminal actions a "mistake" and brushed it all off.? She will let Krishna hang out to dry in the name of defending her abstract principles. What consequences does Prats think she deserves for slapping Angad and Raade for groping her that ends up costing Krishna his peace of mind and a whole lot more while he cleans up the mess she creates every time.

Adarsh has already dabbled in criminal behavior in the past. Who's to say he won't test his limits and dabble in it again in the future even if he repents the current one?  Prats argues "If he gets off so easily it will embolden him to go further. Didn't Prats say the same about Jai Mathur to Papa and Adarsh bhaiyya? Yet Shamu and Adarsh set Jai free and the teen turned around and ridiculed Adarsh and Komal to show his gratitude. That was the incident that planted a seed in Adarsh's mind to never feel weak and unworthy and he decided to go into the bribery business. 

Komal derides them "Wow, you educated people, how easily you explain even the terrible actions so beautifully.  But your principles have no room for affection, bonds, love and relationships.  You are ready to sacrifice your son to show off how principled you are". Komal, here's your laddoo.  You got it! Saxes will moan and groan until the likes of SS step in and bail him out. Saxes are big on talk about principles with their head in the clouds. Books give us knowledge that come from other people's understanding of life. What about one using their own grey matter to understand their own truth? Confused

Why does Prats, the educated one who knows so much about law acc' to Krishna question the need for the raid at Green House? The police trash the place and find Adarsh's loot. The house is a mess when all is said and done. Komal is pained to part with her share of the loot and lies about the "gifts" but in vain. Komal helpless looks at the mess. All that greed doesn't amount to much now does it?

What's the officer's beef with Shamu anyways that he throws a few zingers Prof.'s way before making his exit.

GD, a woman who has an added two generations worth of life's experience believes in destiny that everything happens with God's signature on it. So what's Prats's problem with GD's belief system? She has the audacity to refute the old matriarch's life experience. Heights! as Hami would say. LOLInstead of simply listening, she imposes her own belief of good and bad actions = good or bad results.


All universal moral principles are idle fancies ' Marquis de Sade

What was the need to impress her own belief and principles on everyone around her? There is plenty to support both schools of thought which are not totally independent of each other. It's about time Prats gets a major wake up call to realize she and her Papa dont' have all the answers to all of life's questions either. Have we just once heard her admit "I don't know" in response to any question? There is much she is yet to learn about life. Not all the answers come in print form. but plenty come from just living life. Will we ever see Prat get a wake up call to life? She continues to act all high and mighty since Krishna is following her like a pet poodle. How will she survive the hell she creates were Krishna to throw in the towel and leaves her high and dry just tired of defending her and her principles endlessly while she continues to live in her head in the principled clouds.  That explains her lack of friends.

Krishna returns to the Niwas and wants to know how long Prats plans to stay angry at him in front of his family. Now that's a first! In the past he dragged her away to their room to have it out with her. While he justifies his reasons for beating up Raade, he likes that someone in the room gets his behavior even if it's KN who supports his actions.Amma chides Krishna for giving Prats such a hard time. Takurain, the sly fox, sure has a trump card up her sleeve. When and how she will use it is one of the few things left in the show that is intriguing.

Prats tells Krishna beating up Raade has given him nothing but a new crop of problems to deal with in his business, Krishna has only played into Raade's hands. Ok. Prats! You may have a point there. But who started it all this mess a second time around? YOU! Before you go around pointing fingers at Adarsh and Krishna how about you take a moment away form fixing that closet of yours and reflect upon your part in the mess you create for Krishna over and over again.

First time Prats slapped Angad he created hell for her and Krishna. But what has she learned from that experience? Nada, zilco, nothing! Enters Raade, Krishna's cousin who repeats Angad's behavior...gropes her and she reacts the same way and slaps him and it's back to another round of revenge related ruckus. It's great that Prats wants Krishna to learn from his mistakes, change and grow. But when is she going to learn, grow and change some? Will she be able to keep pace with the reformed Krishna down the road? Marriage is a two-way relationship not Pratigya's Pet Project to Prove Principles. She is rigid in her thinking, seeing the world in only black and white. If she took time from fixing everyone around her, she'll see that even nature is spectrum of colors not blacks and white.

Prats never tires of telling Krishna he's not okay. He get her approval when he tows her line.  How can she claim to love him when she doesn't accept him for who and what he is? Wanting to change him makes him a pet project not a husband that she claims to "bahut bahut bahut bahut pyar karthi hoon." Actions do speak volumes. She uses Krishna to play her game of principles. In the real world, Krishna would have had enough of her righteousness already.

Now pleaseHug do add your commentsTongue and thoughtsErmm!

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Hi Mera... is this what you call a short Post ???? ShockedConfusedLOLLOLLOL

Just wanted to be 1st one to reply... am going back now to read your "short" post...Embarrassed

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All universal moral principles are idle fancies ' Marquis de Sade

Marquis was a classic!

In agreement & alignment with the post, to set things off he'll have to detach himself from her a little, his over exercised emotional dependency is disturbing at times

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Originally posted by a_uma

Hi Mera... is this what you call a short Post ???? LOL

Just wanted to be 1st one to reply... am going back now to read your "short" post...Embarrassed

Hi Uma

My definition of looong is changing as the show goes on. It all depends on the episode. The more ridiculous and annoying the episode, the longer the posts. I actually edited more than 50% of the post I wrote last night. Decided to spare everyone a novel for such a faltu episode given they are going to be tuning in to watch another episode today.

I even took out some brilliant quotes on principlesConfusedOuch. Maybe some other time. It's like they came up with those quotes just for Prats and Papa Shamu.LOL

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Originally posted by Kabeer.

All universal moral principles are idle fancies ' Marquis de Sade

Marquis was a classic!

In agreement & alignment with the post, to set things off he'll have to detach himself from her a little, his over exercised emotional dependency is disturbing at times

Krishna needs a vacation to detoxify and desensitize himself from all the stuff he has heard from Prats and his folks.

What a hefty price to pay for loving someone! He surrendered the best parts of his personality all in the name of love. Very sad and pathetic indeed!

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as always excellent SHORT post!LOL
seriously,always enjoy reading ur posts...
coming to the point,Krishna seriously needs to think himself n stop brooding pratigya for each n every thing.get a life man!
Pratigya-wat confuses me is that..she can defend her sister for commiting such a crime as mistake..but cant understand,no,understanding is a big thing to expect.atleast think about his feelings at that not saying Pratigya is wrong in showing anger towards him...let me clarify my point..
but agree with her yday's point..
Amma is cunning as always...hmm...will have to W&W for the tym she sheds her mask
n as for Sax..i still dont knw wat to say about them...
but somehow,Komal has got something in her...

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Thumbs Up...Cool
Two things which puzzle me!!!
(1) Katra naresh babu shakti singh, the way he looked at the keys on the floor. Is he happy to hear Krishna, gave up or other ideas go on in his head.
(2) Amma, when and how will she explode... Known her for so long, I expected to see steams  out of her ears by now. Confused

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poor krishna y cnt dis pratigya stop dis & talk 2 him 
i feel sumtyms dat pratigya s vry partial 2wards her family...dis s ma opinion & i did nt mean 
2 hurt any1 & if any1 s hurt m sry
gud 1...
She uses Krishna to play her game of principles.
i really feel bad 4 krishna wateva happens @ end ov d day  he always listens 2 her 

i dnt undrstnd hw do u manage 2 write such a short postWink
but i njoy reading ur short posts hehhe...

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