Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Messy Li'l Raindrops, Last part : page 57 (Page 51)

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by norchid

Wow nice update,m sad coz they r seperated 4 2months,n also they broke their phones,the line pay the bill stil makes me laugh,thanks awi 4 d nice update tc
Thanks hun; Big smile
Haha yeah !
LoL. That line makes me laugh too LOL
My pleasure :D

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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

wow, a very cute update awi
arjun and aru will not see each other for 2 month
oops, thats  a long time - this separation would defo make them realise that their relationship is not just friendship - damn sure about it
great update
pls continue
Thankx Di :D
Uh yeahh :p
Hope so !!

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Thanx prati and anusha di :))
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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
Awi, pls add me to your Pm list for the update.
Will comment after I read the whole thing
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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 8:08am | IP Logged
very nice Sumi..superloved d bonding btwn dem n arjun helped her to overcum d situation so well.
-Awantika- IF-Dazzler

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Heya Guys :)

So here is the 14th and LAST update of Messy LiL Raindrops.
This FF is so very special to me. As this was my first work from this account and a reason i've made most of the frens i have is from here. Thanks to everyone who showered their love and support. I've never been regular but still ya all have always been there. Thanks so much for that. And this FF was not supposed to end here as it hadn't even reached the actual story line as the prologue suggested. This is a rushed ending, but i can't help it. 


It had been 2 weeks exactly. After the summer break, everyone was enjoying but they terribly missed their best friends. And it was one hell as Arjun and Arohi couldn't even get in touch with each other. Both of them got their phones breaking down. And the worst part, All the others had some sort of problem with their phones. It was terrible.


Arohi missed her Vampire too much. IT was too bad to even think that they were not in touch since 2 weeks. Frustrated Arohi opened her laptop. After being at Mumbai, she couldn't even get on her facebook as she had been busy lately.

The first thing she did after switching her laptop on was signing into facebook. She immediately dropped a msg to Arjun : Damn Vamp ! Where the hell are you dude ? I miss you so !! And your creepy phone, what happen eh ?? Arghh…I miss you man !"

After checking his profile out she realized he'd not been on fb since 2 weeks like her. He had no updates. She rolled her eyes only to find a red mark on her inbox. She opened it and literally jumped to find a reply from Arjun. She got so damn excited and her heartbeat started racing.


"Oh gos zombie…was bout' to send ya a msg. I just logged in after 2 weeks and was about to send you a msg. And my phone? What about your phone? I tried calling you million no/s of time. Actually my phone broke down and I am using a new one ! And trust me, I miss you a lot more !"


Arohi smiled to herself. It was weird how his small msg made her day. It was sort of weird as she'd never felt that way. She was best friends with Arman too ! And even Romit was her best friend, but she never felt this way with anyone. She didn't feel so restless without them around, but ARJUNN !! It was just 2 weeks but it felt like forever !


Without losing a second, she replied his msg : Dude, get online !"


And the next second a chat box peeped in :Yooo Zombie :D




What ? Why ?


Damn, where you lost dumbo ? 2 weeks !!! Do you have any effing idea how much time is 2 weeks ?? We didn't even text each other since 2 weeks-.-


So, whats the big deal eh?


What ? Big deal ? Argh, you are impossible. Here I felt so crap without you ! But guys are guys ! Who would care right !"


"Hmmpph…So it does matter to you if I care or not right ? And uh huh, missed me so much ! Why ?"


For a minute, Arohi got numb. It was a question to herself more than him.Yeah, why did she care so much ! Oh, common he is your best friend ! But, uh I never felt this way for Armaan and Anyone else !


A buzz from him brought her back to sense.

"Oye, you are my best friend. So, what Why ?Missed you coz you're my best friend !"




What hmm huh ? don't you miss me ?


I do baba. Accha, I gotta say something to you.


"Yeah ! Speak up !"


"I love "U" ! And I mean it "


Arohi got speechless. She literally became dumbstruck ! Yeah, they were best friends and they did love each other but this was not the way. It was rather out of excitement or some occasion, coz they never felt the need to.
After millions of buzzes and "What happen" from him she replied : W-what ?


"Uh, yeah I mean it !"


"Are you out of your mind Arjun ? Do you even know what you're saying ?"


And then the discussion continued till Arohi replied : "Only if I knew you were the this cheap . How dare you ! Kay.bye. Forget that I was once your friend !"


"Well…I thought you knew me. But *Sigh* I was wrong. I never knew you thought so cheap of me, as a filthy heartbreaker but nothing. Yeah to let you know it was my sense of humor . I equally love all the other vowels *A,e,I,o* as well !
And he signed off leaving behind Arohi who was going through a mixture of emotions. She was angry, angry with him for starting it, Guilty, guilty for making it large, hurt for the way he left off and so on.


Two months passed and the vacations ended. What didn't change was Arjun and arohi's anger with each other. Though they found out ways to get in touch with their other best friends they never mentioned their name about each other. Romit, Shefali and Gauri tried their best to convince them, but egoism wouldn't let things get better.
And finally, the D-Day was there. They were to face each other tonight. As the part of tradition, the school organized a dance party at the re-opening of school after vacs each year for the 11th and 12th year students. And it was the same this year.


"Arohi " Shefali called.

"Yes "

"Omg Girl, em so excited for today. I've waited for this dance since forever. Gosh em so excited !"

"Uh yeah !" She replied uninterestedly.

"Dude, go n sort out the matter with him!"

"Huh ? What? You are out of your mind Shef."

"Arohi, whom are you faking ?"

"Shefali, one more word and em not talking to you !"

"Fine, but remember you are faking yourself. Anyway, tell me how do I look?" She asked. She was wearing an Aqua blue dress. She looked extremely gorgeous.

"Awesome." Arohi exclaimed.


"But, less than you ! Goss Arohi you look so damn pretty !" Arohi was in a Charlota One Shoulder Sheer Pleated Dress In Red. It perfectly suited her along with the platform pumps and diamond earings. With her hair curled and left to hung she looked absolutely stunning. The dress perfectly fitted her curves and the little makeup that she gave to her eyes and lips gave her a total sexy look.


"Alya, you look drop dead gorgeous babe;" Said arohi hugging her best friend as soon as she entered the hall.

"Look who's speaking." Alabya rolled her eyes.

"Accha Alya, why didn't you come to my place today ? We were supposed to meet na ?"


"Yeah ! Actually my mom went to my masi's home and I got caught up with stuffs. Sorry Guys!"


"Okay. Anyway how do I look ?" An excited Shefali interrupted.


"Gorgeous dumbo! " Alabya smiled at her best friend.


Shefali excused them to make a call to Romit as he hadn't arrived yet. He and Arjun were supposed to come together.

"Aro, what the hell happened between you and ARJUN ?" Alabya literally screamed.

The name "Arjun" started giving her goose bumps. How was she supposed to face him. She had planned in a full fledge to ignore him, but a part of her doubted if she could even do that. Specially, when they shared common bestfriends.


"What ? Nothing happened. Why ? Just that we're no more talking."


"What the heck happened ? Don't try to fool me with that I-DON't-CARE look ! I know you do. Now, shut up and tell me !"


Arohi stared at her best friend. No she wasn't going to give up. "Alya. I miss him. I want him so bad, but I don't wanna give in. Why the hell doesn't he make the move yaar ? It all started with his filthy joke. Okay, I said bad stuffs but he started it all na ? But dyamn, no he has got this huge ego."


"Oh really Arohi ?" a voice from behind caught her attention. Who else ? But, Arjun !


"Arohi, do you honestly think I am the one with that big ego ? Wasn't it you who considered me as a filthy emotionless dummy but nothing ? Wasn't it you who thinks of me as nothing but a heartbreaker ? Wasn't it you who said I am a shame as a friend ? Wasn't it you who made a big thing out of a small joke ? And, I should be the one apologizing eh? You think so ?"


"A..Arjun, I am sorry. Okay, I did a mistake but em sorry."


"No Arohi I am sorry. Sorry for thinking, I actually meant something to you. They say you speak the truth when you're angry or drunk. And you were angry, so I got it. I never meant anything to you. Yeah, right ! I should have known you were using me just to engulf your mind in something. My illusion, my mistake. !"


Arohi was hurt. Yeah HURT ! She signaled romit to take Arjun away. Arjun started to leave. But he heard a faint voice "Sometimes all you'd wish for is for him to keep his MAN PRIDE aside & love you the way you do.
Sometimes, all you'd want is for him not to blurt out words which he doesn't mean coz the hurt engulfs."

And his feet stopped. It was as if they denied to move ahead. He didn't even realize when he turned behind and pulled Arohi close to him.

"So why do you fill my sorrow, with the words you've borrowed?"  was all he managed to say getting lost in the beauty of the woman before him.

"You think I am dancing with enjoyment by hearing what you just said now ?"

"Does it even matter to you ? I am just another ruthless heartbreaker after all right ?"

"Shut up Arjun. I apologized !"

"Is that gonna repair all the hurts ?"

"Than what is ?"

"You better know !"

"Didn't you hurt me right now ? How are you gonna make up for that ?"


"See, how I make up!"

And the next moment Arohi's lips met his. Initially, Arohi was hell shocked but she didn't even realize when she melted into his kiss. Thanks to the dark theme, nobody noticed them. Not even the rest of the gang as Arjun already signaled them to go away earlier.

After some 2 mins Arjun pulled apart letting Arohi come back to her senses. She was actually angry and shocked seeing Arjun pull away. She couldn't meet his gaze but she was compelled to when his voice said in a deep sexy tone "Enjoyed it right ? And I remember someone wanted their first kiss to be special with someone special. So, wish granted ! So I made up ! Now your turn !"

And he walked away. Arohi was startled. This was not that ARJUN ! She was sort of thrilled to see this side of Arjun. But, may be excited too.

His words "Now Your turn" kept flashing in her brain. What was she supposed to do ?



Suddenly an idea struck her mind and she whispered something in the ears of the DJ. And the next moment the lights were off and the spotlight was on her.


"Arjun Singhania. The guy who was all this time here for me. The guy whom I was so in love but never realized it. The guy who's the hottest creature on the entire universe. And the guy who's my best friend. Yes, I love him. I love him more than anything. I love him so much. I love the way he talks. I love the way he smiles. I love the way he cuddles me. I love the way he fights with me. I love the way he convinces me for anything. I recently had a fight with him and that made me realize what he meant to me. Not talking to him hurted so bad that I can't take it any longer.  Yeah, I love him too much. I wanna grow old with him. I wanna die lying in his arms. So, Arjun Singhania : Will you forgive me ? Will you be mine? Will you promise to walk beside me, till the twilight of life ?"

And there she was, Arohi Aluwahlia on her knees before Arjun singhania.

"Stupid, reply fast. I am on this super short dress bent on my knees !" Whispered Arohi slowly to the dazzled Arjun who was simply staring at her with love, passion and shock !

He slowly bent down on his knees and picked her up. He hugged her tight and whispered "You think I will dare to say NO after this long speech ? You think all this time I was not in love with you ? You think I didn't try to propose you twice but ended up saying it a joke coz I was scared of your answer ? You think so ?"

Arohi giggled to that and the next second their lips met, for the second time between the loud claps and the cheers.

 And hence, started another love story of Arjun Singhania and Arohi Aluwahlia.


This is it.

Thanks Everyone.
Love <3
Awantika :)

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reserved - last update of MLRD - oh no awi -will miss my vampire and zombie
let me read it and then will comment -
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oh my God, am i the first to reserve

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