Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Messy Li'l Raindrops, Last part : page 57 (Page 30)

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Originally posted by arpana4karanika

good pat 

And thenk'x for da comment Big smile

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Originally posted by ..anshita..

Hey sumii..suprb wonderful update..luvd it n i luv ur writing style..gr8
last part ws sad bt arjun is there..hope ash 'll f9 soon..
Promo is very confusing..
update soon..:) 

Yeah, Sadd things can lead to sum really gud things Wink
Aw, thenk'x soo much Big smile

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Originally posted by christmas

whoa..that was intense...

felt bad for arohi..

eager to know what awaits them next...

Thanx so much :)

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Originally posted by vrshn

sumii please update :):) 

Okay Okay :)
LEmme edit it !

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Originally posted by tina_1234

really waitin for ya updt :))

Aww, dun worry.
em updatin it right now !

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Originally posted by KMHfan4ever

Wow,emotional promo!
Update soon!
Thanxx so much Smile

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Yo Pepz :)
How Ya All ?

okay here's da update .
Its Part 9.

Do lemme no about your opinions Smile 


Arohi was broken. She really was. This was all she got for trusting them. Sanchit and Armaan, of all the people she trusted them the most.  And this what she got for that. She got lost in her thoughts and felt asleep on Arjun's arms. Arjun slowly lifted her up and called her parents . They took her home thanking Arjun.

Arjun knew it "Tomorrow was going to be a long day !"

The night for Arjun wasn't a preety good one. For some unknown reason he was hurt. Hurt to see Arohi hurt. Even tho they' had known grown close. Shefali had become da best of buddies wid Arohi and he liked it. He felt bad the way arohi was going through, it hurted enough to see the tears in Arohi's eyes. Arjun was frustrated, what was happening to him ? But he was more worried for Arohi.

He cudnt sleep but he managed to spend the night doing stuffs, which included looking Arohi's pics on her facebook albums most ov the time. She'd heck lods of piks wid SCORPION 5. She had one album called "Widout u I'd luv dying, coz living widout u is worse den dying!
Arjun hated the fact that she was so inn luv wid her besties and they treated her this way.

Anyway the next day he got up early, so unlikely of him. But he didn't sleep. He took breakfast, got rady and left for school.

He went to the class straight. He found Romit, Shefali, Alabya together. Romit was sitting on a bench. Shefali had her head low, whereas Alabya stood like a statue.

Romit noticed him and said "Arjun!"

Arjun asked "Did Arohi come ?"

Shefali slowly said "NO!"

They all went outside towards the roof, which was extremely beautiful. They'd discovered it during some rehearsals.

Arjun explained evything to them and the first person to react was Alabya "Ridiculous ! Armaan ? Ha that Guy was Arohi's best friend. Damn, how could he ?"

Shefali had tears in her eyes whereas Romit had a disguisted look.

They were talking about How bad Arohi must have felt when The bell rang and they'd to leave for class.

And as per their expectations Arohi was there wid Sad swollen eyes, staring at the ceiling. She was staring at the ground . There were some people calling her but she was lost, literally yes.

Alabya went to her and called "Aru" many times but she didn't respond. Alabya slowly hit her bring arohi back to sense.

Arohi said "Huh" as  a reply.

She gave a plastic smile to her buddies and again continued to her thoughts.


Even after one week it kept going like this. She barely spoke a word. Even on the breaks she used to stay back on the class wid her head on her arms. Even her parents complaint, she acted total weird. She barely uttered a word. She came down just to eat. And she dint eat much. She looked pretty pale already. And all of them were too worried for her. But no matter how hard they tried she wasn't getting back to normal.

She rarely reacted to evyone.

It was SUNDAY , exactly 1 week after that incident and Arohi was still at the same. Tragic and Sad.

Arjun couldn't take this anymore. Coz of Arohi's change even Alabya and Shefali were getting sad. And Arjun himself was quiet disturbed but he was too good at showing it all.

Since it was a weekend  there was no skool. For the past 1 week he had been getting up early. He barely slept. He didn't like seeing Arohi hurt. It hurted him. Today he wanted to clear his head off so he headed for  a walk . He changed into trousers n teeshirts. With his ipod he started running.

He didn't stop unless a paper stopped right ahead of his legs. He picked it up and started reading it

Yes, I gave up once, i admit that i was weak. . .

I fell down, to be honest you let me fall.

That love I had so much  faith in died in front of my eyes. . .

I Had To live with a broken heart. . . .

I thought it was easier to die ! !

I cried like a kid. . .


But Now I Wash off those blood stains of my sleeves,

I dust off the pain which you gave me.

I stumble trying to stand again ~

I'm Learing to stand on my own. . . For myself !!


I don't take a step forward

Cause My heart is still weak

I'm not so strong as you thought I was. . .

So I held on to this ground

Till my wounds heal . . . 

Then Comes The Scar ~

I Hide Em' under a smile


My tears are all dried up 

This love is buried under a dead soul of mine !

I'm Not afraid any more. . . 

Cause I know you can't see that love in my eyes

You never saw Beyond those hugs n fights

Those We'll be together forever ~ 


There was a heart who used to beat for You Guys

those Sharp phrases of your

stabbed my heart . . . 

N though it did not bleed

Fearing of letting you go. . .

But those phrase pricked Really bad

Whenever I tried to Reach out to You. . .


It was raining the day you left me

Guess those angels up in heaven saw

How you Broke my heart. . . 

How you pushed me Back to the start 

A l o n e. . . . Like a Heartless person !!


And Now there is No Reason To Hold on

To that cold hand of yours

When you shouted That You Had No Feelings Left For Me !!


Arjun holded the to his heart and thoughts of Arohi . May be Arohi felt this way. He remembered how her tears were so visible even though it was raining. As he was reading it, someone patted him on his shoulder saying "Hey ! My Paper ?"

Arjun turned behind to find Arohi, Well  a lot more changed Arohi, Her eyes were red and swollen giving a clear hint that she had been crying all day. And Arohi made a nervous face seeing him.

Arjun asked her slowly "Arohii, you wrote this ?"

Arjun nodded her head slowly.

Arjun pointed towards a bench and they both headed towards there and took a seat.

Arohi lowered her gaze and kept staring at the stones. Arjun's heart pained seeing her that way !

He slowly asked her "Arohi, you've written you'll move on !"

Arohi gave a fake smile and turned towards Arjun "Arjun Armaan called later that night apologizing. He sent me a mail. So, I just wrote it. And reality is much more difficult and different than a piece of paper !"

"You wrote him to show you don't care and your actually moving on ! But Are you REALLY ?"

Arohi dint say a word but shut her eyes tight. She dint open her eyes unless she found herself on the embrace of Arjun's arms. And the next moment Arohi breaked into tears. Arjun didn't speak a word but hugged her tight.

Arohi spoke between her tears "Arjun, I hate him. Coz of him I lost Rashi too. Rashi's gone. The last conversation wid her was heartbreaking. Arjun it hurted to know RAshi cud get so much upset. Ashley is fine but that turned our relationship dead. Sanchit is guilty , purely guily but he can't be forgiven. And Armaan, I have no words for him. He Called many times on a row. But, I've been ignoring him. Even tho it hurts tuh live widout him, I can't take him back.  Do you no why Arjun ? coz I trusted him , And once trust is broken its Gone, Gone Forever. And He knoes how much I love him so he thinks em gunna take him back. He emailed me that he knew I was completely sad and hurt, so we needed to be frens back again. He's guilty, but that wont make things rite. In fact noothing's gonna make this right again. So I just wrote this sort of stuff to make him realize that he's wrong. But wat do I do wid da pain I am going through ? It hurts to know that it wasn't really a reality. It was just another story wid non-happy ending ? It hurts Arjun ! It really does !"

Arjun who was listening to Arohi carefully answered "Arohi Aluwahlia, Yes , it hurts. Hurts to know that someone whom you trusted the most broke your trust.. It's not nice to know that all this time the person who made you feel like only one turned you into pieces. It hurts to know that Evything u considered your world is shattered. It hurts to know that da one u considered evything made u feel like nothing. It hurts to know that u cant trust your best friend. Well your once upon a time best friend. But, for a moment rip your thoughts. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Do you plan to live your life this way ? If you cant live widout them then swallow your ego take him back. And if you dun wanna take him back jus Stop this. Collect the memories you have not including the bad. For once give it a thought, you have probably the best memories wid dem right ? So Be Glad you had it all once. If you think you dun want him back than why are you giving him so much importance ? If you think you can live widout him why did you stop living your life ? If you think he hurted you why are you letting him do it again ? If you really want to move on why aren't you giving yourself an opportunity ?"

Arohi slowly left his embrace and faced him . She had questions all over face and said "No, Arjun its not that. I am trying.

She was cut short by Arjun " There are times when you feel like nothing could possibly go your way.  You look outside and feel that there is no way the world is spinning the way it was when you were happy once. You try so hard to get the emptiness that you feel within your soul but know that nothing is ever going to be the same. You hate to know that one person whom you considered your best buddy took it all so easily.

You're lost, scared alone and you can't take this anymore. And the thing he did it you, it destroys you/ He made you feel like you meant so much to him but now you feel, it was all fake. He holds such a vulnerable captive and that thing is your heart. He's breaking it apart but also he's da one who can mend it. It hurts to be so torn between so many emotions. You wish it could all stop  but it hurts you to know that that one thing that brought a smile to your face is gone.

But, its all upto you, Do you want to give it another go or just let it go ? You need to make a choice coz you can't stand the pain ! You need to think, Will you take this as a mistake and risk your heart again ? Or Will You Search for other reasons to be the Actual YOU Again ? Do you want to hold on to something that used to be your everything wid a hope that you'll be the same again ? Or Do you wish to smile again and instead make him pay for hurting you ? Time and again you've forgiven him. Forgave him fot the things that you swore to myself you'd never forgive someone for. And now here you are, The Choice is yours, To Forgive him for taking your world Or Let him know what he's done !

After the long speech Arjun gave a sigh and Arohi gave a look of I understoof.

Arohi started "Thanks arjun. Well yeah, I have forgiven him many times. But now what he's taken from me aint forgivable. I can't believe someone like me is becoming a tragedy queen for some jerk who actually took away my life. Yes, I take the choice. He thinks I can't live widout him and will take him back. But NO, I have some people in my life who can actually bring the best out of me. Thank you Arjun. For making me realize."

Arohi smiled and brought her lips to his cheeks and kissed him leaving Arjun blush.

Arohi chuckled "C'mon Arjun don't blush !"

Arjun recovered from the kiss and smiled to himself , as he was watching arohi smile, and this time it was a real smile. He was glad it was him who brought it up.

Arohi replied cheekily "And I am glad the Happy-Go- Hunter Arohi Aluwahlia is back. I actually think people have to pay heavily for messing around this chick !

Arohi laughed at his statement and said "So Mr.Supercool Advisor, tell me wat shud I do first of All ? Armaan's got himself a prob !"

Arjun gave a confused look as if he was thinking something important and said finally "Well may be you shud first talk to him and tell him why this thing aint possible now. Coz intil n unless he stops bothering you you aint moving on. Coz he shall bring up da memories that shall hurt you."

Arohi smiled and took out her mobile phone and dialed a number.

Arjun asked wid a confused look "Right now eh ?"

Arohi nodded a YES !

Armaan picked up da fone . Before he cud utter a word she spoke up "Mr. Armaan Malik ! I just wanted to let you know that you have been a great friend. Well, I must say a great fake friend. IT was nice to know you were there once. Well thanx for acting like you cared.  And now you know what your thinking that, I can't live widout you makes me pretty sick ! Coz your so wrong. Yes, I admit it You were a part of me
I used to stand so tall, I used to be so strong wid yu. Everything, it felt so right .Unbreakable, like nothin' could go wrong/ But it did. And yes admit it it turned me into pieces, cant deny it. I told you everything, Opened up and let you in. You made me feel alright, And it hurted to know that you broke me.  And I no Everybody's saying that we should get back together, and everybody's saying our friendship was perfect. Cos they ain't been through the things you put me through,and they ain't see all the the things i see in you.and they ain't cried the tears you made me cry,so they can't be the judge 'cos...They don't know what i know,They never see that part of you, they know the lie's, i know the truth.

Yes, actually thank you for putting me thru this. Coz it helped me take off da rose colored glasses from my eys. And if you think you can still rule me , then NO ! I have some people in my life who can actually make me realize em precious and in fact to sum people I do mean something , So I hav no chance to give you this chance. So here I end it all. Well let me say, it's ended already, but more officially. And now that you know you suck, You meant lot more than something to me, but now I dun give a shit about you. Coz I have betta things to deal about. My Life is a cool one, And em pretty sure that someone bullshit like you aint gonna ruin it, So I am signing you off your life. My Ego is my self-respect, And I aint letting it go at da cost of evy damn relationsip. So since, you hurted my ego you'll suffer. Thank you ! BYE !

With this Arohi hanged up the phone and she turned towards Arjun.

He was giving her this weird expression.

Arohi grinned at that and said him "What ? You said right ? I shud talk to him first ? So that's it I did it ?

Arjun was actually confused. He managed to ask "Ermm…Difficult ?"

Arohi smiled and answered "No Not At All…Nothing lasts forever…Em going easy wid evy relations I break and evy bonds I break !"


Okay this is it guys :)

i m done wid part 9 !

So how was it ?

Comment please ?

And The Like button too :)

- Awantika -

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why didnt you tel me that you were going to update?? i wouldnt have gone offlin!!

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