Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Messy Li'l Raindrops, Last part : page 57 (Page 26)

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aww, I really liked this update! I don't think I ever got the pm for this, so I read it now! Can you please pm me the next update! :)

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 Heya Ebione :)
Too long time rite ?
Well ii agree dis time. Coz i'd been wanting to write a long part coz dats where da REAL STORY wud start . And so, it took me a long time.

And em sorriie. This part aint worth da wait. Coz this is not wat my true effort was. Actually i wrote all da things. And it turned out to be a gud one. But Darn, by mistake all i'd written got cut. And i pulled up all da efforts to bring it back , But :(((

So, i wrote it again, which took more time. And a lil less than i expected.

Enewaii here it goes. 


Arjun was so excited from the act that he literally felt like dancing. He couldn't wait till da 30 mins got over.  After some time Arohi announced "time over ! Speak up boy."

He first screamed "YAYYY!!!" ii managed to stay quiet. He was dancing like a small kid. Arohi was just observing him. And as soon as Arjun relized Arohi was there he Stopped giving her a seductive smile.

Arohi asked suspiciously "Why ya looking at me like that eh?"

He said "Yours one was a better one"  he said wid an cute grin.

"I know right." She said lowering her gaze.

"Who knew the Arrogant  Silly Brat could Blush ? And hey tell me one thing you said your first kiss would be wid someone special" Asked Arjun wid a curious look.

Arohi making a confused face said "Wat else do you expect me to do here, and something so random ? And hey it wasn't something so special kay ? Like it wasn't so passionate one.

Arjun knew deep inside down she was lying to herself, but instead of questioning her something he said "Want one ?"

She rolled her eyes again. And then said "STFU Arjun."

Arjun was about to say something when she banged her hand on the table saying "F**k  NO!"

Arjun was preety confused but managed to speak "But I want a cool justification!"

Arohi slowly said "Hey, it was nothing kay and why on da earth wud I  justify you ?

Arjun said – Arohi Aluwahlia , Coz em da person who you kissed for da first time/

Arohi blushed a lil n said "Duh ! I have kissed earlier too!"

Arjun smirked and said – How dumb can people be? They cant separate between Forehead, Cheek and LIP KISS ?

As arohi lowered her gaze Arjun Smiled.

Arohi said softly – Hey,look. Ii neva hide things. I speak wad ii feel. So rite noe lemme make it clear, even ii dunno why did ii do so. May be that was the only thing I found random. Buh wateva it was I felt something gud. No ii want say it was sparks, but I wont lie that it was a casual stuff. But its not a big deal too, so please can we keep dis a lil secret between two ov us ?

Arjun was mesmerized by her cute face and he was overwhelmed by da words she said. But he knew e vythang if he said something wrong so he said – "We are already sharing many secrets, Why not one more ?"

Arohi gave a soft smile and changed the topic asking about his best friends.

Arjun chuckled at first and said "Best Friends ? Well Shefali is a sweet heart. She's quiet dumb, childish, irritating and idiot. But that's the reason I love her the most. She is an amazing friend. Even tho she cant give those speeches to console me , she can give me a shoulder to cry on.

And Romit, He's my Ever-Green Sucker. He can suck all those gud things but yeah he is da one who can make me laugh like no-one ever in this world.  Total freak but who cares when you love freakiness? He's a comedian but trust me that's the best thing in da world.

And there's Rajveer who's serious, fun-loving and too much loving one. He's like da matured one ov us and who can give advices and control our madness. He's da one who saves us from getting suffere from wildness.

And hey I can feel it now, You and Alabya are gonna get added up in our group too ;]

Arohi rolled her eyes again.

Arjun commented "You roll your eyes more then you shout ."

Arohi nodded her head now.

Arjun smiled and asked "What about your besties ?"

Hmm, Mine ? Well we're called Scorpion 5. A group of five We Are.  Crazy, Dumb, Fun Freaks, Psycho And Incredibly Charmful , That's wat our group is. Friends since Kinder-Garten, And we shall continue it till Death. There's Rashi who happens to be like Shefali. Kiddish and total dumb. But She's my heartbeat/  You shud say Shefali part 2 . If they are kept tuhgeda people dun need to wait for da end ov world.

Arjun giggled at this.

As Arohi continued – And theres Sreevasha , My Advisor, My Mentor, My  Soul. She's da one whom ii can look up for suggestions at evy complicated thang. She's like da one who controls da freakiness of our group. She's da one deciding things if its wrong or right ,

And There's Sanchit. He's My Breathe. He can be as dumb as Rashi but as clever at fox. It shall take a life time for people to understand him but to us he's a open book. He can be everything, A fighter, Winner to looser. He's da best fren I cud ask for, Coz he's there  to get me out of those probzz

And There's Arman. He's da reason ii exist. I shud say he's my sunshine in da rainy day. He's da one who will be by my side facing da consequences of da prob ii am. He may be a Casanova but he's a best fren to  die for. We are like always fighting but we know not even death can tear us apart. We're so close that they get jealous of us.

They're not my best frens but my life. Arohi was smiling by noe.

Arjun said – Seems like you love em too much.

Arohi smiled as she said "No Doubts !"

And they spent the whole day talking to each other. And aroun 9 p.m da door of da club opened. Arohi and Arjun got up and headed towards the door. Arjun and Arohi's parents were there wid pretty pale faces. They sure missed their spoiled children.

Arohi hugged her Dad as he saked me "Is my lil girl Fine ?"

Arohi smiled and nodded as she hugged her mom.

Arjun's dad said Arjun, I hope u dint torture this LiL Girl.

Arjun n Arohi both smiled at it and Arjun said "No Dad. In Fact we did do fine. This was quiet a memorable stay.

Arohi smiled at him and turned to her Dad "I shud say Dad I guess I can get gud frens in dis grade."

After few mins of talk between Their parents they moved from there and headed towards their home. As arjun turned around to bid Arohi , BYE Her heart skipped a beat.

They got home and spent few hours thinking of da 2 nights event.


It was Wednesday already and The Farewell was supposed to be at Sunday. It meant they had only 4 days for the preparation. Shefali, Gauri, Romit , Alabya and Arjun were at the hall whereas arohi was no where to be seen.

Sh – Meow, seriously how did u guys spend 2 nights together? I m sure u spent most of the time fighting ?

Arjun smiled and said, Hmm Well most of the First night. The Second Day was Nice.

Alabya came near to him and asked shocked, Arjun Your BLUSHING ?

Arjun gave a confused look as evyone stared at him and all he cud manage to say was – WHAT ?

Gouri checked the watch and screamed – God, its 11 already, And we've already lost 1 day.  And Arohi is nowhere to seen.

Alya nodded saying, God Arohi is never gonna change !

Shefali was about to comment when dey all heard a sound from behind "Hey, you guys are so mean. There's me on one side who thought already we lost one day so may be I should help. So I got up early in the morning and went for shopping for the required items. And you guys blaming me ? Arohi made a puppy dog , fake saddy face. Alya n Arjun laughed at it, while others went to Arohi and  checked the items. She'd brought customs, Decors, and many stuffs.

Alya went to her and asked – Aru, Whats this ?

Arohi smiled at her nerdy best friend and said "I just thought, may be I should help. Coz the programme shud be a hit when I am in . And you mite be wonderin why' did I spend all da money in buying all these hundreds of clothes init ? Well, I spend it anyway, This time for some good work may be ?

Alya smiled and said "Hey, As if you dunt do any work. You're a silly spoilt brat, but you do help da poor pepz remeba ? And not da poor only, even da needy ones !"

Arohi nudged her best fren and said ,"Kay, I love my tareef, continue it later but now sth important is there, u know ?

Alya chuckled and they headed to da rest ov da Gang. But All this while there was one guy who was noticing Alya and Aru's convo. Who else But Arjun. He'd seen the different sides of Arohi in hust 2-3 days. The Arohi who was freaky, Who could blush, Who could ride bikes, Who could flirt ,l Who was psp n xbox freak, Who was Party Animal, Who was soft too, Who was caring And Many more. Arjun was lost in thoughts  when he felt someone hitting his arms.

He screamed , Ouch !

Arohi giggled and said "Seems like your not over da kiss yet ?"

Arjun smiled his chocolaty smile and said , "Not Really, but I can get over if I get another!"

As arjun winked, Arohi left hitting him on his arms.

And the day ended wid regular rehearsals. Arjun and Arohi got to know each other more better  due to the song and dance practice.  The dance practice was sometimes odd, sometimes  fun and most ov da time Arjun n arohi were feeling sparks.

It went on the same day wid some fights, sum discussions and that way till Saturday.

And Finally the Day was there – SUNDAY !

On the audi of "Delhi High School" there was a big banner which read "HEARTY FAREWELL TO SENIORS!"

Evyone was getting nervous,  whereas Arjun And Arohi were all cool and calm! Alabya was rehearsing for her hosting. Gauri was looking after the costumes. Romit and Shefali were managing da props and evything. Whereas arjun n arohi were talking.

Arohi – Woahh ! em so excited !

Arjun – Yeah me too, it's the first time I m literally dancing on da stage !

Arohi – Hehe, me too actually. But its gonna be a hit I know that !

Arjun – Afterall, I am doing it !

Arohi – Filthy Imaginations !

Arjun – Yours ? I know it Zombie !

Arohi – Ah please shut up kay ?

Arjun – I aint your slave aite ?

Arohi – Whateva, Today em  happy and u aint ruining it !

Arjun – Happy to perform wid me ?

Arohi – Ha ! In your creepy dreams , To meet my best frens !

Arjun – ah yeah I remember. We're supposed to go too right ?

Arohi – Err, unluckily YEAH !

Gauri  interrupted them and told them that they were giving the first performance so they had to hurry. Arohi went towards Girls change room and Arjun towards Boys Change Room.


The seniors were beautifully dressed on formals, and so were da juniors. All of them were cheering loud. After getting gud luck wishes form Arohi, Alabya entered the stage dresses on a white anarkali suit. Wid loud claps following she started the programme. After few farewell speeches it was finally the turn of informal part to start. Evyone was dying to see the Coolest students ro perform together.

As Alabya announced – So now put your hands together for Our Deputy Heads , The heart throbs Arjun Singhania and Arohi aluwahliya The audi was full of very loud cheers.

Arjun entered first with his guitar dressed on Black tee wid black jeans wid few spikes on his hair.  As he saw Arohi enter wid a Black short dress He cudnt help but stare.  Arohi placed her guitar and signaled Arjun . Arjun got back to sense and they together said "Hi ppl, here we Go !"

All the ppl gave loud claps .

Arohi gave a cute smile to Arjun and signled to start . Arjun nodded his head and played his guitar and dere started their performance to remember !

- Living in my own world
Didn't understand
That anything can happen
When you take a chance

Arjun looked at arohi as she sang

I never believed in
What I couldn't see
I never opened my heart
To all the possibilities
I know that something has changed
Never felt this way
And right here tonight

They stared at each other as they sang playing their guitars.

This could be the start
Of something new
It feels so right
To be here with you ..oh

Arjun and Arohi looked into each others eyes getting lost in each other.

And now ... looking in your eyes
I feel in my heart
The start of something new

Now who'd of ever thought that
We'd both be here tonight
And the world looks so much brighter
With you by my side
I know that something has changed
Never felt this way
I know it for real

This could be the start
Of something new
It feels so right
To be here with you
And now looking in your eyes
I feel in my heart
The start of something new

I never knew that it could happen
Till it happened to me
I didn't know it before
But now it's easy to see

It's a start
Of something new
It feels so right
To be here with you
And now looking in your eyes
I feel in my hear

That it's the start
Of something new
It feels so right
To be here with you
And now looking in your eyes
I feel in my heart
The start of something new
Start of something new

By the end of the song the audi was left wid cheers due to the wonderful performance between them. Evyone was shouting whereas da couple on da Audi were too busy staring at each other. The cute lock dint go un noticed by Alabya as she announced – Wonderful performance Arjun n Arohi. Awesome Performance.

As soon as Arohi realized it, she broke da eye lock and thanked da audi and went backstage followed by Arjun.


Arjun looked at Arohi and Said – You were Good !

Arohi smiled and said – Only Good ?

Arjun nodded his head and said – Naah, Mind Blowing !

Arohi gave a victorious smile as she said Arjun – Yeah, I wish I cud say da same for you. As she walked off saying that Arjun nodded his head in disbelieve how dis gal always drove him crazy !

They both headed towards the change room for their dances.

After sum performances Alabya announced – Now Put your hands together for The magical Couple Arjun & Arohi ! 

As they heard their name, They rushed towards the satge. Arjun cudnt help but Stare at her, As she looked Wonderful at her pink long dress. Even Arohi cudnt stop thinkin how cool Arjun looked at the Black Suit !

Alya Announced "Here you go Folks , ENJOY !"

And the song played along

Jaagi jaagi soyi na main saari raat, tere liye 
Bheegi bheegi palkein meri udaas, tere liye 
Haan jaagi jaagi soyi na main saari raat, tere liye 
Bheegi bheegi palkein meri udaas, tere liye 
Akhiyan bichayi maine, tere liye 
Duniya bhulayi maine, tere liye 

Jannat sajayi maine, tere liye 
Chodh di khudaai maine, tere liye 
Jannat sajayi maine, tere liye 
Chodh di khudaai .. 

Ooo tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye 
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye 
Hona kabhi tu judaa .. 
Tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye 
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye 
Hona kabhi tu judaa .. 

Hoo bheegi bheegi raat mein le kar ke tujhko saath mein 
Madhosh hue jaaye hum, aa faasle kar ne de kum 
Zara paas tu aa mere, dheere se choo ja mujhe 
Kho jaaun tere pyaar mein, baahon mein bhar le mujhe 
Ooo tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye 
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye 
Hona kabhi tu judaa .. 
Tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye 
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye 
Hona kabhi tu judaa .. 

Hoo bhikri teri khushbuyein meri zindagi ki talaash mein 
Doobe lamhe mere har pal tere ehsaas mein 
Mere khwab kehne lagey, palkon mein rakhle inhe 
Thoda chain mil jaaye ga, tu ishaara kar de inhe 
Ooo tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye 
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye 
Hona kabhi tu judaa .. 
Tere liye aaa jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye ooo 
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye 
Hona kabhi tu judaa .. 

Jaagi jaagi soyi na main saari raat, tere liye 
Bheegi bheegi palkein meri udaas, tere liye 
Akhiyan bichayi maine, tere liye 
Duniya bhulayi maine, tere liye

Arjun and Arohi danced like they were da best dancers , Well the fact was it was each other's company that dey danced so awesome. To them it wasn't just a dance but a moment to cherish forever. They just forgot that they were performing. They cudnt feel anything but each other's presence. By the end of the song Arjun was totally lost in Arohi's eyes whereas Arohi was only thinking about his chocolate brown eyes.

They got back to their senses due to the loud cheers for them. They bowed and left the stage. They went to change for their normal attire and later joined da rest. Evyone congratulated them . Arjun wanted to talk to Arohi but she'd been ignoring him. Soon after da programme ended and evyone left.

The only people left at the hall where Shefali, Alabya, Arjun, Arohi and Romit !

Shefali was makin sad faces.

Arohi confronted her "Hey, Wassup Kiddo ? Why saddie sad ?"

Shefali sadly said "Now classes start honge or I dun hab a bench partner !"

Arohi laughed at this and asked "Why ? Alabya and me , do we seem like an animal to you ? and I heard we're in same section !"

Shefali's sad face now turned into a laughter and she asked surprised "Really Arohi ???"

Arohi smiled and said "Do I seem like joking ?"

Shefali hugged her and said "Thanxx so much Aru !"

Arohi nodded her head and said "Hey, dun act formal and please lets end dis lovy-dovy stuffs ?"

Shefali smiled and got out ov da hug.

Romit interrupted – Hey Where are we supoosed to go ?

Alya answered him "Ah, lets go. We'll hang out with Aru's best friends. They're coming from Mumbai to see her !"

Romit nodded his head and asked "Where're we going then ?"

Arohi answered "Well, We're meeting at The Metal's Caf !" We shall decide about rest plans there ?"

Shefali said – "Ah okay, I cant wait to see Armaan , Can we go now ?"

Arohi smiled and they left for da metal's caf. They reached there and Arohi was looking for The Gang when Someone covered her eyes wid hands.

Arohi knew who cud it be. A smile played on her face automatically. She removed the hands off her face and screamed "ARMAAANNN as she hugged him !

Arman hugged her back and said "I missed ya Ms. Cool !"

Arohi smiled breaking the hug as she said "I missed ya too Mr. Flirt !"

Sreevasha came shouting – ARUUU !!

Arohi went towards her cheering Shreevs and they hugged. So did continued wid Rashi and SAnchit !

Arohi introduced em' to evyone. They were about to take a seat when someone called "Arohi Di, mera kya hoga ?"

Arohi dint turn back but said "Ashleshaaa , My Hero !!"

She went towards her and the hugged. She introduced them to evione as She Was Rashi's sister !

They all got inside and Arohi said – Its Arman's treat , So enjoy Guys !

Arman stared at her – Hey Chipkali, You dun need to show yo dumbness Ok?

Arohi said "Bleh, dumbness is a word that suits You !"

Arjun interrupted "Ah in a illusion ?"

Arohi turned towards him and said "And yeah Arjun singhania too !"

Armaan turned towards Arjun and said "Arjun dun u think someone's Day Dreaming !"

Arjun nodded agreeing "And I guess its Arohi !"

Arohi literally screamed at both "Guys, let me show you Who's Dumb ! C'mon both of you. Start your Gears Up ! It's a Race Time !"

Sreevasha and Rashi Looked them confused. Whereas Shefali was laughing .

Sanchit asked "Hey, Shefali why u laughing ?"

Shefali answered "No, just enjoyed da scene. Imagine how cool these 3 will look while Racing ?"

Arohi made a face like she remembered something. Rashi looked at her and and said "WHAT ?"

"Hey Guys, I just rememba Shefo wanted to hang out wid Armaan."

Shefali looked at Arohi and said "Aru, I guess I shud check Sanchit out, you know ?"

Rashi spoke up "Hey Romit, I mean can we like I mean Talk a lil ?"

Arohi screamed aloud "PERFECT !!

Evyone stared at her, She said "Okay Guys, Race First ?"

Alya tuckled Arohi and said "Hey Missy, Remember Today its License Check All over ? And you know  Aunty's gunna sue u out  if you get locked up !"

Arohi , Armaan and Arjun said "BULLSHIT" in unison .

Rashi and Shefali smiled and said together "Lets go for swimming !"

Evione looked at them shocked while they both hi-fived each other.

Sreevasha Commented, "Guys, Shut up !"

Arohi said "We dunt need a License to swim init ?"

Alabya asked confused "What ?"

Arohi exclaimed wid joy "Yayyy, we can hav a swimming competition !"

Arjun and Armaan Agreed While the otherz were left in shock. But they knew talking to dem wud be completely useless/

They reached da swimming club. Armaan and Sanchit got their swimming pairs. Ashlesa didn't no swimming so she stayed wid Armaan and Sanchit near the pool. While the others went to get themselves good pairs of swimming.

It was 20 mins when Arohi and Rashi reached da pool to find life savers and many pepz surrounded near the pool. Arohi was preety confused wat was going on. They went near the crowd and realized that the body of Ashlesha, Rashi's sister. Arohi controlled the crowd, immediately called the ambulance.

Rashi was crying like a small kid and Arohi asked, "What happened here ?"

Armaan dint answer but lowered her gaze.

Arohi was screaming by now "Armaan , WHAT THE F , Happened ?"

Armaan slowly looked up and said stammering "Er, actuaaa lly Wee we-ere Teas-song Ashleesaa and while pulling her leg we pushed her to the pool to make funn. But, then shee doesn't no swimming Andd

Arohi interrupted "How irresponsible can you be Dumbass? She can Die Damn it ! Do you get that DIE ?"

Arjun came and whispered slowly
 "This aint a time of getting hyper, You should hold Rashi. And Inform their parents!"

Arohi nodded her head. And did as Arjun told. Arjun told Alabya to take shefali home. Romit went wid dem. Arjun assured Alabya that he wud keep updating her.

The ambulance came soon. Rahi and Arohi went along. Arjun took his bike and followed em'.

They reached the hospital in no time. They rushed her to The emergency ward and she was taken inside. Rashi was cryin non-stop in Arohi's arms.

After few mins Rashi's parents arrived.

Her mom came towards Rashi and asked ;"Where's Ashley ?"

Rashi cried more in her mum's arms.

Arohi controlled her and explained ebything to her. At da end Rashi's mom was already Red wid Fire. Arohi knew she'd be angry.

Wid Anger raging inside her Rashi's mom exclaimed "Ha, Rashi ! Your Best Friends rite ? Its your besties due to whom your own sis is fighting for life ! Now lemme make it Clear ! No more of dis drama now. We're leaving for London as soon as ash gets well. And yes you're supposed to cut off all your relations wid your so called bloddy besties. Always its them coz ov your getting in sum troubles. And today ? See, the result !"

Arohi tried to explain "But Mom, I wasn't even there and neither was Sreevs !"

She looked at arohi and said " So What ? Who knows tomorrow u may push Rashi to da pool? You are her scorpion angel anyway. So let me make it Clear. From today you'll be strangers. No more Of Best frens stuff Guys ! Arohi please get da hell out of here now , And get it straight , I mean evy bit ov my words !"

Before Arohi or Rashi cud utter a word Rashi's mom signaled her to move. Arjun took her away from there !

Arohi didn't  speak a word .

Arjun said softly "Arohi"

Arohi dint say sth but she said "Arjun takeme to Armaan !"

"But Arohi…"

"Arjun, Please ?"

"Ermm Arohi "

"Please ?"


Arjun rode da bike wid Arohi behind him. Arohi dint speak a single word. Instead she looked lost totally. She was completely in her thoughts. For some reason it all hurted Arjun. They reached Da place Where Armaan and Romit were in 15 mins.

Arohi dint speak a word but went to Armaan and gave him a tight slap. And this tym her eyes were full of hatred !

Armaan shooked his head in disbelief and said "F**k Arohi , Wat you doing ?"

Do you think this much is enough for what you did ?

"C'mon Arohi. She aint dead. And plus I dint do it knowingly. It was just an accident. And em sure Champ will be fine !"

"Ha, that's all da shame you've remaining in you ? Accident ? No, you guys pushed her ! And She Can Be DEAD ! You get that Dead ?"

"Arohim stop over reacting okay ? Your Bullshit is making my head Burn !"

"Don't ! Don't you call this a bullshit . Dude, tell me W*F is wrong wid you ? You don't have any effin roghts to play wid anyone's life !"

"Ha, Shut up okay. And you dun hab any right to yell at me like this !

"Dude whats wrong wid you ? instead of habin sum guilt in you, your throwin tantrums ?"

"Ha, em throwing tantrums ? I came all da way from mumbai to meet you and you treat me like a shit ? Ha, its so obvious i shud neva had come to meet someone like you. Your a piece of drama . Someone who thinks she's da princess of da world . Someone who doesn;t care about anyone. Someone who's so self centered and selfish. And its a F***in shame to be called as your best frined. Your the worst fren ever. You get that EVER ? I'd die rather than getting called as your best friend. Your just a waste of time Bulsshit ! F*** you and your craps miss drama ! "

"Armaan you mean it don't you ? You will regret it !"

"Huh, I mean it ! Evy bit ov it . And regret, For What ? For Speaking da truth ? For showing a b***** her real colours ? For makin a h*e realize her true colors ?"

"Okay shut da heck up bas***d ! Too much of your crap . Okay here ends the Frensip which i thought wud last FOREVER ! Here Ends the Journey which started when i was a lil child ! Here ends The Crap Which was nothing but a TIME PASS for you ! And yeah trust me, i dunt take things back ! F*** you !"

Arohi ran away from there .  Arjun followed her . Arohi ran and finally sat down on the shade of a tree and started crying. He was pretty shocked seeing her cry, But it was so obvious. She was crying with her arms squeezed above her knees.

Arjun slowly went and Hugges her. Arohi wondered how he knew, that was the thing she needed the most. Arjun wiped the tears away from her face.

She looked the blank sky and said "Why Arjun Why ? Why ME ? i was so happy. Evything was fine till few hrs ago. Then why all of a sudden my life's finished. My life is turned into pieces. Of all the person i trusted the most , Armaan he stabbed me like a knife ? He was my best fren rite ? He could at least have asked him why was i yelling ? What happened at da hospital ? Instead all he did was abused me ? And it hurted arjun. It hurted for real. I feel like my soul's been taken away from my body. I lost it. I llost it all. Rashi, Armaan and Romit ! They're all gone Arjun , GONE ! And how da hell cud Armaan say that ? All his words were just a lie ?

Arjun raised her face and said - "Look Arohi , dun worry Evything's gonna be fine !"

Arohi looked away again and said "No Arjun, nothing's gunna be okay. Once it's gone, it's gone ! i know armaan will be guilty preety soon and he'll apologize. But do you think i can trust him again after today ? He's da reason why Rashi wont be in my life. i am da one suffering widout a valid reason. After evything Armaan said will u like it if i talk to him ? NO ! Coz he dint just break my trust but yes he torned me into pieces Arjun !"

Arjun looked at her wid soft eyes "I can't assure you Arohi. ebythings gunna be okay. And i wont tell you dat wid tym your pain will go away. But yes wid tym the pain will be bearable. Even though the scars shall remain forever, But trust me you'll get a brand new cover, i mean reasons of happiness to cover those scars. The pain may not heal but it will get comfortable !"


Okay thats it guys :)

I know it was lil bit crap. But this is wat wil progress da storyline. And i know the part was lil rushed. But as i said my original work got removed. and once it gets removed you just loose your enthusiasm. But, neva mind. i shall come up wid a betta part next time.

Your Views are appreciated. Criticism or Appreciation, it keeps me going. So comment please ?

Wid Love

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
i am first
hope rashi's sis recovers soon
liked it

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-Nahi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Amazin. I hope rashi's sis gets betta n they all make up. Update asap n plz pm me the nxt update!
.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
i can't believe it!! i actually have tears in my eyes!!
not fair! you made me cry!
i loved the part where arohi tells him that she didn't know why she kissed him!!
i love this talkative caring n cute arjun!!
armaan's attitude was insensible!
wasn't sanchit with armaan too while rashi's sis fell into the water??
awesome sumii, it was worth the wait!!
but then don't make us wait this long again okai??

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.Dulcet IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
Great Update But Also A Sad Update :) And What Are You Talking That Is A Crap. Its Not A Crap.. It Was A Good Update.. And Thanks For The Long Update.. Cont. Soon
...Sheher... Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
awesome  update !!!
 but the last part was very sad you made me cry  Cry
please  update soon :)
moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
What an update! U r superb sumi. Frm d begning 2 end i jst cnt thnk anythng beyond ur words. The dance sequence was lil romantic wid lots of cuteness. I always adore arohi n arjuns luv 4 arman n shefu. This is d luv evry frnd 4 d othr one. I got so much touchd wid arohis anger for armaan. N totaly luv arjun's care n ya d hug is d nly thng she needed dat tym. Superbly writtn.hats off 2 u. Cnt wait 4 nxt update.

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