Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Messy Li'l Raindrops, Last part : page 57 (Page 18)

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Originally posted by katrina_petrova

luv ur FF me a silent reader but wud comment frm now on

Glad u hav decided to comment now-onwards :)
Looking forward for ur comments.

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Originally posted by vrshn

oh god...just now i noticed ur user name!!
its 'scorpion' the scorpion gang is true???

Hmm, Yeah :)
Its all true, Not the name for sure ;) :P
Well, all da storyline is same as my life's plot . Em jus adding up sum scenes to make it feel interesting. Just Few one's.
And dun worry darling. gimme sum tym.
Pukka ii will update today.
Em writing. coz i need to make today's part something special and longer :)

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Okay People. Here i am wid da part 6.
Thanx for the comments n likes. Continue wid it pepz :P

This part is not so original one. Mix n Match Kinda stuff. But still the work is mine. :)

Enewaii here it GOES.
Hope you like it. Do lemme knoe about your views ;)



And here I entered my fav hangout place. It said "Cube Club". This was my favorite place. I got to flirt with girls, Dance and enjoy to my fullest. After meeting some of my friends I went to the bar. I didn't take anything but just took my mobile and started capturing  the video of what was going around. That's when I saw a girl entering from the door, No a HOT one. And I was like "Damn, this hot lady is driving me go Woo!" I couldn't help but go to her. And I was lucky, she was alone. Err, Physically YES, but all the glares were following her.

Me - Hey Zombie, Wassup ?

Arohi - Ugh, Damn it , Ceiling's up !

Me - Err, Want me to show you around ?

Ar- I come here like evy weekend and to chill up since years n and you want to show me around eh ?

Me -What ? And how come I neva noticed you ?

Ar - May be you wore glasses immune to hot girls.

And she walked away. Damn, She drove me crazy just in a day. So many girls were trynna come n flirt wid me, I shud rather say  all ov em' except Arohi. Well, She was busy with other flirts. And to my surprise she didn't even look at me ONCE.

And after few sessions of dance and drinks I went to a place which I thought no-one knew. But I guess, destiny had planned a re-union for AROHI ALUWAHLIA . I wondered when all this years  she came here, why did we have to meet over n over again just TODAY. It truly could be the Start of something new.

I went to a room. It was kind of empty room. People came here to spend some time alone or to have some privacy. When I went there , no-one but miss Arohi was there.

I went to a corner and started playing my psp. Arohi was on da opposite corner with her back faced to me. As I was about to start I heard sound which I uttered usually when I play games. I kind of guessed what was happening but still I managed to Say "HEY"

Hmm, so she was totally My Ladies Version. Who wud completely engrossed in da psp game when they started playing it. So I could think of nothing and go near to her and pinched her. She screamed like she saw a ghost - OUCHHH !

Me - Shut up !

Ar- Why the hell did you pinch me eh ?

Me- Coz your sound is too hot to handle

Ar - I know that. And what da hell are u doing here huh ?

Me - Ermm, I jus came here to.

Well, she didn't let me complete and cut off

Ar - Damn, ii was so right, you are spying on me. Dude ! Dun ya dare to hover around me.

Me - Hey Hold on, I just came here to take a chill, what the hell do I do if you are here.

Ar - Oh right, in all these years when I have been to this room a millions of tyms I neva saw you and today why on the earth em I meetin you over n over again.

Me - Shut up okay. Why on da earth  would i follow you evywhere.

Ar - Rite, I can't blame you. I am used to it now, you know rite people get attracted  automatically.

Me - Someone seems to be cracking a joke, but lemme inform her, it dint sound funny but quiet lame.

Ar - Whatever

She said n went towards the door. But to hell with it, the door didn't open. And soon we realized that the door was locked from outside. After few mins of struggle we realized that DELHI was snowing, and so evyone out was warned earlier. And WE were stuck here in this room together, no-one knew for how long. For few mins she didn't speak anything but kept banging her hand against the wall. And may be she got tired and sat on a corner. I had to speak something so I started

"Who knew Delhi was even capable of being snowed-in," I remarked.


It had been exactly an hour since we had received the news we would be stuck inside the school until the out of the blue snowstorm would stop. It had been 30 minutes since we had last contacted our parents on their cell phones. And it had been 24 minutes since we had seen the light. Not only was there snow currently piling up in the streets, something incredibly rare and unexpected, but the electricity seemed to have gone out as well.

"I really shouldn't have come here to have some peace. Gosh, if I wouldn't have been such a big fool, I wouldn't have been stuck here with the most annoying guy in the world," Arohi said, irritated.

"You talking about me?"

"Of course I'm talking about you! Do you see anyone else beside us here?"

"I think there's some workers left though."

"Pretty sure they all left as soon as they got the news."

"I don't know Arohi, I mean they wouldn't have left the club unlocked or without the security system. And trust me, I know there is a security system, 'cause last time me and Romit tried to uh do something wrong, cops came."

"Your dad must've been thrilled," Arohi  retorted flatly.

"Pfft, quite the opposite actually. He was furious. Like, steam out of ears furious. He had to pay, you know? A big fine. I actually had to work as the janitor for a few weeks to pay it back," Arohi continued, not at all fazed by her attitude.

"See, this is why I hate to talk to you."

"Yeah, I don't get that. Everyone loves to talk to me."

"Except me."

"Except you. Why?"

"You talk too much," she responded.

"As if you don't talk enough. Like I have met you just today and you already speak those lil annoying words.

In response she only let out a big annoyed sigh."Kill me now." She said.

"What and leave me all alone? Nah. Even if you're grumpy and rude all the time, it's 10 times better than being all by myself."

"I don't see how hearing you is better than playing my psp, to be honest.Coz  talking to you means only Fights, and frankly I love to fight, but like you wont get an ambulance you know so actually we would rather stay in silence for the rest of this nightmare."

"For someone who is so much in love with her mouth, cans she keep quiet huh ?"

"I'll just get myself busy in my game and lets hope by the time my batter goes dead this is over," she declared, ignoring him. And while she was about to get herself busy she noticed dat her psp was already out ov battery she banged her hand again saying "Holy Shit !"

"What happen miss smartie?"

"Bloosy f**k, its already out of charge."

She was rolling her eyes when she noticed psp in his hand. So she snatched it rapidly and started playin it screamin "Yayy thanxx Vamp !".

"No, you can't use it now! It's only one onehour g. Its hours to stay here n em getting bored. If you  use it I will die of boredom"

"As if I care."

"Why are you so anti-social Aru? I mean, would it kill you to just entertain me for a while?"

"Don't call me Aru," she snapped.

"Why not Aru? You don't like nicknames Aru?" he mocked.

"Only Special people call me that, Only SPECIAL, Do you get that?"

He started saying it louder "Aru ! Aru!"

Arohi let out a loud exasperated sigh and gave him his psp.

"Fine. You win. I'll give you this. But only if you promise you won't call me Aru."

"Deal," he grinned. "Oh, Aru, uh Arohi, I have a feeling we're going to become the best of friends by the time this is over."

"That is, if I don't kill you first," she mumbled, standing up.

She was surprised when he started to chuckle.

"Oh Aru you're hilarious. Who knew you had a sense of humour?" he declared following her.

"What did I say about you calling me Aru?"

"Why are you bringing this up? I thought I said I wouldn't do it."

"But you did call me Aru. After we made the deal."

"No, I didn't."

"Yes you did."

"I don't think so."

"Ugh, just don't do it again. Or else I'll leave you all by yourself. And I'm serious."

"I'll just compel you. No big deal."

"Then, I'll kill you."

"I'll not kill you then."

"I'll make you suffer."

"Hmm, You Sure can." He said with a dirty wink.

"Ugh, you're impossible!"

"You just gotta accept the fact that until they rescue us you're stuck with me Aru."

"Ha! You said Aru."

And he said few things and she just ignored them and closed her eyes pretending to sleep.

Gasp. Arohi Aluwahlaia, are you ignoring me?" he inquired quickening his pace to be by her side. "Oh brother, what have I done? What could I have possibly done to make my only living companion not want to talk to me? Is it because I refused to clean my room when dad asked me? Is it 'cause I stole my bro's lunch today?"

"It's because you have a big mouth that won't ever shut up," she interrupted, trying to fight off the amused smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

"Gasp. Me, big mouth? I'm hurt Zombie. I really am. How can you declare something as stupidly, ridiculous as that? I mean, it's one thing to comment about my incredibly long feet, but to insult my beautiful mouth? Now, that's taking it over the edge."

She didn't know if it was because of his choice of words or his over-the-top insulted expression but she started to laugh.

"What's funny huh Zombie?" he mockingly inquired, tugging at her sleeve. "You insult my big mouth and then you laugh at me? How insensitive! You, Arohi Aluwahlia, are just a big bully," he continued with the biggest grin on his face.

For some reason he found himself feeling exhilarating by the fact he'd managed to make her laugh.

"You're crazy," she responded, after having calmed down a little.

"And you're beautiful when you laugh," he declared sincerely, the same huge grin plastered on his face. "You should do it more often."

"And then what? Look like an idiot who just randomly cracks up laughing in the middle of the street?"

"It could be an idea," he shrugged.

"You're crazy," she repeated, shaking her head.

"Note to self: my new goal for the following days is to make her talk to me freely, without any fights," he thought,  as she turned away.

"Hey, do you think there are chances that we can break the door and go for some tequila or rum shot ?"

"I'm not even gonna comment on that because I simply have no word."

"I see I've stunned you into silence with my genius."

"You know what? From now on, I'm not gonna listen to your nonsense."

"What nonsense? I'm always saying very useful things."

"See? Nonsense," she replied referring to his statement. "Nonsense that I'm gonna ignore from this point on.

"So, where do you want to sleep tonight?" he inquired unwrapping the plastic wrapper. "Any preferences?"

"Uh, I don't know. Somewhere comfortable and warm, 'cause to be honest, the floor is kind of solid."

"You can sleep on me if you want. I make a damn good pillow," he suggested taking a bite out of his dinner.

"You serious?" she choked on hers.

"Yeah. Not only am I incredibly comfy but I'm also warm and smell good."

She only looked at him, eyes wide. Immensely shocked by his nerve.

"If you think I'm gonna sleep on you then you're nuts," she finally said.

"Why? Lots of girls would take me up on that offer."

"Well not me."

"Why not?"

"'Cause I really don't like you."

"Why not?"

"We already went over this," she sighed impatiently. "You look at me as if your gonna eat me, and plus you have those things which I thought only I have."

"Yeah but still. I'm not a bad guy. I don't bully people, I'm not an asshole, and I would say I'm rather good looking on top of having a great sense of humour. So I really don't understand your profound dislike."

"Why do you care? If we hadn't been stuck here you wouldn't have give a damn of why someone like me could hate you."

"What makes you think that?" he asked cocking an eyebrow. "I care about everyone I meet. Whether I know their names or not, their opinions matter to me."

She did nothing but rolled her eyes.

"Damn your style of rolling eyes freaks me out. Just tell me why don't you really like me when its not 24 hours of our meeting.".

"Do I really need a reason? I mean, you can't like everybody. Some people you just happen to like instantly, others you have to warm up to them, and sometimes you just dislike them. You don't need a reason, you just do. Some people you click more with, while others you don't. You and I don't click. We are like magnets, we repel each other."

"Magnets huh? Funny you would compare us to magnets 'cause, correct me if I'm wrong, but people often refer to two inseparable people as magnets too. You might be the first one I've known to use magnet to describe two people who can't stand each other," Arjun replied, furrowing his eyebrow deep in thought. "But I guess I can see your point. While there is a particular side in which two magnets will connect and stick to each other tightly, when you flip it over, they are like impossible to assemble."

"Like I've always said," Arohi stated.

"It's weird how we all have different perception of things huh? I mean, a glass of water that is only filled halfway, one may say it's half full while the other says it is half empty. I say a magnet is two inseparable people, you say it is two people who can't stand each other. That's like so cool!"

"I wasn't saying that to be cool," she declared.

"I know, but like, honestly Aru, this blows my mind."

"Wanna know why our perception clashes?" she interrupts.

"Heck yeah."

"'Cause we both are of similar types who think in different ways."

"What does that mean?"

"We have typically same interest, attitude BUT different brains. And you know right not all the brains think the same."

"That's flipping great!" he laughed. "Oh Aru, who knew the day I would have my very first philosophical discussion would be when we'd be stuck with each other inside the club?"

"I would really like it if you would stop calling me Aru."

"You know what I've decided? From now on, you and I are gonna be best friends."

"Uh, why would you decide that?" Arohi blinked in surprise.

"'Cause you're like the most interesting person I know and I'm just dying to uncover the mystery that is Arohi Singhania."

The brunette inwardly groaned. She knew all hope she had that he would leave her alone would not come true.

"Wanna tell each other scary stories?" A surjunggested, rolling over on his stomach.

"No," arohi replied curtly, staying in the same position on her back.

"Why not?" he inquired, tilting his head, a look of confusion etched upon his face.

"Because we both need to sleep. Besides, I don't know any scary stories."

"Well then, do you want me to tell you one?"

"No. I want to sleep."

She smiled to herself as he didn't respond. She sincerely thought he had followed her suggestion.

"'Kay, let's make a deal. You tell me something incredibly embarrassing about yourself and then I leave you alone for the rest of the night."

"Why would I possibly want to share secrets with you?" she asked, dumbfounded.

"Because I'm the best at keeping secrets," he replied, although it came out as a question.

"I don't trust you enough to reveal something like that to you. Sorry," she retorted.

Arjun paused. He took a deep breath and confessed:

"Something outrageous about me is that I never took my gf on date."

Arohi furrowed her eyebrows, wondering if her ears were playing tricks on her.

"You're lying," she finally said.

"No, I'm not. You can ask all my past girlfriends; I have never gone on a date with any of them."

"But everybody in the school says you're like some sort of date king!" she protested, rolling onto her stomach to face him.

"Doesn't mean it's true though. You know, you're the first to know by the way," he admitted.

"That's really hard to believe."

"I promise it's true. And I really want it to stay that way."

"What? Being a dateless creature?"

"No," he started to chuckle. "You being the only one to know about this."

"Even if I did tell someone, why would they believe me?"

"It's not that hard to piece together though, I mean all my previous girlfriends has already admitted they never went on a date with me."

"Why did you tell me? Out of all the people begging for your attention, why did you tell me?"

"I guess it's because you don't seem like the kind of girl who when someone tells her a secret will go tell everyone."

"Well, I mean, that's just because this snowstorm is refraining me from doing so. Trust me; if I could get my hands on a functioning computer I would announce it all over Facebook."

Instead of scaring him, like she hoped it would, he started to laugh.

"No, you wouldn't do that," he replied amusedly.

"what makes you think so, duh," she countered, earning another laugh from him. "This is not supposed to make you laugh, you know. It's supposed to make you afraid of me. This blatant mistake on your part is supposed to be making you shake in your boots because of the blackmail I could make you do."

"Say I am shaking in my boots," he started still with a grin plastered on his face. "What sort of blackmail would you make me do?"

"Well, gimme your psp."

She slapped his shoulder as he started to laugh really loud.

"It's not funny!"

"Sorry, sorry, continue," Arjun waved off, attempting to calm down.

"And force you to leave me alone."

"Ohh that's a good one! Too bad this'll never happen. I don't ever want you out of my life ever. You're like so entertaining and fascinating. There is no way I'm leaving you alone."

"Ugh," she groans.

"Now, your turn," he said.

"My turn to what?"

"What's your secret?"

"I've' never been kissed."

"What? Are you serious?" Arjun exclaimed, eyes wide. You are known as a total Flirt and Casanova Girl. And they call you Lady heartbreaker who has dated so many guys."

"Still I managed."

 "Not even at silly games of truth or dare?"

"No one's got that much nerves" she stated.

He had the feeling she was not done however, which is why he didn't say anything.

"Plus, I always thought my first kiss would be with someone I liked you know? I always imagined it would mean more than just a silly meaningless thing," she continued, avoiding his gaze.

He gently reached out and grabbed her hand, making her look up.

"There are too much of the same around here," he replied. "Do me a favour and have your first kiss be with a dude you have feelings for, okay? Given my past experience, I can assure you that whether you like that person or not makes a difference. And even if it takes years upon years," to which she glared, "it'll be worth it in the end."

She looked at their still joined hands.

"I guess you're right," she responded.

He started to chuckle.

"I'm already shaking in my boots," he joked. "Anyway, a deal's a deal, so goodnight Aru."

Arjun gave her hand one last squeeze before rolling over onto his back.

"Goodnight VAmp."


okay thats it for today.
Do lemme knoe bout' your views :)
Wid Love

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This was cute! I liked it, I like how he's falling for her slowly, can't wait for the next update! :)

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awwn that was a cute night!!!
hmmm!! so i think they wunt fight like cats n dogs frm nw!!!  :)

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aww...dat was very sweet update..liked it..
so nw dey'll dn't fyt na??
update soon...

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Awii, Super Liked It :) They Are So Sweet, Loved It :) Cont Soon 
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i jus read ur ff nw it is reliii relii nyc
i luv it arjun n aruhi r so cute

cn u plz add me 2 ur pm list

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