Baat Hamari Pakki Hai


Baat Hamari Pakki Hai
Baat Hamari Pakki Hai

*-*-*BHPH Mega Contest*-* VOTING CLOSED!!!

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Well, the day has arrived. The day when I can finally show them what all I got. The day that will leave them all astonished and surprised. This is what I have been looking forward to for a while and can't believe it's finally here *sniff*!!!!
I wear my favorite pair of jeans, a bright colored top, set my hairs straight one more time, and turn my laptop on. While it is turning on, I am going over my speech again to make sure that I leave nothing, absolutely nothing out. I log on to India-Forums, find BHPH forum, and arrive to the venue. Without further delay, I enter the auditorium and start writing the post. 

HugWelcome back everyone!Hug

I know y'all have been waiting for this from the past one month.
And I promise I won't take much of your time before we get down to the real business. Oh wait, I haven't even told you what
this all this rambling is about, have I?
*consciously realizing this isn't how I had prepared my speech*
Silly me! LOL If you know me too well, you can understand
that I have a habit to be a bit forgetful... I really shouldn't be giving that away in an open forum *hitting myself in the head*
And there, we've gotten off-track again. Before I loose my
readers, let me inform you all that this is the

I would like to take this time to thank every member who took out their time and helped in making this contest even more successful by sending in their entries. A kudos to you all ClapClap

To myself:
There now, Jahnvi! That wasn't too hard, was it?
Alright then! Have fun Big smile
*about to sign out* when I get a quick PM

Maitri: Where are the entries and the voting rules?Angry
Me: *rolling eyes & begin editing the post*
I was just... you know! *feeling dejected*

Before we get down to the entries, I've gotta put down some rules!
I know we all hate them but this is only for the benefit of y'all!
Really it is, believe me!
One quick note: The entries are posted in random order.

1. Voting will take place publicly ONLY. DO NOT PM me the votes to any of
the contests as they will only be disqualified.

2. Voting is open until Wednesday, May 11th. Any votes cast afterwards will not be taken into account.

3. When voting for a particular entry, make every effort to take into account
the quality, creativity, and effectiveness.

4. Play fair! If you've participated, please do not sent out PMs to your
friends asking for their votes. If found doing as such, all the entries by the member will be disqualified.

5. Members CANNOT vote for their own entry. However, they CAN vote for other entries of the  contest they have also participated in.

6. Please post votes for every contest in ONE post only.
It will help from cluttering up the thread.

7. Vote in this particular mannerism only.
VM Contest
Most Creative Mix - Entry (#)
Best Edited - Entry (#)
and so on & so forth for the rest of the categories.

Credit goes to: niru273 for the banner

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| \ _ / |Video Mix Entries| \ _ / |

Vote for ONE entry only for each category.
If voted for more than one, only the first one will be
 taken into account.

Vote for the categories below:

1. The most creative mix.
(special effects? theme?)

2. Best Edited mix.
(smooth transitions? scenes aligned well with the songs?)

Entry #1:

Entry #2:

Entry #3:

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Short Story Entries

You can only vote for ONE story for each category.

1. Best Written Story
(writing style, grammar, language)

2. Most Unique Story Told
(The one you weren't expecting)

3. Best Storyline Plot
(Can't put it down before reading just one more page)

4. The one you wished had continued
(ended too fast?)

Story #1
Scenario: Sanchi faints during Karva Chauth and the family claims she is pregnant.

Saachi came to her senses, looked up at Shravan and took a sip of water from the cup he held up to her lips, thus breaking her Karva Chauth fast.  The wave of nausea hit her immediately.  She got up and ran off.  After Saachi left with Niddhi bhabi, Shravan caught Dadi smiling at him, along with everyone else in the family.

'You people are happy Saachi fainted?  I hope she is okay.  Do you think she will be okay?'

'Shravan beta, it is nothing 9 months cannot fix!!  Saachi is pregnant!  She is going to be a mother and you are going to be a father!  Mubarak ho!', Dadi yelled and came over to Shravan to give him a huge hug that only grandmothers can give. 'Ramu Kaka, get out the mithai!' she went off to fix the trays that would be distributed.

'Sach?  Are you sure?  I can't believe it!  How, how'', Shravan kept shaking his head as he asked himself.  He was in a state of shock and tempered joy.

He received a smack on the back from Pratap, 'How?!?  Beta, that's what honeymoons are for!  How do you think we ended up with your bhaiya Saurabh?  Where is he by the way?' (Yeah Pratap, we all want to know).  Shravan turned red and his ears burned.  If it was possible to die of embarrassment, this would be what it would feel like.  His father never joked with him this way before.  It had to be some kind of initiation into fatherhood.

Saachi came back and the whole family smiled at her.  Niddhi bhabi had filled her in on everyone's conclusion on the way back from the washroom.  Shravan looked at her with kind eyes and a soft smile.  She looked so beautiful in her lehnga and jewelry, just like on their wedding day.  Saachi smiled back at him.  Shravan looked extraordinarily debonair tonight in his sherwani.  He put his hand out and she slipped hers into it.  They walked away towards their room.  Together they were a sight of pure royalty.

 As soon as they were in the room, they looked at each other, with bugged out eyes and dropped jaws.

'Shravanji, I can't believe it.  How could this happen?'

'I feel the same way.  Wait'what do you mean how could it, weren't you there?'

'You know what I mean.  I was there, but we don't actually remember hua ki nahin, na, we were so drunk.  I think before the family gets too wrapped into this news and starts notifying the greater Mussorie population, we need absolute confirmation. Honestly, what are the odds, it was the first time and ...'

'Hey!  Hold on', Shravan starts thumping his chest, 'Jaiswal khandan ka beta hoon mein.  Saurabh bhaiya is proof of what a potent bunch we are.  Papa told me'.never mind (I am not revisiting that mortifying moment with Papa, Shravan thought)' just do not doubt Saachi.'

'Good grief, Shravanji.' Saachi threw her hands up and walked over to the bed.  She murmured to herself so Shravan couldn't hear, 'So potent and great I can't remember what happened.'

'Fine, all knowing all powerful Shravan Jaiswalji, I have no doubts, but we still need confirmation.'

'What do you think we should do?'

'We need to get a home pregnancy test Shravanji.  In fact, we should get a couple different ones just to make sure we are absolutely certain.'

'That's a good idea.  You should go ask Niddhi bhabi because there are for sure none of those in our washroom.'

'Uff, Bhabi is already pregnant, she has got the test results, why would she have home pregnancy tests?  And anyway, why do we need to involve her in this?  This is a private matter.'

'Okay.  Then how do we get them?'

'Shravanji, you sneak out and go to the pharmacy and get them.  And don't tell me you don't know how to sneak out of the house.'

'Oh teri ki!  Mein!  Oh no, this is woman's business. You go.'

'Look, if I leave and someone comes looking for me, they will not accept any answer as to why I left the house after fainting like that.  They will be very angry.  And besides, you never taught me how to drive, so someone would have to take me to the pharmacy anyway, and we are trying to keep this private.  If someone notices you are gone, I will tell them I sent you to get something for me. Now jao.'

'Pleeease pleeease, I don't wanna.  Nahin.  Please Saachi.'

'Shravanji, stop acting like a baby and get the test so we can find out if we are having one!'

'Achha.  I am going, even though I REALLY don't want to.  I'm going and don't ever say I never do anything for you.'

Shravan drove up to the pharmacy.  He had gotten out of the house with no problems as everyone was preoccupied with chitchat about Saachi's impending motherhood.  Shravan walked up to the counter and motioned the pharmacist to come closer.

Shravan cleared his throat and whispered, 'I need some things, a couple of them.'

The pharmacist looked at Shravan and said, 'No problem, I understand.  You are just like every other guy here on Karva Chauth.'

'Oh, really!  Those are popular items today?  This is my first Karva Chauth so I didn't know that.'

'Yeah here, pick out style and type you need'', the pharmacist placed a box of small square packets on the counter.  Shravan jumped back and pushed the box back towards the pharmacist.  Shravan whispered, 'Nahin, dada.  Too late for me, I need pregnancy tests.'

The pharmacist brought out a wide array, ones with droppers, +/- signs, smiley face indicators.  Shravan walked out with one of each, 5 in all.

Shravan snuck into the house with the tests and went straight to his bedroom.  He opened the door to find Saachi lying down on the bed with her eyes closed.  She looked beautiful and peaceful.  He couldn't help but stare at the sight of her.  Even though the thought of having a child scared him a lot, he was quietly thankful that Saachi would be the mother of his child.  The corner of his mouth curled up in a smile. 

Shravan cleared his throat.  Saachi looked up and saw him standing with the bag of tests.  She grabbed it out of his hand and started reading the various directions.  'Shravanji, get me a bottle of water.'  'Why Saachi?'  She handed him the directions.  'I have to do this 5 times, I need water.'  Shravan read, looked at her and shook his head, and got up to get the water, 'Women are so complicated.'  He came back and handed the bottle to Saachi.

About an hour later, all the tests had been taken and the timer went off.  Saachi went into the washroom to read the results.  She came out with a test in her hand.  He tried to read her face, but all he saw was calm.

'Shravanji, all tests came to same conclusion.'

'All of them Saachi?'

'Yes, each one says the same thing.'  She flipped the test around and held it up to show Shravan the results.

Shravan gasped.

 Story #2

Scenario: SaaVan come back home after Pratap finds out about the contract and its clauses in the office in front of the Japanese delegates.

Pratap: Saachi ! Shravan ! Idhar aao foren !!
SaaVan have a frightened look on their faces & get scared..Saachi: Shravanji, lagta hai papa humse bohut naraaz hai...
Shravan: Haan Saachi, chalo hum dekhte hai ki hitler ko kya chahiye
both SaaVan walk to Pratap & Pratap looks at them angrily & says, "agar yeh shaadi ek contract hai, toh khatam karo yeh natak...!!" He throws the contract on the floor..SaaVan are stunned & scared out of their minds...they don't know what to think or say..
Dadi comes in & says, "Shravan ! Saachi ! Yeh sab kya hai ?"
SaaVan explains to them that 6 months ago he was in love with Tara & that he married Saachi only because she wanted her mama & mami to be happy. But now he has learned what love is...he has fallen in love with Saachi now..There is no room for anyone else in his life except Saachi..

It is dead silent & then Pratap thinks to himself, "hm..kam se kam yeh Shravan sudhar gaya hai...ab toh yeh Saachi se pyar karta hai...kal woh kissi aur se pyar karega toh kya hoga?"
Saachi sees Pratap in such a deep thought & says, "papa, main aapse maafi maangti hu. I'm very sorry for whatever has happened. Lekin Papa aap humaara yakeen karo ki hum ek doosre se bohut pyaar karte hai..aur ek doosre ke bina ji nahi sakte..." Saachi starts to cry & falls at Pratap's feet.
Shravan then comes to Pratap & says, Papa please humko maaf kardo. Main jaanta hu ki galti meri hai lekin ab mujhe samajh mein aa gaya hai ki pyar kya hota hai..aur shaadi kya hoti hai...pehle main nadaan tha, lekin jabse saachi meri zindagi mein aayi mujhe samajh mein aa gaya hai ki sacha pyar kya hota hai aur shaadi ka matlab kya hota hai...he folds his hands & asks Pratap to forgive him..

Pratap closes his eyes & then turns to look at Shravan. 
Pratap: beta, tujhe pata hai ki iska nateeja kya hoga ? tujhe aaj ehsaas hua hai ki shaadi kya matlab hai aur pyar kya matlab kya hoti hai..lekin kal ka kya hoga? Kal agar tujhe kissi aur ladki se pyar karoge phir kya hoga saachi ka ? Socha kya tumne ?
Shravan starts to cry & says, Papa, I'm very sorry lekin 6 mahine pehle main na samajh tha...aur jabse Saachi aayi hai meri zindagi mein i've changed..Please forgive me papa...!!
Madhura then comes & says, Pls inhe maaf kardo ji...dekh na, ab mera beta bada ho gaya hai, samajhdaar ban gaya hai...
Pratap turns to Madhura & says, theek hai Madhura ji. Agar aap yeh keh rahi hai ki tumhaara beta bada ho gaya hai, samajhdaar ban gaya hai toh main maan leta hu..
Pratap turns to SaaVan & says, aaj ke baad, agar tum dono ne kuch aur harkat ki hai toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga...samjhe tum dono ?
SaaVan: Ji papa...
Shravan quietly whispers to Saachi: Aakhir maan gaya hitler !
Saachi pinches him & says chup karo Shravan ji !!


 Story #3

Scenario: Shravan is arrested after the hotel SaaVan were staying in is raided. Sanchi is left alone in the hotel.


The time 11PM

The seedy hotel in which Saavan stayed was a big recipe for disaster. The moment both set their foot in it was their undoing. Everything that happened was doomed for them. Now Shravan was arrested and Saachi was left all alone.
Her cell was lost and she had no money with her. Her only support and strength was arrested and she was clueless as to which police station he was taken to. The atmosphere at the hotel was depressing and frightening at the same time. Prayers were her only hope it seemed. But then, can only that be the answer for everything .Action was now needed and that too immediately.
Suddenly a figure jumped into the room. A black clad, hooded and covered fully deftly eased into the room through the window. How it happened Saachi was not aware of. In the blink of the eye it was there sizing her up and waiting for her next move.
Saachi thought of screaming, as would be the normal reaction, but something about the figure stopped her from doing so. The figure was enveloped in a shroud of black, face covered in a balaclava cap (monkey cap), black jacket and pants and boots. The identity could not be guessed.
The figure shoved a slip of paper into her hands and waited patiently till she read it. Saachi slowly opened it and read it. "I will help you release your husband; in turn will you give me what I want?" Reading it Saachi had nothing else to say but simply nod her head in assent. For her the release of Shravan was primary importance than anything else .Silently as a cat the figure climbed out of the window and disappeared into the darkness.
'Knock, knock' there was a tap at the door. Saachi cautiously opened the door and peeked out. It was the seedy manager asking her whether she wanted anything. His face was contorted and his smile twinkled due to a silver tooth. The very sight of him sent shivers down Saachi's spine. She thought of closing the door on his face, but then an idea struck her.

"Yes, bahi sab. As a matter of fact I want to make a phone call. Is it possible?" she asked him.

Both went downstairs to the reception. The attempt yielded no result, as the lines were cut off by the raiding police. Now Saachi was really sweating, in spite of the Mussorrie's cold night. Suddenly she felt very lonely in this world, wishing for the first time in many years her parents were alive. Gathering her wits and courage, she simply walked out of the hotel, unmindful of the manager's frantic call of her.
The time 1AM
She was alone on the road walking with a vague direction towards Mussorrie town, but with a purpose. Her internal strength and mental makeup was propelling her towards the path of her destination. She had a small torch beaming a faint glow of light in front her, lighting the path and keeping her company. 
 She thought that if somehow she could reach the fringes of township, she would be able to make a call and hence gather more reinforcements for her search of Shravan. But for that she needed to be brave and strong to traverse this God forsaken place and reach civilization.
Suddenly she heard footsteps behind her. It was as though someone was at first walking slowly, like stalking her. Then came the increased speed of them and then finally it looked like a rush of footsteps hounding her.  An instant chill ran down her spine, an unexplained queasiness inside her stomach. Was it some dacoits or highwaymen, trying to waylay her and ruin her? Or was it that black hooded stranger, who had reneged on the agreement to help her? She felt all her courage and temerity evaporate. She stood there rooted to the spot, fear overcoming her and enclosing her like a wrap.
"Arre Mandhira rukh ja. Bagho math. Don't do anything stupid.Main hun na". a familiar voice was booming through the stillness of the night. Saachi slowly turned back and saw Mandira was running as though her whole life depended upon it, closely chased by Rocky Singh and his side kick Chavanni, following him.
'Boy was she so glad to see this sight in her life' Saachi wondered. Like a Mother Durga she stepped forward and stood in front of Mandhira, effectively blocking her further escape. A panting Rocky and Chavanni joined them. When exhaustion subsided and calmness returned, Saachi slowly pried out the reason for this cat and mouse chase.
It seemed after Shravan had won the race, Ranbeer was smitten by Mandhira and vowed to woo her. Mandhira a simple and nave girl fell for his charms and lost herself to him. Now Ranbeer was going back to London, leaving her in lurch. So Mandhira had no option but to run away least bringing a scar and smear to her family.
Saachi reasoned with her and assured them all her family support in uniting Ranbeer with Mandhira. On discovering that Rocky had a cell with him, she was elated. But alas there was no signal in the middle of the jungle. Putting on a brave face, she warded off his enquires as to her presence there. Meanwhile Mandhira, due to the sudden turn of events swooned and fainted. After helping in reviving her, Saachi left them to carry her journey towards civilization and her goal.
The time 3.30AM
Now Saachi felt all alone in her life for the first time after marrying Shravan. How happy she was to receive love and be rediscovered by Shravan. While her legs carried her forward, her thoughts aimlessly wandered to all that happened since her marriage. She savored each and every moment with Shravan, his boyish charms, his dead handsome looks, the crooked smile, his trademark one liners and his ever charming disposition towards her off late. She missed his hugs, kisses and near happenings.
Dreaming and walking without a care, Saachi didn't notice the sound at first. It was like a scuffling of foot against something, as though some someone was dragging something along with self. Saachi once again was paralysed  with fear. This time she thought 'am really done for'. Maybe she was foolish in not sticking with Rocky and venturing out alone.
The noise was getting closer; deafening it was in the silence of the night. Saachi clutched her torch tightly. It was her only weapon and savior. Somehow she collected her last resource of inner grit and mettle and turned around to face her adversary .The closer the figure came towards her, the louder the noise was. Then her flashlight yielded a faint outline of that black clad figure moving its bike along with it.
Saachi now had a closer look at it and got reassured in a small way; but still wary of it. The figure stopped near Saachi. It then gestured to her to hop on its bike. Saachi obeyed diligently. Then suddenly with a roar ,the bike raced through the forest, like an ear piercing rocket lifting off towards the sky. Saachi held to her dear life by holding on to the side bar of the seat.
Who was this figure? Is it Ranbeer or her evil jiju? Why dosen't it utter any word to her? Was it someone she was familiar? How did it know all that happened these few hours? The stranger seemed familiar yet unknown to her. Was it to be trusted or be wary of? Too many questions bogged her mind.
 Adding to her discomfort the bike was ridden by the stranger like a demon possessed. Zipping through muddy tracks, leafy paths and sometime plain grassy ground, Saachi could hardly keep her balance. Suddenly they reached the main road and then it was like a mad rush to that police station where Shravan was incarcerated.
The time 5AM
The bike screeched to skidding halt in front of the outpost cum police station. The time was one of the early morning arousing from the slumber of the previous night. A time when vigilance was slack and sleepy state of tiredness was the norm. The police were no exception.  So hardly anyone heard the squeaking of the tires and the stealthy entry of the black clad figure into the station . The stranger had motioned to Saachi to keep a quiet watch outside while it went inside.
Shravan who was depressed and more worried about Saachi's fate than his, was awakened from his reverie, by the sudden appearance of the stranger. Before he could gather himself, he saw the figure fiddling with the locks and found himself free. Unbelievable but true he was free at last, that too without the police unaware of it. He wanted to shake hands and thank the stranger, but his hurry to meet Saachi at the hotel, made him forget his manners.
He almost collided with her in front of the station and seeing her instantly made him jump with joy and shout "oh teri ki Saachi, sachi mein aazad hun, yeah".The commotion of the lovers uniting did wake up the sleepy police, who suddenly realized they were taken for a ride and their quarry escaped.
The black clad figure meanwhile was silently watching the reunion from the shadows. Now was the time to make a kill. It moved silently behind Saavan, to motion to Saachi about their agreement. Bang! Bang! Two rifle shots were heard, resonating in that whole area. Like in a slow motion, the black clad stranger was crumpling down on the floor and fell in a crooked angle. The bumbling fat cop, in his eagerness to earn browny points had fired.
All hell broke loose. Instead of escaping, Saavan bent down to examine the fallen figure. The police also gather around them. Sharavn slowly eased the figure to a comfortable postion and slowly and gently removed the monkey cap. Lo and behold Saavan got a shock of their life. It was Tara, who was now slowly slipping into unconsciousness. A bewildered and speechless Saavan on enquiring, found that she was still obsessed about Shravan and had kept tags on on ever since Mumbai trip. Obssession turning towards a demonic mind.
The arrest of him provided the perfect excuse to separate him from Saachi and so she planned and made an agreement. She would help in releasing him, but in return Saachi had to forgo him forever. But fate had decided otherwise and now here she was injured gravely by that bumbling cop's bullet. A wry smile spread on her face and knowing fully, well that Saavan was a Jodi made in heaven and even GOD couldn't separate  them. She wished them well and breathed her last.
The time 8Am
The confusion and misunderstandings was clarified. The family was present and all procedures completed. Saavan was now free and learnt their lessons. This time they were sent for their real honey moon to Goa, far away from Mussorrie, least they land into trouble once again. Saavan   prayed to Ram Ji for helping them, in the form of a mysterious stranger-Tara.  Saavan  rode on Shravan's bike towards a new beginning. A new day marking the glorious and wonderful years ahead.

 Story #4

Scenario: After SaaVan leave Mumbai, they are at the dhaba having dinner. Sanchi is wondering whether she should tell Shravan about what she has been doing all along during HM.

'Saachi, I know you don't feel like eating, but it's a long night ahead and we're stuck here until morning, so please''  Shravan tore half his paratha and gave it to her.

Saachi looked at Shravan, gave him a half-hearted smile and took the piece of bread. 'Thanks', she said.  She ate it, even though her brain didn't register any taste.  Her mind was preoccupied with other matters.  They were stuck here at this dhaba for the night ' together.  The previous night they were together and had awoken in a compromising position, naked, in the same bed.

She felt very guilty about the whole affair.  Saachi had duped Shravan on some level, however slight, even though they were equally drunk.  Even worse, for all his faults, Shravan was never a liar or a cheat.  He had immediately told Tara about the infidelity.  Tara had ended it with him with a slap, a slap that Saachi had witnessed hidden in the corner, but still felt the sting of as well.  She, on the other hand, was keeping something quite significant from him.  If Saachi was going to have any future with Shravan, she was going to have to tell him about the formulas.

'Saaachi, where are you?' Shravan asked, waving his hand in front of her face, 'Where have you gone?'

Saachi snapped out of her thoughts, 'Did you say something Shravanji?'

'Are you done eating?'

Saachi nodded yes. 'Okay then, I am just going to wash up but before that I have to tell you something important Saachi.'  Shravan leaned in and let out a massive burp in her ear. 'I am full.' he chuckled, 'Come on, Saachi, lighten up!', he said.  Saachi suppressed a grin and murmured 'gandha' looking up at her husband.  Shravan smiled and went off to the washroom.

While sitting at the bench alone, Saachi thought that Shravan had so much trust and faith in her, this was going to be extraordinarily difficult.  When Shravan came back, the dhaba manager came and escorted both of them to the only accommodations left.

A fire crackled in between two cots under a make shift gazebo.  The roof was patched together with a wide range of leaves and the whole structure was held together by some sturdy rustic poles.  The area provided great privacy.  In the middle of the dense forest, it was a beautiful quiet night.  Fireflies flickered, the stars were out and the moonlight made everything effervescent.

'Mr. and Mrs. Jaiswal, we will come get you for breakfast.'

'Thank you.', said Shravan.  As the manager walked away, Shravan motioned for Saachi to take one of the cots.

'It's going to be a long day of travel.  You should get some rest.  Good night.'

'Good night Shravanji.'

Saachi lay back and looked up through the gaps in the roof.  The night was silent except for the sound of her mind racing with the things left unsaid.  She took a deep breath and sat up.



'Are you awake?'

'No Saachi, I am talking in my sleep.'

'Shravanji please, I have to tell you something.  It is important.'

'Can't it wait until morning?'

'No Shravanji, it can't.'

'Okay, I'm up and I'm listening.'

Shravan sat up and looked straight at Saachi waiting for her to start.  Why does he have to look at me like that? thought Saachi.  He trusts me so much; he has no idea what I am going to say.  Courage Saachi, it is the right thing.

'Shravanji, you were not the only one who has been a cheater.  I have been dishonest with you.'

'What are you talking about Saachi?  What we did, there was no dishonesty.  We were drunk and things got out of hand, it shouldn't have happened, but there was no dishonesty.  It is awkward, but we will work to get past that.'

'No Shravanji, I wish it were that simple, but I am happy to hear that you are willing to work to get past it.  That gives me some hope.'

'I was dishonest.  When I saw Tara come to Mumbai and then I heard that you were prepared to leave your family for her, I don't know what happened Shravanji, I felt such desperation and helplessness.  I felt that someone ripped out my heart and a lead ball was in the pit of my stomach.  I couldn't believe you could just forsake everything and everyone just like that.'

Tears welled up in her eyes.  She looked up to see how he was handling the information so far.  He knew something more was coming.  His expression had turned cautious.

'I told everything to Kashmeeraji and she told me about some formulas to try on you, so that eventually you would leave Tara.  I tried them and they worked.'

'What!  How could you Saachi?  What are these formulas ' you did these formulas so I would end up sleeping with you!!  You are disgusting!'

'No no Shravanji', Saachi sobbed, 'It was not for that!!  I would never do that.  Please, you know me at least that much to know that I would never stoop that low.'

'The first formula was to become your friend, which wasn't hard, since I already knew you so well.  The second was to ignore you so you realize my importance in your life.'

'You are not that important in my life Saachi and quite frankly, right now, I am disgusted that you are in it.'

His words pricked her but she was not going to take any more.  Something snapped in Saachi and she decided that enough was enough, no more pretenses. 

'EXCUSE ME Shravanji, I am not that important in your life?  Achha?  Is that why you were looking for me constantly while with Tara or you were asking me to spend the day with you when your so called 'love of your life' Tara had no time for you?   Or why is it that you shared things with me that you could not share with her ' is it because I am not important?  Think Shravanji, why ' why did you keep coming to me?  The third formula was to raise jealousy in you, so I pretended to be in love with Pappuji.  If I was not important to you, why did you come and interrupt my date with Pappuji?  You were jealous Shravanji and it wasn't because you were just looking out for me or else you would have followed Tara when she left.  You saw her leave but you stayed with me!'

Shravan was caught off guard and visibly shaken, 'Jealousy of Pappu'with you'don't be stupid.  I didn't feel anything and I can't believe you did this to me, despite everything I overlooked for you.'

'What do you mean?'

'We made an agreement Saachi.  You would not make my family love you, you would not behave as my wife'we would not love each other.  But you broke every one of those Saachi.  You not only act as my wife, you have made room in all of my family's heart for you and you have fallen in love with me ' did you think I didn't notice.  You have done all of this.  I didn't say anything and in return, you do THIS!!'

Saachi felt her blood starting to boil.  She had suppressed her feelings about Shravan for so long and this was too much for her to bear.  The flood gates opened.  Saachi stood up and walked over to Shravan's cot and stood right in front of him.  The fire casted a lovely glow on her face, the intensity of which was matched by the glow in her eyes.

'I am the only one who broke the agreement, na?  How convenient for you to blame me.'  She leaned in over him, her face just a few inches from his. 'I am the one who asks for and expects tea every morning, I am the one who expects clothes laid out every day, I am the one who expects to see you last thing before going to sleep and first thing when I wake up.  Only I am the one who does this natak in front of Dadi to keep her from getting hurt and only I am the one who smiles when the family appreciates our relationship.  It is only me!  You LIE Shravanji, not only to me, but to yourself!'

'Saachi, you'.'

 'Bas Shravanji, I am going to finish and do not interrupt me.'

'I have watched you for the last few months.  You have become extremely comfortable with me and I with you.  That is why we so easily became best friends here and why the sting of me ignoring felt so bad.  You don't want to admit any relationship with me, but you will hear it now.  You will not say that you were jealous, but to every single one in that disco, you were.  It was on your face the way you hated Pappu, the way he touched my hand, the way you came between us and the way you let Tara go off by herself.  Jealousy only exists where there is a RELATIONSHIP Shravanji, where there are feelings, where there is a connection.  Rishta hai Shravanji ' how long are you going to fight it?  I admit it, I have feelings for you.  Happy now?  I can admit it to you and to myself.  I did these things because I care so much about you and yes, I was jealous.  Jealous that you would give Tara the affection that I craved so desperately. '

'Why can't you just admit you have some place in your heart for me?' she asked placing her hand on his chest. 'We can move on from there, with a clean slate, if you would say it just once.'  Saachi felt a burden lift.  Speaking her heart felt so good.

He grabbed her hand 'Saachi, I, I do not feel' how could I, how could you'', his words were failing him and he could not look in her eyes, but he did not let her hand go.

'Fine.  Lie to me, to yourself.  But we are not doing this natak Shravanji.  Go back to your house and tell your family we are not husband and wife.  I am going off by myself.  I am not going to pretend anymore that I don't have feelings for you for your sake and I am not going to pretend to your family that we have a relationship for their sake.  It's lies all around.  I am leaving.'  Saachi wrenched her hand out of his hand and turned to go, 'I will give you what you have wanted.  You already know, I have fallen for you, I broke a clause ' the contract is null and void.  I am out of your life.  I don't want your money; I don't want your pity or sense of duty.  I only wanted you.  Burn the contract when you get home ' you are free.  Good bye.'

Saachi started walking away.  She would go back to the dhaba and wait on the benches there for morning.  She wiped away the remains of her tears on her cheeks.  At the edge of the gazebo, Shravan caught hold of her arm, spun her around and pinned her back against a post.  Saachi should have been scared but wasn't.  She could see in his eyes, he was not going to hurt her.  There was something new in his eyes, the way he looked at her.

'No.  Saachi don't leave me. Mat jao.' his voice cracked.

'I am not your responsibility anymore Shravanji.  I never was or wanted to be.  Your family will survive even after you tell them.'   She spoke to him, lips trembling.  It killed her to be this close to him.

'No Saachi, this is not about my family.  This is not about responsibility.  This is about you leaving me.  I'I don't want you to go.' His eyes were pleading.  He relaxed his grip on her but they didn't move.  Their faces were inches apart.

'Shravanji, I can only stay if there is a relationship for me to go to.  We share something between us and I won't deny''  Shravan put a finger on her lips.  Saachi looked at him with wide eyes.  A tear rolled down her cheek.

'Shhh, Saachi.  I know, I know.  I will not lose you.  You will not walk out on me and I will not watch you go.  I honestly, I am so confused.  This is nothing like I felt with Tara.  It's new and I don't realize or couldn't realize''  He spoke looking into her eyes and she recognized the raw feelings he was feeling.  Shravan touched her cheek, 'All I know is that Tara walked out of my life and I felt nothing. Then you turned to go and I became desperate to stop you.' he whispered into her ear.

He leaned in close to her.  They felt each other's warm breath.  Saachi was feeling weak kneed as Shravan wiped away her tears. 'Rishta hai Saachi', he said as he wrapped his strong arms around her and swept her in.  Saachi buried her face deep within his chest.  It felt like home.

 Story #5

Scenario: After SaaVan leave Mumbai, they are at the dhaba having dinner. Sanchi is wondering whether she should tell Shravan about what she has been doing all along during HM.

Sometimes fairy tales do come true'

A Fairy story that never was'.

Woh kehte hain na jo hota hai acche ke liye hota  hai

Galat kehte hain'''


I have always believed in fairy tales , my life has till now has been like the rough part of the fairy tale. I was an only child of my parents who died in a car crash when I was five, I was taken care of by my uncle.


I won't say that I was mistreated but I was different not a part of the family an guest. The belonginess was not there.

I tried to make my aunty and uncle happy, yet there were always tensions surrounding me .

I was a burden and treated as one too

Yet I lived on in hope that one day my fairy story will also come true when a handsome man on a white horse will sweep me off my feet.I'll also have my happily ever after

And that happened

Shravanji came into my life , he just came one day and then everything changed .

I didn't know when and how everything changed for me .

My life's canvas which was colorless till now changed suddenly to be surged with colors , as lively as a dancing rainbow in the sweet sunshine after the rain.

I was happy very happy , my life was changing.

Then came the dark day I will never forget what it felt like to be told by the man of your dreams that he loves someone else.

I cried like never before

But it never compares to feel what I am feeling now .

Yes I am sitting beside the man of my dream , my Shravanji yet I know for sure that I am as far away from his thoughts as something can possibly be.

I am his wife his betrothed yet I am not the person he wants to spend his life and whats more I am the person , the sole reason because of which he is as far away as he can be from the love of his life.


How can I take this , me I know how it feels like when you are told by the person for whom you care most  that she is not loved at all.

I can actually understand what Shravanji is going through and I can but curse myself .


This silent agony is worse than what I had gone through when Shravanji revealed to me that he didn't love me. Its worse than taking those seven vows of not to love or care for him when I already did. Its worse than seeing him dance with some one else. Its worse than being left alone in the discotheque in front of all strangers.

Its worse than all the lies I have told to everyone in past month to keep this fake marriage alive.

No there are no fairy stories only its real life , the real life when there is no one who cares for me , a real life where In my bid to get close to Shravnji I have gone as far I can go.

I am sitting beside him in a dhaba  returning from our so called honeymoon which if in any words I can describe is a fiasco

We are returning to our home to Shravanji's family but carrying the burden of the knowledge that now nothing will ever remain the same


And I am carrying a extra guilt with me, I am responsible for everything , I tried to win Shravanji's love and almost succeeded but in that process I have caused Shravanji to loose Tara the girl he loved

And I can't see the pain he is not expressing and yet his eyes they are overflowing with the pain.

How could I do that to him. I'll have to tell him the whole truth

the whole plan of what all I did just to get him back .

but he was never mine , he loved only Tara ,Kashmeera was wrong , it was Tara and Shravan's story and I came in between them and now I have to tell the worst truth of my life and bear the consequences of my love .

will Shravanji start hating me?


Shravan and Sanchi were eating and Sanchi was reliving every moment of the honeymoon

what was Shravanji thinking

I have lost Tara , how could I do what I did. I loved Tara, and yet I did what I did with Sanchi

I have lost Tara. And Sanchi she has lost Pappu. What must she be feeling now.she is sitting beside me and yet so far away . we have been friends , I have enjoyed myself so much with her and yet she is not beside me she is also lost to me

How can I forget or forgive what I did to her

She was my responsibility and I had taken those vows and yet I broke everyone of them

Why did that happen ? why did Sanchi's closeness to Pappu affect me '

Whatever happened that night why is it so close to my heart when it should be repugnant to me.

Yet I want to be near Sanchi, I want to offer her my shoulder , somehow I feel that in this world she is the only person who can understand me. She should after what all she has also lost Pappu like I lost Tara.

What is to become of us. This contract marriage .?

What is she thinking those big eyes of her are so faraway lost

She is eating and yet not tasting the food.

I want to shake her and ask why did this happen to us and yet as the same time I want to hug her as if I can never let her go.

Why such conflicting emotions '.what is Sanchi to me?

They both had eaten and got up to the gazebo where the fire was lighted up

They both sat at opposite sides of fire on opposite charpoys

Both thinking their thoughts staring at the fire when Shravan notices Sanchi cuddling herself .

He got up and covered her up with the jacket he was wearing

They both sit there thinking .


Sanchi' s thought

He is so good, he will never forgive me what I did to him, oh why did I go and play those tricks with him.i loved him and I will always do and yet I will put all those feelings at stake and tell him the truth , he has covered me with his jacket and maybe after listening to the truth he may never want me near him.

But I'll do that maybe that's the apt punishment I should get for what I did

Sanchi you should realize that fairy tales exist only in books they never exist in real life , and this is real life and yet you played with the emotions of a real human being all because you wanted to have a real life fairy story '''''shame on yourself


Shravan's thought

Will Sanchi forgive me?what will happen , will she ever talk to me, will she ever again come close to me

What am I thinking, why do I care so much that she is not looking at me .why do I care that even though she is sitting just few feets away from me yet I feel she is as far as a life time away from me.

Will I loose her too as I lost Tara.why does the thought of loosing Sanchi hurt me more than I can bear

I fear each second what will she say when she speaks .yet I can't bear this awful silence between us

With Sanchi I have never been quiet , I was always able to speak what I felt needed or wanted and yet today I don't have any words

How can I forget those two lovely days I spent with her . I have never enjoyed myself so much as I ahd done with Sanchi that day. Will all those memories will be tainted with what happened between us that night'''

Sanchi at this time got up with firm resolve that she had to tell Shravan ji everything

And she came towards Shravan standing few feet away from him .

Shravan looked at her and got up to and before he could say anything Sanchi started speaking

Sanchi: Shravanji , I need to tell you something ,all that happened between us that night and all thorough these vacation , it was not coincidence , it was all planned . it was a trick I played on you

I was instructed by Kashmeeraji  that first day you told me you will divorce me as soon as this vacation ends.

I was to become your best friend so I did that I helped you plan that date with Tara , I went along everything you said , we came closer and then the second stage of the plan in which I had to ignore you and I did it, Ignored you and that made you run after me .

The third part of plan was of Pappu ,Pappu is Kashmeeraji's brother. He calls me also didi

He was instructed by Kashmeeraji to play my boyfriend in actuality he is not.

It was a plan to make you jealous and that what happened. That night in the bar when you were threatening to hurt Pappuji ..

Shravan :STOP IT STOP IT what the hell are you talking about' you you what kind of girl are you Sanchi !!!!

You made such plan to make me sleep with you?

You are responsible that this all happened it was all a trick'you never were a friend for me?


Sanchi raised her eyes tearfully and said , Kashmeeraji gave me two more rules to follow but I don't want to , I never wanted to hurt you, It was just a joke(she brought those two pages which Pappu gave to her when leaving Mumbai)

Shravan snatched those pages and clutched them in his hand

Shravan: what did you do, rules you tried to seduce me ??why

You are what I don't know I can't make up my mind go away before I hit you.

Saying this he turned away.

Sanchi went and made him turn towards her

Sanchi: you are asking what kind of girl I am I did what I did because of you , for your family. What kind of person are you, for Tara you were ready to forget your whole family, she was trying to buy you with 25lakhs and you agreed? For all the love your family had for you , you priced it at 25 lakhs?

Shravan: who are you to think of my family, you had no right to come between me Tara and my family. This was a contract marriage. Why Sanchi had you fallen in love with me


Sanchi looked at Shravan and ran away ''..

Shravan turned away and sat down at the charpoy not able to believe what just happened

Shravan thinking

Sharavan: it was all a trick , all those moments between us were a trick '.there was no meaning in them, I felt as if all my life I was waiting for those few moments and it all turned into a trick

Sanchi played tricks on me she made me and now those moments don't have any preciousness any feelings behind them and yet they meant the world to me

Sanchi's feelings and thoughts as she ran away

He thinks I made him sleep with me'how could he , how could he ask whether I loved him or not does he not see in my eyes. How could he not see that I loved him since the beginning

How can he not see what I felt

How could he blame me what happened between us that night

We both were drunk

How can he turn blind to those moments between us.

Doesn't he remember that he said I love you to me

They didn't mean anything to him?

I can never return to him. This marriage was a false and I think it should end now.

Thinking like this Sanchi walked on not knowing what and where she was going


Meanwhile Shravan was sitting on charpoy ..

He looked at the papers  he had in his hand

He opened it

They were like a letter

They were a letter from Kashmeera to Sanchi

Dear Sanchi

I don't know whether you'll ever open these or not but I hope when you read this you and Shravan are happy together forever after

I saw you that first day you liked  a small kid a small girl whose all dreams were lighted in her eyes

You touched my heart in those few moments in your enthusiasm

They way you looked at Shravan with so much love and trust in your eyes.I have often wondered whether Shravan should have his eyes checked as he couldn't see the love In your eyes

And then I saw you that night with tears , alone in an pool of isolation loosing all hope

I had to come and tell you the rules

The rules which I am sure you felt guilty using but in your desperation to win Shravan's heart you were ready to use. But dear why should there be guilt in getting what is already yours. Yes Shravan is yours not because he is married to you but because he is meant for you as you are meant for him

Sanchi those rules which I told you they would not have mattered at all if Shravan had loved Tara at all

Because love knows no rules. If Shravan had really loved Tara nothing would have caused them to be apart from each other and yet Shravan married you , he was there with you.

Sanchi , Shravan was yours because he felt jealous when he saw you with Pappu.

Pappu told me about the bar scene . Shravan has loved you all along , he just doesn't realize as you were with him all along and as soon as he saw you going away with Pappu he felt bad .

Sanchi all I can say is that what is meant to be will happen , and you and Shravan were meant to happen not because you had these rules but because you two belong together and I saw no harm in letting Shravan realize it through these rules

Why was he angry at Pappu, why did he pronounce himself as your husband in front of the whole set of people, why is he always so protective of you'why did he push himself and  Tara into the pool rather than seeing you make a dive

Why is he always free to express himself in front of you

Most certainly a question why didn't he ever fought with Tara before , why that fight erupted when it did?

He should ask himself that why he so easily agreed to marry you

Why if he dreams you enter his dreams ..i am sure dear  you do

These questions should make Shravan realize something about his feelings for you

Why does he feel alone when you are not around

And most importantly does he want to spend a life wearing a mask around Tara or be loved by you as he is ..

I hope by the time you read this letter if you ever do you must have sorted all this out

I hope you and Shravan always remain together and the light I saw in those eyes will always remain as bright as ever.

Now for the last two rule

Always be honest with your feeling, if you feel you ought to tell this all to Shravan you should

Let him go free if you will , because love should be free, it returns to the person with whom it can be free, and dear Shravan if ever goes away from you will always return because he is what he is only with you

Turn the last last page for the last rule

Yours Kashmeera baba


Shravan looked up from the letter not believing anything what he had read

Those questions were true every one of it

Why did he feel jealous of Pappu with Sanchi

Why he wanted to be Sanchi

Why her silence and her absence bothered him

Why each moment spent with her was memorable

Why each moment he spent with her he wanted that moment to last an eternity

Why why why all those questions and no answers

And what did Kashmeera say about his being always in love with Sanchi how could that be and yet he had had dreams about Sanchi'

Why was he more concerned that day with Sanchi not going into pool

He was not happy when she danced with that guy and had hurt Tara as he stepped on her toes

Why had he agreed so readily to marry her. He had left the house for Tara right and yet the moment Sanchi asked to marry him he had agreed .

All those meeting before he even knew her what did they mean'

As Shravan was reliving all the moments he had spent with Sanchi the driver came

Driver: sir the car is ready lets go

After a moment

Driver :SIR?

Shravan: yes lets go '

Driver: where is madam sir?

Shravan looked around and for the first time realized that Sanchi was not with him he kinda panicked and then looked at the driver and told him to go and wait in the car

Shravan looked around and went around asking people where was Sanchi his wife

He went ahead looking for her and some distance later found his jacket which he had just given her

He felt relieved and worried , relieved that he was on the right track and worried because without the jacket the night will be cold

As he walked ahead he could see next to nothing and as he walked ahead he could almost hear his heart thudding loudly , he was fearful Sanchi

Sanchi where are you he kept on asking himself , hoping his heart would answer.

OH WHY did I say those things''..that night didn't happen just because of her I was equally to blame

How could I even think of Sanchi like that.

Off where is she'

At this juncture he notices a small temple in front of him few hundred metres away.

He goes there hoping against hope that he 'll find his Sanchi there

Sanchi in the meanwhile had reached the temple long back and was sitting contemplating her next step .

She looked at God and with her eyes asked a question to the Lord , why didn't her fairy tale come true?

She who had imagined to be a snow white was actually cast as an evil witch , she was like the stepmom to the Cinderella and yet she had never wanted that

All she wanted was to have her happily ever after a happy ending'

She heard a voice outside.

Shravan as he neared the temple shouted SANCHI SANCHI SANCHI

Sanchi heard her name being called out and something in her snapped and she threw  all cautions to the wind and ran out

She saw shravan in a distance and she stopped in the middle of the road .shravan also saw her and stopped .

Then suddenly both started running towards each other .

Suddenly a bike came from a turn and before the driver could notice anything he had run into Sanchi

The time stopped for shravan all he could he see Sanchi being in the collision path with the bike and he yelled Sanchi, this only diverted her attention , she couldn't move in time and the bike was on her

Sanchi didn't feel or see anything except eyes of her shravanji and then the absolute blackness .

Shravan reached Sanchi and was horrified to find her on the road and bleeding .

At hospital

Shravan sat outside a door. He was alone

And today he understood what it meant to be alone, absolutely alone.

It was a scary feeling

There was no Sanchi to save him , there was no dadi to turn for comfort

He was absolutely alone facing a guilt of a lifetime

If only he hadn't said those words to Sanchi

If only he had shouted at he in time for her to move

If only he had found her earlier

If only had he thought all his feelings through

If only''''..

So many ifs and yet nothing. Because try as he may he could never turn his life back an hour ago.

He went and stood in front of the idol pleading that he may be able to change his life for a few hours anything anything to turn back time

Anything to save Sanchi from that accident

He was alone , his family would reach in few hours .

Those hours were the longest in his life.


The doctor came out and looked at Shravan he came forward , Shravan looked at doctor and the doctor shook his head towards the door

Without saying a word Shravan walked towards the door . each step he took was like a heartbeat only ever so late . it was a step towards his maturity

With each step he firmed his resolve and with each step his feelings were more clear to him

And he had all his answers with each step

6 months later

I wake up early just so I can see her sleeping peacefully beside me and never with anyone I can share the agony I went through those few hours all alone in hospital not knowing whether I 'll ever see her breathe again.

I love to see her curled up beside me with her head resting on my shoulder it's a blessed feeling.

I have understood what love means , it means being myself with a person who accepts me as I am and who I am, who loves me because I am imperfect.

I love Sanchi and she loves me is the biggest truth of my life and I realized that when I came close to loosing her and yet I was given another chance and I hope this another chance lasts me forever and ever.


I have a question do fairy tales ever come true?

 No they do not

Because fairytales are not for real life . There is no the end.

 Because real life only has "happily ever after"

You see its because love stories never end , they just have a new beginning every day for the rest of the life for the two people in love.

YES I Sanchi have my happily ever after

Because everyday I wake up and see my husband Shravanji looking at me sleeping . he smiles and lights up my day.

That day when I first questioned my belief in the happy ending, I found a new beginning .

Woh kehte hain na jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai'

Sahi kehte hain'

 Story #6

Scenario: Sanchi faints during Karva Chauth and the family claims she is pregnant.

Is it or is it not!!

The Karva chauth was well on its way. The poojas over , the ladies danced and there was an excited anticipation of the moon to appear, so that they could break their fast.  At last the moon came the wives saw their respective husbands face across the sieve.

Saachi who had told Shravan that she will not drink water from his hand, was feeling uneasy all of a sudden. Looking at her husband's face brought about a myriad of emotions on her face. Unable to face him any longer she just fainted.

The family of Jaiswals and Sharmas gathered round her. There was a general feeling and consensus that, she may be pregnant. While the news was welcomed and enjoyed by all, Shravan was hit by it, like a bulldozer.

Thudd.  He fell on the floor, swooned and knocked out, due to the enormity of the news. All the family members gathered around him. He was revived slowly and taken to his room. The doctor was called for checking both the husband and the wife.
He examined them and dropped a bombshell. Saachi was not pregnant, but Shravan was. But how is this possible? Have you gone mad? How can such a thing ever happen? God has not created Man to bear a child. This is ridiculous.

You may all ask me and wonder whether the screws of  my brain has got unhinged.  Well, be patient and read on.

Shravan slowly regained his consciousness. A very concerned Saachi and an equally worried family was all looking at him. It seemed they were seeing an Alien and that too in their midst. There were smirks and easy smiles; Indulgence and disbelief on their faces

"Shravan", 'ahem ahem' Pratap cleared his throat and slightly hugging him said, "Beta jo mein bolunga, usko kaan kholkar sunlo. Himmat aur dirag rako. Never in the history of mankind this had happened. Am really proud and happy for you, son".
Shravan already bewildered by seeing all surrounding him like moth flies was even more confused and baffled by Pratap's words. An already muddled brain of his was working overtime to reason the looks and glances all were showering on him.
"Beta, wait let Saachi hold your hands least anything happens. Okay now Son you have been singularly and uniquely honored with the blessing of bringing into this world the next santhan of this Jaiswal Kandhan". 
Shravan, his head slightly tilted, looked at him blankly, unblinking and open mouthed, not understanding a word of what was said. Normally he always needs to be repeated for any important news or instructions to get across his   mind. Now his dimag ki batti was totally switched off and neither was his ganti ringing inside him.
Saachi gathered all her wits and simply slapped his cheeks gently. That got his attention. With a moon faced smile on his face, he saw her and gave a big smile. "Sharavn ji, please listen. You are pregnant with our baby" she said
With shocked  eyes and head rolling side to side once again Shravan fainted, the news too much to bear. After much effort, he was revived again. This time he was slowly briefed about this unusual, unheard of happening. Reluctantly  
Shravan accepted his blessed status and started warming up to the idea of giving birth to a baby.
"Saachi patha hai , I will be the world first father and mother of baby together. Oh teri ki. Kithna blessed and chosen   hun mein. Aur thum, you will be the father or mother right. Oh this is all confusing and giving me chakkars. Waise morning sickness kithne din  thak chalega aur kya kya kartna hai, usko mittane keliye?" he was pestering Saachi, who was equally clueless and bewildered by all that was happening
Day in and day out Shravan bombarded his Dadhi and Nanni, with questions, on how to prepare himself to face the pregnancy and labour. Shaking her head and muttering 'jaan jaye par lachan na jaye', Nanni grudgingly helped him by making choorans and ayurvedic pastes. Dadhi for her part along with Madhura cooked all his favourite dishes, including Aaloo paratha and aaloo  ki subzis.
Pratap was estatic and commenting to all and sundry, that his beta had become layak and was carrying a heavy responsibility and burden (literally inside his stomach). Naanu for his part was praying to ram ji daily that nothing untoward should happen. Savrav and Rajat were slightly jealous of this unique state of Shravan. Nidhi was guiding and helping him with tips and tidbits of preganacy and childhood, while Neetha did the shopping for large oversized flannels and Tees. Mama and Mami were simply watching helplessly at all this, gritting their teeth and face contorted in all shapes.
Saachi for her part was undergoing an emotional upheaval of sorts. She felt cheated that it was Shravan who was pregnant and not her. Happy that it was making Shravan responsible and grown up (rather growing up in size), she was torn between jealousiness and ecstacy alternating ,every other day. It was taking a huge toll on her; being a mother to Shravan and a father-mother to their unborn baby.
The Godh barai function was done for Shravan..He was basking in all the attention he got. Bunty and Viren danced a special song for the occasion, bringing smiles on everyone. Shravan with his protruding belly, angelic face and cheerful dispositon was a picture of perfect handsome hunk, radiating the beauty and glory of pregnancy
Time flew by.  The nine months completed. Shravan would deliver anytime now. All was set and in a readided state. The day dawned and Shravan was taken into the labour room.  The whole family was anxiously pacing up and down the corridor. Prayers and vows said to GOD.
Then came the ear piercing scream.  Shravan calling out to Saachi, confessing his love and heart. All were worried and happy, that Shravan indeed loved Saachi to the core. But what happened inside?
Shravan felt water everywhere, on his face on his body and around him. "Oh my water broke, my water broke, do something about it".. He was tossing and turning, half unconscious half awake. He felt some hands restraining him. "Oh my baby, have I delivered? Is it a boy or a girl? Tell me Saachiii. Where are you?"
He felt somebody giving him a resounding slap on his cheek. Slowly he opened his eyes and saw that his whole family was gathered in his room, around his bed. Saachi was having a jug of water in her hand and giving him a really terrified look.
For that matter his whole family was giving him concerned and odd looks.

What was happening? Was he nor pregnant and going into labour? How come he was still in his room? He looked slowly across his body and found it to be flat. A great relief swept through him. Oh then all was only a dream! THANK GOD!

Later much later, when he was completely satisfied and glad that all that happened was only a dream, he sat with Saachi on the bed and narrated all that to her. There was laughter and fun ringing and resonant inside that room.
Saavan looked into each other's eyes and read the signals loud and clear. Now time for some action and definetely , agar kuch hua toh Saachi will be the one to get pregnant and not Shravan. Thank God for dreams; Is it or is it not!!!!

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-Jahnvi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Siggy Making Entries

You can only vote for ONE entry
for each category.

1. Most Creative Siggy
2. Most suitable text
3. Best Edited Siggy

Siggy #1:

Siggy #2:

Siggy #3:


Siggy #4:

Siggy #5:

Siggy #6:

Siggy #7:

Siggy #8:


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-Jahnvi- IF-Sizzlerz

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__ || Captions Contest || __

You can only vote for ONE caption
per picture.

Picture 1: (#)
Picture 2: (#)
Picture 3: (#)

picture 1:

Caption 1: Saachi, jal se jal katam kar aloo ko mau mein, shravanji dekhege tho aur mangege..aur ab tujhme itni sahan sakti nahin hai ki tu aur de sake! Jaldi se katam kar!!!

Caption 2:"Hooo shravanji ne padh maari" Ohhh shravanji farted!!!!!!!!!

Caption 3: Baap re shravan ji,humari hui ki nahi situation forum ki har discussions mein hai..ab hum kissi ki mu dikane ki layak nahi rahe.

Caption 4: Saachi: array baapre!!! Sab logon ke mann mein yahi sawaal-hua ki nahi?? Sharm ki baat tho yeh hai ki shravanji bhi vahi soch rahe hai'

Caption 5: Saachi girl, it's show time.  He's locking the door...bed..check, lighting...check, minty breath...check

Caption 6: Oh My God; How will I tell him that I have lost my appetite for all Aloo dishes

Caption 7: Shravan ji ko sab kuch patha hai? yeh kab aur kaise hua par mujhe nahin?Ouch

Caption 8: How will I tell Shravanji, Tara and Mandira are waiting on the chajja with khakras and belan, to have a go at him ShockedConfusedOuch

picture 2:

Caption 1: Sanchi meri complain mat karo na plzzz nahi toh main rohunga!!!! Plzzz don't make complains against me or I'll cryyy

Caption 2:Sanchi you are busy on phone talk to me or else I'll cry"Sanchi tum mujhe baat karo warna main rho dunga"

Caption 3: ankitaa, mein tumein bahut miss kar raha hoon yaar, ab hum kab ek saat kaam karenge???????

Caption 4: Saachi: Hello'daadi??? Paai laagu'kaisi hai aap???
     Shravan: Cry Cry saachi, daadi ko bolo unke Bittu ko unki bahut yaad aa rahi hai'

Caption 5: Saachi: hello papa'hum dono theek hai'magar ab tak hamare beech kuch hua nahi    Shravan: saachi, hitler se kaho ki unki kitaab ko courier kar de'mujhe kuch madad ki zarurat hai  CryCry

Caption 6: Nahin Doctorji, the ENTIRE gol gappa is stuck up his nose.

Caption 7: I want a bachha now(booohoooCry); Par Shravan ji, agar hua toh bachha hoga naEmbarrassedWink

Caption 8: WaaahhahCry;  Saachi dont tell everyone; Mein Gay nahin hun; Mein woh hun;baaahh ugghhhCry
Caption 9:
I want Aaloo gobhi, aaloo pyaaz, aaloo mutter along with aaloo paratha now;waaahhhCry.
Okay Shravan ji am ordering it now,but will not be responsible for the consequencesEmbarrassedWinkLOL

picture 3:

Caption 1:   *Background music playing:  mere pyaar ka ras zara chakhna oye makna oye makna *

Veerji! Nahin veerji! Aap shravanji ko chuma nahin de sakte! Unka pait tight ho chukka hai aloo aur bengan ki sabzi seh! Ab unko meeta nahin chakna!! Nahin veerji, nahin!!!!!

Caption 2: Mujhe kyun mar rahe ho,Agar cv's ne haraab tracks lika toh mein kya karon, maine hamesha achi performance diya hai, poonch kar dekh kiye  viewers  se.

Caption 3: Oh God Rocky Singh, Pappu was much gentler than this...ahista ahista man!

Caption 4: Tell me? How can you eat all those subzis my behen made?AngryShocked

Caption 5: You have such a lovely and beautiful wife at home; But still want to marry my sister? Soch lo; Kahan beauty aur kahan beast?ShockedWacko

Caption 6: Arre Shravan sunlo bhai..Saachi is not inside the bonnet..Madhira ki kasamShocked


Enjoy everyone!Thumbs Up

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..-Niru-.. Goldie

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Most creative mix


Best edited mix


Best written story


Most unique story told


Best storyline plot


The one you wished had continued


Most creative siggy


Most suitable text


Best edited siggy


Picture #1






Sorry jahnvi !! u see im really bad at arranging n I tot  this wud b easier for me n u ……

Ok so startin wid everythin !! my god !! dis is d longest contest !!4 contests in one !! this cudn get bettr !!

Jahnvi ! u made dis post so awesome ! I jus love d way u started wid *rollin eyes*n comments like tat !

Kudos 2 u for takin so much effort announcing,compiling n conductin d contest !!

N den comin 2 d entries !! I jus loved n enjoyed listenin,watchin,and readin d entries  !!d vms are so beautifully made !! stories ……………!!! I jus cudn help read dem again n again !! all wer jus superb [email protected] one point of time I was in a dilemma 2 choose best amoung dese !! ur stories have made me love saavan even more than I used 2 !!  

D siggies wer fabulous !! I hope even after dis contest d members who hav taken part in dis wud try n cum up wid more ! d text on siggies 2 wer so good !

Captions !!dis section was truly hilarious ! so much so tat my family members tot I was a crack laughin @ d comp !!seriously I never new members had dis talent hidden in dem !

All in all congrats 2 all for takin part in dis comptetion! Ur contributions hav made dis contest even more colourful!!jahnvi  !!how much ever I praise u its less ! I admire ur dedication2 dis forum !

Ok I think tats enuf of my bakwaas ……last sentence …all d best guys !!

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maris08 IF-Rockerz

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Here are my votes. 

1. The most creative mix.---Entry no.3

2. Best Edited mix.---Entry no.2

1)Best Written Story---Entry no.5
2)Most Unique Story Told--Entry no. 5 
3)The one you wished had continued--Entry no. 1
4)Best Storyline Plot--- Entry no. 4
1. Most Creative Siggy--siggy no.5

2. Most suitable text--siggy no.4

3. Best Edited Siggy--siggy no.2
Picture 1: (#)--Caption 3:
Picture 2: (#)--Caption 5:
Picture 3: (#)---Caption 3:

PS..All the entries are indeed fantastic and superb. Hats off to all participants who took time to write, create , post and participateClapClapThumbs Up
May the best entry win and best wishes and congratulations to all participants!!!StarPartyHug


Edited by maris08 - 05 May 2011 at 4:11am

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Mr.Zk Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 7:26am | IP Logged
Best Written Story# 5
Most Unique Story# 5

Most Creative Sig#2
Most Suitable Text#3
Best Edited#7

Picture1#  Caption3
Picture2# caption5
Picture#3 caption2

Edited by ZZkumarZZ - 06 May 2011 at 8:27pm

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