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Maneet OS- The Vampire's Angel Epilogue Page 20 (Page 5)

-eiya- Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 1:42am | IP Logged
vampire nd angle...ek dum masth combination haiDay continue sooon...nd plzzz add me to ur pm list...

maneet-56 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged
when r u updating next?
Maaneet4eve IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 6:43am | IP Logged
When are u updating next?????? It is really interesting
JayaR IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 8:33am | IP Logged
wow...what an OS??? Geet an Angel and Maan a Vampire??

lalitha.. Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
amazing os.maan vampire & geet is angel...nice concept...
DASTAK.. Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 11:43am | IP Logged
ur bck wit new os.. wz waiting 4 it.
congo 4 new os...
lovd it...
cont soon
Desigirl144 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 5:42pm | IP Logged

Part 2
(Humari Mulakaat, Aur Aapki Barbaadi)

Geet looked shocked for a second and she regained her balance and she slowly looked up at the man who caught her from falling.

Geet looked at him closely, his M shaped lips and chocolate brown eyes and a perfect jawline. His expression was stern and concentrated... His complexion was not too light and not too dark.
On the other hand, Maan looked at Geet... her angelic hazel eyes and rosy pink lips was a definition of perfect... Her scent driving him crazy in the inside and awakening his senses. Her observant eyes were looking at him calmly and it felt like time froze...

From the background, Geet could hear the giggles and whispers of the students who were passing by.

" EYY DEKH PINKY.." whispered Arohi as she saw the clear bollywood moment between Maan and Geet. Pinky dropped her bag of chocolates and her mouth flew wide open! Arjun had that stupid grin of his and Lucky was just singing, " Bahon ke darmiyyyaaan..."

Geet heard the whispers around her and she only looked at him and she smiled, " Uhm... can you..."

Maan snapped out of it and he looked around and he narrowed his eyes. Geet pulled herself up with the help of Maan... and she felt his hand... it was cold... cold as ice...

Maan felt her warm hand... comforting and soft... he had never felt like that before... ever... because vampires don't have hearts... they live dead and heartless. Doomed creatures that roam around the earth looking for preys to satisfy their thirst.

Geet looked around with a little bit of embarassment and she said, " Thankyou" Maan didn't say a word to her... he just turned around and went into the professors lounge. Geet smiled and shrugged, " Shy man..."

She was about to go until she stopped and she turned around to face the students who were watching them both very closely. She walked upto them and smiled, " The scene is was my acting?"

She snapped her fingers and then Arohi shook a little and spoke up, " Uh maam.. woh sorry... I didnt.. i mean.. we didn't mean to-"

Geet laughed, " Thats okay... but! what a shame Arjun... you didn't even use one of your pickup lines"

Arjun laughed, " Maam... I'm afraid I can't say those anymore... you already have someone" Geet only frowned a little, " Oh him? no way! he's a collegue..."

" Uh huh" said Arjun. Geet rolled her eyes and smiled and she only ruffled his hair jokingly. Arjun only smiled to himself and he felt like he was in heaven. Geet laughed and she turned around and went into the professors lounge.

" Ehh! Arjun... Geet maam aayi to tum latoo ho gaye un par" joked Arohi. " Arohi... you need to be a dude to understand" grinned Arjun. " Ahh.. NOT interested" commented Pinky.

On the other side, as soon as Geet entered, she felt all eyes upon her... She didn't feel nervous or embarassed. Angels never felt that... She smiled brightly and said, " Good afternoon!"

The professors answered and some shook their head in a hello. Geet looked around and she found Maan sitting alone on one of the high stools that had a black counter. His back was facing her and she thought that she needed to say a proper thankyou to him. It was very gentlemen like to her.

She walked upto Maan and she was about to tap him on the shoulder but she stopped midway and took her hand away. She looked around and then she said, " Um.. excuse me?"

Suddenly, Maan turned around and he looked at her with the same expression. She smiled brightly, " I just wanted to say thankyou to you and I appreciate you being a gentlemen like that"

He only looked at her with the same expression and he didn't say a word. He just turned back around and looked straight ahead. She frowned a little but then he said, " Is that your way to get my attention"

He wasn't facing her and she just looked at him weird but then she as usual answered back calmly, " No... I am not trying to get your attention, please don't take me the wrong way"

" So? What would you like me to say to that?" replied Maan coldly. " Uhm Nothing... by the way, my name is Geet Handa... I teach sociology and I am a guidance counsellor" smiled Geet.

She took out her hand for a handshake. He rolled his eyes and he turned around narrowing his eyes... he looked at her hand, " Is that really necessary?"

" Oh come on! its just a handshake..." replied Geet. Maan just rolled his eyes and shook her hand, " I teach physics and my name is Maan Singh Khurana? now search me up on facebook or twitter... im not on either on of them"

Geet felt his cold hand touch hers and then she suddenly got a bad feeling... She looked at him more closely... his deep chocolate brown eyes showed... blank feelings... no warmth...they only reflected... hate... evil... and arrogance..

She closed her eyes for a split second and then she had a vision. She saw him... same face... same everything... except... he had long, sharp and cunning teeth. His pupils went bright red.

Geet's eyes flew open and she took her hand away. She looked at him... He only frowned at her and he said, " O-kay..."

Geet could not believe it. Maan...  a vampire?! Geet stepped away from him and she looked at her hand... Then she looked at him. Her face went completely blank. She narrowed her eyes at him. " Excuse me" said Geet. Maan only nodded and he turned back and faced the darkness. Geet excused herself from everyone and she went out the door.

She walked fairly fast towards her car and she quickly got in. She breathed hard for a second and she said, " Maan...that Maan... the king of the most powerful vampire clan... What in the heavens is he doing here... I need to contact Meera..."

She turned her car on and she backed out... She quickly went onto the street and drove frantically towards her house. She arrived there in a matter of a couple of minutes and she parked it on the driveway and she got out. She took out her keys from her bag and she went to her door. Geet's hands shook a little and she opened the door... Geet got in and she shut the door behind her... she breathed hard for a second.

She snapped her fingers and then all the blinds went down... she closed her eyes shut and she whispered a prayer.

Then suddenly, she saw Meera and the head angel in front of her. She looked at them with a daze. Meera looked a little worried and she went upto her, " Geet... what happened?"

" Vampire... that professor... he's a vampire... not only a vampire... but the King, Maan Singh Khurana of the most powerful vampire clan.." whispered Geet. The head angel looked at her. " What does he teach?"

" Physics" replied Geet. Meera put her arms around her and she said, " Geet... why did you react like that?"

" It happens... once two different creatures touch eachother and one of them reacts and Geet is an angel, so she has a faster reaction and Maan... he can't feel anything... because he's that heartless..." replied the head angel.

" And Geet is one of the powerful ones Meera, she is not your average angel... and luckily, she has a charm around her which doesn't give anyone a hint on who she is...Maan cannot find out about her identity and who she really is... because theres a strong bind in the charm." said the head angel.

" What should I do?" asked Geet. " Well... Geet you have to pretend that nothing happened and you will keep a close eye on him... some angels will be around the university watching over in case.. and some are in the forest areas watching over" answered the head angel.

Geet nodded and she said, " I will keep eye on him"

" And Geet... he can never harm you... you are more powerful than him, just remember that... and we will all be there if you need us" said the head angel. Geet smiled, " Yeah... thanks!"

" No problem, you should probably head back to the university before the children start missing you again... and especially that Arjun Singh Rathod" smirked the head angel. Geet laughed, " He is quite the flirt... cute and innocent"

" Bye Geet... take care" smiled Meera. Geet nodded and then Meera and the head angel disappeared. She looked around the room... it was dead silent and the tiny sun rays had been shining into the sides of the blinds.

Geet took a deep breath and she smiled, " Its time to have some fun Mr. Khurana" She took off her shoes, " Haye rabba! how do these people keep these on for long!"

She sat on her couch and she collected herself.

A few minutes later, Geet got up and she drove back to the university. It was around 3 o'clock and she had been paged some meetings with students who needed counselling academically.

Geet arrived there at three o clock sharp and she walked towards the elevator. She stood in front of it and pressed the button and the elevator doors opened and she went in. As she walked in, she noticed a tall man... and she only stood beside him.

She pressed the number 14 and she stood there quietly. The man looked at her and he said, " Funny how they don't have the 13th floor" Geet looked at the man. He wasn't old at all... he looked like he was in mid thirties. She smiled, " Because people are so supersticious... its like they don't have trust on a higher being to keep them safe"

The man smiled, " Btw... my name is Armaan... Armaan Malik". He took out his hand and she smiled and shook his hand, " Hi! nice to meet you! my name is Geet Handa"

Armaan smiled, " So are you an student?"

" Do I look that young?" joked Geet. Armaan laughed at her comment and he replied by saying," Yes actually, you can pass for a first year student"

Geet laughed, " No... I'm the new sociology professor and the new guidance counsellor"

"See! I knew it.. you looked way too mature and sophisticated and probably the only female right beside my wife  that wears clothes around here" replied Armaan.

" Oh really? the clothes aren't that bad?" frowned Geet. " Oh trust me... being a Chemistry professor is not a easy job" answered Armaan. " Oh you teach Chemistry?" asked Geet. " Yeah and my wife Shilpa teaches Biology and Pyschology.." smiled Armaan. " Aww! you two work here together! how sweet" smiled Geet.

" We actually met eachothere here" said Armaan. " How absolutely adoringly cute... but can I call you by your name or-" said Geet. " Oh no! please call me by my name... no professor Malik... its too old and ghisa pitta" joked Armaan. Geet laughed, " You are certaintly a very entertaining person"

" Thankyou Geet" smiled Armaan. " Oh sorry... I mean.. well... can I call you by your name?" asked Armaan...

" Whats in a name? of course you can call me by my name!" smiled Geet. Armaan nodded and finally Geet reached her destination and Armaan let her through. Geet smiled and waved. She walked into the top office and she found it to be completely empty...

She frowned and then she asked the front receptionist, " Im the new guidance counsellor... do you know where my cabin is?"

" Oh yeah maam.. over there" answered the receptionist. Geet nodded and she went in and she entered a large room which consisted of a glass desk and a computer with chairs on either sides of the desk.

She walked over and put her bag down. She sat on her chair and she spun around towards the big window behind her... She looked out and it was the typical busy and dusty Delhi roads..Geet scanned the whole area and then she felt something going wrong... She saw an alley...

She looked more closely and then she saw a student and a tall.. and large man... She squinted but then she instantly knew... something was definitely wrong and she needed to see if the person needed help...

Geet looked around and she opened the window. She climbed out of the window and then she was at the edge of the building. She waved her hand slowly and lightly and then she froze time... She went to the edge and then she slightly stepped off of it and she began to slowly descend down...

 Time was frozen because she needed to descend down before anyone saw her. She came down towards the two figures that were frozen. It was a deep and dark alley. She hid behind the other wall...

She closed her eyes and she slowly opened them and then they started to  turn ice blue and then a sort of light over came her. She peered over and saw a vampire was posessing the student and was almost about to bite.

 She stepped in front and then she saw the vampire...the same bright red eyes and long teeth.

The vampire turned their attention towards Geet. The light was blinding them and the student couldn't see Geet... she was invisible to the student. The vampire dropped the student onto the floor and he just looked at Geet with a smirk

As he looked at her, her eyes became white until Geet said, " Step away from the child"

The vampire laughed, " What will you do?"

Geet repeated herself, " Step away from the student..."

" Show me your magical tricks... you should have a magic show angel..." joked the vampire. Geet raised her palm and she turned her hand slowly towards the vampire and then a light appeared and it started to burn the vampire as if hot acid was being poured onto open skin. 

Geet was burning the vampire with her own hands and she only said, " I gave you a clear warning... and you chose to not listen to it..."

The vampire was screaming and yelling in pain. " you freaking fairy!..." yelled the vampire. " Too bad..." replied Geet. Geet increased the light and then the yelling hushed down and she then saw the remaining ashes of the what was left of the vampire... She looked at the student who was still in a sort of trance. She looked around for any more vampires.

Geet closed her eyes for a second and they went back to a icy blue color and she knelt down and then she ran her hands on top of the students face and she whispered, " You won't remember anything..."

The student fell unconscious and Geet stood up...she closed her eyes again and then they went back to her regular hazel...

Geet went away and left the student there. She didn't want to create a rukus, and then behind her appeared Meera who would take care of the student in case any other vampire would come.

Geet only waved from behind her and Meera nodded. Geet disappeared into one of the inner alleys.


Maan went back into his large lecture hall, since he would have the next group of students. He organized his papers and was sitting up front with a laptop that was connected to the projector.

Arohi and Pinky came in a few minutes early before class was about to commence. " Hayeee... Pinkss... dekh yaar..."giggled Arohi. " Shutup.. sun lenge" answered Pinky who could not resist the giggle.

" Mar jawaaan!" screeched Pinky. Arohi smacked her on the arm for her to shutup. Maan looked up at them and he narrowed his eyes, " Girls... are you here for class? or are you hear to giggle and screech?"

Arohi and Pinky went quiet for a second until Arohi broke into a smile, " Nahin sir, we are here for class"

"Then find a seat" snapped Maan. The girls looked at him with a blank expression and they went quietly to one of the seats in the middle row. " Arey yaaar... we need Geet maam to save us from this.. this... professor... jaane kyun professor ban gaya" whispered Arohi.

" Sadu.. khadoos... but he is hot yaar..." said Pinky. " Shutup... note book nikal le warna, he'll bite your head off" replied Arohi.

Maan was looking through his laptop for the slide and then he recieved an text message from a vampire named Chandini. " Master... come quick!"

Maan narrowed his eyes and he said, " I'll be back, tell everyone I'll be a few minutes late"

Arohi and Pinky looked at eachother and they look towards Maan who was  waiting for their answer. " Yes Sir" said Arohi and Pinky together. Maan left his laptop and quickly raced up the stairs.

He was walking straight out of the university and he recieved another text from Chandini, " Come quick! the alley on the side street of the university"

Maan quickly walked to his car and he immediately got in and backed out. He drove furiously... Chandini would never bother him and she was probably the only one he could rely on.

He reached the dark alley and he parked his car on the side... he immediately raced to the alley where Chandini and two other vampires were.

Maan stopped dead in his tracks and saw ashes... a pile of useless grey ashes. " What the hell is this?!" demanded Maan. Chandini shook a little at his tone and she said, " Its Veer... hes dead...hes been killed"


" Angel... I'm guessing an angel killed him... who can burn him that badly? ..." said Chandini. Maan knelt down and he picked up some of the ashes of the dead member of his clan... the ashes burnt his skin and he took it away immediately. He looked at his hand, it seemed like someone dropped acid on his skin...

"  I want to know what angel killed him and what the hell was he doing here near the university?! I told you ALL not to go even near it! DO YOU NOW ALL SEE WHY I SAID IT?" snapped Maan.

" He wanted to have some fun and he left without informing us..." answered Chandini. " Shutup!" snapped Maan. Chandini went quiet and she only looked down.

" This is what happens when you fools don't follow my orders... now I want to know which angel did this... and how they did it! The damage is bad! and now they know we are here!" snapped Maan.

" You know what happened last time Chandini!" said Maan. " Those angels had destroyed everything and now its my turn... they want war... its war now" said Maan as he stood up and ran his hands on top of his burned palm. The burn marks disappeared and he only said, " Keep everyone in the mansion, I will deal with everyone later... for now.. clean this mess up... useless trash"

Chandini nodded and Maan only turned around and disappeared into the side alleys.

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wowww awesomeee
luved ittt
n geet already got 2 knw maan is a vampire

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