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Maneet OS- The Vampire's Angel Epilogue Page 20 (Page 19)

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so Maan is not a evil vampire but an angel vampire...lolz...kya words use kar rahi hun main...

lovely yaar...

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Note: Hi guys! Here is the hopefully awaited epilogue and last last part of this OS LOL Since I love you all and since I love writing... I decided to write a hopefully extra long one for you! Enjoy and Please comment! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it

(Two Destinies, One love)

Geet put her head on Maan's bare chest and Maan held her tight.

"Thankyou for this beautiful night Maan" whispered Geet.

" Thankyou for giving yourself to me Geet... I love you so much" said Maan as he held her even tighter. "Hmmm... its been a long night and look... its morning Mr. Khurana" said Geet...

Geet sat up and she pulled the ivory silk sheets to her and looked to Maan who was still staring at her and smiling.

" Why are you smiling?" asked Geet.

" Because of you" smiled Maan.

" Oh don't be silly... you always knew how to smile Maan... you were never heartless" replied Geet as she ran her hands through his hair. He caught her hand and kissed it... he pulled her towards him, " Don't go"

" I'm not going alone... and its time to go back to the university... we still have jobs there you know" smiled Geet. " Hm.. call in sick" said Maan as he kissed Geet again.

" Baby... its time to go... I don't want to skip" said Geet as she kissed him back breathlessly.

" You sound like a student Geet" joked Maan. " Stooop it Maan... you are so bad... seriuosly..." said Geet as she quickly pulled herself away.

Geet was about to get up and she said, " Wheres my sari?"

Maan smirked and raised an eyebrow.

She turned her head to find Maan with a big grin on his face.

" Sorry... I sort of ripped it apart last night" smirked Maan.

" Oh no! What am I going to wear?!" exclaimed Geet.

" Wrap the sheet around you" instructed Maan as he got up... Geet nodded and she took the silk sheet that was on her side and wrapped it around her like a towel and Maan wrapped a silk sheet that was on his side of the bed and he wrapped it around his bottom half...

Maan led Geet towards a large door and he opened it... Geet peaked through and she saw a large closet area.

Maan pulled her forward and Geet looked in.

She was completely shocked at its sight.

It was a large room that consisted of a dresser, and tons of clothing.

Geet stepped in and she saw so many suits... sari's and western clothing... They were all organized into seperate sections and she walked around and saw one section that was only suits...

Suits of every color you could imagine... churidaars... anarkalis... etc.

And then she walked towards the sari's which were of every color... black.. white... red... blue... pink.. etc...

And then she saw the most gorgeous western clothing... it consisted of knee length dresses, high waisted skirts... casual skirts... casual, semi formal and formal cardigans and blouses.

Maan was leaning at the door just looking at her with a smirk, " I had little time to do what I could..."

" Maan?!" said Geet as she turned around with surprise...

" How did you-" began Geet...

" Maan Singh Khurana can do anything " smiled Maan.

" You are unbelievable" said Geet with one eyebrow up.

" Anyway... you pick whatever you like... and btw... my closet is in that door right there..." smirked Maan.

" I did it so if you ever changed... I would be there" joked Maan.

" Haw! Maan.." blushed Geet.

" Okay.. get ready Professor Geet Singh Khurana" smirked Maan.

" Of course..." winked Geet.

Geet walked to Maan and hugged him, " I love you so much..."

"I love you too" said Maan.

Geet broke out of the hug and she said, " Go get ready Professor..." Maan nodded and he went to his dressing area.

Geet looked around at the wide selection of clothing... " I need something to blow his mind" smirked Geet. She was going to walk to the anarkali's and churidaars until she stopped. She turned around to the western clothing...

" Hmm" thought Geet. She walked over to the western section and she looked at every outfit... she was amazed at the size... it was her perfect size. She was going to pick a cute blouse and a high waisted skirt.

She ran her hands on the outfits and she approached a dress. Geet pulled it out...

It was a beautiful black dress with a cute belt... It was completely dressy and work like... Geet liked it instantly. She picked it out and she then started to get ready.

Just imagine a dress like this:,r:3,s:134&biw=1024&bih=629


Geet was ready and she looked at herself in the mirror... she looked absolutely stunning. Maybe black was one of her colors. Go figure!

She walked over and opened another closet which she hadn't opened before. There were SO many shoes... pumps.. sandles.. you name it!

She picked out the high black pumps... and she put them on. Geet looked even more stunning. The shoes made her feet look so nice... Maan had excellent taste! She grabbed a black purse from the same closet... My God! He even had a little purse component for her!

Geet grabbed it and she quickly went over to the dresser and grabbed her makeup kit, phone... etc... And she put a versache purfume that smelled so nice... of course that was Maan's taste too...

 Geet was ready and then she went out of the dressing room into their bedroom.

She approached it to find it completely cleaned up. The bed was made... the shears and pieces of their last nights outfits were cleaned up. The sun was shining in and she only looked around the room.

She found it to be completely tidy... Neat as a pin.

Just then, Maan came out saying something and then he stopped dead in his tracks. He looked a little shocked and then Geet turned around and smiled, " Soo? how do you think I look?" Geet looked absolutely stunning... to Maan she looked like a total bombshell...

Maan broke into a big grin, " Geet... you always manage to turn me on... why is that?"

" You catch onto things very quickly...don't you?" teased Geet.

Maan walked to her and snaked his arms around her waist, " If we didn't have to go, I would rip your clothes apart again"

" Maan! behave" said Geet. "Okay fine.." grinned Maan as he let her go. " Chalein?" said Geet. Maan nodded and he grabbed her hand softly and then spun her to him again... " Geet... I have to give you something"

Geet frowned, " What is it?"

Maan took her hand and he kissed it... from his pocket he pulled out an large diamond ring... It was the dream ring for every girl. Geet only smiled, "Thankyou..."

" And... for me?" grinned Maan.

" Sorry... I didn't get the time Mr. Khurana... you were too busy eating me up" joked Geet.

"I got it" laughed Maan as he pulled out another ring. Geet looked at it... it was the nicest ring that she had ever seen. It was perfect for Maan. Geet slipped the ring onto Maans finger and she said, " You got this all didn't you?"

" My name is Maan Singh Khurana" grinned Maan...

" Thankyou baby... I love you.." said Geet as she kissed him...

" We should go now... its getting late" said Maan. Geet nodded and she walked behind him through the large hallways. Damn he smelled so nice... She was so lucky to have Maan... he was truly her destiny... her companion... her very reason of living...

They walked down the stairs of the large mansion and then Geet saw vampires sitting around the couches lounging around. Talking... laughing and of course flirting..

They then turned their attention towards Maan and Geet who were coming down the stairs. The vampires stood up instantly and bowed their head to both of them. Geet then saw the same.. cold.. stern.. and dangerous expression on his face.

They did not move an inch... Maan and Geet finally came down the stairs and he stopped at the bottom with Geet said, " All of you know where you have to be and I better not hear anything go wrong or else you all know what will happen"

" I want complete attention and care while dealing with other clans... if  your princess and her husband are harmed even slightly then I will deal with you all accordingly" said Maan with coldness in his voice.

Geet saw the true side of Maan. His clan only knew the protective, dangerous and heartless side of him... but Geet knew how he was. It seemed like she had gotten to know everything about him and his personality in one second.

" You may all leave" ordered Maan. They all in unision said, " Yes master"

They all exited out of the living room and Geet turned to him and said, " Maan... is her life still in danger?"

" It will always be..." replied Maan.

" I know you'll protect her more than your life" said Geet.

" I'll protect both of you..." said Maan.

" Chalein?... late ho rahe hain" smiled Geet. Maan nodded and they both exited out of the mansion and went into his car.

" What will everyone say?" asked Geet as Maan was driving...

" They'll comment on how gorgeous you look" smirked Maan. " Oh shush..." smiled Geet.

" Nothing and remember to change your name to Professor Geet Singh Khurana" added Maan. Geet nodded and they drove on towards the university.

Geet and Maan drove into the parking lot and they parked nearby the front in the professors parking space. Geet grabbed her and Maans folders from the back and Maan turned the car off.

They both got out of the car and Maan walked over and said, " Chalein Mrs. Khurana?"

Geet smiled and nodded... they walked on and Maan said, " I knew you would look great in those heels"

" Thanks..."

They walked on and then approached the front...

On the other hand, Arjun, Lucky, Pinky and Arohi were sitting at the front munching on breakfast and sipping their coffees. Arohi looked around and then her eyes caught two figures coming towards them...

Arohi's mouth opened wide and she dropped her coffee... Arjun was laughing until he stopped... his eyes were about to pop out of him... he dropped his bag of hot pretzels... Pinky was busy muching on her cinnamon bun and then she stopped... Lucky was about to steal it away from Pinky until he stopped midway.

" Oh Dear LORD" mumbled Arohi.

" Is that really-" began Arjun.

Maan and Geet were walking together and Pinky screeched, " OH MY GOD... I KNEW IT"

" Shutup... dimaagh aur bhi kharab kar rahi ho" mumbled Lucky out of astonishment.

" Yaar... mein nashe mein nahin hoon naa?" mumbled Arjun as he tried to make sense of what was happening...

Geet and Maan looked like the hottest sensation walking into the university..! All eyes were glued on them.

Geet looked drop dead gorgeous straight out of a magazine model... and Maan looked like a Ralph Lauren model from a magazine cover...

Geet saw the attention that they received and then her eyes caught the four kids sitting around the front area... She broke into small laughter, " Maan look..."

Maan looked and he broke into a small grin, " I told you that you'd attract so much attention" Geet only laughed... it was hilarious to see their expressions.

" You go on hun... I'll be there" said Geet as she squeezed his hand... " Eh lucky... tu ne wohi dekha jo maine dekha?!" exclaimed Arjun. " Yaar! haath bhi pakarliya!" said Lucky as he grabbed Arjun's hand unknowingly. " Eh! Lucky.. mera haath chor!" said Arjun as he took his hand away.

Maan nodded and he walked on, " I'll wait for you inside"

Geet nodded and she walked over to the four students that she was so fond of. " Good morning guys!" said Geet cheerfully. Arohi looked around embarassed and then she saw the beautiful ring on her finger.

" Maam!?" said Arohi. " Later my dearies... later" smiled Geet. " You look so good today Maam" grinned Arjun. " Thankyou Mr. Arjun Singh Rathod" smiled Geet... " Maam... how..?" asked Pinky with astonishment clearly on her face.

" Everything happens for the good... just remember that..." replied Geet. " I'll see you all in class I hope... and don't be skipping my class too often Mr. Rathod" said Geet as she started to walk away. " Ji maam" smirked Arjun. Arohi smacked him on the arm.

" Bye maam" said all four in unison.

Geet was leaving and then she could hear their conversation... looks like she still had some powers left...

" Yaaar... I don't mean to be a pervert... tu ne Geet maam ki taangen dekhi hain kya?" said Arjun dreamily. Arohi smacked him on the arm, " Tumhe aur kuch nahin soojta Arjun? Kaisi gandi gandi baatein soch rahe ho"

" Ouch... Arohi yaar..." said Arjun. " Shutup.. warna Maan sir teri khaal utar kar tere doggy ko de denge..." said Lucky. " Admit it... shes hot" said Arjun... " Are you done?" said Arohi with on eyebrow up.

" Sorry baby.." said Arjun innocently. Arohi only rolled her eyes, " Lets go guys... warna yeh Devdas yehi par rota rahega kay Geet maam nahin mili"

Arjun stood up and wrapped his arms around her shoulder, " You know theres nothing beautiful in this world except you Arohi... don't forget that"

Arohi only smiled to the side, " Baatein bana na.. koi tumse seekhay"

" Chalein?" smiled Arjun. They alll nodded and walked into the building.

On the other hand, Geet walked into the elevator and found Maan already inside...

He looked at her with one eyebrow up and Geet asked him, " What's wrong?"

" I swear... I'll rip that Arjun apart if he talks about your legs one more time" said Maan dangerously. Geet only rolled her eyes, " He is a kid baby... it doesn't matter..."

" Did you not hear him Geet? he was talking about how sexy your legs are!" exclaimed Maan.

" Awwhh is my hubby getting jealous?" teased Geet. Maan pulled her closer and said, " Listen... only I get personal access to look at your legs" " Stop it Maan... koi aajayega" blushed Geet.

Maan wouldn't let go of her until the elevator opened and Shilpa and Armaan walked in... Armaan looked surprised and he said, " Shilpa was right... Love is blind"

Maan let go of her and he narrowed his eyes, " Unlike you... it actually makes sense"

Shilpa rolled her eyes. Maan being typical Maan... He was her twin brother afteralll. " Good morning you two... I told Armaan how you two love eachother!"

" Oh you did now?" said Geet with uneasiness. " Of course... right Armaan?" said Shilpa as she beamed at him. " Yeah yeah... of course but Congrats on your... engagement?!?" said Armaan with astonishment.

"Thankyou..." said Geet. Maan only looked away with clear annoyance... He knew that Armaan would take care of her... but for Gods sake... he had to protect a grown man... and it seemed like he had no brains... which had Maan even more annoyed. Shilpa laughed... her brother only loved her so much.

" So guys... congrats" smiled Shilpa. " Hey guys... its my stop.. Ill go" said Armaan. Armaan kissed Shilpa on the forhead and Maan rolled his eyes, " Hasn't he ever heard of a brain before?"

" Maan.. stop it" said Geet. Armaan walked out and went into his lecture hall and Shilpa waited for the elevator doors to close and when they did she said, " Sorry I couldn't be there for your wedding... but welcome to the family Geet... and I guess we're more than friends now? Its the nanand and bhabhi relationship right?"

" Noo... you'll still address me as Geet" said Geet. Shilpa nodded and she said, " Btw... you look gorgeous... Maan has such good taste you know... I would always get his opinion on clothing when I lived in the mansion"

" I know... hes just a sweetheart" beamed Geet. Maan didn't say much.

" Oh ho... itna mat sharmao Maan" teased Shilpa. Maan turned to her, " Hey sister... listen... Maan Singh Khurana never gets shy"

" Maan Singh Khurana never gets shy" mocked Shilpa. Both girls erupted in laughter..." Dekhloonga..." mumbled Maan. " Kya?" said Geet with one eyebrow up and Shilpa was about to say something until Maan interuppted.

" Oh right... I forgot.. you can still read my mind Shilpa..." said Maan sarcastically. " You can Shil?" said Geet. " Of course... I could still kill like a vampire and read anyones mind" smirked Shilpa.

" Don't worry Geet... you can do more than me... it'll grow on you" said Shilpa. " Oh... okay" said Geet.

" Okay my stop is here... I'll see you two at lunch" smiled Shilpa. She hugged Geet quickly and exited out.

" I have to go next" said Geet. Maan nodded and Geet waited for her stop...

And the elevator opened up again and Geet was about to leave until Maan said, " Bye Angel"

Geet laughed and she kissed him and then exited out.

************************************************10years later********************************************

" Mom... Kajjal cannot go out wearing that! " exclaimed Ranveer... "Ranveer! what we talk about?" said Geet as she helped her kids get ready.

"I'll be fine... mom you let her go free!" whined Ranveer. " Stop being overprotective and stand still..." frowned Geet as she fixed Ranveers tie. 

" She is wearing an anarkali Ranveer... and that too.. her favorite white one... stop it" ordered Geet.

" Mom...! Kajjal gets attention from every guy!... even the perverts..." whined Ranveer.

" My princess looks good in anything... and my champ here knows how to protect his sister" said Maan as he kissed his daughter on the cheek.

. " Daddy... Ranveer acts like a gunda!... I can't even have a guy partner in a project... if I do because of our teacher then Ranveer nonstop glares at him..." whined Kajjal.

" Oh shutup! I do not act gunda-like... I just hate it when those stupid guys make comments about her" snapped Ranveer.

" I agree... he has the duty of protecting my princess..." smiled Maan.

" See! dad agrees" said Ranveer.

" Stop acting gunda-like Ranveer... you are not her body guard... be a normal kid!!" frowned Geet. " Mom... Ranveer needs to relax... and by the way... that girl named Avantika called for you..." teased Kajjal.

Kajjal and Ranveer were Geet and Maan's children... they were twins just like Shilpa and Maan were. Kajjal looked so much like Geet... and she had the same caring and calm nature as her mother, while Ranveer was exactly like Maan and he had the hot tempered, impatient and he was very protective. Ranveer was very protective of Kajjal because she had an innocent mind and personality and of course he loved her so much.Kajjal was protective to the point where if any girl try to make a move on Ranveer and they have bad intentions, she is always there to tell them to back off. The twins were opposite of eachother but yet they still shared a similiarity of everything.

" Whos Avantika?" teased Geet.

" You are quite the player aren't you?" said Maan with amusement.

" Dad... she is just annoying" said Ranveer as he rolled his eyes. " Please... you flirt..." said Kajjal.

" Dad told me to keep an eye on Kajjal... Mom.. you know how he is about Kajjal and I feel the same way" said Ranveer.

" Oh and Kajjal... if any girl flirts with him... you have a full right to tell me and I'll deal with him" joked Geet. " Mom.. you know I'm not interested" said Ranveer as he rolled his eyes.

" Says the guy who flirts with Avantika... " chirped Kajjal. " Says the girl who flirts with  Rahul" snapped Ranveer.

" Whos Rahul?" demanded Maan. " No one dad... just a classmate... he is just being an gunda again" said Kajjal as she rolled her eyes.

" Me and Gunda? you should be glad that Rahul comes to your beck and call..carrying your bag and books..." said Ranveer with a smirk." Bechara Rahul! you never let him play on the basketball team  Mr. Captain" snapped Kajjal.

" Why are you getting so protective over Rahul Kajjal!?!" said Ranveer. " I'm not getting protective... I just feel bad... he is always stuck handling the water boy job!" exclaimed Kajjal.

" Whats wrong with that? asked Maan. " Daddy! it is the most mortifying job ever! they throw their disgusting sweaty towels at him... and he just takes them and puts them away" said Kajjal as she glared at Ranveer.

" Well it is a job afterall Kaju.. its not bad" said Geet as she acted like a totally supportive mother. " Mom! why is she even caring? she is cheerleader captain and class president..." said Ranveer.

" Excuse me... even in the elections you acted like a total gunda with all your friends" said Kajjal

 " I only requested them to vote for you" said Ranveer with a smirk. " Good boy! thats how you should be... see... Kaju.. your brother is the best!" said Maan.

" No wonder you named him RANVEER... hes too much of a veer to me" teased Kajjal as she narrowed her eyes at him. " Whats in a name?.. KAJU" teased Ranveer. " VEERU" snapped Kajjal with a smirk. " Don't you dare Kaju... I swear..." said Ranveer. " And do what?" dared Kajjal.

Geet's head was pounding. Her kids argued way too much! and she finally interrupted their arguing match.

" OKAY.. anyway... stop arguing you two! and go! its time to go!" said Geet.

"  And oh.. Make sure Shilpa and Armaan are there with Sameer... I know he's participating too" said Geet.

Ranveer's smile erased into a deep look of annoyance. The same annoyance that Maan had each time he saw Armaan.

" Oh man... him? seriously?" said Ranveer as he rolled his eyes. One thing Ranveer couldn't stand was Sameer... just like Maan who got annoyed with Armaan really easily. " Ranveer!" said Geet with one eyebrow up.

" Mom... he is just... so..." said Ranveer trying to break it nicely to his mother. Maan grinned, " Good job champ"

" So what?" said Geet with one eyebrow up .

" So..." began Ranveer.

"  Ranveer thinks that Sameer needs to grow a brain" smirked Kajjal.

Maan erupted into a fit of laughter and he couldn't stop. Geet put her hands on her hips and she said, " And what is so funny Mr. Khurana?"

" N..noo.. nothing" said Maan breathlessly. Ranveer grinned. He was so much like his dad.

" Mama is so close to slapping you Ranveer... so wipe that stupid grin off your face" said Kajjal. Ranveer stopped grinning and he only said, " Its true... foul is fair... fair is foul..."

" Please.. Mr. Im- so- going- to-take my lines from my sister because she reads shakespeare in class" said Kajjal.

" Enough Ranveer..." said Geet coldly.

" Fine... I'll try to be nice to him" said Ranveer sarcastically.

 " Good boy... even I couldn't stand Armaan" mumbled Maan. Geet only raised her eyebrow at her husband and son. " Stop it you two...he is a wonderful boy and your cousin" said Geet.

" Yeah duffer... Sameer bhaiya isn't that bad... he is so nice... and laid back.. compared to you Chulbul Pandey!" said Kajjal as she erupted in laughter. Geet laughed, " Good one Kajjal... love that"

" Anyway.. you two are getting late! and make sure you win this one for your dad" smiled Maan.

" And your mom" added Geet.

Geet kissed her son on the cheek and hugged him, " I love you baby... and make sure you both try hard to win that academic competition... good luck"

" You are my good luck mom" smiled Ranveer. Geet laughed and then she kissed her daughter on the cheek and hugged her, " I know you two are the top two students that were picked but make sure you get some rest too"

" We're going for half a day mom... relax" smiled Kajjal.

" Your dad needs a little goodbye present too" joked Maan.

The two kids smiled and ran into Maan's arms and hugged him, " Bye dad... love you" The two kids had a special attachment to Maan... even more than Geet sometimes.

" Take care and I love you both" said Maan. The kids broke out of the hug and Geet said, " The driver is outside.. and we'll be there in an hour"

" Bye mom..." called the two kids. Ranveer grabbed Kajjals hand and said, " Hey Kajjal lets make a deal... try not to snap at Avantika... and I'll try not to rip Rahul's head off"

" Stop it Ranveer... lets go" said Kajjal as she went along with her brother.

Geet and Maan watched their children go outside and into the car. They drove away with Ranveer and Kajjal waving back and smiling.

Maan put his arm around Geet and said, " Thankyou for giving me such beautiful gifts"

" Thankyou for giving me my life Maan... I love you" said Geet as she kissed him on the cheek.

" Kajjal is just like you Geet... thats why shes my favorite" said Maan. " Ranveer is just like you Maan... thats why hes my favorite... he is just like his papa" replied Geet. " We should go now? I mean you madam take time to get ready... " said Maan. " Lets go" smiled Geet.

They both went in and went to go get ready...


Maan came down before Geet and he said to all of the vampires, " I want full care and attention toward your prince and princess... they are your duty now... I better not hear any complaints"

They all listened and one said, " Master.. may I say something?"

" Speak?"

" Princess does not let us come near her... even when there is danger" said the vampire.

" That is why you need to be out of sight with her... I instructed you to do that... make sure you take care of her" snapped Maan. The vampires nodded and then Maan dismissed them.

Geet came down wearing a black anarkali with long see through sleeves and high heels. She came down and said, " Chalein?"

Maan nodded and he took Geets hand the same way and the vampires bowed to them as they passed by.

Geet and Maan reached the academic competition in the best Private school in Delhi. Geet was so excited to see her two babies competing! Maan maintained his same reserved attitude.

They both walked in and Geet instantly spotted Shilpa with Sameer standing with all the parents.

" Chaliye naa.. jaldi se!" said Geet. Maan sighed and he walked on quickly with Geet.

Shilpa spotted Geet coming towards her and broke into a big smile and the two girls hugged as if they were long lost best friends. Shilpa hugged Maan to the side and she said, " How are you two!?"

" Good and you?" asked Maan with the same coldness in his voice.

" Massi jii!" exclaimed Sameer. Geet knelt down and she hugged him, " Hi Sam! kaisay ho?"

" I'm good... waisay... aapko pata hain kay Ranveer kahaan hain.. nazar nahin aaraha" smiled Sameer. " He's right there baby.. go" said Shilpa. " Okay mom.. bye" said Sameer as he ran towards Ranveer and his group of friends.

Ranveer stopped smiling and he was about to say something to Sameer until Geet glared at him. And Ranveer only smiled sweetly, "  Hi sam... come with us"

Geet smiled and blew a kiss to Ranveer.

Shilpa looked behind for a second and she turned to Geet and said, " He is just like Maan...same attitude...same eyes... same smile.."

" I know... my two darlings" beamed Geet.

" And Maan... Kajjal is just like Geet... sweet... caring and completely opposite to you" smiled Shilpa. " She is my princess afterall" grinned Maan. " Of course..." added Shilpa.

" We should all get seated now" said Shilpa. Geet and Maan nodded. They walked into the theater area with the seats. Geet was waving to Kajjal and Ranveer as she was sitting down.

They all got seated and Armaan shortly joined them

" Okay Geet... rule is that you do NOT 1) embarass the kids 2) try to whistle 3) holler out their names" said Maan. " Oh ho... chaddoo jii... my babies are up there! ek seeti to banti hain naa?" said Geet.

" No Geet... please" sighed Maan.

" Ek seeti.. please Maan... ek seeti... okay fine... then let me yell out their names!" said Geet excitedly.

" Geet... I know you love them but seriously... stop with the embarassing... do you know how bad our kids complain to me?" said Maan.

" Please!.. im just being supporttive" argued Geet.

" Geet! you can be quiet and supporttive at the same time!" argued Maan.

Shilpa rolled her eyes, " Stop it you two! you argue like Kajjal and Ranveer!"

Maan and Geet stopped and they only narrowed their eyes and Geet just looked ahead and smiled.


The competition began and Geet just grabbed Maans hands and he only put his other hand on her.

The principle started to speak, " Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the annual Academic Meet of our Delhi Private school"

" Our students are very excited to showcase their academic talents and we hope you will enjoy it as much as they enjoyed putting it all together" smiled the principle.

The parents clapped and Geet sneaked in a quick whistle.

Maan only sighed and he could not stop her...

" Our first students up are Ranveer and Kajjal Singh Khurana" said the principle.

" Haye.. marjwaan!" whispered Geet.

" Geet..." said Maan. Geet put a finger on her mouth to tell him that she'll be quiet.

Ranveer and Kajjal stood on opposite ends of the stage.  and Ranveer said, " Good evening, we will be presenting a short story that both Kajjal and I came up with"

" Good evening respected parents and teachers" said Kajjal.

" We will begin our story about two different people... two different worlds... two different personalities" said Kajjal.

" One an angel and one a vampire..." said Ranveer.

Geet and Maan looked at eachother... surprised. What were they doing!?! Geet was about to get up until Maan stopped her... " Wait..."

Geet sat down uncomfortably and Shilpa only put her hand on Geets in support.

Kajjal began describing the angel... and how and why she came on this earth. " This angel was sent down to protect the humans and then she came across a vampire who only looked like he was out to kill and harm"

Ranveer began describing the vampire and why he was here near the humans... in a different world... " One day, he met the angel and the angel hated him because she thought he was a demon"

" Until the angel got orders from above to trap and weaken the vampire" said Kajjal.

" What she didn't know was that she will end up loving the vampire in her heart" said Kajjal.

" And the vampire started weakening because of his love for her and she succeeded." said Ranveer.

And then they started to describe the bridge scene and Maan and Geet only looked surprised. What was going on!? It seemed like their story was passing before them like a film reel.

"And finally, the angel was told that her powers were to be taken away because her real destiny was with the vampire... and her life was tied with the vampires life... and she finally could show the love she had for him" said Kajjal.

" And to this day, she lives with him as his companion in sorrow, in happiness and in good health" said Ranveer.

"It wasn't the end of The Vampire's angel at all" said Kajjal and Ranveer together.

" Thankyou" said both again.

The audience stood up and started to cheer and clap. Their story was a sucess.! Kajjal smiled at her parents and Maan only gave them both a thumbs up.

Geet couldn't stand it anymore. She ran up to the stage and she knelt in front of Ranveer. Kajjal joined him.

Ranveer only bowed his head respectfully to Geet and took her hand and kissed it... Geet had tears down her eyes... " I love you my babies... I love you so much"

Kajjal wiped Geets tears and said, " We love you too mama"

Geet hugged Ranveer and Kajjal together and the audience cheered even louder!

Geet had continous tears down her eyes and Maan only smiled... Geet never told her the story of her and Maan and how they got together... and they used it in the academic meet. And then Geet understood. It was all Maan. She turned to him and she looked towards him and she mouthed out, " Thankyou" with tears in her eyes.

Maan only bowed his head to her a little and smiled.

" You may all be seated" said the principle wiping her tears.

Geet kissed her kids on the forhead and she went down and sat in her seat.Maan put his hand on Geets hand and she only leaned onto his shoulder and rested her head there. Shilpa wiped her tears and Armaan hugged her.

The evening was nearing its end with all the kids presenting their talents.

"We thankyou all for coming to this joyous night and please drive safe and good night" said the principle.

Everyone stood up again and clapped.

Kajjal and Ranveer came upto Geet and Maan.

Kajjal went into Maans arms and said, " I love you daddy"

" I love you too princess" said Maan as he kissed her on the cheek. Geet hugged Ranveer and she said, " Hey handsome... you were so good up there"

" Thanks mom.." smiled Ranveer.

"Lets go home now?" asked Maan. " Of course... oh and daddy... can you please tell the vampires to STAY away from me... Ranveer is enough" said Kajjal. " Princess... they are here to protect you..." said Maan calmly.

" No daddy... its called being creeped by vampires" said Kajjal. " Kajjal, you know how it is... you have to" said Maan. " Fine... but they better stay 20 meters away from me.." said Kajjal.

" Okay meri maa... they will... are you happy?" grinned Maan. " Yes... thankyou dear father" said Kajjal dramatically. Maan laughed and held his daughters hand and Geet put her arm around Ranveer and walked to the car.

" Kajjaal!" called Rahul as he came running behind them panting. Ranveers ears shot up and he turned around, " What is HE doing here?"

Maan stopped and he turned around as well... Kajjal looked to Geet who was rolling her eyes... " Mom... kuch kariye..."

Rahul came up to Kajjal and said, " You forgot your folder Kaj... I thought I would return it or else you would freak out"

Kajjal only smirked to annoy the fuming Ranveer... " Oh thanks Rahul.. and see you at school tomorrow!"

" If he stays alive" mumbled Ranveer. Geet smacked Ranveer on the arm and said, " Stop it..."

" If he even dares step near my daughter I will just..." thought Maan.

Kajjal took the folder and she  smiled," Thanks"

" Bye Ranveer... Bye Mr. and Mrs Khurana" said Rahul as he smiled and turned around.

He ran into the deep crowd and Geet said, " That reminds me of something doesn't it Mr. Khurana?"

" That was different!" said Maan.

" No it wasn't" said Geet.

" Yes" said Maan.

" No" said Geet

" Yes"


"stop it!" said Kajjal and Ranveer together. Geet and Maan stopped and they laughed...

 The four of them walked on...

 And there continued the story of The Vampire's Angel... a never to be forgotten tale about two different destinies coming together as one...  into one story...

I hope you liked it! Commmeeentt!Smile And make me the happiest person alive with your comments LOL

Edited by Desigirl144 - 18 June 2011 at 5:29pm

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 October 2010
Posts: 7548

Posted: 18 May 2011 at 8:45pm | IP Logged

Yay! Me first! Aw, I loved it! You slipped some K3G in there. lol :) Great epilogue! Geet truly is the vampire's angel.. The short story was so sweet. The kids were hilarious, just like Maan and Geet.

Edited by Krishnaluv94 - 18 May 2011 at 9:04pm

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Limerance Goldie

Joined: 28 February 2011
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
Wonderful epilogue! 
I loved the relationship they have with their kids. It was so sweet of Ranveer and Kajjal to base their short story on their parents lives. 

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Paingel Groupbie

Joined: 31 December 2008
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
That was lovely!Smile
TinkJia Senior Member

Joined: 17 January 2007
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
wow, the best epilogue i read to date! great excellent job!
preethia IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 October 2010
Posts: 10815

Posted: 18 May 2011 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
loved the epilogue...
maan singh khurana always does it in his style...
loved the wardrobe scene and coll scene foll that...
their kids and their bonding is awesome...
the repeat of the maaneet story by their kids...
Janakivallav IF-Addictz

Joined: 04 March 2009
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
beautiful update.
 beautiful epilogue.
loved it.
 maaneet become one and now proud parents of ranveer and kajal.
 ranveer is just like his dad maan and kajal is just like her mom geet.
 loved maaneet scene with ranveer and kajal.
 loved their conversation.
loved the story , how they told the story of maaneet.

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