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Maneet OS- The Vampire's Angel Epilogue Page 20 (Page 14)

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 1:38am | IP Logged
part 3
OMG that was awesome...
Geet is gonna make Maan bend...
and Maan is hell bent to make her his...
wow the level of attraction and desire is sky high...
cont soon dear...

DrashtiDhamiNo1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
girl that was one HAWT update
loved it to shreds
especially a stunning geet making maan jealous
really very amazing
fab dance as well
cont soon please
cant wait till the next part
thanks for the pm!!
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Note: Use your Imagination... it is all FictionSmile

(Eternally Yours)

Maan went to the bar with Armaan and Armaan ordered a rum and coke... and then he turned to ask Maan if he wanted anything. " Hey dude... what are you getting?" asked Armaan. " I don't drink alcohol" said Maan.

Armaan smirked, " Seriously dude, kya chahiye?"

" I just told you... I don't drink alcohol" replied Maan with coldnes in his voice.

Armaan nodded and then Maan looked away... his eyes were searching for Geet.

On the other hand, Shilpa dragged Geet to the washroom and she said, " Whattt the helll was happening there!?!"

Geet only smiled a little, " Nothing... I was just dancing... thats all"

" Oh shutup Geet... there was something going on there!" said Shilpa with a large smile. " Shilpa... seriously... we're just cordial with eachother" added Geet. Shilpa rolled her eyes, " Oh come on... now you sound like Rani and Aishwarya talking... "We're cordial"..."

Geet laughed, " Good analogy Professor Shilpa Malik"

" Stop joooking Geet... tell me you like Maan!?!" demanded Shilpa. " No... of course not" said Geet...

" Oh come on... your eyes are telling me something different... its girl talk... okay fine.. women talk... but come on! he was head over heels in love with you" said Shilpa with surety in her voice.

" Really now? and Why do you think that?" asked Geet as she "Washed" her hands.

" Umm... hello... clearly I saw the way he was looking at you... He was literally devouring you with his eyes... his soft touches... sensual dancing... you must be so oblivious not to notice that" said Shilpa with one eyebrow up. " Oh come on... let it go..." said Geet.

" Great! thats what I needed... more people to know" thought Geet as she was smiling to herself.
" How decievingly attractive" thought Geet.

" And you... looking so much more beautiful than Miss. Universe!... damn... you two looked like the hottest things alivee!" said Shilpa. " Thanks... but no thanks... not my type..." said Geet as she dried her hands.

" I know you like him Geet! you just won't say it because you're afraid..." said Shilpa. Geet stopped... and she turned around, " Excuse me?"

" Yeah Geet... you just don't want to let anyone in your life... you think that everyone is bad in front of think that everyone is out to cause harm to everyone else everytime..." said Shilpa... Shilpa just hurt Geets ego... Geet was an angel... and yet she still held ego? what was wrong with her?!

Shilpa saw Geets expression and she softened up her expression and realized she had gone too far. " Im.. im sorry Geet... I said too much" Geet took a deep breath and then she smiled, " Its okay... I could use some of that once in awhile to set me straight"

Shilpa went upto Geet and hugged her, " im really sorry Geet... that was so bad of me"

Geet hugged her back tightly, " Its okay yaar! you classify as my good friend.. you have a right to!"

" You are too forgiving Geet... that quality of yours might turn against you... and Im really scared for you to tell you the truth" said Shilpa. " Arey yaar... its okay... if i was mad... i wouldve probably broke out into a fight" joked Geet. Shilpa broke out of the hug and she said, " Lets go... or else my husband will think that I ran away with you" joked Shilpa. Geet laughed... " Lets go"

The two girls walked out and found Maan and Armaan sitting at the bar. Armaan was talking to Maan and clearly Maan looked bored. Maan's ears shot up and he looked to the side and saw Geet walking out. She looked at him with a smirk.

"Shit! she saw" thought Maan.

" Of course I did you idiot.. and I heard you too" thought Geet as she laughed to herself.

Armaan turned around and looked a little relieved, " Hey Shilpa... we should get going... its already 11..."

Shilpa nodded and she turned to Geet, " Will you be okay? do you want to come to our place?"

" No no... you go..." smiled Geet. Shilpa nodded and then she hugged Geet goodbye and waved to Maan. Shilpa and Armaan went out of the restaurant leaving Maan and Geet standing there.

Geet looked around awkwardly and then Maan stood up from the seat.

" I should get going as well" said Geet. Maan didn't want her to leave... instead he said, " May I?"

" Of course" smiled Geet.

Perfect! Geet needed to weaken him slowly...

Geet and Maan went to the tables and Geet gathered her shawl and clutch. Maan put the shawl on her and she only smiled, "Thank you"

" My pleasure" said Maan with a hint of mischievousness in his eyes. " Shall we go?" asked Geet. " Of course" smiled Maan.

" After you" said Maan. Geet smiled and she walked a little bit ahead of Maan and he only went crazy with her scent again. God that woman was hot. He wanted her for his own... She made him this crazy in a short amount of time and imagine what will happen later?

They both exited the restaurant and approached a large parking lot area, with a little area to walk around. The area had a large fountain and many couples were walking around. It was a warm Delhi night and Geet felt so nice outside. The restaurant had a strong stench of alcohol and cigarettes.

But Geet could only smell Maan's cologne. It was so nice... she had never smelt such a nice one before. " Would you like to go for a walk Mr. Khurana?" asked Geet. Maan nodded and they walked into the small area and Maan said, " It is a beautiful night... full moon"

" Of course.." smiled Geet.

Geet walked on and she said, " Do you believe in God Mr. Khurana?"

Maan looked at her and he said, " Why do you ask?"

" Just wondering" answered Geet.

" Well... Him and I have a long rivalry... " said Maan. Geet rolled her eyes, " How typical of a vampire"

" Do you?" asked Maan.

Geet smiled, " Of course I do"

" How can you say that with such surety?" asked Maan getting a little bit more curious. " Because my faith never breaks... and I have a strong feeling that your faith in him never did break... it has just started to fade away... I mean... you must be heartless to believe there isn't a God" replied Geet. She had to put the word heartless to remind him of his identity.

" Heartless...right... Maan Singh Khurana doesn't have a heart" thought Maan.

" Atta boy! now we're getting to your real self!" thought Geet.

" I haven't felt the need for anyone before... and neither will I ever feel it..." said Maan. " Really now? Are you sure about that Mr.Khurana?" asked Geet in a silky and seductive voice.

Maan noticed the tone change...

" What if I tell you that I've been feeling the need for someone?" said Geet. Maan looked at her confused... and she stopped on the bridge... and he stopped as well.

They faced each other in the moonlight and Maan noticed her face getting brighter... her eyes showing purity and comfort.

" And why are you telling me that?" added Maan. He was starting to catch on a little bit... but he didn't think about it too much.

Geet stepped closer to him and she said," Ive been feeling the need to love someone... and I think I found him"

Maan stepped closer to her... " And who is that fortunate man?"

Geet inched her face closer to him and she looked into his eyes...and smiled, " A man named Maan Singh Khurana... I'm sure you know him"

Maan only smiled to the side and he then looked at her with a mischevious glint in his eyes... " Of course I do...if I didn't I wouldn't be here with a beautiful woman named Miss. Geet Handa"

Maan slipped his hands onto her waist and held her closer... she snaked her arms around his neck and she said, " If I asked for you... would that be okay?"

" If I kissed you... would that be okay?" whispered Maan with a husky voice... " Of course" said Geet.

Maan inched his face forward and their lips were only inches apart... until Maan felt something go wrong. His reaction and emotions were clouded with Geet's intoxicating love and reality.

They seemed to be intermixing and Maan didn't feel like pulling away from her...

Geet was about to touch his lips with hers until she opened her eyes fully and they turned ice blue... and she took one of her hands off of his neck and she slid them down in a seductive way and then...

Maan felt something burn inside of him... It was excruciatingly painful... and he only stepped back... surprised.

He saw Geet... and then around him he felt time freeze... Geet's eyes were ice blue and her hair blew in the wind... There was a certain light around her and she only said,

" Surprised Mr. Khurana?"

" I thought you were the very best... intelligent, cunning and heartless..." smirked Geet. Maan realized what had happened...

He got into his protective mode. and his face only reflected anger, " Angel..."

Geet heard the mocking in his voice and she only said, " How could I have not fooled you Khurana... I hated you from the start and will always hate you..."

" Well... at least we have that in common" added Maan as his eyes turned bright red...

" And your disgusting presence made me want to gag... but I guess I'll just have to deal with killing you...on my own" said Geet.

Maan looked at her and broke into a large smile, " And you got that line from... hm... lets see... Star wars?"

" Stick to the topic Khurana..." roared Geet. The wind started to furiously blow and Geet only glowed brighter...

" Impressive Handa.. very impressive" smirked Maan. " Oh shutup... the only reason I came down to this earth was to protect these innocent people from devils like you..."

" Protect? please..." said Maan as he rolled his eyes. " Can you sound anymore dramatic" added Maan with sarcasm. " Your clan broke the treaty... and now you need to pay for it and especially you" said Geet.

 " You have an option... you give up.. or you get killed... even worse than Chandini or that moron Veer" said Geet.

 " Oh those two? worthless half bloods... half mortal and half vampire... how disgusting!" said Maan mocking her dramatically.

Geet stepped towards him and she only grabbed his neck hard and his skin was burning, " I swear to God Khurana... I'll kill you"

Maan only ignored the pain and he smirked, " But I love you"

He said it in the most coldest tone ever... Geet was getting a little impatient. " And do you expect me to run into your arms and become your vampire Queen? seriously Khurana... get out of your Twilight dream world"

Maan then grabbed her neck softy and stroked her neck and Geet felt a freezing sensation through her body. " Don't even try Khurana"

" You really think I'm weak?" smirked Maan as Geet grabbed onto his neck tighter and she only laughed, " Of course... I know its burning you Khurana..."

" Your love has burnt me badly... how could I forget that?" answered Maan. " Oh shutup... I know you're deceivingly attractive..." said Geet as she rolled her eyes... " So you find me attractive?" said Maan with amusement in his voice. " No not really... you're just as ugly as you are in the inside" replied Geet. She was seeing burn marks all through his neck... his veins looked like they were popping out.

Geet looked his neck... veins? his veins were red... and half were white? Only angels had white... they were not veins... but something similar to it... 

Geet looked even closer and Maan noticed what she was looking at... and he said, " I know my neck is damn sexy but seriously Handa..."

" Why are your veins red and white?" asked Geet as she was surprised. Her grip got stronger and each vein was clogging and slowly bursting out... leaving burning sensations through Maans body.

" Oh should I educate you now?" smirked Maan. " Please enlighten me" snapped Geet.

" If you didn't already know... my whole clan is half blood... and the only reason we're the most powerful clan is because of my blood... "  said Maan. Geet was confused.

" I'm the only Khurana heir left " said Maan.

" Can you please hurry your damn story up?" answered Geet.

" Patience angel... patience" smirked Maan.

" My mother was an angel... and father a vampire... but my mother gave up her identity and went to my father... he loved her so much and he was the King of our clan that time... a very powerful one... everyone feared him immensely... and my mother gave up her identity for him and she became a human... full human... but she still had remnants of her past identity of being an angel... and she couldn't get rid of it no matter what... and she died when we were merely 13... and thus making me half blood..." said Maan.

Geet's expression softened and she slowly started to let go of his neck... Her fingers left an enormous burn mark on his neck. She stepped back... and her eyes were still ice blue. Her mind was telling her not to believe him. He was a vampire... and the king too. Believing him is like believing the devil... always deceitful. But her heart was telling her something else... his eyes sparked a little bit of honestly.

Geet had mixed emotions and she only sternly said, " And?"

" You think that I didn't recognize you Geet?" smirked Maan. Geet narrowed her eyes, " What?"

" You really think I didn't recognize you? and I'm sure you know how I recognized you at first...I'm half blood Geet..." said Maan. "And by the way... the reason I was in the university was because I had the duty of protecting someone" said Maan.

" Protecting? And you? Give me a break" said Geet as she rolled her eyes.

" Professor Shilpa Malik..." replied Maan.

Geet's eyes widened, " Shilpa?! what does she have to do with you?"

" She is my sister..." replied Maan.

" Sister?!!" said Geet.

" She is half human and half vampire... she didn't inherit the remnants of angel from my mother... I did... we're both twins...and while teaching at the university she fell in love with Armaan and she  disobeyed my fathers orders of never marrying a human... but she chose to rebel back and marry Armaan... and she went to a witch and renounced her vampire side so she could be fully human all her life to stay with Armaan... and it made my father angry...and vampires of other clans were out to kill her because one thing you could never do is marry a human or try to become one...but Shilpa rebelled back because of my father... she thought he was being a total hypocrite and  to tell you the truth.. I thought he was... The only reason she stayed alive was because of me... and my father was about to kill her until I stepped in and in between the fight.. I killed my father ... with my own hands..." finished Armaan.

Geet was dead silent and her eyes softened... turning navy blue...

" And then I covered up his murder and then I became king after that... and Armaan never knew this about Shilpa... ever... and we both agreed never to tell him and other clans have an eye on her... they know that I secretly protect and thats why they never go near her...And she had a looming threat of Chandini... Shilpa and Chandini hated each other and Shilpa being the protective sister told her to stay away from me... Chandini was madly in love with me... and the reason I killed her so mercilessly because shes tried to kill Shilpa so many times... and she almost suceeded and Shilpa knows it. I care for my sister Shilpa Geet... that is why I'm here" said Maan with sincerety in his voice.

Geet couldn't say anything. She was speechless.

Just then, Shilpa stepped out of the darkness and she said, " Maan is right Geet..."

Geet turned around and then Shilpa quietly came up to the bridge and she stood beside Maan. She put her hand on his shoulder, " He is right Geet... I give you the full guarantee of it"

Geet was even more shocked, " But Shilpa?! how?!"

" Maan told you everything Geet... and he is completely right... you are here for the wrong reasons... no matter how hard I try to renounce my vampire blood... I can't... I'm always going to be one..." said Shilpa.

" I knew who you were too Geet... I never said anything because Maan and I agreed not to... we were to make it look like we weren't related" said Shilpa.

" I..I..." stuttered Geet. She was about to say something until she stopped.

" I... dont.. I don't know what to say" said Geet.

" You didn't know Geet... it was not your fault and you were obeying orders... but I can tell you one thing Geet... you remind of us of how our mother was..same attitude... same presence... Maan and I tried so many times to figure out why and we only came across this conclusion..." smiled Shilpa.

Geets heart felt a sort of burden. Her eyes came back to their regular hazel and the wind stopped blowing... only the moonlight showered upon Geet.

Geet looked down with a guilty expression and she said, " I'm sorry... I'm really sorry... I should not be here... its all my fault"

Geet looked up and she felt water in her eyes... she felt weird. She had never felt this before. Maan looked at her and he was about to say something until Geet stepped away...

Shilpa looked at Maan and he only looked helpless... for the first time of her life. She saw her strong,dangerous and protective brother look helpless and guilty.

Geet stepped away even more and mumbled, " I'm sorry... im really sorry..."

She turned around and walked away.

"Maan! go to her!" ordered Shilpa. Maan looked at her and nodded...

He ran after her and she ran into a large forest area... she was fast for an angel.

She went into an open area surrounded by trees...

Maan stopped and he just stood there... while Geet went to the middle. She mumbled a prayer and the wind started blowing...

For the first time, Maan saw the beautiful power of the angels. His mother use to talk about it so often... and now he saw it for real.

Just then, angels started to descend down all around her like tiny lights and stars...

They all were around her and she said,  "Why didn't you all tell me!?"

The angels were quiet... and they said nothing..

Geet was getting impatient, " WHY DON'T YOU ANSWER ME?"

Just then, the head angel stepped in and walked to her... he only said, " Geet..."

" What Geet? you sent me to kill an soul that was only protecting someone?" demanded Geet.

" We sent you down to fulfill a prophesy..." said the head angel..

Maan looked confused... What was going on... Just then he was joined by Shilpa who only stood behind him. Beholding the power again.

" It was your destiny to descend down and there was never a treaty..." said the head angel. Geet only grew frustrated... What was going on?

" The tears in your eyes show human characteristics... the power was only given to you because it was a prophesy that an angel by the name of Rani told all of us..." said the head angel.

" Rani?..." said Maan.

"Thats Maa's name!" whispered Shilpa in shock.

" You are an human Geet... and you were chosen to be her son's companion... and his name is Maan Singh Khurana..." said the head angel.

Geet could not believe it!

" Why me?" asked Geet with tears in her eyes.

" Because you had a clean and pure heart Geet... you are meant to be with Maan.. your destiny was decided for you... and Rani never told her family about you... we had to expose you... and you came of maturity to handle this and now we're telling you.. and you've loved Maan even before he realized he loved you... it was in your heart but you ignored it" said the head angel.

Geet felt weak at her knees and then she fell...

" So I'm Maan's companion?" asked Geet with surprise.

" And that is why we told you to go to Maan... and thus... a perfect way to tell you this" said the head angel. Geet looked so surprised...and then the head angel said, " Come out Maan..."

Maan looked up at the head angel and he only obeyed.

Geet looked at Maan walking in and she said, " Is that why I felt tears? I felt the feeling of love?"

The head angel only nodded.

" Thats why Maan fell in love with you and you fell in love with him in that short while..." said the head angel.

Geet started to cry... " I.. I.."

Maan went to her and he helped her up... " Geet... I know this is overwhelming"

" And now it is time for you to say goodbye to us... we all love you so much Geet... but your duty is to Maan now... you were meant to be together from the beginning..." said the head angel with a large smile.

Geet felt a burden off her heart and she looked to Maan who only had compassionate eyes... and she slowly smiled...

Meera stepped forward and she said, " Love you Geet...and goodbye"

Geet hugged Meera and Meera only laughed, " Don't forget about me"

" Of course I won't" whispered Geet.

" It is time for us to leave... and time for you to go with Maan...and your powers will be taken away now...but remnants of you being an angel will still stay just like it did for Rani... but this time... it won't be like Rani's will end up becoming half blood like Maan" said the head angel.

Meera broke out of the hug and the head angel only put his hand on her cheek, " Take care and we will always be there when you need us"

Geet nodded and then she saw everyone step away and then slowly ascend up... She knew what they meant by half blood...

She watched the bright lights disappear into the clear night sky.

Shilpa went upto Geet and put her hand on her shoulder. Geet turned around and she hugged her.

" I'm sorry for everything" said Geet.

Shilpa laughed, " Silly... it isn't your fault... we all knew this was going to happen"

Geet broke out of the hug and smiled, " Thanks... for telling me the truth guys"

" I;m not the one you should be hugging Geet... Maan is the one you should be hugging" teased Shilpa.

Geet only blushed and she felt the feeling of blushing the first time... " Um..."

" Go!" teased Shilpa. Geet only stepped forward in front of Maan and he only smiled.

Geet looked into his eyes... passionate... loving... and... full of desire...

Geet flung her arms around Maans neck and she kissed him madly... He wrapped his arms  around her and kissed her back... Shilpa only had tears in her eyes...

Their lips were colliding with violent kisses of passion and desire... Geet broke out of the kiss breathlessly and she said, " I love you Maan Singh Khurana..."

She put her hand on his cheek and he only smiled, " I love you Geet Handa..."

" It only took me two seconds to realize that I loved you... ignored all the feelings... everything.. I knew I loved you... and yes... I found you sexy... you wanted to hear it? I say it... I found you to be the most sexiest thing I've ever seen" said Geet breathlessly.

Maan laughed, " See... I told found me attractive..."

" Shutup" smiled Geet... She went back to kissing him and then Shilpa coughed, " Okay seriously... um... I'm still here..."

Maan and Geet broke out of their kiss and said, " Sorry Shilpa..."

" Go eat eachother up in Maans house... " joked Shilpa. "Do you need a ride?" asked Maan.

" Yes I do my dear brother... " smiled Shilpa. " What about Armaan?" asked Geet.

" Well... thats why YOU'RE driving Geet" said Shilpa. Geet looked at him surprised. " Helloo... I don't want to go tell Armaan that Maan is my vampire brother...get the program Geet! laughed Shilpa.

Geet laughed, " Sorry... I'll drive"

They all nodded and went towards Maan's car. Shilpa walked forward purposely to let the two lovebirds romance... she only laughed...

" Geet.. I can't even tell you how bad I wanted to rip that moron Prem up" said Maan as he had his arms around Geet while walking. " Thanks Maan... and please... don't rip him up...poor man was only trying to find a rishta you know" joked Geet.

" As if... he even tries to touch you... you know what will happen" smirked Maan. " And you sir... damn...I could admit that I still checked you out.." winked Geet. " Oh really?" said Maan with amusement in his voice.

"Shutup" called Shilpa.

They both laughed and approached Maan's black BMW... Geet sat in the driver seat and Maan at the back... with Shilpa at the front.

Geet drove towards Shilpa's house and dropped her off... " I'll meet you at the university and I'll drop by the mansion"  said Shilpa.

Geet nodded and Shilpa waved goodbye to them both. Shilpa knocked on her door and Armaan answered it... Geet came out and waved.. " Bye Armaan... sorry to take your wife out late"

"Nice car.. I thought you had your nissan?" called Armaan. " I rented it today" smiled Geet. She was still so good at covering it up. Maan only snickered at the back. Armaan and Shilpa waved and went into their house.

Geet drove ahead out of sight and then she stopped the car and said, " You drive Maan"

" Okay" said Maan. He came out of the car and went into the drivers seat and Geet climbed onto the passenger seat beside him.

Maan started the car and drove towards the mansion. " Where are we going?" asked Geet.

" Home" smiled Maan. " Home?" wondered Geet.

" Its a surprise" said Maan. Geet only smiled and nodded... she was so excited.

Maan drove on towards the large mansion at the top of the hill... and Geet only said, " Wow... you really have a unique house"

Maan didn't respond and she only said, " I want something from you... and you can''t say no to it..."

Maan looked to the side a little and he said, " What is it?"

" I'll tell you when we get home" smiled Geet. Maan only nodded.


They approached a beautiful mansion up on top of the hill.. .It overlooked the city of Delhi. Geet was amazed at its beauty and its elegance.
Maan drove up front and the gate opened for him and closed for him as soon as he drove in. Geet was a little nervous for some reason but Maan only gave her the comforting glance.

Maan turned the car off and came out... and he walked over to the other side to open Geets door and she came out.  " Careful with the sari Geet... " said Maan as he took the pallu out of the side of the seat where it was stuck. " Thanks" smiled Geet.

" Lets go in" said Maan as he held her hand... her hands still felt warm like before... except they only held onto him tighter. Geet nodded and then stepped up front and then as soon as they did, the door opened for them.

Geet looked into its dark interior. Chandelier on the top and the furniture was deep red and black... black curtains were around the large french windows. The wooden floor was a dark cherry color and Maan stepped in with Geet...

As he stepped in with Geet... vampires emerged from the dark corners. She looked around and saw their piercing stares and she looked at Maan who hardened his expression to the same way. She saw the same.. angry... dangerous... and arrogant man again. Maan was good at covering his feelings and expressions.

Geet looked the vampires in the face and Maan continued to walk through the dark hallways... she felt the presence of all the vampires... and she felt some snicker and sneer at her.

" Ignore it" said Maan. Geet nodded and he continued to walk through the hallways and they then approached two large open doors that revealed a living room that had a bunch of loveseats... antique couches and chairs... and there was a large fireplace...

A large fire was lit in the large fireplace and it brightened up the dull room. Geet looked around and then Maan led her in and they stood in the room.

Suddenly from behind, vampires began filing into the room quietly. Some sat down and some stood... staring at Geet.

Maan then spoke, " You all may be very surprised at what is happening and what has happened"

No one spoke a single word.

Maan continued and said, " Geet is now your new queen as you will address her as Mistress...and I will tell you all only once... if anything is not obeyed... you all know what will happen...disrespecting your mistress... is like disrespecting me"

Geet heard the coldness in his voice... she saw the expressions of every vampire. They seemed so obedient... so powerless in front of Maan.

" Yes Master" said all the vampires together and they only bowed their head to him respectfully.

Geet turned to Maan and she whispered, " Bite me..."

Maan turned to her and he said, " What?"

" Bite me... now... the prophesy of me becoming half blood has to come true Maan... do it in front of everyone" said Geet. Maan was protesting but he gave into Geet's eyes that were pleading him.

Maan only nodded and Geet moved her hair to the other side... Maan stood behind her and he stroked her skin and then he inched his mouth forward and there revealed his sharp teeth.

Geet closed her eyes and she breathed deeply... Maan bit into her neck and Geet winced in pain but she only broke into a smile... a tear slipped from her eye and she felt the burning sensation of venom go through her...

She felt it spread all through her body and Maan only put his hand on her stomach... to support her.

Maan let go of her neck and he saw the cut... he hated to see anything like that... but Geet only opened her eyes and she turned around and whispered, " Thank you"

Maan only nodded and he still had the stern look on his face.

However... the most weirdest thing he had ever seen was that the cut he had made had disappeared and her skin had closed... it looked like nothing had happened. Maan looked into her hazel eyes that looked even lighter...

The vampires only bowed their heads to Geet and Maan. Geet was officially half blood like Maan...

" You have my blood inside of you Geet... and now our souls are together... forever... and we're eternally together..." whispered Maan. " That's what I wanted" smiled Geet.

" You will grow your teeth but it won't be prominent... my mother's teeth weren't prominent either... but you will be half blood forever..." said Maan.

Geet nodded and then Maan said, " Oh yeah... and you won't be heartless Geet"

"Are you trying to tease me?" said Geet with one eyebrow up.

" Not really... I wasn't... so you aren't" whispered Maan. Geet laughed quietly and then

Maan turned to them, "  You May All Go now"

The vampires nodded and they left...

Geet said, " What about marriage? I know everyone will ask... "

" Uhm.. if you already didn't know... we're married... I gave my blood to you and you shared yours... there is a special way to bite Geet... there's a way to kill and there is a way to marry..." smirked Maan.

" Oh okay.. so... I'm your wife now?" said Geet with a puzzled expression.

"You catch onto things very quickly don't you?" said Maan with an even larger smirk. 

" But for extra added effect, you may do things that make you look like a wedded woman for this world... our world and theirs are different"

Geet looked around and she said, " I would totally snap my fingers and close these large doors..."

" And do what?" said Maan as he slipped his hands around her waist...

" How about you try?" said Maan. " Where is our room again?" said Geet as she looked around... Maan smiled to the side and half let her go and he said, " Right this way mistress"

Geet smirked and nodded... Maan let her up a large case of stairs and then he approached a hallway that had one room on the other side.

" Our room... privately ours..." smiled Maan. "Lets go" smiled Geet.

Maan led her through and then he opened the large door and there revealed a room with blood red walls with beautiful decor... The bed was a golden color and it had looked so antique.. There were creme colored curtains all around the bed... it could be defined as... seductively royal...

"Maan... its beautiful" said Geet. 

" Shall we test drive?" whispered Maan huskily...

Geet only looked around and she went behind him and shut the doors...

She leaned on the door and said, " Catch me if you can Khurana..."

" Don't even challenge me" smirked Maan.

"How about this?" said Geet as she stepped forward and pulled him towards her and kissed him violently... he responded with equal passion... and he wrapped his arms around her tightly...

" My Gosh... you are just SO HOT Maan...I just want to rip your clothes off" said Geet as she broke away from him breathlessly. " I'm all yours Mistress" said Maan.

Geet violently ripped his shirt open with the buttons flying everywhere. Maan took her sari and totally ripped it off of her... Maan picked her up into his arms and brought her to the bed where she pulled him forward... His perfect body enveloped Geet's petite body... 

 He devoured her body... her mind.. her heart.. her soul... making her truly The Vampire's Angel...

I hope you all liked it and I better see pages filled with comments heheLOL And if I get enough I will think about writing an epilogue for this... Smile

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anaum91 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Luvd it!!! It was amazinggg...Do write an epilogue...cont soon n thnx fo d pm
anuandavi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
It was beautifully awesome.
TinkJia Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
beautiful and magical ending! truly loved it!
sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 12:13am | IP Logged

wow!..wat a drastic change in the story!...

loved it!...
i want an epilogue plzzz!
continue soon!
Neetu2825 Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 12:39am | IP Logged
A very unique story...I loved it!Day DreamingClap The thought of Maan as a vampire was hot!

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