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Maneet OS- The Vampire's Angel Epilogue Page 20 (Page 10)

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So Geet know who is maan.
When will maan's turn?
He is really dangerous n scary

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interesting and loved the update...
pl cont soon
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Part 3
(A Series of Fortunate and Unfortunate Events)

Geet was already at the university and she was told to come in for Maan who was absent for awhile. Geet stepped into the lecture hall and she saw students staring right at her... She smiled at them and she went all the way down and she said, " Your professor is absent for a few minutes, but he will be back and until then, I will be here with you"

" Nice to see you again maam!" called Arjun. Geet laughed, " So guys? its physics isn't it? tell me now, is it boring? did you take it by force or choice?"

Dozens of hands shot up and she picked one of the students, " Maam... we need physics!"

" Oh do you now? well... nice to know you have a wonderful professor who will teach you everything" smiled Geet.

Just then, Maan entered and all the girls turned their attention towards the door and they giggled to themselves. Geet saw the reaction the girls had on when Maan came in...

" Typical vampire king... decievingly attractive" thought Geet as she rolled her eyes.

Maan came down the stairs fairly quickly and he stood beside Geet. He looked straight ahead, " Thank you for substituting for me Miss. Handa"

Geet only smiled even larger," Thankyou for giving me the chance Mr.Khurana"

The students looked at their professors... " Haye! Arohi! dekh yaar... kitnay hot lagte hain naa? they look like a perfect couple..."

" Please.. geet maam has taste" joked Arjun. " Shutup.. tumhara koi chance nahin hain Geet maam kay saath.." said Arohi as she rolled her eyes at him.

" I'll take your leave Mr. Khurana" smiled Geet. He only nodded and went back to his papers...

Geet walked past him and then he smelled the same scent again... It was attracting him to her...It was so unique and his senses were driving him crazy. He only shut his mind off of her and he continued with his lesson.


Geet went out of the lecture hall and smirked to herself, " It is war now Mr.Khurana... just wait and see what I do next..."

She walked through the hallways and she thought, " I heard your conversation with that minion named Chandini... she is so in love with you Mr. Khurana... you have no idea... well... making you weak isn't a problem for me... I did it last time... which is why you're here now... I wonder how your reaction will be when you find out that I burned Veer to death..."

She looked through the large glass windows of the university and she smiled to herself, " The rain... I love it... the best part of being on earth!"

" Too bad I'll have to settle with going to my guidance office and meeting with these kids" thought Geet. She went all the way to her office and she sat down in her personal cabin. Geet looked at the amount of requests and papers from students... she smiled to herself, " Now should I be extremely lazy? or should I just snap my fingers and do this my way?!"

" Haye rabba... did I really have to ACTUALLY do the work" laughed Geet. She closed her blinds and then quickly snapped her fingers... the papers were magically filled and all Geet had to do was to send them to the front desk receptionist. Geet collected the papers and she went out of her office to give the papers to the front desk. The receptionist took it from her and Geet was about to go until she said, " Payal?... thats your name right?"

The front desk receptionist nodded, " Yes maam"

" So Payall... you know you should really accept his proposal... bechara must be waiting for atleast three years now" smiled Geet. Payal looked surprised, " Maam... how did you know"

" That doesn't matter Payal... its an order" smiled Geet. Payal smiled, " Maam... im scared that I will make the wrong decision"

" No Payal, you're making a good decision and besides... which man stays waiting that long for a woman?" suggested Geet. Payal thought about it for a second and she said, " I'll accept it maam... you have a point"

Geet laughed, " I know..."

" But maam... if you dont mind me asking, don't you have any man in your life? You are absolutely drop dead gorgeous, I am surprised no Tom Cruise came looking for you!" said Payal.

Geet laughed again, " Payal, I am just like you, except I live for others and I don't expect anyone to live for me...and about being gorgeous, trust me Payal... you are too... it isn't about how short your skirt is or how much MAC makeup you buy and apply... its about the fact that you can step out of the house looking a total drab, but you can still show it off to the world saying, " Hey I'm different and I love it"... thats the true motto Payal and you'll learn it soon!"

Payal was amazed at Geet's wisdom and she only said, " I hope you find him some day too maam... I really do"

Geet just smiled to her and she said, " Payal, I'm leaving now... and please take of any pending student files, I'll be dealing with them tomorrow!"

Payal nodded and Geet collected her clutch and she exited out of that area...

She went to the elevators to find two people talking and one lady giggling...

She entered to find Armaan standing with a pretty woman around the same age... "Hi Armaan!" smiled Geet. " Hello Geet!" greeted Armaan... Armaan turned his attention to the lady next to him, " This is my wife Shilpa Malik..."

Geet took out her hand for a handshake and Shilpa shook her hand and smiled, " You must be the new professor that every one of my students keeps talking about! its Geet right?"

" Thats the name" joked Geet. Shilpa laughed, " Thank God! I thought you would be one of those Miss Birganza type!"

Geet broke into laughter, " I know!! Armaan said the same thing!"

" Thank God... atleast I won't feel like a total jhalli for wearing a suit!" smiled Shilpa. " You don't look like a jhalli Shilpa... you look absolutely graceful! and might I say, you pull off the churidar suits very well!" said Geet.

" Thanks Geet... and might I say.. you look like an angel with that white anarkali! I can't pull that off too much!" smiled Shilpa. " Thanks..." said Geet... Geet laughed to herself... even with all the charms and protection, she still looked like an angel...

Geet almost reached her stop that was to the bottom floor where she would exit the university. " Hey Geet! I was wondering, if you would like to go for a movie or something... ever since I got married and started work here I lost all contact with friends... so if you want to-" said Shilpa with a little hope in her voice. Geet turned for a second and said, " Sure! I would love to Shilpa... besides... I hope Armaan doesn't mind that I take his wife away for a movie"

Shilpa laughed, " You don't mind right Honey?"

Armaan laughed with a little uneasiness, " Yeah... its fine..."

" Go with Sameer... hes been wanting to have a boys night out for awhile!" said Shilpa... Armaan nodded, " Whatever you say... besides... Im proud to be a joru ka ghulam"

Geet laughed. " You two are so cute.. so Shilpa my number is 534-563-9566 and just text message me for the confirmation"

Shilpa nodded and she recorded the number in her phone, "Great Geet! nice to meet you again! and see you then!"

Geet went up to her and she hugged her, " I hope im not too informal"

Shilpa hugged her back, " No you aren't!"

"Great! Ill see you then girl!" said Geet as she exited out of the elevator.

Behind her, she could hear their conversation, " She is so sweet Armaan... Im so glad she's here!" Geet laughed, " Awh! I made a new friend!"

Geet continued to walk on until she heard her phone buzz in her clutch... she walked on without looking and she digged around for her phone...

Geet was so into finding it that she didn't realize the moment where she bumped into someone and all her papers fell on the floor. " Agh! Seriously Geet... tu naa.. bil kul pagal hain" mumbled Geet.

" Maybe you should be careful next time Miss. Handa" said a familiar voice. Geet frowned and she looked up with her large hazel eyes and she saw Maan... His deep chocolate brown eyes were glistening in the light...

Geet only smiled a little... she caught on... this Khurana could never fool her... the vampires were foolish. Broke the treaty... broke the rules... so they have to be punished. Vampires were demons in disguise and Geet was an angel in disguise... she had a duty to protect the other creation.

" Maybe I should think twice before getting help from you Mr. Khurana" smirked Geet. Maan broke into a little smirk to the side, " Maybe you should pick up those papers before the students start to think that you're flirting with me"

" Don't fly too high Mr. Khurana... It might just cost you something very important..." smirked Geet. Geet collected the rest of her papers and she stood up and put them into her folder... She stood up and so did Maan. " Nice to see you again Mr. Khurana... I hope we do meet more often..." added Geet.

 " Slow death... hm... not bad Geet... Maybe it should happen" thought Geet.

" She might just be the one I'm looking for..." thought Maan. " She looks delicious..." thought Maan again... Geet could read his mind... but she blocked him off from reading hers... it was impossible.

" Oh please... you even try to touch me Khurana... I'll kill you... this time I'll make sure its more painful..." thought Geet as she maintained a sweet smile as always.

 " i'll see you later Mr. Khurana... good night" said Geet as she turned around and waved to him from behind. Maan stood there smiling to himself, " Good beautiful  Miss Handa... I'll kill you in one second"

Geet got into her car and she drove away towards her home...

" Kill her..." ordered Maan. " No master! please... don't..." pleaded Chandini. " Shut the hell up and do it" roared Maan. Vampires appeared from all sides and surrounded Chandini who was begging at his feet.

" Master please... what is my fault... " cried Chandini. " Don't even say a word Chandini..." said Maan sternly... " But... please Master... I've been your loyal servant... but I asked one thing...I asked for you and your love master..." cried Chandini.

" I don't go with dirty begger half blood like you" spat Maan. " Im not half vampire master!" yelled Chandini.

 " Give me a break darling, the only reason you were in this clan... because your begger human mother brought you to me five hundred years ago..." sneered Maan.

" Noo! it can't be true... Im vampire Master..." said Chandini in pure disbelief. " Kill her you idiots... before I drive that dagger through your hearts" said Maan with disgust in his voice.

The vampires inched forward and grabbed Chandini... she was crying and pleading for mercy. Maan stood in front of the fireplace and his back faced her cries. " Sing a song for me darling... how about that?" said Maan with amusement in his voice... He walked towards one of the female vampires and moved her hair and ran his finger on her skin leaving her breathless.

" How about I start?" said Maan... He walked past a few more female vampires... "  chandini...  oh meri chandini...tu meri chandini..." sang Maan. Chandini was brought to the middle of the floor where a large fire was built... and Maan just sang the song without any sign of mercy or regret...

One of the vampires brought a wooden stick and Maan continued to walk around singing the song... it was so amusing for him. Her cries... it made him laugh...

One of the vampires suddenly drove the wooden dagger through her heart and she screamed... Maan didn't stop... where as other vampires chose to look the other way... Maan came to one of the female vampires and ran his hand down her exposed back... she only smirked and she enjoyed his touch.

Chandini was screaming and then Maan stopped singing and he smiled, " Throw her in... I could use some entertainment after those boring kids this morning"

The vampires did what he said and then Chandini breathlessly said, " I curse you Maan... I hope you die a death worse than me... I hope that you have the feeling of wanting to die but you can't..."

" Oh shutup you good for nothing wh****" snapped Maan... They threw her in and then her screams died down... " Clean this mess up will you? and God... bring some air freshener... it reeks!" added Maan as he disappeared into his dark hallways.

Geet was relaxing on her couch and watching a movie until the head angel and Meera appeared infront of her. Geet stood up and she said, " Hi guys... sorry..."

" Its fine Geet..." said the head angel...

" We have a plan for you Geet... listen up... I know that you'll never agree to it but its orders from Him and we have to" said Meera. Geet understood and she nodded.

" The next step in our plan is to make Maan Singh Khurana fall in love with you" said the head angel. Geet looked at him in disbelief... " Maan and falling in love? hes heartless"

" You can dig out anyone's heart Geet... " said the head angel. "But!" protested Geet. " No Geet... do it" said the head angel. Geet sighed and she agreed... " Look beautiful... attract him and then you do your job... if you weaken him... you can destroy the whole clan in one blow" said the head angel. Geet nodded and she said, " Okay guys... will do... anything else?"

" For Gods sake Geet... please take extra care..." said Meera. " Yeah Meer... I'll be fine... you guys should go... contact me if there is anything else" smiled Geet. The head angel nodded and then both disappeared leaving a baffled Geet.

" Looks like its time to take out that sari... hm... pink should do? light pink...?" thought Geet. She nodded to herself and continued on with her movie


The next morning, Geet had of course magically gotten ready. She wore an light pink sari and her eyes were lightly lined with kajjal. She wore light pink and silver bangles and light earrings... Geet had her hair completely down and she made sure her sari was fastened...

Geet got out of her house and she went into her car. She drove towards the university. She turned the radio on and she switched it to the 24/7 bollywood songs station. It played the song, " Main agar kahoon"

Geet laughed, " What a miracle! I was just thinking about that song!"

She reached the university and parked her car. She got out and she locked her car. She walked towards the entrance and she heard passing comments, " Oh HOT DAMN... that teacher is just..."

She laughed, " Wrong person Geeto... tera grumpy vampy kahaan hain?"

On the other hand, Geet walked passed Arohi and Pinky who almost dropped their books. " Ohhh my GOD... pinks! dekha! Geet maam! she looks... stunning!" said Arohi as she almost spat out her coffee.

" Yeah yaar... she looks beautifull..." said Pinky with admiration. Geet stopped and she turned around, " Thanks for the comments girls..."

Arohi and Pinky only smiled... caught red handed weren't they?

Geet laughed and she walked on... she went into the professors lounge to find Shilpa sitting down with Armaan. " hey guys!" said Geet with the usual cheerfulness. Shilpa looked at Geet in awe!" You look stunning Geet! you can make a simple sari look dazzling!"

" Armaan... seriously... dekho... she looks so good!" said Shilpa. " You look very nice Geet" smiled Armaan. " Waisay kisko impress karnay ki koshish kar rahi ho?" joked Armaan.

" Yeah Geet... batao!!" demanded Shilpa. " Very funny" joked Geet. " Okay fine.. mat batao..." said Shilpa. " Sorry yaar... class abhi shuru honay wali hain..." said Geet as she got up and almost exited out the door.

Geet waved and exited out...

She walked through the hallways and finally she saw Maan coming towards her... she could act so well. Her ignoring skills would work...

Geet walked past him without paying any heed that he was there. Maan stopped dead in his tracks. He looked behind him and saw Geet... something in him jumped ... he didn't know what it was... he was mesmerized by her angelic beauty...

" Good job Geeto... aur tarsao iss kameenay ko" thought Geet.

" She looks... absolutely... lavishing" thought Maan. " Her everything is driving me crazy... her scent... her smile... her skin... her laugh... her luscious curves" thought Maan again with pure lust...

" Disgusting" thought Geet.

 She rollled her eyes... " mujhe pata hai kay yeh kameena mere samne aayega... be ready Geeto... be ready"

" I wonder how she tastes..." thought Maan with a devilish grin.

" Disgusting Khurana... I hope you rot in the deepest pit in hell" thought Geet. Geet continued to walk and then she went into her lecture hall.

Arjun, Arohi, Lucky and Pinky were sitting in the same row of seats and then as soon as Geet entered, all eyes were on her. She greeted everyone with her friendly. " Good Morning everyone!"

Arjuns jaw dropped open and Lucky had that dreamy grin on his face just looking at Geet. " Yaar... she is BETTER than Katrina.." said Arjun with a semi open mouth. Geet went to her laptop and she opened up the lessons...

Geet was about to start until she heard someone open the door. She looked up from her laptop and saw Maan standing there. She only smiled sweetly and inside she was cringing. Maan was completely mesmerized in her and he just walked down the steps. All the guys were rolling their eyes as soon as they saw Maan coming down the stairs and the girls were drooling.

Maan walked down and he broke into a small smile, " Could I borrow your folder Miss Handa?"

Geet was relieved from the inside but she only smiled sweetly, " Mr. Khurana... Professor Malik is in the lecture hall  right beside you and you couldn't ask her?"

" Professor Malik did not have the one I needed for myself Miss Handa... may I please borrow it" said Maan with a smirk. " Of course Mr. Khurana, if you say it like that then I'll surely give it to you... afterall... it is a matter of you asking me" replied Geet with a cute twinkle in her eyes.

Maan continued to lose himself in her eyes... she was driving himself crazy. Geet picked the folder up and handed it to him and as he was taking it, he softly brushed her hand... He took it and he stood there for a second.

She only teased him further, " Is there a problem Professor Khurana?"

He only narrowed his eyes and grinned, " No there isn't Professor Handa... I hope to see you soon and by the way... you look absolutely stunning, pink suits you"

Geet just laughed a little, " Thankyou Professor Khurana... and might I say, black does suit you well..."

Maan only nodded and bent his head a little to thank her like a true gentlemen. Maan turned around and went up the tiny steps all the way to top where the door had been.

" Oye! did you see it!?" said Pinky as she smacked Arohi on the arm. " I know! I saw it... I knew there was something up with them!" whispered Arohi. " I wouldn't blame professor khurana, she is absolutely stunning..." replied Arjun.

" Hassiii to phasiii!! dude... dekhna... yeh dono professors shaadi kar kay rahenge!" whispered Lucky.

Geet had overheard the conversation and she only thought, " Over my dead body Khurana..."

She continued on with her lesson and Maan went out of the lecture hall and into the main hallways... " She would be delicious..." thought Maan with a side smile.


It was lunch time and Shilpa texted Geet to come into the main cafe in the university. Geet walked over and she found Armaan and Shilpa sitting in the corner... She smiled, " Hey guys!"

Shilpa smiled and waved for her to come. Geet came and sat down beside Shilpa and said, " So guys... was today really boring?"

" Yeah man... pata hain... woh kya.. kya naam hai yaar.. bhool gaya..." said Armaan with confusion. " Professor Khurana" replied Geet. " Yeah Geet... woh mere lecture hall mein aaye thay... he wanted to ask me something and then I said that I didn't have it... weird man..." said Shilpa. " Hes like that guys... " added Geet.

" Really?! you know him Geet?" asked Shilpa with curiousity. " Yeah yaar... jaanti hoon... he came into my lecture hall today too" replied Geet. " Anyway... so... you remember that professors dinner happening at the large restaurant that just opened, Serenity Nights... I think we'll go" said Shilpa.

" Dinner? there? why?" asked Geet. " To welcome the new to the uni and the old back to the uni" replied Armaan. " Oh cool... to main kya karoon?" said Geet. " Tum aaogi... its apparently themed around the sensual... salsa... romantic stuff" replied Shilpa. " Oh God... seriously?" said Geet as she rolled her eyes. " I dont care... its tomorrow night and you're coming" said Shilpa.

Geet sighed and she nodded. " Btw... the dress code is Black, White and Red..." said Shilpa. Geet stopped and she smiled, " Really now?"

" Mhm..." nodded Shilpa. " Im wearing a sari... what about you?" said Shilpa. " Donno yet" answered Geet. " Whatever it iss... you'll look great" smiled Shilpa. " Aww thanks girl! you'll look so beautiful... i always find married women to have a sort of glow to them" smiled Geet. " Thankss" blushed Shilpa.

" Guys...what should I wear?" asked Armaan. " Wear my favorite..." smiled Shilpa. " Says the girl who changes a million times before she goes back to her original choice that I LOVED... " joked Armaan.

" Shutup Armaan" said Geet and Shilpa together. Armaan put his hands up in surrender, " Sorry my pretty ladies... I won't say anything"

Geet and Shilpa laughed... they talked on about the event happening tomorrow night.

But there was a plan lingering in Geets mind and she was going to have fun with this... perfect way to ruin Maan Singh Khurana... known as Count Dracula.


The next evening, Geet had been trying to choose her colors... she was standing in front of the mirror with the blinds closed... She kept on snapping her fingers and changing her sari colors.

" White is too overated... I need sexy... thats what I need" thought Geet. She finally changed into a black sari. Her makeup changed into smokey eyed with her usual pinkish redish lipgloss.

The sari looked like this:,r:2,s:0

Her hair was let down straight and she put it to the side, exposing her back...

Geet went downstairs and found Meera standing at the bottom of the stairs. " You could really pull off the vampire queen look with that" joked Meera.

" Thanks Meer... didn't know you felt like that about me" teased Geet.

" You look gorgeous... who am I kidding... the most powerful and most beautiful angel" smiled Meera. " Thanks Meer... love you!" said Geet as she gracefully came down the stairs with her 6 inch stilettos. " You really are going to turn him on with that you know" joked Meera. " May I want that Meer" winked Geet.

" Ok go now... we will be watching over you" smiled Meera. Geet nodded and she grabbed her clutch and fastened her stilettos tightly.

Geet went out of her house and she locked the door. Geet went into her car and then a  note appeared in her hand which had directions.. which was of course provided courtesty of Meera. She looked over them once or twice and then started the car.

It took her about ten minutes to get there and she parked her car in the parking lot. The familiar professors were entering the venue just then. She came out of her car and took her clutch out.

She locked the car and then fixed her sari... She walked into the venue and she saw a large hall decorated with lights... candles... and tables all around.

Just as she walked in, all eyes were fixed upon her presence.

 She smiled brightly and paid no heed to any wandering eyes. She looked around to see if that dracula was there. She spotted him at the bar sitting alone... she only rolled her eyes.

"You aren't that blind Khurana" thought Geet.

Just then...Maan turned around and his face went blank again. His expression was soft and she dodged his eyes and only waved to people she knew.

Geet looked so.. so... drop dead gorgeous... if she wanted she could don any look... be it angelic or sensual...

On the other hand, Maan looked so hot with his black suit with a almost see through black shirt... It showed his chiseled and perfected abs...

Shilpa suddenly ran up and said, " OMG! Geet! you look... oh god... are you sure that you didn't step out of a magazine or the oscars?!"

Geet laughed and hugged Shilpa, " Nahin... its a sari that I own and I just came from my house if that counts as the oscars..."

Armaan came up with a tailored black suite and he stood beside Shilpa who was donning a beautiful black and red sari. Her long mangalsutra and sindoor were highlights of her outfit.

" May I say Geet... you look stunning" smiled Armaan. " Thanks Armaan... you look quite handsome!" replied Geet. " Shall we go to our table?" asked Armaan. The girls nodded and they went to sit at the tables.

As Geet was sitting down, she felt Maan's eyes linger toward her...She could feel his eyes linger towards her exposed back and down her back. " Disgusting" thought Geet. Vampires are so lustful...and this Maan Singh Khurana was the king of lustful vampires...

Maan's senses were driving him mad... he wanted to touch her... he wanted to smell her sweet jasmine scent... it was too good to be true. He wanted to run his hands down her exposed and curvy back. Her hazel eyes that were highlighted by the dark smokey makeup she wore... Her reddish lips seemed all the more seducing. She was a seductress... and it drove Maan insane...

He wanted to talk to her now... his insides felt like they needed her presence... His senses were absolutely blinded...

Suddenly, as he was watching her converse with Armaan and Shilpa, a professor by the name of Prem Juneja, who taught anthropology and History... came and asked her something. Maan could hear his conversation even if he was all the way across the room.

" Good evening Miss Handa, nice to meet you... I am Prem Juneja" said Prem with a smile. Geet turned around and she flashed her bright smile which she knew that Maan could see. He took out his hand and she put her hand in his and he kissed it softly.

Maan narrowed his eyes and his teeth were clenched. How dare that pretty boy touch her?

Shilpa squeezed Armaans hand and signalled him to both. Professor Prem Juneja was a very handsome guy, he was around the same age as Armaan and both were very good friends. His handsome features and cute smile made any girl swoon in her seat. The respect in his eyes when he met a woman were impeccable.

" Hi Mr. Juneja..." smiled Geet. " May I take a seat beside you" asked Prem. Geet nodded and Prem sat beside her. " And please... call me Geet!" said Geet. Prem nodded, " Well if we are going to be that formal, then please do call me Prem"

Geet laughed, " Are you sure you haven't stepped out the middle ages?"

Prem laughed and he said, " Sorry... I thought ladies like you loved that"

" We do, but just don't over do it!" replied Geet. Prem nodded... " And might I add... you look absolutely stunning... I swear you have the whole restaurant looking at you"

Geet laughed, " i get that a lot"

Maan was obviously overhearing their conversation and he got angrier. " I would kill him right on the spot, but I won't"

" What do you teach Geet?" asked Prem with a glint of mischievousness in his eyes.

Geet could read his eyes and she only smirked, " Perfect.. jealousy... lets see what he does now... be it vampire or man... they both fall weak to lust"

" I teach Sociology and I am a new guidance counselor as well" added Geet. Prem nodded, " Nice to meet another beautiful young woman..."

" Thats it... he blew it... hes done" thought Maan as he was enraged he could almost rip that pretty boy apart. " Sissy man... he doesn't even know how to deal with a woman" mumbled Maan as rolled his eyes.

Geet was listening into his thoughts and she only laughed a little, " The music is great... I just love that song from that movie Shabd... what is it called?"

" Sholon si?" smirked Prem. Geet faked the surprised face, " Oh yeah!! that one... I love it.. its so sensual... perfect to dance on..."

Prem signalled a waiter to come and he whispered into the waiters ears, " Go tell the DJ to play Sholon si from the movie shabd"

The waiter nodded and Geet wasn't stupid, she knew what he said. " Im loving this already, even though I feel bad that this sweet man is getting caught in my game"

The waiter went to play the song and all four talked until it came on. " omg! they played it... how sweet" commented Geet as she saw Maans expression. The nosy soul he was, he was listening into their conversations. Geet knew that he was about to blow. He felt like ripping the man apart with his own hands... " Fire is on" thought Geet...

" May I?" asked Prem as he stood up and asked for her hand. Geet pretended, " I can't dance Prem!"

"Of course you can... just follow me" added Prem with a smile. Geet couldn't refuse and she asked Shilpa and Armaan to go up and dance as well. They both agreed. Armaan and Shilpa went ahead while Geet purposely walked past Maan in a sly manner and she could see his fists clench. This game was going to be fun. She ignited the fire, now it just needed to burn and destroy everything.

 Geet put on hand on his shoulder and one joined with his hand... Maan watched her delicate hands rest on his shoulder and he saw Prems hand slipping onto her waist. Maan was outraged!

There was a strange fire burning in him. He felt like Prem didn't have the right to touch her. It was only his right. Only Maan Singh Khurana's right to touch Geet Handa.

" Yeh kameena vampire kitna slow hai... dekh nahin raha... Prem is stepping on my feet and I cant say a word" thought Geet as she sweetly smiled at Prem." I actually don't know how to dance... will you get angry if I said I lied?" addmitted Prem. Now Geet felt bad... she only said, " Its okay... you're natural!"

Prem laughed, " Yeah right... by the way.. whos that professor thats glaring at me"

Geet looked to the side a little and smiled, " Professor Maan Singh Khurana... he teaches Physics."

" Can he tell me if my dancing motion is at the correct speed" joked Prem. " That was..." said Geet.

" An horrible joke... I know" smiled Prem. Geet was about to say something until she saw a muscular arm touch Prems shoulder. Prem stopped and turned around for a second, " Yes?"

" I'll take it from here" said Maan sternly. Geet looked at Prem then to Maan. Smiling to herself... Prem looked at Maans eyes which were turning even lighter than his usual chocolate brown. It was almost honey brown. " Uhm... okay?" said Prem as he let go of Geet and stepped back. Geet looked at him with fake surprise.

Maan stepped forward and he locked her hand into his and she slid her hand on his shoulder. His hands slipped onto her waist and he held her tightly against him. Geet looked into his eyes and saw, desire, passion and... love?

Geet was surprised a little at the last feeling... Vampires didn't have a heart... they couldn't love... they only had lust and evilness. Maan was lost in her eyes... he seemed like he was hypnotized in the hazel color of her eyes... Every feature of hers was soft and beautiful...

The song began and Maan began moving and Maan locked his gaze upon her... As if he was showing the world that Geet was only his. Only his.

Sholon si sholon si
tere ankhon ki yeh roshni
kiske liye hai kiske liye hai
chandni chandni, tere chere ki yeh chandni
kiske liye hai kiske liye hai
tera muskurana nazar yun jhukana
tera muskurana nazar yun jhukana
mere liye hai bas mere liye hai

Geet could smell his collogne that was obviously expensive... She noticed that he wasn't wearing his suit jacket... his almost see through black shirt showed his chisled abs and perfect body...

sholon si sholon si
tere ankhon ki yeh roshni
kiske liye hai kiske liye hai
chandni chandni tere chere ki yeh chandini
kiske liye hai kiske liye hai

Maan was devouring her with his eyes... she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. For some reason... he didn't feel like biting her... he felt like... loving her...

samjho mera joh ishara hai
joh bhi hai mera woh tumhara hai
samjho mera joh ishara hai
joh bhi hai mera woh tumhara hai
lehar mein koi hoon khoyi
manzil toh hai tu kinara hai
yeh meri adayaein yeh meri wafaein
yeh meri adayaein yeh meri wafaein

tujhko pata hai sabh tere liye hai

Maan half let go of Geet and spun her around and he hugged her from behind and they moved a little... Maan could smell her scent again... her neck was delicate and long...

sholon si sholon si
meri ankhon ki yeh roshni
tere liye hai tere liye hai
chandni chandni mere chere ki yeh chandni
tere liye hai tere liye hai

Geet wanted to tease him more... she needed to accomplish what she was sent on this earth for. Geet ran her hands down his cheek softly and he kissed her palm softly... As he kissed her hand, she felt an electric shock all through her body... She had never felt like that before. Why did she?

haske dikha do deewane ko
joh ho raha hai ho jane do
haske dikha do deewane ko
joh ho raha hai ho jane do
dil ke uljhan zubaan pe
ati hai toh aajane do
yeh hoton ki narmi yeh sanson ki garmi
yeh hoton ki narmi yeh sanson ki garmi
mere liye hai bas mere liye hai

Maan suddenly spun her around to hold her against him again... They began to ballroom dance again... Maan was leading her like a true gentlemen, he knew every step... every single moment...she felt as if they rehearsed this.

sholon si sholon si
teri ankhon ki yeh roshni
kiske liye hai kiske liye hai
chandni chandni tere chere ki yeh chandni
kiske liye hai kiske liye hai
tera muskurana nazar yun jhukana
tera muskurana nazar yun jhukana
mere liye hai bas mere liye hai

Maan felt her luscious curves with his palm... her angelic skin was glowing and he felt like taking her with him forever. He inched his face towards her and she did the same and she closed her eyes... their lips were inches apart until...

The song ended... Geet opened her eyes and she broke out of his hold and stepped back. She looked around embarassed. She found Shilpa's mouth to be a big " O" and Armaan was just dumbfounded.

Geet looked around embarassed and Maan just looked at her with his eyes questioning her... She covered it up with a smile. He stepped towards her and she said, " Thankyou for the dance Mr. Khurana"

Her voice was seducing and he only took her hand softly and kissed it, " You're very welcome Miss. Handa"

Geet laughed a little and Maan broke into a smirk, " I did not know you could dance that well"

" It comes natural Mr. Khurana, and I'm sure you didn't rehearse it before coming here" replied Geet. " I like your wittiness Miss. Handa... keep it up" said Maan with a husky voice. Geet only laughed, " I like your presence Mr. Khurana, it is quite refreshing."

Maan was about to say something until Shilpa and Armaan walked up. Geet turned her attention towards them, " Hey guys!" " Challooo" smiled Shilpa as she dragged Geet away leaving Armaan with Maan.

Armaan smiled a little and took out his hand for a handshake, " Hey man, nice to meet you again..." Maan just looked at him with narrowed eyes and he shook his hand, " Same to you"

It was a little awkward between the two men and Armaan said, " A drink?"

Maan looked at Armaan... how boring. He doesn't drink this disgusting thing called alcohol. He drank blood... and that too... of humans. Now that was his intoxication... But besides blood, his intoxication was Geet...

I hope you liked it! Its an extra long update (hopefully) and Fill these pages up with comments! (please LOL) and Press the Like button

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Edited by -MzIndependant- - 21 July 2013 at 9:26am
zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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I am loving this vampire angel love story Wink
ajenn IF-Rockerz

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OMG!!! MAan is really scary!!!
N his tot is really disgusting!!!
Great idea of making geet could read maan's mind n maan cant read her's
..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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wowww loved it
so geet  making maan fall for her
loved the way she is trying to seduce him wearing sarees n the dance was awesome
n surprisingly geet is also falling for maan

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