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Maneet OS- The Vampire's Angel Epilogue Page 20

Desigirl144 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 9:11pm | IP Logged

Hey guys! I've came up with another OS and its this one is pretty much out of my comfort genre as well.LOL The last OS I wrote was Suna Suna Lamha Lamha and I'm currently writing two FF's on our lovely Maneet! This concept is quite popular now a days so I thought I would give it my own twist and of course include Maneet into it. Yet again, please trust me with this!Embarrassed I will make sure that this OS is even better than my last one. If you do not like it, then please tell me how I can improve it or if not, then I can always discontinue it! And this is one of probably 6 parts... so its not a usual FF that is usually long Lol!

Happy reading everyone!Smile


 Geet you are the most skilled... change your form and go and protect the humans... The vampire's are out and they mean business Geet" instructed the head angel.

 Geet nodded and she only smiled, " When will I be going down?"  The head angel replied, " Today, Right Now... and you'll be a guidance Councillor and sociology professor at Delhi University in India, and your accommodation is a house... Good luck"

Geet nodded and then the head angel left with the others, except her close friend Meera. Meera smiled and walked upto her, " Good Luck Geet... we all picked you because you are the strongest out of all of us and you've done more of the protection missions than any of us..."

Geet laughed, " Its my job, its my duty, I have to and to tell you the truth, I'm very happy! It'll be interesting interacting with the humans won't it? They cry over the littlest of things and they get angry over the slightest of things...but are some are very lovable"

Meera put her hand on her friends shoulder and said, " You are our strongest Geet...and if you ever want to come back up, just summon us"

Geet nodded and she hugged Meera, " I'll miss you!"

" Okay go before the head angel sees you again and you get into big trouble" joked Meera. " Will I get detention?" laughed Geet. " Yeah, to clean up the clouds Geet" laughed Meera.

The two laughed and then Meera said her farewell to her friend.

Geet closed her eyes and she slowly descended down and it seemed like time froze and everything stood still. Geet was brought down towards the house
She looked around her to see if anyone was there and she snapped her fingers and her outfit changed from a white dress to a blue anarkali dress. She had snapped her fingers again and thus appeared her supposed " Luggage" which consisted of a purse and suitcase.

She reached the front door of her temporary house and she saw that it was a modern looking house. The french windows were shut and the large french door was covered by screen. The gardens had been maintained well with lush green grass and beautiful roses and lilies.

" My keys... my keys... oh yeah! inside my bag" thought Geet. She took out a bunch of keys from her purse and she inserted the key in and opened the door. The house was already lit up and it looked like it had been cleaned thoroughly.

She entered and she closed the door behind her shut and locked it with the regular and extra locks. She came in and she smiled, " This is perfect..."

She walked through the whole house and admired the good taste of her fellow angels. They were far too generous for this. She sat down on the couch in the main living room and switched the TV on.

She laid back and smiled to herself, " My first day... I wonder how that will be?"


" MY INSTRUCTIONS WERE CLEAR...! roared Maan. The vampire clan looked down shamefully and Maan grew even more angry by the second they were standing in front of him.


The vampires shook in fear... Maan the vampire king of his clan was angry. Most of the time, the vampires of his clan would do things smoothly and rarely does Maan erupt like he did now.

Maan walked up to one of the vampires and said, " LOOK ME IN THE FACE..."

The vampire looked down and he didn't say a word. Maan only glared at him dangerously and grabbed him by the throat by one hand and threw him to the side walls. The vampires shook in fear again... this time they were all worried about their lives.

The vampire that Maan had thrown to the side only laid there lifeless and no one dared to go see how he was. " TAKE HIS EXAMPLE,  AND THE NEXT TIME YOU DON'T CARRY OUT A DAMN TASK THAT I TELL YOU...THEN... YOU DIE..."

Everyone nodded in surrender and Maan paced around... his large mansion located in the forests was so far in that no one would dare go in.

" Now that you all proved to be incompetent, I'll be going down to the humans myself... but as a physics professor at Delhi University and there starts my plan!" said Maan with a stern tone.

The vampires nodded, " Now... listen to me very carefully, I repeat you do NOT come near me or even try to communicate with me... and you will stay away from the humans as much as possible... I repeat... stay AWAY from the humans as much as possible and when I tell you to appear, you will appear then..." said Maan.

They all nodded again and Maan continued, " I will be going as a professor for the first day... and if you have anything important to tell me, then you must wait till I get back to the mansion"

Maan only raised an eyebrow and he said, " Leave... and don't show me your faces" The vampires nodded and filed out of the main hall quietly and they went into their own places.

Maan sat on his large chair by the fireplace and he thought to himself, "  I'm definitely going to get what I need now...and if anyone dares try to interfere then they go straight to hell..."


The next day, Geet had gotten ready extra early. She wore a white anarkali and wore her hair down. Who are we kidding? She quickly changed herself magically and she was ready in seconds.

Geet had to make sure that she seemed human and that no signs of her regular form were noticed or even acknowledged.

She came out of the house and locked her door... the house already had charms set up around for any unwanted intruder. Angels would be watching over her house and her surroundings at all times. Of course they were invisible.

Geet went into her car and she backed out of the driveway and she thought, " GPS? please... its called being an angel"

Geet quickly snapped her fingers and a note with directions on it had appeared... She smiled to herself and scanned the card. She instantly knew where to go and she drove for at least fifteen minutes.

On the other hand, Maan had dressed to be very professor like. He wore a short sleeved dress shirt with a tie and vest coat with his signature black dress pants. Normally, Maan would wear his black typical black velvety suite with the vampires around... but now that he was in places where most if not all were humans.

He drove towards the university and he reached there quite quickly. He knew the ins and outs of Delhi streets.

On the other side, Geet arrived at the university in her silver Nissan Altima and she parked the car in the teachers parking lot area. She took out her purse and came out of the car. She shut her door and locked the car.

Right beside her, Maan arrived in his black BMW and Geet was about to go until she stopped for a second and looked at the car beside her. She only rolled her eyes and walked forward. Maan turned his car off and he took out his file... He opened the car door and found a beautiful silver Nissan parked right beside him and he only snickered to himself, " Good taste I must say"

He shrugged it off and he came out of the car and shut the door and locked the car. He walked towards the front entrance.

Geet walked towards the front entrance and she felt like she had all eyes on her. She scanned around to find the girls gawking at her and sneering. The guys were just staring at her and they had a look of " Hello Madam... are you sure you're a teacher... you're pretty hot"

She only laughed, " Kids"

She walked in and the sound of her five inch heels echoed through the quiet administrator office. She asked the front desk for the dean and the lady immediately took her in.

" Good Morning Sir" smiled Geet. The dean turned around and he felt warm with her presence. " Hello Miss Geet... ayiye" smiled the dean. Geet nodded and she sat down on the opposite ends of the table. " So you are the sociology professor and a half time guidance counselor and you seem to be very well qualified, welcome to the job and if you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact me!" said the dean. Geet nodded and shook his hand," Thank you sir"

The dean nodded, " Here is information on your class and please head there right now" Geet nodded and she took the piece of paper. She came out of the room and was looking at the paper and she was reading it.

At the same time, Maan came into the same doors that Geet was just exiting out of. He smelled a sweet scent of jasmine and he looked to his side quickly and found a young lady who was wearing white who was exiting out. Maan turned his attention towards the front and the dean and the dean only said, " Here is your class information Mr. Khurana and please go now"

Maan nodded and took the piece of paper and he shook the deans hand and he went out of the room quickly.

Geet was walking towards her main classroom that her class was taking place in. She saw two double doors labelled with the number that was labelled on the piece of paper that she got from the dean.

She entered to find young girls and guys to be playing around and sitting on the tables. She smiled and she walked right in and walked to the front. Everyone turned their attention towards Geet.

" Helloo... madamm jii... she's pretty hot I must say" joked Arjun. " Chup karo Arjun... she is our new professor..." said Arohi. " Yeah yeah Miss goody two shoes" said Arjun as he rolled his eyes. " Eyy Lucky... give me my notebook back... I might need to take notes for Geet maam's class" joked Arjun. Arohi hit him on the arm and he immediately sat down beside her. " Pay attention... SHHH GUYS..."

Everyone went quiet and waited for Geet to stop. She looked up and smiled, " Good Morning everyone... you may all call me Geet maam or Miss Geet and I am your new Sociology professor for this semester and I look forward to meeting you and working with you!"

" Madam jii... aapka phone number kya hain?" called Arjun. Geet laughed, " You joke really well... you're name is Arjun right?"

Arjun looked at with a smirk, " Its Arj... but if you want Madam jii... you can call me Arjun" Geet laughed," So you're the joker of the class? Well now, Mr. Arjun Singh Rathod, it wouldn't work too well if you have a bad impression with me about yourself on the very first day... that could possibly cost you the credits"

Arjun went quiet at her reply and he was expecting an angry reply, but Geet was perfectly calm. As if nothing he said bugged her. " Beht jao!" whispered Arohi.

"Shall we continue?" asked Geet as she looked around. " Yes maam" said the students all together.

Geet started on a topic and she opened the projector and she started to talk about the various societies around the world.

On the other hand, Maan entered his physics classroom to find the students fooling around and throwing papers at each other. His presence was so intimidating that everyone stopped fooling around and sat in their seats.

Maan was sorting his papers and he could hear the girls whisper, " DHAK DHAK ALERT..." He rolled his eyes

" Oh HOT DAMN... a hottt just feel like pouncing on him then and there" whispered a girl named Sasha. Maan was quite amused by their reactions but he paid no heed.

He looked up at them with his usual stern expression, " Good Morning, you may all call me Maan Sir... or Professor Khurana... and we are going to start our physics lecture right now so take out your writing utensils and you better start taking notes now"

The students were quite taken by his stern and strict attitude. The guys were annoyed and the girls were swooning in their chair.

Maan continued on with his lesson and turned the projector on for the slides...


It was the usual break time for the professors and Geet decided to go into the professors lounge area where the coffee, tea and other food was kept.

She walked through the large hallways and she heard passing comments from the students, " She's so pretty! straight out of a magazine"

" She looks so angelic Pinky... dekh naa yaar" said Arohi. " I know! I wish I was like her! thin, beautiful and good sense of style..." said Pinky as she stuffed chocolates in her mouth. " Tu bhi naa... you'll never change" joked Arohi.

" Better than Miss Universe" smirked Arjun. " Shutup Arjun" snapped Arohi. " Damn Lucky... she's beautifull...Better than Katrinaa yaar..." said Arjun.

" Seriously... she is so much more beautiful than Katrina... OMMG.. Arohi! did you hear about the new physics professor... hayeee! he is a total dhak dhak" smiled Pinky.

" Dhak Dhak karne laga..." sang Arohi just to annoy Arjun. " Eyy! Arohi..." frowned Arjun. " Geet maam ki jawaaanii..." sang Lucky to annoy Arohi. Arohi only stuck out her tongue in response..

Geet laughed at the angelic comment. It was hysterical! But who was this new professor?

She was lost in her thoughts... She was walking through the hallways and she saw a loose thread hanging at her sleeve and she was about to remove it until she bumped into an tall figure and she almost fell back until a strong pair of hands caught her by the waist.

I hope this was a good beginning! And make sure you fill up these pages with tons of comments! I always love reading them! LOL

Part 1: Page 1
Part 2: Page 6
Part 3: Page 11
Last part: Part 4: Page 15

Epilogue Page 20

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love it.
maan vampire n geer angle.
do continue plz.
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Gr8 OS
Oooh geets an angel & maans a vampire--awesome concept
Let's see how this love story kicks in
Awww the boys wer going gaga over geet & the girls wer all drooling over maan
Cant w8 4 the nxt part--maaneets meeting
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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continue soon
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wow..amazing concept..
loved it.
maan vampire and geet angle.
cont sooon
thnx for d PM Smile
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love it sounds interesting
i hope yu turn into SS
geet angel & maan vampire
amazing start
pls cont soonnn
thanks pm
thank yu so muchhh
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Wow nice sounds great do continue soon and thanks for the pm
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Do continue soonPls pm me

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