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Originally posted by priya2904

congrats jaya...Smile
Tell me ur strength and weakness?

thanks priiya , 

Hmm let me tell my weakness first 

I get bored way too soon , my anger ., i need motivation , ..

Strengths :-

Will power, ability to handle situation , my friends , my sis and jiju and mom 

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Originally posted by JustJ

@thanks dolly, acha hai na ur lappy is at service center LOL 

@Shyam :- Never, waha ke sare log ek number ke juthae aur Beep Beep hai, tabhi got tht cancelled and went for other one ... abhi shanti hai ghar pe ... 


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Originally posted by cjs369

Congrats Jaya... for becoming the member of the week... looks like I am back in time to know you betterLOL I was hoping aww charu should be here u know LOL ... how was ur trip 
Jaya ur questions: answer if possible with reasonsWinkLOLLOL  Reasons , hmmm willl try 

- singing or dancing          Singing , iam horrible dancer Wink

- school or college             College, i made friends whom i cherish a lot , and proud of them 

- prevention or cure            Depends , some times wat ever happenes , happens for best , instead of crying kyu hua, its good to find cure and take care aage na ho 

- summers or winters                         Winters, summers in south are more or less living in frying pan ...LOL

- disco or movies                                           Movies, 

- girls  or boys (friends)                                Boys , being a tom boy myself , i get along well with guys , as with gals its mostly about wat r u wearing , how to impress someone , wats ur matching stuff, and more over they cry for everything  Sleepy

- reading or TV                                                             Reading , atleast i dont have to curse book LOL

- swimming or walking (exercise)                           Iwould have choose swimming , since i am not doing it , i prefer walking 

- lie to save a friend or truth ..whatever happens the friend has to face  Depends on situation , there had been situations where i did both , depends on that person too , is he or she strong enough to face truth and handle it or not
do you make,... a 'to do ' list everyday ?          Not really , if things are pending for long time , i make a list 

do you always complete the task on ur list ?    Most of the t ime , some times i get lazy 

how many people did you complement today ?  None, 

how many times do you criticize ?                      Oh , i love doing it LOL thats the way one can improve in wat ever they do  , i let ppl critize me too 

how many times were you late to meet someone ?                 Not more than 2 for sure ...

how many times did you try to prove that u were smart...?      I dont have to prove anything , as i come across as dumb , dull, calm person at first [LOl] but i have this knack of surprising ppl and rest is history Wink 

are you a non-interupting listener...?                      Hmm not all the time , 

are you the worrying type...?                                    At times yes, but stopped doing it ...

do you pray everyday ?                                             Nope , but i thank god for giving me this life, bus , not praying 

have you ever cheated in ur exams ?                             Yes , i did 

if accused of a wrong doing you prefer to attack or defend ?    If i am wrong i take it , but if i know i am not wrong , i go and defend myself , if others is not accepting it , well its their head ache not mine 

any crushes on ur professors ?                                         Lol, yes and no , but he was so boring , decided wat a waste of time as i , wasted a week i guess 

what was the best dream you ever had...?               Hmm, i dont rem ... 

ever been on a date ? where?                                 I never been out on dates , but i met many ppl for first time and its always in coffeeshops 

any dream place where u wud love to build a dream house  ?      Hmm hyd mein hee, or else in Singapore 

sorry if by chance any question has been repeated ... then u may not answer that question LOL
this is the same set I had given farah... more coming up for you ...Big smile

Dont have  to be sorry as nothing have been repetitive ... 

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Jaya in ur siggy only Veer's pics shud have been thereLOLLOL.

My questions
1. One good thing about VeerBig smile
2. Whom does Veer love the most: Iccha or TRAP baby
3. Veer's most romantic momentEmbarrassed
4. When did he look the most handsomeCool
5. Till date the best thing he has doneClap
6. Out of these 4 girls who deserves Veer: I, T, K or SHeart
7. Was he a good brotherSmile
8. Veer's saddest momentCry
Cry9.One thing u wud like to change in his characterBig smile
10.Do u really hate VeechaThumbs Down or u still have some soft corner for themThumbs Up

Well a small set of pakao questions for u Jaya wid Heart Jeeta

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Originally posted by ladybird9

Firstly congo again..and here comes ur round 1 questions Big smile...

okay i start of with few girlyy questions, plzz dont mindd they might help me make some decisions when i am derEmbarrassed I know why ur asking , 

  1. do u have anything Pink in color rt in front of u, tell me wht it is    Nope 
  2. how about green..bottle green color anything in sightTongue..if yes what is it  Nope 
  3. Do u keep flowers in ur room      Very rarely i do ...
  4. do u love 2 wear flowers        Nope, they give me headache                  
  5. Jasmine(mallepuvvuluDay Dreaming)/Roses                       nope , i get headache with jasmine , i like rose though 
  6. ur fav spot to hang out in hydSmile                        Malls, Necklace road , coffeeshops , botanical garden , LOL 
  7. the best spot to go out for a party in hydEmbarrassed       Ur asking for pubs ?? B&C is best , and one more own by nagarjuna ... 
  8. best jewellers in hydEmbarrassed        Meena Jewellers, Malbar shop ( i got ask my elder sister Embarrassed)
  9. R u wearing a customised oranamenst yaa ready made ornaments  Gold, i dont wear them on daily basis , kabhi kabhi and mostly customised ones ... our design our style Embarrassed
  10. What do u prefer customised oranaments yaa ready made ones   I go for simple ones, so customised ones and rarely ready made 
  11. Where do u go for shopping for fancy aparty wear  Inorbit Mall near hitech city , Sindhi colony near Paradise, City center Mall near Banjara hills, Vogue near Nagarjuna hills , i dont go near abids side so donno tht area 
  12. where do u buy silk sarees  I dont buy them mom does and she goes to Nalli sliks ... 
  13. do u wear western outfits I am comfortable in them 
  14. which is the latest outlet with good deals    Need to look 
  15. and which is the one with best designs   I prefer Neeru and Mehbaz ... but can try Abids, secbad , 
  16. *Ur fav God n y   Sai baba, i dont go to temple nor i do pooja every thursday 
  17. *Ur fav Goddess n y  Donno 
  18. *Ur fav festival n y    I am bored of festivals ...
  19. *ur FAV cricketer         Gilly and Sachin 
  20. *ur fav team in Cricket    India and Newzeland 
  21. *Ur fav fruit                          Water melon , and Kiwi 
  22. *Ur fav vegetable            Drumstick, karela,
  23. *Do u love flying kites      oh i used to 
  24. *When did u last fly one    when i was 12yrs old , but later on again recently in this jan as my nephew wanted me to 
  25. *What do u do on Independence and republic days. I watch parade or i go out with friends '
  26. *Do u like exams     NOPE 
  27. *Which was the exam u were very well prepared and was keen 2 go and give it   I hated my B'e course , but i enjoyed giving paper for Data base mgmt ...
  28. *Did u ever see anyone cheat in an exam and is yes did u report them Oh many times, nope never bothered 
  29. *Ur fav season       Winter 
  30. *Wht wud u prefer summers yaa *winters        Winters 
  31. *Do u like rain       Yes but not heavy rains 
  32. *The best thing u did when it rained            sit in balcony with coffee cup in hand and enjoy it 
  33. *Do u like thunders n lightening     Nope, they scare me 
  34. *Does ur mom do anything spl if it rains n ur home   She used to , but now i do 
  35. *Which is ur fav day n y    Friday , new movies 
  36. *1 good thing abt each of our seasons    
  37. *Did u ever hoist our flag       Nope 
  38. *Do u stand up whenever our national anthem is played  At times yes , there had been times when i didnot as something was running in my mind 
  39. *Do u do any charity     At times yes 
  40. *What was the most memorable moment if ur life    Yet to come 
  41. *Do u enjoy travelling by air        Not much 
  42. *Which mode of transport do u prefer? By road/by air/by water   Road , its fun 
  43. *Do u ever smell flowers n which one did u smell recently n y   I rarely do as i am selective of which one iam smelling LOL... not recently 
  44. *Whats ur fav  advt           This Park Avenue Deo ad, where a guy walks in at a party and sees a lady is surrounded by staff who is trying to impress her , i love lyrics of the ad 
  45. *R u giver yaa receiver   giver 
  46. *Do u prefer day yaa night n y       Night 
  47. *Ur fav vegetable          Drumstick and karela 
  48. *Ur fav restaurant        Haweli , Sweet Nirvana, southern spice 
  49. *Ur dream date            With Christian bale on a beach Day Dreaming
  50. *1 thing u wud do if u were 2 achieve fame      Give mt best wiht hard work 
  51. *The most imp task in ur life currently n 2day    Conviencing mom to patou dad to send me out for a while ... 
  52. *Which is ur fav month n y   May , donno i like it 
  53. *Wht dd u gift ur Dad on his birthday     None 
  54. *Did  u ever say thank u mom yaa dad yaa togather    Oh yes 
  55. *Did u ever say sorry mom yaa dad yaa both           I rarely do , but i do say sorry to mom alone 
  56. *When were ur parents proud of u   Recently , i was so strong on my decision , they hated me and pushed me a lot, but when they knew tht it was worthless they were proud of me for being strong and not bending down even after lot of pressure and drama 
  57. *Do u miss anyone in life n y      I miss my best friends as some of them are in abroad and i miss my 2nd sis and jiju , niece 
  58. *Wht wud u do if u given a chance to turn back time       I would turn time back to when i was 11 or 12 to undo a little mistake which left it mark btw me and mom 
  59. *If u allowed 2 invite 4 vips(alive or dead) home for dinner, whom wud u inclPreity Zinta, Princess Diana, Hitler and Hrithik 
  60. *Whats ur fav dish     Please see my intro for answer Embarrassed
  61. *Who loves ur cooking mom yaa dad      None, LOL mom says she can manage 
  62. *Did u ever cook for ur friends   Never , but promised to do once we all get together at one place 
  63. *The most expensive gift u have given anyone   Last yr to my best friend , we been out to shop for my bday , and she liked some thing there , but she never said it , i gifted her same on her bday , which was quite expensive and very cherish-able for both of us 
  64. *Do u go and watch films with ur parents which was the latest one  most of the time dads out of town , last movie i we went with mom ws when i was 13yrs, and she dont like loud sound , since then i had been going with my brother in law (first one ) but once i joined college , i go with friends but since past 2 yrs when theydont have time i manage going alone on weekdays , as i love movies 
  65. The cutest gift u revieved     Phoo teddy bear of bigger size 
  66. The cutest gift u gaveWink          Dont think i gave anyone yet 
  67. Ur most cherished giftSmile      long chain i got on my bday from dad when i was kid, no matter wat relation we share now , i always thank him for that 
  68. The most cherished complimentWink    It's a blessing to have a friend like u Embarrassed
  69. How old were u when u had ur first photograph takenSmile     a year or so 
  70. How old were u when u had been videographed first timeBig smile    4yrs old , at my uncle wedding 
  71. Do u like how ur now yaa when u were a kid'I mean b4 ur beard n 'if u hv them now..Tonguewhen i was kid , i loved my look of gollu mollu , LOL
  72. 1 thing u  wud change abt urself if any Embarrassed         my anger 
  73. Wht r u looking forward 2 in lifeSmile     Success, peace , happiness and love 
  74. What inspires uDay Dreaming     Challenges, motivation , appreciation 
  75. What depresses uOuch     When family fail to understand me , well i have accepted its ok  i did all i can for ages , abhi jane do , 
  76. Do u like fireworksBig smile    Not really 
  77. Do u enjoy fireworks without sound pollutionTongue why not 
  78. Wht ur fav crackerSmile     nothing 
  79. Did u ever feel money is wasted coz of diwaali celebrationsUnhappy OH yes , many times 
  80. If yes/no was der a moment u felt u were wasting moneyConfused    Not now though 
  81. Do u pray dailySmile     I thank god bus , no praying 
  82.   R u grateful to god for all his blessingsBig smile      Very 
  83. When did u last thank HIM for tht.Big smile          Yday 
  84. Did u receive any online giftsWinkLOL       Aha  many on Fb 
  85. Which 1 did u keep so far, Tongue           One i got from Neetu 
  86. Did u make any1 cry on this forumEmbarrassed        If i did, i never noticed , but i dont think i did 
  87.   Do u easily apologise when u hurt someones emotionsWink  Nope, i find it hard to apologise when my heart is not willing to do , i simply dont do it ...i dont mind hurting others may be they deserve it 
  88. What do u pride most abt ur selfSmile     Good advicer and very good friend 
  89. 1 thing u can do for ur country on any dayClapClapClap        Get into heated argument and i dont mind  taking gun when needed 
  90. Wht wud u ask Preity zintaif u were given a chance 2 personally interview herBig smileHow she  feels being alone , as she never shows it .
  91. What wud u gift her on her birthdayBig smile     A beautiful traditional pattu saree with pearl set 
  92. What gift wud u love 2 receive from pz  A photo of us together and her autograph  
  93. What wud u tell ppl, who dislike IndiaEmbarrassed       Go to hell 
  94. What wud tell ppl who are jealous of IndiaWink     why are u so insecure ?? ppl get J when ur insecure , get a life 
  95. If given an opportunity 2 visit the moon whom wud u take with uDay DreamingLOLLOL Nikhila (Nikz) she recently said shew ould love to go to moon 
  96. Do u love writingBig smile   yes, as i love imagination 
  97. Do have any publications in ur college mag/weekly yaa dailiesSmile Naa , but twice in weeklies 
  98. What did u last writeTongue    Yday   
  99. Which beverage wud u prefer tea/coffee/drinking chocolateTongue  black coffee 
  100. Which soft drink do u like the mostSmile   Coke and marinda 
  101.  Do u drinkAngry    Once or twice in a month 
  102.  If yes Whats ur fav brandLOLLOL         i drink when i go to my fav resturant and i ask them to get me best one , i hardly glance on menu and all 
  103. Do u smokeAngryAngryAngry  Nope 
  104.   Did u ever smokeAngry    Yes, my dads a chain smoker , me and my 2nd sis got curious of it whe we were 14 and 13 yrs old , we locked all rooms and doors and happily shared a butt , we laugh when we rem that , 
  105. What r ur views on women smoking and drinkingBig smile their life , their wish 
  106. What r ur views on pollution and each of us using ou rinvidual cars/yaa whtever and not using public transposrtSmile         If PT is horrible cant blame ppl for using own ones 
  107.           1 thing u wud do 2 save our mother earth Plant tress and  get more MMTs 
  108. The topic u posted u love the mostSmile   On veer, BB of veer LOL
  109. The topic posted by me u like the most if anyEmbarrassed     Elimination of veer 
  110. 1 thing u like abt meEmbarrassed    Sweetness 
  111. I thing dislike about meOuch    U take things too personally 
  112.   1 thing u wud love 2 change on this forumWink   Nothing , its fun to have differences , else same thkinking will be dead boring and pakkau 
  113.  Have u ever lost anything valuable which was found again and how did u feel  on both occasions.Big smile     Lost something and never found it even when they say i did ,  i dont feel it 
  114. name 2 patriotic things at homeEmbarrassed  Nothing 
  115. name 2 momentos u hv at home of our cricket herosTongue  Nothing 
  116. do u feel proud of ur self being IndianSmile    Ofcourse , why wouldnt I ?? 
  117. whom do u love more sachin yaa dhoniEmbarrassedLOL         Dhoni as he is good captain 
  118. r u feeling sad sachin didnt make his 100 tonErmm    Nope, aaj nahin tho kal sahi 
  119. did u hoist our flag yestarday after India won the cupBig smile   Nope 
  120. wht was the first thing u did when India wonTongue  My mom pushed sweet in my mouth and so did i 
  121. whom did u first congratulate on ur phone after india  wonEmbarrassedLOL One of my best online friend not from IF though , Surya 
  122. btw did u cry during the matchTongueLOL Nope 
  123. what did ur dad first say when india won the matchSmile He wasnt around  
  124. what did ur mom first say when india won the matchSmile Finally we proved this was ours  
  125. what did ur sis first say when india won the matchSmile Oh  
  126. what did ur  BIL first say when india won the matchSmile  I will buy u ur fav stuff to eat 
  127. hmmmn aur kya puchuuu haan wht did u eat after India wonLOL Sweet 
  128. did u hug ur friends after india wonBig smile Naaa
  129. did u ever watch the match live in a stadiumSmile Yes 
  130. do u have autographs from any criket starsBig smile nowww gen questionsssWink Nope 
  131. do u have posters of girls all over ur roomEmbarrassedLOLLOL Naaa 
  132. do u hv bed tea/cofee/yaa whteverEmbarrassedLOLLOL     I have luke warm water with honey and lime juice as soon as i ma up 
  133. whoz ur fav tennis star male/femaleSmile   I dont watch it 
  134. which grand slam do u love the mostSmile  Nothing 
  135. When u see unfair things happening around, do u question them yaa ignore them At times i do , at times i dont 
  136. What wud u prefer freedom of expression of ur conscience or friends Both , but more of mine 
  137. What do yo listen to ur heart ot ur mind? Depends on situation , but mostly heart 
  138. R friends ur weakness yaa ur strength Both , 
  139. Do u believe fairness is imp in life Oh very 
  140. is fairness imp in sport?? without doubt 
  141. Is der any game in the world tht is played without a reffere If there is  game,i donno e
  142. Do u think a refferee is imp in any game very 
  143. Do u agree a refferee should b a nuetral person and not a party of the game Yes, he has to be neutral not a fan of both teams too 
  144. Do u feel bad when someone cheats u in a game yes , shows i am dumb 
  145. Do get angry when ur persistentlly ignored u when r raising a valid question in a dispute I dont , well if i point is strong and valid there is no chance it will be ignored 
  146. Do u warn ppl when u see anything abnormal Yes 
  147. Do u prefer to live for a lie yaa die for a truth Though i lie in life, but i would die for truth rather than living with guilt of lie 
  148. Do u agree friends turned foes may b the worst enemies YEs, i had worst experience in my life, years back , even know when tht person came to me and said lets start again i just said something can never change ...  
  149. if someone blames u for something do u blame them back ON IF yes, in real life very rarely ...
  150. if some blames u do u clarify they r wrong In IF yes, and in real life depends on what that person mean to be , e3lse i choose to ignore and not bother with it at all 
  151. when u see danger do u raise an alarm  Yes 
  152. Do u agree fairness should b part of every spor   YES t
  153. Do u love to interpret n analyse  LOL, yes i enjoy it 
  154. what is ur fav lang   Hindi 
  155. in which lang do u think  Hmm , to think one need to use lang ?? 
  156. do u dream in colors   Yes and No 
  157. have u dream abt  mr right  I dont waste time on tht 
  158. do u dream of a better fair world where ppl can live n let live  Yes , always 
  159. how do u think the world becomes a better place   With peace and when one is ready to accept others for wat ever they are 
  160. do u prefer best education Hmm , yes 
  161. do u mind going abroad to get the best education if u can afford it Why not yes 
  162. do u love 2 b born as a different national, if yes which nation    Nope, i am proud of being indian , 
  163. do u love 2 represent any other country when ur an indian esp when u have a choice 2 represent india USA 
  164. do u play for ur team to win always   Idont play much 
  165. do u think going abroad for studies is a crime LOL, no way 
  166. do u think refusing to represent a country where ur currently n still being indian can be called double crossing both countries  NOPE , it shouldnt be 
  167. is it wrong to for greener pastures    Nope 
  168. do u call someone a traitor if they abroad for pursuing higher studies I find it ridiculous reason to call one as traitor , we lack proper education in india, admit it 
  169. do u get jealous when u see someone better off than you   I used to when i was kid ,but now i dont care 
  170. do u adopt diverting a topic when u think ur loosing a point in a debate NOpe 
  171. if yes r u really proud of tht   NOpe 
  172. do u think its fair 2 divert a topic n dilute a issue  Yes, if its  going no where but heading towards spoiling relations 
  173. do u agree truth is always bitter Very 
  174. do u adopt unfair tactics 2 save ur friends from bad reputation If i have to YES 
  175. If u were orginising a game with 4 teams kindly indicate ur best  preference to name them first prefernee to last n order plzz
  • Team A, B, C, D Big smile
  • Group Red, Green, Yellow, BlueBig smile
  • Teams Bharat, India, Hindustaan & AustraliaConfused
  • Team Apple orange, mango, PlumBig smile
  • Team Katrnia, Preity, Salman, SharukhTongue
  • Team Monkey Donkey Elephant GorillaLOLLOL
  • Team North South East WestBig smile
  • Team Earth Sun Moon RainBig smile
  • Team Paper, Pen Pencil EraserBig smile
  • Team Sun Moon Stars OceanBig smile
  • team Bharat, India, Hindustaan, Bharat DeshBig smile
 Sweetheart truly sorry for the trblsome questionsHug ..but i really needed the answers..Many tqs in advace..more yet to comeWinkEvil SmileLOL

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Originally posted by trupat

I m not sure if anyone has asked u this questions but I m very curious to know
Why do u like pretiy zinta so much have u met her in real life have u ever talked to her if yes then about whT do u look anything like her

thank u ...

I like her as she is a women who had made her name international not only with acting , but also by entering into business world ... she is inspiration to many ppl i dont know if ppl are aware of it or not , but she is loved and respected in abroad a lot than in india, ppl like actress only for acting , but liking and respecting them for  their individuality is something which makes me feel proud of her , she has been invited to represent Indian in abroad many times , she is true indian who makes us feel proud ...

She had her side of ups and downs yet she never cried for support or was dependent on anyone ,  wat ever she is today is of her own , not by others ...

I never met her in real life, would love to ... i dont look like her at all , not from any angle 

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Originally posted by xavivilla

-favorite number? 8

-favorite car?    Verna ...

-first childhood memory?   I am bad at this 

-# of siblings?                2 sisters , 

- do plans things ahead of time?   Yes, but rarely it happens , so i stopped doing it wy long back 

- do u make decision in a rush?  Sometimes yes 

-do u want to continue spanish/hindi lesson?Ofcourse 

- sunset or sunrise     Sunset, thats when i am dead active 

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Originally posted by sonali_dg

2. describe ur first date ?                      I wont call it DATE , but it was something nice ...

I wanna know moreee...complete story please!! Hmm warning dont laugh 

well , it was a bet cum blind date , i had a bet with one of my friend if i could go on date wiht some one whom they would arrange for , i said yes , this happened when i was in my B's first yr so place me around 19- 20... i met this guy near a shopping mall , went to cafe with him and had a blast , completely enjoyed his company , and so did he , all random talks and behaviour as if we know each other since a long time , no shying, uncomfortness and nothing , i loved his eyes a lot which were of sky blue ...Day Dreaming ... EOD we became good friends and i met him again later for many times , thats when i knew he had a recent heart break and alll poor chap , 


6. have u played Holi ?                  Nope , i dont rem when was the last time i played


Why?? The last time i played when i was 12yrs old, then i had friends in my area , now all other faces who dont look like my types , so i dont play it , 


12. how long is ur hair ??(take a tape and measure )MUST 


Where's the answer?  34 cms 

18. ever did bungee jumping ?  Nope, wanted to but was not allowed  

why??Confused  Ur rweak , gal is not suppose to do all tht , blah blah 

21. Ur fav quote ? Why waste time in discovering truth, when one can so easily create it ...2. Maturity doesnt come with age, it comes when one sees things with open mind (my own , i make and use them in life )


Too good re!!ClapClap

Only second one is mine , first one i lifted it from one of David Baldacci novels LOL

51. dedicate a song to me             Suno Aishaaa


Hehheee thankyou :P   Thanks ???? Angry

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