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Originally posted by Deepali88

Congratulation Jaya for member of the WeekHug
Shocked tu idhar kya kar rahi hai deepu LOL, lol no they are little different from wat i asked GAAYU

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* waiting for reply* oh..so tht i can start my questions.. * waiting for reply*..oh,ohhh,ohhhEmbarrassed

akin to j lo, waiting for toniteLOL

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xavivilla IF-Rockerz

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next set...thanks for answering the 1st ones.

- favorite name?
-got any  scary childhood incident?
- What does religion mean to u?
-what is worse, mental or physical disorder?
-do u hate anyone?
- Country u like to visit?
- where u rather go  beach or museum?
- r u racist? lol
- Qualities u want in ur future husband?  
- WHat time is it now?

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xavivilla IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by JustJ

Originally posted by xavivilla

let me start girl...lol

- favorite radio station Radio Mirchi 91.1Fm, i dont listen to telugu songs but the way ppl flirt with RJ;s is freaking hilarious
- mom or dad Mom
- What u do in spare time    Depends on my mood, if i am not in front of lappy or sleeping LOL, i take my bike and go for long drives on city roads where traffic is pretty low
-Whats ur favorite subject      Never had one , but i think crime area Confused
- color?   Black, Maroon and Peach ...
- got any wishes or dreams?            Yes, want to have coffee shop of my own ...Embarrassed
- things u fear?                               Darkness, 
- do u drive?                                  Two wheeler
-what car do u own?                      Nope
- favorite footballer player?            All time fav Torress
-favorite footballer club and team?    Barcelona, MU, Chelsa LOL... teams , SPAIN and Germany
- what u know about me?                Soft spoken , determined , not some one who can be manipulated easily, u dont really show ur real takes of wat u think of this show , calm , funny , helping ... Pheww there more but i wont add this is enough Wink
- have any phobias?                            Darkness ,every other insect even tiny one scares the hell out of LOL
- friends or cousins?                          Hmm donno wat to answer for this
-favorite quality of others?              Frankness , bindas attitude , unbiasedness in any kind (not in forums or shows ) funny nature , be urself
- dream job?                                     I dreamed of taking event mgmt career but that didnot happen
- if u were the king of the world for one day, what would u do?              Will look for right Queen and Ministers  who can guide me more in making this world a better place to live ...
- favorite singer?                        Shankar Mahadevan and Shan (Male), Shriya, Alka (Female), Bryan Adams , Elton Jhon , rest i like some bands
- pepsi or coke?                       Coke
-ice cream or chocolate?           Just dark chocolate with very less milk quantity

ohh so urs scared of dark...and on top like DARK chocolate ROFL..well dark chocolate is really good for ur heart and makes the blood thinner for heart to pump it. Wink

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Originally posted by sonali_dg

Cheating anta LOLLOL Inka chudamma chukkalu Big smileWinkLOLLOLLOL  Cheating ee mari , na questions sae nannu adugutava Angry...chudam chukkalu yevariki kanipistayo Wink
1. Fav Color    Black, Maroon and Peach
2 Fav song       Nothing goona change my love for u , Pehali Pehali baar jaga hai pehala pyaar tere hi liya (Zor Movie)... and rest they keep changing LOL
3. What kind of books do u read      Crime and Mystery related novels, Car and bike magazine...
4. Do u play any games ?           Nope, i dont , but i play cards on lappy LOL
5. Wat were u doing before answering my q;s    I was watching Mukti bandhan and talking on phone Embarrassed
6. color of ur walls in ur room    Light purple on 3 sides and one wall little dark purple (not total dark)
7. stretch ur right hand, wat can u touch  Hair Oil bottle
8. pick anybook which is near u  , go to page 20 , para 4 and line 8.. read it ...  Nothing , that paragh dont go till 8lines LOL
9/. fav holiday spot                           Ooty , any where away from Hyd ...
10. fav soft drink                              Coke and Marinda
11. how did IF happen ?                Go, check my intro post Wink
12. fav section in IF?                     Again check my intro post
13 wats irritating about IF ?      Hypocracy, till the time u like show ur loved , the moment u find fautls even after still loving show  ur out of groups and attacked (welcome to IF )
14. wats ur eye color                              Brown (medium)
15. do u wear lens ??                               No
16. are u brand lover ?                           Yes
17. fav dish                                             Hyd Chicken biryani , Ginger chikcen (colored desi style) and Chicken tikka masala ... I love Karela curry and sambar which mama makes
18. can u cook                                        I can manage cooking to survive
19. can u play any music instrument      Yes, i can play drums with my fingers Wink, lol nope
20. fav pick up line                                As if i care, get a life (these are not pickup lines LOL)
21. have u been to hyd                         Gal , atleast Edit tho karliya kar mere questions ko Angry
22. if given a chance to meet someone from this forum today , who would it be  Hmm Charu...
23. define love         there is no definition , u see or know a person even for first time , u know its him or her , some one who can bring colors in ur life or u can make their life colorful , who never asks u to change nor u demand them to ...
24. define friendship                      I cannot , as for me its everything ...
25. wat do u drive                             Kinetic Nova
26. wats ur goal in life                        To have my own business, starting with a coffee shop
27. describe urself                          I am reserved , i dont open up unless i know them , every ones friend but very few are my friends
28. eyes or smile                           Eyes , they never hide or lie
29. do u maintain personal diary       Yes
30. wat irritates u in a person             Back stabbing and bitching , show off
31. when was the last time u gifted anything to ur parents              One yr back , gifted mom a saree
32. wats the best gift u ever received             My bike , i believe
33. best gift u ever gave ur parents                 Nothing , i am yet to give something precious to mom ... dad we dont get along well ...
34 most embarrassing moment                 Many , recent one , when i made a post on Jan1st saying its Shivz bday asthats wat her FB profile said Dead
35 are u prankster , if so ur most recent prank played on anyone      Depends on relation i share with ppl i play pranks with them , as i dont like hurting and saying sorry , recent one ,yday i was suppose to meet my friend , i told her i set her on date and asked her to meet the guy at subway , poor gal went and was waiting there for hour before i went in LOL
36. how do u pamper urself                       By going on drives, or indulging myself with my fav chocolate pastries from my fav bakery ...
37 how many siblings u have                      Two, both married and happily settled with kids
38. do u watch F1                             I love to my fav team being Ferrari, but been months since i followed any season now
39 are u aware of  Valentino Rossi is ??                Lol, YES ... he is No.1 BIke racer
40. Fav soccer team ?                         Spain and Germany
41. fav soccer club ?                          Barcelona, MU and chelsa
42. fav team for IPL4                       I dont waste my time on IPL, but i respect Gilly a lot ,
43. wat kind of movies do u like        Decent , anything with a subject , i like comedy ones without over masala , i dont waste money on random movies
44. have u been hospitalized before  ?       Hmmm yes , for few hours when i almost broke my ankle, i was disapppointed , i always wanted to spend atleast a day in hospital donno why , but never happened , even when i had my eye laser operation, they kicked me out in mins Angry
45. wats ur hair style                           Most like a pony, 
46. are u sensitive                          Used to very badly, little now  but only close ones can leave that effect on me
47. most recent fight u got into , not in IF            Last sunday wiht mom, dad 
48. are my q random                          How can it be , as u copied mine,Dead
49. wat makes life spl                     When ur loved as ur, love from ppl who mean a lot to u , and friends ...
50 . ur fav perfume                        Poision, love her madly ...
51 wat are ur hobbies                     Check my intro post please  Embarrassed
52 do u have any collection hobbies , like  coin or stamp or so on       I love to collect books of all author i like, i love watch collection got 20LOL , i love to collect quotes
53. wat shows are u watching                   Gulaal, Mukti Bandhan , Pardes, CSI , Guniess world , Glades, some times how i met ur mother ...
54 ur fav show                                           Gulaal and Pardes (seeing from day1 and not bored yet)
55. who is most irritating person in this forum            the one who used to irritate me are not to be seen any more ...
56. do u clean ur room                              Yes,
57. a walk or cup of coffee with me            Depends on weather ...
58. last movie u been to                           Fighter Ouch
59. plans for weekend                              Nothing , might go for movie ,
60. wats ur best physical feature                Some say eye , some say smile ,
61.Can u swim                                           I know how to not get drowned, i joined classes years back but now i dont rem except how not to drown urself LOL
62 are u fitness freak                                70%
63. why was the last time u cried                Hmm, recently on friday
64. Katz or Piggy chops                         None
65. Wats ur reaction about ydays match        Who cares
66. Do u dream ?                                      Yes , when i am in deep sleep , i know i am dreaming once i get up...
67. Do u rem ur dream ?                          Very rarely, esp when they are scary ones /////
68. ur scared of                                       Check my intro post please
69. wats attracting in opposite sex ?          Eyes and smile, jovial and bindas attitude
70. WHy do u like tina                                Who said i like her LOL, i dont
71. ever though u will be watching shows ??       Yes,
72  who sent u last sms ?                          Nikz
73. when did u get ur last call ?                  20mins back ,
74. wat did u eat today                             Roti, rice and karela curry ... (only tht curry i can see LOL)
75. Neil or Abhay Deol                            Neil for looks , abhay for acting
76, Are u excited for Game movie ?             Yes , was , i didnot see it though
77. do u comment in any articles on IF?          Yes
78, Do u read sports or car Magazines ?           Some times yes
79. Wats ur mobile color                                Black
80. have u ever been home alone ?              Yes
81. Who is ur fab actor in hollywood            Christian Bale , Huge Jackman , Robert twilight wala , and i like that other guy from Narnia 3 i dont rem his name thoug
82. fav hollywood actresses                       Julia roberts, Scarlet Jhonson, Katie homles, i dont rem her name now but she was in princess diary
83. do u want me to stop grilling u               Nope , bring on , lets see who gets tired
84. are u bath room singer                         Yes
85. which came first egg or chicken ?             when i see it , i will tell ya Wink
86. Subway or MCDonalds?                       Subway , anyday
87. have u been out of INdia ?                  Yes
88. do u watch crime shows ?                   Yes
89. why u dislike taps ?                             As there is not a single thing to like her , not even her beauty
90. were u ever fed up with IF ?                     Yes , way long back, but now I laugh even when ppl try finding meanings in my posts , shows how much they love amd waste time on me

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intruderfast IF-Sizzlerz

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aah mein aa gaya jayaEvil Smileaaj nahi chodungaEvil SmileLOL

1- one good thing abt veer?
2- one good thing abt iccha?
3- what would u do if veer proposed to u?
4- if veer is the last man on earth , would u marry himLOLLOL?
5- when did u start didliking veer?
6- when did u stop watching ut?
7- love or arranged marriage?
8- a thing abt me u like the mostLOLLOL
9- have u ever slapped anyone, tell me who
10-din mein kitni baar jhooth bolti ho
11- biigest crush(male), female pataa hainLOLLOL-
12- hyderabad ki sabse best thing
13- have u ever been to ahmedabad
13- ur strengths
14- a thing abt u , u dislike the most
15 in ur family, who r u most attached to
16- u know how to drive
17- prove that u r 28LOLLOL
18- fav dish
19- ipl fav team
20- fav film

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Originally posted by ankit111

ye lo first set of q:
1. Describe me (wht u like and dislike)Smile                 Love ur sarcastic way of saying things, ur honesty, havent seen ur other side so hard to comment on DISLIKE
u come across as smart , some one who know when to react and when not to ...
2. i know u hate both, but wht if u dont hv choice, Tapu or Ichchha         I prefer dying than choosing one of tthem even if there is no other way LOL, but i would go for taps , atleast she has some qualities of human being
3. Dumbness or evilness                           Depends on situation, some times its better to be dumb and some times its not wrong in being evil, but i prefer cunningness over these two , its safe, ur neither bad nor good
4. wht irritate in the forum                             Blindness and Biasedness for reasons worth laughing
5. wht u love in the forum                             Friendlyness,  Frankness, sarcastic comments, i dont care with mod warning thiniing
6. truth or lie, if its with good intention             Truth , its ok to hurt others rather than hurting oneself but if needed to stop a serious damage Lying is not bad
7. seabeach or hill station                            Beach
8. which weather u like most                        Winter
9. SRK, Amir khan or Big B                           NONE
10. Dil se or Dimag seLOL                            Depends , but mostly Dimag sae in any case , when its for closed ones BOTH ...

Edited by JustJ - 05 May 2011 at 11:40am

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Originally posted by ankit111

second set of q:

1.       Best topic in the forum                          GAMES LOL

2.       Worst topic in the forum                       Justification topics on Taps , Veer and Icha

3.        Love marriage or arrange marriage or love after marriage      Anything as long as there is LOVE in that relation , some times one dont find love in love marriages , some times true love can be found in arrange marriages ... where there is understanding and respect love is always around ...

4.        Tit for tat or ek gal pe thappad to dusara gal samane  Tit for tat

5.       Less know, better sleep or know everything and face whtever         Depends on situation, but second option

6.        Give and take or give but not expect (neki kar dariya me dal)     When it comes to respect be it anyone elder or younger i believe in give and take policy , other than that , its good when u have no expectations in any relation , as wat ever comes good or bad will be surprising , and wont hurt feelings ...

7.       Filmy song , gazal or classical               Depends on lyrics ,

8.       Book or TV                                               Book

9.       Wht sport u play                                         I dont

10.    Wht do u think, if woman asking for equality thn why reservation     Women are learning to accept they are human beings  so asking for equal status , i never got this reservation thing , its more or less showing dumbness...

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