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Originally posted by JustJ

Since the last time I left, ur recent answers are totally opposite of mine! Stern Smile I guess we both are alike emotion wise but not choice and other wise.. LOL Or maybe event wise too.. Some of the events that happened to you happened to me too but not all.. Embarrassed
I was mama gal , (I was always a Papa's girl! Now a Mama's girl!) 
never had friends there thats when padmaja and me became close later she betrayed me and now even if she wants to i dont let her come close to me ... (Ditttooo same to same happened to me in school days! And till today I dont let her come close to me! I can sooo understand how you feel.. Embarrassed)
i fell in love with a guy online, i spoke to him for months and yrs and i know his good and bad side , yet my love for him was not that strong ki i wanted to marry him only, it was more than friendship and less than strong commitment not that i was scared of parent , if iwant to i give a dam about it ..well feelings were mutual though none of us were ready for commitment , Stern Smile Ok this one really mein shocked me! Ur a total opposite of me here! Stern Smile I would always dump the convo if I know something can happen or is likely to happen! Embarrassed Im surprised you let it go? But man.. How much would it have hurted! Broken Heart Awww!! I feel bad for that moment now..
Mom loved 3 of us with same kind of affection, i wasnt close to dad , but i hated him for many reasons before he objected 2nd sis marriage , and since then i never talked or let him come close to me , he is now since past 2months , but i very well know his reasons and intensions of being nice to me ...i never pretended being nice , i clearly showed i dislike him ... How rude?! Stern Smile How can you hate ur own dad girl? I disliked my dad for certain reasons too but I can never hate him yaar.. I'll always be the goody one.. Embarrassed Im not sure what actual reasons are that you hate ur dad soo much, ur not a girl who would hate anyone for nothing.. But still.. I know I hated my dad too and sometimes even now I do but then again something always stops me from hating him.. Doesnt this happen to you? Stern Smile
PS: Please dont be offended.. You know me very well, I mean no offence at all.. (Im guessing you wont take it as offensive.. But as it is a sensitive matter thats why said so.. Embarrassed)

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WooHooHaha21 IF-Dazzler

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I see so much grilling done for my poor J.. Awww.. J shall I start with mine? And when am I getting the OS! By tonight is pakka! Not anymore time! Big smile

Also write 25 Random Facts abt you.. (Credit goes to Yumna for asking this questo everytime to every MOTW!) LOL

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Originally posted by ankit111

Originally posted by intruderfast

haa sunday shuru , mera creative mind kaam kar raha hain, main thode hatke qs karoonga

jaya diek horror story ho jaaye - min1500 wordsLOLLOLfull bhoot , daayan sab hone chahiye , make it really scary(aur woh invisibility wala q bhi ans karo)emoticons bhi use karnaBig smile

atleast u don't start grilling thru story, otherwise instead of jaya, we all will be grilled Wink Wink I hope u understand wht I mean Wink
i am sure jaya 's story would be interestingLOLLOLWink, i perfectly know what u mean, par ek kharaab experience se hope nahin chodni chahiyeTongueLOL

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more grilling

-do u want to have a twin sister with you?
- is there anything we can do to end poverty?
- message for ur mothers on mother day?
- do u wish to be rich?
- Do u believe in afterlife? 
- R u afraid of heights?
-How would u rather die...drowning in deep water, or burning in fire?
- Do u believe that shorter people are more lively? 
- U think i should take honors thesis course lol?
- Have ever been on plane?
-Do u likes scary wild rides?
-Which animal do u hate the most?
-If u could be another living things except human what would u be?
-If u could have special powers what power would u want? 
-what languages can u speak?
-Do u use bad words in common talks?
- Does respect mean love or fear?

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ok here i come

1-kyaa aap irritate ho chuki hain
2-kyaa aap sonali pe ande tamatar maarna chahti hain
3- mere qs kaise lage
4- veer is saying, jaya tum nahin mili toh main aoni jaan de dunga, what will u do thenLOLLOL-
5- veer aapke ghar rishta maangne aay hain, tum kyaa karogiLOLLOL
6- did u go to a rated movies even when u were below 18LOLLOL
7- ragging huyi kabhi/yaa tumne kari kabhi
8- why r u so bindaas , what made u change so much-
9-fav gaalisLOL
10- mujhe ek thappad maro na plsLOLLOL

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Woww looking at the way this bakris getting grillied i want 2 cotirbute a bit more...hehe this some some...q's on ...Embarrassedok

1. at wht age did u realise the imp of sex
2. wht age did u realise tht physical intimacy contributed=s 2 baby making
3. Did u ever watch a baby being born
4. If yes at wht age did u watch it
5. Do u think sex education s imp in schools
6. if yes from wht age
7. when u ever given precautions abt SexEmbarrassed
8, if yes by whom,
9, if no how did u realise its imp
10, do u encourage premarital sex
11, wud u encourage ppl, to get divorced if in a incomapatible marriage
12, did u help anyone take these decisions on premarital sex
13. did u teach anyone abt the imp of sex
14.if yes to whom
15. if no, were u ever  approached for help on this subject
16, ur thoughts abt homosextual relations
17, how is the situation in Hyd
18. do u personally know anyone who lives in this relation
19. Did u help get into marital bliss when they were in love
20, if yes how old were u then
21. do u feel we waste a lot of money in a lavish wedding which cud probably used in a better way.
22. if yes can u suggest 2 good ways of using all tht money
23. do u love payal, do u prefer silver ones yaa goldTongueLOL
24. if yes how many  gold how many pairs have u got
25. how many silver ones have u got
26, do u know how many pairs of ear rings have u got
27, if yes wud u mind revealing the number of pair
i wont go into more details of jewellery which is my fav subject
28, tell if u have more finger rings than ear rings
29, u have more neckalces than ear rings
30. do u have a vaddanam, vanki Embarrassed( i love them the most, )Big smile

stop stop stop stoppp, stoppedEmbarrassedLOL

btw if u have an objection 2 answer any of q's plzz feel free not 2 answer the, esp reg homosextual relations which is  a very sensitive topic and persoanlly i have  no objections 2 others practising it.and if therez any controversila i guess we shud avoid talking abt itSmile

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I am surprised, never knew u guys wuld so lovvveee me LOL

heres my OS , sorry guys its not romantic types like they show in starone , its simple story , i did try adding little of romance of statone types but rest for me romance is how u express ur love for loved ones and make them feel spl ...

who ever wanna throw juthas please bring Gucci or some branded one and my size is 8... 

please ignore mistakes and grammer stuff 

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LimitLessFan IF-Stunnerz

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OS :-

Veer glanced up to see his life sitting near dressing table, getting ready for a party . looking at her he smiled thinking he
how lucky he is to have her in his life. he remember how they met for first time and a wicked grin crossed his face ...

He was all dressed up perfectly for his best friends engagement... He reached Venue lately, most of the guests has hit dance 
floor and he cursed himself for being late as most of the pretty ladies have been picked up and he is standing at one end of 
room with a long face ... He was about to leave when he noticed her walking across the room with soft drink in her hand and 
soon joined her friends>..

She was in complete red colored gown , hair pulled up in bun , he couldnt miss that mole which she had on right shoulder,
her big brown eyes filled with masti , playful mischeif grin was on her lips, her full cheeks , face as innocent as a baby,
before he could stop himself he realized he was standing in front of her with a stupid grin on his face...if her side glance
made him weak , her welcoming smile made his heart skip a beat ... he had no idea how long he was looking at her, as her 
friends laughing loud bought him back to reality he was embrassed with himself he was about to walk away when he heard her 
say ,U wanted to ask me something ? he stopped in his tracks and looked at that face which is filled with innocense and at 
same time she was giving warning looks at her friends as if asking them to not laugh ... He finally took his step towards 
her and without second thoughts raised his hand and asked will u like to dance with me ... she hesitated only for a second 
before walking towards dance floor. just when the band started playing a very romantic song , he placed his hand on her shoulder
he was hesistant to take keep his hand on her waist which was very small, she clearly understood his hesitation and she held 
his hand and placed it on her waist , as the song kept playing they started getting comfy and was getting close , soon she 
placed her head on his heart and both were lost in their own world, he  brushed his lips on her neck she felt a wave of 
sensation , something inside her change , she was glancing down unable to take intensity in his eyes, she slowly lifted her chin
made her look into his eyes which were filled with love and appreciation/affection towards her , she was so lost in his eyes
when he was getting close all she could do was close her eyes, as if to say i welcome u , he smiled and cupped her face 
before playing his first kiss on her forhead , he then slowly and sweetly kissed her on her cheeck which made her not only 
blush but also smile .. he was about to kiss on her on her when he realized he was moving too fast , he backed out , she 
slowly opened her eyes after sometime only to see she is standing there all by herself he was not to be seen anywhere around.
she realized she had been fooled , her eyes were filled with tears , she cursed herself for letting it happen , she cursed
herself for saying yes to him , how would she face her friends and more imp herself , she ran out of their without telling 
anyone ...

She kept crying for days, wasnt able to get over wat ever  happened that night, she cursed herself for thinking about it as 
she had never seen him or heard from him or from any one about him , more over she felt guilty as she didnot even bother asking
his name... she cursed herself more saying how can she let a stranger get so close? is she so weak and longed for companion
ship she was shocked as she never felt she would think on those terms as much as she hated him , some where she hoped he would 
come to her , or she would see him again ... 

One evening her friend came looking for her and asked wat has happened to her ? why isnt she coming out or taking calls she 
tried avoiding it , but she couldnt for long , she poured her heart out to her best friend Naina... Naina didnot scold or 
sympathise with her , all she said was not to curse herself as she didnot do anything wrong , as she strongly feel her friend 
fell in love with that guy for unknown reasons ...Naina wanted to take her friend out for a while , which she protested 
but naina did not give up and said they would be going for her best friends engagement, her friend was more sad and was again
scared but naina promised her it wont be like last time , this time she would not let anyone walk into her life and mess it 
up side down , with great pressure , she decided to go ...

Naina and her friend reach venue , it was a simple one , Naina made sure her friend is comfortable with surroundings and then
went to meet her best friend , after some time Naina returned with a handsome , good looking guy and all she could do was look
at him with surprise and shocked expressions , she rem its the same game who has turned her life upside down ,same one who 
left her on dance floor all alone , same one who made her cry for days and curse herself.. Before  she could react Naina 
introduced him to hersaying , Icha meet Veer, and  veer this is Icha my bestfriend , veer very casually said hi to her,..Icha 
couldnt help notice how casual veer was and behaving as if he was meeting her for first time , ichas eyes were filled with 
tears she wanted to slap veer and demand questions right there and then , before she could she got another shock of her life 
when Naina said , its veer engagement , he is getting engaged ...Icha was shattered , she was blank , even though she wanted
to slap him just couple of seconds ago , it seems like she never had thought about it , she didnot know wat she is doing there 
she wished him ... veer excused himself and left from there ... Icha was like dead shell, she kept looking at him 
which Naina noticed and but she didnot say anything ... 

As time for engagement was getting close , icha was feeling more suffocated , she culdnt stand looking at veer who is smiling 
happily and chatting away with guests , she said enough , i can let him humuliated me more , she was about to go when she 
noticed the whole area went calm all of a sudden , she turned back to look wat was the reason and was shocked to see veer 
was standing in front of her , before she could turn away he slowly took her hand, went on his knees and said , first time 
when i have seen u I knew ur the gal whom i have been looking and waiting for , when i apporached u i wanted to tell u how 
i was feeling , how u made my heart skip with that smile of urs... on dance floor i kept saying myself i wont get close to
u , but i had togive in in front of my feelings for u , when i realized even ur drawn towards me , i took step in kissing u 
i so wanted to make u mine , but was scared i was taking advantage of u , thats when i backed out and left u all by urself 
as i was composing myself, i was never gone , i have seen ur confusion, ur anger, ur disappointment every thing when u were 
left alone , so wanted to console u, hug u , but i had to stop myself. thats wasnt a day while went without thinking about u,
I had seen u sitting in ur balcony lost in ur thoughts with a sad face , my heart pained a lot when i had seen u crying...
wanted to take u in my arms and says dont cry all is fine , its not ur mistake, but i just couldnt bring myself to say that , 
now that i realized i just cant keep this feelings of my love for u with myself, i would like to ask u , will u marry me ...
Icha who had tears running down her eyes , just kept listening to him as she was shocked to hear he never left her alone , he
was always around only she could not see him , all she could was nod her head as to say YES>... veer with huge smile 
playing on his face got up , and hugged her so tightly and said he is never going to let her go ... after couple of 
mins they broke hug , and looked at each other with lots of love in their eyes , he went close to her and placed his lips on
hers ,it was not a passionate kiss, it  was kiss of love, of lossing and gaining someone back , of joy and happiness, they 
had no idea how long they kissed , when they broke their kiss all they could hear was claps and both felt embrassed fora sec,
naina rushed to them and said guys  i did so much for u both , no one is thanking me , icha had confused expression, veer 
laughed and said, along with me , she was keeping close tabs on u , if i had guts to confess its caz of her encouragement 
both of them thanked her ...

right after their confession , they got married with in a week ...

veer came back to reality when icha called him asking which set will go with her saree, he slowly raised from his chair, 
went towards her , and said , u dont have to look for sets, u always look beautiful to me ... our gal just blushed , 
he took heri n his arms and whispered, like promised , i love u with my whole heart and will always keep loving u icha, ur 
best thing that happened in my life, icha whispered back saying i know , i love u too veer ... 

Guys , for me romance doesnt mean cozy and oye ma type stuff , romance also mean the way u express urself to ur loved ones...

Hope i didnot bore anyone , sorry yaar, i am a lousy person in that area ...

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