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Originally posted by intruderfast

Originally posted by ladybird9

Originally posted by intruderfast

hey shivani mazedaar, tum hamari bakri halaal expert ho, keep it up and keep troubling jayaBig smile

hehe tq uBig smile kuch toh haq nanta hai naa 2 tk revenge on ur behalf Wink esp when she trbled u so much as her bhai, i can see ur soft spot not 2 trbl ur didi urselfWinkLOLLOL btw mei toh sirf ek dost hu uska i neednt hv any concessions for herTongueLOL
thank u so much, btw who will take my revenge on uTongue tumne bhi mujhe paagal kar diya tha uss time
its not that, u know my laziness, trust me its easy to ans then ask questions, LOLstill i am trying

well i certainly know tht weaknessWinkLOL but u unfortunately wont succeed is my best betLOLLOL

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Originally posted by sonali_dg

5 things you cant live without   Mobile , friends, my diary , lappy and books 

Whom do you like to get stuck for life on an island? Gopi , he is full of life and can never make me feel bored or alone 

 Whom wouldnt you? My elder sis , she is boring 

Do you believe in love marriage or arranged? both 

Why? as long as as there is love in that relation both are same , if  no love both are same too ... had seen best and worst in both cases , so i say both 

5 best qualities about you? Hmm this is hard , friendly, i help who ever asks for it or without even asking , calm, i dont expecct anything in return , trust worthy 

5 worst? My anger, i give a dam about ur feelings , the way i show my hatred for a person openly, selfishness, not caring for family , short temper 

If you woke up one day and found you've lost your best qualities what would you do? I will try turning my worst ones into ok or avg ... 

Do you prefer fights/ lonliness?(definitely have to choose one) Depends, mostly lonliness 

Do you believe in pre-martial physical intimacy with the one you love? If that person mean world to me then yes 

Do you believe in single mothering? YES 

Do you believe in having kids before marriage? Nope, not every one candeal with that 

Do you believe in live -in relationships? Very 

Whats one thing you regret the most in your life?   How i wish , my mom and i didnot had differences when i was 12... 

Whats one thing you cherish the most in your life?       Having a mom like my mom , even though we arent attached but i truly feel blessed as its not easy to live with a person like me 

What makes you happy? No specific reason , anything can bring a smile on my face ... trust my friends and their parents have on me Embarrassed

What makes you sad? When family dont listen to me even when i am right and point fingers based on pastno matter if  ur close to family or not that hurts , when ppl talk and spread rumours as if they know me for ages... 

You would kill yourself instead of waking up one day as... Behanji 

If you had the power to change 5 things in the world today, what would they be? Poverty , Hunger, save earth from pollution, wars , corruption 

Are you a feminist? Not really 

Whats one thing that you have stood up for very strongly in your life, till date? Its regarding one match recently and in past , if i wouldnt have been strong , i would have died by now ...and i try standing  for my 2nd sis , but i am asked to keep quite...Dead

If you had just 3 days left to live, what would you do? I would pack my bags and go on trips , 

If you won a million dollar's what would you do?I would invest half of it in business , and rest half as back up , if i make more money , may be charity , but first i need to settle down in business ...

If you had been the PM of India for a day, what would you do? I will clear entire parliment by sending old politicans home and bring new and young blood who thrive for nation than their personal benefits 

If you had been the CM of AP for a day, what would you like to do? I would arrest every god dam politican and students who demand for seperate state 

Do you support formation of Telangana?     NOPE 

Why?as they wont stop there , they will go after HYD and then later on some where else 

Why do you think Indian students are getting attacked in Australia?  This had been happening for a longgg time , but things are coming out in recent times, that will never change, its happening in every country why talk about Aus alone 

What would you like to do/ say to them? Be prepared and wat i heard from my friends,  some indians they themsleves ask f or it 

If you were offered citizenship of one country apart from India, which country would you choose? Canada or Singapore 

Why?   Canada for waterfalls ,and singapore for its crime free nation thing 

Which country you would never step- even if you were offered a million dollar's?  Africa, Dead

Why?my buddy had been there recently and told me his room mate was murder just for a cellphone 

If you saw a woman being eve teased on the road what would you do? I would give one strong look at guys , u know ur worthless and gutter ppl kinds 

If you were being eve-teased what would you do? At times i give them back and at times i simply walk away , at times while passing i curse them aloud LOL

How many guy's have you slapped ( meaning the slap, not in a fun moment)?   ONEE 

Do you believe hitting a child (by parents) is alright? nope 

What is one thing you did for your country that you are proud and happy about? i havent done anything great , but i defend it with lousy ppl who have no work other than pointing finger 

How are you finding my questions now?  This is real U 

Sonali according to you is?  Smart , Clever, have some firm set of believes 


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Originally posted by ladybird9

3rd round question can u kindly explain ur fav quote..Ermm..
Why waste time in discovering truth, when one can so easily create it ...

As even after knowing some one for ages they will believe others than that person over that persons single innocent mistake in past ...

Ppl believe wat is presented to them in most belivable manner , they wont bother knowing if its true or not ... lets face it , many indians like to trust and believe others than their loved ones... ( iam talking only aabout indians ,as we are more senti fools than anyone ) 

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Originally posted by intruderfast

i have come again4 bakri halaal,Big smile I am not giving in easily as of yet 
1-fav scene of veecha    Coffeeshop scene in initial days , as in that scene both of them were being themselves 

2- fav scene of iccha Hmmm... When she asked veer not to follow her where veer followed her to DP for first time 

3- fav scene of veer Where he goes and asks Damini for ichas hand 

4- fav scene of tappu When she said , yes to veechas relations , she said , something like i why wont i be happy for my sister or so 

5- what r u wearing right now Salwar 

6 do u like wearing sarees Nope, i cant manage them 

7-ru intelligent   No 

8 ur fav subject     None 

6- least fav subject Maths 

10- r u really getting married  U dont want me to kya ?? personally i dont want to but kya kare ladki hu karna padtha hai Dead

11- a drink u would recommend 4 meLOLLOL     Red bull , thats more than enough for u Wink

12 ur salaryTongueLOL 16k 

13- how many credit cards u have I dont use one 

14- whose ohoto is in ur purse   depends on the one i carry , and mostly its my nephew , i didnot bother taking it out 

15- r u very religious  not at all 

16- can u dance No

17- have u ever gatecrash a wedding Na 

18 tell me abt one prank u have played   I already said in sonalis thread 

19- r u bored now of answering qs   I have just started 

20- kabhi muhhe thappad marne kaa mann kiyaaTongue  Lol, no way 

21- do u get irritated with my iccha jaaap  Compared to pagalpan i have seen on IF, ur nothing , so i am not 

21- shivani think she is very practical- ROFLur thoughts on that  She might be , but her way of presenting herself makes me doubt it LOL

22- ur first friend on this forum  Jyothi or neenu i believe 

23- r u scared of getting old Lol no, as i dont look my age at all , so no need to get scared of 

24- do have a fixed deposit  Nope

25- fav sweet                    Jelebi and gulab Jamun without milk 

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Originally posted by intruderfast

@nattieji welcome ,Told u natz , ppl will give u warm welcome , Big smilepls give us more tips to grill jaya di and thats a perfect punishment romantic vs waiting 4 it eagerly, sabko invite bhejoonga mein yeh dekhne ke liyeLOLLOL  wait for it then , i will take time in doing this 

as reg bashing our fav characters, she is  right majority of times, Ufff...EmbarrassedBlushing
no one can argue with didi's logic, and her influence has rubbed on us too,
now we also bash them LOLLOLLOL Angry why dont u admit , leads are no more worth taking sides and loved 

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Originally posted by cjs369

questions about the forum...Hmmm 

how you came on this forum...(IF & UT forum)...During bidaai days, i wanted to know more about parul, kinny, sara and angad as a whole as i adored their offscreen dosti ...

the best forum you liked interacting in the IF...Uttaran , earlier it was bidaai 

how many forums do you visit on the IF... Many , i try being in forums where i watch that show , the moment the show bores me , i am out of forum , so i had been in every channel ke forums every for some time ... 
the scene which made you dislike veecha so much...Keeping mum when vans introduced her to veer copy of chandni movie, i didnot see show as i left watching it way before that , but i am aware of scenes and tracks 

any close friends made on this forum that you have to interact with everyday...Hmm hard to say , shivz ... 

any friend made on this forum that you have personally met...Vijaya, she is from my city only na ...

wud you like to take up the post of being a moderator on the IF ... Yes 

if yes, then which forum ..? and why ?Pardes mein mila koi apna forum , we have mod who is same like jo and kruthika, and ppl there need to be set right , 

and ofcourse this forum too 

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Originally posted by ladybird9

4th roundTongue q's

  1. hv u ever broken a egg in ur hand Yes  
  2. if yes how many times Twice 
  3. how do u chop ur onions Cutter sae LOL
  4. which veg do u like cuttingn y  Cabbage, no specific reason 
  5. which u like 2 clean n y Carrot , it takes less time 
  6. do u like sorting n cleaning green leafy vegTongue coz i hate esp back homeLOL At times i do it and its fun 
  7. when do u wash ur hands while cooking  I rarely cook, i wash hands before i cut veggies, and after cutting them before i start my attack on stove Wink
  8. do u always wash ur hands b4 eating   At times i forget 
  9. do u always wash hands soon after u finish eating Yes 
  10. did u ever fall asleep eating..Embarrassed  May be when i was kid , happens with kids na 
  11. were u ever told tht u recite ur studies while in sleep  Nope 
  12. whts the best time for ur study When ever i feel like 
  13. how do u plan ur studies I dont plan 
  14. in a go how long can u sit and study Max 90mins for exams, if novels depends on book, i read it in weeks if i want to drag , else i finish it in 2days ...  
  15. do u play music music/tv while studying  Nope 
  16. do u always revise b4 ur exams  Yes and no 
  17. if yes, how many time do u revise Once 
  18. do u pray on the day of exam Obviously yes 
  19. do u pray on the day of the result  rarely
  20. do u worry waiting for ur result Not much 
  21. what wud u do if u come across a very bad result I prepare myself for bashing at home 
  22. have u ever faced a bad result Yes, i flunked one paper in B;s first yr first and last time 
  23. if yes, wht were ur thoughts st tht time wat , why this paper, i was expecting it would be some thing else as i gave best in this and worst in tht LOL
  24. do u think exams r larger than life  Nope , but some times teacher and parents make it fell  ur life is over if u flunk 
  25. how imp r exams for us Moderate 
  26. is it really imp we have exams Yes 
  27. is yes y  It helps in knowing where u stand andhow much u know 
  28. if no y
  29. do u prefer a quiet night/queit day   Peaceful night 
  30. do u enjoy interacting with ppl Yes 
  31. if yes where Social network sites and in real life 
  32. hv u ever made a good friend in travel, like while travelling in a train  Nope 
  33. do u love a window seat Yes, but when its train not a must 
  34. do u prefer ac travel yaa normal std coach travel Ac if we get tickets , else std one bhi chaltha 
  35. do u like 2 travel in a bus locally Nope, i travelled once , and i warned my parents i wont go to college unless i get a bike as my M;s college was 25kms up and down , either bike or pay me daily for auto charges Embarrassed
  36. ? do u prefer travelling long distance from these 3 options by a bus/train/self drive I prefer self drive i mean by uncle or so , or else train ... since we used to go to villages in summer holidays bus was mandetory 
  37. Do u plan ur journeys always Nope 
  38. do u love adventunure and stress tht goes with unplanned journeys very 
  39. Do u love water Yes 
  40. wud u love 2 go a cruise Sure why not 

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Originally posted by ladybird9

Round 5 q's

hehe jai..it took me 14 mins for transferring my spontaneous thoughts in 40 q's so its not truly diff 2 ask q's is itWinkLOL on an avr it took me 21secs to transfer my thoughts as questions..i wud love 2 know in real time how long it took 2  Uanswer b honestEmbarrassed its no fight here, but just for funTongueLOL
it took me 10mins as iwas adjusting pillow, moving around here and there and a;;;; 

BTW I am not very sure when u said u answered my 175+ questionare in 15 mins...did u really mean it...i mean .5.14 sec on an avr to answer each question.WinkLOL Yes, 10-15mins ,as i read ur questions twice before in hand and i didnot think much while tryping 

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