Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

Gunjhun FF: Unequivocal Love *updtd part 09*pg 8 (Page 7)

desisweetheart9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 4:26pm | IP Logged

yayyy.  Guddu told Runjhun the truth.  update as soon as you can. thanks Smile 

nadeera Groupbie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged




Guddu smiles and asks to runjhun, " I am sure you have not take anything from last night, have you?" Runjhun shakes her head. Guddu says, " Chalo, you better eat something" he continues, " and one thing , if you are confused on anything about me, just ask me directly. May be I will shout, yell but no matter what happens, you will always get the right answer, which is of course truth, from me and I know very well that you know it!" Runjhun asserts, " So, it's an order" Guddu grins and sighs, " This is not an order but a request... thanks for asking are getting on the track" he laughs and says, " Now go and eat something. Drama Queen!"



Guddu leaves the room and Runjhun feels really bad for everything. She is thinking, " How can I be such a fool! I'll never do this sort of thing again. And why should he do such things. I mean, it seems that he is perfectly happy with me. " She smiles and goes off for her house hold chores.


Guddu comes to the carom club with a gigantic smile like a winner. Kukkan asks, " Kya Bhaiya! Bhabi maan gayi?" Guddu replies proudly, " What else beta Kukkan!" they all laugh and continue to eat their lunch.


These days earnings from the mobile centre are very good.  Along with the earnings Guddu climbs up stairs and enters the room. Hands over all the incomes to Runjhun and says, " take it and keep it safe! If it's in my possession it'll just vanish in a jiffy! Hahaha" Runjhun takes the money and keeps in safe place. Then  she looks at him and  says with utmost guilt, " Sorry, I didn't trust you" Guddu is now in a mood for fun. So he steps forward and asks, " And?" She steps back and says, " And I yelled at you" Guddu keeps stepping forward, "And?" she answered, " And...I behaved rudely!" "And ?" at this point he corners her against the same wall where he touched her for the very first time, " And?" a witty grin is flashing on his handsome face. She asks, " nothing... what are you doing?" let me go. I've so many things to do" Guddu, " If I don't let you go what will you do? Will you scream 'bachao! Bachao!!'  do it then. Let's see who wins." Runjhun tries to talk but Guddu takes her lips in him. May be after millions of years they parted leaving a shy smile on her face and a winner smile on his face. He backs to his very own style, " O' Dharampatni! I'm so hungry. Get me the dinner" Runjhun serves the dinner and he asks her to join him.



(next morning)


A very tired Guddu is sleeping on Runjhun. Runjhun wakes up and gets down from the bed. She looks back at him and ruffles his hair. Just then he grabs her hand and pulls towards him and says in a husky voice, " O' missus! How come you wake up so early? Didn't you get tired enough last night?" Runjhun replies shyfully, " Look at you! How shameless you are! Now leave me, I need to go to Mandir. Do you want to come with me?" he replies, " No. I'll have some more sleep. Too tired to climb up those stairs of Mandir. On top of it, you know I don't like to go to these sorts of place. Don't force me, I tell you." Runjhun sighs, " Alright. Then I'll get your warm water..." Guddu cuts, " No need for that. I'll have shower after your return and we'll have breakfast together. See you in a bit" he closes his eyes. After sometimes, when Runjhun is about to go Guddu shouts, " O'Runjhun Sukla!" Runjhun turns back. He smiles and says, " Take care and come back soon." She smiles and leaves.  Guddu sleeps once again.


When Runjhun walks past Pandey Niwas,  Vishnu Pandey keeps looking at Runjhun from the window and calls somewhere from his mobile.


(In the room. Guddu is sleeping. She is sitting in the chair and covering her face down on the table.)

Seeing that Guddu jumps off the bed and asks, " what happened Runjhun?" Guddu hears her choking. He asks impatiently, " what happened? Why are you crying? Tell me!" No reply comes from her. Guddu shakes his head and gets off the bed and draws near to her and asks softly, " Tell me please, what happened?" she does not reply this time as well. Guddu measures that the problem is serious this time. Guddu hugs her from her back. Settles his face on her neck and uncomfortably feels something unusual about Runjhun.


From the window, Runjhun watches that Guddu is hugging another woman. Thunder stricken Runjhun cannot move from the window. Kukkan notices Runjhun from downstairs and rushes to her. Kukkan also looks through the window that Guddu is hugging another woman. Runjhun stares at them how passionately Guddu is hugging her. Kukkan is dumb-founded as well. He doesn't know this Guddu Bhaiya.  he knows that Guddu is a goon but he cannot be like this.  But he manages to speak up . He shouts with utmost rage, " Bhaiya! what are you doing?"


Guddu feels really annoyed and yells back, " I'll do whatever I feel like. Who the bloody hell are you?" he turns back and sees that Runjhun is looking at him from the other side of the window. "Oh My God!!! WHO IS SHE THEN?" Now she turns back. Guddu looks that she is the very same girl from the bar. Runjhun looks at her as well. Runjhun silently turns back and tells to Kukkan in a barely audible voice, " I'm leaving, Kukkan bhaiya". Guddu shouts from the back, " Runjhun, Listen to me! Kukkan! Stop your Bhabi" but Kukkan remains silent. Guddu shouts like crazy, " Runjhun, listen to me...this is not what are you thinking." Kukkan shakes head and goes.  Guddu follows Runjhun but then she already enters the Pandey Niwas. Guddu returns back to get a grab of that girl. But she's not there even. Suddenly Guddu feels so lonely and thinks, " I  wish I were accompanying Runjhun!" Then he becomes angry, " What she thinks of me? Doesn't she know what kind of person am I? How can she think about me like that? even Kukkan? Huh! I don't care! Let her go. She will come back after sometimes wearing a big sorry on her face! then I'll not accept her sorry! This is not a game, is it? LET HER STAY AT THAT BLOODY PANDEY NIWAS with her bloody MAMA MAMIS...I don't care! Why should I care?"


Runjhun enters the Pandey Niwas. She sees Amma is sitting on the sofa. She runs towards amma. And cries, " Amma! I'm back to you!" Amma smiles, " What happened Bitiya? Where is Guddu? Oh I understand, you two had a fight, hai na?" Runjhun cries, " Amma, I have left him for good. No matter what happens, he can never be a changed man. He was a bad person before and now he becomes worse after i tried to change him. I cannot even utter what has he done! All i can say that, I have left him and I am not going back to him." She continues to cry. Amma says nothing but pats on her back. Vishnu Pandey is smiling notoriously from the upstairs.


All the mamis are ordering Runjhun to do household chores and she is doing accordingly. Again all the mamas' businesses are flourishing. On the other side, Guddu's mobile centre remains like a desert. They remain seated lazily all the day long.



(5 Days later)


Guddu's room is a complete mess. Guddu is sleeping on the floor, the bed remains untouched. He wakes up and looks at the clock- it's 8:30 in the morning. He whispers, " O' Dharampatni!"  then he realizes that his Dharampatni has left him five days ago and he sighs. He gets up from the floor and enters into the washroom. He sighs once again after realizing that there is no bucket full of warm water for him.


Runjhun sleeps on the floor as well. She is preparing breakfast for the entire Pandey Niwas. She becomes more of a numb person. She hasn't spoken to anyone since she left Guddu. She is performing her duty as an unpaid servant just as before. She serves breakfast to all.


At the same time Guddu is ordering Jabbu to get breakfast for all. Jabbu returns with breakfast and says, " Here I come! This is your favourite Paranthas and palak Paneer sabji. Guddu becomes interested in the breakfast and takes his first Niwala. Runjhun takes her Niwala as well which includes Parantha and Palak Paneer. Guddu yells, " from where have you bought this breakfast? It's the most worst breakfast i have ever eaten. Look at the Parathas- it's like leather and this palak paneer! It's not even properly cooked! Saala!  I don't need any breakfast!" Runjhun remembers how Guddu loves to eat these as breakfast. She doesn't able to eat and leaves for other work without having breakfast. Jabbu replies, "Strange Bhaiya! this breakfast is from the very same place which we used to eat every day before you moved into that pandey niwas and the taste is all the same!" Guddu snaps, " Don't dare to utter Pandey Niwas in front of me!"



Guddu is sitting on the chair and Runjhun returns on a Rickshaw holding a huge bundle of sarees.  Guddu yells, " Abe O' Pandey Niwas Ki Naukrani, why did you take my money which I gave to you to keep that safe? You just got some money and then you left- that's the main reason, I know it very well" Runjhun approaches to Kukkan and says with tears in her eyes, " Kukkan Bhaiya, I didn't take the money. The money is kept in the drawer." Guddu shouts, " Saala! Do I look like an idiot? Kukkan! Go and  check whether there's any money." Kukkan shakes his head yet leaves. After a while Kukkan returns with the money clasping in his hand. Runjhun asks to Guddu, " Gin lijiye". Guddu replies rudely, " Don't talk too much. Just leave and go to your bloody Pandey Niwas." Runjhun stares at Guddu and sighs. She leaves with the huge stake of Sarees. Near the gate she stumbles and Guddu is about to get up but she settles herself. Guddu keeps looking at her.



(15 days later)



In the morning, Guddu tries to sneak the pandey niwas from his room. All he wants to see Runjhun for once. He hasn't seen her for last two weaks. Then he hears Kalsanwali shouts at Runjhun, " Abe O' Heroine! Why are you standing beside the stove? Why haven't you iron my clothes?" Kalsanwali pushes Runjhun against a wall. Runjhun screams, " Aaah mami, I'm doing it" Guddu hears her scream and prepares to go to pandey niwas. Kalsanwali keeps yelling, " If you don't do my works I'll just break your legs. And one final thing, amma still doesn't know what your husband was doing with that  prostitute." Kalsanwali smiles viciously. Guddu climbs down and sees that Runjhun is climbing stairs from the outside of the pandey niwas. Then he refrains himself from going to Pandey Niwas.



Runjhun is considering herself as a complete failure. She wasn't able to change Guddu. "If Amma knows about the truth of Guddu, Amma will die for sure." She thinks, " I can't let that happen. I'll have to do something. I am the root of every problem. Guddu was right about me. I'm the Panauti. What if I don't exist. Nothings gonna happen. Nothing." She grabs a Saree and climbs upstairs from outside so that no one could able to see her. She enters into the room and locks herself. Pulls a chair. And hangs the saree with the fan. Ties the knot.


From Guddu's room Kukkan watches Runjhun to tie the knot. Kukkan becomes restless and rushes down to Guddu and yells, " Bhaiya! Bhabi  is going to hang herself! Hurry up" Guddu doesn't ask any second question. They just run off towards Runjhun. Guddu climbs the stairs like crazy and screams , "RUNJHUN! DON'T DO IT!" Guddu tries to open the door. But the door is locked. Guddu and Kukkan slam the door but nothing happens. Guddu forcibly kicks the door and the door shuts open. Guddu sees that in front of his eyes Runjhun pushes the chair and she hangs in the mid air. Guddu yells, " NOOO! RUNJHUN! RUNJHUN!" he runs off and grabs her legs. He keeps yelling, " KUKKAN CUT THAT SAREE. QUICKLY!! RUNJHUN!!" Runjhun is jerking her legs and groans.


Kukkan able to untie the knot from her neck. Guddu is holding Runjhun's head and hugs her. He is yelling and tears spilling out from his eyes, " RUNJHUN! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" but Runjhun lies motionless on the floor. Guddu asks Kukkan, " KUKKAN! GET THE DOCTOR, NOW" Without saying a single word, Kukkan leaves. Guddu slaps Runjhun's face and keeps yelling, " RUNJHUN! PLEASE WAKE UP! I'LL GO TO MANDIR WITH YOU! I'LL NEVER SAY NO TO YOU, PROMISE...TRUST ME...GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE" RUNJHUN PLEASE." But Runjhun doesn't move. She lies motionless. Amma and all other Pandeys come to the scene and they see that Runjhun lies on the ground and Guddu is crying and hugging her like crazy...



Pre cap:

Doctor comes outside of the room and shakes his head. Guddu steps back and slams against the wall.  











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newfoundlove Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
great update, just make sure nothing happens to runjhun!

Continue soon
tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 3:07pm | IP Logged
gr88 updt
updt sooon plezzz
desisweetheart9 IF-Rockerz

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nice part. i hope Runjhun will be ok. update as soon as you can. Smile
Brindha87 Groupbie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:52am | IP Logged
Dear Runjhun what happened to u...
Update soon yaar...

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 5:49am | IP Logged
OMG my poor shouldn't have done that girly...great work Nadeera...update sooon
Gunjhun Groupbie

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 5:54pm | IP Logged
Ahhh be still my beating heart! Aish I don't know whether to applaud your fantastic writing or cry in disbelief! I'll do a mix of both! Holy cheese cakes! Amazing, but heavenes don't keep us dangling for too long! Or else we'll surely die in anticipation! Keep up the amazing work! Clap

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