Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

Gunjhun FF: Unequivocal Love *updtd part 09*pg 8

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Dear members of India-Forums,
I am a new member of this forum and here I want to share with all regarding how i want "Bhagonwali" to be. It will be highly appreciated if you guys have some time to read this amidst your valuable time. So, here i begin...

My version of story starts after the opening of mobile centre.


>After fighting with the other area's goon, Guddu was watching the mess around and so as Runjhun. Runjhun was so disappointment by Guddu's behaviour and was thinking that she was a complete failure to transform guddu in to a good human being. Runjhun approaches to Guddu and tells " i'm very upsetabout what you've just done. you have just messed destroyed everything. Just look at the mess you've done!" Guddu replied in rage, " just in case you haven't noticed, it was not me who started the fight. That bloody scum was talking nonsense about me and my shop. So, I had to act like this, cause I'm not a man who will digest this sort of insult. And Runjhun Sukla, I don't know even why the hell am i explaining this to you?" After saying that Guddu was looking away from Runjhun.

>Runjhun said in a broken voice, " Amma was so happy in this morning but for your goon like act she became upset once again". no sooner than Runjhun completes her sentence Guddu bursts with anger and says, " this is what you think about all the time - your Amma!! No one ever thinks about me! Why should I think about you then? Actually, everybody is right, I am the one who is fooling around here. I don't want to stay here for even a minute! I'm leaving."

Guddu Approaches to his bike and ride on it and then Runjhun notices that it is bleeding profusely from Guddu's right fist. When Guddu is about to start the bike Runjhun comes running near Guddu and hold his left hand and says in a firm voice, " you are not going anywhere." Guddu was very irritated and snapped," Do I look like a puppet? can you see strings dangling from my hands and legs? NO! I AM NOT!! Enough i have listened to you. Guddu Sukla will not listen to no one and I am serious!!"

Runjhun speaks even in more firm and strong voice," get off your bike and you dont have to think about me. You have thought about me this far, I am ever grateful to you for this. But think about yourself. look at your hand. look how blood is spilling from your hand. this needs medicine immediately." Guddu snapped," I dont give a damn what you are thinking and i bloody know what my hand needs and what not and Missus, I am use to this sort of injuries. NOW GET OUT OF MY WAY"

>Runjhun then grasps Guddu's injured hand softly and Guddu moans,"Aaah...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOIN YOU THINK?? ITS MY BLOODY HAND AND ITS BLOODY INJURED, CAN'T YOU SEE? HAVE YOU TURNED INTO A BLIND??" Runjhun replies with tears in her eyes," I can see but you can't see, that's why you are leaving. Now come with me please, I'm begging..." Guddu tries to say something but Runjhun stops him," Don't say anything now. Just come with me"

<Guddu starts yelling," you dare to shush me? how dare you? I'm not the puppet of your hand. Its better for you to understand this." Guddu keeps yelling but followss Runjhun.

(Runjhun's Bedroom : Guddu is sitting on bed & Runjhun is washing the wound)
" Aaah!! what do you think you are doing? it burns like anything. Stop dabbing that bloody medicine into the wound. it bloody enhances the pain...uhh..i can't stand it... I'm talking to you!!! cant you hear me?? STOP DABBING THAT BLOODY MEDICINE I SAY RIGHT NOW!"... Runjhun replies in a frustrated voice, "I'm almost done. Just have a bit more patience"... Guddu is looking away from Runjhun. Runjhun then finishes dabbing the medicine and then finishes bandaging the wound. "Its done" Runjhun says to Guddu. Guddu replies, " So? Do I have to say Thank you?" "No, I didn't ask for any. Wait here, I'm getting you pain killers." Runjhun says. Guddu replies in a low voice," I don't need them. Just leave me alone". Runjhun Leaves.

Runjhun returns after a few minutes holding a Thali contains of Roti, palak paneer, raita in one hand and some medicines in other hand.

<font color="#660099" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="3">Guddu looks at her and says," you are very am I...i told you i dont need anything, still you bring food?" "take some food. You haven't had you break fast. have some food and then this medicines (pointing out to the medicines) and then have rest. You will feel better." Guddu realizes for the very first time that he is very hungry. " Runjhun,can i have a spoon?" Guddu askes in a rather gentle voice. "I'm getting one for you in a moment" Runjhun replied.>

Runjhun returns with a spoon in her hand and places on the plate. Immediately Guddu tries to get the hold of the spoon but cannot do it. he somehow manages some palak paneer on the spoon and tries to eat it but palak paneer along with the spoons falls on the floor. then Guddu says," I told you I dont needd that and I'm not hungry." Runjhuns understands that Guddu id lying and also understands that he is very hungry.

She approaches toward Guddu and takes the thali from his left hand and sits in front of Guddu. Guddu stares at her. She makes a niwala with roti and palak paneer and holds it in front of Guddu's mouth. "open your mouth" Runjhun whispers. Guddu does accordingly. Runjhun then gets a glass of water and hands over to Guddu's left hand, " you can hold it with left hand,na?" Guddu does not reply just holds the glass. he takes another niwalaand then Runjhun sees that there is a black wound mark on his left fist as well. Runjhuns takes the glass from Guddu's hand which lefts Guddu dumb-struck. Guddu eats all the food and Runjhun makes him drink water from her hand. All he manages to tell Runjhun in whisper is, "Sorry". Runjhun smiles with tears in her eyes.

Pre-cap:Runjhun is sitting before Guddu while he was moaning in his sleep.

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newfoundlove Senior Member

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i really liked ur ff! Continue soonp plz

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nadeera Groupbie

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Thanks a ton for viewing my version of story...i really appreciate that. thank you all once again



All that Guddu manages to say is, "sorry". Runjhun smiles with tear in her eyes and says, "Take this pain killer. You will be relieved from pain." Guddu stares at Runjhun and thinks # it's not my hand where it pains...its somewhere were right Runjhun I've messed everything#. Runjhun gives those pain killers in Guddu's mouth and makes him drink water. When Guddu attempts to lie down on bed Runjhun says, "Stop for a moment. Let me change your dress first." "No, no, I'm just alright with these." replies Guddu. Runjhun doesn't say anything but brings safed kurta and pyjamas. Runjhun comes near and unbuttons his orange sherwani which is blood stained and helps him to get rid of it. Then she helps to undo his vest. And when it comes to his pyjamas Guddu blushes, "ok hold on!! I can do it!" And he does accordingly. Guddu then lies down on bed. Runjhun covers him with a blanket. Guddu just stares at Runjhun. Runjhun says, " now try to sleep. I'll wake you up after couple of hours in the lunch time. Guddu sleeps almost immediately. Runjhun watches her husband's sleeping face frequently crooked with intense pain. Guddu moans in sleeping. He is muttering something under his breath. Runjhun leans towards Guddu to hear what is he muttering. To Runjhun's astonishment she hears her name in a very low and timid voice which is coming from Guddu, " Runjhun! Runjhun!!" And each time he is pleading subconsciously not to leave him alone. Runjhun leaves her chair and sits on bed and holds Guddu's injured hand. She leans towards guddu and ruffles his hair and says in his ear, "No, I am never gonna leave you. Trust me." Runjhun observes sadly that the man, the Guddu Sukla, who roars like a lion is weeping like a child.



(From the hall Kalsanwali yells at Runjhun) "Abe O' Heroine!! Have you start making suhaag raat in the day as well? Who will cook the lunch for the pandey niwas? Your husband?" Runjhun remains silent. Because this time she is going to stay beside her husband.


Mitho, Kalsanwali and Billo come upstairs to find out what Runjhun is doing with Guddu. After watching Runjhun holding Guddu's hand Mitho whispers, " Aye haye Billo Kalsanwali, look at  bojharani ! I feel like breaking her hands as well. What a shameless girl she is!" " Tau!!" Billo comments, " She is holding the very same goon's hand who once played with her reputation". "Abe Mitho jiji, Mera baap bhi na kalsan ki giram pradhan hain...if this would have happened in kalsan my dad would  just broke their hands."  After whispering these they leave the place as the memory of morning's incident is still fresh in their mind.


After sometimes Guddu awakes and gets a shock when sees Runjhun Holding his hand. He asks, " Were you here all the time like this? # indicating his hands in Runjhun's hand# "Yes" Runjhuns grins wittily, " And was doing this as well!" She ruffles his hair once again. " Oh this time YOU took advantage of my helpless state? Poor me!!" He returned Runjhun his wide and broad attractive smile. Runjhun smiles back and asks, " you are not complaining, are you?" "Bhang peekey ayi ho kya? I am not Runjhun Sukla who complains at every good thing!" He speaks in his usual husky voice. Runjhun becomes serious and says, " Jokes apart. Now tell me what do you want?" Guddu stares at Runjhun and takes a moment and holds Runjhun's hand and confesses, " Runjhun, I just don't want to be alone!".



This simple confession leaves Runjhun dumb founded. She does not know what to say. Guddu keeps going, " you know Runjhun, the only support I got in my life was from my Amma but when i left my home for Bauji's unfair and untrue accusation I lost my only support. Runjhun you don't have any freaking clue about how I survived out there. I used to fight for everyone but never found any one beside me. The day when you stood up for me, supported me I knew from that very moment..." Runjhun cuts off the discussion by smiling sweetly and says, " didn't realized that there were injuries in your head as well." Guddu shakes his head with frustration. Runjhun tells Guddu, " Have some rest, I am going to prepare food for you. By the way, what will you like to eat for lunch?". Guddu helps himself to get up from the bed and says, " I am coming as well. Because need to talk to Kukkan and Jabbu regarding business."


(in the Hall)

Guddu is sitting with Kukkan and Jabbu and discussing about the mobile centre and watching Runjhun tactfully with praise. Runjhun is cooking food for the house. All the mamis are just standing and observing what Runjhun is cooking and utterly relieved by the fact that Runjhun is finally cooking.



Guddu asks Runjhun, " For how many people are you cooking lunch?" Runjhun replies, " For the entire house of course!! What's so new?" Guddu commands in a very firm voice, " NO MISSUS, FROM TODAY--- NO, FROM NOW YOU WILL BE COOKING FOOD FOR AMMA, YOU AND ME, oh yes, for Kukkan and Jabbu as well" Runjhun tries to defend but Guddu doesn't give her a single chance to talk and says, " Guddu Sukla is not married to any Naukrani or Bojharani...Guddu Sukla is married to a respected lady named Runjhun Sukla. The sooner you understand it the better."


" Aye haye Guddu Sukla!  'Respect' seems to be a very funny word from your mouth.. you tried to disrespect her several times, you don't forget that, do you?" Mitho slams at Guddu. " Tau!! He didn't tried Mitho jiji, he put stained Runjhun's reputation in his carom club...have you forgotten that Mitho jiji?" Pinches Billo. "Mera baap bhi na..." no sooner Kalsanwali starts praising her family Guddu Shouts, "Abe Chup! Stay within your limit...dont you people dare to transgress it! Otherwise Guddu Sukla sae bura koi nahi hoga!"


Pre cap:

Runjhun gets a slap...but from whom??

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Brilliant start Nadeera...loved the part where Rj takes care of G when heis asleep...i loved the way she ruffled his hair...hayye this couple kills cntnu soon sweets

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desisweetheart9 IF-Rockerz

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well written story. its soo cute. update soon Smile

Brindha87 Groupbie

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Superb yaarClapClapClap... Update soon...
tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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updt sooon dear ...
Infofan IF-Sizzlerz

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great job Nadeera, looking forward to the next part.

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