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-Ehtesaab- SS maaneet thread 2 (Page 80)

muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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she hugged him & pleaded.. I want this baby.. mera bacha Maan!!! mujhe mera bacha chaiya.. plz Maan!! she hugged him & cried.. plz Maan.. he cupped her face & wiped her tears with his thumb & gestured the drs to leave her alone. Plz Maan.. let me keep the baby .. plz.. plz. He kissed her head don't worry he said patting back of head. He would have done anything to keep her from crying. She wanting to keep their baby was more than wat he expected. It was more of his love she bearing. He felt so contented. His heart was at peace. All the vexation he felt while waiting for that brief moment ended. Every sec passed by then felt like the worst hrs, the fear of losing their love was heart wrenching.

Plz Maan mujhe baby rahkne do she cried shaking..I promise, I will never come back to u, claiming any rights. Her words pierced through his soul. His grip around her stiffened. A moment ago they were one & now.. she was devoid yet again. He was standing looking down at her & his love concealed in her, who seemed to be his world the only person he confide in. A place that felt like his.
Hope scattered on the floor. A devastating pain he felt. The pain in his heart that never will go away. She wants to keep the baby not him!! wat exactly did she want. How could he agree to something like that. Wat exactly was she thinking. He cupped her face tears where running down her eyes red eyes. He couldn't bear to see them, nothing felt right but to accept her plea, though it was killing him within. He couldn't even understand wat exactly that meant. The hurt he felt shattered his will. Still he kept quiet, a silence if only she could understand his plea, his silent cry..sound of his broken heart.

He drove her home. He had so many questions, he had so many worries. He was fearing to leave her alone in the house. They sat silently the whole day in her flat. She wondered wat she was going to do. She couldn't let go the child, but that would hurt Maan, give him hopes that she can never fulfill. Her heart only belonged to dev, she had no say over it. Even she wanted to stop loving dev she couldn't. After all he did to her, she still would melt into his arms the moment he says those words that she thought was only hers. Not that she was oblivious to this wonderful person in her life..maan, but how could she be completely his!! when her heart still only beats for dev. Their relationship would only give Maan more pain. Outward it seems all perfect..she could just move on with Maan!!! he loves her.. she knows..he does!! a truth that hurts her more than the pain of devs betrayal. Dev's betrayal is something she choose !!! but hurting an innocent soul.. who only learned to love her!!!.. she could never even think was sin!! babaji will never forgive her for this.

It was noon time, she still sat silently cuddled up in the devan. He finally broke the prevealing silence in the room with a sigh of long breath. He went to the kitchen portion & looked around. She still sat their unaware of his movement. He opened the fridge & pulled out the bread packet. He made a sandwich & poured juice in the glass. He looked at her, she was still sitting in the same position. Same position for last 5 hrs. he determinedly walked towards her. He placed the plate in front of her. She still sat lost. He closed his eyes.. he placed the plate down & sat next to her. He slowly tapped her shoulder.
she looked at him & started to cry again. I am so sorry .. really sorry!!
he didn't know wat to say
I have no right to hurt u!! mujhe koi haaq nahi..
haaq hain
nahi I don't have any right
he places his finger on her lips, she shivers with his touch & looks at him with her teary eyes
u have all the rights.
She speaks over his finger I can give u nothing
nothing but pain
he looks painfully at her.. atleast I have the right on ur pain..
a painful truth of their relation!!
oh Maan!!! she hugs him plz don't do this. Plz.
He wipes her tears.. aab khana ka lo
mujhe bhook nahi
he knots his brows.. phir challo he drags her hand
Abortion karva lethen hain, u don't seem to take care
she was shocked he said that but then she realized she was being irresponsible. Then she felt how wrog she was in thinking she knew everything about married life!!!! she is been married for 3yrs & didn't even know she was pregnant for last 70-75 days. She wanted a child all way long but she was not evening having her meals properly. She immediately took the plate & finished the sandwich. He gave the juice glass, she made a little fuss but finished it. He took out the medicine & gave it to her. She ate them without making any fuss now.

He smiled within. He was so happy she ate & she was not crying anymore. She kept the plates away, he raised to leave. She dropped her head down. She didn't want to be alone today. It was a very big day in her life, she for the first time taken a decision, a decision that too against all the deeds. Against her love, against her family, against all she thought was right. She wanted him to be around there, his being there just around the corner made her feel so comfortable. But she knew she had no right to stop him. Though he said she has the right, but she didn't want to give him any hopes. But the whole part of her wanted him to be their at least until sunsets. Maan moved towards the door, she followed him & then went near the huge window & turned her back. He turned to look at her, she still had her head dipped,  facing her back to him, not able to see him leave nor able to stop him. He came behind & slipped his hand around her waist. She rested her hand contented on his. She closed her eyes & a tear escaped her eyes.. feeling his love.. how well he knew her. She rested her head on his chest backward. They stood their watching the sunset, the sky getting dark & deep like their painful relation. The sky now twinkled with stars & the moon seemed to brighten the room, rising the long died hope in the corner ofhis heart he never knew existed. 

She looked tired & sleepy. He lead her to the bed & made her lay. He tucked the spread around & patted her. She dozed off in a sec feeling safe in the embrace of his closeness. He slowly switched off all the lights & left. He went to his car, he felt a very sweet happiness in him. Not knowing he was still hoping !! hoping something that could never be his.  he drove happily to KM. He parked the car & walked in. yash stopped him at the door.
Maan had almost forgotten wat had happened in the morning in the house. Reality hit hard when he saw the whole family gathered in the hall at 11pm waiting for him.
Maan - dad woh!!
yash - how dare u address me like that?
Maan - sorry dad
yash - after wat u did, tumhe lagtha hain I will forgive u
Maan - aap meri baat
yash was really wild, he had been mad the whole day, his BP had been all time high since morning
yash - how could u even think of killing ur unborn child
Maan was ashamed , that he even said something like that
yash - actually I should aborted u when u were in ur priyas womb, at least mujhe yeh din tho nahi dehkna padtha
priya - yeh aap kya kah rahen hain
yash - tum chup raho
Maan fell on his feet dad I am sorry, mujhe maaf kardo, he couldn't bear his dad saying something so harsh to him.
yash inched away - get out of my house.
He dragged him from his collar & threw pushed him out closing the door behind

-BLOG ehtesaab 15-

priya to meet geet
Thanxs for all the beautiful comments
it really motivates me & helps me to write more

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yippie.. me first after about seven months..
i'm sooo happy for being irst to comment after alooong time
and thanx for updating 
the update was really wonderfull..
you'll be shocked but i love to read sad stories and emotional and sad updates..
and u are a fabulous writer and i love ur updates at all cost.. whether they are sad or not.. but i like happy updates too LOL
maan loves geet to his heart and really understands her unlike that dev Angry
and geet too knows that maan loves her to the core.. but i think she also likes maan deep down but she doesnt knows her feelings.. am i right..??
and bechara maan.. feeling sad for him..
yash nay bohat bura danta.. CryCry
he'll apologize t his father..?? or
now will he get his own place or move in with geet Wink
loved the update
and thanx a million for updating now
and me again dancing for being first
P.S   why arent you including pix these days.. love to read with pix. and ur choise for them is amazing.. really fit ur story..

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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NoorFatima IF-Rockerz

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was in a hurry so reserved from both windowes.. LOL

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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awesome part muski
can't wait for priya to meet geet

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chsweety22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 10:04am | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
just loved it
but i m in tears cant see gete tears as well as manns
make mnn tokn wthat geet is mannried
and plsmake mann tolave in geet house...

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Beautiful part!!!

loved it!!!!

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