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-Ehtesaab- SS maaneet thread 2 (Page 62)

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Originally posted by niddzz

Originally posted by FIRESafiReFIRE

aww me knew its not his baby..
idk.. i just had the feeling.. lol..
how old is there relationship??

hey keya...!!Smile
it is his and only his baby...!!
read the last line of the update...!!
she denied coz she is already feelin guilty  that she is dragging him in her own world of pain ...and now she thinks even his family is in dark and is involved in their tangled relation coz of her...(becoz of her kiss the news was spread in media nad thats how his family came to kno)..!!
she has still not thot what she is gonna do wid the baby...but she feels more helpless ...first this GF game and then now the unexpected pregnancy news...she is just trying to keep him away 4m more pain than what he has already suffered coz of her and so in trying to keep him away 4m dis painful relationship dey share she just uttered those words...even maan knows she is lying just by looking in to her eyes...after all they have never communicated its always their eyes that did and still does all d talkin...and thats also the reason she was asking him not to look in to her eyes...not askin actually begging him to avoid eye contact...!!!
i hope me iz makin sense...!!

i reread..
i defo understand the in depth of the story... of course geet does not want to hurt maan...
but the baby...
muski need help...
how old is there relationship...
she is 2 month pregy.. hmm..
actually somewhere i wan that baby to be  devs.. LOL
lets see... don't kill me guys... hehe

ok bc to the story... someone help :)

& it also could be like.. she does not want to involve him in her
personal life...
remember geet is still madly in love with dev...
& maan only there bcs they shared a physical & for all the thing
maan have done..
that's why the guilty thing comes in.. & she is not thinking maan as her personal
me probably thinking comepltly wrong..
help help

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Sorry precap changed.. couldn't write long update..(as I was trying to keep this as SS.. I though I will be able get the J part here..but hand so much to write Shocked)
so precap.. now
Maan taking Geet for abortion!!

He sat beside her the whole night wondering how was he going to convince dad. His hand resting on the life that was theirs.. he loves her insanely, he wanted a life with her. He wanted to be part of her future..but never had he thought of a baby. Not so soon. Actually he had never imagined himself as a father yet. Not that he didn't want to be, just that he was not sure if he could be matured enough to handle a little life. Doesn't mean he was going to run away from his responsibilities.

He knows it his baby she is carrying & he will do anything to support her. Could be even she wants to do away with it.. a tear escaped his eyes, guilt pierced his heart, pain that he thought would ever exist. She turned in her sleep. He slipped away & got ready for the morning puja. Before he could reach the puja room, the whole family was down there. Adhi just walked in & wondered looking at Maan. Geet was sitting next to Daadi.
Yash - yah adhi u have the file
adhi - ji
Maan looked at adhi & then Geet, who looked really nervous now.
Yash flipped the files & got geets parents number.
Priya consolingly told Geet don't worry yash tumhare papaji se baath karlenge
one way Geet thought that will be the best, they will come to know that she is a divorcee & probably may assume that it is dev's child. But she was so scared.
Maan still didn't know wat exactly was happening.

Yash took the phone & made the call.
Brij - haan ji
yash - aapki beti Geet
Brij - humari aisen koi beti nahi.. wrong number
yash was bit confused & looked at the number.. & the screen of the phone..
Geet was really getting shaky now.. Maan noticed that.
Yash was about to cut the call, when he heard Brij saying Geet ke baren main phone hain
yash cleared his throat - ji bacho se galti hoti hain
Brij - humaren yanha aisen galti ki saza maut hain
yash was a very highly principled man. He clearly understood their concern, but maut!!! nahi..he couldn't think in those lines. He was already ashamed that his son did something like this & above all her family wants to kill her.
Yash - ek mauka tho
Brij - thats why we only disowned her ..else we would have killed her.
Yash was shocked, terrified. Now it was not just her, but a little life too. he wondered how they knew all about it already!! did geet call them last night or ..he was bit confused there.
Brij - please don't call us ever again..she is dead for us... we send her to study & she gets into an affair marriage.. chi chi!! aur aab yeh sab.. & he cuts the call.
Yash didn't have the face to tell this to Geet. Her family disowned her, all because of his son!! he felt she was their responsibility now.

he thought for a while - teehk hain, I will call the pandit & we can have the wedding in the evening.
A tear escaped from geets eyes. Maan couldn't bare all this anymore. He knew she was in pain, least he wanted to do was not to hurt her further. He cursed himself to have ever crossed her path..actually all his mistake.. he loved her, he couldn't stay a day without seeing her in the morning. His weeks were terrible without her, he initiated every thing ..he got her pregnant, now his family is binding her down in a relation.. wanting her to keep the child she probably doesn't want to keep.
Its a mistake..he said it painfully
yash looked at him..the whole family looked at Maan
he was looking down.. then he looked at those tears, that gave him the courage, courage to hurt the ones he loved the most. 
I can't marry her.
Geet looks at him in shock
I never saw her in that sense
yash slapped him.. how the hell is she pregnant then
it was just a causal relation, I got drunk that night &
..he looked away
the family members couldn't believe Maan could ever say something like this forget doing. Geets eyes filled with tears hearing the painful lie he spoke to save her. He was hurting every one around, just for her. Why was he doing this!!!
Yash inched back in disbelieve. His son, his pride played with the life of a girl. He could have forgiven him once for involving with her physically before marriage, but shamelessly standing infront of the whole family & talking like this was not acceptable, not even over his death bed.
Maan walked harshly towards Geet, held her from her arm & dragged her out of the house. Wat r u still waiting here for, just leave us. My driver will take u to the best hospital get .. he couldn't even say that word, he wanted to die that very moment.. he bit his teeth hard & clinched his fist.. abort the child. Adhi ran to hold her & walk his lifeless frd out. She probably didn't even recover from dev & this happened. Daadi & priya tried to stop her, but were ashamed to even face her after wat Maan has done to her.

Maan roared wait I will take u myself & be 100% sure. He dragged her to the car & drove her to the hospital. The moment they left the mansion. He seemed calm. She looked at him in awe, kis mitti ka bana hain yah insaan, she wondered. Why he was he doing all this for her. Why so much of pain for him.. for this noble soul. The car stopped in front of the hospital. He walked her to the ward. He was ever so gentle. His hand now rested softly on her back. The harshness in front of the family was just a put up!!. he carefully made her sit in chair.

He filled up the form for abortion. They sat quietly waiting for the dr.
after a while the dr called for them in
Dr - why r u aborting
Maan didn't want any questions pointing to her.
He firmly said - I am not prepared to be a father so soon
dr - well I have nothing much to say then
Maan nodded
Geet was quiet all the while.
Dr - it will take an hr or so.
Maan - umm
dr - then u can take her home.

Maan waited outside. While Geet was made to lie on the bed. Her baby.. her dream, the life within her, how much she wanted it. If she losses it , she doesn't see herself getting a baby ever gain. Yes this was not dev's baby..she knew it was maan's but !! it was hers too. Her life was a mess, she didn't have anyone in her life, no dev, no parents, no Maan.. she couldn't involve maan in her life. Not at the cost of life long pain..since she believed she couldn't love anyone else ever again in her life. The only one hope she had on her life was her child.. only her child.. !! only hers.. only hers.. dr..inclined the bed & suggested her to spread the leg. She was feeling cold, numb.. scared.. she couldn't breath.. the cold air now touched her exposed skin, a speculum was inserted to open the va****. She screamed Maan!!.. her voice was filled with pain, grief.. fear.. so scared & trembling

he came in at once push opening the doors.. she hugged him & pleaded.. I want this baby.. mera bacha Maan!!! mujhe mera bacha chaiya.. plz Maan!! she hugged him & cried.. plz Maan.. he cupped her face & wiped her tears with his thumb & gestured the drs to leave her alone. Plz Maan.. let me keep the baby .. plz.. plz. mera bacha maan!!!


-BLOG ehtsaab 14-
Maan thrown out of Khurana Mansion
Thanxs for all the beautiful comments
it really motivates me & helps me to write more

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 Dancing again 1st one to commentDancing OMG today is my day i think Party very happyDancing

super cute part MUSKAN especially 

Originally posted by muskanp

she hugged him & pleaded.. I want this baby.. mera bacha Maan!!! mujhe mera bacha chaiya.. plz Maan!! she hugged him & cried.. plz Maan.. he cupped her face & wiped her tears with his thumb & gestured the drs to leave her alone. Plz Maan.. let me keep the baby .. plz.. plz. mera bacha maan!!!

loved it...SmileClap
Glad that in EHTESAAB Maan is not all in all... i mean Maan is under yash's commandWink n slap Tongue LOL
PRECAP isCry y thrown out??? bechara hamesha esa Maan k sath e hota haCry... 

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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ok maans baby.. LOL

oh i love dthe update.. too good...
me was so in to the story.. i could imagine each bit
egarly waiting for next part...

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monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Muskan you made me cry i am just going to kill you ..but you saved yourself girl love to see maan and geet fight for their love and baby ...both made for each other ..thanks a lot for this part love it thanks a lot 

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sweet cherry IF-Rockerz
sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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loved da update
do continue
it was amazing
i want geet nd maan together

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update was so heart wrenchin...precap sounds interestin

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I felt bad for maan...he is taking all the pain of geet...hope the truth comes out...i dont want maans family to be ashamed i want them to be proud of him...plzzz make them realise their own feelings...update soon sweety

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