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-Ehtesaab- SS maaneet thread 2 (Page 3)

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congratulation pls pls pls update na...!!!
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congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 d new thread ... Party
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Geet turned & grabbed Maan's face. she pressed her lips on his. Her tongue invaded his mouth & lips sealed his..her fingers ran into his hair.. Maan didn't kiss back nor did he resist. He just closed his eyes & held her. Her hand grabbed his hair now & she was kissing him furiously in anger.. angry with self..with dev..with everything, probably biting his lower lip now. Tears rolled down her eyes. He opened his eyes instantly feeling the turmoil that coiled within her. She was doing something totally against her will to hurt this guy..whom she!!! but in turn every square inch of herself was denying to it. She was about to break down crying may even run away from here... Maan cupped her cheeks in his long fingers hiding her tears from others especially dev. She dazily looked at him in guilt.. for taking him for granted. ..she was not mean.. she was not inhuman play with maan.. but she was!!! he never complained.. she probably knew it why..but didn't want to confront it.!! because she won't be able to comfort him in any way as she was in a emotional turmoil herself. The fear..the self hateredness raged in her.. she was about to snap out disgusted at herself.. feeling low about wat she just did to prove dev wrong!! when she self knew it very well he was 200% right. Unfortunately even he knows it.

She chuckled then felt the breath whoosh out of her lung when Maan bent his head as she was moving away. He closed the distance with an unexpected kiss. His lips were warm & firm.. and molded to hers with expert efficiency. He tasted copper..bronze.. may be his lip did bleed ..he slipped a big hand into her hair kneading her scalp & turned her head so that he could get better access to her mouth. She closed her eyes..thanking him.. to hold her back at the right moment.. of her weakness.. she hugged him thanking him..from bottom of her heart.. she didn't know.. how much courage he just filled in her, by holding her back.. not letting her breakdown.. not making her feel guilty.. when they both knew she is wrong.. but every thing just felt right. Oh lord... he felt wonderful within her. She fit so perfectly against him, as though divine hand had carved him just for her.

Dev turned away feeling disgusted at the sight. He clinched his fist in anger. He felt like someone just punched right on his face. He turned in anger to pull away Geet. Maan held his hand in mid breathing heavily breaking out of the kiss.
You bas*** dev tried punching him again
Maan looked at Geet who stood flushed & with swollen lips.
She shouted at dev to leave them alone.
Maan put a protective hand over Geet & walked her out of the place. He thanked his stars that his guards had moved the media away.. when Geet kissed him.

They didn't say anything through out the drive. When the car stopped outside her flat.. they both sat silently for few mins. She hugged him.. & said
yet again.. all she had to say was that!!! he thought..
she walked few steps away & came back... placed a soft peck on his cheek..
don't be so nice to me!!! she said in a guilt filled tone
he smirked & said good night
she smiled weakly & walked away into the dark steps..leading to her flat

Next day Maan was working out ..still trying to get hold of the situation..when yash, Daadi & priya walked in to the gym.
Yash was furious while priya was holding him back.. suniya tho...
he threw the paper at Maan ..wat this??? he spat in anger
Maan stopped his workout & lifted the paper to read the page three bit...
his pic with Geet & openly quoting on his a play boyish terms
Yash - who is this girl??
kya rishta hain tumhara uske saath???
Maan stood their with his head dipped low.. with no answer
yash - humesha aapni man mani karthe ho..I asked u to join family business..u didn't ..i thought u wanted to do something by urself.. & now this..  u have decided to sink the family name all together??
priya - they may be in a relation
she said it in a weak torn knowing her husbands temper
Maan looked at his mom in pain
yash - why can't he get married & do all this in a more civic way.. behind four walls
Daadi - jaldi se inki engagement announce kardo
Maan - nahi..he fumbled..
yash - great so now u wat to ruin the reputation of khurana khandan's would be bahu first & then marry her.
Maan had no clue where this conversation was leading to, but somewhere he was loving the conversation..where his name was taken with Geet & she was addressed as khurana khandan's bahu!! he was snapped out of his dreamland when Daadi suggested him to call Geet over. He blinked blankly.
Yash - usse kyun.. we will go & meet her parents first then she can come to our place
priya looking at maan's plight ..then weakly ..worried about her husbands temper carefully suggested - ek bar ladki se mil lethen hain
yash short a glare to priya
she immediately looked down
yash - teehk hain call her for dinner, early dinner he added & then drop her back home!! I don't want any more such pictures in the paper..
the two ladies sighed in relief as yash walked out. Daadi kissed maan's forehead..mujhe ladki pasand hain. Maan smiled weakly..thinking.. pasand tho muje bhi hain.. lekin uska kya??

After Daadi left priya lifted maan's chin kya baath hain
he snapped ..why did u say we might be in relation
she smiled knowing his temper.. bilkul ..aapne papa pe gayen hain she thought
mujhe yeh nahi samjh aata how she puts up with ur temper priya teased
mama!!! he rolled his eyes
she laughed & went to the kitchen

Maan had no clue how was he to tell this to Geet now. He got dressed & went to the office. By now the whole office was aware of the news. Every one was silent when he walked in..trying to hide the news paper. As he entered his cabin they started again gossiping about it.
He came out & yelled..i don't pay u all to gossip over my personal life!!!
back to your work now!!!
Geet walked in the office scared, feeling really odd. She didn't have a clue that Maan ..was the Maan Singh Khurana.. belonging to some royal khurana khandan, she suddenly felt so timid & low. She quietly went to her cabin & continued her work..avoiding odd stares.
Maan came to her cabin & closed the door behind. She jumped up from her seat..with his sudden appearance infront of her & closing the door.
She didn't dare to look at him.. she kept her head low glued to the floor
he stood quiet for a while & then very thoughtfully
u have to come home today for dinner
she silently nodded
that was easy he thought. He turned to leave..he turned the knob.. my parents think we are... so u
she shouted in shock
how can they think like that.. wat did u tell them.. how can that be..
Geet!! Geet !!!

wat did u tell them.. how will I face them.. chi chi babaji..wat did u tell them abt us
Geet chup bilkul chup
she continued to panic like his raising voice had no effect on her
how could u Maan... I am not coming anywhere with u...
tum puri baat sunogi yah nahi
..he shouted
she was no where listening to him.. wat have u told them.. oh babaji aab kya hoga
he was getting frustrated with her behavior now
he pinned her to the chair & closed her mouth with his hand..
u r coming with me home tonight & meeting my parents as my girl friend..samjhi
her eyes popped out..when he said the word girl friend!! umm..he commanded
she frowned 'his temper..never effected her some reason.. it only made her talk back
the moment he left her.. she caught her lost breath nahi !!! I can't do that
he held her arm & made her stand .. u should have thought about it before kissing me in front of the media!!! he spat in anger
she made a baby caught face..rubbing her arm.. where he was still holding her with a look. not approving of cheating could she ..!!! it was all getting so entangled. Why was he making difficult for both of them she thought.

will geet make it to the dinner???Shocked

Thanxs for all the beautiful comments
it really motivates me & helps me to write more

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congrats on the new thread...waiting for update :)

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Congrats for the new thread

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Congrats on the new thread Muskan Clap
Awesome update.. Its really getting all entangled and would love to see how things get going now from here onwards Embarrassed Wonderful update Clap Loved it..  Update soon Smile
Lucky us today first you updated TM  then Maitri and now Ehtesaab... Can we get this luckier daily Wink

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