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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
The rules for both teams are qual LOL Competition for KC and Prize will be each otherLOL
Maaneet back to their Tashan EyelocksROFLLOL at the just reminded me of their HP days just like this exactly oen year ago the way they used to play Ankhiyon se Goli MaareLOL
Nandini and Lucky's Hi5 haha Lucky ke saath rehkar Nandini Sayani..Yep I can see thatLOL
Jugnu Maamee is like a devdas man I wanna know his Dukh bhari Kahaani too wat led him to being a devdassOuchhe has replaced paani wid daaru..Everytym I eat Paani Puri I end up remembering Daaru-Pari..Who was that Bewafa who broke my Jugnu Maame's nazuk dil?I wouldn't blame him if it was Tejji or Beeji..Stern Smile
Geet remembering all her moments and especially kissh do waalee..Gee de bhi do ab..Munda aise despo baar baar nahin hotaLOL
Pammi breaks her trance..awww I lovee Pammi but not her Hubby huh..
Pammi nahin rula matOuch Main tere pati ki vaat LagaongiAngry
I feel so sorry for her..She does so much for her family husband and the whole house and yet all she gets is Jootiss,Chup oye,Chup Kar...Ouch
Awww MSK got sad...EmbarrassedI love this man jo bhi hai jaisa bhi hai he can make my heart melt with anything..I hope MSK does something with Geet now..Pammi has to get her rights..
TailorROFLROFLROFLHey Bhaggu Ab Pusessivee Munda aa jayegaa..r we gonna have Tere Mast mast do nain Reprise againLOL
MSK jumps in thru the window againLOL with a smirk because he knows my Gith is thinking abt that DRIVER..followed by the chi chiLOL
LMAO tht was so darn filmy..I think these two watch movies every nyt and next day perform it with each other..LOLDriver hoon par hoon toh tumhara and the little twist and turnn he did wasLOL
Look who is talking I have heard my mishti doesn't want new clothes...Kanjoos Crorepati paise toh de..ROFLGeet's Hey babaji is bakLOLand Lafangaa Maan againEmbarrassed..sachi mein this Driver Ballu is a total Lafangaa...LOL
Aaa gayi Kabab mein haddi Beeejiii...
lol u knw wat he can be a good athlete too kya high jumpss hai ekdum grace ke saathLOL
Sargi awww I am sure Maan will bring it for her..Maan will do anything for his GithEmbarrassedAdiii Tu aajaa na Sargi lekee apnee Maans ir ko dekhne ka liyeeBlushingAnkhiyan taras gayi AdiMaan ko ek saath dekhne ke liyeeeOuch
Ek Aur kabab mein haddi Tajji uff yeh Tejjy Beejy Me will suck tehir saale chain se jeene bhi nahin dete hai..
LOL Where Maan was standing Nandini culd easily see him but *smackss head* NO LOGIC...
So today's profession Salesman..Hey bhaggu I am tired of counting his back up professions nowLOL
LMAO MSK with that bluee saari onROFLROFLROFLROFLGeet don't make Maan angry its just his first day as salesman be nice to him na..Bedardi Gith..Bechara is practicing his back-up jobs for u if he ever bcums kangaal..LOL
haha Did Maan buy the whole shop the way she asked mujhe kuch laal mein dikhaiye Wat if he didn't have thtLOLand MSK's choice of red saari..Ok the visual is not goodStern Smile
MSK takes faayda and does a haath chumma..LOL
LMAO Msk and his pusessiveness..I am shoo gald it was not Bachpan ka pyaar or he wuld have killed so many ppl by now..Over-Pusessive ppl *sighh*
 Bas Ab mujsee Jugnu Maame ka hala nahin dekhaa jaataa...Who played wid his delicate delicate phillingss..OuchPee pee Ke Chemical lochaa kar diyaa hai...
Kabootar ki Galtiyaan Guu karne kiROFLROFLROFL
Preeto aaa gayi..Hey Bhaggu This cellular kurri has to cum in front now me losing patiencee...
Now Sukdu is gonall hodl that iron rod..Gir jaayegaa becharaOuchLOL
Ok and he did Fall taking nandini..NOrmally isn't it a gal who fallsLOLOh i fogot Humraa Devaa is Sabshee Alagg...anyways the fall wasConfusedDead
Sorry but this dev-nandini track just ain't clickin in..Tejjy-pammi shuld be developed for better...
MSK's ChachaLOLI bet MSK will go and sew it..he is so Pusessive abt her Gith tht he won;t even let the tailor's hands touch itLOL
 Madam Advance Milegaa..NAHINN
Toh Sab Kuch Saath Mein Mil jaayegaa..Yek CON CON CON haiii...Blushing
lol the door wasn't locked neither was the window..Bulao Bulao Jugnu Maame ki shaatir ankhon ko Bulao...
Disappointed Majdoor Leaves with a high jump full of graceLOL
Devaaa Singingg Mainee Bachayaa Main Pavitra hoon
Nandini Singing jeeja Tera toh Charcter hi dheela hai..
Oh Hooo is verySleepySleepy

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Reserved just for Geetu...Hug

The epi was a filler but also laid the groundwork for the Karwa Chauth celebrations...Geet's challenge that Maan should break her fast in front of all backfired on her coz Maan issued a counter-challenge asking her to feed him in front of all...For a second Geet was clueless and didn't know how to react but the sherni in her didn't let her to back she accepted the challenge and they shook hands on it like boxers in a ring before a fight...LOL...The handshake showed the true mental age of Geet coz we used to use that handshake when we were kids...LOLLOLLOL...Geet is still a kid at her heart and loves to throw tantrums like a 5 year old and Maan like a doting father fulfills all her farmaish...But I'm happy today that he acted like a hubby and asked for something in return...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedWink

Nandini-Lucky-Jugnu Mama scene was nice...Nandini although impressed by Dev aka MSK ki karamaat veils it well with the insult ...10 kaam bigadke ek kaam savartha hai...And Lucky swayed by her words acts unimpressed too...And then they both form a Mutual Admiration Society...and Hi5

Bechaare Jugnu Mama...His one point agenda is now to bring about the downfall of Maan Singh Khurana by hook or by crook...and to avenge all the insults meted out to him because of his goof ball efforts to catch MSK red-handed...LOLLOLLOL...

Nandini and Lucky pulling Mamaji's legs and making him list out all the mistakes of Jijaji was hilarious...

Geet lost in the thoughts of her pati parmeshwar was...Embarrassed

One of the best and most touching scenes of today was the Pammi and Geet Scene...Pammi brings Geet's Karwachauth ki thali and seeing Geet lost in thoughts and blushing guesses the reason for her happiness. She is such a sweetheart that she feels happy seeing Geet happy...And thanks Geet for giving her one more year where she can celebrate Karwa chauth with her husband instead of his photo...She reminisces to Geet that in the past 8 years of her marriage ...this is only the second time that she will be celebrating the festival here instead of her maayka...the first time being the first year of marriage...CryCry...She also adds that thanks to Geet Beeji has decided to celebrate this festival with so much grandeur...CryCry...And then suddenly seeing Geet in tears , she reprimands herself and puts on her happy face again and tells Geet to come down in the afternoon to select a new dress for KC...

I felt like giving a kantaap to both Teji and Beeji for hurting such a sweet girl...AngryAngry...But I liked the fact that even MSK overheard Pammi's story and by the expression on his face he was really touched and saddened by it...Awww he is such a softie...Just like Daadi said ...He is like a coconut...Hard from outside and soft from inside...Embarrassed

Pammi is such a pure and good-hearted soul in this household filled with idiots, goons and drunkards...She is the only one who truly saw what was in Geet's heart and guided her maturely...When Geet was still being stubborn she showed her the mirror and told her that she had already forgiven Maan and just needed to verbalize it...If not for her subtle pushes to Geet in the right direction...MSK might still have been trying to struggle to woo Geet...She sure acted as a catalyst in the reunion of Maaneet...And now its time they returned the favor...
I hope Geet does something in her unique way with the help of Maan to drill some sense into Teji's over-sized head and makes him see what a gem of a life-partner he has...I hope and wish by the end of this Amritsar track Maaneet are able to bring romance and colour into Teji and Pammi's dull and colourless lives...Pammi sure deserves all the happiness in the world...Smile

Maan and Geet's scene was nice but like everyone said Geet needs to tone down her loud act and show some loving to her husband too...After all he is doing all this for her only and she keeps doing nakhra...OK Some nakhras are bearable but if they are interspersed with some nice "I love you Maan for doing all this for me" moments, then it will be nicer...

Loved Maan's double-edged wordplay with dialogues like..."Hoon tho tumhara hi driver" and "Tumne mujhe seedha kahaan rehne diya"...MSK is truly a lafanga in Ballu avatar...LOL

When Beeji comes and tells Geet about her Sargi, she wishes to have spent her first Karwa Chauth on her house with Daadi...Chalo ek baar bola tho sahi ki...I should have been in Delhi...Maan's happy and satisfied face when he heard her say that was sweet Embarrassed...and I'm sure he is going to arrange for the sargi to arrive from Khurana Mansion for Geet...Aww...the guy loves her so much...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Wish she would do something in return for him instead of pushing him away and acting pricey...Ermm

The dress selection scene was sweet but again Geet was too loud...I can understand her enthusiasm on her first karwa chauth and Maan bringing her clothes but atleast she could have been a little lovey-dovey with him when she took the cloth from him...instead of phodoying his bhanda and shouting when he kissed her...

And the clothes...OMG...they were pukish...DeadDeadDead...Please CVs change your dress designer...ASAP

Again Geet was OTT in the tailor measurement scene...when she knows Maan is very possessive about her ...why push his buttons...Bechara he is already under so much stress...why increase it more for him...He is doing so much for her...couldn't she have compromised and asked for a Lady tailor ...apni Preeto for example...THese small things would make even Maan feel that Geet cares for him...It seems to be a completely one-sided affair where Maan is doing everything to please Geet and she isn't even trying to reciprocate in kind...If she can't do anything atleast she can say something romantic to him when they are alone...

Dev-Lucky-Mama scene was funny...LOLLOLLOL

Dev-Nandini...The less said the better...DeadDeadDead

OK Again...In the last scene, although the nok jhok between Geet and Maan was sweet...Geet came out looking kiddish coz she doesn't respond kindly to Maan's advances and pushes him away every given opportunity...I wish they would show some feelings from her end towards Maan...
Ermm...Well looks like after carpenter Ballu, tailor Ballu is in the works...LOLLOLLOL

Precap...OK if Dev comes even in 50 m radius of Geet on the pretext of feeding her...I will twist his reed-like neck...And then run a bulldozer on the CVs...Dev touching Geet or doing any of the rituals related to Karwa chauth with Geet is a strict no-no...So CVs better keep this in mind...Angry

Dev-Nandini is not happening so CVs ditch it
Teji-Pammi looks like a better storyline to venture into...
Tone down Geet's loudness and make her reciprocate Maan's advances

Well, I think that's about it for me...LOLLOL

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swan20 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged
I feel really bad for Pammi...CryCryCry...Teji & Beeji are such hypocrites...hope Maan sets them right before he leaves Amritsar.

In contrast Geet is so lucky. I'm sure MSK will arrange for her sargi...the man dotes on her. Geet should only look at Pammi to realize how fortunate she is.

No comments on Dev-Nandini. Its obvious CVs don't learn from their mistakes. The NE love track was a disaster...this one will have the same fate...Ouch

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hegdemedha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 11:03am | IP Logged
Denizens, don't you know the rule?  You are supposed to discuss the new episode in the new Den ... and, for my sake, move it to page 3.  In the future, please remember to abide by the rules and do what you should be doing.  Else, the penalty -- this scorecard on page 2.  Trust me, we don't want this on page 2 again.

The "good guy playing yet another good guy v. reformed bad guy" scorecard

The scorecard, as updated on 5 May 2011. The starting point is the time when the family agrees with Geet's decision to give Maan an opportunity to prove himself.

Reformed bad guy playing the good guy perceived to be the bad guy (Sum score  = +9)
  • Reformed bad guy is seen flattering Lachi in a bid to obtain a fancy meal: -1
  • Reformed bad guy is found with Lachi in the corridor: -1
  • Reformed bad guy is found locked in Geet's room with Geet: -1
  • Reformed bad guy is beaten up by mistake by Uncle Jugnu: -1
  • Reformed bad guy receives an apology (indirect??) for the mistaken beating: +1
  • Reformed bad guy gets the sympathy of the good guy who promises to set things aright: =+ 1
  • Reformed bad guy is found to have broken his promise yet again of not visiting Geet's room and is assigned the task of cleaning up the room: -1
  • Reformed bad guy gets sympathy looks from the good guy's wife: +1
  • Reformed bad guy gets away without having moved a single item from the room, the task set out as his punishment: +1 
  • Reformed bad guy gets the appreciation of family for his intelligence: +1 
  • Reformed bad guy gets the appreciation of family for his hard work: +1
  • Reformed bad guy gets the appreciation of family for his perseverance in staying awake the whole night: +1
  • Reformed bad guy gets the appreciation of family for his punctuality in completing the work on time: +1
  • Reformed bad guy gets the appreciation of family for his prompt morning appearance: +1
  • Reformed bad guy  receives an apology from the good guy (there was not much of a question mark at the end of the "sorry" from the good guy -- so the benefit of doubt goes to the reformed bad guy): +1 
  • Reformed bad guy is identified as the cause of the good guy's wife's happiness: +1
  • Reformed bad guy is also the indirect cause of Pammi's happiness: +1
  • Reformed bad guy offers to help his perceived brother-in-law and wins his appreciation: +1
  • Reformed bad guy unwittingly gets a hug from his perceived sister-in-law: +1
  • Reformed bad guy gets a earful from his perceived sister-in-law: -1
  • Reformed bad guy, after he yells back, gets a remorseful eye lock with his sister-in-law: +1
  • Reformed bad guy gets a earful from his perceived brother-in-law: -1
  • Reformed bad guy gets a guilty eyelock with his perceived sister-in-law: +1

Good guy playing yet another good guy (Sum score  = -7)
  • Good guy playing yet another good guy comes in the night when reformed bad guy is caught and is asked to go away and almost told his station in life: -1
  • Good guy playing yet another good guy is perceived to be a man of ill-temper by Lucky, who is scared to question him: -1
  • Good guy playing yet another good guy loses his sleep for a night while cleaning the room: -1
  • Good guy playing yet another good guy toiled the whole night single-handedly: -1
  • Good guy playing yet another good guy does not receive thanks for his efforts, even from the reformed bad guy.
  • Good guy playing yet another good guy is in the bad books of Lachi for filching water from the refrigerator: -1
  • Good guy playing yet another good guy is in the bad books of Lachi for being on familiar terms with Geet memsaab: -1
[Footnote: The good guy playing yet another good guy scores no points today (either positive or negative).  His advances with his wife in private do not score him any points.]

PS: I'll endeavour to update this list on a daily basis.  This is also subject to revision.  To ensure accuracy, I will watch the episodes again to check if I missed anything. 

PPS: Any assistance in this endeavour to help the CVs keep track of the scorecard is welcome.

PPPS: Should we recruit cheerleaders for the good guy playing yet another good guy and the reformed bad guy?


@ all: Adios.  See you all later.

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged
@Anuja I agree...Pammi is such a lovable character and most sensible of the whole lot...She sees what nobody else can...I hope Geet too is able to get out of her own happiness and look at her Bhabhi who is hiding all her pain in her heart and smiling outwardly...The least she can do is find some unique way to help Pammi and drill some sense into her khota brother's head...

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serialwatcher16 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 September 2010
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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 11:11am | IP Logged

Main kya karoon, is there anyway i can make dev vanish. 

I love the episode with all the maan and geet scenes and then when dev starts romancing nandini I feel like killing somebody. Main kya karoon. 

I am goin to start watching on youtube till I can watch alone again not because of the romantic episodes. I am very cool with all the super romance, but because everybody in my house is asking me 20 questions on Geet. 

Why oh why did I make those pro-Geet speeches in my house.

Why oh why did I rave and rant about this great serial on star One that was going to punish the great Dev. 

Apne paanv pe kulhaadi maarna ise kehte hain. 

Thank you CV's for changing Dev to SS because now I make up my own story when I explain it to all the people who seem to find just Geet time to pass by the room. 

What do I tell them, that I am asking the same questions on Geet forum Ouch

Everybody thinks I am some representative of the PH and so just as i get so irritated answering them for questions which I have no answers, I would like to tell everybody here to treat my rant as some kind of monologue and not as some great questions for somebody to answer. I don't want anybody to consider themself as representative of the PH, I know the feeeling believe me. I have already worn that shoe. 

So my rants and questions are general grumbling till I get it out of my system. 

Whew Big smile 

@ Medha - now what was with the Latin conversation with Aaryana. Where do I hide from you. Your lines for shradha were fab. Now waiting for your lines on Opti.Big smile

Question - Where are your hero/heroine, are they not married yet?
Me - No, they are married but she lost her baby and she had a misunderstanding and fight with Maan and she left her hosue and has come to her Maayka.

question - so who is this sardar, isn't she married to your Maan.
Me - Yes, this is Maan dressed as a driver come to manaofy her.

question - who is this spectacled chap
In my story, I have made Dev 'a brother' of Maan who has come to Amritsar and who gets mistaken for Maan as maan has come as a driver. And so they are now following Chupke chupke. 

question - Oh, then did they catch that fellow whom she was after and who had cheated her.
Me - ya, he is in jail in Delhi. 

@ Medha - Adjustment bureau effect

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged

Quick thoughts on Episode

It was a filler episode but showed good preparations of the coming Karwa chauthThumbs Up
Things I loved
  • Maaneet chori chori meeting and and discussing about the KCEmbarrassed ;Loved the way both Maaneet shaked hands and accepted each other's challengeCool...
  • Geet-Pammi scene was top-notchClap...Actor playing Pammi's role was brilliant in depicting her emotinos today when she spkoe about her 8 year marriage and how she got a chance to celebrate her KC only onceCry ;I think MSK overheard it and so I m hoping that Maaneet together will help Pammi and Teji in making their married life more interestingWinkEmbarrassed
  • Now that Sargi is mentioned today in the episode,I m hoping Adi comes with the sargi for GeetEmbarrassed and not DadiConfusedLOLEmbarrassed...
  • MSK showing the suit-kapdas to Geet from window and Geet telling her choice as red was a very cute sceneEmbarrassed ;It was filmy but handled in a slight different way where MSK himself brings the suits for GeetEmbarrassed..Also loved the way MSK smells her hand when she was looking at the other sideTongue...hmmm MSK is becoming despo for his wife's touch nowLOLWinkEmbarrassed
  • MSK showing his typical possessive avataar telling Geet about how he does not want any tailor to touch her was typical MSKEmbarrassed...but we all love this possessive MSK naEmbarrassed..I just wish the scene was more intenseErmm...
Things I disliked..
  • Dev-Nandini fall sceneOuch...Why copy Maaneet scenes on other couples and then expect viewers to like themOuch...CVs did the same mistake with AA as well and now doing it with Dev-NandiniOuch; I prefer Dev more in comic scenarios with Lucky,Jugnu or Teji than with NandiniSmile..
  • Plss change Geet's suits..she needs a makeover asapSleepy
  • Give more screentime to Tej-Pammi among the parallel tracks rather than wasting time on Dev-Nandini unwanted romanceOuch
Overall a good entertaining episode where the track revolves around Maaneet only...what more can we ask forBig smile

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swan20 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 11:14am | IP Logged
@Kavi...yeah i hope they show Geet understanding Pammi's pain and doing something to set things right. Today she just put a consoling arm around Pammi and went back to daydreaming about MSK when she left. Now that Geet is out of her own grief, they should show her being Pammi's support & guide...Ermm

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