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Originally posted by mano86

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Thanx mano Big smile

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Originally posted by debasree04

I m here with my 35th CID VM Embarrassed
The idea & song are given by visrom...totally her idea...i just edited according to my thought...slightly edited the song which visrom sent to me (Hope vis, u don't mind)...
This is the first time i made one vm which is totally based on the song...
@visrom, I tried my best to make that one which you thought...
Hope all of you like it...
Please give your valuable comments !!!

Dekho Aagaya Kaun...Abhijeet !!!

4shared link

Finally saw this last night... Thanks to Vis... Ahh kya VM hain... just treat to eyes... Lovely job done ClapStar

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Thanx a lot Sonali Big smile

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sorry, wrong post

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For 16th Anniversary contest, I made the vm not on trio , its only on ACP-Abhijeet...I cant manage them in 8 mins, how can i manage trio in 8 mins LOL...i will make on trio surely in future.
About Music -- actually i was in hurry so i have no time to search music on YT, i have Ananda Shankar instrumental & i used that Embarrassed

Ek Rishta - ACP-Abhijeet

originally posted in 16th Anniversary Contest Thread (Entry 1)

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I wrote this story for contest but first time i did a blunder. I didn't check the rules clearly Ouch there was one plot & my story was totally different from the plot. But I put lots of effort in it. LOL So posting it here. All kind of positive/negative feedback are welcomed but please don't throw sandals LOLEmbarrassed


DISCLAIMER: The story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any event or anything is purely coincidental. The names, places etc are used only for writing this story & there is no relation with the reality. And about CID related things are also based on my imagination. Do not take it personally.


Scene 1 - At Abhijeet's House, 7AM

Daya: Are yaar aur kitna soyoge, ab to uth jao...dekho main coffee leke aaya hoon

Abhijeet (Open his eyes, become surprised to see Daya): Daya tum mere ghar pe kya kar rehe ho aur tum andar aaye kaise? Par tumne bell kyun bajaya?

Daya: Bell bajaya, ek baar nehin 10 baar par tum to ghore bech kar so rehe the main kya karta...mere paas tumhare ghar ki chabi thi usse maine darwaja khola?

Abhijeet (giving naughty look): Thank God! Mujhe to laga ke tumne mere ghar ka darwaja vi tod diya..

Daya remained silent. Abhijeet became surprised. He noticed that Daya was in tension. There was something wrong otherwise Daya should reply something.

Abhijeet : Achha main thoda fresh ho kar aata hoon...

Few minutes later,

Daya: Tum to kavi aise nehin sote...kal der raat wapas aaye kya Pune se?

Abhijeet: Subah 5 baje wapas aaya..

Abhijeet was thinking when Daya would tell the actual reason of his sudden come but Daya again asked about the Pune case. [NOTE - 7 days before, Abhijeet went for Pune to help catching Raghuveer, a drug mafiya along with his gang.]

Daya: Pune case ka kya hua? Apradhi pakda gaya na?

Abhijeet: Haan sab kuch thik thak ho gaya...apradhi vi pakda gaya...

Daya was about to ask again but this time Abhijeet interrupted him.

Abhijeet: Daya, baat kya hei, subah 7 baje tum mere ghar me aaye ho Pune case ke bare mein jaane, yeh to main tumhe bureau jaake vi bol sakta tha...sach bolo koi tension hei kya?

Daya: ACP sahab!!

Abhijeet (shockingly): Kya hua ACP sahab ko? DCP Chitrole ne firse kuch kiya kya?

Daya: Are nehin yaar...mujhe khud nehin pata unhe kya hua hei par kuch to hua hei...

Abhijeet (Confused look): Ainn...Matlab?

Daya: ACP sahab bohot ajeeb behave kar rehe hei...bohot jyada tension mein hei...bina wajah sab ko daant rehe hei...(both remain silent for few seconds)..

Abhijeet: Par jab main Pune ke liye ja raha tha tab to sab kuch thik hi tha...

Daya: Haan, yeh uske baad suru hua...main tumhe batata hoon uss din kya hua tha...


Abhijeet left for Pune while others are busy in their work at bureau. Suddenly they got a phone call that a robbery happened in a flat at Andheri & everyone left to investigate it. Freddy stayed at bureau with ACP.

After few hours, they reached bureau & Daya wanted to discuss few points with ACP sir. So, he stepped forward to ACP Pradyuman's desk. Daya told him lots of facts about the case & asked something but he did not reply & looked unmindful. Daya noticed that.

Daya: Sir aap tension mein lag rehe hei...koi problem hei kya?

ACP (angrily): Nehin koi baat nehin...aur har case ki ABCD kya mujhe hi batana padhega...kya tum ek chori ka case vi samval nehin sakte...

Daya (shockingly replied): Sir, aap jab bureau mein hote hei to saare case aap se hi discuss karte hein hum log...

After few seconds' silence, Daya again asked- Sir, kya baat hei..aap bohot jyada tension mein lag rehe hein...

ACP shouted this time - Tumhe kya lagta hei Daya, ACP Pradyuman apni zindegi ki har baat apne juniors ko bataya ga? Maine pehle vi kaha hei tum logo ko meri personal life mein jhakne ki kosis mat karna [Ref-ACP sir told this to DUO in the episode of FACE OFF Part2, 28 Oct, 2005]

Not only Daya, everyone present in the bureau became shocked to hear it. Daya shocked too specially thinking the word personal life'!! Suddenly ACP Pradyuman stood up from the chair & left the bureau without saying anything. Next few minutes everyone was silent being so shocked & confused. Daya broke the silence.

Daya: Freddy, bureau mein kuch hua tha kya? DCP aaye the kya yah unka phone yah koi aur baat ?

Freddy: Sir DCP sahab to nehin aaye magar Rajeev naam ka ek aadmi aaya tha

Sachin: Kaun tha? Tum use pehchaan te ho?

Freddy: Nehin Sir, magar uske jaane ke baad hi ACP sir pareshaan lag rehe the

Daya: ACP sir ke saath kya baat hua kuch suna tumne?

Freddy: Nehin Sir saaari baat to nehin sun paya bas ek line suna jo uss aadmi ne Sir se kaha ke - aana to nehin chahta tha magar dekhna chah raha tha ke aap apne CID ke saath kitna khush hei'

Purvi: Sir isse to lag raha hei ke woh aadmi ACP sir ko personally janta hei..

Daya was still thinking about ACP sir's last words to him specially personal life'.


Daya: Tabse lekar ACP sahab bohot tension mein hei...(feeling sad)...par uss din ki tarah weird behave nehin kar rehe hei magar pareshaan to hein na..

Abhijeet: Hmmm...Pichle 7 dino mein tumse kitni baatein huyi par tumne iska jikaar kyun nehin kiya?

Daya: Boss, tum wahan akele uss case mein lage hue the main tumhe pareshan nehin karna chahta tha...

Abhijeet: Phir vi Daya, tumhe batana chahiye tha aakhir baat ACP sahab ki hei...achha uss admi ke bare mein kuch pata chala...

Daya: Nehin boss bureau ke CCTV camera se uska photo to mil gaya par kuch vi pata nehin chala...Abhijeet tumhara laptop leke aao main uska footage tumhe dikhata hoon...

After watching the CCTV footage, Abhijeet - 2 baatein to clear hei - woh insaan jo koi vi hein ACP sahab ko personally janta hei aur unse bohot saalo ke baad mil raha hei...par yeh kafi nehin hei uss insaan ke bare mein pata karne ke liye kyunki tum hamara criminal database to check kar chuke ho (Daya noded)...

Daya: Yeh vi to ho sakta hei koi naya khiladi ho?

Abhijeet: Nehin Daya mujhe nehin lagta hei ke yeh koi apradhi hei...yeh kuch aur hi chakkar hei...

Suddenly Daya's phone rings. Sachin calls him.

Daya: Haan Sachin bolo...khoon hua hei !!! Achha thik hei tum log jakar dekho aur laash ko forensic lab vej do...main tum logo ko bureau mein milta hoon...(cut the call)

Daya: Kisi ANUSHKA ka khoon hua hei...maine Sachin ko kaha...woh samval lega...hum bureau chalte hei...

Abhijeet: Tumhe kya lagta hei mere puchhne se ACP sahab sab kuch bata denge?

Daya: Nehin...phir vi...

Scene 2 - Bureau, 10AM

Duo entered while ACP sir checked files sitting on his chair. He noticed Abhijeet along with Daya & asked- Pune se wapas kab aaye?

Abhijeet: Sir, aaj subah...

ACP: Woh case solve ho gaya...woh gang ka leader kya naam tha...Rajeev...woh pakda gaya?

Abhijeet (surprised as ACP Pradyuman never do such mistakes, his memory is too good): Rajeev...Nehin Sir, uska naam to Raghuveer hei..

ACP (embarrassing): Haan haan Raghuveer...woh pakda gaya?

Abhijeet: Haan Sir (Silence for few minutes as Abhijeet could not decide how to ask him) at last he asked- Sir, Daya bata raha tha aap kuch tension mein hei...kya baat hei?

ACP looked at duo one by one but remained silent this time.

Abhijeet (in soft tone): Sir, itne saal hum aapko jante hei kya hamare beech koi rishta nehin hei? Kya hum aapki pareshani mein aapka saath vi nehin de sakte?

ACP remained silent. Abhijeet & Daya glanced at each other.

Abhijeet: Sir, aap hi ne kaha tha ke aap mujhse apne bete se vi jyada pyaar karte hei [Ref-ACP sir told this to Abhijeet sir in the episode of ABHIJEET KE ATEET KA RAAZ Part 6, 8 Jan, 2011] to phir kya...

Abhijeet could not complete the sentence as rest of the team entered with a bang. They looked very much angry. TRIO moved towards.

Daya: Kya hua Sachin? Tum log aise gusse mein kyun ho aur laash forensic lab vej diya?

Freddy: Sir, laash hoga tab na forensic lab vej payenge?

TRIO glanced at one another in confusion.

ACP: Matlab kya hei tum logo ka?

Sachin: Sir, lagta hei kisi ne hamare saath mazaaq kiya hei kyunki uss address par to...

Freddy (interrupting): Sirr, woh Anushka aur koi nehin hamari puraani officer Anushka hai...yaad hei Sir ??

Abhijeet: Kya !!! Anushka thik to hai na?

Sachin: Haan Sir, woh ghar asal mein uske saheli ka hei...Anushka usse milne gayi thi

Daya: Par aisa mazaaq aur woh vi ek cop ki jhooti maut ka

Abhijeet: Par Anushka ka to Bangalore transfer hua tha..(in confusion)...woh inhaan kya kar rehi hei?

Daya: Woh Abhijeet, main tumhe batana vul gaya, DCP sahab ne CID ke saare purane officer, forensic doctors ko Mumbai bulaya hei...

Abhijeet: Magar kyun?

ACP: Chitrole ki dimaag mein pata nehin kya khichdi pak rehi hei...

Suddenly bureau's phone rang & Abhijeet (was standing near it) received it.

Abhijeet: Hello main Sr Ins Abhijeet bol raha hoon CID se...kaun...Mangu...DCP sahab ka khabri (glanced at ACP & Daya)...haan to bureau kyun phone kiya?...KYAAA !!! AINNN!!! Magar tujhe kaise pata chala? [CUT the phone by Mangu]...(in confusion) phone cut diya...

ACP: Kya hua Abhijeet?

Abhijeet: Sir, DCP sahab ke khabri Mangu ka phone tha...uska kehna hei ke DCP sahab ke jaan ko khatra hei

Freddy: Achhai hua!!! [ACP gave an angry look to Freddy & Freddy looked down]

ACP called DCP & but it's not reachable. Everyone becomes confused & tensed. Abhijeet called to DCP office & he was not in office & no information where he could be.

Daya: Sir, humhe Chitrole sahab ke ghar jana chahiye...

ACP: Haan chalo...

Scene 3 - At Chitrole's House, 12PM

TRIO, Freddy, Sachin & Purvi reached there. They pushed the bell numerous times but no one opened the door.

ACP: Daya, darwaja tod do...

Abhijeet: Magar Sir, yeh DCP sahab ka ghar hei...

ACP: Agar Mangu ki baat sach nikli aur woh kisi musibaat mein ho to?

Daya unwillingly broke the door. They entered the house & searched the house but there is no sign of Chitrole.

Sachin: Sir, ghar dekh kar to lag vi nehin raha hei ke yahaan kuch hua hei

Purvi: To phir Mangu ne jhoot kyun kaha?

ACP: Ho sakta hei Chitrole kahin aur gaya hei aur wahan uski jaan ko khatra hei...

Suddenly Chitrole entered with a bang. Everyone becomes shocked.

Chitrole: Pradyuman tum logo ki yeh himmat tum mere ghar mein ghuse...(looking at Daya) tumne mere ghar ki vi darwaja tod diya (Daya becomes confused & tensed, didn't understand what to say)

Abhijeet: Sir, aap pehele hamari baat to sun li jiye...

Chitrole: Abhijeet...tum to kuch bolo i mat...tum sabko main suspend kar dunga...

ACP: (Irritated) Yehi to aapki problem hei...bina baat ke chillate hei...pehele hamari baat sun to li jiye...

Chitrole: Achha safai dena chahte ho (Everyone was shaking their head in irritation)...bolo bolo (excited)...yeh vi sun lo main...(giving sarcastic look)

Abhijeet explained everything. At last he mentioned - Sir, yeh to achha hua ke aap sahi salamat ho...

Chitrole: Achha? Mujhe zinda dekh kar tum log khush ho? (Taunting)

ACP: To kya humhe matam manana chahiye tha (Taunting again)...sir, aap ko pata hei hum log kitna tension mein the...aur aap hei ki...

Daya: Par Sir aapka phone not reachable kyun aa raha tha?

Chitrole: (exciting tone) Mera to din hi kal se kharab chal raha hei...kal Pune gaya tha kisi kam ke silsile mein aur aaj subah wahan se nikla to tyre puncture aur mera mobile ka battery vi chala gaya...ek minute Abhijeet tumne kya naam bataya...

Abhijeet (in confusion): Kiska Sir?

Chitrole: Mere khabri ka?

Abhijeet: Sir, Mangu!!!

Chitrole: Par iss naam ka koi khabri nehin hei mera...

ACP: Kya !!

Purvi: Sir, matlab aaj dusri baar kisine hamare saath mazaaq kiya...

Chitrole: Dusri baar ka kya matlab hei?

Sachin explained the previous incident.

Chitrole: Pradyuman kisi vi tarah pata karo CID ke saath aisa mazaaq kaun kar raha hei...

ACP: Jee Sir !!!

Chitrole: Aur haan mere khayal se CID ke saare ex-officers aur forensic doctors Mumbai pahauch chuke hei...kal nehin parsu CID bureau mein 10 baje meeting hogi...

ACP: Jee Sir !!


Scene 4 - At Bureau, 6PM

Nothing happened till the evening. The officers are in little bit relaxed mood as there is no such case in their hand.

Near about 6PM, Dr Salunkhe entered the bureau in tension.

ACP: Kya hua Salunkhe...tension mein lag raha hei...(looked at DUO, Sachin & Freddy present in the bureau at that moment)

Salunkhe: Pradyuman...woh...

ACP: Haan Salunkhe bol...(looked at DUO again)

Abhijeet stepped forward to Dr Salunkhe & asked in soft tone - Bataiye Sir, kya baat hei?

Salunkhe looked at Abhijeet & asked - Aaj tumne Tarika se baat kiya?

Abhijeet (embarrassing tone): Sir, aap vi na...

Salunkhe: Abhijeet main mazaaq ke mood mein nehin hoon...baat huyi thi yah nehin?

Abhijeet looked at ACP in confusion & then answered- Haan Sir, subah baat huyi thi aur unhone kaha ke aaj woh lab se chutti liya hei aur hamare purane saare forensic doctors ek saath aaj kahin bahar jaa rehe hei... [It means all lady forensic doctors - Dr. Vrinda Wagle, Dr Amrita, Dr. Anjalika Deshmukh, Dr. Niyati Pradhan, Dr. Alka, Dr Nyla Rajyadhaksha, Dr. Tarika & Dr. Sonali Barwe were together.]

Salunkhe: Iske baad kab baat huyi?

Abhijeet: Uske baad baat nehin hua, mujhe laga woh busy hongi to maine phone nehin kiya...

ACP: Salunkhe, Abhijeet se sawal jawab karna bandh kar aur bata ke baat kya hei?

Salunkhe: Boss, unn logo ka mobile switched off bata raha hei...

Everyone: KYA!!!

Daya: (to Salunkhe) Sir, aapse kab baat hua?

Salunkhe: Kareeb 3 baje...maine Tarika ko phone kiya tha ek files ke bare mein puchne ke liye...

ACP: Tarika ne kuch bataya tha ke tab woh log kahan par the?

Salunkhe: Phoenix Marketcity at Kurla

Abhijeet (to Sachin): Sachin, unn sab logo ki mobiles ka aakhri location pata karo aur call details vi maangao...

Sachin nodded & left.

Daya: Sir, yeh koi coincidence to nehin ho sakta ke...

ACP: Haan Daya, Anushka ki jhoot maut ki khabar, Chitrole ko jaan ka khatra aur ab saare forensic expert ki gayeb hone ki khabar...jarur koi to baat hei...

Freddy: Magar Sir, DCP sahab aur Anushka to bilkul thik hei...

Abhijeet: Wohi to Freddy, koi hamare saath khel khel raha hei..

Salunkhe: Aap log inhaan baton mein waqt barbaad karne ke wajah unn logo ko dhoond ne ki kosis ki jiye...

ACP: Salunkhe...pareshan mat ho...hum kuch vi karke unhe dhoond lenge...

Sachin came & told - Sir, saare call details 2-3 ghante mein humhe mil jayega

ACP: Unn logo ki aakhri call locations ke bare mein pata chala...

Sachin: Sabka to avi pata nehin chal paya bas Dr Tarika, Dr Sonali aur Dr Pradhan ke mobile ki aakhri location - Phoenix Marketcity at Kurla hi hei...

Abhijeet: Sir, humhe wahin jana chahiye...

Scene 5 - At Phoenix Marketcity, 7.30PM

DUO, Sachin, Freddy & Purvi entered & searched the whole area. DUO checked the CCTV footage. Around 4.30pm all doctors were shown but after that no sign of them in any footage. Suddenly Purvi called Abhijeet that they got some information in parking area & DUO rushed there.

Security Officer (SO) at parking area identified the photos of the forensic doctors. He informed that they came here in a black Qualis pointing a black Qualis parked at there, but they left in another Qualis due to tyre puncture. Freddy checked both the tyre was punctured of the black Qualis.

Abhijeet: To phir woh log jis gadi mein nikle woh kiska tha?

SO: Sir, main avi batata hoon register dekh ke...(checked the register & showed to Abhijeet) unka naam Mr Rajeev hei...

DUO surprisingly glanced at each other.

Abhijeet: Sachin iss gadi ke number se pata karo yeh gadi kiske naam register hei aur saare check-post to alert kardo...kisi vi halaat mein humhe iss quails ko dhoond na hei...

Scene 6 - At Bureau, 10.30PM

Salunkhe: Boss avitak kuch pata nehin chala hei...mujhe unn logo ki fikar ho rehi hei...

ACP: (Tensed) Haan Salunkhe, fikar to mujhe vi ho raha hei...

Daya: Sir, humhe DCP sahab ko inform kar dena chahiye ke kal meeting nehin ho sakta...

Abhijeet: Sir, hum thoda wait kar sakte hei...shayad kahin se koi khabar mil jaye...

Sachin: Sir, ek baar woh gadi mil jati...toh phir...

ACP: Call details mila?

Sachin: Haan Sir, Purvi aur Shreya uski ko check kar rehe hei...

Few minutes later, Purvi & Shreya came & informed that there was nothing suspicious in the call list.

Salunkhe looked at his watch & commented in tension - Saare gyarah baj rehe hei...7 ghante ho gaye aur unn logo ka kuch pata nehin chala...

All officers including Dr Salunkhe spent the night in the bureau & tried whatever they could do to find any clue about this case. But they failed. As this incident happened in the evening, so they could not get information about the qualis from RTO office.


Scene 7 - At Bureau, 9AM

Abhijeet sat in his desk & Daya came & asked in low voice - Abhijeet, tumne woh baat bataya kyun nehin ACP sir ko?

Abhijeet (in confusion): Kaun si baat?

Daya: Uss register par kiska naam tha...

Abhijeet: Ohhh...(He gave a quick glance to ACP) waise hi ACP sahab itna pareshaan hei uparse saare doctors gayeb hei...main unka tension barana nehin chahta hoon...waise iska kya guarantee hei ko dono Rajeev ek hi insaan hei...alag vi to ho sakta hei...

After a few seconds, both of them realized that they did a mistake. They had to show the pictures of Rajeev (who came to ACP) to the SO of the parking area at Phoenix Marketcity. They thought to check it now because it might help them in finding their missing doctors. But before they could do something, Abhijeet's phone rang. Everyone present in the bureau looked at Abhijeet hoping some information about their missing doctors. Abhijeet looked at his mobile screen where Vineet's name was shown. He showed it to Daya. Both became surprised. Abhijeet received the phone.

Abhijeet: Haan Vineet bolo...

Abhijeet's facial expression was changing but he didn't say anything. He became more tensed. At last he said- Thik hei Vineet, tum chinta mat karo, hum log avi aate hei...(and he cut the call)

ACP: Kya hua Abhijeet? Kya kaha Vineet ne?

Abhijeet: Sir, ek to saare forensic doctors gayeb hei uparse Prithviraj Sir aur Rajat hotel ke room mein pata nehin kis condition mein hei...nahin phone utha rehe hei aur nahin darwaja khol rehe hei...

ACP: Kya !!!

Salunkhe: Yeh ho kya raha hei !!!

Bureau phone rang & Freddy received it. Freddy became happy while talking over phone. He put the receiver & joyfully told in loud voice - Sir, uss gadi ka pata chal gaya...Mumbai-Pune highway par mila...saare doctors gadi mein hi hei magar (in sad tone) behos hei !!!

ACP: Sachin, Freddy, Nikhil, Shreya aur Purvi tum log jald se jald Mumbai-Pune highway jao...(they immediately left) aur (looked at duo) tum dono Sunshine Hotel ja kar Prithiviraj aur Rajat ko dekho...

DUO: Jee Sir !!!

Scene 8 - At Sunshine Hotel, 10AM

Outside the hotel room no 105 where Prithviraaj & Rajat were stayed. Vineet, Vivek, Sudhakar, Manager of the hotel & few staff were present when DUO reached there.

Vineet: Sir maine kitni baar phone kiya...ring ho raha hei magar koi utna nehin rehe hei

Daya: Last time kisne un dono ko dekha?

One staff answered - Saab maine, kal raat saare nau baje main unhe dinner dene aaya tha...

Abhijeet: Tab sab kuch thik thak tha?

Staff: Haan Sir

Daya: (looking at his juniors) baki saare officers kahan hei? Apne room mei?

Vivek: Nehin Sir, woh log 8 baje nikal gaye DCP sahab se milne...hum paanch direct CID bureau pahauch ne wale the meeting ke liye...

Abhijeet: Par tum logo ne master key se kholne ki kosis nehin kiya? Kyun manager saab?

Manager: Sir...woh...woh...(gave a guilt look) aaj subah se master key nehin mil raha hei...

Daya: Waaf !!! Master key gayeb kaise ho sakta hei?

Manager remained silent.

Abhijeet: Tum teeno ko darwaja tod dena chahiye tha

Sudhakar: Sir, humne wohi karna chaha magar yeh manager maan nehin raha Sir, humne aapko bulaya...

Daya: Abhijeet main darwaja tod deta hoon...

Abhijeet: Haan, waise aur koi raasta vi nehin hei...tod do...

Daya was about to break the door but suddenly stopped thinking something. Everyone became surprised.

Abhijeet: Kya hua Daya?

Daya: Boss, yaad hei woh haveli jahan maine darwaja khola aur woh keel tumhe jakar laga...[DUO remembered the scene of Khaufnak Haveli Part 2 (28-12-2013)] agar andar aisa kuch hua to...hamare officers ki jaan khatre mein padhega...

Abhijeet was in thought looking at the eyehole.

Abhijeet: Manager saab, kahin se ek lohe ka rod ka intezaam ki jiye...

After few minutes, Daya broke the eyehole with the rod & they viewed inside. They could not see the whole room through the hole though managed to see their officers lying on the bed. DUO glanced at each other in tension. Abhijeet gestured & Daya immediately broke the door. They entered the room. There were no such unusual things in the room. DUO checked their pulse & became relaxed to see them alive. DUO tried to wake up them. After few minutes, they woke up.

Prithviraaj: Abhijeet, Daya...tum dono yahaan kya kar rehe ho?

Abhijeet: Sir, aap dono itni der tak so rehe the?

Both of them looked at the wall-clock & it was shown 10.30am.

Rajat: Saare 10 baj gaye...(shocked)

Prithviraj: Itni der tak hum dono so kaise sakte hei... (looked at Vivek, Vineet & Sudhakar) tum logo ne humhe phone kyun nehin kiya?

Vivek: Sir, humne bohot baar phone kiya magar aap dono ne phone uthaya hi nehin...

Daya: Sir, yaahan exactly hua kya tha?

Rajat: Sir, hum log raat ka dinner kiya aur kareeb saare 10 baje so gaye uske baad kuch yaad nehin...

Vineet: Magar Sir, 12 ghanta aise koi kaise so sakta hei...

Prithviraaj: Mere khayal se humhe apna blood sample check karna chahiye...yeh normal nehin ho sakta...

Scene 9 - At Bureau, 11 AM

Sachin, Shreya & Purvi along with all forensic experts entered the bureau.

Salunkhe: Thank God aap sab log sahi salamaat ho!!

ACP: Magar yeh sab hua kaise?

Niyati: Sir, lagta hei hamare khane mein behosi ka medicine mila diya tha kisine

ACP: Mujhe vi kuch aisa hi laga tha...

Sachin: Sir, maine Freddy aur Nikhil ko uss restaurant mein puchtajh karne ko vej diya jahan inn logo ne kal khana khaya tha...

ACP: Achha kiya...

Anjalika: Sir, itne saare forensic experts ko ek saath bewekoof banaya...hamare khane mein hi behosi ka medicine mila diya aur hum logo ko shaque vi nehin hua...

Salunkhe: Dr Deshmukh, kyunki khane ke upar yeh likha nehin hota...

Everyone tried to become normal & gave a smile.

ACP: Fir vi Salunkhe ek baar sabka blood sample le kar test karlo...sure hona chahiye...

All forensic experts left for the lab.

After one hour, DUO, Prithviraaj, Rajat & Vineet entered the bureau. Abhijeet explained what happened in the hotel. Prithviraaj & Rajat went to the lab for giving blood sample.

At 3pm, Dr Salunkhe came to the bureau & informed that high dose of sedative found in their blood sample.

Few minutes later, ACP asked - uss gadi ka kuch pata chala? Kiske naam se register hei?

Freddy: Sir, 3 din pehele woh gadi chori huyi thi...uske maalik Abhinav ne police complain vi kiya tha...

Daya: Iska matlab iss irade se hi gadi chori kiya gaya tha...

Abhijeet: Freddy, uss restaurant se kya pata chala?

Freddy: Sir, kuch khas nehin...

Daya: Sunshine hotel se kuch khas pata nehin chala, Sudhakar ne phone kiya tha...bas woh master key mil gaya hei...

Sachin: Sir, ek baat samjh mein nehin aa raha hei ke aakhir kaun kar raha hei yeh sab aur kyun?

ACP: Wohi to...aur kuch suraag vi haath nehin lag raha hei...

Nothing special happened in the evening & they were unable to find any clues. Around 9pm, everyone left.

Scene 10 - DUO at Qualis, 9PM

Daya: Boss, hum vul hi gaye...uss security officer se Rajeev ke bare mein puchtajh karna tha...

Abhijeet: Uska aaj night duty hei...10 baje aayega...maine phone karke puch liya tha

Daya gave a proud smile & said - Magar 10 bajne mein to ek ghanta baki hei...kya kare ? Dinnner karle kahin jakar...mujhe bohot jor ka bhukh laga hei...

Abhijeet: Chalo (Smile)

Scene 11- DUO at Phoenix Marketcity, 10.30PM

DUO reached there & showed the photo of Rajeev to that SO.

SO: Jee sahab yeh wohi aadmi hei jisne woh quails yahan park kiya tha magar uske baad maine unhe nehin dekha...

Abhijeet: Kisi aur ki gadi koi aur le ja raha hei aur tumhe shaque nehin hua?

SO: Sahab, parking slip tha uss driver ke pass is liye mujhe kuch gadbad nehin laga

Daya: Kuch aur yaad hein iske bare mein

SO: Nehin sahab

Scene 12- DUO at Qualis, 11.30PM

Daya: Mere khayal se Abhijeet humhe ACP sahab se directly baat karna chahiye...

Abhijeet: Mujhe nehin lagta woh kuch batayenge...

One truck came from another side, Daya tried to use brake but realized brake was not working. In tension he looked at Abhijeet. Somehow he avoided the accident.

Abhijeet: Achha hua sadak kafi sunsaan hei nehin to accident jarur ho jata...

Daya: Magar boss...bina brake ke gadi kaise chalun... (looked at Abhijeet)

Abhijeet: Seedha dekh Daya, samne se 2-3 trucks aur aa rehe hei

Daya looked in front & drove the quails & somehow managed it again.

Abhijeet: Daya gadi ko apni right side leke jao...

Daya: Abhijeet pagal ho gaye ho kya? Wrong side mein gadi chalunga to accident jarur hoga...

Abhijeet: Aise thodi der chalta raha to accident waise hi hoga...main jo keh raha hoon woh karo...

Daya unwillingly did that & Abhijeet suddenly pressed the button to open the door & pushed him outside the Qualis with force. Daya didn't realize about Abhijeet's plan & it was so sudden that he could not stop Abhijeet. Daya fell down on the ground near by the road & his head was collided with a huge stone, became unconscisous. Here, Abhijeet intentionally drove the Qualis towards a tree & collided & his head hit with the steerings & he also became unconscious.


Scene 13 - At Bureau, 11AM

ACP entered the bureau looking around but could not see the DUO. He asked Sachin- Abhijeet-Daya avitak nehin aaye?

Sachin: Nehin Sir... Koi message vi nehin diya ke late aayenge to humhe laga aapko pata hei

ACP: Nehin mujhe vi nehin pata...

ACP called both of them but no one answered. He thought to call again but became busy with one file report. At 12.30pm, he completed the report & looked at watch-Saare 12 baj gaye aur woh dono avitak nehin aaye...
He called them again but they didn't answer. This time he became tensed thinking what happened in last 3 days with his officers. He stood up & stepped forward. Sachin & Freddy were working on their desk, stood up also.

ACP: Abhijeet-Daya ne koi phone yah message kiya?

Freddy: Nehin Sir, main unko phone karke puch ta hoon woh kahan hei

ACP: Koi laav nehin woh phone nehin utha rehe hei...jaldi se un dono ka mobile location pata karo (Freddy moved)

Scene 14 - At Hospital

Doctor: Dekhiye ACP sahab waise to khatre ke koi baat nehin kyunki chot gehra nehin hei magar dono avi tak behos hei

ACP: To phir avitak hosh mein kyun nehin aaye?

Doctor: Shayad jyada khoon beh jaane ke wajah se avitak hosh nehin aaya...fikar mat kijiye hum log 24 hrs observation pe rakh rehe hei..(He left)

Salunkhe: Pradyuman, kuch nehin hoga unn dono ko...chinta mat karo...

ACP, Salunkhe, Sachin & Freddy entered their cabin. Both of them were kept in one single cabin. Everyone became emotional to see them on the hospital bed in unconscious state. ACP remembered DUO's questioning to see him in tension & his eyes were filled with tears.


Scene 15 - At Hospital, 12PM

DUO regained their conscious back. ACP, Sachin & Freddy came to meet them.

ACP: Kaise ho tum dono ab? (Both nodded their head positively) achhi baat...ab 7 din yahan bilkul rest karoge...

Abhijeet: Aap chinta mat kijiye hum dono bilkul thik hei

ACP (In teary eyes): Haaann...

Freddy: Magar Sir, aapke gadi ka brake fail hua kaise aur Daya sir aap gadi ka bahar kaise gir gaye?

Daya looked at Abhijeet while he looked down. ACP Pradyuman noticed all but didn't say anything rather ordered Freddy & Sachin to leave now as they have to take some rest. They left.

Daya: Boss, maine ACP sahab ko kaha nehin tumhari harkat ke bare mein...magar aisa kyun kiya tumne?

Abhijeet: Daya, use jyada jaruri baat tum vul rehe ho...Rajeev ko dhoond na padhega jald se jald...waise vi 1 din hospital mein bekaar chala gaya...

Daya: Magar Abhijeet, uss Rajeev ko kahan dhoonde...humne to saare khabri o ko vi uska tasveer de diya magar avitak koi information nehin mila (Abhijeet didn't concentrate to his words rather thinking something) kya hua Abhijeet? Kya soch rehe ho?

Abhijeet: Daya, kal ka din kya hua yeh to humne puchha hi nehin...

Suddenly, Dhenchu entered their cabin in disguise. DUO became surprised to see him.

Abhijeet: Dhenchu, tum yahaan kya kar rehe ho?

Dhenchu: Sirr, jab mujhe pata chala ke aap dono iss aadmi ko (showing photo of Rajeev) ko dhoond rehe ho to maine vi pata lagaya...par yeh aur baat hei ke aap logo ne mujhe...Dhenchu ko is kaam ke layek nehin samjha...

DUO glanced at each other.

Daya: Woh chotimoti baton pe hum tumhe pareshan nehin karte...kyun Abhijeet?

Abhijeet: Haan...aur nehin to kya...Dhenchu kuch pata chala Rajeev ke bare mein?

Dhenchu: 12-15 din pehele yeh Sunshine Hotel mein the par uske baad kahan gaye woh abtak pata nehin chala hein...kuch aur pata chala to main aap ko bataunga...

Abhijeet: Ek baat Dhenchu, yeh baat hum teeno ki beech hi rehni chahiye...

Dhenchu: Samjh gaya!!! (He left)

Daya: Abhijeet, humhe Sunshine hotel ja kaar puchtajh karni chahiye, shayad kuch aur pata chal jaye

Abhijeet: Haan chalo...

DUO left the hospital in spite of they were not fully well.

Scene 16 - At Sunshine Hotel, 5PM

Abhijeet: Daya, tum gadi park karke aao, tabtak main andar jakaar puchtajh karta hoon (Daya nodded)

Abhijeet entered the hotel & stepped towards the reception. The Manager was present there & he knew Abhijeet very well. Abhijeet asked the manager directly showing Rajeev's photo - Kya yeh aapke hotel mein rehne aaya tha kareeb 10-15 din pehele?

Manager checked the computer database & replied - Haan Sir...yeh dekhiye (showing the computer screen) yeh Mr Rajeev hei...South Africa se 5th January 2014 ko aaye the, 7th January 2014 ko yeh hamare hotel se check-out kar gaye...yeh rehe unke paasport ki Xerox copy

Abhijeet: Yeh Xerox copy mujhe chahiye...kaam hote hi aapko wapas kar dunga... (manager nodded)...kuch aur bata sakte hei iss Rajeev ke bare mein?

Manager: Nehin Sir !!

Abhijeet left & came out the hotel thinking - Yeh Daya avitak nehin aaya...park karne itna waqt lagta hei kya...and he moved towards the parking area. Suddenly he noticed Daya talking with 2 persons - one was Asha but Abhijeet could not identify the another person. He stepped towards them.

Asha: Are Abhijeet sir aa gaye...kaise hei aap?

Abhijeet: main bilkul thik hoon...tum kaisi ho?

Asha: Kaisi lag rehi hoon?

Abhijeet: No change...jaisi thi bilkul waisi...(Asha smiled)

Abhijeet looked at other person in confusion. Daya understood & said - Abhijeet, yeh hain Viren Sir, maine tumhe bataya tha inke bare mein...aur (looked at Viren) Sir, yeh hei Sr Ins Abhijeet.

They shook their hands.

Abhijeet: Sir, aapse mil kar behat khushi huyi, Daya se maine aapki bohot tareef suni hei

Viren: Are nehin Abhijeet...aisa kuch nehin..Daya ne kuch jyada hi tareef kar diya hoga ..maine vi tumhare bare mein bohot kuch padha hei..CID ke Superdetective ho tum...

Abhijeet became embarrassed.

Viren: Magar Daya tumne bataya nehinke tum dono yahan kya kar rehe ho?

DUO glanced at each other & didn't understand whether the reason should be disclosed to them or not. Viren understood their hesitation & asked to Abhijeet - Aaj main aur Asha CID ka hissa nehin rehe to kya humse information share nehin kar sakte ho?

Asha: Kya Sir, itni jaldi itna paraya kar diya...

Daya looked down. Abhijeet was still in hesitation but said - Nehin Sir, waisi koi baat nehin hei bas (showing the photo of Rajeev) iske bare mein pata karne aaye the...

Viren took the photo from Abhijeet's hands & said - Rajeev !!!

DUO became surprised. Daya - Sir, aap isse jante hei?

Viren: Haan, maine isse last time 1998 mein dekha tha...haan main bilkul sure hoon yeh Rajeev hi hei...

Abhijeet: Magar, hain kaun yeh Rajeev?

Viren looked at DUO & Asha, then replied - HE IS SON OF ACP PRADYUMAN !!!

[Author's IMP Note: In the episode of Case of Thief Within (11-18 March 1998), it was mentioned ACP Pradyuman's son name - RAJEEV, he was present only in that episode. Later Rajeev totally disappeared. In 2004-05, NAKUL came as the son of ACP Pradyuman. We know that FW always does big blunders with main cast's family & their names (For eg, Freddy sir's wife has lots of names). So it may be possible that they forgot the name & put Nakul instead of Rajeev. But here, I consider Rajeev & Nakul as different person. It means ACP sir has 2 sons & whatever I am writing about them, is just my assumption. DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY]

DUO & Asha together screamed - WHAT !!!!

Viren: Haan tum teeno nehin jante ho...yeh 1998 ki baat hei...mujhe achhi tarah yaad hei...CID mein woh mera pehela case tha [He gave a brief description about the case.][Ref - Case of Thief Within (11-18 March 1998)]

Abhijeet: Magar Sir, maine kavi vi ACP sahab se iske bare mein kuch vi nehin suna...

Viren: Haan uske baad hi Rajeev South Africa chala gaya...usse scholarship mila tha..isse jyada details to mujhe nehin pata

Asha: Magar aap log inte saalo baad Rajeev ko kyun dhoon rehe hei?

Daya explained all.

Viren: To iska matlab pichle 5 dino mein hamare officers ke saath jo ho raha hei uske piche yeh Rajeev ho sakta hei...

Abhijet: haan...ek minute 5 din matlab...kal vi kuch hua tha kya?

Asha: Haan...Salunkhe sir ko kuch logo ne buri tarah se pita jab woh subah bureau aa rehe the

DUO: Kya !!!

Abhijeet: Magar kyun?

Asha: Kuch galat fyami ho gaya tha...unhe laga tha ke woh koi Mr Yashvardhan hei jusne unn logo ka paisa loota...bohot kosis o ke baad woh log shaant huye...

Viren: Aur fir shyam ko Uttan Virgin beach par Priyanka, Anushka, Divyana, Lavanya, Kaveri aur Kajal ke upar hamla hua...par woh log thik hei...

Daya: Kuch samjh nehin aa raha hei yeh sab ho kya raha hei...

Suddenly Sudhakar called to Viren. Viren answered- Kya !! kahan par? Woh achha...hum log avi aate hei..

DUO & Asha became tensed. Abhijeet asked - Kya hua Sir?

Viren: Mridula aur Muakaan ki jaan khatre mein hei...jaldi chalo

They reached near the room where Sudhakar, Vineet & Vivek were present. The gas was coming out from the room. They wore a mask. When duo, Viren & Asha were about to move towards the room, Vivek stopped them & said - Sir, mask pehen lijiye...yeh gas jehreela vi ho sakta hei

Suddenly Asha got a call from ACP Pradyuman & she moved aside & gave the brief of the situation.

In the meantime,

Sudhakar: Sir, gas ki wajah se darwaja tod vi paa rehe hei...gas bohot strong lagta hei

Viren: Magar kuch to karna hi hoga

Daya: Sir, main darwaja tod deta hoon

Gas had so strong smell that Daya first time faced difficulty in breaking the door. At last he did it but they could not enter the room so easily. Abhijeet managed to open the windows. Others thoroughly searched the room from where the gas was coming out. Dur to gas they could not able to see their officers. Viren switched off the AC as the gas was coming out from it. Gradually the gas passed out from the window. They found Muskaan & Mridula in unconscious state. Viren ordered to Vineet, Vivek & Sudhakar to admit them in hospital & they rushed immediately.

Scene 17 - At Daya's House, 10PM

Daya: Kya soch rehe ho Abhijeet?

Abhijeet: Abhitak jo hua hei...unmein link dhoond ne ki kosis kar raha hoon

Daya: Link to already mil gaya...Rajeev...

Abhijeet: Nehin Daya...saare ghatna ek pattern so hua hei

Daya: Matlab kya hein tumhara

Abhijeet: Mera sawal hein ke aise hi kyun matlab baki logo ke saath kuch hua kyun nehin...kyun hum logo ko hi chuna gaya?  He took a paper & wrote something like this way.

Phoenix Marketcity Kurla
Uttan Virgin beach

Abhijeet: Daya, ab kuch samjh aa raha hei...

Daya: OMG !!! Its ACP PRADYUM sirf AN' baki hei...'A' se kaun ho sakta hei...tum to nehin hoge to phir...

Both told simultaneously: Ohh no !!! ASHA !!

Immediately Daya informed Asha to be more cautious. Back to the conversation with Abhijeet, Daya- N' se kaun hoga...Niyati yah phir Nyla !!

Abhijeet: Nehin Daya mujhe nehin lagta...ek baar socho N' is the last letter...

Daya: N' se to... (pause for few seconds) Nakul yah phir Nilanjana [She is girl-friend of Nakul, REF- Case of Murder At Sunrise (24-31 Dec 2004)]

Abhijeet: Daya N' ka matlab yeh Nakul hi hei...


Scene 18 - At Bureau, 10AM

ACP: Tum dono ko maine rest karne ko kaha tha aur tum...

Abhijeet: Sir, humhe aapse jaruri baat karni hei...

Suddenly ACP got a call that Ajatshatru met an accident. ACP rushed to the hospital.

Daya: A' se Asha nehin Ajatshatru tha...(feeling sad)

Abhijeet: Daya, woh ACP sahab ke saath kuch vi bura kare usse pehele kisi vi halaat mein Rajeev ko rokna hoga..

Daya got a call from Dhenchu & he told Daya to come at Sunshine Hotel immediately.

Scene 19 -Sunshine Hotel

Dhenchu: Sir, Rajeev iss hotel mein waiter ka kaam kar raha hei...usne apne look thodasa change kiya hei...yeh hei uska naya look (showed a photo) aur naam rakha hei Raj...

DUO became shocked.

Dhenchu: Aur ek baat, Rajeev ke saath ek aur waiter hei jo mujhe bohot suspicious laga... yeh hei uski tasveer (showed a photo) aur naam hei Varun...

Daya: Ab yeh kaun hei...

Abhijeet: Thik hei Dhenchu...good work !! Ab tum jao...

Abhijeet called the manager of the hotel & showed both the photos & asked whether they worked in the hotel. The manager nodded positively.

Abhijeet: Kisi vi tarah aaj raat ko iss aadmi (pointing Rajeev's photo) ki night shift honi chaihiye...

Manager: Magar Sir...(Abhijeet gave a stern look)...thik hein thik hei Sir...ho jayega...

Daya: Humhe raat ka wait karna hi padhega...

The manager left & duo entered the hotel & moved towards Viren's room.

At Viren'a room, Daya explained everything. Viren appreciated their work specially the plan to catch Rajeev. Daya asked whether they should tell it others also. Viren replied in negative. So it was decided that only 3 of them involved in this plan.

At night around 10 pm, Viren called to room service for tomato soup & vegetable sandwitch. He specially mentioned for Raj to come. DUO was present in the room.

After half-an-hour, Raj came & knocked the door & Viren opened the door. He entered & became shocked to see DUO. When he was about to leave, Abhijeet addressed him as Rajeev. Rajeev became puzzled & tried to run away from the room but Daya caught him easily.

Viren: Rajeev, vagne ka kosis bekaar hei...hum teeno ke hote hue tum iss room se kahin nehin ja sakte...

Abhijeet: Rajeev, yeh tum kar kya rehe ho...aur woh vi apne pitaah ke khilaaf...

Daya: South Africa mein to achhi naukri kar rehe the...achanak yeh sab kahan se dimaag mein aaya...

Rajeev remained silent.

Viren: Kabtak tum chup rahoge...tum ACP sahab ke bete ho iss lihaaj se ache se sawal puch rehe hei...nehin to...

Abhijeet (In soft tone): Dekho Rajeev, manta hoon ke ACP sahab thode shakt hei, gussa vi bohot karte hei magar yakeen mano woh pyaar vi bohot karte hei...

Viren: Aur socho Rajeev, jo insaan apne junior officer se itna pyaar karta hei, woh apne khoon se kitna pyaar karta hoga...

Daya: ACP sahab kavi apna pyaar jatate nehin hei...woh aise hi hei...

Rajeev silently heard all but could not reply as he didn't believe all these. DUO & Viren moved aside, Daya asked- Yeh to kuch bol hi nehin raha hei...kya main...

Abhijeet interrupted- Nehin Daya...usse thoda waqt do...

Then the time was 11pm...3 hrs passed. Rajeev remained silent. Suddenly, Abhijeet stepped towards Rajeev & asked - To tum vi ACP sahab ko marna chahte ho Nakul ki tarah?

Rajeev became shocked & spontaneously replied - Nehin...maarne ka to koi plan nehin...Varun ne to kaha thaw oh dad ko koi luksaan nehin pahauchayega...

Viren: Tumhe kya lagta hei Rajeev, jab unhe pata chalega pichle 6 dino mein jo kuch hua hamare saath un mein tumhara vi haath hei, woh behat khush honge?

Daya: Sarir ka chot to hum phir vi var sakte hei magar mann ka chot var paana asan nehin hota...

Abhijeet: Avi vi waqt hei...humhe sach sach batado...please Rajeev aur kuch bura hone se roko...

Rajeev looked at them & confessed - Varun, Nilanjana ki maut ka badla lena chahta tha dad se...uska maana hei dad ki laparwahi ke wajah se Nilanjana ki maut chahte to use bacha sakte the...

Viren: Magar Varun aur Nilanjana ke beech rishta kya hei?

Rajeev: Varun uska bhai hei (duo & Viren shared their glances)...aaj subah 5-6 baje Varun, dad se milne wala hei Someping Disco mein [I could not hear the disco name properly pleae check the reference - Case of Murder At Sunrise (24-31 December 2004)]

Daya: Yeh to wohi disco hei jahan humhe Nilanjana ki laash mili thi [REF- Case of Double Trouble (7-14 January 2005)]

Viren: Raat ke saare 3 baj rehe hei...humhe ACP sahab se avi baat karna hoga...mere khayal se unke ghar chalte hei...

DUO, Viren & Rajeev rushed towards the ACP's house but he was not there. They moved towards the Someping disco.


Scene 20 - At Someping Disco, 4AM

Varun: Mujhe pata tha ACP sahab aap jarur aayenge

ACP: Kaun ho tum aur mujhe itna subah yaahan kyun bulaya?

Varun: Pichle 6 dino mein maja aaya kuch...mujhe to bohot maja aaya aap se khel ne mein...

ACP: Kaunse khel ki baat kar rehe ho?

Varun: Kavi aapke officer ki maut ki baatein, kavi unki jaan ko khatra to kavi woh accident se baal baal bache...haha...mehsus hus aapko jab aapne log musibat mein hote hei, unki maut hoti hei tab kitna taqleef hota hei (angrily said last words)

ACP: Wohh..tumne kiya thaw oh sab...

Varun: Sirf maine nehin, aapke bete Rajeev ne vi mera pura saath diya...

ACP (shockingly): KYAAA!!!! (Feeling very sad) magar tum chahte kya ho?

Varun: Yeh disko to aap pehechante honge?

ACP: Nehin...(angrily)

Varun: Waaf Sir !! Itni asaani se vul gaye!! Yahan Nilanjana ki maut huyi thi...Nilanjana to yaad hei na yah phir use vi vul gaye...(ACP remembered Nilanjana)...woh aapse madat mangne aayi thi...aap uski jaan bacha nehin sake...(ACP feeling guilty)

ACP: Tum Nilanjana ko kaise jaan te ho?

Varun (angrily): Woh meri choti behen thi...uski maut ke liye main aapko kavi maaf nehin karunga (suddenly he took his gun & pointed towards ACP)

ACP: Dekho Varun, main manta hoon main use bacha nehin paya, magar tum jo ab kar rehe ho kya usse tum bach paoge?

Varun didn't pay attention to ACP's words & fired at him, but Abhijeet pushed ACP Pradyuman on correct time & the bullet hit his left arm.

Daya shouted- Abhjeet !!! He caught Varun who wanted to run away.

Rajeev gave a slap to Varun said - tumne to kaha tha tum dad ko koi luksaan nehin pahachauge?

ACP to Abhijeet: Tum thik ho?

Abhijeet: Jee Sir !!! Lagta hein goli chu kar nikal gayi...

ACP: Kya jarurat thi tumhe...kuch ho jata to?

Abhijeet: Sir, aap to jantei hei Abhijeet aap ke liye apni jaan vi de sakta hei...

ACP looked at him in teary eyes.

Abhijeet: Dekha Rajeev...aise insaan ko tum heartless samjh rehe the...junior ki khoon dekh kar jinke aankhon mein aansoo aate hei...

Rajeev became embarrassed & looked down.

ACP: Magar tum dono mile kaha?

Rajeev: South Africa mein...hum dono ek hi office mein kam karte the...

Daya: Varun, jo kuch hua us mein ACP sahab ki koi dosh nehin tha...Nilanjana ACP sir ko bina bataye yahan aayi thi...

Viren: Revenge kisi problem ka soluntion nehin hei...

Rajeev: Dad, mujhe maaf kar dijiye, bhai ki tarah maine vi aap ko galat samjha...magar jail se lautne ke baad main aisa koi kaam nehin karunga jisse aapko taqleef pahauche...(and he gave a tight hug to his father & ACP Pradyuman became so relaxed & happy)

Freddy & Sachin entered the disco as Daya called them to come there. They left along with Rajeev & Varun.

When DUO, ACP & Viren were about to leave, the ACP turned to Abhijeet & said - Dobara kavi apne aapko junior mat kehna...

Abhijeet said sorry in gesture while Daya & Viren gave cute smiles.


Everyone received same sms from the DCP.

Scene 21 - At DCP House, 6PM

The present team along with Baldev Raj, DCP [Ahmed Khan], DCP [Surendranath Pal], Ajatshatru, Prithviraj, Digvijay, Virendra, Rajat, Jayant, Rishi, Vineet, Sudhakar, Vivek, Suraj, Asha, Mridula, Priyanka, Anushka, Muskaan, Divyana, Lavanya, Kaveri, Kajal, Dr. Vrinda Wagle, Dr Amrita, Dr. Anjalika Deshmukh, Dr. Niyati Pradhan, Dr. Alka, Dr Nyla Rajyadhaksha, Dr. Sonali Barwe & Dr Sameer reached at the DCP's house. They rang the bell but no one opened the door.

Daya pushed the door & said- Are darwaja to khula hei...

They entered. The room was totally dark. Suddenly all lights switched on. The room was fully decorated. DCP Chitrole stood there with a big cake.

ACP: Sir, aaj aapka birthday hei?

DCP: Nehin Pradyuman, aaj CID ka birthday hei...tum log vul gaye ho magar mujhe yaad hei...aaj 21st January hei...17th birthday of CID !!!

Abhijeet: Sir, to meeting ?

DCP: Yehi to hei meeting jiske liye maine sabko Mumbai bulaya tha...
Everyone became surprised. DCP looked very happy.

DCP: Main janta hoon tum log soch rehe DCP badal kaise gaya...kavi kavi changes acha lagta hei nehin to life boring ho jata hei...

Everyone laughed & enjoyed the evening with celebration of 17th birthday of CID.

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LOL This is wayyy to away from the plot of the contest Deba LOL
But, but, but the idea is brilliant. I liked the DCP giving surprise to all part. And using the name changing syndrome of FW is very unique idea. Totally liked it. About the plot i didn't get what actually varun wanted to show with false alarms. IF he wanted to take badla why he didn't wounded or tried to kill any of the team except trio? I felt story lost a bit of grip over there. 

But then this query came at the end and not while reading the story. So enjoyed it fully. Clap

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