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Yipee can't w8Hug
Update soon me waiting!!!!!!SmileSmile

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update soon

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hay Allah...
me eagrly waitiiinnnggg

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Part 76


& DO READ MY comment by
muskan_cuty19 belowEmbarrassed

The mere realization of geets presence brought life back in maan. The aroma, it's to strong to be unnoticed. A sweet smell that could only be hers. It belongs to geet. A smell that he could even capture the native sweetness from his death bed. He whispered again. "geet!" like her heart new the sound. Her feet have long given up. Refuges to walk way from her life. There are feeling. No denial in that but the feeling, it's unexplainable & to complex to understand the deeper remorse. She slowly turns round. Facing her back to kesar. There he stood. Holding the corridor for support. For fraction of moment it also seemed like even the corridor gave up on him. Geets heart ripped apart. Her maan, so helpless. Week. She could not bare the thought. The thought it self left geet shaken and how could she left alone to see the reality. She ran, without any delay she ran towards him. Mixed, complex, confusion, every unwanted feeling left her mind in those fraction of second. Her mind completely ignored the those, helpless emotion & she surrounded for those moment. There body crashed in to one another in great speed. A strong force glued one another. Bodies simply refuges to be apart... Yet shattered. A color seems to surround them. There breath mingle. The hallway was silent. Geet forgot everything with his sweet voice. The illusion seems no longer to exist.?

Maan cups her in his arm. Feeling the warmth of her skin. Words, maan ignored the words. Ignored what he was about to whisper, wasting no time to feel her. You never know when this dream break & we wake up in the reality. She shivered under his breath. Shirts became wet of her sobbing. What she went through the past two years, how those lonely day passed by!... Without his presence it killed her.?How she had the courage to leave in front of his eyes now it all seemed to go in vain.?Maan "please don't leave me. Please!" he wimped. Shivered under his breath. Geet slowly freed her self. Looked at him in great concentration. Something different about him. Suddenly he freed geet. Having hard time to believe geet have long forgiven him. Hard to believe that geet have came back. He felt it's a illusion. The feeling of a dream yet she is here. Standing in front!?
Maan "tum pherse cale javoge! You will leave me again!" his eyes froze on geet. She seems to be confused. The fact geet was not there all those time suddenly took over & the fact seems to be to sweet to be true. "go way! Leave me! GO WAY! WHERE IS MY GEET!"
?Geet "me..."?

Maan "you are not my geet! You are not!" she seems to be taken back to the fact that maan seems not to recognize her, or refusing to believe she truly is here. Kesar came along, trying to back up geets truth yet it was not enough to win maans heart. He ran in to the room. Locking the door. Sat beside the bed, looking through her diaries. She left surprised. Shocked. Not understanding the fact why maan would not recognize! Something went wrong... ??

Anjali "you have seen it! Now leave!" geets eyes burned with anger, was it the fact maan did not recognize or the fact this no good lady started to irritate her. She was not one of them who shows her anger this easily but, it's been planned. Planned to ruin maan. Planned to...?Geet "I am taking maan with me!" she told kesar. Who had no objection at all.?
Anjali "you are not taking him anywhere!" geet felt no need to answer her back. It will only waste time. Kesar opened the door again with a spare key, geet runs to his cupboard & started to pack his cloths. Maan was lost in the diaries again. Did not care to look who was exactly in the room. Far as he is concern this is not his geet who loves him madly. Whose love invaded his brain for past two years. This geet is nothing like her.??

Geet "maan! Hamko jana hi!" he did not react, "maan please!" he still did not react. Lost in her love. Looking at page after page with out a single blink. Geet looks at kesar for help.?Kesar "maan! Geet is waiting for you." this time he does react. The word geet would attracts his attention in matter of few second, but her presence seems to go unnoticed. Maan flows kesar outside.?
Geet stood there. Shocked. Having hard time to believe how his mental ability have effected him. She had tears. Tears in her eyes. She could possibly not see him like that. She flows 2.??

Kesar drove while geet sat next to maan. She looked lost & so was maan. As the cool air blowed in geets dupatta fell of. Exposing her hair. Maan looks at her from corner of his eyes. The gush of air blow her scuff on his lap. He observes it for few minute. Somewhere the warmth feeling of this belongs to geet woke inside... But again, it's too good to be real. He softly creases her cloth. The pull made geet jump. She quickly takes it back. Maan looks at her eyes. It was the same eye. Same dark honey brown. He gently rests his palm against her cheek.

 Geet was not sure how to react or react at all. It's been 2 long years, his touch even a word would re wake her, but... What happen to that maan.

Geet "apko kuch chahiye!" maan nodes for a no after heating her voice. Removing his hand instantly. Geet does not say anything... Just left confused with the fact he have lost it. Shocked. Surprised. She kept observing his innocent face now & then. The feeling of having him so close, yet left her confused. His eyes just wondered geets dupatta. Like a quite child, he looked down & just from corners of his eyes he observed the dupatta. Some where it teared geets heart apart. The view, his innocent look, his .. His... Geet was out of words. Only tears seems to show the effect. Drop by drop tear drops landed like storm. Each tear. Some thing did not go unnoticed by maans eye. His hand hesitated to touch them. To sooth them. The feeling of love, the feeling of remorse left nothing within them. Just the silent. A silent cry. It hurts. The torment of there life, it hurts. Geet wanted to hide him in her embrace. She just wanted to keep him there. She wanted to protect him so no one ever able to even lay a finger on him. He looked so venerable. & the innocent face did not help, only killed her bit by bit.

Maan gently touches the wet hand. Wiping it off. Rubbing it off. Like ordering her not to cry. He rips his pocket & wipes the water off. Geet just looked at him lovingly,  she couldn't control to suppress her cry any more. She firmly holds maans hand between hers, kissing them. Wimpping... "I am sorry! I am sorry!...i am sorry.." she whispered.  She hide her face on those hand... Just whispering "I am sorry..."

Maan slowly pulls his hand  way... Then looks down again. Hiding his eyes... Yet looking at geets dupatta...  She wipes her tears way, realizing how that dupatta reminds of her... What she to do... She leaves it where it was. On maans lap. After few fraction of second he did touch it, but this time stronger... Even geet won't have the ability to leave.

Enigma Part 25

Next- bc to deli...

Thanks for all the love & support...
I have a very good.. loving comment to share... my best comment..
it touched my heart...
if you have ANY Question..
read this...
Muskan_cuty19 comments


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A COMMENT BY muskan_cuty19

It started with their date the special yet magical night,it has to be special for geet she was with the {only} love of her life but also for him in every way as this time he was not out with a girl he used to date and spend time with or shall I say waste time with them this time he was with his WIFE...!!!!!!!!!!So everything has to be special as special as his wife is or she deserved to be treated as one...!!!!!!!!!!!
They started terpsichore along with their much awaited conversation.As his emotions always left her in a confused state,as what exactly bothered him and anything bothering him obviously bothers her and vice versa.He is confuse since she is in his life,he himself is confused from the trauma he is going through, that caused a whirlpool of emotions run through his heart and mind.Confused as what to do or what to say,what could happen or what should happen,what to cry for or what to laugh on,what to shout or to remain silent...!!!!!!!!!!
The fear which always covered him of loosing her nothing could be greater than this even more than screaming out his love to her,because what if she is only not there then whom to express love whom to cry out his heart whom to express.As he was agreed to even believe in that it might be a dream more of a nightmare at least that was more relieving than the fact that she might left him.As this was his only ray of hope to get her back to fight back to get his old geet back his light,his wife,his life...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
True their life was full of painful truths,verily their life was full of REMORSES.All he did could never be redo he could never get all that back what he lost,her Love this was just some glimpse of it,what if he could as whole surely he would world at his feets,but he felt its worth so late but finally he realized,her words left him lost in her words what he will loose now when there is nothing to moose anymore he lost her, now what exactly to find what is already gone lost and doomed...!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The silence which never left them alone always remained in between them easing their pain.Even the way they loved each other was different it had a some kind of sort regrets in it,uncompleteness which always remain between them something missing.Their night was special in every way as they were together which altogether was enough to create magic to get them into its enchanting spell and make each other lost in their own remorseful world...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another storm in her life what else was with her to loose except her true loving endearing friend and that too is gone now no one here to hear her cry,her pain,agony,anguish even the tears were dried by now whom to cry for who will come and wipe her tears take her pain off who was there to give her a shoulder for support who was there to bring a slight smile who else was remain whom she could trust fully with her life...!!!!!!!!!!!!
The search began again for his life,it seemed one of his wildest dream came true he lost her,he lost her yet again.He was in a path to find her where possibly he could find her track her,seems like all his senses gave up on him as she was not with him anymore how could those senses word his cells work as their soul was drifted way from them their energy,their strength the glimmer of light which just sparkled in his life started to fade away,the only thing left with him was emptiness,his world felt apart and his life without her was void...!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mohabbat meri jo pyasi huwi
To gehri meri udaasi huwi
zindagi main hain tum bin
Ye Veeraniyaan~!
Ye Veeraniyaan~!
Ye Veeraniyaan~!

Then he saw the path towards her love,her deep deep love,he thought of giving it a glimpse he didn't knew he will find his world here,he quickly barged in and found her love written everywhere,every corner was just giving substantiation of her love,every single thing was speaking of her presence,her touch,her feel,her emotions,her expressions,her unsaid words it seemed like a oceanic abyss of her inside.He couldn't find her,he could never understand her love but then he found this which only talked about her vision of love it was all about him but from her way of sight the way she always looked forward to him...!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if I dreamed of you-
if you would appear?
To make my nights full of love,
and always hold me near.

I wonder if I thought of you-
if you would feel it in your soul?
Like two spirits in the universe,
who always seem to know.

Even if the stars went black
and the sun were to shine no more.
They could find their way to each other,
no matter how far the shore.

Safely in each other's arms,
to bid the rest of time.
Finding Eternal Love
so many seek to find.

Caring for each other
through the worst of storms.
Leaning on the arms of love
and never need anymore.

This is how I feel for you,
I've known it all along.
You are my one true love
My world.. My heart.. My soul!

Every line has his own impact,every word just verified her love more and more deep and deeper,once she wished to give him a bear hug and now he was dying to get her just once again in his embrace so that now he will never let her go far again...!!!!!!She wanted to gift him something at his achievement,what achievement I ask?When he lost the best thing in his life that could ever happen to anyone and now if he even gift his life to her which he so much want to could get nothing in return he want that dead flowers now when he himself made that person dead inside,as nothing is left at all to give or take everything is just lost even a slight smile...!!!!!!!!She would have taken anything from him as he was hers she had a right she claimed him from all the depth of her heart,as when it came to him she didn't even cared about the world and he cared about every single thing in this world except her...!!!!!!!!All she could do was just to dream about standing beside him in his embrace,all she could just think about in her wackiest dream ever and now when the dream came true seems like it lost its worth,when he was all hers she didn't seemed to believe this anymore...!!!!!!!!She saw him yet again as nothing could be special than this or greater than this,as if she see him that could be a day to celebrate as its a festive season for her,as she use to see him so occasionally once in a blue moon and now he was dying for her one look for her presence just for one glimpse atleast,as what he did to her he didn't deserved but she loves him so madly the realization hit him so hard that all the nerves had to shiver under this effect,she loved him so much that even the broken hand didn't bothered her it would be like as atleast he touched her and what to get anger on when her just one sentence said it all "per unhe to haque hai na!"  as anything else left to be said and he just couldn't even give her a single cent of happiness in return of her right...!!!!!!!She even crossed all the limits of madness, she was just crazy about him,blindly in bond attached to him,she went through all the hardships even to have his single sight as isn't this a hardship to look your loved one with someone else specifically your husband but for her what ever he does not at all bothers her in anyway and he couldn't even think about it what she actually beared through out her life...!!!!!!!!!She even justified every gestures of him,as if he didn't gave any importance to her so that was quite justified as what ever he does is correct she lived with that belief in her heart and he still couldn't justify his love or any of his own acts...!!!!!!!!She was so madly in Love with him she could do probably everything for him even without thinking could go beyond limits only for him that too when she expect least from him all she wanted was him to  even know how much she loves him and even knowing all he could do was just use her abuse her...!!!!!!!!!She also wanted to be her first kiss special,she didn't expected anything form him though but she had imagined every single moment with him to be special as they will be together but all he knew was to ruin it first kiss what kiss was that?was it to keep as a memory forever?yeah sure, she will always keep a memory for it too as that too was different,any girl wouldn't have got that what she got when she didn't even deserved what she got all in return of her love...!!!!!!!!All he wanted was him and only him nothing else she wanted or even dreamt of but only Him,all she wanted all her life was that he might love her back and now when he is ready to give her all his love care everything of him he is ready to shower on her she is no more near her rather she is a dead body to feel any type of happiness,joy,laughter all that she ever could imagine when she actually could get that is now shallow to her...!!!!!!!!!!

Alas!What a pity!!!!!!What all she wanted ever,now he was burning in the same desires he wanted to turn the time back again wish if he could get that back all those years,months,days,hours,minutes,seconds.Those precious moments which was filled with love to which he now only could cherish as those were too shallow like her dead like her.When the past events echoed in the lane of memories all he could do was shed tears, tears and only tears even those were now of no worth.

Once again the storm passed and took everything with it,seems like even happiness scared to get into life,before it could come it always go away so far snatching away all the hopes that it will ever return back.All the things that even showed a tinge of happiness was always taken away,truly this was his REMORSES he himself created a hell,and now he has to burn in it.What god gave him without even asking he did not understood its worth and now when he want that he had to go through real hardships.All his sins were waiting for him at every corner of his life,at every phase of his life to get back to him, to get him all back,as what you sow you shall reap...!!!!!!!!!!

He lost everything what was pure divine and true but he was lost in all fake things he was under the spell of bogus things which at the end gave him nothing just the pain tears fear.He found her yet again for what to see her once again surrounded by the miseries which he himself created for her.All she had was pain even in her love all it was filled with was remorses and regrets what else it could be other than that,after all the pain he has given to her.No metter now how much he tried to behave normal to act as normal he just couldn't still all his love seemed to be act to her but still she wasn't satisfied yet i doubt will she ever...?????

Even the rain couldn't washed up his deeds,couldn't make her feel his love,Will he be ever capable of understanding Love and make her feel too.All she could feel was this too is to just satisfy all his manly needs nothing more than that,She still doubt if he even know the meaning of Love?She tried her best to be normal but what far she could do if she was dead inside and his love didn't possess the power to rewake it...!!!!!!!!

He showered all his love on her that night.As much as he could do,exclaimed her about one of his nightmares to loose her again,the fear which never leave him alone all that he was left with was fears and remorses.But the fears do come true at the most unexpected times,he had a belief he will get her back someday she will love him back the way she used to, as for this it was required to have his meeting with true love and its consequences as she said he could never love her."this is the fact... I am yours.. But you are not my!"her one fact overshadowed all his love intensity feelings emotions appearances,leaving him dumb stuck but still he could never let his soul drift way from him.Will he be ever able to express is love completely to her??To cry out his heart to her how much he feels for her and how he feels to know how much she loved him??The love which gave them nothing but pain...!!!!!!!!!!

Kya sunaun baat tumhe dil-e-bekarar ki
Kya bataun had mein tumhe apne pyar ki

Naraz humse hote ho tum, Dil hamara rota hai
Aur tumko bhi khabar hogi, Ke chain kese khota hai

Mera pyar mujhse ese rooth gaya hai
Jese kisi mouj se sahil mera chooth gaya hai

Seh sakunga na sanam mein tumhari judai
Na door mujhse hona kabhi, Dil deta hai roh kar duhai

Esi sazza na do mujhe tum dil lagane ki
Ab to sirf tammanaen hain muskurane ki

Is dil mein tumhare liye pyar hai kitna, Ye dil kese bataye
Humse rooth kar tum bilqul lagte ho paraye

Chah kar mujhe, tumne kuch bhi nahi hai paya
Ho sakta hai mujhse pyar karna, Tumhe raas nahi aya

Toot kar chaha hai tumhe main nay O mere sanam
Saach kehta hun tumse jaanu, tari qasam

But the destiny had stored its own plans for everyone,it neither worked on our plans nor it will ever do.She left her leaving a shallow person behind her.It was true by words as his soul drifted way all was left a structure made up of mud to rotten in hell.Hell which was created by himself to burn in at some life time.All those pain he went through being with her were not as much as painful as the emptiness was left behind after she left...!!!!!!

He was all alone left in the ocean of her memories,in which he was drowning as the days passed.He was just all alone in the desert of his deeds to repent every moment.All he had was her memories left with him the most ever precious thing in this world to him,all he wanted was her to get back to him,all his desired started with her and ended at her.His life was left with only aim to get her back shower all his love and care and have her safe and sound in his embrace.When the past events echoed in the lane of memories all he could do was shed mere tears tears and only tear.All the time he realized was her Lover her madness,her love changed him to a extent no one could have imagined but Love does possess that power to create unbelievable miracles and I am not at all shocked of he was drag to any limit because Love is limitless.He was top to bottom dipped in her love every scar just reminded of her.She was his Love his Life his Soul his Heart his everything his reason to breath she was what that he would wish to possess and he would be always thankful to her for illuminating his life heart soul with her pure love till eternity...!!!!!!!!!

Jism se rooh tak, hai tumhare nishaan
Bann gaye tum meri zindagi
Jism se rooh tak, hai tumhare nishaan
Bann gaye tum meri zindagi
Jab se tum ho mile, jaan-o-dil hai khile
Tumse waah basta hai, har khushi
Tum ho mera pyar, tumse hai karaar
Tumko hi basaaya maine yaadon mein
Tumse hai nasha, tumse hai khumaar
Tumko hi sajaya maine khwaabon mein

Jab mile nahin thay tum, na thi khushiyan na gham

Tum mile to badle zindagi ke yeh mausam
Ho sunn raha hai jo dua mera rab hai tujh mein
Har jagah tha kuch kam mila mujhe sab tujh mein
Raat din dekhna tujhko aadat meri
Yun tujhe chaahna hai ibaadat meri
Tum ho mera pyar, tumse hai karaar
Tumko hi basaaya maine yaadon mein
Tumse hai nasha, tumse hai khumaar
Tumko hi sajaya maine khwaabon mein

Jism se rooh tak, hai tumhare nishaan

Bann gaye tum meri zindagi
Aankhein sehra meri, tu hai bheega ik baadal

Meri khwaishon mein tu, teri liye main paagal
O ho tu hai behti nadi, dooba dooba main sahil
Main hoon tujh mein fanaa, tu hi mera hai haasil
Jab se tu o sanam, meri baahon mein hai
Ik ujaala sa dil, ki panaahon mein hai
Tum ho mera pyar, tumse hai karaar
Tumko hi basaaya maine yaadon mein
Tumse hai nasha, tumse hai khumaar
Tumko hi sajaya maine khwaabon mein

Hey dear wanted to write more but I think the story might complete but what I have started writing might never end,As you wrote the parts so beautifully couldn't control myself from writing this those were just so venerable.I literally cried in the parts you wrote her diaries and then in these end parts after she left what state maan was,tears were just no where to stop.The intensity of love you created in my mind is just unexceptable I am just in love to believe that some one can love so much for sure.Its going just great awesome,still I wonder I didn't loose my interest infact its just increasing with the update day by day.hey dear just keep your magic will high as its just near to impossible to prove how much I am loving this deadly story...!!!!!!!!

Keep writing dear just loved every single part till date

Thanks for the pmz

Love you dear

God bless you

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sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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loved da update
awww it hurts reading wat happening to maan
i hope geet can make him better
do continue

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Awsum...da story is becumin betr n betr...wid each update...
Pls pls pls end maans pain soon *PLEASE*
i hope none of maans family membrs r behind makin his conditn worse...

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FF-Enigma- THREAD 7 (thread 8 link on 1st page)

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FireSafireFiree 933 172423 05 July 2011 at 3:55am by khwaishfan
-kashish-maaneet ff THREAD new thread add

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muskanp 1136 268200 15 March 2011 at 7:54pm by preethia

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