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Shimmerr IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 February 2011
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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
Heyyy honey!!!

The update was great!!!

The promo was exiting!!!

Alll the best for your exams!!!!

And last but not least: Waiting for the update dear!!!!!!!!

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 6:01am | IP Logged

thank u so much for your comment guys !!!
i ll update soon ...


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Angel.Khushi Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 6:43am | IP Logged
sorry for late comment dear...was busy with exams... Update was lovely... once again sorry dear

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kinju100

sorry for late comment dear...was busy with exams... Update was lovely... once again sorry dear

thank u so much yaar...hope your exam goes well ...come soon !!
mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 July 2010
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 6:23am | IP Logged
hey guys updating !!!!  doubles in 10 mins 

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Shimmerr IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 February 2011
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 7:38am | IP Logged
Big smile
mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 July 2010
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 7:58am | IP Logged

Recap : brij goes to the boys room to wake them up while rano to girls room . all the jodies are deeply immersed in their dreamworld not caring of the outside situations 

PART - 25. (this part is  of maan's past . ) 

Everyone came and settled for the puja . pandhitji was chanting some mantras while the jodies were busy oogling on their partners . it was past afternoon and pooja got over . everyone had their lunch .  dadima noticed the jodies  and decided to give time as everyone ll head towards their work that day . so she came up with a idea

Dadi : rano beta ??

Rano : haan maa.

Dadi : lets fix the marriage date today itself . I want to see them married soon ..

Rano : am totally with you maa . let me call others also .

Dadi : wait rano . ask the childrens to leave for sometime . let them enjoy .

Rano : okay maa. I too thought of saying this . sooner they ll be busy with their work and have less time for each other .

Dadi : teek hai . I ll wait in the hall . you come soon .

With that rano went towards the jodies and called maan .

Rano : maan beta ??

Maan : haan mom . kuch chahiye apko ??

Rano was happy that he called her mom : why don't you guys spend some time outside ??

Maan (happily ) : haan mom but what about dad ??

Rano was so pleased : I ll talk with him .anyways you guys ll be busy with office sooner . so why not enjoy the time now ??

Maan happily hugger her : well then see you soon mom .

Maan went towards the group and told the matter . They were on cloud nine . Without wasting time they dispersed with their partners . maan  took geet for a long drive . she kept on talking with him what to do and what not to do after marriage ..maan  felt so happy after a long time .he stopped the car near the lake . he made a temporary hut. they sat there holding hands . After an hour of silence ,

Maan : geet , have you ever thought that we ll have our engagement like this ??

Geet : not even in my dream maan . we are so lucky to have such parents maan .

Maan  : I agree geet . mom and dad are so nice .

Geet : maan..

Maan : hmmm..

Geet : if I ask one thing , ll you reply me the true answer ?

Maan : anything you ask .

Geet : promise ??

Maan : haan baba  promise .

Geet : why were so much of khadoos during the 1st time we met ??

Maan : you expect  me to give a hand shake who dashed my car ??

Geet  made a face : nop I am not asking that , during my early days of office , everyone used to say you are a complete angry man and you don't like emotions ??

Maan stiffened and geet could feel it on his hold : geet , there are many phases in my life that I prefer to be in dark than coming out and hurting you .

Geet gave him a gentle smile : but maan , nothing about you can hurt me .

She kept her hand in his cheek and continued : yes maan . I want to share everything with you . know everything about you . you remember once you said "truth along matters " . I want to know the things from you . not from others maan . you don't trust me . do you ??

Maan  : geet I trust you . more than my life. You gave me the reason to smile . To be precise the reason to live . but I don't want to hurt you geet . I cant .

Geet : maan , but love lies on trust . I want you to trust me fully .

Maan : okay geet . you want to know why i was like that na ? I ll say .

Geet : go ahead .

Maan : you know geet ? I did my MBA in harward . during those times , I was so happy go lucky guy . everyone used to like me . I would spend most of my time with my frnds . I was in my 2nd year . a girl "avantika" was newly admitted in our class . she was an Indian . she was so simple and quite . I liked her a lot but never got a chance to spend time with her .

once I got a chance to assist her in one project . It was then I started spending time with her . I felt like I was the most luckiest men in the world . I started realizing my feelings for her . we were in our final year . our college ll finish with in a week . I made a plan to propose her in our farewell party . I kept it as a secret even from my close friends . I was making the last minute arrangements in the hall when I heard her voice . I felt surprised as to what she was doing there and followed her voice . The scene I saw shocked me to death geet .

I saw her talking in phone with someone . I could hear only her speech . I still remember it geet . she said " oh yea !! our plan is successful '.. he believed me madly ' I guess he ll propose me tonight at party '. How can I forget the promise ??... am all yours'. Oh darling not like that .its all a game. Or why ll I give that maan  a damn ?? waiting for him to marry me and after that we ll change the khuranna constructions to ashes '. Bye baby . waiting for you @ XX hotel '.come soon '"

I was totally broken . so she was all day , played with my feelings just to demolish my dad's business ?? who is she ?? but whoever she is , I ll prove her wrong . I ll make her suffer all thorough the life . wait and watch you lady , I ll make this day a memorable for you .

With that I left and made arrangements . I got complete details of her using my dad's influence . I found out that she was the daughter of my dad's rival business enemy . also that she is a drug addict . I got the point . I guessed that she would have to take drugs at some time or the other .

The party was started . she was expecting me to propose her . but I paid all attention to my friends other than her . I was so hurt but I decided to teach her a lesson .the look on her face , I felt so happy . the party was about to end , she left angrily . it was evident in her face . then I followed her to the hotel  . some man came , I guess he is her Bf . for a second I thought what was in him , that I don't have but then I made up my mind not to fall in love ever again . it was a 3star hotel. With the help of my frnds , I got some police to their room , I hid behind the wall nearby . fortunately , they found bags of heroine , which is totally banned in US . they were arrested and sentenced to jail for 5 yrs . she being a drug addict was also ordered for rehabitation for additional 1 year . I felt so much peace geet . she dared not only to play with my feelings but also with the dad's life , his business . her dad could not do anything , since the rule was really strict .i left to india by that time .  He some how got to know that I was behind this . he hired some bomb persons and planted  a bomb in my car . unfortunately my mom and dad were to travel in that . the car exploded . they died on the spot geet . I could not save them .

I collected all the evidence . I appointed the best detectives . the case was held in court and he was given a death sentence as he had already involved in three more killings . I felt happy .

Then gradually I realized my responsibilitu .  I started to take over the company . I want to bring my dad's dream a reality . I worked hard . I ignored everyone and developed hatred for everyone . I don't want to believe any one . but everything changed once you entered my life. . you brought the happiness back .

By the time , maan finished geet was totally in tears . she hugged him tightly and sobbed bitterly . "how can some one be so cruel ??" she thought .

Maan : see this is why I told you , not to ask me anything . he wiped her tears .

Geet : I love you . ' with that she hugged him tightly .  she promised herself to show all her love that he had missed so far . they remained like that , for some time .

After some time ,

Maan : geet ??

Geet still in his hug : hmmm'.

Maan : its getting late . shall we leave ??

Geet : after some time .

Maan : hmmm'

Geet : maan you know one thing ??

Maan : what ?

Geet : I had a dream yesterday .

Maan : yea me too ..i wish it happens ..

Geet : what dream ??

Maan : you  say first .

Geet :okay , we were going to a isolated island for our honey moon . all for ourselves . she blushed and continued . omg , the seas and mountains looked so real . I was just totally into it and you know'

It was then she saw maan looking at her with naughty ideas .

Geet : ahem . don't get any ideas now . we have a long time for that .

Maan : I dint say anything na geet . geet blushed and turned her face and giggled softly .

Geet : maan you say na about your dream ??

Maan : we have a baby girl !! so lovely , ssoosoo cute . her rosy cheeks , big eyes . he said with total dreamy eyes .

Geet was like omg !!! first of all marriage . then child ?? isn't it too much in a dream ??

Maan : geet , I want a baby girl .

Geet got another shock of her life . just now their engagement got over . but here , he is asking him a baby girl . god knows what else is in his mind !!

Geet tried to distract him : maan . its getting late . mom gonna be worried ,

Maan understood that she is changing the topic , so went along with it : okay , lets move , its pretty late .

With that they drove home . on reaching home , maan gave her a hot passionate kiss before letting her go out of the car . she blushed like anything and ran towards her room and locked it . changing her dress , she fell into the dream of maneet ''''''''''''''''''''

next part 26 :

guys one more update coming up on way !!!

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Durga Krish

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Durga loved it...Oh my dnt expect Maan's past to be revealed today...

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