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Opposites Attract - Maaneet FF Thread #3 (Page 49)

sanjeevani09 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 1:55am | IP Logged
 yeah will update today. in 30 min maybe

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_G1234_ Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 2:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sanjeevani09

 yeah will update today. in 30 min maybe

Waitinggg..Day DreamingDancing

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ridhz21 IF-Dazzler

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Sameenaas Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 2:39am | IP Logged
Yeyyy!!!!!! Thank U so much... I'm waitinggg eagerly...

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Be.edgy Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Waiting .. Embarrassed

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sanjeevani09 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 3:02am | IP Logged

Ji aap phone pe ho? Aap kahan ho? Aap yahi ho? Mein kahan aau aapse milne.

Mein wahan nahi hu. Bas meri baat suno.


Geet first thing. U tell noone that this was planned. Or u told me anything about Atul. Not even ur close friends.

Kyu? U helped me and y can't I tell them, they have been with me thru all this.

No geet somewhere things may get leaked. Then it will be a problem for u. someone told him ur no. then ur plan to goto mall. So u dnt utter a word about it.

Secondly I got help from the dept. they went out of way for me so their reputation shud never be tainted. They have helped us.


Geet r u getting the situation?

Geet shouted meera from back. Akele hi celebrate karegi kya?

Yahan kya kar rahi hai. Chal aaj to party banta. Gaya jail mein'yipppeee.

Ahh.. tu chal mein aati hu.

Kyu yahan kya kaam hai? Akele mein?

Nahi vo..ok mein chalti hu haan'ji.

Got it go.

Maan just muted his phone he was still worried that geet didn't understand the complexity of situation and may blabber in a fit of happiness to her friends and someone may over hear them. To assure this he just let the phone on with mute on his side and geet assumed he has cut the phone and forgot all about it in her happiness. Being covered below her hair none of her friends marked it or questioned it.


The constant buzz in his ear be it geet's breaths while in class; whispers of comments on the prof; or her giggles in between classes or the song she hummed became soothing for him. He worked in office undisturbed untill geet reached the washroom and meera enquired about atul.

Yaar ye sab acha hua na' tere babaji ne teri sun li. Jaise bhi gaya'tere life se to gaya.

Haan ye to'

To kya?

Nahi kuch. Jo hua acha hua' baba maan singh khurana thank u she whispered to herself but maan heard it. Tu udhar kya dekh rahi hai?

Vo dekh Reema kuch naya gossip kar rahi hai.

Kitni sunder hai. Perfect beauty.

Iska boyfriend bhi to acha hai vo Rohan.

Vo choclate boy types. Haan cute hai.

Hi geet. Aaj bhut khush lag rahi ho? reema waved at her.

Haan bas. Tum batao?  Are tumhare collar bone k paas chot lag gaya hai. She pointed to the blue mark on her coller bone.

Geet' meera exclaimed.

Geet tumhara koi boyfriend hai? Ya kabhi tha.

Nahi. Chi chi mein aise nahi hu.

Meera pinched her. Nahi actually geet thori reserved hai, jahan se ayi hai vahan bf nahi hote.

Ok. to sweetie isse Love bite kahate hai. I had a wild night with Rohan yesterday. It was our first. Geet apna muh band karo. Hum dono ek dusre ko pyaar karte hai aur 3 yrs se sath hai. Ye sab mujhse details le rahi thi ki kal kya kya hua.

Agar pyaar hai to bite kyu? means y bite when he luvs u? it must be hurting? Geet questioned with a confused face.

This statement caught Maan's attention. He muttered idiot. Kaise questions puchti hai. He left his laptop and increased the volume to listen to the conversation. Till now he was just listening to catch attention and warn geet if ever atul was mentioned.

Geet ye love bite hai isse passionately banate hai. G2 (2nd girl) remarked

Ohh!!! Thik hai mujhe nahi pata.

Geet tujhe kya pata hai?

Chalo mein jaati hu. Mujhe ye sab nahi aata.

Geet tu classes karti rehna par ye bhi janana jaruri hai yaar. Nuts k sath ye sab baat nahi hoti. U must know. Chalo mere sath. Chal meera. They caught her hand and pulled her to one of the lecture theatres.

Last time bhi ye kuch aise hi stupid question puch rahi thi.jab vo apne class ki ayi thi apne bf k sath lambe honeymoon se.

Geet dnt make a face. Noone is asking u to do it. Knowledge bhi ek cheez hoti hai. Meera scolded her.

Ye sab knowledge se kya mujhe exam dena hai? Kya hoga jaan k ki kya karo, kaise karo?

Geet sharmana band karo. Hum sab girls hai. Ye sab future mein apne husband se puchogi? Reema said with her hands on her hips.

Geet was a little awkward on the mention of husband. Voo' but her awkwardness lasted just a few seconds untill.

G2 lied on the table infront and raised her hand. Bich act mein kahegi. RUKO'. Ye tum kya kar rahe ho? Yahan kyu touch kiya jab jarurat nahi hai. Bite kyu kiya?

All including geet started laughing.

Chalo thik hai mein ready hu' for the so called impt life lessons.

Gud so hey kids baitho. Mein abhi fresh experience k sath ayi hu. Tum log ka class lene.

All giggled. there were a few more girls from reema's circle. Geet tum to first bencher ho' buddhu larki tell me what is s**?

Maan was now interested in this girl talk. It was a window to geet's self which he didn't want to miss. Just then adi knocked and came in with a file. He was surprised to find Maan stretching on his chair in a relaxed pose and smiling looking in air.


Adi I dnt want any disturbance for half n hour' nahi jao jb mein bulau tab aana. And yes inform pinky no calls for me till I tell her again. Now leave I dnt want any disturbance.

Yes sir.

He turned his back towards the door to listen to geet's innocent chatter.

S** is ur gender. And she giggled.

Insincere student gives wrong answers.

Maam ques galat tha. geet giggled.

Ok what is inter******?

Coitus. A proces to generate progeny of the same species involving two individual one male and the other female.

Geet tu maar khaegi. Geet laughed loudly.

Maan was straining himself to hear what the other girls were saying but as they were at distance from geet he cudnt catch their words. All he cud get was geet's stupid answers followed by her giggle and then meera's whispers.

(I will write only what Maan hears )

Foreplay'afterplay mujhe nahi malum.

Mujhe nahi malum' tum sab kya baatein kar rahi ho' nahi malum koi movie, na magzine meine ye sab nahi dekha.

Ok to miss geet handa aaj raat aapke brain wash karne k liy mein aapne ghar pe pj party rakh rahi hu. U have to come with meera. Reema said pressingly. Plzzz aaja geet varna tu apne husband ka bhut class lagaegi.

Ok. Thik hai meera?

Ok. If it is fine for u.

Chal vo sab gayi. Geet tu sach mein jaegi?

Haan yaar aise kyu puchti hai? Mein sach mein kuch nahi janti. Never heard or seen these things. Mujhe sachi kuch nahi malum.

Mujhe laga tu sharmati hai isiliye.

They moved to the window sill and sat on it. Both rested their back on opposite sides and started talking. They were close enuf and maan cud hear both of them.

Look HP mein no one talked so freely. Some girls did gossip but were sort of black listed by others. Talking about such issues was not a character for good girls. My family is also conservative. I rarely saw ma babuji even holding hands. Tayaji wud at times tell tayiji that she is beautiful that was the maximum flirtation visible. And my veerji uuff vo to room mein bhi bhabhi ka hath pakarte honge to bhabhi dar jati hongi. They both laughed.

Its not that I dnt believe in such things. I do. Physical relationship is much more than just bearing children. Its about love. U cannot have it unless u r in love with the person. U have to love his heart and soul then will u be able to attain the real unison in body. Physical bonding is so beautiful. It wud be moments I wud cherish.

Geet ek baat puchu?

Hhhmm. Puch ke puchogi?

Nahi par thora personal tha isiliye. U never talk about saru' matlab vo kaisa hai' u know dekhne mein.

Thik hai.

Maan wanted to listen to this convo. He sat up straight.

Bas thik?



  This is a dedication to all my grad friends. we had many such convos there in which so many shared there stupid doubts and the one who knew wud boast.Wink i believe each one of u have experienced such girlie talk. i cudnt write more about it but there is more of meera and geet convo with patient listener maan.

plzzz do comment.

1.   Geet tune use kafi observe kar ke rakha hai. U r describing as if he is standing right infront of u.

9months ho gaye mere shadi ko. 10 days se ek bed share kar rahi hu. Itna to jan sakti hu na.

Maan thought for a moment'.how much do I remember her features.
2.     but his smell gives me a sense of security. It wraps me like a blanket like no one cud hurt me in his presence. It gives me a sense of protectiveness.


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RageOfAnAngel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 3:14am | IP Logged

Clap An insight to Geet's inner self & Maan overhearing it Wink ... very unique concept & superbly executed Thumbs Up
It had a fun & tease element in it which was so fresh Embarrassed
Yeah such girly talks reminded me of my school & college days Tongue

It was fab but mostly I loved the authenticity of this idea Clap
Brilliant idea , loved it to the core Star Star Star

Oh wow , 1st to comment Dancing again Party Dancing LOL

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vishruti.siri Groupbie

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DancingDancingme first.
awesome update  loved girls talks and geets viewsClapClapClap
lets see what else maan hears and take actionWinkWinkLOLLOL
waiting for next update

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