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Opposites Attract - Maaneet FF Thread #3 (Page 4)

sanjeevani09 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 2:04am | IP Logged
Wanna join in?

Aaawww she screamed.

Meera ' kya hua kido??? Bol na kya hua?



She scurried out of the washroom. Cut the phone in her scramble. She came out looked for maan. She looked flabbergasted as if seen a ghost in daylight. She went to Maan clutched his sleeve. He was surprised at her hurry.


Ok let me finish this. He raised his glass to show her.

Mujhe jana hai aapko pine ki pari hai. Babaji kuch smjhao inko. Nahi babaji ko isme involve nahi karte.

Tum babaji se baat karo. I will take 10 min. I will inform dev also.

If u dnt move I will puke.

If u want to puke go back to the washroom.


Chaliye naaa plzz. She took the glass kept it on nearby slab. He thought for a second and then decided to leave seeing her so nervous.

They came out. She was fidgeting with her mobile. It was ringing. Abhi nahi mein tujhe fone karti hu meera.

Driver brought the car. Maan signaled the driver to leave and took the keys. He didn't know what was going on in geet's mind and how wud she react in the car. He didn't wish to create a scene due to geet's antics. He just msgd Dev of their departure.

They sat in the car. She was fumbling with her mobile. She was not being her calm self. She tapped her fingers on the dash board one moment next she was tapping her foot then she adjusted her dress.

Geet seat belt.

Ahh haan.

She fumbled with the belt. Her fingers were trembling as she tried to put the lock. He helped her push it in the socket.

Geet kya hua? Washroom mein kuch hua?

Puchiye mat. She was paler hearing the question.

Haan meer. Mein nikal ayi. She said as she answered her phone.

Maan cud hear only what she was saying. ( im writing only that)

Mein chilai nahi thi. She glanced at maan's piercing eyes.

Meer mujhe man kiya chilane ka so mein chilai thi. Tera question answer session ho gaya.

Mein nahi bata sakti.

She had heard someone asking her a question so she pestered.

Nahi yaar vo nahi tha. Koi larki thi'.

Meera dnt make me recall it I will puke right away. Mein ghar ja k baat karti hu.

She cut the phone and kept it on the dash board.

Maan slowed down the car to stop.

Y r we stopping here?

U dnt tell me, I dnt drive.

Babaji. Aj sab pagal ho gaye hai. She looked up and in a fit of anger spat in one breath looking straight at the road. Vo when I was coming out my hand touched the half open door of a cabin and I saw. Her eyes cudnt be made larger than this. Then she hid her face in her hands and spoke in another breath. I saw two of them making out. And imagine they asked me wanna join in'. phew she said in one go. She closed her hands to press her face further. After few seconds when she didn't get a reaction from Maan she looked at him with one eye thru the crevice of her finger. He was touching his temple and smiling.

U r smiling at my plight?

What plight? Here I was worried something happened to u and u r scared of two other persons making out. Geet u r one piece.

No. no two persons but two girls. They were they were'doing all that'ahh kissing and' she clapped her hand on her mouth and mumbled something beyond comprehension. She gestured him to stop with her other hand.

He took to the side of the road. She hurried, maan opened her seat belt and as soon as she was on her foot, she puked.

Maan was stunned that such small thing could affect her so much. He hurried to her side. She was throwing out helplessly.

She bent over and he feared she wud fall. He held her by her waist and with other hand gathered her unruly mane. She went on for few minutes. And then got up straight. He was still holding her tender waist. She was swaying holding her stomach with one hand. She was so tired.

A well-built tall man ran to them and offered a bottle of water. Maan took it and helped her wash her face and asked her to drink some. She complied. He offered her his hanky to wipe her face.

Who r they? She pointed at the car stopped at a distance, to which the tall man returned. There were two more men in the car.

Y r they looking at us? He gave us water.

My body guard.

Then dnt touch me. She softly removed his hand. They are looking at us.

Geet y do u have such antics? It hardly matters. They are always with me. I'm used to it and watching me is their duty.

She made a face. well what else happened in the washroom?

There she went again. She turned and puked the last traces from her stomach. It gave her an ache in her stomach. She held it tight and wasn't able to move. Maan tried to hold her. She glared at him but he glared back and made her sit in the car. He moved to recline the car seat further to relax her.

I wont lie down they are seeing us. She sat up straight.

Fine. He called and asked the other car to leave. She lied down for some time and then they started to get back home.

Geet opened her sandals and moved her legs on the seat, her foot pointing maan. She softly caressed her pink toes. Maan also marked her exposed legs. She was careless he thought, whenever she was with him. She just believed him. She looked gorgeous in that white dress which covered her calf when standing but right now her knees were exposed.



Maan mujhe vo khana hai. She pointed to the ice gola stall on the road side.

No ways. U r vomiting.

Plzzz. I will be alright. Promise.

Geet its cold, u r not well and it is dirty. No ways.

Plzzz. She made the most pleading face she cud. No one pestered or pleaded him for such childish things. People wanted larger things from him and asked with attitude. Here she was pleading for ice candy. He cudnt deny.

He stopped the car.

Kala khatta bhaiya. She ordered which great enthu. What flavour do u want?

None. I have never eaten this.

Then u have missed something big. She said as she got down bare foot on the road.




She walked upto the car boot area and plunked herself on it. She sat there with her legs folded.The bhaiya gave her her barf gola. Maan came from his side and rested his back on the car and stood there watching her take her first bite. But she didn't bite, she licked.

She was sucking and licking the candy making full noise.

Look I cudnt do this in front of ur body guard. U cant be urself when everything private is public.

Im used to it. And I dnt do anything of the sort that I dnt want to let people know. My private life is very much private and no one even has a hint of it.

But still u loose ur independence. U cant slurp ur favorite candy Can u?

All he did was smile. That's the payment of high class life one has to pay.

Well u look good in this dress. Never seen u in such dresses. He wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked in that black sari but resisted the temptation.

Never got a reason to wear. This one is a gift from NT. She brought it for me today for the night out. So I wore it for her.

He stared at her sucking at the candy. Her lips taking the color of the candy.

NT bought u a gift? Surprise. U have a way with people.

Yes many but not u. u dnt talk much to me.

I dnt talk to anyone. Im this way.

Well I wanted to thank u for those kangan. They were beautiful.

Oh I must apologize for that day. I had been rude and'

U did apologize and I have forgotten that.

U have forgiven me.

Yeah that day itself. Y?

No I thought u wont trust me again. I went so off limits. I'm never that way. I lost control over my anger.

I had provoked u. I was angry at my own mess and in process threw everything that came to my mind on u. I went overboard while speaking.

Still my anger shud have..

Cut it off' no more sorry. We both were wrong we realized. Now it's over. Wanna have some of this. I promise it is best. U must taste if u haven't.

She dipped the bar in the liquid and lifted it close to his mouth for him.

If u dnt mind that I have eaten it.

He moved forward. Didn't want to spoil the new peace treaty she had offered him.

He tried to bite into the ice bar and she laughed out loud.

What now?

U dnt bite. U suck Mr khurana.

What r u talking? He misinterpreted her words.

She didn't catch the misinterpretation and went ahead explaining.

 Look u part ur lips, place it over the candy and suck the juice. This was the most innocently sensuous demonstration he had seen in life. He smiled as she offered him the bar again.

He was staring at her now swollen reddish lips. He followed her instruction without breaking the gaze.

She gave a triumphant smile as what a wonderful thing she had taught him.

How was it?

He had forgotten the taste. He was busy looking at her lips. He wanted to do the demo on her lips. It was hard to control when she gathered the melting candy in her mouth to stop it from spilling. He stood there watching her and she was oblivious to his intent gaze.



She slept peacefully on his side and Maan had been looking at her for an hour now.

# What is this Maan? u cant let this happen again. Ur first relationship had been a failure. U have lost so much that u cant take an attempt again. Never, never in this life.

Look at that innocent face, she is really vulnerable. Or u think so. U had thought the same feeling for Sameera. She also seemed innocent and nave to u.

I'm more mature now but still I dnt want to take the risk. What if she turns out to be another Sameera. What if Geet is also faking like she did just to gain my proximity, my attention?

Sometimes she seems so bold yet sometimes so weak.

She is simple, down to earth. or this u think and assume. 

What should I do? He yelled in his mind. The anguish was killing him slowly.

The things are going fine Maan. She has everything she needs. U can provide her with everything except urself. Control is the key word. U have survived that woman's scandalous behavior because u had control. She took away everything u had within. U cant offer this girl anything.

All ur emotional capital has been spent years ago, wasted, burnt, lost. Now all i have was work to spend my time on. Submerge urself Maan into work. Dnt ruin both ur lives for a stupid thing called attraction. And she doesn't seem to have any. Dnt get personal with her.

Control. U r Maan Singh Khurana u wont loose ur control.#

She stirred in sleep when her phone buzzed. She slapped her hand on the bed side table found it. All she said even without opening her eyes was'hello'hhhmmm. And then she kept the phone on the table again, still on the call.

Maan felt tempted to listen to the call but he ignored and slept.



 THANKS for ur congratulation msgs.Big smile plzz do scroll down.

plzzz doo comment

stalker revealed... 


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congrats for the new thread,,,,,awsome update yaar...
stalker ??waiting for it 

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 some ice gola treats for u all on opening of new thread
this is fondly called CHUSKI in Delhi

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great update

please continue sooon

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plz plz continue soon

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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felt very sad hearing maan's past hey stalker reviled means maan has caught him or it's his introduction if it's intro then geet would tell this to maan and he would look forward to this matter

plz reply

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amita5 IF-Dazzler

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Congrats for the new thread...

Its awesome..pls continue

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lovely update dear..
Precap is interesting...
Pls continue soon...

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