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mystique_girl Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 1:51am | IP Logged
missed you yesterday LOL

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HADmishti Goldie

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me too waiting for an update please update soooun

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sanjeevani09 Senior Member

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Daadi im finished with my shopping. When will u people finish?

Maan im done. I dnt know about kavya. Wish geet had also come with us.

Where has she gone daadi?

Oh one of her friend Vijaya needed some help in her trousseau shopping. Today they have a girl's shopping spree.

Well let me see if this kavya gets finished or not. Both had just come out of the shop and standing in the broad passage way of the semicircular mall. The central area being empty so that u cud look down and across.

Just then a girl bumped into daadi, dropping her shopping bags.

Im so sorry aunty. I shud have taken care. She immediately picked up the bags.

She looked here and there searching for something. Her face was sad as if she cud burst into tears any moment. Maan recognized her she was nuts, natasha geet's friend who had shoved him off geet that day.

Sorry aunty. She apologized again giving daadi her bags.

 What happened beta? It's alright. Y r u so worried?

Nothing. She moved but returned to ask. Did u see a girl. Pink top, blue denim capri, curly hair in a pony, almond eyes. The girl was nervous describing.

Till now maan had been observing her. He knew she was describing geet. They hadnt seen geet.

Y? have u missed ur friend?

Yes. She got lost. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Beta a girl ur age cannot be lost. She must be just in the next shop. Y dnt u call her.

We did she doesn't receive. Now her phone is also switched off. We are searching for her for past half n hour. She doesn't go uninformed. Well thank u for ur help.

She got a call.

Im searching. No success.

Did u find anything?

Daadi aap kavya ko dekhiye mein bagal k shop mein ja raha hu. Kuch shirts dekhni hai.

Daadi went back to the store and maan thought of ways to talk to nuts.

Nuts was looking here and there in desperation.

Where did u last see her?

We left from that shop. She pointed to a lingerie shop. Then she went to the washroom here. She was alone. when I came after 5 min I didn't find her. We have checked everywhere on the floor.

# Maan - Idiot girl y did she go lingerie shopping. Bcoz I teased her. Now where is she? Trouble is her second name. #

He thought of looking for her. Just then meera rushed in.

Meera ' meine saare shops check kiye. Viji and riya are checking the back side. Tu washroom mein fir se puch mein next floor ja rahi hu.

Nuts approached Maan quite hesitantly. Hey can u do us a favour plzz?


Can u search for her in the male washroom.

He looked at her quizzically.

No actually may be something happened or maybe someone saw her'.its next to ladies washroom. plzzz..

Ok I will do it.

Maan rushed to the washroom. He was baffled at the info he got there. He panicked came out and was about to rush to the security office.

Kya hua?

She was there. The cleaner matched her description and said she was there with a man and then both left when she shouted at him. Dnt worry I will inform the mall security they will seal the place search for her.

No. she shouted. We cant do this. The man still has her captive. On announcement he may harm her more. Her voice cracked, a tear flowed out of one eye. We will find her on our own.

Maan thought the girl is right. Ok. I will check the fire escape.

she complied. in her state of bewiderment she cudnt reason y he shud find her.
He rushed towards the fire exit and went down the whole 4 floors in one go along with calling her no. and getting switched off msg again and again. He moved over to the next exit on the other side and climbed to reach that floor. Not a trace of geet. Every minute his panic grew stronger. When he entered the lobby again. He searched all the unattended nooks and corners. When he came to the ground floor someone tapped him on the back. He turned.

It was nuts.

Thanks. Thanks a lot for ur help. She had cried, her eyes were red. We found her.

Where is she?relief set in his heart.

Ah we found her on the roof top parking. After u left I took the elevator there to go up. The man had pushed her there. Well thanks again u took pain for us.

It's alright. Just then meera came up.

Tu yahan kya kar rahi hai? Tu use akele kaise chor sakti thi. I shud have gone with her. she scolded her.

Nahi meine use car mein chora. She was adamant ki ab vo safe hai aur akele jaegi. Ghar pahuch kar phone karegi.

Meer we have become so helpless. Hum kuch nahi kar pa rahe usk liy.

boththe girls stood there holding hands in desperation. they were still disturbed as if the problem didnt end. Maan was standing there at  little distance posing he was making calls. He wanted to hear the girls. He tried to call geet her phone was still switched off. He called shyam, geet's driver. Where r u?

Sir, going home.

Ok. Just then daadi and kavya came with loads of bags and he cut the phone.

Daadi ' maan aap kahan chale gaye the? We searched for u.

Ahh daadi mein bas kuch khoj raha tha.

Kya? kis k liye?

geet came out of his mouth. 

Kavya ' so u found nothing for geet. Ur hand is still empty.

He didn't want to go on explaining. Nahi vo pink shirt mujhe pasand hai. He showed in the shop next to them. I was going to buy it.

Maan bought the shirt for geet on daadi's insistence and left them to shop more. He rushed home.

When he reached his room He saw shopping bags thrown on floor. Her sandals lying stray on floor. Geet sleeping on the bed wearing a sweat shirt and capri. he marked it was the sweat shirt nuts had been wearing. She hadnt changed.

It was unusual time for geet to sleep in late evening. He moved close to see her tear streaked face still telling of pain and turmoil she has went thru.

He picked up her shopping bags. A dress fell from her bag. It was a pink top. Something nuts had described she was wearing. He tried to put the top back then realised it was torn. Someone had ripped it from one side. He moved to the bed. He wanted to wake her up right away and ask her about this.

He retreated. Packed the  top back. He saw she had some night wears too. Something in satin. He wanted to pull it out but hesitated.

He sat near geet on the bed working on laptop. Then he wud pace about the room. Again try to calm himself. He was very anxious he was waiting for her to wake up.



Geet behaved normally on the dinner table. Maan had yet not got time to talk to her. She was not smiling. Her face seemed strained. She finished dinner early and excused herself. Maan was held up by an overseas business call.


Geet went to the dressing room and found the bags placed at a corner. She lifted and emptied the bags. A black nighty of knee length dropped. She touched the soft fabric and recalled the time when she was shopping in the lingerie shop.



They wanted to shop for vijaya. She needed some night wears to wear after marriage. Oh what fun the girls had choosing the sexy night dresses for viji. Those jokes made her smile. She confided in meera that she too wants to buy some but not as flaunting as viji was getting. She bought a pink satin capri along with spaghetti tank top. Blue satin top with small flowers all over along with pajamas. Finally she had choosen a black strapy knee length nighty. She was so happy after the shopping that today maan will know she is no kid as the night dress covered her well but were all beautiful.

As she walked out of the shop and headed towards the washroom the most dreaded happened. Someone caught her arm and pulled her into the male washroom. When she opened her eyes it was him, Atul. She tried to scream but he closed her mouth. She was thankful to babaji when the cleaner peeked out on the noise of the scuffle. She had expected him to help but the idiot stood there dumbfound. Atul had pulled her into the nearby elevator and all her attempts to get out of his brutal hold went in vain. She struggled when he dragged her into the rooftop parking area.

Y didn't u come to college for 2 days? I have been waiting for u.

I wont come for u. she spat.

How dare u talk to me this way. And y r u wearing western dress when I told u I like to see u in salwar kameez. He started ripping her top. She tried to fight him and hit him. He slapped her.

She didn't succumb to his torture. and fought as much as she cud.

Look I love u. I told u. y dnt u cooperate with me?

I wont.

He ripped her top.

If u care y do u hurt me.

I told u if u wear such dresses which flaunt ur body I will tear them. U had my warning.

No she screamed.

Her scream caught attention of some shoppers. They called. Someone there?

Atul looked in the direction and geet used his distraction to escape.

Soon nuts came up to her rescue. They rushed to the washroom on ground floor where she was made to hurriedly change into the pink tank top over which she wore nuts sweat shirt and left for home.

When she came home nothing came to her mind. She wanted to block every thought out of her mind. She took 3 spoons of the cough syrup to doze off. Normally she slept like a donkey after just 1 spoon but she took 3 to sleep. There was no side effect of it so the best option to ward off the thoughts.



She pushed the zip to touch the soft satin material of the top. Even the thought of the man terrorized her. She had no solution to the problem. She changed to wear the satin capri and was about to walk out. She looked at her battered self in the mirror. The top was a bit exposing she took out a cardigan and wore it.

She went to bed wearing the cardigan.

When maan came he found geet sleeping. He cursed himself for being late.

He cudnt sleep. He shifted in bed for long time. In her sleep geet was getting uncomfortable due to her cardigan. She opened it and slid it on the bed side.

Late night, geet's phone buzzed again. Then geet got up picked up her phone abusing. Bas***** I will kill u one day. She muttered.

She just picked the phone and walked to the terrace. Maan saw her walking bare foot in that negligible clothing in the cold. He saw her hands moving in anger as she talked on the phone. He got up picked up her cardigan and walked to the terrace.

He was freezed when he heard geet plead. She cudnt see him as he was behind her.

Plzzz mujhe phone karna band karo. Im not interested. Mein kis language mein batau. Dnt black mail me plzzz. U cant have it this way. Tum samajhte kyu nahi? She cut the phone and sat on the ground weeping. The phone started ringing again. She was sitting on the cold dew wet floor of the terrace.

Maan rushed to her. She bent on the floor weeping. She was stunned to see maan. She looked up to his face and tried to wipe her tears.

I didn't mean to overhear ur call. I came to give u ur cardigan. It is cold out here. He kept the cardigan on her shoulder trying to cover her bare shoulder.

Nahi vo mein.

Andar chalo. He helped her get up holding her shoulder.

Phone rang again. Maan took the phone. The id read Rabies. He was stunned to read it. Geet and her antics. Geet cut the phone in his hand.

I dnt want to talk.

Do u want to talk to me? Believe me u can.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell. What if u dnt believe.

Have u tried? U shud try once.

Vo vo' she stammered.

Geet bolo' kya hua hai? By now they had entered the room and maan closed the doors barring the chilly winds. They stood there Maan supporting her as she leaned on him. She was so fatigued by the thought of this man. She began with a stammer.

Around 4'4 weeks ago I' I just bumped into a boy in college in canteen. I said sorry and we continued with our tea break. After that day He was following me at all places in college for next few days. None of us marked. The fool I was. Aapne life mein mast thi kabhi dhyan hi nahi diya. A tear flowed on her cheek. Maan rested his hand on her shoulder standing beside her. She continued resting her head on his shoulder. she talked as if absorbed in another world.. a world of pain.



 Slowly his bumping into me increased then we marked that he did it purposefully. He wud bump and grin, I wud frown. Then began the session of ignoring. That was the first weapon I used which failed miserably. He found my no. and started calling me. Mostly at night. He claims he loves me. Initially I tried a lot to explain im not interested. He threatened me if I talked to any man he wud kill him. He always blackmails me that he will suicide writing a note in the newspaper with my photo that im the reason behind it.

Maan was stunned at this revelation. He wanted to beat the person black and blue right then. He clenched his fist.

One day yash protested when he tried to come close. They had a small fight. but later that day when yash was going back home they came in a group and beat him.

She was sobbing. Its alright geet. U dnt need to tell more. He knew how much pain it was causing her. He led her to the bed and made her sit. He gave her water and then moved to sit at a distance but She held his hand and kept it on her lap. She clutched his palm. His hold gave her energy to talk. He was being supportive.

No let me tell. I will never again be able to.

He sat patiently for her. 

After the consistent late night calls. We decided to get help from police. But it was a waste. He acted quite smartly. When we got the no. identified thru some personal source of romeo it came out to be a landline no. of a govt flat. He has a friend who is in some way related to a politician here, he has been allotted that flat. He goes there at nite and calls me. We still tried the police but they wanted my details' address, family details. I remember that daadi told me in beginning not to get involved in any media hype bcoz u people have a different image here. Even if they were promising me privacy I had fears that it may create problems. I didn't want to play with Khurana name.

I tried everything else in my capacity. I cant fight more. Im on the verge of losing it. I have started going late to college just to avoid the chaos he creates in front of the students. Complaining to college authority wud mean he wud bug me outside college and dnt knw to what extent.

Does he knw who u r?

No no one knws my address or other details. My car is parked in girls hostel. I walk there with girls then come home. He assumes I live in hostel and have some local gaurdian here. The address in college is thankfully of HP. i let be the same or else he wud start folowing me home too.

Whenever I switch off my phone or dnt attend his calls next day in college he creates a scene in front of so many persons. He has already raised the rumor in my class that we have an affair. He has shattered all my reputation there. Everyone gives me suspicious looks. No one dares revolt due to his goon type friends.

What happened today?

Oh he is compulsive types. I had missed college for 2 days and dnt knw who told him I will be here in the mall so he came to see me. He is obsessed that I look better in salwar kameez and he doesn't like me wearing jeans. So so he tore my top. I had to change and come back.

She started crying in full go. He gave her a side hug. She put her head on his chest and cried her heart out. The tears were nowhere stopping. The man had hurt her badly today. she wetted his shirt.

I havent slept peacefully since he started calling me. Not a day passes without his drama in college. I cant leave my college my exams are coming. Im not able to concentrate. He has made my life a living hell. I dnt how I will get out of this. I even thought of calling brij veerji. I had called yesterday but he was not home. He can help me but he will stop my studies right away.

U dnt need to call him. We will sort it out here itself. U shud have atleast told daadi, if not me. U can talk to me if there are problems of this type.

What can u do we have tried every bit. Moreover I didn't want to burden u with my problems. As for daadi I thought what if she gets worried and what if she thought I wud have encouraged the boy. She turned to face him. His face was tensed. Jaws firm, eyes blood shot and lips pressed. She thought he is angry on her.

Believe me in my knowledge I didn't encourage him. Never did I give him my no. I dnt knw how he knows that. I dnt know who told him I will be in mall today. I never talk to him. Believe me.

He held her by both sides on her shoulder. Geet stop it. U dnt have to convince me on this. Ok. Just relax. Relax.

He made her calm down. She sat on the corner of bed thinking and maan moved to the other side of room making some calls.

Geet how long does he talk when he calls u? he was standing near the bed.

I cut the call or he can talk for hours.

If he calls u now can u engage him into talking for few minutes?

She stood up. Vo vo'

No. we want to trace him once. Only if u can.

She hid her face in his chest. His calls are so obscene that I cant even tell my friends what he says. Sometimes I dnt even understand his lingo and slangs but all I know is its obscene. I never hear him talk. Its unbearable.

 Her lips were trembling over his chest. He cud feel her gasping for breaths between sobs. Her hands clutched his black shirt. She stood there crying and he consoled her making all efforts to stop her sobs. he hugged her for long time. He made her sit again and wiped her tears. He kneeled near her on the floor.

The phone rang. Geet took a deep breath and moved her hand to receive the phone. I will do it.

No u dnt need to. He cut the phone. He cudnt bear her going thru the trauma again especially now when all facts were known to him.

Give me all the details u have of him. His no. address everything.



He was lying next to her she was cocooned in his arms. After much pacifying she had slept. But sleep was a farfetched thought for maan.

#She had been struggling all this time. The ba***** kept torturing her and she was helpless. Y didn't she tell me? Uuuff.. had she told me before I wud have sort it out. There I was thinking she is sad due to my misbehavior and this idiot I will kill him. I shud have asked her earlier.#

He kept thinking all night and didn't sleep even for a minute.



so a weekend bonanza... long update...over to u all...plzzz do comment.

geet do as i tell u. not a word extra. we have to play with his psycology.


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RageOfAnAngel IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey , me 1st again        LOL

Oh god !!! Atul is such a Censored Censored Angry
But , what you are portraying is very realistic Thumbs Up There are truly such obsessed low-life creatures in many colleges . Clap for folding a social issue in your update .
Geet still feels she would burden Maan with her probs Disapprove ; poor girl needs reassurances from non other than Maan .Smile

I loved the fact Maan persistently wanted to know what happened to her Thumbs Up
Abhi , Atul ko koi nahi bacha sakta from MSK Evil Smile... good LOL
Thanks for the Bonanza long update Hug Heart 
Loved it ... Tongue

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aminakhan Senior Member

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Great update...n CONGRATULATIONS for the new thread...

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febinyusuff IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update !

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sunshine94 IF-Dazzler

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amazing.Clap...finally d stalker is out...wat name was it maan knows everythin...ab us rabies ki khair nahiAngry

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chsweety22 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome part
thanks 4 d ud 

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