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Opposites Attract - Maaneet FF Thread #3 (Page 121)

mystique_girl Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:55am | IP Logged
hello maam, one hour over... Confused

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chsweety22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 2:08am | IP Logged
more than an hour nowDay Dreaming
mystique_girl Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 2:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by niddzz

Originally posted by mystique_girl

Originally posted by niddzz

Originally posted by mystique_girl

Originally posted by niddzz

Originally posted by mystique_girl

Loved this update as was really really good LOL

I can see quite contrary views from the IF members on the behavior of Maan ...

Well I am quite fine with the way it is going...Ofcourse Geet wants to make this marriage work but she has not explicitly shown in her actions that she feels anything for Maan apart from trust and a sense of friendship. Her behavior towards the family has been like a member and her bonding with Dadi very close - but the whole family loves her back as much as well - there is no doubting that in their actions. 

As for the magazine, i guess from when Geet came to Delhi, they have kept her identity hidden so that she is not barred from leading a normal life and also bcoz she was not used to being a public figure. Thats Dadima and Maan's way of protecting her from the outside world and media and letting her live a simple life- which i guess is praiseworthy. 

I really have no answers in my mind about why the marriage wasnt disclosed - you would need to tell me this. But I will not bash Maan - he in his own way is feeling for Geet and his actions show it...its more than just protection for a family member - its attraction, friendship, sense of trust and comfort, protectiveness,possessiveness and many more...

I have no expectations from the party - i dont know if you want her to be there or not .. but i know her family will not do injustice to her and nor will you... i just see a dance coming up after other failed dance situations between them Big smile

But I am looking forward to your early post to pacify the readers here LOL

maan is contradicting with his behavior his self talks wich we have read many a tyms he decides to keep himself away 4m her and not let her in indirectly comparing her with sameera...but his behavior we witness tells sum odr story...if he is bein a frnd to her why din he share is happiness of his achievement with her...he cam running to delhi...that counts but in anyways he was returnin the next day...and he din do any thin gr8 after cumin there...!!! 
maan needs to clesr out what he actually wants...either block her completely lyk it was 4 past almost 10 mnths or let her in completely...he is just confusing geet anh givin her false hopes by not taking a stand himself...!!!! she was sad after readin the magazine...did he realize ???? only dadi noticed and considered it as her pain...!!! if he feels 4 her he needs to cum in terms wid his own feelings...!!!! ...just mah thots...ppl can shoot their POVs...!!!

btw sanju are u cant wait 4 the party...pweezzpweezzz update soon ...would love to read ur POV on the entire issue in the update...WAITING>>!!! 

well, i will just stick to Sanjeevani's words "not everyone stands on mountain top and shouts." he is a gentleman and there are no half measures with him - his past experiences donot let him commit unless he can give his 100% to the relationship. he has to be convinced himself that he loves her and only then can he take a stand. he is a hard man,an introvert - so sharing his success doesn't come naturally to him. maybe thats the reason he didn't say anything to geet.

he is also unaware of geet's feelings towards him. i understand its a slow process but from both sides - we have to take into account that they were complete strangers who didnt want to get married. both of them are with each other when they need each other the most and they have most of the ingredients to fall in love. its just a matter of time and patience, for them and for us LOL

Just adding my two more cents Embarrassed

i understand...i kno he is a man of actions and not words...but all i kno is he thinks sumthin else and he does somthin his selfthots he is so determined and next moment we see sum odr side of him...he has married her...marriage is not a game...he needs to think 4m her POV too...wen geet can try to reason out his behavior then why cant maan think 4m her pOV 4 1nc...providin her with basic necessities and all  othr thns doesnt count always...he doesnt need any1 to share his feelings doesnt mean even geet is like him...he was always aloof...but geet is not used to doin selftalks, she was always surrounded by ppl wid whom she shares what she feels...till wen can their relation go on lyk dis ????
not only maan is unaware of her feelings...even geet herself is unaware of her feelings and accordin to me maans angel changing behavior will confuse her further...!!! 4 me MSK is a mystery having a complicated
not meant to offend anyone...just mah POV ...!!

hmm agree to your POV but cant let go of mine either LOL...LOL

don worry babes feeling is mutual...!!!Big smileTongue
btw nice talkin to u ...i like it wen ppl stick to their POV ...and u just did that just lyk me...!!!
i appreciate ur POV too...i guess our diff POVs are like two diff sides of the same coin...!!!
i hope i din offend u sumwere in the POV POV game we played...!!

no worries offence taken and none given i hope...its good to share POVs - i get to see what i wouldnt hv seen otherwise ..
123pritha Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 2:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sanjeevani09

SPECIAL PRECAP for those who are waiting...
They again started to talk but maan was distracted. His eyes were focused on geet. He saw how easy she was with Karan. She was smiling and giggling, enjoying herself in his company. Maan had never seen her so comfortable and happy in parties and with strangers around her. Sometimes she was lost in the crowd but his eyes wud locate her again.
thanks for the precap
eagerly waiting for the update
mystique_girl Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 2:24am | IP Logged

I think she slept again...aj aur nahi milega update Shocked

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HADmishti Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Waiting Day Dreaming

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sanjeevani09 Senior Member

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The whole lawn was decorated with Gold and white curtains and artificial flowers in gold. Lights bejeweled the whole area. It was looking awesome and proved once again how well dev and Nt arranged parties. Nt moved in her flowing black gown across the place. Dev NT and daadi had reached the venue in advance. Maan was also there on time. They had asked geet to be there on the time of the party due to her weakness. Maan did nt want to strain her into standing for long hours as she was still recovering.

Maan was dressed in formal black bandgala and always had his killer looks.

Daadi went for a dull creamish gold sari pertaining to the theme of dress code as gold and black.

The party was catching its speed. Drinks and food were flowing in full speed. Nt had managed the caterers well and it was turning out to be splendid party. guests were the elite of the town and business associates from various fields. Relatives also managed some place in the who is who of the town. To add all the office staff were also invited.


Geet overslept and hurried thru her dressing and makeup, she wanted to look perfect. The drive to the farmhouse took another hour. Her bodyguard escorted her upto the party and then told her that he will be waiting for her outside as the party had top security.

Geet was hesitant entering the party, she had never been to party so grand and upscale. She was nervous entering and her eyes searched for daadi. As she entered she drew attention of many. Men admired her and women felt an instant pang of jealousy. She was dressed simply yet elegantly and had a charm which none matched in the party.

 She wore a rusted gold, say copper coloured sari with simple rusted gold earrings. The blouse had small sleeves so as to cover her bandage on the upper arm with thin strip behind. Makeup was subtle and enhanced her beauty not overpowered it. A watch was all in the name of accessories. She had straightened her hair and let it loose. She left e sigh gathered all her energy gave a boost to her self-confidence and walked straight into the party with a poise of her own.





She was more an object of admiration as girls her age were draped in fancy western dresses and ladies who were in saari cud hardly give her any competition. Her beautiful figure was enhanced by the sari and she looked Gorgeous.

She wandered thru the party looking for daadi when she located maan. She walked towards him but was a little hesitant seeing a bunch of men around him. Soon a lady in skimpy black dress walked to him and led him to meet some new people. He didn't see her. She backed off, right then NT and dev approached her and asked her to come with them as they wud introduce them to their friends. Geet excused on the pretext of catching up with them after she met daadi. Soon she found daadi too.

Geet aap thik hai? Late ho gayi?

Thora sa daadi.

Koi nahi mujhe aaj apko bhut logo se introduce karwana hai. All my friends.

Someone interrupted and daadi promised to be back soon.

Geet slowly walked thru the crowd when someone poked her shoulder.

Hey beautiful. Looking like a diva.

Aapne mujhe dara diya. Im no diva' ok. She mocked with a smile playing on her lips.

Diva is less a word to describe u today. Every man has his eyes set upon u. of course sparing who r not interested in women.

They both laughed.

Karan aap hamesha kuch naya karte ho. Waise aap bhi bhut smart lag rahe ho.


Rajeev Khandelwal 


Thanks. Saru k sath?

Haan. She tried to show him who the saru was but cudnt locate him then.

They chatted and laughed. Geet got to be herself with Karan. Everyone was J of Karan and assumed that she was with him. Karan also went ahead introducing her as geet. He never knew she was Mrs. MSK. The host herself. Yash had skipped the party assuming it to be boring and behave urself party as he called it. Karan was not very party types so both took a peaceful corner and chatted on all nonsense'woman showing off, the girls'who looked good and who ugly. He made her recognize many men from the business world and their business types and personalities.


Mr. Jai malhotra or JM as he was fondly called in the business world was having a talk on some upcoming tender with Maan and a few others when Mrs Taneja interuppted them.

JM I see finally ur boy has found a girl for himself. The shy boy has a girlfriend? Who is that beautiful girl with Karan?

All the eyes instantly moved to karan. Everyone admired the girl. Maan was taken aback. He was about to retort when JM did the honors.

Sorry Mrs Taneja. I have nothing for ur gossip mills. The girl is simple and is just not involved with Karan. They r good friends. So it wud be better if u let the issue rest. If there was anything u wud have attended their wedding by now.

Maan knew Karan was no Casanova. He was rarely seen talking to girls leave apart flirting. But how did he know geet was the question.

But she is very beautiful' the whole party is admiring her. Mrs Taneja commented before she was shooed away by JM's comments.

They again started to talk but maan was distracted. His eyes were focused on geet. He saw how easy she was with Karan. She was smiling and giggling, enjoying herself in his company. Maan had never seen her so comfortable and happy in parties and with strangers around her. Sometimes she was lost in the crowd but his eyes wud locate her again. He wanted her to be on his side holding his hand. He tried many times to approach her and talk to her but whenever he tried he was stopped by one or the other guests. He wud wrap the talk hurriedly and by the time he wud excuse himself geet wud have moved away. He was getting frustrated at the crowd which was barring him from approaching her.

Karan was involved in talking about some business deals so geet excused herself. She saw a plump girl fumbling in picking up the snacks. She held a glass of fruit juice in one hand and had her other hand filled previously snacks and wished to take more.

Can I help u?

The girl gave a sheepish smile. Actually I love chicken tikka and I already took some paneer kababs. She showed her hand.

Geet took the glass from her. I will hold this for u till u finish that. Waise I too like chicken tikka. She picked one for herself.

The waiter left.

Hi! I m pinky.




Mein geet.

Yahan to log khate hi nahi. Itna kuch hai khane ko par yu birds ki tarah uthate hai. Geet giggled.

Humare punjab mein to party ho aur logo ne khaya nahi to kiya kya?

Tum punjab se ho? Mein bhi chal tab to humari khub banegi.

A beautiful girl appeared from the crowd.


Neha Jhulka 


Yaar pinky mein is sasha ka to khoon kar dungi. She was disappointed for something.

Tu fir DD k paas gayi thi? Kyu jaati hai jab vo vahan hai.


Ye pari hai abhi humare office join kiya hai. Hum DD k paas kaam karte hai. I mean MAAN SINGH KHURANA k office mein. Aur pari ye hai meri nayi friend geet.

Ok par DD??

DD is dhak dhak' yaar office ki saari larki MSK pe marti hai. Unko dekhte hi dil dhak dhak jo karta hai. Isiliya DD. She smiled before pushing another kebab in her mouth.

Par mere liye to DD is Dreamy Darling' vo dreams jaisa hai. So dreamy. Vo to mujhe daatne k liy bhi bulate hai to mein fida ho jaati hu. Par ye saasha churail. Dekho kaise lataki hui hai kisiko unke paas jaane bhi nahi de rahi hai.

Geet saw she was the same girl who had been hanging on to Maan since the beginning.

Ye saasha kaun hai? Vo jo apne size se chote kapre peheni hai?

Both giggled.

Architect par yahan k office mein usse kafi extra charges bhi diye hai MSK ne. vo kisiko MSK ke paas jaane nahi deti. Saari sundar larki ko galat instruction de k sir se daat khilati hai. Complex hai.

Tumhare Sir ko vo pasand hogi. Shayad isiliye? This was the best way to inquire about maan when the girls didn't recognise her.

Nahi both the girls said in unison. MSK ko larkiya bilkul pasand nahi aur vo professional aur personal life mix nahi karte. Tabhi to abhi tak delhi mein most eligible bachelor hain. Dekho saari ladies unko apna future son in law nahi to husband banana chahti hai.

The words bachelor stung geet's heart. So the office staff also doesn't know about the marriage.

There was no celebration after marriage, geet never visited the office. Office staff had strict instruction not to come home untill Maan himself asks them to and any personal talk was not allowed in office so none of the family member visiting office had dared talk about his marriage.


Adi came and interrupted their talk. He was introduced to geet. They all talked about the party and then geet excused herself when she saw Karan coming up to her.

Sorry kept u waiting.

Soon JM and Ruku aunty joined them. Maan saw the family encroaching geet and this time he did manage to reach geet. JM acknowledged Maan's presence.

Ruku (karan's mom) ' so geet bete how r u? heard u got hurt?

Yeah. I'm fine now.

JM ' how was ur CAT?

Very nice.

So they know her well. Maan thought.

What r ur future plans?

Abhi to MBA and then may be job. She looked towards Maan. He was admiring her and just wasn't registering the talk. All he wanted to do was take her in his arms.

What about settling? Shadi?

Geet again looked at maan for an answer. Her pained eyes broke his dreaming session but he didn't know what the conversation was. Hiss eyes questioned as to what happened? Unaware of his confusion geet just walked away saying' I will join u all later. I have to meet someone.

Ma y did u do this? How many times I have told u dnt talk about this to her. she is my friend.

But I like her. want her to be my bahu whats wrong with this?i cant understand u all. 

Ma she wont talk to me now. Look she had not eaten anything. I had to help her to eat. with her wounded arm she wont be able to hold the plate for herself. I have to find her and never ask about shadi to her.

Karan hurried in the direction geet left. Maan too excused himself and went in the same direction to find geet.

#Hw dare someone talks of marrying geet. She is mine.# maan frantically searched for geet. He cudnt even find Karan.


Whole drama took place in just 1 hour of geet's arrival. She was lost the way she had appeared from nowhere in the party. many men's eyes searched for the beauty but Maan's eyes were most anxious and worried. He cudnt leave the party, her phone was switched off and Karan was missing too. Everything was killing him deep within. He approached daadi and enquired about geet.

I called her beta to introduce her to my friends. I wanted to surprise all with my bahu. But she said she is not feeling well and is going. She sounded weak. Now I want to know if she is fine then her phone is switched off.

Ok daadi she will have sandeep to escort her. he assured daadi but was not at peace himself.


He stayed at the party, he had to. Daadi left after sometime but Dev and NT stayed to see the last guests leave.


When he approached his car to sit then he was surrounded by media person. He was irritated and didn't want to talk so he approached to sit in his car. For a surprise first time instead of opening the door his driver stood infront of it and sandeep joined him too. They without a word stood in front of the door with their heads bend not allowing maan to enter his own car. His anger was on peak now he waited for his body gaurds to shoo away the media persons. He turned and before he cud bash them both of them moved away from the door.



 im writing more and it will be updated soon. plzzz wait...

PM after the next update.
UPDATED. next half on page 138. plzz go to next page for continued half.

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Originally posted by mystique_girl


I think she slept again...aj aur nahi milega update Shocked
no i didnt. here im and im uploading the next part too. enjoy this one before ur meeting and next after it.Big smile

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