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suba2011 Goldie

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 6:26pm | IP Logged
awesome..waiting for more maaneet

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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great update
continue soon

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luv_DD IF-Rockerz

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fab FF
ca u plzz ad me 2 ur pm list
luv der ANGELWink
add me

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maaneetkimeet Goldie

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 Part -5

       As soon As Maan came he was loking for GEET…………but she was not their …………he knew she was angree  so she might have gone to sleep………….then he him self went to kitchne………………… had his dinner nd entered the room.. he thought GEET was still mad at him for calling her "Unromantic" in morning .. he gasped as he entered the room.. The room was lit with sented candles nd There was GEET sitting in a very sexy nighty.. He had never seen her intiating the passionate moments or wearing such clothes if he doesn't ask her to do it for him..

While on the other hand GEET was having a hard time controlling her laughter.. She was so waiting for that shocked look on His face.. but somehow controls to accomplish her plan..

She puts on a seductive smile and says in a very husky voice "Welcome home Jaanu.. I've been waiting sooo long for you baby.." His mouth droped wide open.. She then got up slowly went towards him while he kept backing up against the wall, afraid of what had happened to his sweet and innocent Jaan..

She cornered him up against the wall and whispered very slowly to him..
"Pata hai main subah se sirf issi pal ka intezaar kar rahi thhi.. ke kab tum mere paas ho meri bahon mein.." He gulped listening to her.. nd fumbled "K...k...kaun ho tum and what have u done with my Jaan..?"

GEET could feel the laughter doubling within her but she did her best to suppress it.. Instead she flashed him a sweet smile and then turned and walked away from him a little..MAAN gave a little sigh of relief, only to have a near heart attack when he saw her shut the door and then come back towards him.. thatWith a passionate look on her face..MAAN was genuinely scared for the first time ever.."Is she drunk or something..? Subah to itni gussa thhi aur ab.. she's just losing it...oh god why is she looking at me with so much lusting look.. not that I mind or anything.. but still.. Save Me God..!!" He thought

While she comes closer to him nd gives him a long passionate kiss.. her hands exploring his chest making him lose himself too.. They break apart after a LONG kiss and MAAN's head was swaying.. Jaan.. Tumhe kya hua hai..?...tum pehle kabhi aise...i mean.." GEET naughtily replies "Yeh to dil ka dard hai Jaanu...jiska ilaaj sirf aap hi kar sakte hain.. aao na jaanu...mere paas"

MAAN felt as if he would die out of shock any moment when GEET took one more look at his expressions and couldn't control herself anymore.. She broke down into fits of kaughter while poor MAAn was scratching his head, seeing her laugh like that gets even more worried.. "JAAN yeh sab.."

But she was too busy rolling on the floor laughing like a mainac.. She finally catches her breath to say "Kyun MAAN, main tumhari uss Ex-girlfriend ki tarah hot nahi hoon kya..? Ab kya khayaal hai apka.."

It finally sinks into MAAN that she was taking her revenge, and all the naughtiness comes back into him.. "aur agar main kahun ke tum iss nighty mein bohot Hot aur Sexy lag rahi ho to..?" He smirks and she looks at him and thinks "OMG..! I don't like that naughty expression on his face.."

He begins to corner her.. "Come on na Jaan.. Waise bhi abhi tumne jo kiya uske baad main tumhe aise hi nahi chodunga.." Now GEET is the one scared nd fumbled "MA..MAAN.. No MAAN plzz.. Not now.." but MAAN was in NO mood to stop.. He pined her against the wall nd kissed her like never before leaving her gasping for breath.. Movement of his hands on her waist was making her lose herself too..

He moved down to her neck nd shoulder which were exposed completely due to the strapless nighty.. he bit her seductively making her moan in that painful pleasure nd then licked the part making her bite her lower lip.. he looked up to see her eyes closed nd biting her lower lip out of nervousness.. He traced her lower lip from his thumb nd very huskily whispered "Inn labon ko chune ka haq sirf mera hai.." saying so he kissed her again nd took her to bed..

The two lover who were at the peak of their passion made love like maniacs whole night giving rest to the passionate desires doing wonders to them..


As the sun rays flickered in the room of the lovers who were hell tiered to wake up that morning.. GEET  frowned nd turned towards MAAN hidding herself in his bare chest to escape from those ruthless sun rays disturbing her beautiful sleep.. the movements under the sheet disturbed MAAN abit.. he pulled the duvet till his chest nd saw his "Jaan" cuddling closer to him, with a little frown on her face.. he smiled nd kissed her forehead..

She stirred with his touch nd sleepily said "Ummm.. jaanu.. sone do na.. I'm sleepy.." nd hugged him even more tightly.. MAAN slightly blushed as she called him "Jaanu" with the same love nd passion as she called him last night..

"GEET.. Jaan.. okk you have your sleep but leave me na.. remember I have to drop RAJI off to KATE's place for the day nd even RAJI  has to go for her Collage.." he said lightly caressing her  air nd whispering in her ear.. But she was not convinced.. still holding onto him she said from his chest "RAJI itni subah KATE ke ghar thodi jayegi.. aur RAJI ke jaane mein bhi abhi time hai.. aaj apaka  office's  off hai MAAN so just shut up nd stay here.. you know you're the best Teddy I can ever have.."aur if office need their boss so they can give u call………any way u came last night late form metting ……so...anyway it's ok if u don't go today and ……………….UR the BOSS …………no one question's boss….so just go to sleep…………ok JAAN...then he

 arched his eyebrows as GEET confessed her feelings so freely.. "Lagta hai abhi tak raat ka asar hai.. ya phir neend main hai issliye.. varna Meri Pyaari si Jaan bina sharmaye mere itne kareeb aaye aur mujhe apne paas rehne ko bole.. aisa ho hi nahi sakta.." He thought nd said "jaan iss waqt 10 baj rahe hain..

His words shocked her.. she sat up with a jolt.. "MAAN.. Apane  pehle kyun nahi uthaya mujhe.. Apna na bohot bure ho.. Apake vajah se hi main itni der se soyi aur apake  vajah se hi uthne mein bhi der hogayi.." She said it nd then realised what she said.. Seeing him smile at her words she blushed.. "Oye Hoye.. main yahi soch raha thha ki meri jaan ab tak sharm se lal nahi hui.. aapki issi adaa ke to hum deewane hain.." he said in a very husky tone making her blush even more..

"MAAN.. subah subah flirt karna band kariye aur ab Apa plz jakar ANGLE k0 ready kar do na.. I'll get a shower nd come.." She said making a baby face nd wrapped herself in the sheet.. as she moved to get out of the bed she felt a tug at the sheet.. She turned around nd frowned "Ab kya hai.. jane do na baba der ho rahi hai.."

He simply nodded in NO nd caught her wrist.. he then pulled her down on the bed nd pinned her under him.. "Pehle meri morning kiss.." He knew she was shying as their bodies were pressing against eachother nd she was wearing just a sheet around her.. She gasped as she felt his hands exploring her waist..

"MAANNN.. abhi nahi plz.." she whispered with her eyes closed while he smiled at her statement saying "Abhi nahi.. matlab baad mein jab hum akele hon to main yeh sab kar sakta hoon..?" she opened her eyes in a shock nd turned crimson red.. "MAAN jaane do na.."……


Next moment they were shaken by a loud knock.. It was RAJI.. "Kya hai yar.. subah subah bhi tujhe chain nahi hai.." MAAN shouted back still lying on top of GEET nd not letting her go, while she was struggling hard..

"Sorry to disturb you JIJU.. main sirf yeh kehne aayi hoon ki maine ANGLE ko ready kardiya hai…… aur ANGLE ne breakfast kar liya hai.. main, aur  ANGLE …… KATE ke ghar jarahe ………….  vahin se uske saath Collage  jaungi.. to aap log araam se romance karna okk.. bye.." she said the last bit in a teasing tone.. Listening to her MAAN wanted to shout out "THANK YOU" but he stopped when he saw GEET's angry face..

"MAAN ab chodo mujhe.. main tumse bilkul baat nahi kar rahi.. dekha main ANGLE ko bye bhi nahi bol payi.. aur RAJI pata nahi kya soch rahi hogi.. nd all because of you.." she said pushing him off her nd went into the bathroom..
While MAAN kicked himself mentally for spoiling her mood early in the morning..
 "Ab kuch soch MAAN.. varna JAAN tujhse pura din baat nahi karegi.. ANGLE sorry dear b/c of me mom did not meat you netheir did I sorry ANGLE"but we love you lot ….. he said to himself nd then he thought of GEET how to make her happy …. then getting an idea went out of the room..

She came out dressed in her Light Pink colour saree nd looked around to find HIM.. She then mentally kicked herself for forgetting that she was angry with MAAN.. She cleaned the room nd Went to the lounge..

While on the otherhand MAAN was waiting for her in the kitchen very eagerly.. he knew whenever she is angry she would not cross him often nd prefer to keep herself busy with other stuff.. nd being 'The MAAN KHURANA' he knew that she can avoid going Anywhere but kitchen.. he very quickly prepared her TEA nd her favourite Fusilli Pasta with veggies nd cheese sauce..And  panjbi  food………..parata

GEET entered the kitchen nd smiled smelling her favourite breakfast.. she for once thought of forgiving MAAN but then decided to have some more fun.. She served herself nd him nd went to the table with her plate leaving MAAN puzzled as she didn't even acknowledged him.. he quickly picked up his coffee mug nd pasta plate nd followed her..

The breakfast went in complete silence.. MAAN so wanted to talk nd romance but he was scared.. "What if she gets mad at me nd I screw up again.." he thought nd kept quiet thinking of some better way to please her.. GEET for once looked up at him nd saw him making faces nd talking to himself nd supressed her giggle.. Only she knew how she had ignored his pleading nd innocent looks all through the breakfast……

As soon as GEET busied herself in cleaning nd settling the house MAAN made a mystery call to someone.. he knew there was only one way to end their fights when ever she was not willing to talk to him or even look at him..

After sometime.. He went to their room nd called her name very loudly.. 
"Aaahh.. GEET.." She ran to him as soon as she heard him groaning.. she saw blood flowing from his hand.. she was shocked.. "MAAN.. yeh.. APA.. yahin ruko main abhi first aid kit laati hoon.." she turned to leave but he instead caught her wrist nd made her sit in his lap..

"MAAN.. kya kar rahe ho.. chodo.. dekho APAKO dard ho raha hoga na.. main abhi dressing kar deti hoon.." she was saying this non-stop talking his hand in hers.. While he was only looking at the Love her eyes had for him.. he came closer nd kissed her neck nd she froze there closing her eyes..

"Itna pyar karti ho ki mera dard bhi mehsus kar sakti ho.. to jhoota gussa dikha kar dur kyun jaati ho mujhse.. pata hai tumhare bina subah se ek pal bhi chain se nahi baitha.. bas yahi soch raha thha ki tumhe kaise manau.." he said all this just like a baby to which GEET widened her eyes unbelievingly..
"APA.. APANE yeh sab.. ek mazaak.. MAAN APA.." but he cut her in between, completing her sentence "MAAN tumse bohot pyar karta hai.." nd kissed her forehead making her smile back at him..

"GEETTT.. jaldi aao na.." MAAN shouted sitting in the lounge with a big bottle of cold drink, popcorns nd pizza.. they had planned to see a romantic movie whole afternoon.. Finally getting irritated he walked in to see her in kitchen.. soon he realised she was working about casual stuff ie. not so important according to him,  so he just went there nd shouted "GEET.. baad mein  karna.. abhi hum movie dekh rahe hain.."to jalo

   While GEET knew he was getting irritated but he would do this, was not her idea.. "Ab gussa matt hona.. main tumhare bina bohot bore hota hoon Jaan.. aur aaj itni mushkil se ek din sirf hum dono ko akele mila hai usmein bhi tum working ha.." he said in a complaining tone.. GEET could't help but smile at his baby face.. she was now used to his kidish antics so she wasn't angry but love to see him acting innocent……

They finally settled very comfortably on the couch, with GEET sitting in his lap nd his hands around her waist.. All through the movie they shared their drink nd have bites from the same piece of the pizza.. MAAN was loving the closeness nd the love they were sharing.. most of the time he would just keep looking at her nd forget about the movie.. during the songs he would also start humming or swaying with the music with her in his arms..

They had a very beautiful nd romantic movie time all along.. During an intimate scene in the movie GEET blushed recollecting their last night in eachother's arms nd shifted her eyes away from MAAN.. While MAAN knew exactly what she was thinking.. he loved his GEET, who would blush even by thinking of him touching her.. he got her closer to himself nd kissed her very passionately..

They had no idea when did they stretch themselves on the sofa nd succumbed to their passionate desires.. as his hands went to undo her saree she shied away realising that they were in the lounge nd not their bedroom.. "MAAN.. hum apne rooom mein nahi hain.." she said in a very low tone making him smile at his innocent GEET.. he kissed her nose lightly saying "Jaan.. no one is home except US.. we are all alone in here.."

She couldn't help but blush looking at the glint of naughtiness in his eyes.. feeling his breath on her lips she closed her eyes nd letting him take her..


While at KATE's Place ……….ANGLE were happy as she had someone to play their ……………………… she was enjoying their …………then on other hand ………GEET

Opening her eyes she felt something wet on her neck.. she blushed when she realised that its MAAN's lips.. After making love they slept on the sofa.. he is sleeping on her holding her tight from her waist nd both of them are wrapped in her saree nd nothing else.. She at first thought of waking him up but then thought it was not a good idea.. He would tease her like no other seeing her blush.. so she tried to push him off nd free herslef from his hold.. she tried for 15 minutes but still when he didn't budge she sighed nd gave up..

"Bas.. itna hi dum hai meri Jaan mein.." he said from he neck taking her by surprise.. she gasped when she heard him.. "MAA..NN.. apa.. kab uthe..?" she asked him fumblling "Jab meri Jaan mere itne kareeb ho to main soen ki bewakoofi kaise kar sakta hoon.. main to apni Sleeping Beauty ko sote ue dekh raha thha aur jab tum uthne lagi to.." she cut him in between saying "To apnane mujhe kas ke pakad liya aur sone ka natak karne lage haina.. (looking at him Nod) bada mazaa ata hai na apako mujhe satane mein.."

he smiled at her sweet face as she said that.. "Hmm.. I Love to Tease you.." he said kissing her neck.. she gulped at his touch she knew even his slightest toch makes her lose herself so she tried to push him off again.. "MAANNN.. itni asaani se nahi chodunga.. pehle mujhe kuch chahiye.."

"MAAN apako  abhi bhi chain nahi mila.. plz mujhe chodo ab.. I'm tiered.. aur waise bhi time dekha hai apane.. its past 6 already.. Plz na Honey.. mujhe dinner bhi banana hai aur tumhe jakar ANGLE ko bhi lekar ana hai aur abhi RAJI bhi.." she was silenced from her non stop list of errands by his kiss.. he kissed her untill she stopped struggling nd left her after a while.. she blushedred when she saw him licking his lips after the kiss nd saying "Hmm.. you taste so good jaan.. wonder how am gonna resist you till our bed time.."

They were disturbed by a phone call.. GEET took a sigh of relief as he went to take the call.. she quickly wrapped herself in the saree nd went for a shower.. She came out nd saw him nowhere in sight.. she went to the kitchen nd found a note sticking on the fridge it said :


RAJI ka  phone aya thha..i am going to peak them form

 kate place ..I'll just be back in 20-25

       Ur jaanu..and honey…….
she smiled nd busied

herself in making the dinner.. ………….

hope u guys will like this part ...plzzz read hit the like button ...avoid any mistake ...plzzz 

and plzzz my new FF to i have started ...lave and Friendship ...thank you ...

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supreb update
love it

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Awesome update..

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hey awesome update dear 
and HOT tooo
loved it
cont sooon
thnx for d PM Smile

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