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SO it's that time of the year again when we wear black and cry our eyes out :( Cos today God created a MONSTER and of course decided to let us suffer by making us meet that BIG HAIRY SCARY MONSTER, haye. Not only do we deal with her on IF but on yt, MSN, CELLPHONE. THIS CREATURE IS EVERYWHERE! Haunting us at nights :( along with her buddhi :| DO NOT ASK what she does with that buddhi :| All I am going to say to people who don't know this MONSTER - 

She's climbin in your windows
She's snatchin your people up
Tryna torture em so y'all need to
Hide your kids, hide your wife
Hide your kids, hide your wife
Hide your kids, hide your wife

This song is MADE for her man :| You know she is SO DUMB, REALLY DUMB! SO DUMB! SO DUMB! SO DUMB! Ok ok ok ok I will be NICE at least on her birthday because it's some kinda rule :( I hate this effed up rule man HMPH! Well mera torture began LONG LONG LONG time ago :| June 2009 to be exact though I knew her before then too but LMFAO we weren't quite ourselves back then. We were LITERALLY forced to be locked in one MSN convo all alone for the whole summer cos all other friends of ours went away *sighs* but it was only then we realized we had so much in common after we got rid of that false pretense of being a fob :P Should I keep going with the history of our Hate-story before I name her NAH I am not gonna latkao it :P It's none other than MOON AKA Rabsy or Rabies or Banamelon or Nap girl :O I know I forgot that nickname too for a bit or erm Kalmuhi? or Kameeni :D or oh oh I can't say the t word here but yeh she has another unique nickname LOL WELL let me continue this girl brainwashed me into liking her :| and ALSO I remember she got my cellphone number out of me saying she wanted to send me a picture of WMM 0.0 yeh right I bet Moon you were despo to talk to me :$ Anyway I gave her though I was scared SHITLESS cos she was the first "net" person I trusted so much LOL but she was nice enough to not text me at all and respected my privacy  LOL HOWEVER ONE day this number texts me saying "Who is this?" I am like "Yo you texted me tell me who are you?" She goes "Why do I have YOUR number" by now I was like ERM whoever it is, is a psycho on lose LOL so I went and googled her area code and I KNEW then it was her cos I only knew one person LOL from there. And I told her "Is this Rabia?" Which OBVIOUSLY scared her tehe a stranger knew her name HAWWW :P I kinda teased her for a bit but then I told her it was me and EVER SINCE THEN my cellphone and day is INCOMPLETE without texting this biatch :D I honestly think you are one of VERY few people I have grown REALLY close to LOL I don't really get attached to people, OBJECTS YES, but people no :P However I think I have let my guard down with you AND NO NEED TO GET TOO HAPPY ABOUT IT -_-  Since I have reached EPITOME of gushy mushy - ness I will post my first gift for you :P Thanks Mehaki for making it Love!

Caption is too cute for our relationship I think LMFAO but meh whatever :P Dude I think you are the ONLY one I have SHARED all my bipolar phases of DMG with LMFAO we got a TAD too obsessed with a Jodi in the beginning and then an "actress" LMFAO AHHH I laugh at our pagalness now :P And then REMEMBER our hate for a certain couple and actress ROFLLL Ah let's just be glad we didn't meet SAMPGH+++ MDR Pouty Gang during that phase LOL cos they would have been biatching us now not being uber nice HAYE HAYE that would be interesting though I think our comebacks would have annoyed the eff outta them but still I like them as friends better :P OH now that we are talking about our dirty little secrets remember this?

LMFAOOO OH man :| that brings back memories and also the fact that I hated you for making me ... I will leave it at that :P Sabko batane ki jaroorat nahi hai :D What can I say more? Well I love you! AND I LOVE that you don't like people who are UBER lovey dovey with you cos LMFAO I enjoy being all biatchy with you LOL and I know you enjoy it too! I know I always say this but seriously W T H are we still friends LOL Like KSG :P I can't handle people for more than 1-2 years LOL I purposely drift apart from them but you are an exception to that rule *You feel really proud right about now don't you?* LMFAO Well I hope you stay an exception because I think we have something good here :P And I would hate to ruin it for anything :D OH OH OH OH OH I mma take this opportunity TO THANK YOU for hearing me vent and ALWAYS managing to be pissed off with people who piss me off LMFAO I can always biatch to you and expect you to hear me out SO THANK YOU for that. Oh and also Inshallah when I come back we are so doing what we have planned I mma try to find something even when I am MIA ;) I am going to end this by saying HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART! Do well with your exams I know you will ROCK them ;) You are born to be a superstar! You are a very dedicated and goal oriented person and I am sure you will be BIG in the future. OH PLEASE save me some cake ;) I might drop by for cake on yo grad party since I am invited on FB :P LMFAO Muaaah Jaani!

God Bless You!
Sary <3

PS ONE DAY we will have that skydiving date ;) I am ready to go with ya :P

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d:1698862525 sub:001 dlvrd:000 submit date:1104111429 done date:7001010000 stat:ENROUTE err:194 text:Sary Khan to you and

^ Wondering what that is? Well in your FB thread ROFL everyone using their cell to reply posted that automatically :| It was like a virus ROFL so I decided chal post karlete hain why not :P


RABIES, one of the three musketeers, from the trio FATMINDER, DICK AND RABIES or as the rest of the population may name the trio TOM, DICK & HARRY. Yes people we are cool like that that's why we can pull of such ummm absurd *crosses out absurd* such "exquisite" names. Boy don't you wish you were one of us ;) LOLOLOL. Teehehe, RABSY Baby <3HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR RABIEEES, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU filled with KaJen, ChAir and all our other lovvves hehe HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! I am super duper glad that I was given the chance to become friends with you, you really are uber uber sweet <3 I shall never forget that MSN convo when our "trio" were founded hehe <3 And and anddd out mutual LOVE for ChAir when we spam one another's walls with VMs and fotos when we are supposed to be "studying." LOLOLOL. MUY DIVERTIDA than stupido deberes :| :| 

Pshh the amount of times I have confused you and Cabana I am surprised y'all haven't disowned me or thrown slippers at me teehehe. I just want to wish you A BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFULLL 18TH BIRTHDAY filled with all the happiness and prosperity the world can bring. May ALLAH (SWT) fulfil all your duas and give you a beautiful bright future ahead. 



Happy Birthday Rabieees! MUAHAHA Yes I did just call you that :) I heard it's your birthday? So this was our unlucky day :| :| JK LMFAO. OK So the first time I wrote your message it had so much sweet shit it's not even funny :S But then we got to know each other more and you turned out to be a kameeni -_- so I decided to rewrite it LOL :P SO Sahar always tells me how me and you are very similar and that's pretty cool 'cause who wouldn't wanna be like us? ;) LOL OH and you write amazing OS's, I love love love reading BBYL tehe! << OK that was a bit too sweet coming from my side -_- Other than that, you're a bit of a kameeni when you fight with me and Gia -_- But there's a small part of me that likes you. 0.0 I'm only being nice 'cause it's your birthday pshh! 

Anywhooo, I hope you have an amazing day and an awesome year ahead. May God bless you with all the happiness, love and success in life! <3

Mel xx


Happy Birthday Rabia!!!

wish u a very happy birthday...ur birthday is a special day!! Smile
Though we don't know each other much but having those few chats with u makes me ROFL Wink

May your all desires "tamanna" Tongue "Armaansss" TongueTongueWink get fulfilled on this birthday. May you get every happiness of this world. Keep Smiling & Keep ROFLing... ROFL

May God Bless You.
Have a rocking day n rocking year!!!
have a blast babe!!!
take care
loads of love

Divya Heart


Happyyy Birthday Rabia <3

You are an awesome friend,always there, so cheerful and talking to you always makes me immensely happy,you are an amazing friend and I hope we always stay friends like we are .We havent known each other for very long but all the times I have spoken to you,you have been immensely warm and very welcoming ! 
I hope this birthday is a special day for you and you get all you have wished for !! Wishing you all the love happiness and success ! 

You are an adorable and a very beautiful person I hope you always remain the same !
Have a blast and loads of fun and loads of cake and send some here too 

Loads of love 


Happy Birthday Rabia!!

Hope you have a greatt birthday and all your wishes and dreams come true. You're an amazing friend to have, and I hope we stay friends forever <3
Hope you have tons and tons of fun on your birthday! Enjoy this special day of yours..you're soo lucky to have your birthday on the same month as Jen's :)

Wishing you a very awesome happy birthday once again! Eat lots of cake and enjoy this day!!

Loads and loads of love


Rabiaaa Happpyyy Birthday Heart
Have a Hap Hap Happpyyy Birthdayyy Big smile
U are an immensly sweet person to talk to and i Love u Muaaah!
I love hw beautiful person u are.
Its always a pleasure talking to u on msn Smile
U are an amaazing Friend and I hope u remain like this always and i also hope we get tot talk more often!

I hope u have a Gr8 day on ur Bday and Njoy the day to its fullest.
Have loads of fun and Eat lots of cake :$
May all ur wishes be fulffilled and may God shower his blessings on u on this special day of urs!
May God Bless U!
Muaaah Love Ya Heart


Happy Birthday Raabu!
U know who? That's it I am done! Big smile
Ok FINE!!! I know it's ur b'day and I have to be mean to you'Oops! I mean NICE to you! 
So here'lets start with the usual'
Happy Birthday to you'
Happy Birthday to you'
Happy Birthday to my dearest Dandelion'
Happy Birthday to youuu

Itna kaafi hai? Nahin? Tujhe aur bhi kuch chahiye? Uff! Ok! Fine' 
Waise BTW'you notice something in this msg? about exactly an year back'my B'day msg to you was actually my sweeter! 
This is sounding like something you beautiful ma would say something to you' Haww! Things have changed over JUST ONE YEAR?
So, does this mean we are closer friends or closer frenemies? [:S] 

Acha chalo bohot natak ho gaya' 
Sachai Chhup Nahi Sakti Banawat Ke Ausolon Say,
Khushbo Aa Nahi Sakti Kahbi Kaghaz Ke Pholon Say..

Toh sachai ye hai ki I sort of kind of love you very very much my Dandelion! You are such an amazing person and I am not just saying that. I mean it with all my heart. I think in this past year I've come to know the side of you that I admire and respect a lot. I think you know what I am talking about Smile Your dedication and perseverance for what you want to achieve in life is not just commendable but also inspiring! I pray to Allah that you always get what you have dreamt of achieving and may your life be always full of happiness, success and everything that is beautiful about life! You are a beautiful person inside out and insha'Allah one day you will shine in the world like the brightest star in the sky Smile Be the Water! Big smile 

I just love our 'fabulous talks' be it over the phone or MSN'I love our morning txts and random txts during the day.. LOL and I wish it to stay like that for a long long time b/c I cherish your friendship a lot (I am just being nice b/c it's ur b'day, so no need to cap this line and rub it all on my face when we r on MSN Smile) So, before I get further ahead on good things...here is my small wish list for your birthday.

1. I wish that you get to go to you favorite uni, even it is for one semester. Smile 
2. I wish that one day you get to meet or at least talk to KSG Smile 
3. I wish that for next year you are not at all mean to me (I said it was MY WISH LIST'so deal with it) 
4. I wish that we shouldn't be Dory Sr. and Jr anymore so either God make me Jr. or you Sr. (Again'MY WISH LIST Big smile)
5. I wish that you keep on trying to get me to read a FF and keep failing at it ROFL 
6. I wish that you watch every CLASSIC HINDI MOVIE that you haven't. It might take years but please watch them before your kids watch them ROFL ROFL
7. I wish that you get to visit DC one day and we can go to Georgetown Cupcakes and gobble down every possible flavor they have Big smile
8. I wish soon you get to live life the way you want to and experience all the wonderful adventures life has to offer.
9. I wish that you always keep smiling and never have a single bad day (I know it's not practical but we can wish)
10. I wish for whatever you wish for in life. 

Here is something for your Birthday. I know you can't have it have it but that's why it's on the wish list'for now..picture se kaam chalao LOL
Here is a Chocolate Overload for you'.Happy Birthday! Heart 



Ok note' I am contemplating big time right now if I should erase this whole NICE post to you'b/c you just came online and called me a looser'.MEANSTER, I am gonna get you after your B'Day! Psht! 

Fine! I'll leave it as it is'Happy Birthday once again Dandelion Dory Jr. I love ya Big smile and I am extremely proud of you! 
Be happy Always and have a super duper fantabulously fantastical birthday and the whole year ahead! Heart Heart 
Oh! And all the best for your exams! I am sure you'll rock their pichwaad LOL Heart 

Lots of love,
Muaah! Muaah! 
Dory jee Heart (did I even have to say that?) 


Happpy Birthdayy Rabia!!

May all your dreams come true and this new year be perfect for youu! I hope it's your best birthday yet and God blesses you with lots of love, happiness & success in whatever you do. Unfortunately I dont get to talk to you much (stupid time difference pshh!) but what I have definitely noticed about you is what a sweet, fun and hard working girl you aree! You deserve lots of happiness! Heart If I'm not mistaken you're applying for college right now? Inshallah you will get into your first choice and all your dreams will come true!

Enjoy your dayy! Eat lots of cake & partyy hard!
Love always,
Preeti xxo


Happy Birthdayyy Chandu (sabka Bandu)

Hope you have an awesome birthday. Hope all your dreams & wishes come true but unfortunately I cannot present you with myself because I don't see you that way. Tu chandu hai...

This is the song which reminds me of you (alongside 'Chanda Chamke') so you're like a child to me <3 LOL, God Bless you with all the happiness in the world and I hope we get to talk more too (so how about you don't go MIA on msn and talk more << ).

Lots of Love,
Reema x


Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! < 33

I can't believe it. TU OFFICIALLY BUDDHI HOAGYI :O HAAAW! You're officially eighteen, baby! You're a legal adult ;) Now you can go and buy some lottery tickets, and scratch cards! LOL. I feel bad for you though, aaj apki eighteenth janaamdin par apko eggjam likhna par raha hai! That sucks balls. But it's okay, the aftermath of exams will be worth it! Party time, baby girl! :D

Well, we've known each other for a year now! Shit, that's a long time. But we've gotten really close over the past few months! Hehe. I love you lots, Hubbster! You've proven to be very useful waking me up in the morning on time for school, tehe, and waking me up from naps! You're a gem of a person, and I'm glad to have met you! You really are amazing. I LOVE our crazy convos, your hilarious emoties, and our insanely crazy text thread! I seriously am very happy to know you, tehe. You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bird, sing like a bird, fall out of bed, dizzy on a Sunday night! :P LMAO. You're cute. So uh, our talks ranging from Damon, to KaJen, to GG, and what not is always amusing! I love you for your craziness! You're one of a kind, baby girl ;) I hope you have an absolutely AMAZING 18th birthday! You're legal, baby! Now, you gotta drive me around and feed me :D Weee!

OH. DUDE. YOU NEED TO WRITE AN OS SINCE YOU'RE 18 NOW. I DEMAND ONE. It's the perfect day, man. After exams are done, we update! Tehe. Okay? Yesh! I like this idea. Me you and Sary! Wee. Oh, talking about Sary, I need to say it's all because of her we ever became friends :$ If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have ever met any of you, so partial credit goes to Mummy dearest ;) LOL. Ah man, you're an amazing person, seriously, I mean it. You're really funny, and you're always fun to talk to! And venting to you is also really comfortable because you're so kind about everything. Not only that, but everything about you is so amazing! You're so beautiful, mashAllah, and talking you to when I'm down makes me happies! You're sho shweet :$ Hehe. I love you!

I Hope you have a very amazing eighteenth birthday, and you enjoy it lots and lots! You may not have fun since it's your exam on this day, but nonetheless, later on it's all party time! Weee :D I hope Allah SWT grants you all that you desire, and wish, and that InshAllah you get into your choice of your University and you are successful in everything you choose to do! You're an amazing person, and I know you will be very happy with whatever you choose to do in the near future! I wish you the best of luck, and inshAllah on this birthday of yours, you get all that you wish for, and all your ambitions, aspirations and desires come true! I love you, baby girl! Happy 18th Birthday! 

Xoxoxo, Your one and only, Wifey !


Happy Happy Birthday Rabia! 

Many many happy returns of the day my TAURUS BUDDDYYY!! I pray and hope you get everything you wish for on this special day because you're a special girl and deserve nothing but the best. I'm so glad that due to DMG you visited KaJen and we started talking, and then one day you were in our MSN convos! Lol, although you are always studying/watching GG/ or doing homework while you're online, I LOVEEE it when all of us jam to random music, get high lol, watch movies together and countdown a bazillion times lol etc, etc! YOU are a gem! You're such a cheerful girl, so don't ever let stress or anything get you down! Anytime you need advice on anything, you know you can come to me! I love you loads and really hope the next few years of your life are the best ever since you're starting a new phase-college :D and InshaAllah it will be a breeze for you! BTW, TUJHE SHAME NAHI HOTA keh tu 18 years ki ho rahi hai and you haven't watched the CLASSIC HINDI MOVIES :) GO JUMP IN A WELL AFTER YOU'RE BIRTHDAY! We are gonna do mission impossible this summer and make you watch everything lol! MUAH, enjoy your birthday love! You only turn 18 ONCE :D

Lots of love, Anu


Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday dear tatti faceee ' HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Ewww so like this was the day you were born? Lmfao! I jokeee psshtt! I shall be nothing BUT nice in this message cause well teri birthday hai and I m thinking lets be a little mehrbaan on you and be nice cause aur koi toh tere see nice hoga hai nahi :D! JOKINGSSS KIDDOOO :$! Okay so I always thought you were this really quiet girl who never really talked much LMFAO! But like when I got to know you I realized :| tu kaafi baatoni hai rey :| I guess before we weren't so free with eachother so there was always that formal thingy between us! But I am glad that's gone out the window now! I love how we are 99.9% percent of the time MEAN and nasty with eachother but when it comes to like stressing over studies or other things the 0.01% comes out and we are magically super nice to eachother /0.0 we sure have a weird relationship kiddo and I am glad your not the super quiet little kid in the convos anymore :P not that you talk a lot now anyways but thora toh bol hi leti hai tuu tehe! And oh oh if it wasn't for textplus :| I would never know how much you talk seriously lmfao! And I know I know I m gonna regret this so bad later :'( ! but like I do love you kiddo! You're an amazing girl minus the times you're a big BIATCH to mee :D and minus your psycho suicidal ajeeb baatein like you :| there is nothing else really wrong with you! SEEE that's why I say you could have been PERFECT but too bad like all of us tere mein bhi kaami hai jee tehe ' okay sorry pssht I know I promised to be SWEET but kya karon addat see majboor hoon! But seriously I meant what I said! You're an amazing girl with so much going on in her life :| n I honestly don't know how you friggen do it cause I would have lost it if I was in your place! I know your procrastinate a lot but once you set a goal for yourself you do everything and anything possible to reach that (L) n that's what sometimes really inspires me tbh :P! okay enough tariff! I know you get everything that you have wished for! And I hope nothing but happiness comes your ways this birthday and year (L) and for THIS DAY atleast ! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR STUDIES!!!! Teri 18th birthday hai HAVE LOTS OF FUN!! PARTY HARDD! Go out with your friends and just have a BLAST! Oh oh and then when you come home sing our fav song (L) cause your birthday will be ADHURI without it tehe! Sooo make sure you end your day on that song tehe!!! Incase your lost and don't know what song I m talking cause sometimes YOU CAN BE A BIT SLOW :P I will give you a hint* RAJMA WALI * that's it I cant sayyy no more but I am sure you got the hints tehe! SO HAVE LOTS OF FUN! GO OUT DO WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE DOING! Because it is your day and you should just LET IT LOOSE for the dayyy kidddooo ;)! 

Muah happy birthday once again kiddo! Daddiyo is really proud of you and for all the things you have done in your life (L) and I know I might not say it enough but i do sometimes like / love you =) 

With lots of lovee 
Gia Khan A.K.A your daddiyo =)


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU RABIESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeez,its your birthday I should be nice to you hmph So let us have TAKE 2...
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU RABIAAA!!!! Heart That sounds better,isn't it? See,I can be really nice as well pshhh =)) Oiii Maaa..I must say I really love the banners for your birthday thread :| I wonder who made them? Such a genius she is 0.0 Seriously,such awesome & gorgeous banners,you must be loving them! Heart LMFAOOO I jokes! :P I ain't that cheap hmph
The very first identification that I got of your's was that of Sahar's Moon & I remember how I always used to confuse you up with the other Rabia! I actually used to ask the MDR gang to tell me which Rabia is which on Facebook since you both sounded alike to me :| LMFAOOO Oh & another identification of your's,ofcourse as RABIES :D I loveee how it was a typo made my Gia and how it took the form of a permanent nickname! LOLLL I always used to laugh like crazy people whenever Gia used to call you Rabies..I was like ROFLLL She calls her Rabies & she doesn't even mind until I actually started chatting with you in the convo.Then I realised how much you hated the name! haha! But seriously you should be happy that you have such unique nicknames Heart LOL :P
I haven't interacted with you as much as I've done with others but you do seem to be a sweetheart & a really fun person! :D I remember how Sahar used to tell me about her encounter and experiences with you,it was always so pleasant to read. <33
May god bless you with lotsa success & happiness in life.May this year be your best ever filled with love & joy.I hope all your dreams and wishes come true. But if you hope or wish to marry KSG ah,then forget it..tumse pehle hum sab line mein khadi hai :D Bhool ja! pssshhh :P May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love & May god bless you.Many Many Happy returns of the day Rabuuu :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Heart Heart
Oh & I hope you liked your birthday banners <33

Lots of Love,
Mehak Heart


So since I'm taking a sanity break from studying, I thought I would write a birthday message for you. If I start rambling about stuff that doesn't make sense forgive me, my mind is full of psychology and physics. Todays your special day Baby, and as JJ I hope that the universe gives you everything that you wish for, PLEASE wish for the right stuff ;) My mind is drawing a blank at the moment, I don't even think it's possible to write down every special moment I've had with you, because every moment I spend with you is special! Okay, I'm done being all cheesy and sappy to you for now! I can't believe that you're 18? Hailaa, my baby is growing up so fast, and she's graduating! Lalala you're all grown up now :D When you go out clubbing tonight make sure to not get too wild you party animal ;) Aha so hmm I guess I should start talking about getting to know you? Ehh yeah. I guess I should thank Sahar, for bringing you into our little group and convincing you that we're all sane people! Aha. I just remember my first interaction with you being over the fact that you're from the same state as me, and all you my buddy because of that..and now that I think of that..that was extremely lameee! Haha. But I think oddly enough me and you really hit it off after we both realized we're going through hell called IB together! I guess we have something to thank IB for (: I remember that the first day you texted me was on my birthday actually, and by then we were already calling each other JJ, and to be honest I don't remember how we went from being state buddies to being Baby & JJ. But I don't regret it at all, because you're honestly such an amazing person, who has great things destined for her. I'm looking at the first text you ever sent me and I have to say we were both kinda formal. The very first time you'd texted me you just told me it was your number, but your first real real real text to me was that Goodmorning text you sent me, which by the way I miss those! So after exams I better be getting them again (: Anyway, I'm going off topic like always, but my reply to you was so sweet, and that's a surprise because gradually as even you noticed my replies to you were more like 'I HATE MORNINGS' 'I don't wanna get out of bed' 'I'm so tired ):' You can tell that I'm definitely a morning person can't you? :P I love our relationship, because we're so crazy, yet we're both not ashamed to admit we're the biggest nerds when we need to be, well I guess since we're in IB that automatically makes us nerds but you know what I mean. Ahem, except I don't know where your common sense is? It's okay darling, my mom says that to me too about how she doesn't know how I got into IB sometimes haha. But you my darling, I don't know if it's the fact that you're around me, and all rational thought processes just stop for you when I am around because an insane amount of oxytocins(remember Psych is my first exam, I gotta keep reviewing :D) are being released into your bloodstream creating an overload of that 'love' feeling, but you tend to have one too many blonde moments around me! BUT my favorite one has to be the JCPenny one. I still don't get HOW you think I would prank you like that, and WHY you think it would have been such a good prank? AHA. You really thought that I was giving you my number, and saying that it was JCPenny? Couldn't you see your phone say 'calling MIRA' ! AND, the best part was your reaction, 'YOU PRANKED ME. THIS IS YOUR NUMBER. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME TODAY SOMEBODY HAS PRANKED ME (since it was April 1st), I CANT BELIEVE YOU PRANKED ME'. I was sooo confused for a second, I was like what the heck is she talking about I did not prank her? |: Then when you try calling again for me, and you fail to dial the right area code and some Dana girl picks up. Even while typing up this message, I can't help but laugh when I think about that moment, I think it is just one of those things that will never leave you! And you have to admit, even while reading this I bet your smiling and thinking GOD, I must have been high that day! LOLL. Haye, no matter what you say it will always be a favorite Baby JJ moment! The next most recent blonde moment of yours, well maybe not most recent you've had a couple more since then, I should have screen capped them for this message, that would have been so perfect! But when you texted me after my review session saying 'JJ I just felt like texting you Happy Birthday'. I literally sat there and was like erm it's definitely not my birthday, and it's not asli JJ's birthday either..what is she talking about? And I thought I was missing out on it until you texted me back saying after seeing my reply and saying you meant Happy Saturday! Which I don't know how you could possibly mix up the spelling of Saturday and Birthday but I'll believe you! :D I think I should just stop from embarrassing you any further, but you know I love you! I also love our texts, and our study sessions together where we decide to be nerds together, and most of the time end up failing, and still suffering on Sunday! I love our Baby & JJ movie nights, and most recently watching GG together for sanity breaks! I promise I shall catch up on TVD over the summer, since my cousin has also been getting on to me about catching up since I'd actually originally started watching with her, and then just stopped haha. Oh, and as for movies, we need to work on catching you up on all the classics because I have a feeling that you've missed out on a lot of great ones, more than you'd like to admit ;). I think KANK was our last one right? We haven't gotten a chance to watch anything else together since then even though we've planned so many times! I remember one time we were going to watch Meet the little Fockers together, and then my moms laptop pretty froze and got a virus or something and I was texting you freaking out about how she is going to get o mad at me! And at that time it wasn't funny, atleast not to me, but in hindsight..it was pretty funny the way I reacted! :P And actually I was wrong, Salaam Namaste was the last movie that we watched together again, and it was pretty darn amazing..but maybe I only feel that way because I'm watching with you, and you know how I feel about watching movies again with you :$. I also love our separate MSN convos, where we say the most random things to each other, but no matter what I like how me and you always have a window together..I've noticed that :P. ALSO, I can't remember how that habit started either? I think maybe initially we were just IMing each other separately for favors but then maybe it turned into a habit? Whatever the case, me likey (: just like me likey you! These last few weeks have been so stressful for both of us, but I also know that you're going to kick butt on those exams of yours, and after them you're gonna party hard because you're finally DONE, with everything, and for once in the summer you won't have ANYTHING to do! I'm so happy that you're finally getting to go to the University that you wanted too! You're a Hurricane Babyy! ;) I also promise that one day I will call you, and let you hear my beautiful *cough more like ugly* voice (: Since this message is getting extremely long, and you're gonna start floating in the air seeing all my 'love' for you, I think I'll just stop writing. But before I do, I just want to tell you that you're truly amazing, and beautiful, and smart, and you have great things destined for you! As clich' as it may seem, since it's you and I truly do believe in you I'll leave this quote with you that I KNOW you've heard before 'Shoot for the moon if you miss you'll still land amongst the stars'. Happy Birthday once again Baby! I already told you that you're getting your birthday gift later, once we're both done with exams and PARTYING! AND FINALLY BEING BUMS TOGETHER :D Even in this many words I wasn't able to summarize our journey together! Tehe (L)

Love Mira aka. JJ (L)

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soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 9:39pm | IP Logged

DID YOU JUST GET A MSG FROM JJ? LMFAO DUH you did LMFAO Don't ya feel special? tehe you should babe :D Cos you are VERYYY SPECIAL to us and KaJen :D



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soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 9:40pm | IP Logged

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awarapan. IF-Rockerz

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happy birthday.
So it's your birthday, you're officially some leagl adult freak whose eighteen! Eeks. I hope your crazy ass has an absolutely wonderful birthday regardless of the fact that you have two shitty ass exams today! Remember to sm:)e, and remember to have a positive attitude towards whatever craizness you decide to take on this crazy day! I hope that Allah SWT blesses you with all the happiness you deserve, and with a shit load of money soyou can drop out of school, and make chill at home! LOL. I'm kidding, I LOVE YOU. BIRTHDAY luck is with you, you'll do AH-MAZING on your eggjams today! HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, MOFOOO :D


SAHAR KHAN, you have done a TREMENDOUSLY FANTASTICLY AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFULLY OUTSTANDING job with this thread! It looks great! <33


OH ONE MORE THING. LOLOLOL. Within like 30 mins of this thread being created, although NOTHING was posted inside you had the following:

LMFAOOO. Your crazy behind managed to get 69 views, YOU GOT MORE THAN KSG DID WITHIN THAT SPAN, LOOOL.

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dua_44ever IF-Rockerz

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 Heart Happy Birthday Dandelion Heart


Uff Khuda ya! Tu 18 ki ho gayi? [:O] Already itni mean thi... 18th is gonna make u legal to become even meaner? Hayeee! Tongue Ok Ok... psht! I need to be nice to you again...at least till u r b'day and exams r over.. LOL

Well, hope you have a fantabulous day today and may you kick the 'pichwaad' of all ur exams, insha'Allah! Heart

I have said pretty much everything in my msg but I'll still say that I kinda sorta love you a lot baby! I pray that you are always happy in life and get everything that you want in life (everything that legit that is Wink ROFL) insha'Allah!

Have a good day...I know you have exams but thoda sa time take out to enjoy your b'day... if u r gonna have cake today ek piece meri taraf se kha lena Big smile

HeartHeart Muaaah HeartHeart

Love ya,
ur Doryji Wink  

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Mehak_Luvs_Rani IF-Stunnerz

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Happy Birthday Rabies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wishing you loads of luck,success & happiness in life.
Hope you have an amazing day babes <33
I was supposed to make your thread but then Sary ji came out of nowhere and spoilt everything -_-
I kid :P
You should feel special..Sahar came outta her MIA mode only for you << Psht hamaari aisi kismat kaha? :( :P
I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever Rabiaaa <33

P.S. Lovelyyy thread Saharrr <33

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..Mira.. IF-Rockerz

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Happy Birthday Baby! Ahh finally you're 18 :( You're going to have to wait for JJ to catch up to ya :$ So your cake looked extra yummy, so I hope you ate a piece on my behalf as well! Love youuu, and I really really hope that you get everything you ever wished for because if there's anybody that deserved it, it would be you! Now, wish for the right stuff, okay? ;) Muaaah! You're done with exams for this week :D

Btw Sahar,and Phatty the thread is beautiful!

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