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23 Feb 10/Epi 114 - Radhe's awakening!! (Page 2)

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Originally posted by Savitha0101

Originally posted by PreciousPri

Hello again ... here goes...

After so many got to read ur update preci dear Big smile  missed it so much Cry
I know its been looonggg ... but this annoying virus Angry... i missed writing them as well n waiting 4 ur comments Cry... forgive me 4 making u wait 4 so long Embarrassed
Rapid recapTongue... DV tells Amoli in his style he is ready to give up everything for Amoli... just tell him wot she wants... Amoli breaks his heart saying i wanna live wiv my vegetable... so DV decides to kill Radhe but Amoli stops him eventually taking the gun from DV n aiming at him...
Part 1...
Epi starts from tomorrow... Amoli pulls trigger n BAM!! some1 pushes the gun up n the bullet hits a light on the wall... n DV's saviour is none other than vegetable Big smile... n DV is shocked that he is saved n from the explosion n relieved as well... Amoli is shocked at radhe's interuption n Radhe is just plain shocked n angry ROFL... Radhe shouts wot r u doing Amoli?... r u in ur senses?? she replies now i have come to my senses radhe... which is y i want to kill him... he has been an irratating wound in my life so for long or he has been the thorn in my path 4 so long...  he has been destroying my honour n self respect... he has made my life hell... she moves to grab the gun again but Radhe stops her n she says dont stop me Radhe... its better that he dies... becoz until he is alive we can never live happily... he replies  but think of mom who loves Malik so much... she has done so many favours on us... should we repay her favours with such a lifelong pain?? no Amoli i cant see my mom as a widow... oh well DV u got saved coz ur wife by her son see  wot a lucky family u have Smile ROFL

Such a lucky man ROFL  still not satisfied with anything LOL
Yep so lucky yet he is being picky ROFL... satisfaction will only come when ... u know WinkROFL
DV meanwhile has been giving looks like he is weighing the situation n knows until Radhe is here Amoli wont do anything to DV n Urmi to is his shield... do catch his looks Clap... he then slowly advances towards Amoli wiv the same evil n disgusted face... n then BAM!!! slaps Amoli really hard... Ouch... Now his slap was justified i mean she was about to shoot him n how can thakur DV take that... but that was 1 heck of a hard slap which shows by Amoli's reactionOuch... bhairhal LOL... Radhe wants to react but just feels the pain of amoli but doesnt say anything... DV says rudely tum marogi? (u will kill me?) n adds grinning arrey main to kab ka mar chuka tum par (i have fallen fall u long ago)... then y this drama of aiming the gun at me?? anyway this drama was very entertaining... really i was laughing at u thats y i stayed quiet... liar liar dhoti on fire he was quiet coz he was scared as if oh-no-im-dead-meat-today ROFL... he contines but wot if u got carried away n shot me?? ...

Hayeee!!!! love the way he says this line yaar  omg!!! i was Day Dreaming...
Me to ... it was romantic in a sinister sort of way Day DreamingEvil Smile... esp the way he changes his tone of voice n expression in a split second when he adds the 2nd bit Clap
What a liar he is ...could find out easily how scared he was ROFL
I know ROFL... jhoot bole Amoli kaate ... Amoli se dariyo ROFLROFL
he smiles looking at Radhe his saviour Smile who looks down modestly LOLLOL... n says look at the game of fate... puts his hand on radhe's shoulder n adds u want to kill me n ur hubby wants to save me... but 1 thing is final today that as long as radhe is here i dont need any shield... be grateful that he didnt stand between u n i otherwise u would have had to bear the burden of ur hubby's murder life long... he keeping his hand on radhe's shoulder says circling him that radhe is a more loyal servant than a loyal husband... every word i say is God's word... he walks away a little saying on my 1 sign he can sell his own wife... she looks at DV disgustedly ... aww aint she cute LOLROFL... Amoli says fiercely this is the limit of ungratefulness!! ...devil DV stops in his tracks ROFL... as Amoli just gave a fitting reply ignoring his words 4 radhe which is gonna make him even more angry but who can stop Amoli?? ROFL...

She will never understand LOL
Abb koun samjaye usko Savi LOL... we both tried our level best ROFL 
she carries on...  instead of praising Radhe 4 saving ur life  devil DV continues... u should thank God that u have such a good destiny n that ur wife is Radhe's so called mom...  if that hadnt been the case then the situaion would have been different... DV getting angry n his BP is rising AngryROFL... thakur u will never understand Radhe's goodness... coz u only live 4 urself... only 4 urself... now this is DV so he is gonna make this his win rite? WinkLOL... he turns to face her n says God only knows how many misunderstandings u have... he comes to her n says radhe lives 4 me n can die 4 me... if today i point a gun at him n say u have to die he will happily

Should appreciate DV Wink
Absolutely Wink 
Part 2...
devil Dv continues Day DreamingEmbarrassedLOL ... see again ur faith lost... n the devilish BG score i like starts Evil Smile...  he says but its not ur fault... ur memory is weak... he walks ahead n says how can u forget that night where i had come to u in ur room for our suhaag raat (1st nite)... n ur hubby radhe was standing outside guarding the entrance... he turns around n says ... but u will say that he didnt know anything at that time... but now he knows everything... mere irado se achi terha se waqif bhi hai... phir bhi mujhe is baat ka yakeen hain wo mujhhe tumhare saath kuch bhi karne se rokega nahin (he is aware of my intentions perfectly but still i am definitely sure that he will not stop me doing anything with u).... ughh didnt i say this issue is still lingering in his mind Dead... but DV is hu-man after all Wink ... n Radhe's curls his hands into fists... hmm DV stop now... dont push ur luck...  i think thats enuf devilness 4 the day LOLROFLROFL... agar aaj iske nazroon ke samne main tumhara (if today i... in front of his eyes) ... Amoli gasps at the thought... tab bhi iski chehre ki rekha bhi nahin hilegi (even then he wont move a muscle ) .... Radhe looking as if he will erupt any second... n DV somehow not aware of this adds dekhna chahti ho? (do u wanna see?) sicko Dead...  

Oiii DV this is tooo much in front of Radhe.....Angry
Correct AngryDead DV that was the limit of sickness
So he smiles n says tell u wot y not see it... this way u will be able to test ur hubby's love... he looks at radhe saying today ur wife made a big mistake in pointing that gun at me... so now im gonna punish her 4 that... Amoli scared... radhe volcano... n DV grinning like anything again sicko Dead...

Stop it DV  volcano is going to erupt then u'll repent for that ROFL
ROFL Good advice dear but DV kaha kisi ki baat sunta hain LOL... n then we all know wot follows ROFL
Part 3...
Dv advances ... Radhe sweating all over n about 2 explode any time now. LOL... Amoli steps back n DV front... n u can see anger n ego in his eyes rather than lust ... like haha i have cornered u or i was rite kinda look... Amoli pertrified falls backonto a charpoy/khatya n Radhe remembers Amoli saying she is ashamed of him n how had he been wiv her DV would never have won etc... n BOOM!! Radhe finally realises wot he is doing n grabs the gun n whacks DV with it ... who is just a foot away from Amoli bent over her... n he falls back next to her onto the khatya... u no i would have thought he would fall in front coz of the force of the blow on his back ... in a way onto Amoli... but he falls sideways ConfusedROFL... i guess Amoli needed an escape route WinkLOL... he retors radhe wot r u doing?? have u gone mad?? Amoli taking this chance gets away n 1 more hit by radhe... DV manages to get up... but radhe hits him across the face while shouting something inaudible like Amoli is my wife n i wont bear this i think...  a few more n then BAM 1 last hit n DV is knocked out n sprawled on the ground ... this was coming how could any man see something like that let alone a hubby ...

That's why i said stop it DV see didn't listen to us and look poor DV Cry how badly he hitting him...yeah preci how can a hubby see this Angry
Exactly !! neither did he listen to me nor u Ouch... n then faced the consequences Cry... if radhe had stood there i would be fuming mad Angry 
AMoli is shocked n radhe is double shocked looking at the gun in his hands with trembling hands... i think he just realised wot he done carried away like DV used 2 ROFLThen DV's men come running in 2 witness all this n say radhe wot have u done?? u hit Malik ! u no i seriously think DV doesnt pay his men enough or pays them 4 dozing off ROFLROFL... their master is knocked out cold after shouting his lungs out n they come now? ROFL... neways b4 they get to radhe Amoli quickly grabs the gun from radhe n points it at them saying back off!! dont u dare come 4ward... she tells radhe to come with her behind her n moves 2wards the door...its funny isnt it she shielding her hubby who is just blanked out LOL... she then drops the gun n closes the door n locks it with a unconscious DV n his helpless men Ouch...

Yep it was quite funny wife shielding hubby hahahahahaROFL LOL
ROFLROFL i couldnt stop ROFL ... it looked ridiculous ROFL 
Cut 2 haveli... oh no haveli has changed OuchCry... DV's mom n Urmi talking n then a man comes n says bad news Radhe has attacked Malik m there is a deep wound on his head... Both woried n punit hears this n ask wot Radhe?? c even he finds it ridiculous n hard 2 believe ROFL... Urmi worried says 2 her MIL i have 2 go 2 DV n leaves with the man... but how did they come out ?? Confused
Cut 2 some random road... Amoli looking out onto the road i guess 4 a lift or something while radhe sitting on a stone recalls wot he did n starts banging his hand on the stone cursing himself im so bad how could i ?... Amoli stops him n ties an end of her saree onto his bleeding hand while he is muttering i hit the person who gave me a life ... how ungrateful ... well radhe u shoould have thought about that b4! Amoli reasons that no radhe u r not ungrateful .. u have paid more than the worth of Malik's favours... n about malik giving u a life well for that life u have saved his from my hands... ur not wrong but 2day u paid off any last debt left...
Part 4
She carries on u have given a lot to malik ... how much more?? she takes his hand n cries even harder ... he puts his other hand on her head saying Amoli!... she replies i cant believe u risked ur life n became Malik's enemy for me... missy we cant belive it either ... he wipes her tears n says i have made relations so i have to maintain them... n i have learnt this from u, really... when we took the last phera (round) we vowed to live 4 each other n fight against all problems in each others life... u have always done this Amoli n 2day i have... n "tu meri jaan hai" plays n Amoli looks at him as if she cant believe her ears... finally wot she wanted, a hubby who would love, support n fight 4 her, n she got that... he wipes her tears n she kisses his hand... n he also starts crying... dont ask y Confused happiness??... n both hug... their 1st proper embrace...

Atlast Wink
Took them long but atlast as u say Tongue
Cut 2 tedki... DV lying on the bed n Urmi by his side nursing his wounds... awww... he sits up n asks wot r u doing?? ROFLROFL..wot a silly question cant u c n feel wot she is doing?? i didnt expect such a silly ques from DV... maybe its coz of him being hit on the head ROFL... moving on she replies im applying ointment so that ur wounds heal... he gets up n says my wounds dont heal fast Urmila... now i want this wound n pain to remain n remind me of radhe's disloyalty... atleast until i dont kill him... Urmi's eyes widen... he adds ... he hit thakur DigVijay Singh... isse pehle ke mere khilaf utthi yeh chingaari aag ban jaye mujhe usse sabak sikhana hi hoga (b4 this spark against me becomes a fire i have to teach him a lesson)... i will make his life hell...

He was unconsicious na preci so this question to Urmi "what are u doing"? ROFL
Ya that seems like it ROFL...  
Urmi thinks about how 2 broach this sensitive topic ROFLROFL n comes 2 him n asks will u listen to me?? he looks at her questioningly... she says leave them two to live their life n he roars back Urmila!!! ... Urmi my dear its no use Dv's a gone case nothing will stop him now y waste ur energy D'oh oh well if u must... carry on urmi... DV 2day is Holi ... huh Confused it was just Durgashtami n now its Holi ?? wow... she adds they say in the pure aag (fire) of Holika all bad things n all bad thoughts burn to ashes... DV knows where this is all going  anger building up but he is waiting 4 the right moment ... ie when the director says so ROFL... ignore me even though its not possible LOL... maybe this pure fire will help u... OMG i cant stop ROFLROFL Urmi is so afraid she knows this is raising his BP n yet eyes lowered n cheekily she is saying it all n DV's BP .. well is now 180/180 ROFL...

Urmi why you do this darling stop it lady no use LOL
God (read CVs) only knows LOLLOL 
she says n ur illegitimate love will burn as well n u will 4get Amoli... he looks at her BP now 190/190LOL... DV Amoli did this 4 radhe... n radhe 4 the fisrt time fulfilled his duty as a husband... he stood against all my tests well...

this is too much LOL
i know n im enjoying it so much LOL 
Part 5...
They r not wrong they just did wot any hubby-wife should 4 each other... DV glares at her n she cautiously says from today a new journey of their life will begin n we also have got the chance to tie our relation 2gether... n DV's BP hits 200/200 ROFL n BAM!! he shouts enough!! enough Urmila... today in the aag of Holika not my love but radhe's disloyalty will burn along wiv his body... he will not see 2morrow's dawn...
He shouts 4 Dhani... n his men come running ... he orders to find both of them n bring them to him b4 they use the darkness to escape ... where is Dhani?? a guy replies oh he has already gone to look 4 them n has probably even found them by now... DV says ok then come with me n they leave ... Urmi nice try sweetheart ... but loved her afraid look the way she kept looking up at him n then down quickly not wanting to meet his eyesClap Clap

Must appreciate Urmi for her braveness Clap but everything went waste LOL
I so agree... that was brave knowing how Urmi never stood up 2 DV b4 Clap.. but wot 2 do ... DV aint gonna listen LOL
Cut 2 raod again... Amoli n Radhe walking hand in hand n radhe says we have left everything but where will we go n wot will we do?? we have nothing ... no relations no house n whose help will we take??... she looks at him n hug him  Confused again? is she compensating all these months Confused... she says as long as ur wiv me i dont need any1... even if i got the world wivout u it would have been nothing... that was sweet but a bit 2 cheesy LOL... now that i have u i can make my world again... radhe a wifes happiness lies with her husband n i have got that now... n VOILA!! jeeps from both sides of the road come towards them... they clutch each other looking at both sides n Epi ends...
Precap.. Dhani n his men get out ov the jeep n Radhe n amoli run to the side of the road at the start of the woods...
high point was Radhe bringing himself to hit DV... hence the title 4 this is Radhe's awakening

Very good title preci "Radhe's awakening" Thumbs Up
Thank ya hun EmbarrassedSmile
My comment
Well a very entertaining epi... couldnt stop laughing at points ROFL... DV as always was pure evil devil Evil Smile n his demo 2 radhe was gross Dead... but his dialogue delivery n expressions were awesome ClapStarClap... Amoli was also fab ... very realistic Clap... n Radhe n his awakening was too good him sweating n bringing himself to do something which no can imagine ... well done by Shresth Clap ... but the last bit was 2 cheesy... Urmi... she tried n i so love her 4 that SmileClap... but both Amoli n radhe ran away means more trouble 4 DV but he  will sort it out Smile

Excellent update dear as always even i couldn't stop laughing it was all ur side comments my dear Superb Clap ClapThumbs Up Star Star
thank u thank u sooo much 4 all ur kind words Big smileHug Heart
Enjoy Wink 

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No my dear no sorry preci please!!!!  Big smile 

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Originally posted by Savitha0101

No my dear no sorry preci please!!!!  Big smile 
oh i keep 4getting EmbarrassedLOL... will remember 4 next time Wink

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