Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

OS | ~Limits of the Heart~

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first attempt at doing a One Shot...a true one shot that is just a snap shot look into a time, place, or period in a character's life or characters' lives.  I did the best I could in developing the characters so you got an idea of what might have happened in their past. 

As some of you know I have one finished SS and a FF and SS currently still in progress.  I tend to be wordy so I'm trying something new by being brief LOL with a OS...and even this OS I think is a bit long Ouch

I got this idea one day and decided to go with it.  I don't think this OS will turn into a FF or SS but I may return with other One Shots based upon these characters and the situation I have written.  I may even do a Meet one but I will see how the responses is that for blackmail LOL Tongue

Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors.  This isn't the best piece of work...I still feel slightly unsatisfied with it Dead

No copyright infringement intended.  I do not own the characters but storylines are my own.

~Limits of the Heart~

Balraaj Maan sat in the arm chair in the living room with a cup of chai on his right, a plate of tea biscuits to his left, and the carrom board in front of him.  He lifted his light brown eyes to inspect the young man sitting on the opposite side of the carrom board.  His appearance had definitely changed since their meeting six months ago.  Gone was the oily medium length hair, dark skin, and dirty looking clothes.  His hair was now cut short, his facial hair well trimmed, and his skin a few degrees lighter.  He was still wearing his trademark plaid shirts, leaving the first two buttons unbuttoned, a style trait that Balraaj never understood but the shirts at least were new and had no stains. 


"Your turn Pops," the young man smirked his pearly whites shinning as he spoke.


Balraaj sighed that he was still slightly uncouth and referring to him in that manner.  His social etiquette was something his wife was trying to correct.  In fact she made it her mission to make him a proper gentleman; him and the rest of the boys that were living in their household.  If anyone would have told Balraaj the series of events that were going to happen to his family in the past six months he would have laughed in their face and called them crazy.  But he soon found that crazy was probably the nicest way to describe what had befallen them.  His home was invaded by a bunch of hoodlums, his family was threatened, his daughter's wedding was canceled, and the man responsible for it all, Prem Juneja, ended up marrying his only daughter.  Balraaj had spent the last five months hating him, one month finding out he wasn't as evil as he thought he was, and the past week coming to turns with the fact that his daughter was possibly falling in love with him.  Now here he was playing a game of carrom with his son-in-law's right hand man as if this was their normal daily routine.  Balraaj studied the board through his brown rimmed glasses figuring out the best tactical move to execute so he could win.  He heard a loud crunch and shifted his eyes up to see the roguish young man sitting in front of him chewing on a tea biscuit scattering the crumbles everywhere on the floor.


"Preet, use a plate," he ordered.


"Oh, sorry Pops," he replied giving an apologetic grin.


They both looked up towards the stairs when they heard some loud muffled voices.  They sighed at the same time knowing who it was.  They were at it again.  It wasn't uncommon for them to fight.  They had been fighting since the day they had met but things had changed since the court case.  The abhorrence towards each other had faded and they were slowly building a new type of relationship.  They had been bitter enemies in the beginning, however somewhere along the way as truths were revealed they started to respect one another.  The respect soon grew into a friendship and now that friendship was tittering on the edge of developing into something more.  The majority of their recent fights had been petty as they were still adjusting to their marriage; something that neither one of them had wanted in the beginning.  It had only happened because of the circumstances.  It was clear to everyone that it was only a matter of time before someone confessed what they were hiding in their heart.


Balraaj and Preet quickly looked down at the carrom board pretending to be so engrossed with the game that they had no idea what was going on upstairs as they heard a door open and the voices growing louder.  They had learned to stay clear of the couple when they were fighting as it did more harm to them when they got involved.  Taking sides was disastrous to your physical and mental health.


"That's it I'm leaving!  I can't take anymore of this!"


"Fine by me!" Prem shouted as he watched his wife carry her suitcase down the stairs.  Her silky black hair danced to and fro as she maneuvered her way down the steps.  He smirked as he watched her slender form struggle with her suitcase.  "Having trouble there?  You pack too much stuff didn't you?"


"Shut up!" Heer gritted as she turned her head and narrowed her almond shape eyes into glaring slits towards her husband.  He was standing at the top of the stairs smiling; his handsome features producing an air of arrogance around him.  She really wanted to march back up the stairs and smack the grin off his face.  She despised it when he used that knowing smirk.  It was making her blood boil and he knew it.  She often wondered why he loved to torment her so by doing things that he knew drove her crazy. 


"I should be a gentleman and get the door for you.  But oh wait...according to you I don't do anything.  So why should I even bother with this...I'll just continue doing nothing," Prem sarcastically said his brown eyes dancing with disdain.


"I don't need your help...thank you very much...I can do it on my own," Heer huffed as she turned back around and finished taking the last steps of the staircase.


"That's right cause you do everything...I'm just worthless...I'm only on this earth to serve you," Prem replied.  "Everything is about"


"You're such an idiot!  I don't care far as I'm concern you can go jump off a bridge!" Heer shouted.


"Maybe I'll do that...that way I don't have to hear you whine anymore," Prem answered.


"You jerk!  I'm not talking to you anymore!" Heer yelled.  "I'm leaving!"


"Don't let the door hit you on the way out!" Prem replied




"Fine! Go!" Prem exclaimed as he watched Heer make her way to the front door.


"I'm going!" Heer shouted as she opened the door and turned around to face her family members. 


Teji Maan who had been taking a nap wandered her way into the living room from the first floor master bedroom wondering what had suddenly caused all the commotion.  She leaned on her crutches and looked at her husband and Preet who were secretly watching the shouting match while they pretended to play carrom.  She sighed at the sight of her daughter carrying a suitcase and her son-in-law standing at the top of the stairs with an indifferent expression on his face. 


"Leave already!" Prem requested.


"Fine!" Heer shouted back at him and then walked out the door.


"Fine!" Prem bellowed.


Everyone was surprised when Heer stuck her head back into the house and yelled "Fine!" again as if she was trying to get the last word in before she left.


"Fine!" Prem childishly replied back.








Balraaj groaned that two grown twenty-six year olds were acting so immaturely.  Eventually Heer just slammed the front door shut causing Prem to march into their bedroom and slam the door.  "I thought they were getting along a lot better...what happened?"  Balraaj turned his head and saw his wife standing there with a concern look on her face.  "Who knows?  It isn't like it's been the first time they fought."


"Regardless...Heer is married to Prem and he is the son-in-law of this house now.  We can't have them fighting all the time like that," Teji said eyeing her husband with disapproval for his casual and almost uncaring remark causing him to lower his head.  "I know you aren't so thrilled but they are husband and wife and should start acting more like it."


"Where are you going?" Balraaj inquired as he watched his wife hobble with her crutches turning herself around.


"To the kitchen of course...someone has to cook dinner," Teji replied.


Balraaj frowned at the state of things and shifted his eyes towards Preet who was busy eating another tea biscuit.  Preet's eyes widen knowing what he was about to ask.  "No way Pops," he protested as he shook his head.


"Only you can go talk to him.  He won't talk to me about this," Balraaj explained.  "I have to go into the kitchen and help my wife cook dinner.  If you don't go and talk to him and convince him to go and bring back Heer than you and the boys are back to eating cold cereal in the morning...I'm no chef and I'm not about to let my wife who has a hurt ankle go and cook for all you fools.  Understand?"


Preet watched with dejected eyes as Balraaj got up and left him alone sitting in the living room.  "This is so unfair," he muttered as he got up and walked up the stairs.  He took a few deep breaths trying to prepare himself for what he was about to face.  He gently knocked against the thick wooden door.  "Boss?"  He waited a few minutes straining his ears to hear if there was an objection for him to come in.  "Boss?" Preet repeated as he opened the door and poked his head into the room.


Prem was pacing back and forth in front of the bed muttering to himself.  "Who does she thinks she is?  I'll show her...I don't need her...nope...not at all...she's going to come back here...yup, no way she can stay away from way.  I shouldn't even bother thinking about her at all.  In fact I really shouldn't care if she comes back or not.  I'll be fine without her.  One less thing to deal with...I've already got enough on my plate with school and work."


"Boss, everything okay?" Preet cautiously asked.  Prem stopped his pacing and just looked at him.  He swallowed hard not knowing how to take this reaction.  "Didn't mean to bother you Boss...just um, you didn't answer the door when I knocked."


Prem exhaled loudly and replied, "Don't get married Preet.  Run as fast as you can if someone ever suggests it, okay?"


"Sure Boss," Preet replied nodding his head.


"Your Bhabhi drives me insane.  I can't understand her...just when I think I've figured her out she does something that completely baffles me.  It's like getting blindsided by a punch.  She asks tricky questions too...when I give her the straight forward answer she's not happy and starts making me feel guilty...I can't read her mind...if she wanted me to lie to her in the first place then she should have said so in the would make both of our lives easy," Prem sighed.  "But you know I don't have to worry about that now.  She's gone..."


"Bhabhi isn't coming back?" Preet asked playing his question as innocently as he could.


"Didn't you hear her downstairs?  She's had it with me," Prem replied.


"But she'll be back right?  I mean she was just saying that cause she was angry, right?  How many days do you think she'll be gone?"


"I don't know," Prem answered.


"You think she'll ask for a divorce?"


Prem looked at Preet surprised by his words.  The thought had never crossed his mind that she would do something like that.  Sure she was upset at him and he was feeling the same way but divorce never popped into their shouting match.  A dismal expression began to appear on his face as his mind gently pondered that thought. 


"I'm going to miss Bhabhi's parathas...her chicken curry...her rasgullas...her omelets...her soups...the way she irons the shirts," Preet sighed.  He could see the color in Prem's face starting to fade a little.  "So, if you and Bhabhi divorce...we'll have to find a new place to live.  Are we going back to the warehouse?"


"Preet, don't worry about that.  Bhabhi will come home when she's ready," Prem snapped.


"Um, okay...whatever you say Boss," Preet replied trying to hide the smirk forming on his lips.  He knew he had gotten him to start thinking about the possibilities and he could see it in his eyes that he was fighting with himself on whether or not he should go and chase after Heer and bring her back home.  "Well, I'm going to the kitchen to help Badi Ma.  Pops is pretty upset and said that we're back to eating cold cereal again in the morning."


Prem made no acknowledgment as Preet left the room.  He simply sat down on the bed and cupped his hands in front of him resting his face against them.  He looked around him and saw how empty the room seemed to really be.  The closet door was wide open with half the clothes that he was use to seeing every morning gone.  There were a few scattered articles laying on the floor and a trail of white hangers moving from the closet to the dresser.  The dresser had its drawers pulled open with clothes sticking out because of the rush that Heer was in to throw her things into the suitcase.  Prem shook his head trying to erase the thoughts in his mind.  "No, I'm not going to cave first.  I did nothing wrong.  I asked her to do one thing and she completely flipped out on me.  No...she's going to come back here on her own...that's it...that's more thinking about this."


Preet made his way into the kitchen and saw one of his fellow associates sitting at the kitchen table cleaning string beans.  Teji was chopping some vegetables while Balraaj was standing in front of the stove stirring something.  "Well, I did what I could," Preet announced as he walked towards the sink to wash his hands so he could help.  "Should I peel the potatoes Badi Ma?"


"Yes, Preet that would be good," Teji replied.  "What were they fighting about?"


"I didn't get into that.  He was still very agitated.  But I was able to make him start thinking about all the things he'll be missing now that Bhabhi is gone.  And what would happen if she asked for a divorce," he explained.


"DIVORCE?!" Preet jumped back a little at the force of their words.


"Why did you mention something like that?  He's so hot headed he'd probably go and ask her for one instead," Balraaj berated.  "Are you going to be responsible for my daughter being marked as a divorcee?  How is she going to get married again?"


"What is with you and all this'are you going to be responsible?  This is the same reason why PB married her in the first place because her stupid fiancee chickened out at the last minute when he found out we were attending the wedding," Preet argued.  "PB took responsibility and married her and he's been nothing but accommodating."


"Accommodating?!" Balraaj shouted.  "You're the ones who took over our house.  When are you going to move out?  He's supposed to be providing for my daughter...not sitting in this house playing around."


Preet was about to respond when Teji raised her hand silencing both of them.  "That's enough.  Prem is doing his part.  He just got a job and he's going back to school...finishing his education like he was supposed to.  It was unfortunate what happened to him in the first place but he's trying to make it right."  She then sighed as she continued, "I wished I hadn't hurt my ankle.  Heer wouldn't never had to take off from work and do all these household chores...she must be really stressed and tired.  No wonder they had a fight tonight."


"Well, if some people would help out instead of stuffing themselves with food all day long," Balraaj replied giving an indirect look at Preet.


"Hey, I'm helping," Preet defended holding up his half peeled potato.  "And Harman is helping too...he's cleaning the string beans."


"I told the guys out back to start cleaning up the outhouse we've been staying in," Harman said.  "I overheard Bhaiya and Bhabhi's argument when I was upstairs taking down the curtains like Bhabhi wanted me to do.  She said she was going to clean them.  I didn't get all the details but..."


"Um, I'm going for a drive," Prem announced as he walked into the kitchen holding his black jacket.  Everyone in the room remained silent wondering if he had overheard their conversation.  Prem eyed them thinking how peculiar they were being.  "I'll um, try to be back for dinner."  The group simply nodded their heads not saying a word.  Prem furrowed his eyebrows giving them a perplexed look and then turned around and exited the kitchen.  The minute the group heard the front door close they broke out into knowing grins.


"He's going to go look for Bhabhi.  What do you think about my work Pops?" Preet exclaimed.


"First, he has to find her.  Where did she go?" Balraaj asked.  Preet's smile faded as he scratched the back of his head.  Balraaj just sighed, "You don't know do you?  How is he going to find her?  Even I don't know where she stormed off to."


Prem sat in his car waiting for the light to change.  He shifted his eyes to his left and saw a man and a woman fighting on the sidewalk.  The woman was about to walk away when the man grabbed her arm pulling her back.  He fell to his knees begging for forgiveness.  The girl eventually forgave him and hugged him.  The scene triggered a memory to flash in Prem's mind.  It was the time when he was begging for Heer's forgiveness for wronging her family five years ago.  He had trashed their house for refusing to pay protection money to his uncle.  Prem recalled how he was on his knees for hours on the front lawn refusing to get up until she forgave him for his past transgressions.  Eventually he fainted from exhaustion and when he awoke she was there by his bedside nursing him.  He was so surprised by her actions to which she simply replied that she was his wife and despite how she felt about what he had done five years ago she had to take care of him.  He tired crawling out of the bed to kneel down on the floor but ended up collapsing into Heer's arms.  It was the first time they had ever touched each other so intimately.  He remembered the way her soft hair had smelt, a sweet lavender.  Heer berated him for acting so foolishly and told him she would only forgive him if he'd stop doing stupid things like this.  Prem looked away from the couple trying to focus on something else as he felt an odd sensation creep into the pit of his stomach.  "Must be hungry," he muttered. 


He glanced to his side and noticed a couple sitting on a scooter.  The girl had her arm around her boyfriend's waist as she rested her head on his back.  Prem's mind instantly drifted back to a memory of when he and Heer were on a scooter driving around the countryside.  They had woken up really early in the morning to go to a nearby village to follow a lead for his court case and visit a temple.  Heer had fallen asleep on the ride.  He remembered the feeling of her arms wrapped around his waist and the way her head rested on his back.  When they had gotten to their destination he just sat there for a few minutes allowing her to sleep because he didn't have the heart to wake her.  It was the first time they were both working on a common goal.  They were trying to clear his name and absolve the murder charges that had been brought up against him.


Prem grumbled wondering why everything around him was reminding him about Heer.  He had decided to take a drive to clear his mind; sitting up in their bedroom had been driving him crazy because there were so many memories haunting him there.  He hated how he felt.  He couldn't understand why he couldn't get her out of his mind.  Unfortunately, the drive seemed to be doing very little to stop him from thinking about his wife.  Prem turned the radio on hoping it could extinguish the burn he was feeling in his heart but it did little to ease his heart, mind, or soul.  The more he tried to push his memories away the more forceful they became as he drove aimless around the city.   (Click on the Link to listen to the song  

I know we haven't been getting along, along at all

I don't think it's time

You and I could give in and just call, call it off

I don't want to say goodbye


Before Prem knew what he was doing he was heading out of the city driving towards the Maan family summer house out in the countryside.  He didn't know why but he suddenly felt this longing in his heart and he just needed to go there.  He started to think about what Preet had said to him and he felt his chest tighten uncomfortably, "Does she want a divorce?  What if she asks for one?  I know we haven't been getting along very least in the beginning but things have gotten better.  Do I want a divorce?" Prem questioned himself out loud.  A barrage of Heer's images flashed before his eyes; smiling, laughing, and playfully teasing.  His eyes grew bright as he recalled the recent memories of their growing intimacy.  The first time they held each other's hand, their first genuine hug, and their first kiss.  Prem shook his head, "No, I'm not going anywhere.  I'd miss her too much.  I can't let her go because for her...because I've...I've fallen in love with her."  His eyes widen as he realized for the first time he had finally admitted to himself that he was in love with his wife.  "I'm in love with her."      


'Cause just when I think we're through

The memories come flooding back

It's like instantly, I love you like that

I was on fire for you

We can get it back

If you don't say it's the end, the end


As Prem pulled the black Honda Accord into the driveway of the summer house he was surprised to see a red Honda Civic parked out front.  "She's here..." he uttered in disbelief.  He glanced at the house and saw that the living room and kitchen lights had been turned on.  He parked the car and sat there stunned for a few minutes not knowing what he should do.  "I have to tell her," Prem finally said as he got out of the car.  He marched his way up to the front steps and was about to ring the door bell when he paused and lowered his hand.  "How am I going to tell her?" He nervously muttered as he ran his hand through his hair.  "Is she even going to listen to me?  No, I have to tell her regardless how she reacts.  But what if she tells me she doesn't feel the same way?  What am I going to do then?  Should I ask for a divorce?"  Prem rubbed his hands down his face.  "Why is this so hard?!"   


So don't turn off the lights now, lights now, lights now

 'Cause in a minute we'll be feeling like never before

We'll light up the night now, night now, right now

I'll be whatever you need and more

So don't turn off the lights now

Don't turn off the lights now


Heer busily hung her clothes in the closet and placed her things in the dresser drawers.  She was trying to keep her mind off the fight she had with Prem.  When she arrived at the summer house the first thing she did was remove the white sheets draped over the furniture and swept the living room and kitchen floors.  There was still a lot of work left to do before things were presentable but she knew she would have plenty of time for that later.  She forced herself to go upstairs and clean out her room.  It felt like for the past week all she had been doing was cooking and cleaning.  Heer realized how much she had taken her mother for granted and wondered if maybe she should hire some extra help now that they had a bunch of freeloaders in their household.  The chores seemed to have tripled in size since Prem and his gang parked themselves at the Maan residence.


As she continued putting her things away her mind drifted back to the fight that had led her to seek shelter at the summer house.  She couldn't believe the nerve of some of the things Prem had said to her.  He was so thoughtless sometimes and he really knew how to push her buttons in the wrong way.  "I feel like strangling him sometimes!  I can't believe he think he's the only one and cleaning is tough too!  What a male chauvinist thing to say...'all you do is stay at home and cook and clean'...all he does is sit in classes and listens to his professors talk...and then he goes to work...he gets to run around in the fresh air while he's training at the police academy...I have to stay indoors all day!  Ufff...he makes me so mad..." Heer muttered out loud.  "I can't believe he was ordering me around telling me to draw him a bath.  I'm not his slave...he could have done it himself...just because I'm married to him and am legally his wife...doesn't mean I'm his personal servant.  And then he had the nerve to say he didn't care if I left because it would mean he would have the whole bed to himself.  He could sprawl out on it for once instead of huddling in the corner.  And if anyone was going to apologize first in this fight it would be me.  No way...never...I'm not going to apologize to him.  He's going to apologize to me first!  We'll see how long it takes Mr. Prem Juneja.  Just you wait..." There was a tight pain radiating from her hands and she looked down to see that she was twisting a t-shirt tightly in her hands.  She relaxed her grip and her knuckles that had turned white slowly came back to their normal color.  She sighed deeply and tried not to think about their fight any more.  

I'mma give you a minute to clear, clear, clear your head

Take the rest of the night, yeah~

You're gonna see that it's empty without me in your bed

Baby, you'll change your mind


Eventually, Heer finished her unpacking and started to make the bed.  She was going around the bed tucking in the sheets when she tripped over a pair of her shoes laying on the floor close to one of the bed posts.  She was able to steady herself and not fall but the action triggered a memory.  She had been making the bed one afternoon and had tripped over a pair of Prem's shoes that he had carelessly left near the bed post.  She recalled how she fell forward and landed into the arms of her husband.  She was upset that he had left his shoes there instead of properly putting them away but couldn't say anything when she lifted her head and saw Prem's face inches away from hers.  There was a moment of awkward silence between them as they looked into each other's eyes.  She remembered how her heart was beating crazily in her chest like it was about to burst.  She didn't understand why she was suddenly feeling that way about him especially since she used to look at him with such scorn.  Prem didn't say anything and slowly let her go to help her finish making the bed.  While they were completing the task she kept passing glances towards him wondering what he was thinking.  Prem started smirking as he had seen her looking at him.  He started to tease her about it and somehow the subject of kissing got involved.  The next thing she knew she was taunting him saying he didn't have the guts to try.  And just like that Prem grabbed her and placed his lips upon her lips in their first kiss.  She was too shock to even comprehend what had happened as her eyes went wide but ever so slowly they closed as her lips loosened to his pressure.  Prem pulled away to breath before he tried it again but this time gentler.  The second time was more natural as they were both expecting it.  It was a sweet but brief kiss as Preet ended up knocking on their bedroom door making them break apart.  They could barely look at each other as their cheeks had turned a bright shade of pink.  They knew a moment had passed between them and it was hard to say when one would ever develop between them again.


Heer blinked out of her reverie when she heard the door bell ring.  She was surprised to hear it go off as she hadn't told her parents where she was going.  She cautiously went down stairs to inspect who was at the door.  When she looked through the peep hole her eyes widen at seeing her husband standing outside on the porch.  "What is he doing here?" she uttered.  Heer didn't know what to do.  Her hand reached out to turn the knob but then stopped midway as her mind told her she shouldn't let him in.  She was supposed to be angry at him.  Her face hardened as she recalled the careless words he had said to her during their fight.  The doorbell rang again and there was a heavy knock on the door.  "Heer, if you're there...please...let me in...I-I wanna talk...please..."  Her face softened at the way Prem's voice sounded on the other side of the door.  There was a slight hint of pleading and request for forgiveness.  Was it possible he was there to apologize?  She felt a tug in her heart and her hand grip the door knob and turned.


'Cause just when I think we're through

The memories come flooding back

And instantly, you love me like that

I still got this fire for you

We can get it back again

If you don't say it's the end, the end


Prem's mind went blank the minute his eyes laid on his wife.  Her feminine stature was mesmerizing him at that moment and he was at a loss for words.  Her hair was tied up into a ponytail and she was wearing an orange tank top and black athletic shorts.  He knew from her attire she was getting ready to do some heavy cleaning.  "Cleaning again?" he stupidly asked.  His body tensed in alarm when he realized that was probably not the best thing to say after the fight they had.  He saw a shadow form over his wife's face and her eyes turning cloudy.  Her lips pursed indicating she was not happy.  Heer didn't say anything and tried closing the door on him.  Prem kept the door from slamming in his face by placing his palm out and bracing it with the full weight of his body.


"Just go away," Heer replied.


"No," Prem simply stated as he walked into the house causing her to walk backwards.  He closed and locked the door behind him letting her know he wasn't going anywhere.  "I'm sorry."


"For what?" she asked as she turned around in an attempt to walk away from him.  She felt a tightness form around her arm and the feeling of being drawn backwards.  Her breath caught in her chest as she heard Prem's breathing in her ear.  "I'm sorry for everything."


"Sorry?  You think just saying sorry to me is going to resolve everything?  You never listen to what I opinions don't mean a thing to what more is there to talk about?" Heer ranted as she turned around to face him.  She knew he had said sorry to her and that should have been enough especially knowing how prideful he was.  Having him apologize like this so soon was a feat in itself.  But for whatever reason Heer couldn't stop herself from saying those things to him.  She had been truly hurt by his words and actions during their fight.


"That's not true," Prem defended.


"That is true.  Whenever I offer some advice or simply state an opinion I'm always wrong.  You only listen to want you want to hear and then tune everything else out.  I'm just your whiny wife that whines all the time and bugs you to do this and that..." Heer said.  She then paused in a reflective moment, " know doesn't matter...forget it...I'm just tired of all of this...I'm tired of fighting with you all the time..."


Prem's eyes flexed with extreme concern afraid of what she was going to say next.  He shook his head and quickly interjected before she could continue, "No, it does matter.  What you say does matter...I know I haven't been very good at this...and I've treated you poorly...because I can't control my big mouth.  I'm sorry...really sorry, Heer.  I'm not use to all of this...what I'm feels like I'm going to burst any hands get all stomach chest aches...I don't know what's wrong with me...well, I mean I's like I'm sick...because it's you..." his eyes widen as he paused realizing his words didn't come out right, "no, that's not what I"


"Gee, thanks so I make you nauseous?" Heer inquired.


 "No, that's not what I meant," Prem panicked.


"You just told me I made you feel sick," Heer replied.


"Look, just forget that...forget everything I just said...except for the part that I'm sorry because I am.  I-I want to work on us."


"Us?" Heer asked raising her eyebrows.


Prem looked at her not sure how she was taking this new revelation he just revealed.  "You don't want a us?" he innocently asked.  Heer stood there speechless to what he just asked.  Was he being serious?  Or was this some strange teasing he was setting her up for?  Prem shifted his eyes to the side and continued, " don't want that...I-I can understand...I haven't been a very good husband to you.  I'm sorry.  You should be happy and...if-if I can't give you that...then you know..." he raised his eyes towards her and forced a cheery disposition, "But, don't worry...I'll talk to, your Dad.  I'll make sure you get someone who'll take better care of you then I did...who won't fight with you...who's a better listener...who's really educated...who doesn't have a troubled past like me...who's a better person than me.  You deserve that much cause you're a great girl...and hey, your Dad will be super happy.  He's finally gotten rid of 'the good for nothing' son-in-law and Preet and everyone else will move out of the house...and things will go back to the way they were before the whole mess'll be free from me..."


Heer stared at him as he continued to talk about people they had met during the court case that they knew were single.  He was pushing the lawyers and even their friend Raj, the police officer who had helped Prem get into the police academy as part of a special investigation unit to stop racketeering gangs.  She placed her hand over his mouth to stop his babbling and simply said, "Shut up Prem, that is the stupidest idea you've ever had."


His forehead creased unsure how to take the comment.  Did she think his choice of suitors for her were wrong or was she not ready to end their marriage?  "Heer?" he softly uttered.


"Tell me what you really want," she asked.  She couldn't believe that she was asking him like this.  She was betting everything on those few moments they had shared together; the times when it was clear to both of them that a spark had occurred between them.  She was laying her heart on the line hoping he wasn't going to break it.


Prem swallowed nervously and slowly responded as he looked into her beautifully shaped almond eyes.  "The truth is after you left I couldn't stop thinking about you.  And after thinking about our fight...I was wrong.  I shouldn't have said those things to you.  I was tired and I don't know what I was thinking...I was being stupid...and I know that shouldn't be an excuse...and I'm not making it one..." lowering his head, "I'm sorry.  I know it hasn't been easy.  I haven't made things easy for you.  But please just give me this chance...I'll get better I promise.  I want to give us a chance.  I'm not ready to say goodbye.  I don't think I could say goodbye...because I'd miss you too much...because I love you."  Prem was slightly relieved that he had finally gotten his feelings out but now that he had he had to wait for her reply.  He felt his chest tightened unnervingly as he waited for her response.


Heer stood there stunned at hearing him say those words to her.  He had opened himself up and exposed his true feelings to her.  It felt almost surreal and any minute she'd awake to find it was just her imagination.  But the look in his eyes made her realize this wasn't a dream.  She could see the anticipation and the fear in his eyes that she was going to turn him down.  "I don't want to say goodbye either Prem."  And before she could say anything else she was pulled into a tight embrace.  Prem closed his eyes thankful she hadn't rejected him.  He breathed deeply taking in the lavender scent of her hair.  Heer slowly moved her hands upward and placed her hands on his back hugging him to her.  The feeling of his muscular arms wrapped snuggly around her was making her feel faint but she didn't want him to let her go.  "I love you too," Heer softly whispered into his ear.


Prem slightly pulled back so he could face her and gaze intently into her hazel eyes.  Heer nodded her head in confirmation that he had heard her properly.  She then saw his brown eyes light up in extreme happiness causing her to break out into a smile.  Prem grinned and then hesitantly inched his face closer testing to see if she would allow him to kiss her.  Heer closed her eyes singling to him she was fine with it.  They could feel an undeniable spark pass between them as their lips finally met in a tender kiss.

So don't turn off the lights now, lights now, lights now

'Cause in a minute we'll be feeling like never before

We'll light up the night now, night now, right now

I'll be whatever you need and more

So don't turn off the lights now

Don't turn off the lights now


When the kiss naturally broke Prem rubbed his nose against Heer's nose breathing gently.  He felt her hand caress his cheek causing him to mold his face into it enjoying the feel of her touch.  Heer was amazed at his reaction.  In fact she was amazed at everything that was happening to them now.  She lifted her eyes and locked gazes with Prem again.  They slowly moved towards each other closing the distance as they entered into another kiss.  This one was more passionate then the last one.  Heer gripped the nape of Prem's neck, her fingers curling into his strong black hair, as he deepened the kiss.  She never thought she could feel so free being in her husband's arms in this manner.  With each kiss they took there was an unknown franticness in their actions.  They were clinging to each other as if their life depended on it.  There was something the other one gave that the other one needed.  It was clear to both of them that something had unlocked between them and a smoldering fire was growing.  


Prem breathed breathlessly as he leaned his forehead against Heer's to catch his breath.  His heart was pounding hard inside his chest and he wondered if she could hear it.  He knew where this could lead but he didn't know if that was something she was prepared to do.  A lot had happened in only a few short hours; they had a huge fight, made up, finally confessed their feelings for one another, and were now having a fiery make out session.  He didn't want to rush into anything because they were too caught up in the moment.  However, if his wife was willing then he wasn't going to deny her anything.  They were legally married and this was a right that they both could take from each other.  


Heer looked into Prem's eyes and she could see this burning desire that she had never seen before.  She couldn't believe the intense passion was for her.  Prem was trying to hide it by shifting his eyes away but every time their eyes met it would flare uncontrollably.  Heer wondered if getting physical now was such a good idea but she reasoned all the barriers that had been between them where gone.  Neither one of them were willing to give up on the relationship because they were both in love with each other.  If now wasn't the perfect time then when would it be?  Heer leaned in letting her nose brush down the side of Prem's nose and then slowly but sensually kissed him.  When she pulled away and lifted her eyelids open she could see his eyes were still closed as his mouth was still lingering in the moment.  Heer then took Prem's hand into hers causing him to open his eyes in surprise as she started walking towards the stairs letting him know she was willing to move their relationship to the next level.  She felt him tug at her hand making her turn around to face him.  She could see the look of uncertainty in his eyes asking if she was really sure about her decision.  "It's okay.  I want this."


With her permission clearly stated, Prem moved forward and swiftly lifted her up into his arms.  "I want this too," he replied.  Heer's hand cupped his cheek as she gave him another loving kiss.  "I love you," he whispered against her lips causing her to smile.  "I love you too," she replied.  Prem then ascended the stairs carrying her to the bedroom to make this a night that neither one of them would ever forget.


We're down to the wire

You got to let go and take a chance

I'll take it higher

Till the end, till the end, till the end


Part 2 in the post below...

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Part 2


Heer shifted in the sea of white sheets as sleep gently lifted from her senses.  Her eyes opened and adjusted themselves to the darkness of the room.  She could see from the bedside alarm clock that it was eight o'clock pm.  She turned to the other side expecting to see her husband fast asleep beside her but he was nowhere to be found.  She furrowed her eyebrows wondering if he was perhaps in the bathroom.  Heer turned on the lamp and sat up in bed.  She was wearing Prem's long sleeved black shirt.  The sleeves where rolled up halfway and kept in place by a button.  On Prem the shirt looked like what it was suppose to but on her it looked huge and the sleeves were long.  Heer glanced back over at the empty spot in the bed and noticed a note placed on the pillow.  She unfolded the paper and began reading it.


Dear Heer,


I'm sorry I didn't wake you up.  You were sleeping so peacefully that I didn't want to disturb you.  I know you've been really tired lately with everything going on in the house.  I just wanted you to rest.  You don't know how hard it was for me to leave you like this.  I really wanted to just sit and wait for you to open your eyes.  Next time I promise I'll be there when you do.  I know you are probably wondering where I am.  I went out to get us something to eat.  I'll be back soon.  And I called Mama and Papa to let them know we're staying at the summer house and will be coming back home tomorrow morning.  I'll see you soon.




P.S. I love you.


After reading the letter Heer's lips curled upwards into a huge grin.  She brought the letter up to her chest and hugged it with her eyes closed as if she was hugging her husband.  Her senses gently picked up the scent of Prem's cologne surrounding her, causing her to quickly open her eyes to see if he had returned.  She smiled at her own silliness when she saw that he wasn't there and realized it was because she was wearing his shirt.  She pulled the collar up and tucked her nose into the pocket she had made for herself and breathed deeply taking in the scent.  Her mind flashed to what had happened only a few hours ago.  She could still feel Prem's soft lips tenderly pressing themselves against her skin and his muscular arms securely holding her to him.  There was a sweetness in the passion he displayed for her and he took great care in making sure she felt comfortable before he did anything.  It was a direct contrast to his rather brash and rough nature he usually displayed in front of her.  Her cheeks flushed red recalling these memories and she pulled the sheets up to her cheeks to hide her blush despite being alone in the room.  She then sighed happily and fell to her side in a giddy mood unable to believe that she and Prem had finally confessed their love for each other and had consummated their marriage.  She was his and he was hers in every sense: mind, body, heart, and soul.


Heer's eyes shifted towards the bedroom door as she heard the soft footsteps of her husband approaching in the hallway.  She broke out into a wide smile and sat up to greet him.  "Hey," Prem grinned when he came into the room holding a box of pizza and a small plastic bag.  "You sleep well?" 


"Yeah, I did," Heer replied.


"Good," Prem said as he placed his things down on the corner of the bed. 


"And oh, thanks for the note," Heer added.


Prem sat on the bed and leaned forward to give her a quick kiss in greeting.  When the kiss ended they both gave each other rather bashful smiles as they recalled what had happened between them earlier that night.  Prem looked away and started talking, "I hope you don't mind pizza.  I also got us a couple of toiletries from the store since we don't have anything here...shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste."


"I don't mind pizza at all.  And thanks for remembering the shampoo and all that stuff," Heer replied.  She then looked at the white tank top he was wearing and asked, "Where did you get this from?"   


"Oh, it was in my gym bag I carry a couple extra in there."  He saw his wife make a face causing him to shake his head, "No, it's clean.  I promise it is.  I throw my dirty clothes into a separate plastic bag like you told me to.  See, I remembered what you said after you gave me that lecture on cleaning clothes," Prem defended.  "If you don't believe me you can smell it."


"Prem..." Heer said shaking her head as he took the tank top off and handed it to her to smell.  She pushed his hand causing him to furrow his eyebrows.  "It's okay.  I believe you."


"Just smell it," Prem insisted as he pushed the article of clothing back towards her.  Heer relented and sniffed his tank top.  She could smell the fresh scent of laundry detergent and gave a gentle nod.  Prem smiled and sat with his back against the bed board.  "I did good right?"


Heer let out a soft chuckle, "Yes you did."  Her eyes took in the sight of Prem's strong profile and she couldn't help but gush a little at his handsome features; the noble nose, chisel chin, and sturdy jawline.  Hers eyes continue to trace downwards to his supple neck, well-built shoulders, and his muscular arms.  She stared curiously at the black and white tribal symbol tattoo on his right bicep.   (Click on the Link to see the tattoo design

It was something she had always wondered about but had never had the chance to inspect up close before.  "Heer, can I have my shirt back?"  She lifted her eyes and met his gaze and felt her cheeks grow warm.  "Oh, I'm sorry," she replied as she stretched out her arm to give him back his tank top. 


Prem grinned and pushed her hand back as he leaned forward.  "Not that.  My shirt...the one you're wearing."  He glanced down and then back at her face; his eyes twinkling with mischief.  He slowly moved his hand towards her making her shift backwards.  "Where are you going?" he teasingly asked.


"Premmm..." she shyly warned and casted a downward glanced when his face was only a few inches away from hers.  He couldn't help but find this new found coy attitude of hers extremely alluring.  She was normally direct and bold.  It wasn't that he didn't like those traits about her it was just different seeing her acting like this.  


"All right, you can wear it for now, but later...I'm taking it back," Prem replied chuckling at her nervous response as he lifted her chin up with his index finger so he could look into her eyes.  "I can't go home without a shirt."


"You have your white tank," Heer answered.


"You're really going to show up tomorrow at the house wearing my shirt?" Prem inquired.


Heer tightened her lips in a reflective thought, "Ummm, maybe."


"You like the shirt that much?" Prem replied. 


"I kinda like the person who's been wearing it," Heer said with a sly grin.


"Ahhh, I see..." Prem smirked as he closed the distance between them.  He sighed as he felt Heer's hands slither into his hair.  He loved the way she did that.  There was something almost possessive in her actions.  It felt as if she was saying he was hers and she was the only one allowed to do this.  Prem took great pleasure in that feeling that she felt that way about him because it was the truth.  "Okay, I'll tell you can wear it to sleep from now on," he breathed as he pulled away when their kiss had ended.


"No, only when you're away..." Heer replied as she made him lean back against the bed board so she could slip her arms around his arm and curl up next to him.


"Away?  Why would I ever be away from you?" Prem asked his voice filled with concern.


Heer gave him a loving gaze, "I like that answer.  But you know if you have a business trip out of town...or maybe if I have one...the marriage bureau does do destination weddings...and I have to go with the couple to make sure things are properly taken care of at the events.  Anyways, I'll wear this shirt so it will be like you're right there with me."


"You have something but what about me?" Prem replied with a pout.  He then timidly looked down as his cheeks blushed, "I kinda like holding you when I sleep."  He felt his arm get a gentle squeeze making him lift his eyes up to see the blissful smile on Heer's face. 


"I'll give you a teddy bear."


Prem frowned furrowing his eyebrows, "A teddy bear?  What am I going to do with that?  That's not the's small and doesn't smell like you and it definitely won't feel the same."  Heer couldn't help but break out into laughter.  Prem stared at her amazed at the mirthfulness dancing in her eyes.  She was genuinely happy and there was a radiating glow around her that was hard to ignore.  He was completely captivated by her and wondered why it took him so long to understand how he felt about her.  If he had know how great it would have felt to be like this with her instead of fighting then he would have done it sooner.


"I'm sorry," Heer said as she placed her hand on his cheek trying to sooth him thinking he was upset with her.  "There isn't much I can do about the teddy bear."


"I'd rather sleep hugging your pillow," Prem said with a tiny grin letting her know he wasn't upset with her.  "But nothing beats the real thing."  He slipped his arm out of her hold and tired moving so he could hug her from behind.  Heer crawled out of the bed sheets and sat with her back leaning up against his chest while he cocooned her with his arms and legs.  Prem grinned and nuzzled her cheek with a pleasing sigh.  Heer adjusted the black shirt to cover as much of her thighs as she could.  Even though she was wearing her underwear she still wanted to be as decent as possible.  She gave a knowing grin as she felt Prem's hand on her thigh.  "Premmm..." He smirked naughtily at her reply.  "Why are you feeling so shy?  You know I won't hurt you.  And I thought you said you didn't mind..."


"I don't mind, but later after dinner...we should probably eat the pizza before it gets cold," Heer said. 


"Oh yeah, we should eat the pizza," Prem replied lifting his hand up as he suddenly registered that they hadn't had dinner yet.  "Oh, I forgot the drinks...they are downstairs...let me go get them."  He quickly hopped off the bed and exited the room. 


Heer pulled the pizza box closer and lifted the lid.  She smiled that he had gotten her favorite toppings.  She looked through the plastic bag and found some napkins stuffed in there and took a couple out so they could act like a plate for her as she grabbed a slice of pizza out.  She propped up a pillow against the backboard of the bed and leaned back making herself comfortable.  A few minutes Prem came into the room carrying two cans of Pepsi.  "How is it?"


"Delicious.  I didn't realize how hungry I was until now," Heer answered.


Prem handed her a can of Pepsi and then sat down next to her as he lifted the pizza box towards him to pull out a slice of pizza for himself.  "I thought this would be easier.  Easy clean up...I didn't think coming back home with some curry and rice would be a good idea...could you imagine eating that in bed?  We'd probably end up spilling it all over the place."


"If you brought that home there is no way we would be eating in bed.  We'd be eating in the dining room," Heer replied.


"Yeah, with plates and everything...dishes and more cleaning," Prem said. "I know you don't want to do anymore cleaning."


Heer chuckled at his remark.  "That's true, but wouldn't kill you a little to help out a bit."  She suddenly broke out in a cold sweat unsure how he was going to take her comment.  It was little comments like these that always seemed to set them off at each other.  "But I know how tired you are so---"


"No, no, no...I should help out a little more," Prem said cutting her off.  "If we all pitch in then it won't be as bad.  I'll talk to the boys and let them know they should be helping out more."  Heer smiled while he ate happily.  Prem opened the pizza box to offer her another slice.  She took another piece and sat back enjoying the peaceful dinner they were having together.

So don't turn off the lights now, lights now, lights now

'Cause in a minute we'll be feeling like never before

We'll light up the night now, night now, right now

I'll be whatever you need and more

So don't turn off the lights now

Don't turn off the lights now


Prem's eyes gently roamed around the dimly lit room.  The candles he had found in the kitchen were burning slowly in their holders on the dresser.  One of the windows had its curtains drawn to allow the illuminating rays from the beautiful full moon flow into the bedroom.  He breathed slowly soaking in the romantic and serene atmosphere as he laid in bed with Heer.  His hand was tenderly stroking her long hair.  His fingers would comb through a few strands and marvel at the silkiness it felt.  Eventually his hand moved downward to caress her back.  Her soft skin was extremely intoxicating as his fingers freely drew patterns on the exposed surface.  Prem felt Heer's body tensed as she let out a giggle onto his bare chest.  "Sorry," he replied and moved his hand upward cupping her shoulder enveloping her body into a secure hug.


"It was just ticklish," Heer replied lifting her head up to met his eyes.  "Nothing to be sorry about."  She grinned as he lowered his head to give her a soft kiss on her forehead.  She closed her eyes and relished the touch of his smooth lips and the feel of his stubble brushing against her skin.  Her eyelids lifted open to see his warm brown eyes gazing back at her.  Heer inched upward and connected her lips with his.  They shared a few sweet kisses before she laid her head back down on his chest.  Her index finger traced his right shoulder down to his bicep where it stayed playing, making up random patterns of what was tattooed on his arm.  She had thought the skin would be raised slightly but was surprised to find it smooth.  She was slightly disappointed she couldn't actually trace what was really tattooed on his arm.


Prem grinned noticing how attracted she was to the arm that had been inked, "You like my tattoo?"


"It's a very interesting pattern.  Does it mean anything?"


"Not really...just a random tribal pattern.  I got it when I was out with the boys one night.  I'm not much of a drinker but that night they had gotten me really liquored up.  I think I was missing my father a lot that day.  I had a fight with Ma that of the last conversations I had with her before she left."  Heer could see pain in his eyes and tenderly cupped his cheek.  "It's okay.  I'm sure she's living well...wherever she may be."  Prem took her hand into his and held it to his chest.  "Anyways, I was drunk and wandered into a tattoo parlor and demanded to get a tattoo.  A few hours later I walked out with can imagine the next morning...hung-over and in pain.  I guess I was trying to prove that I was really as bad as Ma thought I had become...I had to prove my place with my Uncle and the rest of the boys that I could do the work he wanted me to do.  I'm sure my Father was very disappointed with me that day and the days after that.  He must have been shaking his head when he was looking from above wondering what the hell I was doing.  He never wanted me to get involve with the family business...but I got involved anyway...I became everything he wanted me not to become.  An uneducated goon...with no future...a worthless street punk...I failed him and Ma in so many ways..."

Heer silently took in his words.  She had never seen him open up so much of himself in front of her like this.  She had learned some of the things that had happened in Prem's life that had lead him down this path but it was information from other people.  Prem kept this part of himself locked tightly inside because he felt extremely guilty.  "Don't you ever say these things're not worthless...your Uncle took advantage of you and made you do those things."


"He didn't hold a gun to my head...I still did those things knowing it was wrong," Prem replied looking away. 


"He manipulated you.  But that doesn't matter now because you're a different person from five years ago.  You've gone back to school and you have a job.  Your parents would be very proud of you," Heer said.  "And your Uncle is paying his dues...he's behind bars where he belongs...and he'll be there for a very long time."   


Prem turned his head back towards his wife and looked at her.  "I don't deserve you...everything that I've done to you and your family..."


Heer saw his eyes get cloudy and knew he was in a very guilty and pensive mood. "It's a little too late for that're stuck with me for seven lifetimes.  So you better prove yourself to me...I'm not going to let you go so that?"  Prem stared at her amazed that she was talking in such a light manner.  "I'm going to be demanding certain things from you so you better be prepare to give them to me."  Prem nodded his head obediently.  "I want you to treat my parents like your own, I want you to be able to help out with the family finances, I want you to talk to me about your troubles or problems that you may be going through, and I just want you to love me.  Can you do all of that?"


"I can do all of that," Prem replied.


Heer smiled and gave him a tender kiss.  "I love you."


Prem grinned happily, "I love you too."  His eyes flexed as he watched Heer suddenly roll away and let out a sneeze.  "You're cold.  Why didn't you tell me?" he inquired as he sat up and pulled the bed sheets and covers up towards their bare bodies.


"I was just happened," Heer replied trying to dissuade his worry.  "I'm not going to catch a cold Prem."


"How do you know?" he asked as he took proper care in tucking the covers around them.  He reached out and pulled Heer closer to him so they could cuddle in the spoon position.  "Warm?"


"Yes," she replied giggling softly.  Prem gave her a gentle kiss on her bare shoulder and snuggled his head against hers sighing.  "How do you think the family is going to react when they see us tomorrow?"


" you think we should play a little trick and freak them out saying we're getting a divorce?" Prem asked.


"That's horrible.  You want Papa to have a heart attack?"


"Okay, no tricks.  We'll just hold hands.  I think that's self explanatory," Prem said. "We'll probably get a lot of teasing...especially from Preet." He sighed at the thought of Preet as he could see his smirking smile floating in front of his face. 

Heer let out a soft chortle as well.  "He won't let us live it down."  

"Not at all," Prem replied in agreement.  "Oh, I'll have to talk to the boys not to come knocking on our door unless there is some emergency."




"What?  Do you want someone to interrupt us while we', busy?" he asked.


"Well, no...but how are you going to talk to them?" Heer replied.


"I can be discreet you know.  I'm just going to tell them don't knock on our bedroom door unless there is an emergency." 


"Okay, that works," Heer said.  She then heard Prem yawned sleepily and smiled.  "It's late we should get some rest.  Goodnight."


Prem gave her a kiss on the cheek and then snuggled his head on the pillow.  Heer closed her eyes feeling content at having Prem so close to her.  There was still a lot for both of them to figure out on this journey of marriage and life but knowing they loved each other made it seem less scary.  Their love would help see them through the tough times and make the sweeter moments even sweeter.


So don't turn off the lights now, lights now, lights now

'Cause in a minute we'll be feeling like never before

We'll light up the night now, night now, right now

I'll be whatever you need and more

So don't turn off the lights now

Don't turn off the lights now

So don't turn off the lights now

Don't turn off the lights now


No copyright infringement intended.  I do not own the characters but storylines are my own.

Credit Song used to: NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys) - Don't Turn Out The Lights

Hope you guys enjoyed that.  Would love to hear from everybody on what they thought.  Please Leave A Comment.  It will be greatly appreciated Big smile

For those of you waiting for the FF and SS...I'm still working on them just don't ask when the next update is cause I don't know Embarrassed but an update will surely happen.

For those who want to read any of my other works:

Chai's Teahouse - Houses My SSs and other works

All the Wrong Moves In the Right Ways - My FF

Thank For Reading Smile


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rhtpkcm Senior Member

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Please carry this OS into an ff or ss, its tooo good, waiting for another update or all your other work as well as this one. Smile

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BluFate IF-Sizzlerz

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hey...!!...that was one gr8 OS...Big smile
i loved it...

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PremeerKash Senior Member

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its awesome
 i luved it
u should turn it into a ff or ss!!!!

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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What are you trying to do to me?

I just love your writing. & I love Premeer more because of your writing. *sigh*

OMG. Preet is so adorable. He's such a child sometimes.. but it's cute. :D

& please, please, please make a Meet OS. I always read your stuff to see if Meet is there somewhere (I know, I'm bad). & you write about Meet so awesomely. :D

<3 you,
Sabi. :)

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wow...amazing story!! loved it!!

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Another Amazing piece of work ...
Plz do continue ...

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