Rang Badalti Odhani


Rang Badalti Odhani
Rang Badalti Odhani

RBO Written Update 3rd May 2011: Mission Possible!

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Part 1

Episode starts with Khanak entering her bedroom which is dark. She calls Shaan and complains that he called her and he has disappeared. Just then Shaan hugs her from the back (And ahem I do not see his hands on her waist! They are much much above them! :O Ahem it's the dark ofcourse lol) Khanak asks him what is up. Shaan says to her tht he is planning to forcibly seduce his wife. (Okay guys that is how it is translated in English okayyy LOL) khanak says force? Why force? Does she not come to him with her own will? Shan looks at her naughtily and says that there was a time when a wife had so much time for her him. But now she does not have time for her Hot and Handsome husband at all! Khaank sys "Acha?" Shaan agrees and says that the husband keeps roaming around her 24/7 but his wife has no "Qadr" for him. Khanak says that he is mistaken as she smiles. Shaan says that he is not mistaken at all!! 

He puts an arm around Khanak and says she was supposed to kiss him but sent hari Lal instead! Khanak laughs. Khanak asks So what? Shaan says SOO he needs to revive the love that they shared don't they? He asks for her opinion and holds her waist and pulls he forward (This part I copied from my update yesterday LMAO) he hugs her and she places her arms around his neck. Khanak tells him that so that is the reason that the room is all dark? And then she asks him if he was successful in his attempt (To revive the love? Lol) Shaan says that he will need to find out and grabs Khanak's waist again forcefully! Khanak places her hands on his chest (How freaking romantic!!) Romantic Music also plays. Wind starts to blow across her hair.(Sighhh ab violins bhee bajay gay) Shaan caresses her face and comes close, closer, closest(LOLL) Shaan does what he has done PHD in: Aiming for her lips. Khanak closes her eyes (Total hindi movie style!) Just then Khushboo knocks on the door and says "Khanak?!" ( Urghh just when I thought it could not get any more filmy than this!)

Khanak jumps so does Shaan. Khushboo tells Khanak to open the door. Shaan does not let go of Khanak. Shaan says that he will not let her go. Khanak tells him to leave her and struggles saying that she needs to open the door! Shaan sys it's not necessary since they are inside the room( Fair point bro! AHHH did I just call Shaan my bro?!! AHHH NOT happening) Khanak says that since the room is dark she cannot see a thing. Shaan says AcHa? laughs heartily (and this was SUCH a genuine laugh lol) Khushboo insists that Khanak should remember thier mission  (Wow yay din bhee dekhnay ko mil gaya! Khushboo and Khanak on a mission TOGETHER! LOL)Shaan keepa a tight hold on Khanak's waist and says in his seductive voice that has she forgotten Their Mission? (Hhaha men I tell you!) Khanak places her arm around Shaans neck smiles, comes close and says in a husky voice that she remembers. Shaan loosens his grip and he repeats her words and Khanak takes this opportunity to run away from the room.   Shaan tries to stop her and goes in his trade mark "Hudd Hain yaar" complaining that Khanak is always called whenever he wants to have some romance! (Yet you manage quite a bit though Shaan no?Ermm lol)

Scene Change

Rahul enters Akshay's cabin where Mr Rao (aka Boss) is present with him.Akshay  tells him that Rao is complaining about Rahul saying he is not a team member etc. Rahul tries to defend himself and Aksahy listens calmly. (I love Akshay he has class!) Mr. Rao interrupts and Rahul tells him to believe in him and tell him that he knows his work. Mr rao ridicules Rahul and tells him that if he knew his work he would not have  sold his company. Akshay sends Mr.Rao away and then tells Rahul that he needs to work as a team and says  that as far as Mr. Rao is concerned he is Rahul's senior and he has to report to him. Rahul agrees and tells him he will have nothing to complain about in the future.

Part 2

PSP is in the kitchen mixing something in a glass when KK (Khanak & Khushboo) try to spy on him by looking at what he is up to from outside the kitchen.PSP comes out and Khanak calls on him saying "Jone Jee" (haha I just LOVE Khanak's pronunciation!) but he does not listen. She repeats 3 to 4 times but PSP appears to have gone deaf. Finally Khanak gets hold of him and PSP realizes that KK are there. He tells KK that he was looking for sugar but when he did not find it he had the "sharbat" without it! (LOL hudd hain PSP! I wonder how it tastedDeadKhanak asks him why he did not respond to her calls a moment ago. PSP is confused and says she did not call him. Khushboo confirms that Khanak did call him saying "Jone Jee" and is very strange. PSP sasys to himself that it's his fake name. Khanak asks again if Jone is his name. PSP says does she really think that "John" will be his name? Then he suddenly realizes that he has to lie and says "Yes! Jonh is his name!" he says "Main hoon Johnn"(LOL why do I have a feeling I have heard this dialogue somewhere *hits head to recall* OMG it's the song 'Main hoon Konn! Hahaha)  LOL

PSP tells KK that he loves everything about India. KK tease him that he even loves Sasha then! (nice way to trap PSP girls) PSP blushes and KK keep pulling his leg and PSP moves away and says that if he does not love Sasha then who will he love? The neighbours? Sasha hears him and scolds him for talking nonsense. Khushboo comes to his defence. Sasha tells KK that John loves her in a respectable way. KK feel suspicious. Khanak asks John whether he works in Sasha's husband's company?and what does he do besides work? PSP says yes and says that after work they go for a drive. KK and Sasha are shocked! Sasha questions his talks of how his wallet got lost when he was out with Sasha. Sasha takes him away again. Khanak tells Khusbhboo that she will get the truth out. Khushboo tells Khanak that she shall give Madhvi updates(Yaawwwnnn is it me or is the epi really boring today?)Shocked

Part 3

Rahul catches up with jenny in the office. Just then a guy passes by and mockingly calls Rahul "Boss" and all the other employees laugh! Jenny questions this behaviour and many other people also call Rahul the boss which pisses off Jenny!

Jenny creates a riot and tamasha in the office and yells at everyone! She tells all the employees that the company was made by Rahul and he has worked hard on it. She ridicules the political nature of the employees and tells them that Rahuls status is very high. Rahul tells Jenny to calm down and takes her away. Rahul calms her down as she continues to make a fuss about the employees. Rahul feels confident and care free  and tells Jenny that he will not bother about people anymore and make him ready for a future opportunity. Jenny gets happy and tells him it will happen since he deserves it. Rahul gets lovey dovey with her and Jenny tells him she is always there for him

Scene Change

Khanak is at the table setting the plates when Shaan comes and swoops down over her(Dudeee!! I just LOVE it when he does that! The height difference is just killing! Kill meee) Shan whispers close in her ear that what has suddenly happened that she has no time for him (Didn't we just have this scene?! Shaan get over it!!LOLShocked).Khanak says nothing and that she is planning something big with his bhabhi. Shaan goes closer to her face and says in a seductive voice that will become of her husband then? Khanak smiles shyly and tells him to wait for a while and after that…..shaan goes closer and whispers 'After that what?" and embraces her from the back. Just then Madhvi arrives and Khanak yells Mummy Jee and Shaan lets go of her in embarrassment. Shaan asks to start dinner if they ar not waiting for anyone. Just then Sasha and PSP arrive. Sasha says "Hello Darlings' in her American style and sits at the dinner table. PSP is about to sit too when Khanak tells him that food for him is served in the kitchen. PSP protests mildly that he would like to sit at the table but Khushboo says that Table is only for family. Sasha looks on and says nothing. PSP says he wants to eat with Sasha at which Madhvi asks Sasha disbelievingly that she eats with her accountant?Sasha denies. Khanak asks PSP to sit at the table in any case. Just then Harilal comes and tells PSP that some income tax officers have come to meet him. PSP looks shocked.

Part 4

Income Tax people have come and accuse PSP of doing fraud in 25 countries. The men tell PSP that he looks very shareef "Jaan Ki Daas" Sasha is shocked. PSP tells Sasha to tell them that he is not Jaankidaas. Sasha tells him it is his problem hence he should solve it himself. Madhvi, Khushboo, Khanak and Shaan all look amused.  Khanak further tells the men that Jaankidas works for Sasha;s husband. Shaan looks satisfied and calm.  The men try to drag PSP away. Khanak scares Sasha that the jail has many rats and bats. Sasha protests and says that she is not the wife of any criminal she is the wife odf PSP!(LO!! Hogaya!! Mission Possible!!)

Sasha confesses that PSP's name is not Jaan Ki Daas as Shaan looks on amused. The people then own up that they are infact not tax people but had been called by Shaan to Pharo the Bhanda and catch Sasha red handed. Do some Naatak! Shaan is happy with himself and Khanak is too. Shaan goes and hugs PSP and calls him "Uncle" (Awww) and hugs him. Madhvi apologizes to him as well for thinking him a servant. PSP shoves the matter with a smile while Sasha looks pissed. Just then Khanak speaks up and says that she was suspicious from before! And when she opened the "Blue Book" her suspicions were confirmed. Sasha feigns crying and asks her what the hell is a blue book and Madhvi offers the correction of "Passport" (LMAO how original!) Khanak says that when she opened that book she saw the name Pritam Singh Pyaaray and immediately figured out that who PSP was. Sasha throws a fit about how he hates him and how desi he is and how she is ashamed to call him her husband.


Sasha and Khanak have a tiff in which Sasha tells Khanak that she lied because she hates her husband and Khanak questions her why she married him then!ShockedLOL


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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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 mazzaa aagaya sacchi mucchi kucchiROFLROFLROFL

ur red olines were fadooo i loved them ur such a classy catLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

i loved d epi it was fun n i loved yashas bat n rat actng tooo good n kt was just killer in his avtars ...romantic funny cute n adorable all in one go:)

shanak scene was relishingly yummyDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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Tora Goldie

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Thanks for the written update

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jparker IF-Dazzler

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Beeeni... loved your update.. especially your little red into paranthesis!! Loved that... :)

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Thanks for the update = )

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Taaliyaan,taaliyaan for BeenZ.Awesome update.Thank god the mystery of PSP solved quickly.And oh ya I love the height difference too.Its just PERFECT!

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Nice update!

The height difference is just killing! Embarrassed

loved itClap

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beeenz loveeed loveeed the updateHugHeart

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