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When we were last on "The Vampire Diaries" set, we spoke with Sara Canning about Jenna's arc for the end of the season and her summer plans.Little did we know, she'd just learned that her character wouldn't actually make it to the finale. 

Last night, fans watched teary-eyed as Jenna turned into a vampire and, after making one last valiant effort to save Elena's life, was killed at Klaus's hand. We absolutely lost our cool during the funeral that the Mystic Falls gang held for Jenna and Elena's biological father, John. 

After filming her final episode, Canning packed her car and drove from Atlanta to Vancouver. She's already got more work lined up, and she's working on several writing projects, including a weekly blog for Alloy. Still, when the episode aired last night, all of the emotions came back to Canning. We caught up with her on the morning after, and while she's still raw from the goodbyes, Canning is already looking forward to future projects. . 

Zap2it: We're all so sad! I'm sure you've seen the incredible reaction from fans on Twitter. Jenna was a trending topic. 

Canning: I was so floored by it last night. I honestly wasn't expecting as large of a response. I guess, realistically, when a regular character dies, there's going to be a big reaction, but I hadn't expected much of a response. I'm in Canada now, so it feels like I've taken a step back a little bit. But now that it's aired and people have seen it, it brings you right back to the "Vampire Diaries" family. It was so unexpected. I've just been sitting here with a dumb smile on my face. I have such a large piece of my heart filled with these fan messages. It's amazing. 

You don't find out that your character is about to die by reading a script, right? Did you have a meeting with the producers? 

I found out before getting the script. It was a difficult conversation. Julie [Plec] was very kind and let me know that the character meant a lot to them, and she kind of went from there. It wasn't really drawn out, she was just very honest with me, and that was sort of that. I think that's how things happen with "The Vampire Diaries" because things change so quickly and there are all kinds of plot twists. We were all aware at the start that there were no guarantees. 

As far as final episodes go, this was a pretty great one. You got to do so much in those 42 minutes of airtime. Were you glad to get the chance to do all the fun vampire biting stuff before you went out? 

Yeah, absolutely. It was a fun last episode in a dark way, because it's fun to do all of that, but it was a challenge for me. I was really trying to wrap up Jenna's philosophy and Jenna's character, and her whole bearing and point in the story. I really wanted to give that the best sort of ending that I could. We shot the moments between her and Elena that were referenced in the pilot. This is the first time we really se a conversation take place with them that we haven't seen before. 

When you're turning into a vampire, all that stuff is intensified, and then there's the physical part of it, too. Being in transition, to feeding, to going through what being a vampire feels like, to having these moments with Elena, to watching a woman's heart get ripped out right in front of her, to deciding what her final act will be. Rather than to run away, it's to make that realization that if she can only take out Greta, the sacrifice can't happen, and Elena won't turn. Jenna's brain and heart and other organs are all racing at an unimaginable speed. I really wanted to piece it together for it to all make sense as a cohesive story. 

I'm sure it was rough leaving Atlanta when this season ended. 

Yeah. I have to go back, actually. i lived there for 2 years, and I just drove my car across the country to find an apartment in Vancouver so I need to go back and figure out everything else. I think the world of the producers and the writers and the cast and crew. It was a hard thing to do, but I look forward to whatever the next thing is. 

Do you think we'll see Jenna again in flashbacks or dream sequences or anything? 

I know it's always a possibility with this show; I mean, we've seen it happen before. It hasn't been discussed all yet. At this point though, I really don't know. I think I have to operate now from the place that we've seen Jenna's funeral, and we've said goodbye. 

So you're all settled in Vancouver now? Not doing the Hollywood thing? 

No. I hope to go to LA at some point, but this is my home. I've been auditioning and taping. Home for me is just kind of wherever I end up, and Vancouver is my real stomping ground. I'm working on a couple of different things - I'm doing a short film at the end of the month that I'm really exciting about because it's a stylistic film noir kind of thing and I love that genre. 

"The Vampire Diaries" finale airs on Thursday, May 12 at 8 p.m. on The CW. Make sure to bookmark Canning's blog at Alloy to keep up with her over the summer!
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Vampire Diaries Actress Opens Up About Her Big Death Scene: 'It Was Really Emotional'

he Vampire Diaries lost a few good (wo)men Thursday night, but one death was more painful and poignant than the others. Before we name this doomed character outright, I'll offer up a big Spoiler Alert, and advise you to move ahead — with caution — to find out how the offed actress really feels about her Mystic Falls fate. 

Sadly, Sara Canning – aka Elena and Jeremy's beloved Aunt Jenna and Alaric's gal pal — was one of four actors to see their alter ego bite the dust in Thursday night's jaw-dropping installment of The CW's sophomore drama, and the most important one at that. Here's what the actress exclusively told TVLine about her too-soon Vampire Diaries departure.

TVLINE | It was so sad to see you go last night! How are you feeling about everything the morning after?
I actually haven't seen it yet — I'm a bad student! [Laughs] I'm sure I'll see it at some point, though. I had seen a lot of the death when I was doing ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement), so I had a taste of it.

TVLINE | I see that you've also had a taste of just how loyal Vampire Diaries fans can be. The outcry on Twitter over Jenna's death was outrageous — in a great way. 
I was overjoyed by the situation on Twitter. I was just so happy and grateful for every single person who felt that Jenna was an integral part of the show, because I felt that way as well.

TVLINE | How do you feel about howJenna died? Do you think it was an honorable way for her to go?
I think so. It was a little sudden, but besides that, I wanted to wrap what Jenna meant in the show as best I could in the amount of time that was left for the character. We've seen her in the past few episodes realize that a lot had been hidden from her; she hadn't been protecting Elena and Jeremy as well as she thought she had been. Granted, she wasn't given the chance to do so because she was kept in the dark about what was going on, but what was nice about Jenna's final act was that it was her piecing the puzzle together when she went to kill Greta. The absolute last thing she could do was throw a wrench in the sacrifice plan. It was very perceptive on her part to realize that the witch was an important cog in Klaus' wheel, and that she needed to take her out — even though she wasn't successful. [Laughs]

TVLINE | How far in advance did you know that Jenna would be killed off?
About three week — which is quick, but that's sort of what you get with a show like Vampire Diariesbecause things change so quickly. And things change for [executive producers] Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec] quickly, as well. So, it was a quick transition — both literally for me, and on the show.

TVLINE | What was your reaction upon receiving your final script? Were you surprised at all to discover the manner in which Jenna would be leaving?
Julie had explained Jenna's death to me beforehand, so I wasn't terribly surprised. I actually didn't know that it would focus so much on Jenna and Elena, and what she feels her faults have been. Our characters had a similar moment in the beginning of Season 1, so it was challenging for me to try and address something that's really at the heart of their relationship — Jenna going from Elena's friend to her parental figure. It was really interesting to deal with that in the middle of all the fear.

TVLINE | Speaking of "the fear," there was something subtle yet unwavering about Jenna's transition into a vampire. How did you approach that scene?
I tried to set some specifics for Jenna's transition and what that was like for her, because we've seen a number of characters on the show transition into vampires. I wanted to hold true to those characteristics but also put her own spin on it. We all know that when humans on the show turn into vampires, different qualities from their human/mortal lives intensify, so it was a lot to try and touch on in one episode — other than the actual sacrifice itself and wrapping up Jenna's journey.

TVLINE | It's no secret that the Vampire Diaries cast is a close-knit group, so I imagine your last day on set was an emotional one. Did any of your real-life feelings spillover into Jenna's death scene?
Paul Sommers directed the episode and he really wanted to shoot it in sequence, which I thought was great of him to give such consideration. It was such a large buildup to go from turning into a vampire, to the conversations within the ring of fire, to seeing Jules' death — which was so violent — to deciding to try to fight, so it was great of him to do that. The next night, after shooting the death scene, I was on set again for some shots just lying on the rock as a dead body. [Laughs] So it was an emotional peak… and then just lying there. Which is fine! It was really emotional, though, since [the show] has been my home for two years and I made a lot of close relationships in Atlanta. But for me, the scene ended up being about the last two seasons of Jenna more so than Sara leaving.

TVLINE | At least we know that dead people on Vampire Diaries usually pop-up again down the road!
I'm very grateful to Kevin and Julie for bringing me aboard this show and I really think the world of the cast and crew, so of course I'd come back. It would be much different to return to the show in that capacity, but I'd be open to it.

TVLINE | What's next for you? Any immediate plans?
I actually have a few things that I'm doing right now. I'm working on a short [film] that's a noir piece, and I'm really excited about that. I also am doing a film at the end of this month for Lifetime called The Hunt for the I-5 Killer, which is based on true events. I've been auditioning, but I just got back to Vancouver a week ago, so that's just a huge move to deal with.

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'Vampire Diaries' Post-Mortem: Sara Canning Talks About Last Night's Shocking Episode

Posted 11 hrs ago by Amy Wilkinson in TV News

"Vampire Diaries" star Nina Dobrev and executive producer Julie Plec may have warned us, but that didn't take the sting out of last night's jaw-dropping death on The CW series. Sure, we bid adieu to several characters during "The Sun Also Rises" (sayonara Jules, John and Greta!), but the most depressing demise belonged to Elena's lovable—and until recently—in the dark Aunt Jenna.

Though our tears have dried, we're still mourning Jenna's death here at Hollywood Crush. To help us through the grieving process, we got on the phone with very-much-alive actress Sara Canning to talk about her character's last good-bye and what's next for her.

Hollywood Crush: Please humor us while we do our due diligence. "The Vampire Diaries" is known for its unexpected twists and turns. Is there any way Jenna isn't dead?
Sara Canning: No. She's dead. I think that by them showing her funeral, they kind of were hoping to just make a nice book ending there—just to give Elena that chance to grieve her last parental figure. Well, Jenna and John, actually. As of right now, she's dead. I've moved away from Atlanta. So Jenna's dead.

How did you find out your character was going to be killed off? Was it a shock or did you see it coming?
It was very surprising. It was a very big shock. Julie Plec told me. It was quite shocking. But I mean, since Kayla Ewell's death—she played Vicki in season one—at that moment, I really sort of made the realization that anyone was game. And that just comes with being on a show like "The Vampire Diaries." Death is a very major part of the show. Though it was a shock, I think underneath it all, I also knew it always could happen at any point.

I also think it shows that "The Vampire Diaries" has integrity. It's not all intrigue without consequences.
We have seen people come back to life, but we've also seen some deaths that are quite significant—in the characters that they then affect. I'm not sure how Jenna's death will affect future story lines or not. There are definite emotional ties. It's definitely left Elena and Jeremy in a whole new situation.

Were you sitting on this news for a while? Was it hard to keep it a secret?
I wasn't actually sitting on the secret for that long. I found out a few weeks before I was actually gone. So it wasn't months and months of having to keep a secret because I imagine that would be very difficult. It was hard doing interviews, for sure. Because people would say, 'We've heard someone is dying,' and I was like, 'Yep. Someone's dying.' It's tricky doing interviews within that time frame. And only, obviously, the cast and crew and my family and a couple people closest to me knew. You have to really edit yourself and step outside of yourself and watch every word you're saying.

We know there's a Wall of Death on "The Vampire Diaries" set. Was there any sort of ceremony when your picture was added?
No. Not at all. [Laughs] But the funny thing is, someone on the crew who is very close to me is responsible for putting the photos up. And this person used—mostly it's head shots, a very nice civil-looking head shot—and my picture on the Wall of Death is not. So anyone who might be in the production office in the following years, go ahead and look for my photo on the Wall of Death. It's actually a picture another crew member took of me being super-ridiculous on location. It's me sort of, uh, maybe trying to resemble vampires of past, the old-school vampires. And, yeah, it's funny. It's a top-secret photo only people in the production office will see.

There wasn't much ceremony. I mean, it happens all the time. People die on the show all the time. For the crew, it's probably losing its shock value. I think when you're watching the episode, it's shocking. But it's just sort of in the crew's tool belt now. Everyone was very kind to me, and I'll definitely miss them a lot.

But you have to agree, though, that we've known Jenna longer than any character who's died before her. It's a little more profound.
Yeah. I hope so. I know that we've sort of seen Jenna here and there, and she's been sort of in and out. And a large part of her remains a mystery. But I really think she was really interconnected with all of the characters in some way or another. And she represented a very important part of Mystic Falls, at that point. We've seen Matt get in on the supernatural stuff with Sheriff Forbes. For a little bit there, Jenna was sort of the only one left in reality. I think she was a really important part of the show because of that. I think she was a constant reminder that even though all this crazy stuff was going on, deep down the show was also about people dealing with everyday things—the kind of difficulties and joys and excitement and relationship changes. And I think she really represented that.

Alaric has had very bad luck with women. What do you want to see in his future?
I think in the spirit of Matt Davis, I would like to see Alaric actually not even have a relationship be his key focus or his major plot line of the show. I had the most fun watching Matt Davis play Klaus. I think he had the most fun playing Klaus. So I would hope for Matt Davis that he gets to do more along those lines, and clearly he's not having a lot of luck with relationships. Maybe give the women a rest for a bit.

People would hate me for saying this because people love the bromance between Damon and Alaric, but how fun would it be to see Alaric sort of get in on the dark side a little more because he had such a good time playing with that?

What's your next step? Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?
I'm working on a short film that I'm really excited about because it's a film noir—a throw-back to that genre. I'm a big fan, so that will be a lot of fun. And I'm also working on a Lifetime film "Hunt for the I-5 Killer," so I'll be shooting that pretty soon here in Vancouver.

Any final thoughts or parting words for Aunt Jenna? Leave them in the comments and on Twitter!

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This HAS to be the best movie in the entire season, minus all romance parts, I was like YAYYY, more than Andie not being there , cause I was getting tired of her

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The promo is giving me breathless hives and very very big GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!!

The one scene where Damon takes his ring off and goes to stand in the sun and Stephen Vampire Tackles him..That scene is magnificent!!

I just simply I dunno why LOUVE the FBs in TVD!!They are so aweeesssome!!!!!

Also...Damon-''Dying Sucks''LOLLOLLOLIf I didn't know that Damon CANNOT die I would seriously be in  weepy mopping mood!!But since Stephen Salvatore and Damon Salvatore Caannnooottt Die..I am sorta happy and excitedWink

Can't wait for more Salvatore scenes...And yes..DELENA!!!!Their wily and charming scenes are just superlativeEmbarrassed

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^ I agree, but you know he takes off his ring and that shows how much painful the bite is that he just rather die. I hope we see some seriously Elena scenes next week about Elijah and how she reacts that he dies, of course,t he preview has one brekaing he window and the other jumping so i am assuming one if Kat and other is Elena.

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^I know the suffering Damon is going through right now and it is being awesomely portrayed by Ian..But what I wanna see that what sort of FBs he has in this painful cleansing as the directors say..
I wanna which mistakes he thinks are his worse..And in which way Elena and Damon's ''Understanding'' will somehow peak in this time..!
And I wanna see MANY scene between the Salvatore Brothers
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"The Vampire Diaries" is not kidding around. For most of this season, we've been hearing about a sacrifice and that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) would die. So what happened Thursday night? Klaus went through with the sacrifice and Elena died. So did a lot of other people. But unlike them, Elena came back because, well, there's no show without her. With four deaths, if we're not counting Elena, the curse broken and several juicy reveals, this was quite an action-packed episode, and it's not even the finale. Obviously, next week will deal with Damon's (Ian Somerhalder's) werewolf bite, but the real action was Thursday night. I have a feeling next week's episode will play like a coda. But before we start worrying about Damon's life, let's take some time to mourn those who died.

Jules (Michaela McManus) -- I can't say I'm going to miss her. Jules came off as a harsh character, who turned Tyler (Michael Trevino) against Caroline (Candice Accola), so that's a big no-no. Still, she was forced into survival mode by her very nature and perhaps her instincts were well-intentioned. "I was just trying to help Tyler. I didn't want him to be alone," were her last words before Klaus killed her. I feel bad that she never found out the curse she wanted to break wouldn't even help her. 

Greta (Lisa Tucker) –- Greta, Greta, Greta. Who were you? Why were you so loyal to Klaus? Why did you not think to put a protection spell on yourself? Oh well, that made it easier for Damon to snap your neck when he and Bonnie flew in for the kill. In a way, the entire Martin family died without leaving much of a mark on the show or on me. They came, they were devious, they served some purpose, and then they died. But we never really got to know or care about them.

Jenna (Sara Canning) -– Greta cut herself and Jenna couldn't help feeding on her, completing the transition to vampire. It wasn't quite as interesting to watch now that we've seen at least two other characters go through it –- Caroline and Vicki –- but it did come in handy when Stefan (Paul Wesley) showed up. Elena told Jenna to use her new super-hearing to listen in on his and Klaus' conversation. Stefan was trying to make a deal –- his life for Jenna's newbie vampire one. But Klaus stabbed Stefan, revealing that he has "other plans" for him. "I want him alive," he announced. Intriguing! I wonder if his interest in Stefan has to do with starting a hybrid race. 

As happy as I'm sure Elena is that Klaus doesn't want to kill Stefan, it comes with bad news for Jenna, who becomes Klaus' sacrificial vampire. My sadness about Jenna's death had more to do with Elena and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) than Jenna, a character who has struggled to have a purpose on the series. Those poor kids have lost yet another loved one and now have absolutely no parental figures. Is Elena going to get emancipated and become Jeremy's guardian? (Beautifully touching scene between Elena and Jeremy at the end of the episode: "I'm sorry you've lost so many people." "I still have you.") Will Alaric (Matt Davis) take them in to honor Jenna? He is pretty much the closest thing to a parent they have now. Finally, I can't mourn Jenna without mentioning the terrific moment in which she talked about the day she learned she would be Elena's and Jeremy's guardian. "Look around, Elena. I failed you," she said, to which Elena tearfully replied, "No, I failed you."

John (David Anders) –- I think I may miss John most of all, and I can't believe I just wrote that. John Gilbert has come a long way from the vampire-hating jerk we met in Season 1. Sure, he still hates vampires, but he has learned to work with them and has even shown that he does have a heart. A lot of people were sacrificed Thursday night, but John made the ultimate sacrifice. Bonnie (Kat Graham) performed a binding spell that would tie his life force to Elena's. As long as their souls were tied -– or some "God mumbo jumbo," as Damon put it –- she would come back as a human. When Elena "awoke" from her death, she was fine. But outside in the sun -- at first I thought the vampire part of Elena had transferred to John and he'd burn up -- John collapsed to his death. Jeremy gave Elena John's letter. It was so good, it made me want to forgive him for everything –- and the ring he left behind for Elena's own child. 

Other brief thoughts:
–- The Matt/Caroline/Tyler love triangle also took some interesting turns as Matt (Zach Roerig) realized he wants a life "without all of this" and broke up with Caroline. Luckily, werewolf Tyler found himself lying at Caroline's front door. Awww, it's like a dog that finds its way back home five cities over. Tyler invited Caroline to cuddle with him under the covers (naked?!) and apologized for trying to kill her twice. Caroline's response? "Well, no friendship is perfect." These two are too adorable for words right now.
–- Oh, Elijah (Daniel Gillies). The honorable Original wanted revenge on his brother for killing his entire family and scattering their bodies across the seas. But just as Elijah stuck his hand inside Klaus' body, Klaus told him he lied. The bodies are safe. Bonnie and Stefan pleaded with Elijah not to believe him, but he took the bait and whisked Klaus away. My money is on Klaus playing Elijah, but I'm glad these two made it through the hour alive. I can't wait to see how Damon and Stefan tackle that problem.
–- I need an audio file of Joseph Morgan saying, "Hello, my lovelies."
–- Why was it so dark in the woods, but so light at the houses when everything was taking place at the same time?

Showtrackers, what did you think of Thursday night's deaths? What do you think will happen to Elena and Jeremy? Are you mad at Elijah for not killing Klaus and betraying Elena? She kept her word, but he didn't really keep his.

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