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TVD - spoilers and promos #2 (Page 65)

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woppie Party
super excited for tonite and also cant wait to see the bonding  between Stefan and Bonnie...something new and exciting !

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Vampire Diaries Preview: 'Payoff' for Damon and Elena, Love for Klaus, and Even More Originals!

Is there anything more torturous than waiting almost two months for a new episode The Vampire Diaries? If so, it's gotta be waiting the last few hours until the show finally returns tonight (The CW, 8/7c). But, executive producer Julie Plec promises, "It will be well worth [your] while" if you tune in. "There's a good little series moment."

Here, TVLine gets her to dish on what's ahead for Damon and Elena, a romance forKlaus, Tyler and Caroline's relationship, the introduction of Alaric's new leading lady and more!

Exclusive First Look: Vampire Diaries Stars Get Sexy (Duh!) In Fangtastic New Photo Gallery

DAMON & ELENA: AT LAST! | After several very close moments this season, how much longer can the will-they-or-won't-they pair go there without actually going there? "We're not in the business of the eternal tease that never goes anywhere," Plec hints. "That's not how we like to tell our stories." In fact, she promises that "ultimately, there will be a payoff" to the long-building sexual tension between Stefan's ex and his bro. But, she adds, the long-awaited moment, particularly "what it is and when it happens, may be surprising to people."

CUPID TARGETS… KLAUS?! | Does the big, bad hybrid have a soft, sentimental heart? As we previously teased, someone will catch Klaus' eye very soon. "What he does in pursuit of that someone will be an interesting and enjoyable part of the next chapter," previews Plec. But is being at the center of the vamp's attention a good thing? After all, that could also mean you're dinner. Plec laughs before assuring us the story is "an opportunity to see a side of Klaus that we haven't gotten to see yet, which is him being attracted to somebody else. … It's going to be lots of fun."

Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Damon and Elena Share a Moment! Plus, Bromances Back in Bloom

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE MANIPULATION | After some really "unfortunate" events, Tyler will "start to understand that the hold Klaus has over him is stronger than even he believed and that [the sire bond] comes at a very, very painful and ugly price," says Plec. "He is going to have to do something about it if he has any hope of winning [Caroline] back." And that's a big "if." Tyler's defense of Caroline, to put it mildly, "doesn't make Klaus very happy."

THE ORIGINAL FAMILY | Romance isn't the only thing on Klaus' mind. He'll be plenty busy trying to get his family back from Stefan, too. And not all of the vamps will be staying put in their caskets. "At least one of those daggered Originals is coming out of those coffins,"  teases Plec. "That will happen sooner than later." Plec already revealed that Rebekah will wake up angry. Now we also know that Klaus will be reuniting with his brothers, Kol (Out of the Blue's Nathaniel Buzolic) and Finn (La Femme Muskateer's Caspar Zafer). Their reappearance will trigger a big reveal as to when and why they were daggered. Not to mention, "Klaus, who has been very much in control of everything for quite a long time, suddenly now has multiple siblings to deal with," adds Plec. Good luck, buddy!

TVLine Shares Its 2012 Wish List for Grey's, FNL, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Community and More

PAGING DR. FELL | The new doc (played by Paul Wesley's wife and One Tree Hill/Pretty Little Liars alum Torrey DeVitto) not only takes note of Alaric's ability to survive the impossible, but she's "definitely more than what she seems," hints Plec. As such, she'll turn up on the radar of… Damon! "Her interest in [Alaric] makes Damon concerned and suspicious about what she might be hiding," says Plec. So, in the spirit of bromance, Damon does some digging to find out if Dr. Fell "is worthy of any kind of relationship with his buddy. He doesn't necessarily like what he finds.

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Zap2It Has these tasty TVD Spoilers for us:

1. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has a domestic side. We're almost nervous to admit it, but our big bad wolf has become one of the most complex characters on television right now. The way that his vulnerability and villainy tangle up together is fascinating to watch. With his father out of the picture, Klaus has big plans to reunite his remaining family members — complete with a dream house in the town where they last loved each other as humans. It's poetic, really.

2. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) spirals out of control. We're talking old school Jeremy, minus the nail polish. He's flunking out of school, he got fired from his job… and things go from bad to worse when he starts hanging out with Tyler (Michael Trevino) again. Elena (Nina Dobrev) tries to intervene, but when she sees Jeremy in a gruesome confrontation with a hybrid, it becomes pretty clear that he's on the verge of losing any chance at happiness.

3. The romantic tension between Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena gets even more epic. The connection between them now runs deeper than the whole lusty, let's-stand-a-little-too-close-together-and-stare-at-each-other's-mouths thing that they've been doing for the last two years. While their loyalty to Stefan (Paul Wesley) may be threadbare at this point, it is there — particularly once Damon learns that Stefan only saved Klaus to spare Damon. Delena has a dilemma, y'all! Before the hour is over, one of them is going to make a major decision that has to do with their relationship and their relationship with Stefan.

4. A little clarity. We'll find out much more about siring and what it means to Tyler that Klaus is his sire — he'll even explain the key differences between compulsion and siring. (Sort of. Let's just say the line is a little blurry.) Tyler's loyalty is tested several times in the episode… and as far as Elena and Alaric (Matt Davis) are concerned, he definitely fails some of the tests. We're not sure this bodes well for his relationship with Caroline (Candice Accola), who isn't in this episode.

5. Say goodbye. One of our favorite characters is saying goodbye to Mystic Falls — possibly forever, in a scene that totally made us cry, and is making us cry again right now, just writing about it. (We know there are rumors out there that Damon does something unpleasant to force the character out of town — this isn't the case, Damon fans. Your boy is a true gentleman in this episode.)

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The Vampire Diaries Teaser #5: Let's Make a Deal

January 5th, 2012 11:23 AM by Matt Richenthal
Tag: Spoilers

The weeks and days have turned in to hours and seconds, as The Vampire Diaries finally returns this evening with its winter premiere.

Visit TV Fanatic the nanosecond tonight's episode ends for a thorough review, discussion and debate - and scroll down for a refresher on the four teases I've offered so far, followed a the fifth and final tidbit...

Threatening Elena

Teaser #1: Someone will exit Mystic Falls.

Teaser #2: A big secret will be shared.

Teaser #3: A former setting will be seen/used again.

Teaser #4: One character will save the life of another.

Teaser #5: Elena will strike a deal with Klaus.

What will it entail? Who will it involve? My excited lips - or typing fingers, really - are sealed. But you are mere hours away from finding out!

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OMFG after reading so many sopilers and inside scoop...I freaking cant wait...

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Vampire Diaries 3x11 Promo | Our Town [HD]

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'Vampire Diaries': EP Julie Plec talks the big [SPOILERS!], and next week's Damon nudity and Stefan-Elena drama


Image Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

If you haven't seen tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries, stop reading now. We talked to exec producer Julie Plec about the moments that have fans buzzing…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The kiss! Why was the time finally right for Damon and Elena to share a kiss that doesn't involve her actually being Katherine or him dying?
JULIE PLEC: We've been building to it all season, and believe it or not, we actually thought that we would get there by the end of the ninth episode. And then when we got there [to the end of November's midseason finale], it didn't feel right. It felt like it wasn't ready to happen yet. And so, even though god knows who's gonna have tuned in tonight [Laughs], it finally felt right by the time we got to the end of tonight's story. It felt like their relationship had evolved to the point where it wasn't something that Elena would necessarily fight off, or push away, or reject, or even regret.

And why have Damon walk away, then come back? To give fans a heart attack?
We wanted him to have that moment of F— it. [Laughs] You know, I've been through a lot. I've loved this girl for a really long time. I shouldn't be kissing her. It's not right. My brother's saving my life left, right, and center. I shouldn't be doing this, but damn it, I want to, so f— it. [Laughs] And that's kinda what he does.

When we chatted last month for's Best of 2011 (Behind the Scenes) package, about the moments in the show that made you cry last year, you mentioned that the porch was a special place in their evolving relationship. I should have seen that kiss coming.
The porch is the site of their first fake kiss, when it turned out to be Katherine. It's the site of her telling him that their friendship was over and that she would never trust him again in the second season. And now, it's the site of this really sudden and surprising but nice moment between the two of them.

GET MORE EW: Subscribe to the magazine for only 39 an issue!

I was afraid the camera would pull back and Stefan would be standing there. I'm glad he wasn't. It would have been too predictable.
It felt like we didn't need to use that kind of device. It felt like it was a private moment between these two characters that have developed a friendship and an intimate bond over a very, very long time. It felt very separate of Stefan, and it felt like they deserved to have it on their own.

What I liked about it was that it was satisfying, but you never felt like he was going to pressure her for more. Looking ahead, how do they react to it?
One of my favorite moments of that whole scene, weirdly, is after he kisses her. It's very clear that her breath has been kinda taken away and that he's knocked her socks off a little. Then he just looks at her and says "goodnight" and walks away. He said, "If I'm gonna feel guilty about something, I'm gonna feel guilty about this." He took the moment, he seized the day, he was a cowboy. [Laughs] And now, he's a man who can walk off and say, "Hey, I did what I needed to do, and now let's get back to life as we know it."

After Thanksgiving, Ian Somerhalder tweeted, "Of course 1st day back from a stuffing-your-face holiday, Damon Salvatore is naked. W*F?!" I'm doing the math. Will we see him naked in next week's episode? 
Yes. [Laughs] He's got a reason to be in a good mood when we come back next week. We start the episode with him in the shower starting his day off with a smile.

This week's other big moment was with Jeremy. First, let's talk about the beheading of the hybrid. The blood splatter on his face was awesome.
The blood splatter was a very well-executed blood splatter.

Elena and Alaric had Damon compel Jeremy. He was told he would leave Mystic Falls for a long time, not think twice about it, and live a better life with family friends in Denver. What can you tease about where that's headed?
I don't want to say too much about it, but Elena learned a very difficult lesson in the first season when she made decisions for Jeremy, and he found out about them and felt like she had taken his choices away and manipulated him and not given him his own sense of life choice. That lesson didn't disappear from her. She's still very much aware of what she's doing to him when she does this. But I think the moment when she says, "He's 16 years old. He's just a kid. He shouldn't have to live like this," when all is said and done, that's the absolute truth. If there's something you could do to protect a kid from the horrors and the hells of living in Mystic Falls, especially in this scenario, I think as the person who cares about him most, she probably has every right to do that. But it's certainly not gonna come without more conversations and more drama attached to it.

Did you cry watching that scene?
I did. I cried watching Elena have to stand there as Damon tells her little brother that it's time for him to go and live a better life, and Alaric supporting that, and Damon being so gentle and honest with Jeremy. Just this idea of this kid who in the most unconventional way might actually have a shot.

What would you like to say to fans worried that Steven R. McQueen's leaving the show?
I think certainly we're gonna still see Steven in next week's episode, and then they'll have to see where it goes from there.

We need to touch on Tyler. He's such a douche in this episode.
He is. He's such a douche. Well unfortunately, Tyler thinks he has free will and is starting to fully realize that that might not be so true. That plays out over the next couple of episodes. The consequences of him thinking he actually has a say in his own destiny are pretty tragic and definitely shake up his world and make his relationship with Caroline very compromised. But, you know, he's got to learn a lesson and realize, Oh god, maybe this gratefulness to Klaus isn't as good as I thought it was.

When he was talking about the sire bond, it almost felt like his dialogue didn't fit in with the rest of the show now. It's a weird dynamic.
Yeah. It's a cult logic, and whether you look at it like a religious thing or a drink-the-Kool-Aid thing, it's a very strange predicament for one of our heroes to find themselves in, because of course he's not being who he is. And even though he doesn't recognize it, he's changed, and it's all as a result of this supernatural link to Klaus.

Shifting gears, what should we assume is in the coffin that Stefan and Bonnie are now trying to open? One of Klaus' siblings?
We are to make no assumptions about anything. [Laughs] We are to wonder what could be in that coffin. Because if you do the math, there's one more coffin than there is remaining siblings of the Original family.

I wanted to touch on that recent "Human or Stefan?" promo. That shot of Stefan speeding with Elena in the passenger seat, saying maybe he should turn her into a vampire, and biting his wrist — totally hot.
Yeah. I love that episode. That's next week's episode. Stefan goes to such terrible extremes to make his point and to get Klaus to back down. It's really devastating what he does, and it really cuts right to the core of his love story with Elena. It's a big Stefan-and-Elena relationship episode in that you get a sense of how tragic and sad it is that such a great love has been ripped apart as a result of everything that Klaus has done.

So that scene is real. It's not some kind of a dream?
Oh, that scene is very real and very hard on Elena. The one thing that Stefan always protected for her was her choice, and here he is, threatening to take it away.

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