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Posted: 22 February 2013 at 6:55pm | IP Logged

Vampire Diaries Boss Reveals Why She Killed Off [Spoiler]! Plus: Scoop on Elena's New 'Happy Place,' Bonnie's 'Visions' and More!

The following interview contains spoilers from Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now.

On Thursday's Vampire Diaries, Elena found a shocking way to deal with the harsh reality that her brother was dead: As instructed by Damon, she shut off her humanity, then later burned down her house with Jeremy's body in it. Goodbye home, goodbye brother, goodbye old Elena!

Meanwhile, Bonnie bought into Shane's crazy plane to bring back her dead loved ones — but it was actually Silas guiding her!

Below, executive producer Julie Plec answers our burning questions about Elena's new humanity-free state, Jeremy's death, Bonnie's dangerous encounter and much more.

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TVLINE | I imagine killing off Jeremy was not an easy choice. Why did you feel it was necessary to kill him?
This whole year has been about the evolution of Elena as a vampire, starting from a girl who expressly claimed it was the last thing she wanted. And then just as she was finally getting a handle on it, the sire bond problem reared its ugly head. We knew we wanted to get her to the darkest place possible, so that Elena, the most compassionate character, would become dis-compassionate and turn her humanity off. So we knew we had to tear someone extremely important out of her life. Everybody is equally important to her, but when you really think about it, it's her protectiveness of her brother that kept her together. Tearing her brother away from her would be the thing that would make her fall apart.

TVLINE | Obviously, the death of her brother is not something Elena can get over quickly, so is it safe to say she'll be humanity-free for a sizable chunk of the season?
It's safe to say that it's going to be very difficult to bring her back from this place that she finds [herself in], which ironically, in spite of it being relatively emotionless, is actually her new happy place because it is a place with no pain, no guilt, no suffering and no extremes other than just an appreciation for life as a vampire and a desire to feed.

TVLINE | How is humanity-free Elena different from Katherine?
Everything Katherine does is a sexual manipulation, is in her own best interest, for her own survival. She will plead and flirt and tease and lie and mindf—, excuse my language, anyone and everyone in order to fill her own best interest. Elena is more blunt and honest and, "It is what it is, and I am what I am and want what I want. And right now I would like to feed on that girl over there. And I resent you for trying to stop me." Elena is just more direct about getting exactly what it is that she wants. She doesn't need to rely on the tricks that Katherine has to pull out of her bag.

TVLINE | Will we also see a more reckless, fun side of her now that she doesn't have this human responsibility on her?
Yes, without a doubt. Elena has not had the easiest time of it, becoming a vampire. We didn't want her to just jump right into the wish fulfillment side of vampirism, although I'm sure there's plenty in the audience who would have enjoyed that. But that felt counter-intuitive to this character that we had defended so strongly as a human. Now, suddenly, we get to experience those things of what it's like to be a vampire, party all night, never grow old, never die.

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TVLINE | How is her new state going to affect her relationship and her feelings for Damon?
That is the big question. What is the truth of what she feels? How does the sire bond play into all this. What is their dynamic going to be moving forward when she's not driven by a love for him necessarily. A lot of questions come up and get answered in the next couple episodes.

TVLINE | Are they still in a relationship?
We'll have to find out.

TVLINE | Will the fact that he was the one who told her to do this cause trouble for them later? Or between him and Stefan?
When all is said and done, everybody recognized that in the worst possible scenario, which is what they were in, it truly was the only viable solution. It doesn't make it good. It doesn't make it happy. But it really was the thing that needed to happen to release her from her pain. So I don't think anyone's going to hold a grudge.

TVLINE | Meanwhile, all of Elena's supernatural friends have their humanity, so how are they dealing with this new aspect of her?
It's difficult for all of them. As we'll see in the next episode, it becomes most difficult for Caroline, who as a fixer and a people [person], is trying to get her friend back on track. But Elena's not really having it so much.

TVLINE | Is there any significance to the fact that she gave the Gilbert ring to Damon? Why not give it to Matt? He could use it.
She, in her moment, was like, "OK, this doesn't work anymore. So here, have it." I can say this may not be the last we see of that Gilbert ring in the series. But right now, it's just out of play.

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TVLINE | Was Bonnie seeing a vision of Silas? Or was he actually physically taking on the form of Shane?
That is another question we'll have to be asking ourselves. What we've seen about Silas in the caves is that he can appear as a hallucination…. So the question is, is that what's happening here? Or is he physically standing before her? Does he look like Shane? Is he taking on Shane's form? What is going on? What is this guy capable of?

TVLINE | How dark will Bonnie's path get? Will she continue to try to carry out this plan and kill 12 people?
Bonnie is being extremely controlled and manipulated right now by this Shane/Silas figure. We'll see that escalate over the next several episodes to its breaking point.

TVLINE | Will Shane on the island survive?
As far as we know, Shane on the island has met his terrible demise, although we did not see him take his last breath. You never know on this show.

TVLINE | Now that Katherine has the cure, will she play a bigger role this season?
That was definitely not the last we'll see of Katherine.

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'Vampire Diaries' spoilers: E.P. Julie Plec talks Damon and Elena's romance post-humanity switch, plus Klaus/Caroline and the spinoff

By Carina Adly MacKenzie


February 22, 2013 6:50 PM ET

tvd-415-bonnie-elena-matt-caroline.jpgThis week's "Vampire Diaries" was arguably my favorite episode ever, largely because it shifted the focus away from the breakneck-speed plot twists and allowed the characters to pause and experience the emotional ramifications of the last few years. It marked the end of an era for the show, as we lost Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and saw Elena (Nina Dobrev) turn into a version of herself we've never seen before. As a final hit, she burned down her family home with her brother's body inside of it -- as well as the family photos, journals, and even clothes that represented her childhood.

Naturally, there are a lot of lingering questions as the show enters a brief hiatus. I dried my tears long enough today to jump on the phone with executive producer Julie Plec, and discuss some of the decisions the writers have made and the new direction Elena will be taking when "TVD" returns.

That was very mean. How emotionally taxing is it for you to write an episode like "Stand By Me"?

Honestly, it came out almost too easily, and it made me second guess whether I had done it right. I build myself up to be so excited to write it, so the process of sitting down to write it was excruciating, but when I actually wrote it it just happened so naturally that I thought 'Oh, I must not have dug deep enough.' I had to go back and look at it. The reason I wasn't feeling it as I was writing it was because I was disassociated from the trauma, which is exactly what, ultimately, Elena had to be, when all was said and done. I was in my own form of detached, dissociated denial, which of course is my great life crutch. It was the perfect episode for me to have written, and it was ultimately very interesting psychologically.

With the Gilbert house gone, the living arrangements are going to change. In the new promo [above] it kind of looks like Elena and Caroline have moved in with the Salvatores -- what's the situation there?

Caroline hasn't moved in, but she is there with her shower caddy. There's still vervain in the water, and the Salvatores have the only vervain-free water in town because of their fancy water filter. It's a fun way for the boys to be basically going about their morning business, discussing what to do about Elena, and in walks Caroline in her cute little robe and shower caddy, like, 'Well I have an idea!'

On set this week, I got to see Nina do a little Elena and a little Katherine. Obviously, Elena without her humanity is a little bit darker; what's the key difference between Elena without her humanity, and Katherine? Where do you draw the line?

The difference as we write it and as Nina acts it is, trying to always keep everything Elena says and does coming from a place of truth. Whether it's painful truth -- directness, boldness, bluntness -- it's truth. Katherine, on the other hand, is always trying to seduce, or manipulate, or lie her way through to survival. It's all in the eyes, really, and Nina, whose eyes are so expressive, really does it so perfectly.

Speaking of Katherine, I assume that she wants the cure to use it on Klaus. At this point, with Elena's humanity gone and no living relatives or anything, is getting the cure still a priority for Elena, Damon, and Stefan?

Ultimately, the race for the cure has sort of been channeled into the race to find Katherine. Klaus doesn't know if Katherine's going to use it against him [to kill him] or use it as leverage to get her freedom, but he doesn't really like option A, so he's got a lot of concerns. Rebekah, of course, still very much wants to be human, and we're going to just keep exploring that more and more as she gets closer to finding Katherine.

What's in it for Stefan and Damon at this point?

The question for the boys is always "How do we help Elena through this?" If they have an easy time of it, then the cure isn't necessarily the first thing on their minds, but I can tell you, Elena's situation right now is not going to be the prettiest thing. It doesn't go so well. Elena is not going to be the best-behaved humanity-free vampire in town. The cure kind of comes back into play for the boys as a method to fix her. The irony is that their arguments over whether or not to fix her at the beginning of the season come full circle back around to "How do we fix this version of her, and should we?"

Can Elena and Damon sustain any kind of romance with her humanity gone? Is that even on the table?

Well, the first question is, what does she feel, if anything? And who does she feel it for, if anything? And where does she stand with Damon? Poor Damon, the big, lingering question that he's been feeling from the beginning is "Is this love that she feels for me real?" He doesn't believe it's real because he doesn't believe he deserves it, and he doesn't believe he can be happy, but he wants so desperately to know. Now we're in a predicament where she's not really feeling anything at all.

Is there any chance for anyone to have a moment of happiness at the prom at this point?

There is a happy moment at the prom -- actually, I don't even know if I can definitively say it's at the prom. There are several quintessential "Vampire Diaries" romantic, or sweet, or sad-and-sweet moments that happen surrounding the prom, scattered throughout the prom episode. The stakes are always high on our show, but we also need our characters to be able to have those life moments, like prom. Dancing with a cute boy at prom, getting greeted by your boyfriend in his tuxedo, all those great moments.

Where does Caroline stand with Klaus right now? Did the spinoff change the direction they were going in, at all?

No. If anything, the spinoff is just another version of an obstacle. Caroline and Klaus is a very, very tricky relationship, in that we can all understand why she's drawn to him, because we're drawn to him. But Caroline is not the kind of character who would ever comfortably let herself go there. It's a constant battle of fighting the attraction that's very clearly brewing, but knowing she can never go there and still be true to herself. Something would have to change, whether it's Caroline's character who changes or Klaus's character who changes, or circumstances that change, before we as writers would ever legitimately think about putting them together. You can look at the Caroline/Klaus relationship as something that will live on, in a way, even when he's not on the show. The want is still there.

I remember a few years ago, you used to say that no matter what bad thing Damon did, the fans would never condemn him; now Klaus is in that position. No matter what he does, the fans love him.

We fight with each other and with ourselves as writers, because we genuinely love Klaus in spite of all his effed up behaviors and his darkness and his terrible, terrible attitude and his evil. Joseph gets a little tear in his eye and gives Caroline a puppy dog look and you just want him to have everything he wants. We get mad at ourselves for being so weak about him. Our goal has always been not to over-compromise the moral core of our characters even as they're making really, really complicated decisions about their romantic lives or their sex lives. Caroline has been a very interesting character to have in the center of those relationships.

"The Vampire Diaries" returns on Thursday, March 14. The episode, titled "Bring It On," will see Elena head back to high school to try to get back into a normal routine... but when she joins the pep squad, throws a wild party, and gets into a terrible fight, it becomes clear that "normal" isn't in the realm of possibility. Meanwhile, Rebekah and Damon work together to find the cure, and Klaus finds Hayley to get some answers.
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Photo/Video credit: The CW

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"The Vampire Diaries": We visited the set last week and -- in addition to getting some scoop on Tyler's return -- we also got to watch Nina Dobrev pull double-duty as she filmed a scene for episode 418, "American Gothic." In the past, we've seen Katherine pretend to be Elena plenty of times, but now, we'll get to see Elena's best impression of Katherine. Katherine didn't seem too impressed by the likeness, though... she thinks Elena's innocence will be a dead giveaway. (Not to mention her haircut.)


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Is there any hope for Tyler to return?
Julie Plec: Tyler had to leave in the same way Katherine had to leave. When Klaus puts his mark on you, you're pretty f---ed. So we do not have any plans to bring him back until there is a resolution to his Klaus problem and with Katherine it took her out for two years. Tyler does appear in one episode [this season], but it's not his "return."

The second half the season will be more grounded in high school. What can we expect?
Plec: We just started shooting the prom episode, which is episode 19 and graduation is going to be the finale. We'll get to end the season with all of those great questions of who's going to be where, who's going to be with who, who's going to do what.

So when will we know who Elena is taking to prom?
Plec: You may have to wait until someone puts up the wrong photos or I accidentally slip and say something in the press.

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4x17 'Because The Night" synopsis  

"FLASHBACK TO DAMON'S LIFE IN 1970s NEW YORK / THE BAND DEAD SARA PERFORMS ' Realizing that Elena (Nina Dobrev) needs some time away from Mystic Falls, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) takes her to New York City, where he lived and partied hard in the 1970s. When Rebekah (Claire Holt) also shows up in New York, she's impressed with Elena's secret agenda. Flashbacks reveal Damon's hedonistic life in the underground club scene and a complicated encounter with Lexi (guest star Arielle Kebbel). Meanwhile, Caroline (Candice Accola) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) try to convince Klaus (Joseph Morgan) that it would be in his own best interest to help them track Silas down, and Bonnie (Kat Graham) struggles to keep her grasp on reality and do the right thing. Garreth Stover directed the episode written by Brian Young & Charlie Charbonneau (#417)."

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The Vampire Diaries Flashback Synopsis: Underground with Damon…

On March 14, The Vampire Diaries will "Bring It On."

A week later, meanwhile, the show will flash it back.

The CW has released the official episode synopsis for the 17th installment of The Vampire Diaries Season 4, "Because the Night." It will air on March 21, it will feature the return of a TV Fanatic favorite and it will take us back to Damon's life in the 1970s. In The Big Apple!

What can viewers expect from this outing? What was Damon like during an era of hippies and drugs? Read on. Find out. Comment away!

Realizing that Elena needs some time away from Mystic Falls, Damon takes her to New York City, where he lived and partied hard in the 1970s.

When Rebekah also shows up in New York, she's impressed with Elena's secret agenda. Flashbacks reveal Damon's hedonistic life in the underground club scene and a complicated encounter with Lexi.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Stefan try to convince Klaus that it would be in his own best interest to help them track Silas down, and Bonnie struggles to keep her grasp on reality and do the right thing.

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Stills from 4*17


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Stills 4*16 Bring It ON


The Vampire Diaries ' "Bring It On" -- Pictured (L-R): Paul Wesley as Stefan and Candice Accola as

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