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'Vampire Diaries' scoop: Another Mystic Falls death?


Image Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Elena's struggle to transition to a vampire might just be the least of her worries when The Vampire Diaries kick-off its fourth season on Oct. 11. According to exec producer Julie Plec, there will be a much more pressing problem at hand. "When Alaric Saltzman told the council that the town was filled with vampires, [he] told a lot of details about a lot of people that in the first episode back we'll see have created a little bit of a domino effect," says Plec, who teased a "powerful, surprising death sequence" during the premiere.

As a result, the big question in the first episode is not whether Elena will feed on blood, but rather how she does it, when she does it, and whether she'll even survive the day.

Of course, it shouldn't be too difficult for her to make it through. After all, she's got two veryable Salvatore brothers by her side. Both Stefan and Damon will help school Elena in vampology 101 this season…though they won't exactly be on the same page. "They're two very different kinds of vampires and they're going to have two very different points of view about what kind of vampire Elena should be," says Plec. "It's going to make them fight a little."

According to Plec, Elena will feel torn between each brother's perspective and that will impact her relationships with each of them. Though the direction of those relationships remains to be seen, Plec made it clear that the love triangle is beginning a new chapter. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean Elena's going to ditch Stefan — but she obviously still has some unfinished business with Damon. By the fourth episode, expect to see the two drawn together in a moment sure to spark a whole lot of fan fodder. "There's a really interesting moment between Damon and Elena where she's acting a little bit out of character and they both get caught up in a moment," teases Plec.

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As for the show's other love triangle, Plec says that Klaus — who will be back to his own body fairly soon — will find "sportier more dastardly ways of driving a wedge" between Caroline and Tyler. In other words, the Klaus/Caroline/Tyler saga is far from over. She explains: "The finale wasn't putting a final point on any relationship. If anything it was just creating a new beginning for all the relationships. Things are going to be evolving and changing for all points of all triangles on this show."

Other notable scoops:
– Bonnie will do everything and anything to prevent Elena's transition. Whether or not she's successful and the consequences of the kind of magic she taps into will impact her arch season.

– According to Plec, the new vampire hunter headed to Mystic Falls is "very hardcore, he's very skilled he's very strong. He kind of takes our heroes by surprise, in that they think they can wipe the floor with him pretty easily and quickly, and he sort of stuns them with being difficult to defeat early on. They're going to realize they've got a bigger problem than they're used to."

– Klaus's decision to stick around Mystic Falls will be tied to the vampire hunter. Says Plec: "He definitely has an agenda that he wants to service which we'll start to get a hint at about three episodes, four episodes in, and it will involve how he feels about the existence of this hunter."

– Klaus isn't the only Original sticking around. We haven't seen the last of Rebekah or her other brothers and sisters. "We'll definitely get glimpses of the other Originals over the course of the year," says Plec. The exec producer also hinted that we may learn more about Esther's backstory. "One of the things that we've always said in the writer's room is Esther's creation of the original vampires was predicated on a spell that she already had, so where did she get that? And what does that mean?" says Plec. "Does it mean that there are vampires that pre-date the original vampires?"

– The fourth episode may feature a memorable Elena-Damon scene, but Plec says one of her favorite Damon moments of all-time happens in the second episode (so keep an eye out!).

– Speaking of Delena… Elena will remember the moments and confessions that Damon compelled her to forget and it will confirm that she wasn't wrong in believing there was good in him. Though don't expect a recently rejected Damon to be receptive to her realizations. "I think for him it's just like, 'Yep, well, that's in the past. That was then, this is now. You made your choice,'" said Plec. "Damon's not going to be sitting around moping, that's for sure. He's going to have a little bit of a 'tude probably."

– Can't wait to see Elena partake in a little vampire on vampire action? You may have to wait a couple of episodes. "We're about to start shooting episode 3 and we have not yet shown a completed act of vampire sex so it is going to be something that will happen eventually," says Plec."But I will not say how, when, why, with who, or if it's awesome or not." (Let's face it, we all know it's going to be awesome).

– Though you may have heard otherwise, Stefan will not be getting a new love interest — at least not anytime soon. "I actually don't even know where that came from," says Plec. "I think Paul's talking wish fulfillment."

– We may get to see the friendship between Stefan and Caroline develop more this season. "What I'm hoping is that Caroline, as an advocate of the Stefan school of how to be a vampire, can be a support system for him that he really needs, especially as things get difficult in Elena's transition," says Plec

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'The Vampire Diaries' Season 4 gets an extra episode as the love triangle gets bloody'.
vampire-diaries-season-3-twenties-trio.jpgFirst of all, "Vampire Diaries" fans, allow us to give you some great news: Zap2it has learned that an extra episode has been added to the show's Season 4 order, bringing it to a total of 23 episodes this year, as compared to last year's 22. The first episode will premiere Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. EST.
When the season begins, all of our Mystic Falls monsters and friends are in precarious situations, but none more so than Elena (Nina Dobrev), who will begin her transition into a vampire in the first episode. She and Stefan are, for all intents and purposes, back together, but this time, their reunion is even more complicated.

It's safe to say that vampire Elena won't be on the Stefan Salvatore bunny diet right away -- and given Stefan's ripper history, her consumption of human blood definitely troubles him. "He's not going to have an easy time with it," executive producer Julie Plec confirms. "This is a guy who can't really get too close to human blood for too long without losing his mind, so it's like he's a guy who just got sober, and his girlfriend just turned 21 and wants to party. There are going to be some complications in their relationship as far as that."

Paul Wesley has never been shy about the fact that he loves playing Stefan as a dynamic, dark character, as opposed to a martyr who cries on a regular basis. "I feel like Stefan had a Season 3 ride of darkness, and I think Season 4 is going to be a little more of a gray zone, which is nice, too," he told us at Comic-Con. He speculates that Elena's transformation will create some distance between them. "Maybe he won't be attracted to her as much, because it'll remind him of himself... Men like the opposites. He hates himself because he's a vampire, right? So, I don't know; maybe he's going to project."

The way it plays out could bring about some of Stefan's darker side. "I can't say we'll ever be back to 'good' Stefan for good," Plec says. "I don't think 'good' Stefan is 'real' Stefan. I think Stefan is very damaged, and he's got some deep darkness and, within that, a beautiful soul with what humanity he can muster. I think until the end of the series, the darker Stefan will always be the truthful Stefan."

We're all very much looking forward to Elena remembering the two moments that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) compelled her to forget -- both of which were actually very sweet, positive scenes between the two characters.

The memories will come back to her in the first episode in a very interesting way; in a sense, she'll experience them as if they're happening anew. She'll have a conversation with Damon about that right away. Don't expect those things to have an immediate, drastic impact on her feelings for him, though. When we asked Plec whether the moments would have a profound impact on Elena's view of Damon, she said it would be more subtle.

"It's more just a bonus of being a vampire. For Elena to turn around and be like, 'Oh, I changed my mind now that I have all the information!' would be insane. She's not that literal, and that would be really sad for Stefan," Plec says.

What it does is help Elena to have a more complete, more accurate view of her friend. Fans who want Damon and Elena to get together have been frustrated by her continued underestimation of his character throughout last season, and the new memories of his sweet moments may lead to a positive turn in that department.

"If you look at the marathon of the Damon/Elena friendship and relationship, so much of their conflict is predicated on the fact that she still believes that he's more selfish than he actually is, and more hateful than he actually is, and more self-destructive than he actually is," Plec agrees. "These memories get added to her lexicon of Damon knowledge, and given how close they are, at this point it's important that she knows everything about him."

As always, Damon and Elena's relationship will evolve this season -- that slow burn is, of course, what makes it so interesting to watch. In the meantime, Damon will need a new friend to share his bourbon with at the Mystic Grill -- and, despite the rumors, it definitely won't be Tyler.

Plec confirms that Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) will be a significant part of the fourth season. Though not a love interest, Meredith might be a stabilizing force for Damon. "Damon is minus a drinking buddy and minus a friend," Plec says. "We've already established Meredith as a day-drinker, so if I was going to pick somebody out of a hat, to be Damon's new drinking buddy, it would be Meredith. The question is whether she's down with that. Is she okay with being his vampire-human partner in crime? I don't think she's going to be as easy to sway as Alaric was, but there's going to be a buddy bond that forms between them, which will be fun."

Though there's no word on how many episodes DeVitto will appear in this season, she's long been a part of "The Vampire Diaries" family and that's not changing any time soon. "We always say we didn't cast her in this role because she's married to Paul, and that is a thousand percent true, but because she is married to Paul at least we know that she's not going to turn around and say 'I hate this show; I never want to come back,'" Plec jokes. "We have the best of both worlds in that she's very willing to come play with us, and she's able to still do her great work on 'Pretty Little Liars,' too. Until some new show comes and snatches her up, we'll continue to play with her, without having to make any painful decisions."
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TVD Spoiler Alert:
Now that Elena is going to be a vampire on The Vampire Diaries, who (or what) will she feed on first? — Amy
Elena will of course struggle with this decision. "How she gets blood is going to be one of the big problems," showrunner Julie Plec tells us. But once she does, in the umpteenth Damon-vs.-Stefan choice that Elena has had to make, she will then choose the perfectly formed wrists of Ian Somerhalder to make her meal. Suffice it to say, Stefan will be mighty pissed by that turn of events.
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Question: I'll take any Vampire Diaries spoiler you've got. I'm not picky. —Daniel
Ausiello: A flashback in this season's fourth episode unearths a "big secret that will change the course of the season for everybody," teases EP Julie Plec. 

Question: What's this I'm hearing about a big Vampire Diaries death? Any hints about the victim?—Clay
Ausiello: Stop asking yourself who dies and start asking yourself who does the killingThat's what people will be talking about the following morning at the watercooler on line at Starbucks. 

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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers: Who Is Elena's Sire, and Is Klaus Really the Start of the Bloodline?

about 9 hours ago by Jenny McGrathSPOILER ALERT!!

While we're dying to know who will mentor Elena (Nina Dobrev) now that she's joined the land of the undead, The Vampire Diaries cast is keeping pretty mum about whose lead she'll follow. Both Salvatores approach their vampirism very differently, and each thinks their way of introducing her to the lifestyle is right.

According to what executive producer Julie Plec tells TV Guide, Damon(Ian Somerhalder) wants Elena to get her first kill over with. "While he can understand and appreciate that Stefan [Paul Wesley] wants to protect her… [Damon thinks,] 'Name one vampire who went through the newbie phase and didn't take a life,'" says Julie.

But one of Elena's defining qualities is her compassion, which Julie thinks will make it hard for the newly fanged girl to feed on either animals or humans — especially because that attribute will be heightened as a vampire. In the TV Guide interview, Plec says, "It's a whole new Elena that's magnified in catastrophic ways." Very cryptic, but the fact that Season 4, Episode 2 is called "Memorial" may shed a little light on what Julie is talking about. TV Line hints that while someone gets killed soon after the show starts, it's actually the person responsible for the death that makes it significant. (And unlike with Pawnee and  Li'l Sebastian, we doubt Mystic Falls will have a funeral for a zebra.)

So, whose blood was it that turned Elena into this overly compassionate bloodsucker? All bloodlines lead back to Klaus (Joseph Morgan), right? That's what the Original told Damon in Season 3, and at the TCA Press Tour, CW president Mark Pedowitz said, "It's Damon's blood which helped [turn Elena], but they never discovered who their sire was in any of the things. They think it's Klaus, but they're not sure."

Maybe Bonnie (Kat Graham) saved Klaus for no reason (other than that he's just really fun to watch)?

Sources: TV Guide, TV Line, E! Online

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Vampire Diaries Executive Producer Julie Plec on Why Vampire Elena Will Have It Much Harder Than Caroline — Exclusive

about 10 hours ago by Carita RizzoSPOILER ALERT!!
Nina Dobrev Hangs With Vampire Diaries Executive Producer Julie Plec
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Hunt's Twitter

Everyone on The Vampire Diaries handled their transition to bloodsucking differently. Caroline (Candice Accola) took to vampirism like a duck to water. Stefan (Paul Wesley), less so. Now that Elena (Nina Dobrev) is facing the same fate in Season 4, Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to Julie Plec at the CBS TCA All-Star Party and asked the executive producer if the new vamp will follow in her blonde BFF's footsteps.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What should we know about Elena as a vampire?
Julie Plec: You should know, it is by no means a walk in the park. In fact, it might be the worst, most horrible, sweaty run through the park in the middle of the night running from terrorists. That's about the equivalent of her experience.

Is it worse for her than for Caroline?
Yeah. Caroline as we remember is a control freak and a perfectionist. So when she set her mind to being great as being a vampire, she just rocked it. And maybe one day she'll crack and collapse like a Juilliard pianist under pressure, but until then, she's a rock star. So Elena's going to have a much more difficult time with it. Every piece of compassion she's ever felt for anybody will be magnified, every piece of grief she's ever felt will be magnified, every piece of rage she's ever felt will be magnified. She's going to go through a lot, and it's not going to be quick, and it's not going to be easy.

Stay tuned for more of our interview with Julie Plec in the coming days!

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"The Vampire Diaries": Episode 4 will flash back to the 1100s, where we'll meet Alexander -- a vampire hunter with a very, very mean streak. Unfortunately, when he meets Rebekah, he's unaware that she is one of the very creatures he's hunting... and, naturally, he's quite taken with her.


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'The Vampire Diaries' season 4 spoilers: How evil will Klaus be?

The moment we first heard that Joseph Morgan's character of Klaus was going to be trapped inside of the body of Michael Trevino's Tyler on season 4 of "The Vampire Diaries," we immediately thought about one thing — how bad this was going to be for Caroline. Klaus is an evil guy, and we would not be even remotely shocked if he were to take advantage of his new position to act on his own feelings for Candice Accola's character.

However, this may not happen as we would think. Speaking to Wetpaint in a new interview, executive producer Julie Plec hints that Klaus may not intentionally go after Caroline as a way to indulge his own id:

"I don't think he necessarily means to take advantage of [the situation], but there is a moment in which — there is a shirt that comes off under false pretenses. So we'll just leave it at that."

Based on what Plec said both here and otherwise, we also don't think that it is necessarily going to take that long in order for Klaus to find his way back to his natural body. After all, vampires can heal — and Joseph Morgan's character is far too valuable for him to be missing in action from this series for a substantial period of time. What we really want to know is this — will Caroline be charmed by Klaus' personality in Tyler's body, and then realize when the two separate that it is actually Klaus that she is now in love with?

Do you think Klaus and Caroline are going to end up getting together this season, or is this he sort of romance in your mind hat is really better off always being teased, but never actually happening? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out who from "The Secret Circle" is going to be making their way onto this show.

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