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Devil's Den: Lachhi ki nahi mishti ki lassi

vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Dev the demon ki to Teji and Lucky band bajayenge... hahahaha... Maan ki rasleela ka harjana dev bharega... maan kar to kare to character dheela???? ROFLROFLROFL...
SS was so funny with chak de ji... ROFLROFLROFL...
khidki se chori chupke ballu ne maari entry ji kitchen mein...
Maan chahata hai chipka chipki... n banata hai paani ka bahana... aur fir lassi ka samaan dekh mr shayar lassi ki farmayish kar baithe... aur woh bhi shayarana andaaz mein ...
Lacchi ki entry... hahahaha... maan bechara... ooopsss...showie balwant singh... ballu ki to lachhi ke saamne kuch nahi chalti... lachhi to kaam karne ke liye hell bent hai... mushkil see geet use bhagati hai... it was so funny seeing geet do the same action as maan did... hahahahaha... ROFLROFLROFLROFL
the best maneet scene for me today was geet saying...chup chap khade rahiye... to lassi milegi...chup... i wish she had said...chup...bilkul chup...the signature MSK style...
Maan drinking lassi n saying isme chini kam hai... Geet's reaction... aap to hamesha woh kadvi black coffee peete hain... n instantaneous maan's reply that msk drinks coffeee but ballu drinks only lassi... such a typical romantic scene... making geet drink the lassi to make it sweet... i loved the way maan is getting despo to be with his mishti... all the time hugging her and trying to get a kiss... it was awww seeing him drink the lassi holding her so close to him...
Dev babu ki band baj gayi... ROFLROFLROFLROFL... nandini was cheking him trying to move the kabada... ROFLROFLROFL... dev cudnt move even one inch...
MSK ...haaayeee...haaayeee...he is just too much...just tooo hawt... he is all in one... carpenter, driver, super rich businessman, intelligent, super hawt bodied... ufff... BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
Kya muscles hain yaar... ok Gouri cant think beyond that... hahahaha...Gouri still drooling on the muscles... BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
morning mein dev takes all the credit of maan's hard work... hmm... teji also thinks maan singh khurana has brains... chalo beeji aur teji ki dimaag mein yeh to chamka that MSK bada intelligent hain... Big smileTongue
Maan asking Dev to atleast thank him for everything he did... n dev in return askign for a sorry coz of the rumaal???? ShockedShockedAngryAngryAngry
Dev - AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry... do u deserve a sorry from anyone... AngryAngryAngry...
chalo it was good to see Maan smiling... n faking a sorry...
Dev informing Maan that Karwa chauth is tomorrow... the panic on maan's face was awesome...
Haaayeee... pulling geet ...n signature chup bilkul chup... haaayeee... rabba ...main mar janwa...
Hmmm Geet wanting to keep KC ka fast and maan repriminding her saying fasts for for ppl who eat...not for ppl who eat teen dana of offscreen segments mein GC DD ka khane par mazak udata reheta hai... keeps calling her moti in masti...n here on screen saying she eats just 3 dana of food... well well kudi sunane wali thodi na hai... woh to vrat rakhegi...uska pehela karwa chauth ka vrat aur woh bhi maan ke haathon hi khulega... maan in all fun mood saying ghar ka driver aake ghar ki beti ka vrat todega... bechari geet all senti that she will break the fast if only he breaks her fast... maan munda promising her that sab ke saamne geet ka vrat maan hi tudwayega... counter shart in precap... haila...maan bhi vrat rakhega??? such a cutie... but maan wants geet to break his fast by making him eat food ... geet ke haathonse... haaay haaay..shararti maan... bechari geet...first shock that maan keeping fast for her...2nd shock that she has to feed him food infront of all... LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
i ahve stopped seeing logic in the am loving it...
aaj ka episode... expressions by GC and DD...totally rocking... SS was good too... nandini and tomato scene was funny...
am still drooling over the biceps... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
i liked the epi...its was fun to watch... Big smileTongue
now enuf of my bakwaas...not time for some gupchup... chalo sab shuru ho jao...

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
T Devils of the Devil's Den hereby declare the Den to be 
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we will shoot you. HAAN!

This is particularly in light of the moderator warning 
(chk here..
and  henceforth every Devil (old & new) solemnly pledge to NOT indulge in crooning aka bird language 
(except : ofc the pengu tribal linguistics)
and here is the dare.. 
one more croon frm a bird and u know what...!! HAAN!!Approve


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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Hey everyone!

A truly enjoyable episode..
Maan is multipurpose haina?

He can do everything..carpenter- he's the moulder right? he moulded the circumstances so that he can clear his NAME...and that's why he did what he did. Dev obviously can't do it, so maan had too-it's his name on the line and the need to take Geet back home..

I loved the bro-bro moment- obviously there are no hard feelings anywhere- :D

I loved maneet lassi was just awww

And of course i LOVED Geet FINALLY making fun of maan's shayarana andaaz..haha i can sooo relate to it!

Of course, the lassi making was symbolic..of err...u know...Con n stuff- im not going to details..

I loved the dialogues!

I loved Teji's look and off hand compliment to MAAN

What i loved most was how Geet said bas,ek aur shabd nahi and this was the second time she silenced maan in the epi-the first being at the mention of his death..
and the second..he took jokingly but understood when Geet got's important for her- and so he'll do it :)


The dev-nandu love track is just weird..plz don't start's just too ...weird..LOL

I loved SS ka acting today
Dd, GC, rock anyway and all the others do too!!

too many scenes to recount- most of them were aww and felt fresh :)
nice execution!
and of course- nice dialogues :D

That's it!
lots of love to all!

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 9:31am | IP Logged

Quick thoughts on the Episode

Things I loved
  • The Maaneet Lassi sceneEmbarrassed...loved the ishaara baazi that both were doing in Laachhi's presense and also that naughty look of Geet which she was constantly giving to MSK while making the lassiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...And the best part was both drinking the lassi from the same glassBlushing...terrific sceneEmbarrassed...Barry's double meaning dialogues about fasal kaatna and mera gala kya water cooler hai was too goodWinkBlushing...Gurti both rocked in this sceneStarStarStarStarStar
  • MSK once again proving that why he is the grt MSK who not just hv muscles to flaunt but also has got a terrific brainApprove...Loved the way he applied his brain and did the whole carpentry work to help out now MSK has one more back-up job with him in case Khurana constructions becomes bankruptLOLWink...GC looked hot and bangable in this workshop sceneEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
  • Even though the sorry scene was a joke by Dev but loved the tough look that MSK gave to Dev when Dev asked him to say sorryWink ;Even though MSK later said that he too was joking but its clear that for a moment MSK was not really pleased when Dev asked him to say sorryErmm...the scene was casual but in the future can hold some importance because it seems Dev is a kind of guy who might soon start taking advantage of MSK's name once he starts getting all the appreciation for all the work that real MSK doesErmm...but that can make the track interestingTongue...
  • MKS's chup bilkul chup is back againDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Loved the last scene where Geet showed her eagerness celebrating her first ever Karwa chuth and getting all emotionalEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
Things I disliked
  • Geet's repitative behenji type wardrobeSleepy
  • Dev falling for NandiniConfused...sorry but Dev-Nandini track is not wokring for meThumbs Down
Point to ponder

Today MSK asked Dev that whether Teji and rest of the family were happy when they came to know that he prepared the stageWink ;So I guess MSK is slowly making his plans clear ;He wants to clean the image associated with MSK's name first and today he did that when entire family confessed that MSK is intelligent and smartApprove ;So MSK will reveal his true identity only when the entire family will admit that MSK is worthy candidate for their girl GeetBig smile ; In reality its real MSK who is proving his worth by wearing the mask of Dev and he will remove this mask only when he completely cleans the image associated with MSK's name because the name of MSK holds more importance than the face behind the only when he is able to clean his image associated with MSK ka name ,then he will reveal his true identity to allApprove

Episode Rating:9/10:Overall an entertaining episode ...good flow...track is filmy and made for the mass lets not apply too much of brain hereLOL

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 9:32am | IP Logged
Tejjy Blackmailin Deva haha neva expected tht..Tejjy only knows how to scream OYEEE..(Actually u know what I have neva seen him thrashing anyone)ConfusedLucky has Jugnu maame has..kaun bacha ab only Tejji na...Azmaa le Tejjy go thrash Deva...Evil Smile
Chek De Phatte Tejjy..
MSK sneaks in the kicthen wid his Burglar ChaalsLOLhe even jumped inside but geet didn't realiseLOLUFFF He is confused..I thot he wanted to be Maan and not hear Balwant Singh from her mouth...But I guess ryt now they are showing the affairLOLDriver Balwant Singh;s affair with Gori Geet..I heard Godi Geet first and I was lyk Haii?
LOL Mera galaa water cooler I am sure tht is DD's lineLOL
hehehe Driver ko Memsaab ke haath ki Lassi peeni hai..LMAO Sharam nahi aati U DRIVER That was Pakka DD's additionROFL
Hai Haii Lacchi if driver touches the refrigerator it will bcum untouchable naLOL
Uh huh Chittar padwaani hai MSK ko Tejjy ke haath se..I so wanna see Lacchi;s face da days he finds out he is Geet's PatidevROFLROFL
Haha MSK shakes his head wen lacchi asks you don't like my lassiLOLand MSK advancing to press Lacchi;s GalaROFLROFLROFLROFLHey bhaggu tht wasn't MSK at all...
I see Lacchi and Balwant in the ring soon..they will have their kitchen warROFL
Yeh MSK ne Lacchi par Dal Girayi...Yeh Lacchi ne MSK ki ankhon mein Mirchi Thuss diROFL
lol MSK signalss for Saaf-Safayi..I was struggling to understand it..I thot he was talking about Cutting sumone's neckROFLMSK plzz neva participate in Dum-sharads...LOL
Geet's wink...Ankh Maaree oh Ladki Ankh MaareLOL
MSK gets into full on shayari Modee..Phew it wasn't nyt warna kitchen ki window se Chanda Mama ke Darshan Mil jaateLOL
Haha CVz makin Fun of their own attemptss we always crib na MSK is not into his character wen he starts speaking Urdu..Ay lo bata diya that we know Urdu is not in his khoonROFL
Geet Teacher ka Order Mooh Khulaa toh No Lassi CHUPPP..I so wanted her to say CHUP BILKUL CHUPLOL
Maahi ve Maaahi Maahi veee...mein Lassi Tayaar Embarrassed
awww Geet looked so adorable wen she gave tht eeks look whether he will like it or not and then she wipes the lassi off his mucchiLOL
Areee ree MSK ko meetha kam laga he wants more Mishti ki Mithaas in itBlushing
haha Geet teasing him abt his black coffeeLOLbut here she is offering Lassi to Driver Balwant Singh..she drinkss it and he drinks it again holding her closee AHHH in geet's way..LOLEmbarrassedawww that scenee was utterly AdorableeBlushing
Lakhwinder Singh working out to impres shis Preeto ji...Uff this Cellular kuddi kab mooh dikhaogii..Anyway I doubt lucky was actually working out..I bet ppl were holding the  dumbells from the sides which is why it wasn't focused there..Lucky asking MSK mere dole sholee dekh ke josh aa gayaa...Oyee Sher ke mooh mein kyun haath daal raha hai Marna hai kyaa..Woh haseen raat Yadd nahinROFLROFLROFL
Devaa putting Zorr on his peaa sized brain in thinkinn Kya karu Kyaa karuROFLWhy the heck was nandini Playing with a Tamatar in her Hand...Why the heck didn;t she throw it on deva and screamm BOOO bcoz he couldn't even pick up anythingROFL...Mard Mein toh Dum hi nahin hai HUh..Khurana khaandaan ka naam badnaam...Geek
Anyway who am I expecting sumfin from Nandini has a pea sized brain too..she is advicing Deva while Deva is trying to broaden his chestROFLROFLbut Bechaare ke paas kcuh hai hi nahinROFL
And Out of the Blueee ranodmlyy Deva startss Droolingg ova her OHOOOROFLROFLROFLNaintaraaa Dekh Teraa Pati Dusri N par Doreee Daal raha hai...Utthhh Jaa Coma Mein see..Uth Jaaa...Der na Ho jaaye Kahin Der na Ho jaaaye..
and the next moment Deva wants to Pouncee on her..UFF isi Kaam mein toh devaa Maahiraur Phasshtt haiCool
Maan Singhh Khuranaa Sabka Saviour is a one man army..he doesn;t need any Sukdu to help anyway..CoolOMG one more profession added to MSK's backup if he ever bcums Kangaal a Carpenter or a construction worker..Uff Mutli-Talentedd Khuranaa Bas Ek hi kaam nahin hota CON...Do a PhD on tht Plzzz..LOL
Uff thosee Bulgy Dole sholee and Msk in vest hai main Mar jawaannDay Dreamingme went nostalgic abt HP days the day wen he was chopping woodBlushingand Kaamchor Deva just stood there andStern Smile
 And at last he squeezes all his sweat out..tht vest better go in the washLOL
Full Phamily very impressed with MSK's workCool but Deva's naamAngry
LMAO Wen Jugnu said Ban gaya hoga PeacockROFLROFLROFLSowiee Dirtyy thotss creepin in..
Devaa enters to rub it in all their FacesLOL
Senior Maame's ordrs..Ho gayi Karwa chauth ki tayaariyanROFLTeejy was too impressed wid Deva..was it me or Tejjy was doray daloing on himROFL
Devaa and MSK havin a laufLOLlol MSK Hindi toh achi tarah se pronouce karoo...Its sabasshi na why did he say Saabeshi *checksss ears*ConfusedLOL
Geet se milne jaaye toh Maan Singh khuarana ki koi nishaani chod ke mat jaanaBlushing
LOL Devaaa ki Phatti wen MSK turned his head around wid angerLOL
LMAO Msk asks dev coz he knws hsi bhai is an expert in all these mattersLOL
Maan yeh din dahaade yeh aap kya kar rahe hai..woh sab toh raat ko hi hota hai
LOL is MSK saying this? Doesn't he rememba their first Dhaba date where hse had so much food and he asked her "Itna sab kuch tum akeli Khaogi"ROFL
MSK is really into this Memsaab Driver Role playLOL
Munda is really confident abt it..let's see how it goes and I knew MSK wuld fast for her tooEmbarrassed
I am applying no logic no Season 1 Fundas..its all new and I am enjoyin it.. a half an hour film I watch everydayBig smile

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Reserved...For Geet's Challenge to Maan...Embarrassed

I loved today's epi...Actually I've been liking all the epis of the past few days...Because

1) Maaneet are together in a frame
2) They are stuck to each other like glue and not letting even air to pass between them
3) Their innuendos and expressions...and Things that make you go Hmmm...
4) The Dhulaai of Dev in some form or the other...
5) Lucky-Jugnu combo's comedy

Long back I let go of logic in this series and started watching it for entertainment value and that maybe is the reason why I don't feel odd watching Dev-Maan bonding and Maan helping Dev do the work etc etc...Although somethings still irk me...I just ignore them thinking that there's no use cribbing about it...coz this is a whole new story with  complete new character sketches...

No more go-getter Geet who wanted to make a mark for herself in the world but a lovey-dovey wife who just loves to act wifish (if that's a word)...No more khadoos Maan Singh Khurana who would have cared two hoots about what people thought of him but a new improved fun-loving jolly Maan Singh Khurana who tries to find unique and entertaining ways to spend time with his wife and has some skewed plan to woo her family members by doing Dev aka MSK's work and making him get the accolades...No creepy Dev Singh Khurana who had ruined a girl's life to get money to pay his gambling debts but a sweet brother and Devar who will do anything for his Bhaiya and Bhabhi while romancing his Bhaiya's Saali...

Maybe what Maan is trying  to do is to remove the tarnish on the Maan Singh Khurana name itself...Its like aadmi mein kya rakha hai...Naam jyada zaroori hai...To quote the GHSPians favorite takiya kalam...Chandramukhi ho ya Paro...Ki farak painda hai yaaron...Dev ho ya Ballu...naam tho MSK ka hi roshan hona hai na...Right now Dev is just a front...When Maan Singh Khurana's name becomes synonymous with Purity, Greatness, Intelligence, Wisdom etc etc...The real MSK will stand up and stake the claim to all the glory and once again Dev will be left in the background...

So, for now let Deva enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame...later anyways he will get his consolation prize Nandini and maybe Lucky and Jugnu in his dowry and his life will be so hunky-dory...

The Lassi scene was OMG...Blushing...I'm loving this touch-feely MSK and equally touchy-feely Geet...The comfort level of the actors GC-DD is clearly putting a kala tika on that no buri nazar befalls them...Ouch...

Would have loved it like Jyo said...if MSK helped Geet churn the lassi...then may we could have sung...And we twist we twist...LOLLOLLOL...But even without the churning the scene was...
BlushingBlushing...because of the "Gobble you up" eyes of Maan...How can a man act so well??? WOW, the way he was looking at Geet...I felt that he would have just poured the lassi on her and licked it off...Totally pyaasa looks he was giving her...Geet was truly blushing away to glory...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Then enters Lassi mein Makkhi Lacchi...This gal I tell you drops in at the most inopportune moments...LOLLOLLOL...MSK is surely going to take badla chun chun ke from her the way he did with Lucky...Khopche mein le jaake khub dhulaai karaga...LOLLOLLOL

I liked how Geet too wanting to spend time with Maan sent her packing to jhadofy the dhool in her head...Again innuendo...Fasal kaatne ka samay hai na...Is Geet hinting to slow Munda to do the deed and kaato the fasal...let's hope so...LOLLOLLOL...Anyways the Munda is surely on an overdrive these days...I'm sure he has been taking lots of cold showers...LOLLOL...OH!!!!! Now I get it...I know how he got the energy to do what he did with the junk in the verandah...Pent up energy has to be outletted somewhere na...what better way than physical exertion...Wink...Kaam ka kaam bhi ho gay...aur thanda paani bhi bach gaya...And handiwork was constructive instead of self -help types...WinkWinkLOLLOLLOLLOL

OMG...Nanga Maan...who doesn't like that??? And exhibition of dole-shole is an added bonus...Raaton raat...Kaaya Palat...Sirf Maan Singh Khuran hi aisa karishma kar sakta hai...Hai...Day Dreaming

Dev claiming the fame, not saying thanks to Bade Bhaiya for saving his ass and expecting a sorry...yeh baat kuch hazam nahi hui...Angry...But loved the look MSK gave Dev ...Dev must have pissed in his pants...LOLLOLLOL...If Dev thinks that he can take MSK for a ride...he ought to think again coz although MSK has forgiven him, he hasn't lost his brain cells...One false move from Dev and he will land on his ass out of KM, KC and Khurana lives...Although I don't think this will ever happen...but its just good to get it out of the way by saying it...LOLLOLLOL

Loved the last "Chup Bilkul Chup" scene...haiyeee...had been missing it for so long...
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Precap was Awww...For once MSK is being true to his promise and not letting Geet shed any tears...He just wants her happiness and for that if he has to thodo taare from the aasmaan then he will do it...and maybe while doing that he will visit his first love the moon...LOLLOLLOLLOL...And he is going to keep the vrat for her too...So  sweet...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Hai main mar janwaa...gud khaake...
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

GC, DD, SS were too good...I love the comic expressions of SS and GC and DD rock in each every scene...ClapClapClapClap
Teji was...Stern Smile...The guy needs to work on his expressions...His face looks as if he has got botox injected...No movement in facial muscles at all...Confused
MP was OTT...Her face is all teeth...whenever I look at her all I see is teeth...Ouch

The overall epi was crisp with the right doses of romance, comedy, exposure and drama...So loved it...Thumbs Up

Keep up the good work CVs...ClapClapClap

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Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Are we really missing an antagonist in the show or have we not given the antagonist his due credit

This morning in the den there was some discussion about Dev becoming negative again. Well, the way his character is progressing at the moment, all of us have given up hope that he will ever do anything wrong again. But during that discussion, something got me thinking again. I have heard that it is very bad to keep these things within oneself and as always, you guys are the ones who will get pestered with my thoughts. 

I will start by analyzing the Dev that we have known from the beginning of this show. What can we hold against him?
1. He likes to take the easier way always and not put in one bit of effort into anything.
2. He is a spoilt brat and likes being pampered
3. He hasn't taken one important decision in his life which has not been selfish
4. He knows his biggest strenght, the ability to woo women and use his charm for his needs. He has always relived on this strength of his and it has always worked for him.

Things that he has not been ever
1. Violent and a schemer
2. Wanting the downfall of anyone. Yes, he has been jealous of Maan but we have never been shown that he actually has intended to or wanted the downfall of Maan. He just hated Maan ordering him around.

Now tell me, the new Dev. How is he different from any of the above? He is still not violent or a schemer and is still using women to get his way through. Let me quote some instances - 
1. By putting a condition to donate blood to Maan, Dev used Geet and her silenece to his advantage.
2. He used daadi's concern for him effectoively to get himself a job and a house.
3. Even when Maan gave him a job with KC, he spent his time loitering around the house and trying to impress Geet but taking her to the orphanage etc.
4. He used Nandini to hitch a life when his car broke down
5. He tried to woo Lacchi into making him some better food
6. When he was asked by teji to do some work, he looked at Geet to get some help out of the situation.

And to prove that he is still a spoilt brat
1. He complained about there being no AC in the room
2. He keeps complaining about the food he is being made to eat.

And he still continues to be led by others. He is just here upon Maan's request and keeps complaining to Maan about every small thing that he is made to do here. 

See, Dev is still the same guy that he always was. His character has not changed as much as we think it has. 

I think Dev is a shatir villain. He knows he is not capable of hadapkofying KC and all that for 2 reasons - too much work and too much intelligence needed. So he always uses the only tool he knows to get his way through. Wooing women. He got away with everything he has done so far. Why will he not use this tool again?

According to me, he is still a slimy guy (Guy is a substitute word. I hope all of u know what I intended to say )

It is just a way of looking at it. He is still a very very dheela character and nothing has really changed. Except that Maan and Geet now accepted him in his dheela avatar

Toh everyone who was upset that this show is missing an antagonist, rest in peace. Dev jab tak rahega, dheela hi rahega Wink


Episode Analysis

Dev's true avatar

I feel like I chose the right day to do the Dev Dheela jaap, for today is the day when Dev found his new chaabi to success, Nandini LOL

What more proof do we need to know that Dev is still as shatir as he used to be. He is pretending to be useless and getting the great MSK to do all work that has been assigned to him. Evil Smile

Aur toh aur, instead of thanking Maan for saving him, he wants Maan to say sorry for getting him stuck in the mess he is in. Dev ji, aap mujhe apne charan dhika deejiye. Mein chu hi leti hu. Shaayad kuch aapa luck mujpe transfer ho jaaye. Ermm

Other highlights today

I was unaware that Dev was so afraid of Biji. I would assume that he would be more scared of Teji. But well, who am I to assume anything. Also, I found it a little OTT that Teji was threatening Dev using Biji's name. But whatever.

Aai hai, Lucky toh mera favorite hai ji. Koi maoka nahi chod tha apne dialogue bolne ka. LOL No wonder Maan se pita tha yeh. But he is so enjoyable. Great comic timing and great fun to watch. 

I suppose some thanks are in order. We have seen more often than not that scenes shown in precap get edited. Although not exactly the same. I was plesantly surprised to even see the Lassi + kitchen wala scene Shocked. I don;t know if we should complain that the editing team is not doing their job well LOL, but that was a cute scene. Thank you editing team for not editing it. I think kudi has to be a little more aware and conscious about her surroundings. Itne pass mein Maan aise jump maar raha tha, aur kudi ko patha bhi nahi chala. Yeh toh acha hua yeh Maan tha, agar chor aaya hota toh? Tongue But kita sona scene tha. Lovely cute romance. Day Dreaming

Maan oh Maan. Iss bande ke baare mein bole kya? Today we know he is also a good carpenter. Anything given to him, he can turn it into gold. Aur uske biceps BlushingDay Dreaming. I was initially upset after reading Tanu's update that Maan did all the work that Dev was asked to do. But after watching that scene and Maan and his biceps and his capabilities, I feel much better. Obviously they could not show Dev doing any of it. It would be nice if Dev would not have been able to get anything done and Teji roughed him up a little bit, but I didn;t mind seeing Maan show off his biceps and what he can do with them Wink

Well, thank god for small favors, I am glad Maan did not actually say sorry to Dev. Ermm

The much awaited KC and the challenge

Although not much about it was shown, this was the most anticipated bit of the show today. As expected Maan will also keep the fast for his Geet and they will break each others fast. It will be interesting to note if they go exactly the DDLJ route with this one. In DDLJ, when SRK breaks her vrat, her sister sees it and knows about her secret love. Do we get to see something similar here Tongue

But I loved what I saw today. I will never tire of saying this over and over again. When these 2 are on screen together, I have to constantly remind myself that this is just a show and that they are just acting. They make everything seem soo real. Either they are oscar worthy actors or ..., I will let you guys decide. LOL

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-Khush- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged
eMeSsKayy is the smartest ...Cool... HAAN...Approve
we want other music pieces along  maahi chillaying aatmas ... we dont get one and this deva has a new tune for every different gal...Angry...
when he told MSK to say sorry i was like...DeadAngry... main chittar padwaoon tere dev...AngryLOL...
Good Points:
1) Lassiii...Wink... i bet all the english used was totally DD... and the smile was totally GC...Wink...
2) MSK trying to strangle lachchi...ROFL... and geet doing ballu's ishara of saaf-safaayi...LOL...
3) i sooo wanted MSK to churn Gith along with the lassi by helping her churn it from behind...Blushing... that would have been one hottt scene...
4) MSK is the best haannn...Star...gosh when they showed his biceps while pulling the ropes...BlushingDay DreamingDead
5) the best part was the bhainge naina by GC...ROFLROFLROFL... looking london talkin tokyo...LOL...but he is a melting machine of shayari Embarrassed- my turram khan...LOL
6) we can't forget devaa's deeds... lucky can't forget the phamous dhulai..OuchLOL...
Can we please see preeto on Karwachauth...Confused?
All in all a good episode... time pass vasool...LOL

Chup... Bilkul Chup...Day Dreaming
cleaning lassi on the munda's mucchi ...Day Dreaming...behne de night...sighhh

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