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Guddu Looking For His Place (Page 2)

gardes IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jpalagrawal

Originally posted by gardes

Runjhun has a need to create Guddu in her mental image of a husband and she needs to gauge his boundaries and not over-step them.  Guddu has a fascination of Runjhun (in a non-sexual way) and her outlook in life and he needs to learn where she is coming from.
Her biggest enemy would be her own feelings of him - some fear, distrust, need to control and his biggest enemy will be his anger that overtakes all sane thoughts.  He may start seeing Dinnanath Shukla in her, I am afraid, if she does not stop pointing out his lapses each time he reacts angrily.
I don't mean to speculate but my thoughts are based on human behavior.

Hi Gardes, thanks for responding. I am a big fan of yours from the CB forum.

I think you hit the nail on the head here. To me the conversation today between Guddu and Runjhun was the most real conversation they have had. And, as Wafah states, indicates the huge distance between them. Today Guddu looked at Runjhum for her rebuke. He wanted her to say that what he did was wrong, or maybe he craved acceptance from her that maybe he was NOT all wrong. Unfortunately Runjhun could only see the pain that he caused Dadima and that indeed overshadowed any other response that she may have had to this situation. She mentions that Dadima was so happy and that it is ruined. Guddu reacts angrily knowing that he is being held up against a standard that he can never live up to. I thought his plea to Runjhun to see him as a human was very real and sad. She could only see all that he was not. Runjhun only saw his comments as a slap against Dadima and she became very defensive too. 

Even when Guddu says he does not care about the business, that he did it for punishment hurt R. But taken another way, Guddu is saying that he so already stepped out of his comfort zone FOR HER.

CV's created a beautiful scene as we are seeing the turmoil of these characters. I have to say the chemistry of the scene with these two actors is superb. Guddu has a habit of getting very close to Runjhun when he wants her to respond to him. He hates being ignored and close physical proximity is intimidation. But today, after he hears her talk about Dadima, he gets close to her and I felt he was asking her to see him. But alas R's mind was already with Dadima and Dadima's pain.
Awww, Jpal.  Thanks.  Yeah, CB forum was fun at one point.  Such funny stuff and discussions took place there!  I love, love the people there but I just cannot bring myself to get involved in the show.  I do miss the old group.  So here I am bugging Wafah, et al.
In today's confrontation between R and G, I felt G's pain for the first time  Up until now I saw his fascination of her, his arrogance, or his "flipness" at not taking her seriously, but today G felt rejection of himself at R's hands and my heart  broke.  He wanted to be understood for his actions, wrong as they may be.  I don't think he was affected by their bringing up his past as much as them bringing up his present - taunting him about the gifts for the "girls" (the guy used a word I don't much care for in Hindi language).
She said yesterday that don't you ever NOT react if someone says something unpleasant and I know that conversation and the fight with the thugs would be connected to cause a misunderstanding.  This time Guddu had every right to blast at her.  He clearly understood that this whole charade is for her Amma and he fails to please Runjhun, HIS dharampatni.  Her priorities needed to be questioned.
He did not mean what he said about the business because he cared enough to hand over the papers to her for safekeeping.  Like a typical male, he uses off-hand comments or ill-placed humor to put his points across most of the time and when angry all bets are off.
Lets see what happens tomorrow. 

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MistiofMistz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
I totally agree with each one of you - Guddu is trying to seek his place in Runjhun by asking her questions because her relatives are worst then him - and if she can forgive them easily then why can't she understand him. Guddu only wants someone to understand him - and for that I think its time for Runjhun to take her marriage seriously and move out from her relatives home.

If both of them stay in that house-hold their personal life together won't even start because Runjhun isn't ready to take any decision on her own without seeking her Aamma's perspective...

Before they can completely understand each other they need to trust one others thoughts...

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uzee Senior Member

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
i came back to post my response, but wafah and gardes seemed to have written it pefectly :) good job guys...
i agree with guddu wanting to be accepted by runjhun, and runjhun is not thinking past her amma...really interested to see it all unfold...

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PrabhkalluEcliPSe_2010Julie0001Etna_DiagardesInfofan Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
great post and i think you are right

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rani2007 Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 7:53pm | IP Logged
Lmao, I'm too tired to quote and individually respond...

Though @jpalagrawal, just wanted to say great thread and also, Amma is Runjhun's nani not Dadi.  Lol, I got confused when I first read your post LOL

First off people, WHEN DID RUNJHUN BECOME PUBLIC ENEMY #1??? LOL!  You guys cracked me up, one episode, and Runjhun is getting killed.

I have been thinking about Guddu's hakk (right) over Runjhun for a while - every since that scene that he placed her hand on his head and asked her to swear and then said what right do I have on you, swear on your Amma, etc.  After that realization, he seemed to pull back from Runjhun, but he's said some things that jpalagrawal mentioned in the first post that reference how Runjhun views him vs. others. 

I loved Guddu today - he was so soft spoken to Runjhun and Amma.  He listened to the gundas and then beat the crap out of them.  He looked upset after the fight and it seemed like he knew he has messed and he kept glancing at Runjhun.  Yes, he knew she would be upset.  But she didn't say a word until he made her.  I'm not sure how that's Runjhun's fault, lol she was avoiding a fight.  I liked Guddu's argument with her to bring things out in the open - he wanted to hear what she had to say regardless of whether she wanted to say it or not.  Yes, Guddu was upset, but excuse me Gudduji, what about your feelings for your Amma?  Doesn't she always come first?  So why is it wrong if Runjhun's Amma comes first for her?  That is a such double standard - if Guddu had to pick between his mom and Runjhun it wouldn't even be a question. But Runjhun, oh nooo, it's the end of the freaking world if she's picking her Amma!!!!!!!!!

I think Runjhun had every right to be angry.  She worked hard to get the center up and running!! She's not really Sita!! It's just an expression!

I did like Guddu's line that she's doing all of this for her Amma, that he's not a machine, and he's human.  Runjhun said that she's not just doing this for her Amma and that she just wants Guddu to control his anger.  By letting his anger get out of hand, Guddu just made trouble for himself... no one else.  Runjhun has said this to him multiple times.  Today is not any different.

I feel like Runjhun would have reacted the same way whether Amma had seen everything or not.  Runjhun is upset due to Guddu's behavior and the comments everyone said afterward on who would come to this establishment (I'm going to address this in the written update thread and not here).

I did like the point someone made about Runjhun accepted her evil M&Ms but trying to change Guddu.  That's a valid point.  However, does Runjhun like her M&Ms?  I'm not sure.  I feel like the only real changes Runjhun is trying to get from Guddu is him to control his anger and to be respectful for her family.  Other than that, I'm not sure what other changes she wants.

Guddu needs to stop acting like a 2 year old and realize that Runjhun has every right to be upset when he makes mistakes.   Yes, he's right that she's doing this for her Amma.  So what?  You are not a catch, pal.  You have only gone 2 days without being mean to Runjhun and she's supposed to be doing everything for you?  I don't think so. 

I'm glad Guddu is looking for acceptance from Runjhun but he needs to do something to earn it first.

Lmao, and I still have to post in the written thread. DeadDead

PS:  Amma loves Runjhun and would die for her.  Guddu Shukla? Not so much.

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Etna_Dia Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 4:11am | IP Logged

I don't think he has a problem with Runjhun wanting to do everything for her Amma's happiness, I believe he admires her for that!

But, it starts to bother him that all what she is doing for the marriage is only for her Amma and not for him! I think that it also bothers him the fact that she wants to keep her marriage even if she dislikes him because she was told that she must respect her husband.

I know it may sound strange, but I think he is starting to be jelouse of himself or something like that...

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edabella Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
I feel really bad for both Guddu & Runjhun.  W/Guddu it's sad that he thinks so negatively when it comes to the way she feels about him- this was quite evident in the episode where he beats up the goons in front of the mobile center but I can't really blame him for thinkin' this way.  I don't really know how Runjhun truly feels about how she treats him but she wasn't expecting him to lash out about all this (I'm referring to him lashing out on her right after his fight w/those goons in front of the mobile center).  She may not have thought at all about whatever he told her in that episode about the way she has been treating him.  Guddu seems to want more than what he has been getting from her & the first thing to come to my mind after reading your post is love.  He loves her but it seems like he doesn't see her love for him and it's understandable that he's not seein' it & how she doesn't care about his happiness.  I feel that she does love him at least a liitle bit but maybe she hasn't recognized these feelings & until she does recognize these feelings, she will maybe have a hard time expressing herself in the more passionate, loving sense towards him.  It might end up being her love for him that will change how she treats him later on in the show regardless of how much he has changed.  What gets to me is that on that episode, she tells him after he beats up those guys that amma was happy.  She didn't mention herself being happy.  Anyways, when she mentioned this, this really set Guddu off.  It's right after she mentioned this that Guddu said that she is worried about amma's happiness but she doesn't care whether or not he is happy.  Maybe if she had mentioned her being happy instead of just mentioning that her amma is happy then it would have been more obvious to him that she cares about his happiness.  Although I don't blame Guddu for sayin' whatever he said to Runjun today, but the way she has been treating him, mainly doing her duty in the way she feels comfortable, it's understandable.  She never had a relationship w/him before she married him.  He gave her quite a bit of crap before they got married & she even ended up experiencing trauma. (I'm thinkin' of when he first touched her)  She didn't willingly marry him (well, we know how this happened) & he didn't treat her too well after they got married.  In fact it was only since the temple episode (right after their suaag raat) onwards when I saw his behavior towards her showing more improvement- he ended up being more sweet towards her (buying her a sari & flowers, going to the temple w/her & participating in the ritual, etc.) 

She needs to stop seeing things from the eyes of Amma and see them with her own...and then maybe she will actually be able to see Guddu for who he is...first she has to realize it within herself and then she will be able to see Guddu for himself...and as JPal said she knows that he isn't all that bad...and when she can openly go against him when he speaks against her mama and mamis and never berate them for their actions, she is constantly pointing out his bad deeds...she's most unforgivable towards him, and he seeks most approval from her, rather than anyone else...

~ A great analyzation Wafah!  It would be nice if she makes it more obvious that she truly does care about his happiness & eventually becomes more affectionate towards him & says more positive things about him to him.  His face just lit up when she mentioned that he looked handsome.  It was so cute.  I'm waiting for the day when when at least one of them confesses their love to the other & they hug eachother passionately.  This will be an epic scene & when I imagined this scene in my head a few days ago, tears welled up in my eyes & I thought to myself I just may start crying when I end up seein' this scene on the show!  

Guddu's mom, Lata would like to have a grandkid real soon (I think she said soon, correct me if I'm wrong) but baby Gunjika (I prefer they end up having a daughter) really can wait because Guddu & Runjhun should work on their relationship & understand eachother better & end up feeling like they are very much in love with eachother.  Now is definately not the best time in their marriage to bring a baby into this world & I wonder if they both forgot about what Lata said about wanting to see her grandchild soon because they haven't been thinkin' or talkin' about having a baby, (they might have thought at least a little bit about it the day of the suhaag raat & the 2 episodes where a grandchild was mentioned) & I don't really blame them for not thinking much or talking much about it.  I seriously am not that onto having a kid until like 2 to 3 years after marriage.  I feel it would be nice for me to have some time after the marriage w/just me & my hubby even if our relationship is already on good terms.  I have been workin' on this reply for days & I don't really think I need to add more to it for nowLOL but feel free to comment on it.

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Wafah IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by rani2007

First off people, WHEN DID RUNJHUN BECOME PUBLIC ENEMY #1??? LOL!  You guys cracked me up, one episode, and Runjhun is getting killed.

LOL I missed this...Rani who made Runjhun PUBLIC ENEMY #1 LOL Who is out to kill Runjhun? Guddu might just kill the killer of his dharampatni...

I think all of us can see that how Guddu and Runjhun use excuses to express their feelings for each other...and yes Runjhun would be upset whether Amma had been or not. LOL You can't really fault either of them for what they do because in the end their intentions and heart is in the right place but since they've never expressed themselves in that manner neither of them are able to do it properly...

I think Guddu now does seem to place Runjhun before himself, if no one else...he didn't eat last night and he didn't eat the parathas before Runjhun took a bite of the samosas...I think both of them are handicapped when it comes to expressing emotions vocally...which is why you tend to feel bad for both of them place in their different situations because in a way they both are seeking something...and one day we hope they will find it in each other...

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