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New OS!!! ~*Love Happens*~ Updated!!

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Hello everyone...Yeah yeah, i am back with another story. It is a One Shot! Finally i managed to write a one short DancingLOL OK. I should stop and let you guys read. Oh wait you guys must have already started reading. No respect to my words at all OuchLOL Anyways!! 

~*Love Happens*~

"Be on time tomorrow"

Good night Partner!


He looked at the sms flashing on his phone screen and smiled. He kept it back, wore his jacket and went out not before looking for one last time in the mirror. "Dude, u look hot!" his self complimentary phrase he always gives to himself before leaving to a party.


The next morning...

She came to the office dressed in her formal attire as it was her rule. She wanted everyone to wear a formal dress to the office.

A white creased shirt and grey skirt. and hair tied in a neat pony. She greeted the receptionist Soniya.

"Good Morning Soniya!" she grinned.

"Good morning ma'am" she stood up greeting her.

"Did he come?" she qucikly asked before taking the file from the desk and moving.

"Not yet, ma'am" Soniya put her head down.

She shook her head and went in to her cabin.

She looked at the file but was disturbed by her receptionist' call.

"Hello ma'am, the client is here" she looked up at her as her cabin was visible from the reception.

"Conference room" she disconnected.

She got up to go the conference room where her client was waiting.

"Hello Megha" she smiled and came in.

"Hello Nakusha" Megha grinned.

They both sat and talked.


"So did you decide on anyone?" Nakusha asked folding her arms.

"Err, no. I mean i have met so many people but haven't found that someone" she raised her concern.

Nakusha could understand her concern. she leaned forward. "It's ok, i will find some more good guys and fix a meeting" she gave an assuring smile.

"Thank you Nakusha, I will wait for the call" she got up to leave.

Nakusha smiled at herself and went to her cabin where he was already sitting, engrossed in his laptop.

She behaved as if he was invisible to her. She took her seat at the desk and started browsing some data on her latop.

He looked up, "Good Morning Nakku" he smiled.

She looked up startled, "Oh, Good Morning. I thought i would be wishing you good afternoon but no such luck, eh?" she said sarcastically.

"Yeah, i know i am late" guilty visible on his face.

"I texted you last night to be on time" she was not looking at him.

He remained mum as he remembered her text.

He looked at the text message flashing on his phone screen. He kept in his pocket and went out to party. He partied till late night, and remembered the girl he met in the party and how they ended up at his house.

She looked at him when she got no response. She sighed. "Who is she?" she asked almost reading his thoughts.

"Err, Sheena." he grinned.
"Oh, Sheena, nice name. So is she that special someone or is she the number thirty one?" she put a straight face.

"Naah, she can't be the special someone. She is neither number Thirty one. She is Number Thirty Two" he said coyly.

"Oh, whatever, one or two. But why isn't she your "special someone", huh?"

"She talks a lot" he said bluntly.

She shook her head and again got back to her browsing spree while he put his head in his lappy...they both got engrossed. After few minutes Nakku started blabbering on her own. Well she was talking to him but he wasn't listening, so it looked more of a blabbering rather than talking.

"Do you think this guy would be good for Megha? He is Handsome, Age 28, Has his own business apart from his family business. Has a loving family. What do you think?" She looked up.

"Will you stop playing those silly, childish games on your laptop and try to help me?" she shouted.

"Yeah yeah, i will help you. First shut up and let me concentrate on my game. And by the way, this is not a 'silly, childish" game. I am playing racing game. OK'' he said unaffected by her screams.

He then looked at her. "Its last level. Let me break my record" he said with a grin. She sighed.

"Oh Freak!" he shouted almost making her jump from her seat. "I Lost my game because of you" he pointed finger at her just like a small kid. "What did i do? I was quite" she justified.

'Why did you have to look scary" he said...almost freaking her.

"Did you just call me scary?" she tried to come to terms with that word.

"Yeah! I mean, you scared me with your angry look" he corrected.

He put his hands on his hips "I need to start it all over again to make a record" he pouted.

"Well, good luck! Mr. Dutta Patil" she grinned.

"Whatever! " he said disinterested. he came and sat in front of her. "Whats the case?" his head down.

"This girl Megha, she didn't find a match yet. I mean she is such a nice girl" she complained.

Dutta playing with a pencil 'Because "nice girls" have a lot of requirements!" he exclaimed.

"Let me guess. This theory is explained by the great Professor Mr. Dutta Patil. Right?" she frowned.

He raised his collar and leaned back, "Bang On!" she shook her head.


Sir, do you want some cocktail?" he was distracted from his thoughts when a waiter offered him a cool drink.

He looked around, "Can i have a scotch?" he asked winking at the waiter who smiled and went.

He looked around again. She was sitting there near the bride, giggling, smiling, dancing. He smiled to himself.

The waiter brought a peg of scotch for him. He took it from her and looked at Nakku to check she is not watching. The waiter looked at him and followed his gaze. "That madam is you wife?" he asked tentatively.
Dutta almost chocked. "No, Jeez! i mean no, she is not my wife. We are partners. Bsniness partners and friends. We fixed this match" he smiled and explained everything animatedly. The waiter smiled at him and went away to attend other guests.

He recollected the waiter's words. "Wife?" he frowned.


So i think i will fix a meeting. She called Megha and fixed a meeting. She hung up and looked at Dutta. "Done!" she smiled.

It was and they both called it a day. He dropped her home and went to his.

Just as he stepped in he received her message. "Don't be late tomorrow. Good night Partner!" he smiled and went to fresh up.

It became a routine for her. She always texted to remind me to be on time to the office and i always was late. She made it a habit to enquire about me with the receptionist whether i arrived to the office or not? She made it a habit to meet for lunch. We made it a habit to order same food. Though sometimes we changed our menu. It became a habit for her to drop by before leaving home, and i would escort her to her car. We became a habit of each other.


We both were totally different. She believed in the concept of marriage and i laughed it off. She believed in finding that special someone and i dated many but never fell in love with that 'special someone'. We met through common friends and constantly hit it off. We decided to start our own business. She was a perfect matchmaker and i sucked at it.. I was good at the technicalities and financial stuff and she was pathetic at it. But still we were a Kick Ass partners.!

She was very good in finding match for the clients. And here we stood attending our clients marriage which we or rather she fixed. Everyone were happy with this match. I was happy that we fixed another perfect match.


The next morning, she was again on time and i was as usual late. She waited for me with a bright face.

"Good morning Dutta, We have a good news" she grinned and i automatically smiled.

"So that "nice girl" has found her Someone special, her Knight in shining armor. Her Mr.Right?" he asked animatedly.

"Yes. Finally!" she gasped.

Dutta smiled and took his seat. Nakku sat beside. "What's wrong? Sheena left?" she did it again...

"How can you always read my mind?" he was confused and amazed at the same time.

"So, my guess was right?" she raised her eyebrow.

"Aah i dumped her. You know, i dread these long relationships." he rolled his eyes.

"I knew it. Why don't you find that someone and live a romantic life?" she asked seriously.

I looked at her innocent face and broke in fists of laughter. "Romantic life with a special someone?" he was holding his stomach now. "Damn! You have a weird sense of humor" he laughed some more. She shook her head and went to get some coffee..


She always asked me to start my story. She always made me realize that we need a person to live our entire life with. Life can't go on like this. I used to laugh it off. And somehow her words brought little changes in me from time to time. I stopped dating. I partied less. I was never into commitment stuff. Holy shit! Did i just say that?.

I never believed in marriage and here i was attending someone's marriage. All dressed up. I felt bad for the groom as i attracted the female attention. And i pitied the bride as she was not getting my attention but Nakku was getting it. She wore the beautiful purple dress i gifted her. God! She looked Gorgeous or what?" I found myself staring at her. She looked amazing in that dress. Showing off her henna design. Those giggles sent chills in my spine.I took another peg of scotch and was sipping in to brush off my thoughts. I was taking another sip when a faminine hand stopped me. I looked at her. She stood there with a huffy puffy look.

"I saw you already had a peg?" she stood with a stern look.

"Yeah, this wedding is boring" he shrugged.

She took away the glass and replaced it with fruit punch. "It's tasty" she grinned and went away patting my cheek, I sighed,


"Dutta why don't you start a story? You know an action packed story?" she moved her head while speaking.

"Don't start it again Nakku." I was bored. "Wait a second. You want me to write an action packed story? YOU always asked me to write a "romantic" story" I  stepped forward to check her pulse. She shrugged my hand. "Beacuse i know you wont write a "romantic" story. So i am giving you another idea." she turned.

"I suck at writing dude" he said and crouched on the couch.

"I know" she chuckled.

She always wanted me to start my story. With my cast and my plot. I was a bad writer. I couldn't even write a single line in my diary. I bought it but never opened it or penned anything in it, and here she wanted me to write a story. "W**" he shook his head.


I again encountered the waiter who just called her my "wife". I waked up to him as i wanted to know what let him think she was my wife. Out of curiosity.

"Why did you think she (pointing towards Nakku) was my wife?" he was getting bored and he had to do something to keep himself busy.

"Oh, because the way you were looking at her before sipping the scotch, just like those husbands do. Especially the newly-weds." he giggled.

"Oh, so you thought we were?" he coudln't complete the sentence.

"Yes sir, i thought you both were married" he completed it as he had no qualms with the word marriage.

"Ok" he smiled and left him do his chores while he stood at a distance pacing around and stealing glances at her now and then. She was totally enjoying the wedding while i was getting bored. 'How come she get so engrossed in this wedding leaving me alone?" he was frustrated. "Girls and their stupid habits" he shook his head again.


"Hey Nakusha, can I get your number?" the client asked. He was actually flirting with her.

She was going to give her number when I came forward and gave his number instead. "You can call me if you have any queries. We both are partners" he looked at Nakku who stood confused. The guy smiled and went away.

"Why was he asking you your number?" he asked with concern.

"Dutta, he is a client" she justified

"I swear if he tries to flirt with you again I am going to punch in his face" he tightened his jaws.

"Hey, Nakusha, I was just thinking, how about we go for a coffee in the evening?" the guy came again

Nakusha looked at Dutta, then at this guy. She stood dumb.

Dutta sprung into action. He wrapped his arm around her. "Err, it's not possible. We both have our plans for today" he smiled making sure it looked real. The guy took his steps back with an awkward smile.

"Bloody jerk" he was angry.

"You know, when you act all possessive about me, you look cool" she pinched his cheek and went away.


"I was always possessive about her. First I used to feel insecure because of the guys and now I am insecure because of the girls as well. She is not paying any attention towards me. Damn!" he hissed.

He went and sat at a corner table which was quite and slightly dark.

She came and sat beside him. "What's wrong?" she was concerned.

"Nothing" he looked at her.

"Why are you sitting here "alone"?" she asked animatedly.

"I am bored" he said plainly.

"Ok, lets do it in a filmy way to make it entertaining" she beamed, and sat up.

He was confused. "Imagine yourself as the groom" she beamed again.

"OK! And what about the bride?" he asked almost getting interested in her stupid game.

"Err...I can only help you with the groom. I can't help you with the bride. You need to find your bride" she said confused herself.

He scratched his head. "Ok, lets do it in a more filmy way. Close our eyes and imagine a bride." she smiled.

He shook his head and closed his eyes while she waited with bated breathe to know who that lucky girl was.

"Sir, is she your wife?" the waiter's words echoed.

"You both look newly-weds" he was still hearing the waiter's words.

"Mr.Dutta Patil "weds" Ms.Nakusha Mahale" a voice echoed in his ears and her smiling face was visible.

"Oh God! What will she think if i say her?" his eyes were still closed.

"Who is "she"?" she asked crossing her arms.

He snapped out of his imagination and freaked out when he realised that he said it loud. He was quite.

"Ok, if you don't want to say. Its ok" she got up and started pacing around. "The wedding is over and the wedded couple went away" she said rather to herself.

"I am tired." she said stroking her arms. He looked at his car which broke.  He cursed his car for breaking down today, when she needed it.

She looked at him. "What? You know i don't like silence" she complained.

"Oh sorry, i was thinking our way out of here." he moved his hand through his hair.

She was pacing around exhibiting her slim and beautiful figure. Her long tresses dancing on the rhythm of her pace to and fro. I could smell her fragrance when she sat close to me. I was avoiding those thoughts which came rushing forth in my mind at the drop of a hat. I wanted to envelope her in my arms but i chose to get up and move a little distance away. "You didn't tell me who was your imaginative bride?" she was bored and she wanted to do something to avoid her sleep.

He was quite. She looked at her watch. "It's late" she complained. He was getting frustrated for not able to help her. He couldn't leave her and go in search of taxi or a cab.

He asked the waiter to get a cab and he obliged as Dutta had become friendly with him. He came back and sat beside her. She snuggled close to him and rested her head on his shoulder. He looked at her and wrapped his arms around her protectively.

She didn't had a boyfriend although she was 24 years and i had a lot of girlfriends but didn't had a lover and i was 27 years. We both became part of each other's lives.

We were used to each other. We enjoyed being together. We needed each other. And suddenly i started liking her. I became more protective about her. Or was this feeling always there but i never cared to realize it? Whatever it was, i loved to be with her." he thought to himself when his chain of thoughts were broken by the voice of the waiter.

"The cab is here Sir" he smiled. Dutta nodded and dismissed the waiter by giving him a tip."The cab is here, lets go" he said but he didn't hear any answer. She was fast asleep. He smiled and picked her in his arms and slowly put her into the car carefully seeing that she didn't hurt herself. He took a seat beside her and signalled the driver to go. She snuggled closer and wrapped her arm around his.

"Suddenly i felt the need to start my story with her. I didn't want anyone but her. I wanted to loose anything but her. I wanted her. I needed her. I.. Loved her" he confessed and planted a kiss on her head.


One Year Later:

The same decoration. The same atmosphere. The same ambience. But the bride and groom were different.

Today we were the couple who were waiting to get officially together.

It was hard for me to propose her for marriage. I  had to rehearse umpteen times but still managed to goof up. Thankfully she understood my feelings and accepted my proposal without wanting me to waste my talent and energy. And it was weird how someone else planned our marriage while we played the role of "deeply-in-love, blushing couple"

I wanted to marry her right after my confession but the families played a spoil sport with their traditional kundali, mahoorat and stuff.  I was ready to bribe the priest to come up with a nearest date for our wedding but that didn't work either. Anyways, all was done and today was the D-day i waited for. I couldn't believe i would fall in LOVE and would be standing here as a Groom. But i found my someone special and she changed my thoughts and beliefs.

She was looking angelic in the pink traditional wedding dress, decked up in jewellery. She looked gorgeous Man! Thankfully the priest was kind enough to commence our marriage in a faster mode and we were officially announced Husband-Wife. Mr.& Mrs. Dutta Patil. Sounded so good to the ears.

Our friends and family were celebrating our union and i stood with her grinning at the celebrations. I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her head. I started my story, but i am not going to end it ever.

                  This was definitely a case of "opposites attract" and i believed in it.

I loved her and will love her for the eternity!

Ok am done. Hope you guys like it

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Bushra Embarrassed

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-Azy- IF-Rockerz

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me 1st!!!DancingDancingDancingDancing

wow Bushy!!5 Stars

Superb mind blowing fantastic [ok now me out of words!!]

Realy beautiful dear!!Embarrassed

I too believe that opposite attracts but some where  I read it then attacks too!!LOLLOLLOL

jokes apart!!!Wink

The whole story is written on Dutta's POV, Un-knowingly  he so Heart Eyeswith NakkuLOL, I liked it!!

I love the description u gave aout nakku too!!Embarrassed

And she is in love with him from the beginning  na, but gdaha being gadha, he took so long to realize it na!!D'ohConfusedLOL

Wow the waiter is the real matchmaker for these too!!Embarrassed

Glad that some how Nakku realize it and made it easy for dutta otherwise wo gadaha will never learn!! Proposal

Ohh hoo it took 1 year for them to get a good muhurathShockedShocked!! But at last they married!!Bride & Groom 2 Phew!!D'oh

So finally he started his story n gald he wowed he never gonna end it!!


Thank u bushy for the lovely OSThank You, hope u will come up with something soon!!EmbarrassedBig smile


 On a lighter note I was kind of trying to imagine u in this!!ThinkingLOLLOLLOL



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chithoo IF-Dazzler

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res TongueTongue
me second only to my BBS no probsBig smile
Bush...your OS in one word...awesome!!
Loved everything about it...the simplicity, the reality, the sweetness and ofcourse the happy endingBlushing
Dutta...falling in love with his own image in the mirrorBig smiletrait of narcissism common to most guysLOLLOL, eternal dater who even keeps count...sweet the way he corrected 32, his being oblivious to his attraction to nakku...and needing a waiter to make him much a contender for the lead role of "I hate love stories"Embarrassed
Loved Dutta getting all possessive about Nakku, it always is the case isn't it,  "people often tend to take somebody for granted until they realise they may lose that person to someone else" so it needed someone to ask nakku out, to get dutta serious about her.
"I was always possessive about her. First I used to feel insecure because of the guys and now I am insecure because of the girls as well. She is not paying any attention towards me. Damn!" ROFLROFL
bush this really cracked me up..
dutta fumbling in his proposal to nakku...whatever avatar he takes he remains true to his nakku did not allow him to waste his energy and accepted immed...i am sure she was aware of it from the time the two met and was just patiently waiting for him to realise it...Embarrassed
Nice touch to the marriage too with kundali, good muhurat and stuff...dutta thanking the priest in his mind for getting all the rituals done and over with quickly...Mrs and Mr.Dutta Patil...sounds like music to the ears...wishing them a happy everlasting life together!!!!Blushing
Thanks bush for the short and sweeet treat.Big smile

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LOL,,,it is May chulbul...tune April fools bana diya...we reserved a post on ReservedLOL

So the spammers reserved ahead of meAngryLOL..That is ok...and me editing like after years...(Viiji Dont rejoice..I saw your editing were not exactly an early birdTongue) they are matchmakers eh, Chulbul?? I loved their bickering...LOL
no32????????????/ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked...what kind of casanova is he???LOLLOLLOLLOL

ohhh you have posted his perspective too...loved his monologue in first personEmbarrassed...they became a habit of each otherBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile loved that line...
Kick Ass PartnersWink I like the sound of that..
Nakku is smart eh?? she knew the gadha willl not be able to propose right...I think she read his thoughts anyways so she would have known that he has realized his feelings for her..
I love the undertoned play of the sequence...just a simple love you said it rightly...LOVE HAPPENSEmbarrassed

Chulbul it was just the way you are... simple, cute and...errr I am not supposed to say those words naShockedLOL...To chalo me just saying...wonderful One shotClap

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rainurubal IF-Rockerz

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nice story

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chithoo IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Suvi7884 6th..? :(
suvi that's it holiday katham...get back to school...u can't even countLOLLOLLOL

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 8:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chithoo

Originally posted by Suvi7884 6th..? :(
suvi that's it holiday katham...get back to school...u can't even countLOLLOLLOL
sorry..bushy ki post ko bhi saath mein count karliya shayadLOL nononononooo mujhe school nahi jaanaOuch jaate hi 3 testsShockedOuch

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mozart66 IF-Dazzler

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Lovely story! Really really liked it! In fact it reminded me of a regional feature film a couple of years ago which had a similar theme of matchmakers falling in love! Good story! Short and sweet!

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