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Written Updt: 21/03*Sat Khoon Maf..Sirf Mere Liye*

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 1:42am | IP Logged

Hubby/BF Ko Bhula Kar Bhi......

Jab Screen Pe Onu Naa MileyDisapprove

Din Ke AAdhe Ghante Gawa Kar Bhi......

Jab Koi Khushi Naa MileyAngryAngryAngry
Toh Saat Khoon Maaf......
Sirf Mere Liye....Mere liye.......SleepySleepySleepy
hello everybody...
i am ur  updater for todayOuch
sorry for my ramblings but u'll have to bear with them a lot today....coz i'm seriously irritated now......and in full mood to murder some peopleAngry
[CRYPT]Video Update
(By Nipun97)
Here's a Recap Of The Last Epi(18/03/11)
onu slaps ritesh for misbehaving with taniClapClap
gas agency mein lagging aag...ritesh keeps smiling...smiling ...smiling.....Angry
ritesh smiling toh onu's blood boiling boiling boiling...and so does oursPinch
tani acts all mahaanSleepy decides to stay back with kuhu...
onu decides to be the beta of banerjee houseEmbarrassed
Summary Of Today's Epi
ritesh again lectures robbie....SleepySleepy 
(his face shown zip zam zoom from all possible angles.......Pinch 5 minutes wastedSleepySleepySleepy)
next torture jonakiErmm talking abt hrithik's new dance show
(rot in hell SP.....jonaki se promotion karwa raha hai??? hrithik nachta reh jaayega...dance show flop ho jaayega...phir hum party manaayenge....WinkROFL)
taposh arrested...molly faints..and the shoulder has to be our onu'sStern Smile
(i can see everybody landing on that shoulder but taaniStern Smile btw..chance pe dance maaring mollyWink..good moveROFL)
tani as usual doubting ritesh for everything.....Sleepy
(by god tani...stop doubting concenterate on onuAngry...otherwise next epi...jonaki will land on his shouldersOuch)
and my mahaan taani...thinking...god..plzzz don't separate me from my near onesSleepy
(i'm soo sure onu is not in this listAngryAngryAngry)
Detailed Update
Part 1 
SleepySleepySleepy the epi starts with ritesh-robbie walking out of tani's house...ritesh asking robbie to celebrate his sucess.....but robbie isn't amused...infact he is very upset with the way things have shaped up......Ouch(the smirk on his faceDead somebody kill ritesh or i will seriously i hate him like anythingAngryAngryAngry)
robbie blasts riteshand says henever wanted so many people to be affected...he only wanted to ruin taposh...he can't forgive himself for such a blunderOuch ritesh then tries to justify himself and then emotionally blackmails robbie that he never thanked him for watever he did....robbie gets lured by him...and ritesh is successful...yet again in brain washing robbieSleepy
ritesh then suggests to robbie to go in and sympathise with molly.....so that she starts thinking of coming back to himSleepySleepySleepy
(will anybody care to explain wat is going on???? everything here is for molly ke liyeOuch ....creatives...we r least interested in seeing how ritesh smiles from different anglesAngry we would rather see better thingsAngry)
one shock wasn't enough...next shot was jonakiDisapprove
she goes on ranting abt her facialSleepySleepy( guys lets pool some money and send her to timbaktoo with a facial, pedicure and manicure kit ....for forever....i've started abhoring her nowOuchOuchOuch....)
she starts talking with kuhu abt hrithik's new dance show and the kolkata auditionsDisapprove
( i sooo hate SP... here wen every second counts they use our show to promote another showPinch)
the scene then *thankfully* shifts to banerjee house where everybody is trying to console taposh....shekhar asks him to get over it....and start afresh as these kinds of hitches occur...even he faced some initially....Smile(oki...this was a relief.....but shekhar is still on my hitlistOuch)
just then sumona comes and startsSleepySleepySleepyhow she never trusted taposh...he was good for nothing and blah blah blahSleepySleepySleepy...and all that molly mumbles is.."maa aap ye kya keh rahi hain"(my foot....mollyAngry grow up!!!... shut up that big mouthed woman and ask her to go and mind her own business......rather than poking her nose in ur affairs....Ouch)
robbie then offers to help mollyStern Smile and softly mumbles..,taposh tooStern Smile
but taposh refuses and says he'll manage everythingSmile
just then the police come there and ask for tposh...they tell him that they want him to come to the police station for some interrogation as preliminary reports suggest that the fire broke out due to leakage of LPG and there were illegal lpg cylinders stored in his officeOuch 
taposh denies doing any such thing and says he has done no such illegal activity...the police then take him....
here molly faints...where else.....on onu's shouldersStern Smile
everybody gets worried abt herOuchOuch
 Part 2
here tani tries to feed kuhu something wen she notices a police car infront of her house and taposh moving towards it...she asks mashima to take care of kuhu and runs outside ganguly house....and cries frantically asking taposh and laboni wat the matter was....onu meanwhile tries to get in touch with their lawyer to get an anticipatory bail and prepare their defense in favour of taposh
the police take taposh away as the whole family keep looking on...crying...unable to do anything......laboni consoles a crying molly and asks her not to worry as she takes her inside.......tani then sees ritesh there smirking and thinks that all their problems started right from the day he returned and she has a gut feeling that watever happened with taposh he has a hand in it.....the moment he entered he created a rift between onu and robbie and now all her own people r sufferingOuch
she then sees onu-robbie come face to face....but both do not speak to each other as onu makes his way towards laboni's house and robbie heads towards ganguly house with ritesh....
tani sends a silent prayer to god that ritesh isn't using robbie to fulfill his evil deedsOuch
she then turns towards her house where she sees onu consoling laboni and prays to god that she doesn't know wats in store for her future.....but she just hopes that her own people stay with her alwaysSmile
Part 3
SleepySleepySleepySleepy sumonaSleepySleepySleepyshe starts her ranting...how taposh will never get a job...has a huge loan and her daughter's future is doomedSleepySleepySleepyshe starts packing molly's bags and tells tani and laboni that she is taking her daughter away.....as she doesn't want her daughter to suffer anymore...laboni tries to stop her and tells her that everything will be fine...but sumona is sumonaSleepySleepySleepy and molly is mollySleepySleepySleepy sumona sayswat if laboni makes molly work to meet their expensesErmm (so pregnant women don't workErmm thats newsLOLLOLLOL) neways....laboni decides to give in andasks molly to go with her mom as she'll be getting better care in her house...and once everything is fine...she'll call her back.....molly starts crying( goddamn molly...y don't u open ur mouth???AngryAngry u are the root cause of everything....u opened ur mouth at the wrong time and asked taposh to marry u....bechara he's stuck in all this mess coz of uAngry and now..instead of asking ur mom to shut up...all u do is cry??Pinch)
molly leaves with sumona as tani and laboni say a tearful goodbye!Ouch
epi ends(thank god)
Epi Rating: 2/10
Precap: None
it was a BAKWAAS epi by all meansSleepySleepySleepy
frankly there was no need atall for this crap track...who is interested in watching molly faint and taposh arrested...jonaki's saree and ritesh's smile?????creatives...had u shown ritesh harming onu directly after coming back.....that would've been much more tolerable than this thing...the countdown has started....9 more epis to go and we r still stuck with all thisAngryAngryAngry
robbie-ritesh scene could've been cut short...sumona's bakwaas was unwanted forAngryAngryand no need to show jonakiPinch and allthat onu says in this epi is haa and molly??Angry
for once i feel laboni made a smart move....fasad ki jarr(molly) ko uske ghar bhej diya...hopefully we r not going to see anymore of sumona.....
i'm in such a bad mood today that i feel like killing characters from this showPinch
here's my saat khoon maaf hitlistCool
#1 ritesh...somebody kill him....he reminds me of that joker from batman movie and i hate his smile.....send him away from onu...or i'll actually kill himAngryAngryAngry
#2 sumona...i don''t believe she was ever a principal in any school...no values in herOuch transfer mr.bodhon in the dark jungles of andaman islands...she'll stay away from us.....Angry
#3 jonaki...OMG...she is a makeup ki dukaan,....will u plzzz shut her up...or i'll strangle herAngryAngry
# 4 molly...sab kuch iske liyeAngryAngry had she not been there....everything would've been fine...she opens her mouth at the wrong time...infront of the wrong personOuchOuchand lands on onu's shoulders while faintingAngry
# 5 robbie...i'm sorry to say but his negativity is becoming a bit too much.....OuchOuch
# 6 ananya....yea....i want to pull out ananya from hell(i know she is in hellLOL ritesh se shaadi ki hai...no way she would've landed in heavenWink) and kill her again for bringing ritesh in my onu's lifeDisapprove
# 7 shekhar....he fathered samples like ananya and robbieStern Smile i'm sure nilu was having an extra marital affair wen onu was born...no way he is shekhar's sonROFLROFL
tell me wat u feel abt my saat khoon list...and if its forgivable for meWink
i'll be happy to do the honoursCool
my suggestion...skip the epiLOLLOLLOL

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ROFL nice beginning vandy! ROFL
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thanks for the update di.. i totally agree on the shoulder landing thing.. everyone except taani are landing on onu's shoulders.. LOL.. LOL
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Originally posted by maria2285

thanks for the update di.. i totally agree on the shoulder landing thing.. everyone except taani are landing on onu's shoulders.. LOL.. LOL
ROFL I too....... as I saw shoulder-landing on Anu, I was like ShockedConfused wats this, where r remaining people ? Stern SmileROFL

Edited by ramyaks - 22 March 2011 at 2:23am
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Shocked Shocked Shocked oh god Stern Smile vandy u are in terrible mood today .Wackoitni khauf nak update Ouch mar ne mar ne pe uttar aye ho. title bhi kiya haiShocked saath khun maafDead. literally i start shiverringWacko

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Vandy, Thanks for the update..  Big smile
Kis Khata ki mili hai saza..

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Rockiing & Hilarious Upd, Vandy Clap 

The Update was much better & entertaining than the Epi. LOL 
Love the begining "Saat khoon maaf, mere liye" LOL
Fab work... ur 7 khoon maaf list Rocks ! (Agar koi mushkil hai to I can be ur partnerLOL... I would love to the hounor of killing RiteshAngry)
loved ur dialogs - "Ritesh.. smiling, smiling, smiling, Onu's bloos boiling, boiling, boiling..." ROFL
Thnx for the Upd. Smile
missing TL already Disapprove

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thanks vandy for the lovely update...

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